Popup In Sqlserver?


I have 2 tables with values.
This values are comming second by second by second.

I want to compare this values? In first table i have price column and Second table i have AVG(price) column.
Continously coming this values.

i want compare when price> avg(price), then popup (or) alert should come.

Please help me to findout this.

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Message Box Popup


I'm looking for a way to popup a message from my .asp program for users under the following scenario:

(1) user enters an id number in a field on Page A and clicks on a link.
(2) .asp program runs a query against a bunch of tables and then calls another .asp program which presents the user with the data extracted via the query on Page B.

I'd like to pop up a message box when the user clicks on the link in #(1) above (something like "Retrieving Information...please wait") until the screen #2 with the data is displayed.

I've tried this:

<Script Language="VBScript">
MsgBox "Retrieving Query information...please wait"

but the message doesn't pop up until the data has already been retrieved. This is an application that is going away in the next year and a half so, rather than tweak it to see if the query time can be decreased, I'm told I should popup this message.
Thank you,

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Hyperlink As Popup


I'm trying to find a way to put in a hyperlink to a url so the url linked to comes up in a new popup window and leaves the original report visible. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Popup Window


In my report, I would like to have the following functionality :

The report will have a table with table header columns. If the user clicks on the header column, a window or text box should show up specifying the rules how that cloumn is calculated.

I can do that through sub-report, but I cannot use subreport, according to our specifications.

Please help me


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How To Create A PopUp Report

Hi Friends,

No I m not looking for a drill down report.

I want a hiperlink on my country sales reports. When user will click on this hiperlink one popup window will open(Popup report). This popup report will contain some input parameter eg list box of sales person name and list of country to be selected select.

One user will select country germany and sales person as Mr Bin and click go on the poup report I want the popup report to be closed and based on the input(country germany and sales person as Mr Bin ) want my country sales reports to get updated.

Hope you undestand my qn.



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Refresh Report From Popup

Hi all,

I have a report where the users want to be able to edit comments. I have the popup working by putting javascript in the "jump to url" navigation setting.

Now i want to refresh the report when the popup closes. I've found this line in the source of the report page under the refresh button:

onclick="javascript:WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(new WebForm_PostBackOptions(&quot;ctl140$ctl01$ctl06$ctl00$ctl00&quot;, &quot;&quot;, true, &quot;&quot;, &quot;&quot;, false, false))"

But i can't get it to work from the child window. I can can close the parent with this line in the ASP.NET of the popup:

Response.Write("<script language='javascript'> { window.self.opener.close()}</script>");

So i should be close... but my DOM knowledge is not really up there. Also a lot of the scripts seem be dynamically created when the page loads. Does anyone have a clue how to call the refresh function from the popup? When it works I'll post an article so anyone can use this.

Thanks in advance,


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SQL Server Annoying Popup Upon Boot

I have SQL Server Manager 8.00.2039 installed because I have one program(app) installed that requires it be installed. For the first littlewhile when I had SQL server installed it would only show up in thetaskmanager tray, now MOST of the time, it shows up as a popup on mydesktop and also in my task tray when I first start XP (SP2). It staysthere until I close it. Is there a way to prevent the SQL from poppingup?Thanks

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MSSQL Stored Procedure And Asp Popup

I have an idea but don't know how to correctly implement it.
What I have right now is an application that when you hit a save button on a client-application (leaving out details) it calls a trigger which calls a stored procedure which runs a batch script.

I want to be able to open a popup window on the client-side application to tell the user that 'Please wait while processing...' so that the user knows that things are occuring on the backend.

I don't think that I can do anything on the stored procedure, right?

Does anyone have a suggestion?

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How To Supress Popup Window On Export

Is there any way to supress the popup window on the export option so that the first thing the user see's is the open/save dialog?


Is there a way to make the window close when the open/save dialog appears?


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Urgent: Popup Report And Input Parametrs

Hi Friends,

I am new-bie to reporting services 2005 and using it from last 1month.

I have interesting problem.

I have to pass some common input parameters to 10 of detail report. I want a popup report having those parameters.

So my detail report will have a link for that popup report once user click a popup window will open(popupreport).
User can select the input parameter and click go on popup report then these parameter will be passed to the detail report.

I thing it is possible using
="javascript:void window.open()"

but i donot exact syntaxt?

Where should I pass in Jump to report ot Jump to Url?

How to achieve this in priview mode?

Pls help me?

Thanks in advance

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Popup Window Does Not Show In Report Server

Hi, I am stuck and need help. My report accepts 4 parameters two are dates: from and to. Have to make sure that the dates are valid and to-date > from-date. Written the following function and have defined a hidden parameter to invoke it as:
=CODE.CheckDates(Parameters!STARTDATE.Value, Parameters!STOPDATE.Value)

The problem: In development/preview, it seems to be working fine but not when deployed to server.
In there. when the cursor moves between the parameter fields, the browser seems to refresh itself and the function kicks-in and displays a system generated message (not my message and not a popup). It just does not show the popups.
I don't have control over the server and need to fix this issue.

The questions are:
1. What makes the browser to refresh itself when only cursor moves from one parameter field to the other?
2. Why the popup messages don't show up.


Function CheckDates(FromDate as String, ToDate as String) as Boolean
Dim msg as String
Dim fdate as Date
Dim tdate as Date

If FromDate <> ""
If IsDate(FromDate) AND Len(Trim(FromDate)) = 10
fdate = CDate(FromDate)
msg="Invalid From Date: Please use format MM/DD/CCYY"
End If
End If

If (msg = "" AND ToDate <> "")
If IsDate(ToDate) AND Len(Trim(ToDate)) = 10
tdate = CDate(ToDate)
msg="Invalid To Date: Please use format MM/DD/CCYY"
End If
End If

If (msg = "" AND FromDate<>"" AND ToDate<>"")
If (fdate > tdate)
msg="To Date should be greater than From Date"
End If
End If

If msg <> "" Then
MsgBox(msg, 16, "Dates Verification...")
End If
End Function

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Open Popup Window File Inside Frame

In Report Manager I am able open a popup window by Navigation Jump Url value as ="javascript:void(window.open(url));"

But when i am calling same report file through ReportViewer in my .NET application in Frame .The same link on the page is not opening new popup window.While other internal navigation link are working fine in same report file.

So can anyone solve my problem of opening popup window .If the file is called inside a Frame.

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Custom Security Extension Gets Windows Logon Popup.

I have implemented the sample security extension and it works perfectly on our Intranet. When I reach the site from the Internet i get the windows logon for the Reportmanager at http://mysite/Reports
If i go to http://mysite/Reportserver it works as expected producing the logon.aspx page.

Any ideas would be helpful.


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IE6 And Report Export : Unnecessary Popup Window Open

Hi Friends,

if you view a report in the report viewer then export it, a temp pop up IE window is created. When run in XP with SP2 this window does not automatically close.

If I run in IE7 then the temp window closes automatically. It won't close automatically if running IE6 on XP with SP2. i believe there is a problem with window.close in XP SP2.

Any workarounds/hotfixes etc to solve this problem?

This problem is raised by lot of people but still no solution.


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Can We Generate Reports Without Using Report Viewer And Give A Popup For Saving And Opening It?


I am generating a Report by using SSRS. I am making using use of SSRS Report Viewer control for displaying the report. Which has an option to export the generated report in PDF format. Instead of displaying the report in by using report viewer I want to generate it directly in PDF format whenever that report is selected from the list of reports. So is there is any way to generate the report directly in PDF format which prompt a pop up for opening or saving the PDF?


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Add Login Fails With Popup Beacuse It Connot Determine Is Computer &&"instancename&&" Is Joined To Domain

I have a SQL 2005 SP2 fail-over cluster with several named instances. It has been running for sometime with no problems. Recently I had to add a new windows group to a named instance. From Management Studio I brought up the "Login - new " gui hit search to find the group in out doamin and got the following error mesage:

The program cannot open the required dialog box because it cannot determine whether the computer named "<instance_name>" is joined to a domain.

The id I am using is a domain authenticated account and I used this same proceedure to add windows groups in the past. If I ignore the message and type in the group as domaingroup_name I can still add the group and users of that group can log into the instance. The other named instances have the same probelm. There are no errors in the event log or SQL's log. Any ideas on how to get the domain search back would be appriciated.

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Class Method Is Smoking Fast When Executed Outside Of SQLServer, Dog Slow As A CLR Function Is SQLServer - Anyone?

We have a static class that makes an HTTPWebRequest to get XML data from one of our vendors. We use this as input to a stored proc in SQLServer2005. When I compile this class and call it from a console application in visual studio it executes in milliseconds, everytime. When I compile it, create the assembly and clr function and execute it in SQLServer, it takes around 14 seconds to execute the first time, then on subsequent requests it is again really fast, until I wait for 10 seconds and re-execute, once again it is slow the first time and then fast on subsequent requests. We do not see this behavior when executing outside SQLServer. Makes me think that some sort of authentication is perhaps taking place the first time the function is run in SQLServer? I have no idea how to debug this further. Anyone seen this before or have any ideas?

Here is the class:

Code Snippet

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.Net;
using System.IO;

namespace Predict.Services
public static class Foo
public static string GetIntradayQuote(string symbol)
string returnQuote = "";

HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)(WebRequest.Create("http://data.predict.com/predictws/detailed_quote.html?syms=" + symbol + "&fields=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,28,30"));

request.Timeout = 1000;

HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)(request.GetResponse());

StreamReader streamReader = new StreamReader(response.GetResponseStream());

returnQuote = streamReader.ReadToEnd();


return returnQuote;

When I run call it from a console app it is fine.

I compile it into a dll and then create the assembly and function as follows:

Code Snippet

drop function fnTestGetIntradayQuoteXML_SJS


drop assembly TestGetIntradayQuoteXML_SJS


create ASSEMBLY TestGetIntradayQuoteXML_SJS from 'c:DataBackupsCLRLibrariesTestGetIntradayQuote_SJS.dll' WITH PERMISSION_SET = EXTERNAL_ACCESS


CREATE FUNCTION fnTestGetIntradayQuoteXML_SJS(@SymbolList nvarchar(max)) RETURNS nvarchar(max) AS EXTERNAL NAME TestGetIntradayQuoteXML_SJS.[Predict.Services.Foo].GetIntraDayQuote


declare @testing nvarchar(max)

set @testing = dbo.fnTestGetIntradayQuoteXML_SJS('goog')

print @testing

When I execute the function as above, again, really slow the first time, then fast on subsequent calls. Could there be something wrong with the code, or some headers that need to be set differently to operate from the CLR in SQLServer?



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Problem Unicode Data 0x2300 In SQLServer 2000 SQLServer 2005 Express

Hi experts;
I have a problem with unicode character 0x2300
I created this table
create table testunicode (Bez nchar(128))

Insert Data
insert into testunicode (Bez)values('Œ€„¢')
with 2 Unicode characters
Œ€ = 0x2300
„¢ = 0x2122

Selecting the data
select Bez from testunicode
I see

„¢ = 0x2122 is ok but instead of 0x2300 there is 0x3f

When I modify the insert statement like that ( 8960 = 0x2300 )
insert into testunicode (Bez)values(NCHAR(8960)+'„¢')

and select again voila i see
Does anyone have an idea?


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Trying To 'load' A Copy Of A SQLServer 2000 Database To SQLServer 2005 Express

I am trying to 'load' a copy of a SQLServer 2000 database to SQLServer 2005 Express (on another host). The copy was provided by someone else - it came to me as a MDF file only, no LDF file.

I have tried to Attach the database and it fails with a failure to load the LDF. Is there any way to bypass this issue without the LDF or do I have to have that?

The provider of the database says I can create a new database and just point to the MDF as the data source but I can't seem to find a way to do that? I am using SQL Server Management Studio Express.


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SQLServer Express And SQLServer 2000/2005 Coexist Problem

Hi SQLServer expert,

I have SQLServer 2000 and SQLServer 2005 Express installed in the same PC. I tried to install SQLServer 2005 Dev Ed in the same box with a named instance. The installation is successfully. After rebooting the PC, the SQL2005 service can't startup, while both SQLServer 2000 and Express can startup successfully.

The error msg is "Could not start the SQLServer (SQL2005) service on Local Computer.
Error 1053 : The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion"

I also noticed that the MS SQL management Studio is not in the problem folder.

Current config
SQLServer2000 : default instance
SQLServer Express : SQLEXPRESS
SQLServer 2005 Dev : SQL2005

Any one can help ?


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MIcrosft SQLServer Best Practices Document On Securing SQLServer

I'm chasing after a documetn that was available on one of the Microsoftwebsites that was titled somethign like "MS SQL Server Best Practices"and detailed a nyumber of best practices about securing the server.Included in this was revoking public access to the system tableobjects.Can someone post the URL where I can pick this up, or drop me a note oncontacting them for a copy of the document?

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Upgrade SQLServer Mobile (.sdf) Database To SQLServer 2005


I have an SQLServer Mobile database, and I would like to know if there is a way to upgrade it to SQLServer 2005 (.mdf) database. My database has no records in it, just the structure (tables etc). What I am actually asking is if I can create automatically a new SQLServer 2005 Database with the same structure as my existin SQLSErver Mobile database

Thanks in advance,


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Replacing Sqlserver 2000 With Sqlserver 2005 Express

I have an app that uses a sqlserver 2000 jdbc driver to connect to a sqlserver 2000.

Is it possible to do a direct replacement of sqlserver 2000 with sqlserver 2005 express just by reconfiguring the app to point to the express? The app would still be using the sqlserver 2000 jdbc driver to try and make the connection.

If that is a possibility, what can be some differences in the configuration? Previously with 2000 the config information I entered is:

server name: "machinename"( or ip). I've also tried "machiname/SQLEXPRESS"

DB name: name of db instance

port: 1433(default)

user and pass.

My attempts so far results in

"java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Error establishing socket."


"java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Unable to connect. Invalid URL."

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How To Import Access To SQLServer With Parameter From SQLServer, Help Pls!

Hello Expert!

I have 2 Database €“ Access & SQLServer(ver 7)

I need to Import Data TblShift from Access to SQLServer €“ using DTS I€™ve done this successfully!

Now I want to use parameter so I only importing record within range (e.g. ShiftDate BETWEEN 05-24-2006 AND 06-23-2006)

In SQLServer, I have created table to store the date range as following:

DateFrom: 04/24/2006
DateTo: 05/23/2006

How do I use the date range from TblParameter(SQLServer) to import record from TblShift(Access) using DTS?

Is this possible or any better solution for this?



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SQLSERVER 2005 X64 Linked Server To SQLSERVER 7.0

Hello people.

I am in the process of planning a server upgrade to sql2005 x64.

I created 2 linked servers: one to a SQL2000 sp4 server and one to a SQL7.0 SP3.

I have the following error when I query the linked servers.
OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" for linked server "IVDM2K" returned message "Unspecified error".
OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" for linked server "IVDM2K" returned message "The stored procedure required to complete this operation could not be found on the server. Please contact your system administrator.".
Msg 7311, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Cannot obtain the schema rowset "DBSCHEMA_TABLES_INFO" for OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" for linked server "IVDM2K". The provider supports the interface, but returns a failure code when it is used.

I am aware of KB 906954.

I applied the instcat.sql on the SQL2000SP4 server and my linked server issues for that one are gone.

However, I ran the instcat.sql script on the SQL7.0 sp3 server and the linked server is still giving me an issue.

Can someone help me find a solution to this?

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Post Update For SQLServer SP2--is There One For SQLServer Express?

Regarding KB935356, is there a "post" service pack 2 update for SQLServer Express?


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Differences Between Sqlserver 2000 And Sqlserver 7.0

Hi Friends,
Can some please let me know the differences between sqlserver 2000 and sqlserver 7.0

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Difference In SQLSERVER/sqlExpress And SQLSERVER

I am new to SQL Server 2005. I tried connecting to my local machine by using my machine name as Server name and then tried running the following query:
SELECT * FROM SYS.Objects. It gives me following error:
Invalid object name 'sys.objects'.

Whereas, if I connect to my local machine using mahcinenameSQLEXPRESS, then the above mentioned query runs fine.

Why is this difference? What is the difference when I login in these 2 different ways.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Any help

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How To Transfer Data From A SqlServer Database To A SqlServer Express Database

Is there a way to transfer data from a SqlServer db to a SqlServer Express db. I tried to use the backup file of SqlServer, but this file is not valid for SqlServer Express. Or there any alternatives?



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Moving Everything From SQLServer A To SQLServer B

We currently have a SQL server up and running. Call it SQLOLD. We want to move everything to a new server SQLNEW. How do we do this so that we get all the security information copied correctly. We use integrated (ie NT authorization)

1. Using the backup/restore options I backed up the user database USERDB1 on SQLOLD and restored it to a new database called the same USERDB1 on SQLNEW. Everything including tables, stored procedures, this database's list of users, roles got copied.

2. However when I expand on security for the new server none of the NT DOMAIN/User logins showed up. How do I copy these. Also will I run into problems with the User IDs matching.

I guess the bottom line is;

What procedure should I use to make SQLNEW an exact copy of SQLOLD ???

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Not Be Able To Reinstall SQLServer 2005 After SQLServer 2005 SP I

Hi every body,

I have SQLServer 2005 runs well for months and stop working after install SqlServer2005 SP1. I try to reinstall the SQLServer 2005 but I have problem when install work station component on my and the error is "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor". Please help me to fix this bug. I do not want to reformat my machine.

John Dang

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