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Setting Expiry Date For VB Software
Any one pls let me know, How to set the expiry date for a VB software.I've developped one software using VB,and want to distribute the evaluation copy which should work for only one week.first i thought to set the date(from system date) in one encrypted hidden file ,which would become useless when the user deletes that any one pls help me to set the details in registry or ini file...
Thanks in advance.

Software Licence ? Code It ?
I have an app I am writing and it will be given to companies with
large employee bases. How do you go about making my app a
licence aware app or in need of some CD key to use it. can you code that stuff or is it better to get some 3rd party app to handle that ?

any pointers or web sites for info is appreciated...

How To Obtain A Software Licence When Selling A Product On The Web?

I have a program in VB6 which I want to sell on the Internet through my Web-Site.

However before people buy the product I want them to read a Licence to say that I can not be held liable for any damage caused, by my program or if my program in the unlikely event does not work correctly.

Is there a "general standard licence" for this at a cheap price as I am sure this has been done many times before?



Expiry Date
Hi all,

I would like to check a date input against the current date + #months/days

how do i access the current date through vb ??

and could someone point me in the right direction of adding #months/days to the date and then validating against date input...



Expiry Date
Ok. I've made a program that stores all it's top secret information in the tempory file folder during runtime. When the program finishes executing, that file is deleted. Now here's my problem:

Suppose windows crashes or something and the program is not been able to shut down properly. Then the file remains in the temp directory. Is there anyway to overcome this problem. I heard that there is something called expiry dates for tempory files. Like in a certain number of days the file deletes itself or something like that. Is there some way to set the expiry date.


Hi can anybody help me..
I'm trying to take a date from a text file,
put it into a variable varExpiryDate, and compare the
ExpiryDate with the varDateNow variable..

If varDateNow >= varExpiryDate Then
MsgBox "This Program has reached the end of its time
End If

the previous code works if I manually put in the date instead of the variable varExpiryDate, #12/4/00#

The code to find the date is something like this

If InStr(TextLine, 1) = #12/5/00# Then
varExpiryDate = #12/5/00#
Call TimeLimit
End If

the date in the text file is written 12/5/00

if anyone can help I would be most grateful.

Creating Expiry Date
Can someone help me in creating an expiry date program?

How To Set Expiry Date Of Application
How do i set an expiry date for my application.
Say for example i dont want it to open after 1 year?
Plz help.

Expiry Date On Application
I just completed my first application using VB (access db), and I am ready for the clients to test it. However, I would like to put an expiry date on it and am not sure how to go about this, or if it is even possible. Essentially we have set the test period for 4 weeks, and after that, if they are happy with the prototype developed, then we will move to the next phase of development. We, therefore don't want them to be able to continue using the "prototype" instead of purchasing the final product, but we don't want to lose their data either (they need to be able to take their data with them even if they don't take the product). They will be installing the setup on their system, and the db will be located on their server as well.

Any help will be appreciated!

Thankx, Addie

Simple Database With Expiry Date
how to create this one..

we have 1 text box for name, 1 text box for registered date and 1 text box for expiry date

example: you register Your Name:


John Volt
EXPIRY DATE: 09/31/06

after the date of expirty delete the john volt record..

System Date & License Expiry
When a user enters a license key into my software, the key generates a date (which is stored in the registry), when the software "license" will expire. Obviously by altering the system date and time renders my license just about useless in terms of "licensing".

The users that will be using the software are quite experienced but not enough to go through the registry. Does anyone have any advice to lend concerning what I could do to maybe stop people tampering.

The OS it is running on is Windows 98, if it was Win 2000 I would have probably just not given them any rights to the clock.

Regards and Thanks in advance!


Message Box To Capture List Of Expiry Date
Dear all,

I have 3 worksheets representing product A, B and C to monitor the expiry dates of each product. All these worksheets have same format with column A for Product Code and column B for Expiry Date. The expiry dates are sorted in ascending order.

My requirement are:
1) A message box will remind me with product code if it is going to expire within 7 days.
2) After the prompt message of each expired products, I would like to have a final message box which list down all the expired products from worksheet 1, 2 and 3.

My problem lies on the second requirment which sees it captures product codes from worksheet 1 i.e. Product A only and leaves out other worksheets. Appreciate for your assistance to review the below codes. Thank you.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Dim LRow As Integer
Dim LResponse As Integer
Dim LName As String
Dim LDiff As Integer
Dim LDays As Integer
Dim ref(5) As Variant, refdate(5) As Variant, c As Integer, i As Integer, refmsg As String
c = 0
LRow = 2
LDays = 7
refmsg = "Referenceate Due" & vbCrLf

While LRow < 200
'Check Product A
If Len(Sheets("Product A").Range("B" & LRow).Value) > 0 Then
LDiff = DateDiff("d", Date, Sheets("Product A").Range("B" & LRow).Value)
If (LDiff >= 0) And (LDiff <= LDays) Then
ref(c) = Range("B" & LRow).Offset(0, -1).Value
refdate(c) = Format(Range("B" & LRow).Value, "dd/mm/yyyy")
c = c + 1
LName = Sheets("Product A").Range("A" & LRow).Value
LResponse = MsgBox("The AW Reference No. for " & LName & " will due on " & LDiff & " days.", vbCritical, "Warning")
End If
End If

'Check Product B
If Len(Sheets("Product B").Range("B" & LRow).Value) > 0 Then
LDiff = DateDiff("d", Date, Sheets("Product B").Range("B" & LRow).Value)
If (LDiff >= 0) And (LDiff <= LDays) Then
LName = Sheets("Product B").Range("A" & LRow).Value
LResponse = MsgBox("The BW Reference No. for " & LName & " will due on " & LDiff & " days.", vbCritical, "Warning")
End If
End If

'Check Product C
If Len(Sheets("Product C").Range("B" & LRow).Value) > 0 Then
LDiff = DateDiff("d", Date, Sheets("Product C").Range("B" & LRow).Value)
If (LDiff >= 0) And (LDiff <= LDays) Then
LName = Sheets("Product C").Range("A" & LRow).Value
LResponse = MsgBox("The CW Reference No. for " & LName & " will due on " & LDiff & " days.", vbCritical, "Warning")
End If
End If

LRow = LRow + 1



For i = 0 To c - 1
refmsg = refmsg & ref(i) & ":" & refdate(i) & vbCrLf
Next i
MsgBox refmsg, vbOKOnly, "Expiry Dates"
'PROBLEM : The msgbox captures data from worksheet "Product A" only.

End Sub

Server Date/time Instead Of Windows Date/time
Dear VB Experts,

We are developing a Client/Server application whereby the VB executables will reside at the PC.

Server run on HP-UX 10.20. Database is Informix-Online.

One of our task is to utilise the server date and time for timestamp instead of using the Windows date and time.

How do we do that ?

Thanks in advance.


Time Limit & Program Expiry
Hi Gurus,
I want to do some test or some experience:
After finish developing a program, I want to set up a "time limit" for USER(s) to use it. For example, I want to set one year time limit for user to use it, this means, after one year, the program will expire, where should I write the code? and what kind of code should I write?

Data Validation For Expiry Date And Email Address
How do I create a data validation to an expiry date for a credit card number?
For example, I need a code so that a value of only 1-12 is acceptable for the
month and 05 (or greater than) for the year. how do i assign these codes to a command button so that when the button is pressed, the customer is informed about wether the code is correct or not.

Lastly, how do i create a data validation for an email address so that the '@' symbol is entered

Dategood Function & Time Expiry Program

I'm using an extract of code posted on this site, written by Sir Reginald Wheat. It uses the DateGood function.

The code I copied has DateGood(30) - that is, the app will expire after thirty days.

Is DateGood workable up to any number of days? I mean I want my program to expire after a year, DateGood(365), so I just want to know of any limitations on the DateGood function.


Is There A Time Control Like The One In Windows Date & Time Properties?
I want a user to be able to enter in a start time and end time just like if they were doing it to ajust the system clock time. So they can only enter in a valid time of day. Is there anything out there that I can use that will do this or am I going to have to code combo boxes or something? This info will be stored in a access database in a Time/Date field and will be used to do a Time Sheet for an employee.

Windows Date & Time Dialog
Hello all,
There is a Date Time Dialog in Control Panel of Windows.
How can we call / open it using VB code ?


Get Time And Date From NT Or Another Windows Machine
How do I change the system time and date with another system on the network

Windows Date Time Adjust
Can any one tell me how i can launch the "date/Time Properties" window in windows from a vb program.

Calling Up Time/date From Windows
how do i go about calling up the time from MS Windows and using that in my interface? i need to be able to display the time and date in my program. =S if possible, can some one please tell me if there is an easy way to use a calendar in VB or if i have to make it myself?


Adjusting The Form At Run Time

How do I adjust the form window at run time in VBA? Is it too complicated in Excel?

Loading Windows Date/Time Form
I have searched the forum for this but haven't found an answer.

If I want to show the "Windows Date/Time Form" that I get if I doubleclick on the time in the systray, which code do I use in VB?

Private Sub Command1_Click()
End Sub

Adjusting Form Scaledwidth During Run Time?
I'm just playing around with some forms and have a quick question...

If a form's scalewidth during design time is 9000, how could I make it 7000 during run time?

I was trying...

private Sub Form_Load()
From1.ScaleWidth = 7000
End Sub

But when I run the program and the form appears it is still at width 9000. How can I make 7000? Thanks for your help.

MSCOMM32 In VBA Without Design-time Licence?
I would like to use Microsoft Comm Control shipped e.g. with VB5 in Excel. The problem is I cannot run the spreadsheet scripts on computer without VB.

Is any way how to obtain the licence for using this control in design time, or, how to compile the VBA project (to use run-time licence) but still have it in the XLS file?

REQ Help: Calculating Elapsed Time From Date/time Began From Date/time Ended
I have four controls, two are Date-Time Pickers set for Date and the last two are text boxes set for Time with the "...If Not IsTime()..." validation.

It is the standard Date and Time problem began, Date and Time problem ended.

I am trying to calculate the elapsed time between these in "" DAYS "" HOURS ""MINUTES.

I coded this in Lotus Notes yet exporting my knowledge to VB is problematic.

Has anyone a code snippet of how to do this in VB - yes, I know about the DateDiff.

Many, MANY thanks!

Adjusting Control Array Index Value At Run-Time Once The Control Is Loaded/ Created
Hi All

I am attempting to adjust the index value of one or more control array items. Basically whats happening is one of the controls within the array is being unloaded however the array numbers of items above this are remaining the same and therefore there is a gap within the numbering system. How do I get the index number of every item above the unloaded control reduced by one. I get a read only error however in MSDN it say it can be returned or set.

Thanks for any points on this.


Edited by - Rusytness on 7/17/2002 11:44:23 AM

How To Check If The Current Date/time Is &gt;15 Mins More Than Another Date/time?
Say you have the date/time stored in a string like so:
"2008-06-05 01:58:30"

How can you check if the current date/time is > the date/time stored in the string + 15 minutes?

VB 6 Programming Software On Windows XP Professional
I want to upgrade my PC to Windows XP Professional. Are there any incompatabilities between XP and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0?

Know When A Software Is Acessing To The Windows Registry?
HI everyone.

is possible to know when a software is acessing to the windows registry?
And what is the registry key and value?


IR Windows Remote Control Software
I am trying to use my IR port on laptop (or a IR device via serial) to control my tv via Infrared can any one put links to code/exampletes ?

IR Windows Remote Control Software
I am trying to use my IR port on laptop (or a IR device via serial) to control my tv via Infrared can any one put links to code/exampletes ?

Date Problems In Microsoft Development Software
As I recall MS has changed their date calculation several times over the last 20 or so years. I am referring to the earliest date possible. For whatever reason I couldn't locate in MSDN.

I need to deal with daily records from 1900 to today.


1) Anyone know what the earliest date you can have in VB without a duplicate date showing up?
2) The best workaround for conflicting dates?


Software Tester Required With Windows ME Or 2000.
If anyone would like to test my program I would be extremely grateful. I understand that I've had a few installation problems with windows ME and 2000 - nothing major.
The program is nothing heavy to clog up your machine, the download is large-ist, but this is only due to the setup.

If you would like to download the progarm please do so at:

Please let me know how you get on,


Windows 2000 (Install Software Via Package)
I have made a package under Windows NT4.0 (SP5) for VB with the Package & Deployment Wizard. If I install the package on other Windows NT4 machines I have no troubles. The whole software is running without any problem.
But if I want to run the package under Windows 2000 i get problems.
I get the message
"Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system. Click OK if you would like to update these files for you now. You will need to restart Windows before can run setup again. Click cancel to exit setup without updating system files."
I click OK and the system is rebooting. After the system is ready to work i'll try to setup the package again. What happend is that the play described above happens again.

What should i do?
Must I build the pachage under Windows 2000?

In the package i install:
[Setup1 Files]
File1=@MSCOMM32.OCX,$(AppPath),$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),6/24/98 12:00:00 AM,103744,
File2=@MSVCRT.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),,,2/11/99 1:33:58 AM,266293,6.0.8397.0
File3=@scrrun.dll,$(AppPath),$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),9/13/00 2:36:12 PM,147512,
File4=@TraceServer.exe,$(AppPath),$(EXESelfRegister),$(Shared),9/24/00 8:29:01 PM,32768,
File5=@Fsclient.ini,$(AppPath),,$(Shared),3/27/00 4:28:02 PM,2558,
File6=@DbgTrace.ini,$(AppPath),,$(Shared),9/14/00 1:34:44 PM,174,
File7=@GenInterface.dll,$(AppPath),$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),9/26/00 2:57:37 PM,110592,
File8=@GenProt.dll,$(AppPath),$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),9/26/00 2:57:01 PM,331776,
File9=@XTimers.dll,$(AppPath),$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),9/22/00 10:23:46 AM,20480,
File10=@TestApplikation.exe,$(AppPath),,$(Shared),9/26/00 3:36:29 PM,172032,


Time Table Software
I want to Start to working on Software for the College relating to Time Table. But i have Nothing from where i can Take the Start. If any one have Knowledge about this then Please Guide me.

The Time Table will be For
One Week(6 Working Days)

Any Comment Or Help from Where can i take the Start.

Grouping By Date Where Date Field Is Date/time
I have an SQL7 database storing datetime data, and totaliser reading, new records are added every 5 minutes.

I have written the following sql to give me the the min and max totaliser reading for each day - which works fine - except that the resultant Date field is a text field not a date field so the order statement generates an incorrect listing if the data selected sarts in one month and ends in the next, eg.

select left(Date, 12) as Date, Min(Reading) as Day_Start, Max(Reading) as Day_End from Steam where tag_no = 2 and (Date <= '24-November-2005 00:00:00' and Date >= '22-October-2005 00:00:00') Group By left(Date, 12) order by Date asc

Is there another function I can use to extract just the date from the date/time field as a date data type?

I cannot alter the database as its structure is predetermined by the remote field device supplying the data.

Limit Users Using A Software At One Time
Hi all,

Just wondering if theres a way to limit the number of users in accessing a software at once on a network. Say for example, the software is a multi-user software, and it wants to have only 5 (and this number should be a variable that can be change by the distributor) computers using this particular software at once.

This software uses...database, what ways can the control be done, is it via the database (like a variable passing to the ado or recordset) or during the installation itself......



Time Table Preparation Software
Thanx Mr.Menon,

The Data involved int the project are

Input Form:- Staff-subject Allotment
Teacher_code, Allotment of Theory/Lab/Seminars to a teacher,
(of which theory will be 1 hr and lab/seminar will be 3 consecutive hrs duration), dept to which a particular teacher belongs within the college.

(Note : two teacher can share one subject and also teachers teaching inter departmental course to be taken care of while preparation so as to avoid clashes among allocation of teachers to that subject)

Input Form:-Day-Hours allotment
It is assumed in my project that 5days week and each 8 hrs(morning 4 hrs+evening 4hrs) per day will be the timings.

Other criteria: There are 10 different UGcourses with 8 semesters and 10 PG courses with 4 semesters.

The automatic generation would take care of all activities such as
random allocation of theory/lab/seminar to each teacher, avoiding confrontation with teacher is being allocated within the dept course and other dept. course at simultaneous hrs.

With the above requirements if u could guide me to proceed with by giving tips starting with database tables and other code hints, shall
be much useful.

Login/Time Tracking Software
I have been currently assigned the task to write a Login/Time Tracking software for an internet cafe,where the user sees only a login prompt and until he/she logins, then the computer will be unusable (almost like the normal windows login). In addition i want to be able tot rack and log the login time and disconecction time and parse these logs on a primary server in the network.

Software is for about 4 comps rite now to test on my home network.

Any leads or articles or help would be appreciated.


Making Time-Limited Software?
Anybody know any clever ways to time-limit software? I'm trying to release a beta version of a program, and I don't want people using it for too long before they have to contact me for an update.

Trying To Create 'Time Keeping' Software.
Is there an easy way to record time in vb? Is there any easy way to see how many hours an employee worked and saving the data? I have the employee select there name from a listbox then they will clock in or clock out through a command button. The information will be saved as 'Append" into a dat file written from the vb program with the strings for empoyee name, clock in time, clock out time, time worked.

email me

Real Time Application Software

If I would like develop a real time application program. Can VB support? Or should I say could window support it.

I have heard people saying Window application is not optimised for real time application. If so, can anyone suggest a language that could handle that. (Maybe unix or so ever)

Thanks in advance and hope to see your reply soon

Time Limted Software And Unlock Code
I want to distrbute my program in trial version with 15 days validity and then send the unlock code to buyer if he purchases. Is there any freeware to allow me the unlock code to be incorporated. The freeware programs I am getting is good enough to time limit the software but not for providing unlock code.

Setting Long - Short Date Format In Date Time Settings
How can i set the Date Time Setting Format in Control Panel

i m usiing window Xp

also i want the date format in dd/MM/yyyy

Date Time Picker &gt;&gt; Fuction To Calculate A Specific Date
I have two Date Time Picker controls.

What needs to happen is when user selects a date in DTPicker1 then a date 7 months later, on the following tuesday is displayed in DTPicker2.

Any help with this would be great.

Date Time Picker Control: How Do Set The Displayed Date To Null?
I have a front end database form with date fields using the MS dtp control. The fields are unbound, but populated using a data class. The problem is that on many occasions the date field is Null, ie no data available. On display the dtp control always defaults to a set date, usually today (this is a property function of the control). What I can't seem to do is to display no date, or to delete the date displayed. Any thoughts would be very gratefully recieved. API perhaps?

I'm trying very hard not to have to write an Active-X control based on the dtp (mainly because of multilingual support and different localisation issues regarding dd/mm/yyyy (used by 90% of the world's population, and mm/dd/yyy - used by the remaining 10% in the US - sorry just had to get that jibe in for those of us who despair at having to go in to custom formatting in Excel simply to get dd/mm/yy )

Many thanks

Date & Time Values In Date And String Format Differ
The program (debug) output below lists the last modification time of two files. File 1 is stored on a NTFS medium, file 2 sits on a FAT medium.

In order to be able to compare these dates, I need to round the odd seconds of the NTFS file up (FAT files have only even second values).

The lines after the file headers show the date & time value before and after the rounding, in date, double precision and string format.

file 1 (NTFS)
= 2005-07-12 08:57:09 = 38545,3730208333 = 2005-07-12 08:57:09
after rounding up
= 2005-07-12 08:57:10 = 38545,3730324074 = 2005-07-12 08:57:10

file 2 (FAT)
= 2005-07-12 08:57:10 = 38545,3730324074 = 2005-07-12 08:57:10

The strange thing is that when comparing these values, they appear to be different (!) both in date and double data format, not in string format.

2005-07-12 08:57:10 > 2005-07-12 08:57:10 (date format)
38545,3730324074 > 38545,3730324074 (double precision format)
2005-07-12 08:57:10 = 2005-07-12 08:57:10 (string format)

Any idea where this difference comes from?

Rounding up was done with DateAdd.

VB version 6, on XP.
Boiled down code has been attached.

How To Make The Textbox+updown Control, In Date/Time Properties, Under The Time Frame
Hi, I'm wondering how can i make sure a control. thanks.

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