Round To Nearest WHOLE Number

Nov 16, 2006

How to round to the nearest WHOLE number ?

from -- to
170 --170
96.58 --97


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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Round Value To The Nearest

Sep 16, 2014

I have a column called as NDM$ What I want do it round it the nearest value example I am giving below



35.4->35 some thing like that.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: How To Round A Date To The Nearest Second

Sep 8, 2014

how to round a datetime variable to the nearest second. The solution must NOT just strip off the milliseconds, it needs to round.

Also, the solution should not be too cumbersome because it will be used in a high volume environment.

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Retrieving Nearest Number From Database

Jan 7, 2008

OK, this is the scenario. I have a database with many columns ( each a mean value and a standard deviation, and with it a set of coordinates that i want to retrieve ).

Then i have a value that i want to query with the database, by comparing it with the mean and its standard deviation, and it should return a few sets (lets say 2) of coordinates whereby the the value of the mean is closet to the one in the database, in order of nearest value. How should i do it, since i am not using the exact value of the mean in the database?

I know its a bit confusing the way i wrote, but anyone understand wat i am trying to say and can help, i am very grateful. I had googled around for answers but cannot find. Thanks.

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Round A Number

Jun 26, 2000

How do I write sql syntax to round the last digit. For example, 12.152 should be 12.15. My current sql syntax does not round the last digit as follows:

Select tblARInvoiceDetail.UnitPrice * tblARInvoiceDetail.Quantity AS ChargeBeforeDiscount
tblARInvoiceDetail ON
tblARInvoices.ARInvoiceID = tblARInvoiceDetail.ARInvoiceID

The tblARInvoiceDetail.UnitPrice column is numeric;length 9;precision 18
The Quantity column is integer;length 4; precision 10;scale 0

Any Suggestions?

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Why Does SQL Server Round Number Of Type Double?

Jul 8, 2004

Dear Programmers,

I want to store a number of .NET type double (16,95) into the database
column of type numeric, but it is stored as integer (17) and when I call the
value in my application, it is displayed as 17. How can I solve this
problem? Thanks in advance,


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Reporting Services :: How To Round Up Decimal Number

Oct 21, 2015

How can I round up a decimal number? in SSRS reports.

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How To Disable Autmatic Round Of Of A Decimal Number In Sql Server Using

Jan 12, 2008

Hi all,
I am sorry if i am posting this error in an inappropriate froum.
Well in my intranet web application i want to enter a number to the database(sql sever 2005) that has a column(schoolkm) whose type is decimal(9, 2). Now if i want to enter the value 1.5 in the text box and enter that value to the database through interface then that value automatically rounds to 2. But when i get into the table and enter that value by hand then that value enters perfectly i.e. without rounding of. I want to know the reason and how can i cure this problem.
Regards & thanks in advance

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T-SQL ROUND(decimal, Int) Vs C# Round(Decimal, Int32)

Jan 30, 2006

Anybody noticed that SQL Server rounds up if the value is half waybetween two rounded values, but C#'s Decimal.Round(Decimal,Int32)rounds to nearest even number?[color=blue]>From MSDN: "When d is exactly halfway between two rounded values, the[/color]result is the rounded value that has an even digit in the far rightdecimal position. For example, when rounded to two decimals, the value2.345 becomes 2.34 and the value 2.355 becomes 2.36. This process isknown as rounding toward even, or rounding to nearest."I perform the same calculation sometimes on the web server in C# andsometimes at the database in T-SQL, but want to get the same resultfrom both calculations. Could anybody offer any strategies for dealingwith this?Thanks ~ Matt

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Nearest Distance

Jan 21, 2004

How do I get a nearest distance of a point? For example, I have two tables A and B and I want to find the nearest distance between the records of the two tables. In addition, one of the tables should also give me the distance. The data I have geo spatial data. Can this be done in SQL
Help will be appreciated

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List By Nearest Date?

Oct 7, 2006

Hi, I'm making a birthdays database where I want to list everyone in it ordered by the firstcoming birthdays according to the current date.

I have all the birthday records stored in a table called bursdager and the person name is stored in the navn column and the persons birthday date is stored in the dato column.

I'm having some problems, currently I have this statement:



SELECT navn, dato FROM bursdager
WHERE DATEPART(month, dato) >= DATEPART(month, getdate())
ORDER BY DATEPART(month, dato), DATEPART(day, dato)

INSERT INTO @tbl -- those are the one who allready have had birthday this year
SELECT navn, dato FROM bursdager
WHERE DATEPART(month, dato) < DATEPART(month, getdate())
ORDER BY DATEPART(month, dato), DATEPART(day, dato)


It works *allmost* as it should-- except, it still lists the last persons who had birthday first, even the days after their birthday if the month is still the same.

I thought about adding an additional check:

AND DATEPART(day, dato) >= DATEPART(day, getdate())

in the WHERE clause of the SELECT statement but that won't be correct either because it then just lists everyone based on whether the day number the person was born is higher or less than the day number of the current date.

Anyone have any suggestions? Is there an easier way to do it?


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Rounding To The Nearest Thousand

May 11, 2007


Which parameter value for the Round function do I need to pass to get it to round to the nearest thousand ?


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Rounding Seconds Up To The Nearest 15 Minutes

Dec 6, 2007

I have a field with seconds in it and I need to disply it in hours which I can do by dividing it by 3600, but I am trying to figure out how to round it up to the nearest 15 minutes.  I have tried a couple of things with ROUND and CEILING, but am not getting the right numbers back.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Joining Records With Nearest Datetimes

Mar 19, 2013

How would I match datetimes in records structured as follows:

Record1 AccountNo StartDateTime EndDateTime
1 1234 4/30/2012 8:00 AM NULL

2 1234 NULL 5/15/2012 8:00 AM

Desired Result:

AccountNo StartDateTime EndDateTime
1234 4/30/2012 8:00 AM 5/15/2012 8:00 AM

Of course there are multiple accounts, about 2100 in this case but they very by time periods, and multiple start and stop dates for an account. I need to get the start times and match them w/ the nearest end times but AFTER the value of the start time. Nearest end times must be forced to correspond to the nearest start time but there are some start times w/o end times and end times w/o start times due to user data entry errors. I need a solution that handles this. It is ok w/ the customer to make the assumption of nearest times supposedly going together so they can show the users the errors. I am on SQL Server 2008 R2.

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Optimal Search For The Nearest Date

Nov 23, 2005

I have the following tableCREATE TABLE Readings(ReadingTime DATETIME NOT NULL DEFAULT(GETDATE()) PRIMARY KEY,Reading int NOT NULL)INSERT INTO Readings (ReadingTime, Reading) VALUES ('20050101', 1)INSERT INTO Readings (ReadingTime, Reading) VALUES ('20050201', 12)INSERT INTO Readings (ReadingTime, Reading) VALUES ('20050301', 15)INSERT INTO Readings (ReadingTime, Reading) VALUES ('20050401', 31)INSERT INTO Readings (ReadingTime, Reading) VALUES ('20050801', 51)INSERT INTO Readings (ReadingTime, Reading) VALUES ('20051101', 106)GO-- list the tableSELECT ReadingTime, Reading FROM ReadingsGOIt is a table of readings of a free-running counter that istime-stamped. I need to determine the value of the reading thatcorresponds to the closest date to the supplied dateAre there more optimal/efficient ways of accomplishing this than thefollowing?DECLARE @when DATETIMESET @when = '20050505'SELECT TOP 1 ReadingTime, Reading FROM ReadingsORDER BY abs(DATEDIFF(minute, ReadingTime, @when))The above gives me the desired result of ('20050401', 31).Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Joining Records By Nearest Datetime

May 19, 2008


I have such a scenario:
- two tables with record containing car vehicle number, datetime of message and other data like weight ect.
- first table contains only two messages for one car per one day
- second has many messages for one car for one day

I would like to get a list of messages from first table but joined with the nearest (previous) record for the same car from second table.


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Query - Nearest Birthdays To Mine

Dec 7, 2007

I have a date (my birthday). I would like to find the closest birthdays to mine, both before and after my birthday. I would like to list the people in my database who are the closest age to me, but in that order. So sorting my table by age and taking a row below and above my birthday is not going to work. This is because the three people below me may all have their birthday the next day, while those above me may have theirs years before mine.

Birthdays sorted by date:

05/10/1979 jim
12/01/1980 bob
10/04/1983 mike
10/05/1983 larry
11/21/1983 dan
12/07/1984 josh
05/07/1999 dylan

The order I wish to achieve is:

10/05/1983 larry
11/21/1983 dan
12/07/1984 josh
12/01/1980 bob
05/10/1979 jim
05/07/1999 dylan

Thanks in advance.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Nearest Neighbor Within Given Shape Query

Nov 24, 2014

I have a table with 257 mil records with latitude and longitude data.

My goal is to find the closest intersecting values from a locations table (88 rows) and update any of the 257 mil records that are applicable with the location_Name and Location_Group_Name.

The query I have works but doesn't perform well on such a big data set.

CREATE TABLE #Positions -- Base table 257 mil rows. Actual table has 20 columns

[Code] ....

Attached you will find the tables, test data, a function to measure distance and some queries that work but are too slow for this much data.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Rounding Decimal To Nearest Integer Value?

Jun 28, 2015

how to round the nearest value after round of decimal and return integer.

declare @data decimal(18,2)
set @data = 5.55

-- output

select '5'
set @data = 5.58
-- output
select '6'

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Find Nearest Date Record Without Cross Apply

Oct 13, 2012

Table :

ChangeID ChangeDate EquipmentID ModuleID EquipStatus
1 12/9/08 230 1789 Normal
2 13/9/08 450 1245 Normal
3 17/9/08 230 1789 Open
4 21/9/08 230 1899 Open
5 21/9/08 450 1674 Normal
6 22/9/08 450 2364 Normal

Given a date, what module was each equipment item in on that date?How do I get the date of the nearest previous event from a list like this? I got a query from one of the post in this Forum only using Cross Apply to find the nearest record from the above table based on Date i.e.

SELECT outerT.*
FROM your_table AS outerT
, change_date
FROM your_table AS innerT
WHERE innerT.change_date <= @point_in_time
AND innerT.equipment_id = outerT.equipment_id
ORDER BY change_date DESC
) AS applicable_records
WHERE applicable_records.change_date = outerT.change_date

The problem is I need to get this query without using Cross Apply as i need to use the same for the LINQ which doesn't support Cross Apply.

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SQL Server 2008 :: Rounding To Nearest Quarter Hour?

Aug 12, 2015

I am getting the time difference between two dates using

DATEDIFF(second,Information.[Start Time],Information.[End Time]) / 60.00 / 60.00 AS hours,

My output looks like

I'd like to round to the nearest quarter hour


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Changing Seconds To Hours And Minutes And Rounding To The Nearest 15 Minute.

Dec 6, 2007

I found in another forum that if I take the seconds and divide them by 15 then round up and multiply them by 4 I can get this done, but I can't figure out how to work it into my select statement. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated. dbo.SLPTRANS.TimeSpent is the field I am trying to convert.

SELECT dbo.SLPTRANS.ClientID, SUM(dbo.SLPTRANS.TransValue) AS Expr1, dbo.SLPTRANS.TimeSpent AS Expr2
dbo.INVOICE ON dbo.SLPTRANS.InvoiceID = dbo.INVOICE.RecordID
HAVING (dbo.SLPTRANS.ClientID = 405)

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Transact SQL :: Only Store Datetime Values Down To Nearest Minute Automatically Without Using Trigger

Sep 25, 2015

Is there a way that I can do this at the table level to automatically handle the rounding of seconds, etc. down to the minute automatically without having to use a trigger?  

Here is a very basic example of what I am trying to do:

--example:  '09-22-2007 15:07:18.850' this is the value inserted into the table by the code
select getdate() 

 --example: '2007-09-22 15:07:00.000'  this is the value I want to store in the table
select dateadd(mi, datediff(mi, 0, getdate()), 0)

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Round Up

Sep 14, 2006

X is a float and I need to perform x/10 and round the result up to the integer. So if result is 0.4 -> 1, if 1.1 -> 2. How can I do this with SQL? 

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Round Up And Round Down In Sql

Sep 9, 2007

 I want to do a simple thing but it seems to be behaving not as i am expectingI want to round number either up or down....e.g: 4.3 should round to 4  4.7 should round to 5when i use the round function like this:  83/17=4.88round( 83/17 , 0 ) it gives the answer as 4....when i was expecting it to be 5.... i know there is a ceiling function...but depending on the value of the division sometimes i want it to round up and sometimes round down. how can i do this? hope this makes sense. thanks  

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Round Bug

Mar 25, 1999

Has anyone been experiencing problems with rounding to 2 decimal places in SQL 7? I have a bunch of queries that generate web reports. Under 6.5 everything was fine. Now under 7.0 any number that needs to be rounded to 2 decimals is actually giving me several decimal places.

Here is a simplified version of what I am doing:
DECLARE @x real
DECLARE @y real
SELECT @x = 223.1
SELECT @y = 59.7

SELECT ROUND((@x/@y),2)

Result should be 3.74. But instead I am getting 3.7400000000000002

If anybody has heard if Microsoft has declared this as a known bug please let me know.

Thanks for your time.

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Round ?

Aug 22, 2002

I have the statement below which I use in an update

select (round(sum(tottime/60),2)) as ttime from vw_cms_suptime
where vw_cms_suptime.[tracking number] = 970
tracking.[tracking number]

Even though I have the round the statement returns a value
of 5.0000000000000003E-2

Is there something wrong with the round?

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Round The Value

Apr 17, 2008


I need to display the value of a certain varible rounded to two digits after decimal.

For example :

value of a is 1346.8500

I need to get the value of a as 1346.85

Please help me

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Round To Near Value

Jan 4, 2007

hi,i have one criteria

if if i have time as 1:15 min means it has to show 1:15,if i have 1:20 min it has too be rounded and it has to show 1:30 min.
can any one give me query for this
thanks in anvance

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Round Off

May 14, 2007

How to round off the value .579 into .6 using round function.i tried doing it but in vain.

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Round Off

Jul 30, 2007

how do i round off value 0.23 to 0.2.
i am using this inside a scalar function and the return type is numeric(6,2).
so how do i get 0.2 and not 0.23

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How Do I Round The Value ?

Aug 10, 2007


I have datacloum called 'price' (float) and using the below code in my stored procedure

cast(price * 1.175 as decimal(19, 2)) as [item-price]

I am getting the price as (ex1: 23.58, ex2: 114.25, ....etc)

So How do I round the value(price) to (ex1: 23.99, ex2: 114.99)

Advance thanks

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Round Off

Aug 23, 2007

i want to round off 0.23 to 0.25 ,i am trying it with round function but can't get it.

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