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Recompile DLL ERROR Why?
I created a simple dll that does some formatting of strings. When I FIRST compiled and tested it on an .ASP page locally it worked but when I made a change to the dll, saved, then tried to recompile I keep getting a "Permission Denied" error.



VisData Error
In Visual Basic 6.0, when I go to Add-Ins -> Visual Data Manager... I get an error message:

System Error &H80004002 (-2147467262). No such interface supported

The first time only after a computer restart, the VisData will open, with only the three windows buttons in the upper right working (minimize, restore/maximize, and close), after giving me an automation error. I tried compiling the sample VisData program thinking that somehow it may have been corrupted, yet it gives me similar errors to the automation error.

Any help would be much appreciated, as this used to work.

VisData Error
Following question is not about programming but Visual Data Manager.
If select "Add-Ins"=>"Visual Data Manager", error message is displayed during start Visual Data Manager like following.

"The following Error occurred:
Incorrect version of the DLL file 'MSJET35.DLL' was found.

I don't know why this error occurs.
In c:windowssystem folder, MSJET35.DLL and MSJET40.DLL are all exist.
Is it because that Visual data have to use MSJET35.DLL nevertheless it can't use MSJET35.DLL?
If so, how can I solve this problem?
Could anyone who know it let me know the way?
Thank you.

I'm a senior programmer.
Working at CamSight, Dental imaging solutions industry.

VisData.EXE And VisData Project Files
I have recently re-loaded VB6.0. I need to locate a place to download an updated version of visdata.exe which would include access 2000 capabilities. Also, if possible a place to download the updated project files for visdata project that comes with the VB 6.0 sample projects.

Thank You

Update: I found the following information which allows you to modify the existing visdata.vbp to work with Access 2000 Databases.;en-us;252438&Product=vb6

The instructions are clear, but I was hoping to find a zip file somewhere on the net with these changes made. Then all I would have to do is re-compile.

Edited by - Nevyn on 7/14/2004 11:18:38 AM

<Help>Error With VisData<RE-SOLVED>
HI Guys,

I have a problem while i want to open the VSisual Data Manager. Whenever i select the Visual Data Manager to be opened, an error message greeting me says: The Following Error Occurred:
Cant't loead DLL: 'MSJET35.DLL'
Number : 3633
Display the Data Access Errors Collection?
Yes No

When i choose Yes the VisData will terminate and even though, when i choose No the VisData will be terminated as well.

Any Idea or Recommendation, will be apprrciated.



Error With VisData, Feel Helpless!
Hello to everyone. As you can see I am new to this forum, however I am working with VB for a respectable amount of time. I am facing a very strange problem and to tell you the truth I am pretty desperate.

Well when I am opening my VB6 (existing project or not) I am getting this message,

VBDataWindow: Out of memory. Continue?

After that I am getting some other messages (such as Data View: Automation error, catastrophic failure) etc. and VB finally works... almost. I figured out that the problem is with VisData. When I click it I am getting this "Out of memory" thing.

To tell you the truth I dont care about the VisData because I dont use it, but this problem affects also the "Package & Deployment Wizard" which dont let me create the install files ("Out of memory", too!).

Anyone could possibly wonder why I dont reinstall VB6. Well I did it. Problem remains.

If anyone can help me, I'd be very gratefull...

VisData Error: :user-defined Type NOT Defined?
Well as u may have guessed i'm new to VB. Not new to Pascal though.  Anyway, I've used VisData to create a new DB and a new table. Along with a "dandy" lookin' Data-Aware form.

- After setting the created Data-Aware form as the "StrtUp" form in project properties. I ran the form.

- I then added a "dummy" record via the fields in the form.
  (or @ least i tried to...)

-Upon hitting the "ADD" button which the VisData Man.      created (amongst others, i get an error msg as follows:


-Upon pressing "DEBUG", the code-window reveals a highlited sub:  PRIVATE SUB datPrimaryRS_...(...) ?

In other words, nothing is being "ADDED", "UPDATED" etc.
Q: What stupid thing am i Not doing? Seeing i am a novice @  VB?    

P.S:  I thought that VB was much simplier to use w/ DB's.
      Aren't the event procedures that's generated fully functional & equipped to handle FUNDAMENTAL operations???


Visdata Error "3049"
When I open Visdata the above error appears. It reads: DAO.DbEngine can't open database ." It may not be a database that is recoqnized or file corrupt.

This is absurd, because I have only 5 entries in the two tables in my Access version 7 database. My VB5 app has 3 forms that interact with the database. The datarows is only there from testing update and delete cmdbuttons from these forms. Also I created this database from Visdata from the start

How do I get rid of or debug this bug/error without being able to get into my database?

Thanks in advance

Recompile OCX

I am using 3rd party OCX control in developing my application. I
would like to avoid to distribute the 3rd party ocx to other
user (customer) by installing my application. Is there a way to
hide the 3rd party ocx so that other users/customers are not
aware about this ocx??

Thanks and regards,


How Do I Recompile An OCX?
Are you ready for a silly question?

I've received an OCX (with the code) from the developer. I usually debug the app if we have issues in order to troubleshoot...but now I am being instructed to recompile the OCX.

How do I do that in VB 6.0?


How Do I Recompile A DLL
Hello.  I created a dll for creating reports and registered it on my NT machine.  I called it from asp, but now I can't unload it.  When I tried to replace the dll on

the server it told me I could not do it.
I did a regsvr32 path /u - no good
I stopped the web server - no good
I had to stop the web server service in order to replace the dll.
I must be doing something wrong.  If everytime I add/change a report to this dll, I have to do this, then this will not be acceptable.  How can I do this a different way?  Can I compile the program to an exe and call it from ASP?

BTW: I'm using VB6 and NT4 with the latest SP

Thanks for any help


Recompile Several Dlls
I am working on a system which contains several dlls and a main EXE module. Some of the dlls are early-binded and some are late-binded. Consecuently , when I make changes to an early-binded module I have to recompile all the modules which call this module.

Is there a way to recompile the full application without compiling each module manually?

I was able to do this in Clipper (FoxPro) using a batch file in MS-DOS.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

How Do I Recompile My Vb6 Project???
how do i recompile my project to a different code?

Recompile OCXs ?
I'm admittedly a very limited VB5 programmer. I use it in a pinch to
interface between a couple of other programs. 1. I have several different
varieties of Comclt32.ocx and Comdlg32.ocx on my system. I have one app
that uses them. The Application Wizard complains about having the wrong
version and recommends I recompile them. I have a library for each under my
MSDEVSTD subdir. How do I do that?

Bob Simpson

VBA Recompile Conditions
Let's say I have an xla in Excel. I've added a reference to a COM object which I've written. And I've compiled it and shut down.

Now let's say I upgrade the COM object with new functionality, enums, interfaces etc.

Is there a definitive list of changes to the type library which will cause the xla to recompile when I next try to run any functions in it ?

The actual situation I have is this : I have 2 xlas, both compiled against the same COM dll and xla 1 uses functions in xla 2 which use and return types in the COM dll.

The COM dll then gets upgraded. Its type library gets enums and interfaces added to it. The next time I run a function in Xla 1 it appears to get recompiled because of some change in the type library and throws an error on any functions it tries to access in xla 2, which appears not to be being recompiled.

Since I'm only making additions to the type library of the COM dll, no changes or removals of interfaces and enums, I don't know why xla 1 seems to think it needs to recompile.

Can anyone help ?


Recompile DLL File
I created some DLL Files and my ASP file will call those DLL files(COM). However,
I have "persmission denied" problem when I recomplie the DLL files after I used them in my ASP file.
Can anyone have any idea about this ?

Must Recompile After Modifying Code?
I took an existing vba code - an .xls file and a .xla that the .xls makes reference to - and added some new code to it (snippets of new lines into existing modules as well as a NEW module).

My colleague runs this program on his computer. The program downloads real time data from a 3rd party source (Bloomberg I believe) which I do not have access to. So I have been coding without the ability to test.

To no major surprise, the program has not been functioning correctly. And I am wondering if it maybe that the program has to be compiled on his computer before running?

I thought of this because I added some new public sub's. But when I go to the .xls -> run macro I do not see some of the new public subs in the listbox.

How To Recompile An ActiveX COM Without Restarting
This is not a question; it is a solution to a problem that has been bugging me for some time

You know when you connect to your custom built object and you test it, only to find it contains a bug? You then go to recompile the object and what happens? You get an error saying that the file is in use!!! You now have 2 options
1. You restart you computer and then recompile (takes time, especially if you need to keep recompiling)
2. You rename the project and recompile to a different filename (can be awkward, and take up more resources and disk space, not good on a server)

If you know what I mean by the above then the below solution may be of some help to you

Please note that if you follow these instructions, it is entirely at your own risk, it works fine on my computer (Win ME, IIS 4) but I cannot guarantee it will work perfectly on other systems

Ok, on with the show

All COM objects for IIS are kept open by C:WINDOWSSYSTEMinetsrvinetinfo.exe on my system, all you need to do is close that application and restart IIS every time you need to recompile and your troubles are over

1. Download ComKill (click the attachment link on the left)
2. Run the application
3. Click yes to say you really want to close inetinfo
4. Go into your Personal Web Manager and click Start
5. Recompile your COM

That's it

If you have any complaints or comments about this method please post a reply

Recompile Compiled Code
Is there a way to patch our compiled code?

P.S: it's for app security, (if i store registration info in text file or registry, then the user can see it... which then can modify it)

thanks in advance

Recompile EXE Every Time A DLL Changes - Normal ?
Hi All.

Can anyone advise if this is normal or if something is wrong ?
Using VB5 sp3

I have created a VB ActiveX DLL which has a Public Function to manipulate
some data in an array.
I also have a Standard VB EXE which includes a Reference to the compiled

The code in the startup section of the EXE passes an array to the DLL as
follows :

'cTest1 is the name of the DLL
'A1 is the array
'q11 is a Double
'the DLL adds ( sums ) all the values in the array

Dim abcd As New cTestC1
q11 = abcd.ArrTimes(A1())
Set abcd = Nothing

I have found that, after I have compiled the DLL and the EXE, if I make a
change to the DLL and re-compile it, I get a Run Time Error 429 - ( ActiveX
component can't create object ) when running the EXE.

This only goes away only if I re-compile the EXE as well.

If this is normal, is there any way around it ? I have a large application
that I want to break down into a smaller EXE with supporting DLLs to perform
the code tasks. What if I only need to change the code in one of the DLLs ?
( which is why I want to split the application ) Do I need to re-compile and
re-distribute the EXE as well every time any one of the supporting DLL's
change ?

Many thanks for any input.

It Recompile All Files Each Times !

My project is getting more and more big every weeks. Until now, When I wanted to test it, VC compile only the files that has been modified.
For fiew days, it compile always all the files of my project even if none of them has been changed !
It is very long and it is a waste-time !

Does anyone know if I have made a mistake or if it is VC which bug ?


Recompile ActiveX Dll , While Client Is Running
i have this code in my client:
Option Explicit

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim obj As Object

Set obj = CreateObject("TestOnlineMessage.COnlineMessage")

Dim i As Long
i = obj.AddMessageNumbers(5, 7)
Set obj = Nothing
MsgBox i
End Sub


my q :

1.why i can't recompile my activeX dll after i press the button in client app , there is no reference after this procedure ,
when i try to recompile i get the error : "permission denied"

2. is there a way to recompile an activeX dll , while the client is running , (after he call the activeX and set nothing in the end ) ?

Changing MTS Trans Mode Without Recompile
Is there a way to do this?
This is probobly wishful thinking but ...
I have 300+ Dlls all with a module requiring transactions but the MSDTC is turned off on the servers. This is causing random errors when trying to set up a transaction. I have changed a couple to no transactions, recompiled and reregistered them on the servers and it fixed the issue but man that's alot of work. There are also other constraints enforced by the hosting group causing this task to be extreemly cumbersome.


VisData Add-in
Anybody know of a good tutorial covering the basics of VisData add-in? More specificly, how to add a table to the database, add fields, etc...

Visdata And GIS
Has anyone used the VISDATA example to work with ArcMap? I am trying to get the Data Form Designer (frmDFD) to recognize my layers, rather than a recordset. I have been pretty successful having the form recognize the layers, and populate the list box with the attribute field names. Now I am having trouble with the build form function.

Has anyone worked with this before? I understand it could be quite the conversion, but I bet there is an easy way to do that I am just overlooking. If anyone has attempted this before, I would appreciate your insite. Thanks in advance for any advice!

VisData From VB 6
Does anyone know if the VisData that came with VB 6 can be distributed like the other tools, example code, DLL, etc.?

About VisData
What do you have to do to access VisData from a VB Project?

VisData App
I don't have Access at home, and don't want it there. I'd rather not have to create databases at work and not be able to at home. Enter VisData and my question. Is it possible to edit/change the foreign property in that application for a field in a table? Or can it be changed in code somehow?
Thanks once again for any help you can provide.

VISDATA.VBP is no longer on my PC. Lost the CD. Where can I get this for 6.0?

My Visdata.exe I used In VB6 cannot open Access 2007 Database.

Is there a similar tool that I can Use?


The program Visdata allows only Access 2.0 and 7.0 version. I've already downloaded Service Pack 5 but that won't fix the problem. Does anyone know what I have to do so that I can use Visdata for Access 2000.

Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse behind.

For some reason the path to VISDATA.EXE is not found when I go to Add-Ins then to Visual Data Manager. I know where the file is but I don't know why the link doesn't find the file. Does it matter where the VISDATA.EXE is or not? If so what is the path supposed to be so I can change it.
    Thanks, Greg

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               ( º)> ~ <(º.º)> ~ <(º )

VISDATA.VBP is missing from my computer. Lost the CD. Where can I get this for VB 6.0?

VisData And Dates
Hi All,

I am having trouble using dates with my SQL in the VisData what comes with VB 6. I was sure it worked before when the date was enclosed with #


Select * from batch where batch_date = #24/12/2003#

it just doesn't bring up anything at all

is there something i am missing?

VisData Question
OS-Windows XP - Professional, SP2; VB 6 - Enterprise Edition

I use Visdata once in awhile to check out the contents of records. I clicked on something that changed the appearance of VisData.

When I open a Table, underneath the (blue) Title Bar (Example Title: tablename) it will have 2 rows of function buttons (ADD, Update, Delete, etc) other times, it will only have one row. I remember, when the 2 rows are showing, one of the buttons is "Find" . Using this button it will display all the fields in the table, give you the conditions (=, <, >, etc.) and then a place to type the criteria. When you only have one row of buttons, the Find button says "Enter seek value".

How do you change the menu showing? I want the 2 row menu.


VisData Question
OS-Windows XP Pro SP2; Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition SP6

By default when you create a MS Access database using VisData, it gives you 2 choices: Version 2.0 MDB or Version 7.0 MDB.

On my system, I have Microsoft Access 2003. Is there any way to have Visdata use this version?


Visdata Addin
anyone use this??

since upgrading to vb6 i can no longer display the data in a tablewithin visdata, as i did in vb5, by clicking the appropiate recordset toolbarbutton

any suggestions please??


Problem In VISDATA
Hi Veena,

When I open a access database through VISDATA, database file is open but
when I want to see the record, the record not displayed, I have all three
option but the data not displayed. For example

When I open the database with
(i) table/Dynaset/snapshot type recordset & use dbgrid control on new form
Table open but the data not there and not displayed the field name
(ii) table/Dynaset/snapshot type recordset & use data control on new form
The error displayed "Error:91 Object variable or with block variable
not set" when I click ok then the next error displayed "error:9 Subscript
out of range" & afterwords the next error "The following error Occurred:
Object was unloaded number :364"

The same database is perfectly open in other system in the network but in my
system it is not open.

Please suggest me how I resolve the problem

Thanks in advance.


Visdata Question
I'm creating a VB application for someone that doesn't have Access on their computer.  If I create the database in Visdata can I deploy that along with my application, or does that person have to purchase a license for Access?

VisData & Access97
I understand VisData and VB AppWizard in VB6 cannot recognize databases higher than Access 97. I really appreciate the tedium that AppWizard relieves by accelerating my development but I find it difficult to use '97 dbs whose structure I can't modify in Access or VisData. Is there any fix or servicepack or something available in the market which gets round this?

I have a problem with how the dates in a visdata database are being interpreted by the mshflexgrid. The problem is as follows:

Data as stored in Visdata and displayed in MSHFlexgrid
with English(United Kingdom) regional setting.

Stored as 14/10/2004 08:07:12 displayed as 14-Oct-04 08:07:12
Stored as 13/10/2004 12:32:03 displayed as 13-Oct-04 12:32:03
Stored as 12/10/2004 18:57:06 displayed as 10-Dec-04 18:57:06

This implies that data is stored in dd/mm/yyyy format however it appears that mshflexgrid treats the date formats differently.

Data as stored in Visdata and displayed in MSHFlexgrid
with English(United States) regional setting.

Stored as 10/14/2004 8:07:12 AM displayed as 14-Oct-04 08:07:12
Stored as 10/13/2004 12:32:03 PM displayed as 13-Oct-04 12:32:03
Stored as 10/12/2004 6:57:06 PM displayed as 12-Oct-04 18:57:06

This implies that data is stored in mm/dd/yyyy format. No problem with the how the dates are being displayed.

There seems to be an inconsistency with how the MSHFlexgrid interprets the date when the regional setting is English(United Kingdom). Can anybody help solve this problem?

VisData (Addins)
When a DB is created using Access 2000, VisData complains, "Unrecognized Database Format."

If you create DB using VisData, Access 2000 will not allow changes unless you convert the DB using their conversion utility. Then, if you do convert of course, you can no longer load using VisData.

Thanks for any remedies/suggestions.


VisData. Exe -- Installation Issue
OS = Window XP Pro; Visual Basic 6, Enterprise Edition

Can VisData.exe be installed on a PC that does NOT have the Visual Basic 6 software?

My development PC has VB 6 and all of it's updates. In developing an application, I created an Access database using VisData. I then created the application setup CD using the Package and Deployment Wizard.

I installed the app on another machine. The application runs fine but I would like to be able to use VisData.exe without installing the total VB software. I tried copying just VisData.exe, it didn't work. If you can help, I would appreciate it.
Thank You,

VB4.0 - Trouble With MDB, Visdata, Datman
VB4.0 - Trouble with MDB, Visdata, Datman

Need to be able to;
Convert data files from text, dBASE 3, .XLS (4.0, 5.0) to MDB file
Using JetEngine version (2.5, 3.0) compatible with VB 4.0 Professional Version

Would also like to;
Edit the MDB file, add index, change structure

How can this be done easily when you DON'T have ACCESS installed.

Does any one know of any FREE apps that can do this?

I have a really old version of Access, 1.0, sucks, cant use it. Also have the newest Access for XP, but cant use it as VB 4.0 cant work with the MDB version. Arrrgh!

Have tried using VISDATA32, the one that came with VB 4.0, but it always
crashes when I;

Create a new MDB file with it and try to import data from any file format, whether
text, dbf, whatever.

Can't seem to open any of these file formats directly and then export as MDB with
out it crashing also.

I can open these files as a database and view them, but cant change them to MDB format.

Tried finding new versions of Visdata online, found one that seemed to be from around 2003, it looks slicker but crashes more and wont even let me view the data, had to find the ss ocx for it to just get it to load, but didnt help with actual performance, still crashes.

Tried various versions of DATMAN, original with VB 4.0 and a few newer ones I found, having the same

Im making some simple,small tables in excel. They only have a few fields. I want to save these
to a dbase 3 file format, and then convert them to MDB, then sometimes modify the mdb strucuture.

Want to use the MDB file with the VB app Im using.

Found a couple of 'free' apps online, but they either dont work very well, or are so limited in use with out having to buy them that there pretty much useless, i.e.

"DBF to MDB" by White Town Wizard, works erratically, and limited to only fifty records per file. Guh.

"Converter Plus" by Babu - doesnt work or works very poorly.

Both these apps have no or severely limited means of modifying MDB structure.

Surely there must be SOME tool out there thats free to use that you can convert a text file, db 3 file
to MDB?

Are there any newer versions of Visdata that actually work properly for VB 4.0?

Anyone know where these can be downloaded?

Data Control problem

Also Inserted a data control on a form, when I run the app it keeps saying 'Item not found in this collection', what the heck? It works fine with an MDB file, but with another one thats identical
it keeps giving the error?

VisData & Password Problems
I updated VisData following the tips in this post (change the x's to t's Http:


Now I can work with Access 2000 files. WooHoo!

I can open a password protected Access Database provided I know the password. Problem is that I can't open any tables or work with the database. I think it's a bug in the VisData program dealing with the conversion of the recordset from DAO to ADO

I think the bug is in this line:

If gsDataType = gsMSACCESS Then .ConnectionString = "PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DataSource=" & gsDBName

The password is not provided. But I just can't get it to open up the database with a password. I must be retarded.

Any help appreciated!!!



Hi All,
How do you create a "foreign key" in Access DB table using Visual Data Manager in VB6? Know this is something basic but can't get "foreign" checkbox to activate on "add tables" or "add index" form. Have changed table propertys till i'm blue in the face but Mine stays greyed out. A classic case of I can't get there from here. Know you can add it thru code but have no idea of where to put the code using "ALTER TABLE.... etc.". Is using code the only way??
Please help

Creating SQL Database From VISDATA?
Hello Guys,

I have been creating MS Access databases using VISDATA but was just
wondering if I will also be able to create SQL databases using the same t
If that possible let me know what I need to be done?


Visdata And Foreign Keys

i'm having problems using Visdata for VB. I can't create Foreign Keys (in
an Access 7.0 database), i mean, the "Foreign Key" check box is disable.
Any suggestions? I did try to create it with SQLs but i've got 3219


VisData For Windows 2000
In my application I distribute the Visdata.exe that came with VB5.  All has worked fine until Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 or higher.  I now get the message:  "Visdata is not a valid Win32 application".

Where do I get a copy of Visdata.exe that will run on Windows 2000.

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