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Query Result As Comma-separated List

I'n in an environment where I cannot make stored procedures. Now I need
to make a query with a subquery in the SELECT part which gives a comma
separated list of results:

listFunction(SELECT name FROM names WHERE AS
FROM projects AS p

This query should return something like:
1, "john,mike,petra"
2, "bob,carl,sandra,peter,

listFunction is (of course) not (yet) defined. Is this possible without
the use of stored procedures?

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UDF To Split A Comma Separated List
Hello. I need to write a UDF that would split a comma separated list and return 4 values. I need to return the first 4 values and ignore the commas after that. If there are no commas in the string that's passed then just return the table with empty strings. The UDF should accept 2 inputs. The ntext and a position and return a value based on the position.For example: 1,2,3,textshould createPosition | Value-------------------------1|12|23|34|textand return a value based on the position.  If there are more than 3 commas for example1,2,3,This string, though short, contains a commashould createPosition | Value-------------------------1|12|23|34|This string, though short, contains a commaand return a value based on the position. And if there are are less than 3 commas in the string passedFor example: 1,2 or NULL or 2:3.5 or This is a string with no commasshould createPosition | Value
1| (empty string)
2| (empty string)
3| (empty string)
4| (empty string)and return a value based on the position.This is what I wrote so far. CREATE  function GetValueFromPosition  (@Input nvarchar(4000), @position int)Returns nvarchar(4000)AsBegin    -- Declare the return Variable    Declare @ReturnValue nvarchar(4000)        Select @ReturnValue = LTRIM(RTRIM(member_id)) From dbo.SplitString(@Input, ',') Where position = @position     Return @ReturnValueEnd CREATE Function SplitString(@text varchar(8000), @delimiter varchar(1) = ',')-- This function splits a string of CSV values and creates a table variable with the values.-- Returns the table variable that it createsRETURNS @Strings TABLE(    position int IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY,    member_id varchar(8000))ASBEGIN    Declare @index int        Set @index = -1             WHILE (LEN(@text) > 0)           BEGIN        SET @index = CHARINDEX(@delimiter , @text)         IF (@index = 0) AND (LEN(@text) > 0)                BEGIN                 INSERT INTO @Strings VALUES (@text)            BREAK           END             IF (@index > 1)                 BEGIN              INSERT INTO @Strings VALUES (LEFT(@text, @index - 1))              SET @text = RIGHT(@text, (LEN(@text) - @index))            END            ELSE                SET @text = RIGHT(@text, (LEN(@text) - @index))           END        RETURNEND I am trying to modify these according to what I need but its not working. Please help. Thank you.   

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Matching Comma Separated List
I have the following SQL Query:

SELECT user_profiles.userFirstName, user_profiles.userInitial, user_profiles.userLastName, user_types.userTypeDesc, user_profiles.userOfficeIDs, user_profiles.userEmail
FROM user_profiles
INNER JOIN user_types ON user_types.userTypeID = user_types.userTypeID

The field userOfficeID contains a comma separated list of values such as "1,2" to identify that the user is in both the NJ and NY office.

Table office_locations
OfficeID officeState
1 NJ
2 NY
3 CT

I would like the output to be something similar to:

Name Office userOfficeIDs value
John Smith NJ 1
Mary Smith NJ/NY 1,2
Jim Smith NJ/CT 1,3
Mike Smith NY 2

Any direction would be appreciated.


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How To Use Comma Separated Value List In The Where Clause?
How to use comma separated value list in the where clause?

I would like to do something like the following (Set voted = true for all rows in tblVoters where EmpID is in the comma separated value list).

update tbl_Voters
setvoted = true
whereEmpID in @empIdsCsv

Where, @empIdsCsv = 12,23,345, (IDs of the employees)

Since the above is not possible I have done the following dynamic query:

-- Convert the comma separated values to conditional statement like EmpID = {id} or EmpliD = {id}
set @empIdsCsv = 'EmpID=' + substring(@empIdsCsv , 0, len(@empIdsCsv )) -- Remove trailing comma
set @empIdsCsv = replace(@empIdsCsv , ',', ' or EmpID=')

declare @markVoters varchar(8000)
set @markVoters = '
update tbl_Voters
set voted = true
where + @empIdsCsv

--Execute the dinamic query
exec (@markVoters)

The above code generates the following dynamic query:
update tbl_Voters
set voted = true
EmpID= 12 or EmpID=23 or EmpID=345

The obvious drawback here is the performance and the limitation of the dynamic query length (8000 chars).

Can someone suggest a better solution with the ability to use comma seperated values in the where clause?

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How To Select Multiple Rows As Comma Separated List?

I have a table of users, a table of categories, and a many-to-many table linking users to categories.

My problem is that I want to select all the users with an extra column containing a comma-separated list of the categories they belong to.

Here is a stripped-down version of the table fields:

UserId, Email

CatId, CatName

UserId, CatId

I have tried using the coalesce function to build a string, but can only get this to work for one row at a time:

DECLARE @list nvarchar(100)

SELECT @list = COALESCE(@list + ', ', '') + CAST(CatId AS varchar(4))
FROM tbl_User_Category
WHERE UserId = @UserId

SELECT @list as List

Any ideas on how to add to this to get it to do each row in tbl_Page? Or am I attacking this from the wrong angle?????

Any help would be fantastic!


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Function To Create Comma Separated List From Any Given Column/table.
Hi,I'm sure this is a common problem.. to create a single field from awhole column, where each row would be separated by a comma.I can do this for a specified table, and column.. and I've created afunction using VBA to achieve a more dynamic (and very slow) I would like to implement it using a user defined function in sql server.The problems I'm facing are, that I can't use dynamic sql in afunction.. and I also can't use temporary tables which could build up a'standard' table from parameters given to then perform the function on.So, with these limitations, what other options do I have?Cheers,Chris

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How Do You Parse A Single Field List Of Values Separated By Comma?

ID ContactID

1 4, 5, 6, 8
2 3,4,6

Someone coded their database like this. It is a SQL server table with these two fields.
How do I use SSIS to parse out that single field?

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Report Designer: Need To List Fields From Multiple Result Rows As Comma Seperated List (like A JOIN On Parameters)

I know I can do a JOIN(parameter, "some seperator") and it will build me a list/string of all the values in the multiselect parameter.

However, I want to do the same thing with all the occurances of a field in my result set (each row being an occurance).

For example say I have a form that is being printed which will pull in all the medications a patient is currently listed as having perscriptions for. I want to return all those values (say 8) and display them on a single line (or wrap onto additional lines as needed).

Something like:
List of current perscriptions: Allegra, Allegra-D, Clariton, Nasalcort, Sudafed, Zantac

How can I accomplish this?

I was playing with the list box, but that only lets me repeat on a new line, I couldn't find any way to get it to repeate side by side (repeat left to right instead of top to bottom). I played with the orientation options, but that really just lets me adjust how multiple columns are displayed as best I can tell.

Could a custom function of some sort be written to take all the values and spit them out one by one into a comma seperated string?

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Query To Get Values From Datetime Column Into Comma Separated Text
Hi All
I am working on a query to get all the datetime values in a column in a table into a comma separated text.
     ColumnDate                                                  --------------------------- 2005-11-09 00:00:00.0002005-11-13 00:00:00.0002005-11-14 00:00:00.0002005-11-16 00:00:00.000
I wanted to get something like
2005-11-09, 2005-11-13, 2005-11-14, 2005-11-16 
Have just started SQL and hence am getting confused in what I think should be a relatively simple query. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

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Comma In Value Within Comma Separated File
I have a file which contains comma separated columns. One of columns contains names of companies. Sometimes the names of the companies have a comma as part of the name. For those, the value is surrounded by double-quotes.

But it seems that SSIS ignores the double quotes and ONLY looks for the column separator. This causes my value to be split in half.

Traditionally, I thought parsers that deal with this type of import do not automatically take the first comma following the double-quote as the column separator but instead look for the first comma following the ending quote. (i.e. Look at how Excel performs imports...)

I cannot set the column separator of the column to double-quote comma since only those values that HAVE a comma in them are qualified.

Any ideas?

Here is sample fie content to see what I mean:

342123, Jason, 12345
21, Kim,4567
32.43, John Paul, 1245
23, "Mr. T", 98764
12, "Peter, Paul, Mary", 09643

The last entry should be imported as 12 in the first column, "Peter, Paul, Mary" in the second column and 09643 in the third but instead ends up as 12 in the first, "Peter in second column and Paul, Mary", 09643 in the last.

(Oddly enough, if I remove the first column of numbers the import works like it is supposed.)

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Concatenated String Of Comma Separated Values (was &"Help With Query&")
I have following 2 queries which return different results.

declare @accountIdListTemp varchar(max)
SELECT COALESCE(@accountIdListTemp + ',','') + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),acct_id)
FROM (SELECT Distinct acct_id
FROM SomeTable) Result
print @accountIdListTemp

The above query return the values without concatenating it.

declare @pot_commaSeperatedList varchar(max)

into #accountIdListTemp
FROM SomeTable

SELECT @pot_commaSeperatedList = COALESCE(@pot_commaSeperatedList + ',','') + CONVERT(VARCHAR(100),acct_id)
FROM #accountIdListTemp
print @pot_commaSeperatedList
drop table #accountIdListTemp

This query returns result as concatenated string of comma separated values.

If i want to get similar result in a single query how can i get it?

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Comma Separated Value
Suppose I have a table like this

code Value
1 a
1 a
1 b
2 c
2 c
1 d
2 g

Now my require ment that I want a distinct comma separated report about these data.Means for code 1 I need a comma separated distinct values.In this case it should be a,b,d
My output should be like this
1 a,b,d
2 c,g
Can anybody help me I can I do this with the help of a cursor or any other way?

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Comma Separated Value
I’m passing a comma separated parameter (home, world, child) into stored procedure.
I have a Slitter function which is basically creates a table out of delimited list.

My stored procedure needs to find matched records in one of the table based on delimited list.

I have something like this:

WHERE WordName IN (SELECT * FROM dbo.fxSplitter('home,world,child, ',')

I would like to have my stored procedure be able to select rows, even if comma delimited parameter holds part of the name like this “hom, wor, chil? .
Another words it will be SELECT * FROM Word WHERE WordName LIKE '%hom%' OR WordName LIKE '%wor%' OR WordName LIKE '%chil%'

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Comma Separated String To Int
I have a checkbox list on datalist as one column. when user selects more than one checkbox and click on apply. i concatenate IDs of checkboxes as '1,2'3' for e.g. and sending that to Stroe Procedure as varchar datatype parametrer. In Procedure i wanna update status of all three selected and i am using statement "update tbl set status=1 where pageid in('1,2,3'). It is saying it cannot convert varchar to int.
How can i do this task?
Thanks in advance.

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Get Values Separated By Comma
Hello, I need your advice.
Here's my scenario.

Table A
id name
100 apple
115 grape
125 tomato
145 melon

Table B
id Fruits
11 100, 115, 145
12 125, 115
13 100

I thought i could get the list of fruits using this statement:

select name
from A where id IN (select fruits from B where id = 11)

But apparently not, it's working if
select name
from A where id IN (select fruits from B where id = 13)

That means it does not recognize values seperated by comma. Anyone who has any idea how to make it work?

Thanks in advance.


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Need Sql To Return The Result Of A Query As Comma Seperated Values.
Hi,   I need a sql that returns the query result as comma seperated list of values, instead of several rows. Below is the scenario...   Table Name - Customer   Columns - CustomerID, Join DateSay below is the data of Customer table ...CustomerID    JoinDate1                   04/01/20052                   01/03/20033                   06/02/20044                   01/05/20025                   09/07/2005Now i want to retrieve all the customerid's who have joined this year. Below is the query that i use for this case.Select CustomerID from Customer where JoinDate between '01/01/2005' and GetDate()This gives the below result as two rows.CustomerID15But i need to get the result as '1,5' (comma seperated list of resulting values).Any help is highly appreciatedThanks in AdvanceRamesh

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Sql Statement Comma Separated String
I have a table called evidence, which has the following Fields

| evidence_id | Description| Standards|
E001 blagh 1.1,1.2,1.3

Ok I am trying to search the comma-separated string in the standards field using the like clause so I can display the evidence_id.

SQL looks like

SELECT Evidence.Standards, *
FROM Evidence
WHERE (((Evidence.Standards) Like '%1.1%'));

However it will not search through the list and select for example if I change 1.1 to 1.2. The commas wont allow it.

It works if I just have one item in the list that is just 1.1. Can anyone help me to search a comma-separated string for a certain string?



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Comma Separated Cell Into Rows

We are on SqlServer 2005.

Let me point out at the beginning that I don't have anyway to normalize this structure or get the admins to change the way the data is stored. We don't own the database where this is housed...we're just given the information via an .xls file...which we import to a SQLServer table.

I have some data that is given to me that has two columns (below is for an example):
Column A is an identifiying number, i.e. for a project
Column B is a comma separated list of account strings for the project

A sample layout of what we get via the .xls file might look like the following (Column A is to the left of the dashes, and Column B is to the right of the dashes):

AA.ProjectBuildTower ----- 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555
BB.ProjectBuildFence ----- X900, 6789, 9000, 9876

What I need to do is now haveprojects listed out in Column A with each of it's account strings in Column B like so:
AA.ProjectBuildTower ----- 2222
AA.ProjectBuildTower ----- 3333
AA.ProjectBuildTower ----- 4444
AA.ProjectBuildTower ----- 5555

BB.ProjectBuildFence ----- X900
BB.ProjectBuildFence ----- 6789
BB.ProjectBuildFence ----- 9000
BB.ProjectBuildFence ----- 9876

Any suggestions would greatly help!


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How To Use Comma Separated Lists With Parameters In Sqldatasource?
I'm new (very new) to and now at 3am after maybe 12 straight hours of trying to go through examples and understand the syntax, I have a somewhat working program... basically a query parameters screen that upon a click generates a report.  The query parameter screen basically is a HTML form with a procedure that puts the field values into session variables.  The report uses <asp:sessionparameters> in the sqldatasource to apply aforementioned session variables to filter the SELECT statement's results.  They are then displayed using the gridview control.  It actually works!
Now I'm trying to figure out: if I need/want my users to be able to enter comma-separated list of values into the HTML form field and somehow get these into the SELECT statement's WHERE clause, is there a way to do this?  I'm not very experienced with asp nor sql server and have been struggling with this new challenge.  I really could use pointers as to whether there's an easy way to handle this.  In other languages in the past I would have had to parse the comma-separated list and use those to construct my SELECT statement programmatically.  I get the impression that with all this ASP.NET fanciness, there has to be a better way?
 If it matters, I'm using ASP.NET 2.0 with SQL Server 2005 Express and Visual Studio Web 2005 Express. 
 Thanks in advance for any replies, they would be GREATLY appreciated :)

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Comma Separated Values To Stored Procedures
Hi All,i hv created a sp asCreate proc P @iClientid varchar (100)asBeginselect * from clients where CONVERT(VACHAR(100),iClientid) in(@iclientid)endwhere iclientid = int data type in the clients if i pass @iclientid as @iclientid = '49,12,112'but this statement throws an conversion error ( int to char error).is there any way to fetch records from a select statement using astring???Thanks in Advance.

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Data Row Comma Separated Cell To Many Rows

We are on SqlServer 2005.

Let me point out at the beginning that I don't have anyway to normalize this structure or get the admins to change the way the data is stored. We don't own the database where this is housed...we're just given the information via an .xls file...which we import to a SQLServer table.

I have some data that is given to me that has two columns (below is for an example):
Column A is an identifiying number, i.e. for a project
Column B is a comma separated list of account strings for the project

A sample layout of what we get via the .xls file might look like the following (Column A is to the left of the dashes, and Column B is to the right of the dashes):

AA.ProjectBuildTower ----- 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555
BB.ProjectBuildFence ----- X900, 6789, 9000, 9876

What I need to do is now haveprojects listed out in Column A with each of it's account strings in Column B like so:
AA.ProjectBuildTower ----- 2222
AA.ProjectBuildTower ----- 3333
AA.ProjectBuildTower ----- 4444
AA.ProjectBuildTower ----- 5555

BB.ProjectBuildFence ----- X900
BB.ProjectBuildFence ----- 6789
BB.ProjectBuildFence ----- 9000
BB.ProjectBuildFence ----- 9876

Any suggestions would greatly help!


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Select Statement For Comma Separated Values
my sample SQL Server DB Tables are like,
SID Skill
--- -------
3 C
4 C++

PID Skillset
--- ---------
1 1,2,3
2 2,4
3 1,2,3,4
4 3
I need the Query to display Person skills as follows...
PID Skillset
--- --------------
1 Java,Oracle,C
2 Oracle,C++
3 Java,Oracle,C,C++
4 C

and another query for Search..
if i give the search string as Java,C or i will pass the SID 1,3. i need to diplay the person records which contains the SID.

output will be...
PID Skillset
--- --------------
1 Java,Oracle,C
3 Java,Oracle,C,C++
4 C


PID Skillset
--- ---------
1 1,2,3
3 1,2,3,4
4 3
Plz help meee..
Thanking you in advance for your help.

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HOWTO Select Several Rows In One Comma- Separated

First of all, thank you in advance for helping me!!!

My problem is that I have a BBDD with a table like this (in Oracle and in MySql, both)


| groupId | serviceId |
| grup1 | service1 |
| grup1 | service2 |
| grup1 | service3 |
| grup2 | service1 |
| grup2 | service2 |

And I need to do a select o a procedure or something that returns me something like this:

| groupId | serviceId |
| grup1 | service1, service2, service3 |

Is this possible in any way????

Than you very very much.


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Obtaining Column Values Separated By Comma
How do I get the values of a column from a table separated by a comma.

For example

Suppose I have a table with column Levels (below), I want the values of the corresponding column separated by a comma, so that I can use this in a different query to pull these values from a different table


Result should look like
Level1Name, Level1Value, Level2Name, Level2Value


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Comma Separated Values In A Column Of A Table
I want a column in a database table to store comma separated values.
So can I store it as a string type(varchar,nchar) using commas?
What are the other alternatives provided in Sql Server 2005

--Subba Rao

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Split Comma Separated Values Into Columns

I have data like this in my table:

AppId Gender
1 x
2 y

3x, y
4 x, y, z

I need to transform like this:
AppID Gender
1 x
2 y
3 y
4 y
4 z

How to do this?

Thanks in advance

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Procedure Or Query To Make A Comma-separated String From One Table And Update Another Table's Field With This String.
We have the following two tables :

Link  ( GroupID int , MemberID int )
Member ( MemberID int , MemberName varchar(50), GroupID varchar(255) )

The Link table contains the records showing which Member is in which Group. One particular Member can be in
multiple Groups and also a particular Group may have multiple Members.

The Member table contains the Member's ID, Member's Name, and a Group ID field (that will contains comma-separated
Groups ID, showing in which Groups the particular Member is in).

We have the Link table ready, and the Member table' with first two fields is also ready. What we have to do now is to
fill the GroupID field of the Member table, from the Link Table.

For instance,

Read all the GroupID field from the Link table against a MemberID, make a comma-separated string of the GroupID,
then update the GroupID field of the corresponding Member in the Member table.

Please help me with a sql query or procedures that will do this job. I am using SQL SERVER 2000.

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Select Question - Codes In A Column Comma Separated
(OK, I guess bad table design, here's the question: )I have a table Buildings and one column is consultants. Inside this column are codes of another table Consultants separated with comma i.e. 0001, 0002, 0003, .... I want to select data from Buildings and last_names of Consultants in the same query.SELECT code, *other Building columns*, consultants_last_namesFROM Buildings Please help. 

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Select Comma Separated Values From Single Column

I have a table -- Table1.
It has two columns -- Name and Alpha.
Alpha has comma separated values like -- (A,B,C,D,E,F), (E,F), (D,E,F), (F), (A,B,C).

I need to pick the values of column -- Name , where in values of Alpha is less than or equal to 'D'.

I tried <=, but got only values less than 'D', but was not able to get equal to 'D'.

Any suggestions??

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Show Multiple Values In Single Textbox Comma Separated

I have a field called "Owners", and it's a child to an "Activities" table.

An Activity can have on or more owners, and what I'd like to do is some how comma separate the values that come back if there are more than one owners.

I've tried a subreport, but because the row is colored and if another field, title, expands to a second row (b/c of the length) and the subreport has just one name, then the sub-report has some different color underneath due to it being smaller in height.

I'm kinda stuck on how to do this.


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Storing Comma Separated Values In A Single Column Of A Table
I have a table called geofence. It has a primary key geofence_id. Each geofence consists of a set of latitudes and latitudes.
So I defined two columns latitude and longitude and their type is varchar. I want to store all latitude/longitude values as a comma separated values in latitude/longitude columns
So in general how do people implement these types of requirements in relational databases?


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In SSIS, What Is The Best Way To Take A Column With Comma Separated Strings And Separate Them To Multiple Columns
Hi There,

Can anybody suggest me what is the best way to take a column with comma separated stings and output them into multiple columns with strings?

for example if I have a column with "watertown, newton" as a string, I need to separate them to two columns with watertown and newton values?

Is Derived column transformation the best way to do it?



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SELECT WHERE (any Value In Comma Delimited List) IN (comma Delimited List)
I want to allow visitors to filter a list of events to show only those belonging to categories selected from a checklist.

Here is an approach I am trying:

TABLE Events(EventID int, Categories varchar(200))

EventID Catetories
1           ‘6,8,9’
2           ‘2,3’

PROCEDURE ListFilteredEvents
   @FilterList varchar(200)    -- contains ‘3,5’
WHERE (any value in Categories) IN @FilterList



How can I select all records where any value in the Categories column
matches a value in @FilterList. In this example, record 2 would be
selected since it belongs to category 3, which is also in @FilterList.

I’ve looked at the table of numbers approach, which works when
selecting records where a column value is in the parameter list, but I
can’t see how to make this work when the column itself also contains a
comma delimited list.

Can someone suggest an approach?

Any examples would be greatly appreciated!

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Using A Comma-separated String Using Stored Procedure And &"IN&"

I was wondering if it's possible to pass in a comma separated string
"12,14,16,18" and use it in a stored procedure with "IN" like this:

@SubRegions varchar(255) <-- my comma separated string

        SELECT *
        FROM myTable
        WHERE tbl_myTable.SubRegionID IN (@SubRegions)

It tells me it has trouble converting "'12,14,16,18'" to an INT. :(

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&"Find In&" Comma Separated Value

****SQL Server related question.

I have a table in which one of the columns (col1) holds a string, like: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

I am passing an int value (@intValue) to the sproc.

What I want to be able to do is query the table like....

SELECT * FROM myTable where @intValue .... is in col1

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!!!!

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SQL Comma Seperated List
Is there a way to return a comma seperated list in a  query?For example if I have this simple querySelect member_name From members It returns all the members in diff rows (lets assume we have 3)So the result will bemember_name--------------name1name2name3Instead of this I need to have the result in one row with values seperated by commas.member_name---------------name1,name2,name3I hope I am clear enough. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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How Can I Get A Comma Delimited List Of The Views In My Db
How can I get a comma delimited list of the views in my db?

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Comma Delimited List Of Views
Is it possible to get a comma delimited list of the views in a DB?

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Creating A Comma Delimited List

I have a complex query where each row in the final dataset is a
However each product has a number of authors associated with it. 
What I
would like to do is have a query/subroutine join the authors to the
as a string:

1           The Sacred and the Profane   John Rieggle, George
2           Dancing
in the Dark          Dan
Brown, Peter Kay, Paul



Product Authors

Is this at all



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Inner Join On A Comma Delimited List?

I have the following query:

Newsletters ON News.ID = Newsletters.fkNewsID

My problem is that fkNewsID can contain a comma delimited list of various IDs. Is there a way to properly do the join in this case?

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Help With Subquery: Comma-delimited Id List To Value
Hello any MS SQL experts out there! please help if you can. i'm trying to run a subquery
within a query to keep myself from having to loop over the original query on display and
then run additional queries to get the further info. here's the setup. i have two tables:

persons table
column: name (varchar)
column: vehicleids (varchar)

vehicles table
column: id (int pk)
column: vehiclename (varchar)

- The persons table is a list of peoples' names and what kind of vehicle/s they own.
- The persons.vehicleids field is a comma-delimited list of one or more integers which correspond to the field.
- The vehicles table contains a list of vehicles like car, bicycle, motorcycle, etc, distinguished by the field.

The result i want returned by the query is:

Joe Somebody - car,bicycle
Sheila Johnson - van,pogostick,motorcycle
John Nobody - skateboard,car

The query i'm trying to run to get this result is:

Code Snippet

SELECT ve.vehiclename
FROM vehicles ve
WHERE CAST( AS VARCHAR) IN (pe.vehicleids)
) AS vehicles
FROM persons pe

It returns the persons names in the first column, but only returns vehicle names in the
second column when there's a single id in the persons.vehicleids field. if there's more
than one integer in the field, it returns an empty string.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I do have the option of table restructuring if
its necessary, but I'm not looking for a stored procedure solution or a temp table
solution. Any takers? I would be in the kharmic debt of anyone providing a workable

Thank you,

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How Do I Create An In-line Comma Seperated List
Scenario:Table 1 (a id, b name)Table 2 (a FKid, d value)A standard join on a gives me something like:a1 b1 d1a1 b1 d2What I want is:a1 b1 d1,d2I can easily do this with a function or cursor, but is is somewhatslow, and I need to do this a lot and I don't really want to have tomaintain tons of functions or cursors.Thoughts?

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Comma Delimited List Of IDs To A Recordset From 2 Tables...
Have 2 tables in SQL Server 05 DB:

First one is MyList

user_id -> unique value
list -> comma-delimited list of user_ids
notes -> random varchar data

Second one is MyProfile

user_id -> unique value

I need a stored proc to return rows from MyProfile that match the comma-delimited contents in the "list" column of MyList, based on the user_id matched in MyList. The stored proc should receive as input a @user_id for MyList then return all this data.

The format of the comma-delimited data is as such (all values are 10-digit alphanumerics):


The data returned should be all the columns of MyProfile, and the columns of MyList (which will obviously be duplicated for each row returned).

Thank you!

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Showing A Comma Seperated List In A Field
I want to have a query that selects member information as well as a list of all the groupid's that the member is a part of.

I was trying to do a subquery:

select member.username, (select groupid from membergroup where membergroup.memberid = member.memberid) as groups from member where memberid=3

but as soon as the member got more than one group record within the membergroup table it would produce an error

>Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression.

How can i select a comma seperated list of all the groupid's the member is a part of within a single query?


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Using Comma Seperated List Of Number S In An IN Statement
am using sql server 2005 , and am passing sql server a comma seperated list of numbers that I want to use in an IN statement

in the stored proc

@internal varchar(100)
(e.g @internal gets populate with '32,50')
then the statement

select count (contactid) from contacts where contactid in(@internal)

but I am getting an error

Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '32,50' to data type int.

If as an experiment I hard code the 32,50 into the sp it works fine , I have tried using CAST to no use , the field contactid is an integer , but I would have thought sql server would be ok having a comma seperated varchar to compare to an int , cant seem to find a solution , any help appreciated thanks

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Insert Into Multiple Rows Instead Of One Comma-delimited List?
Hi, all:I have a form which lets users choose more than one value for each question.But how do I insert each value as a separate row in my table (instead ofhaving the values submitted as a comma-delimited list)?Thanks for your help.J

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Comma Delimited List Update Stored Procedure
I have a stored procedure that I want to use to update multiple records. I'm using ASP and the request form collection is returning values in a comma delimited list.
name1 = value1, value2, value3, etc.
name2 = value1, value2, value3, etc.
name3 = value1, value2, value3, etc.

Here is how I wrote my stored procedure:

@abrID int,
@ddo varchar(50),
@ay varchar(50),
@strategy varchar(10),
@budgacct varchar(10),
@budgobj varchar(10),
@incrdecr varchar(50),
@review char(10),
@abrdetlsID varchar(50)
SET ABR_review = @review

ABR_DETLS_STRATEGY = @strategy, ABR_DETLS_BUDG_ACCT = @budgacct,
ABR_DETLS_BUDG_OBJ = @budgobj, ABR_DETLS_FUND_ORIG_AMT = convert(money, @origamt), ABR_DETLS_FUND_INCR_DECR = convert(money, @incrdecr)
ABR_DETLS_ID = @abrdetlsID

The second update is where the comma delimited list needs to be handled. The first update is only updating one field once.

Is there a way to write the procedure to handle the comma delimited list? Or, is the way I have the stored procedure okay and I just need to handle the comma delimited list within the ASP code? I'm not sure which way I can accomplish this?

Thanks for any help.

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Pass Comma Delimited List To Stored Procedure
I am trying to pass a comma delimited llist of names to a stored procedure. I am getting a syntax error and I can't seem to figure out why. When i plug the names by hand into my select statement in query analyzer it all works fine.
Just a little background so i don't have to put all the code in... the list of name is built dynamically.
Below are all the code snippets. Thanks for your help in advance.
The is the list of names and the call to the stored procedure:


employeeList = 'name1','name2',name3','name4','name5'
SQL="sp_REVIEW @ACTION='lde', @CURRENT_USER='" & currentUser & "', " &_
"@EMPLOYEE_LIST='" & employeeList & "'"

Here is the stored procedure


SELECT ww.ORACLE_USER_NAME, ww.LAST_NAME + ', ' + ww.FIRST_NAME as employeeName,
ww1.DIVISION + ' - ' + ww1.COST_CENTER + ' - ' + ww1.COST_CENTER_DESC as department
OR ww.DEPARTMENT_ID IN (SELECT ud.department_id
WHERE ud.nt_id = @CURRENT_USER))

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