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Map-IP Free Geo Location Software

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Price: N/A
Updated: 2006-07-30
Platforms: Linux Windows
Hits: 127

Map-IP plots the browsers location using Geo Location Databases. It finds the latitude and longitude coordinates of the IP address and plots it on a map of the world.
Map-IP is very easy to set up on your server and has a very small footprint, the full download is only 60k. The only server requirement is PHP and optionally the GD library.

You can try out our demonstration and download if you wish. Full installation instructions are provided in the readme file.

Version 1.1 has fixes for Opera, a rewritten translation system, a partial Italian translation, the ability to manually change from CSS and GD mode in the preferences, UI improvements, and many bugfixes.

Map-IP was formerly known as IP-Atlas which has now been discontinued. We have been kindly permitted to continue it's development.

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