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Full Form Of Ocx

please give me the full form of ocx and basics related to ocx files

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Full Screen Form
Trying to make a form full screen, so that it stays on top of the task bar as well, any ideas?? thanks

Full Screen Form
Anyone have a good Idea on how to make a form full screen no matter what resolution of the users diplay. I would also like this form behind other forms in my exe but on top of any other windows the user may have open. Any ideas.

Full Screen Form
Hello to everyone!
I'll do (At least, i'll try to do) a lan house manager program.
The first issue i found is that:
When the customer's time end, will appear a form, to avoid user to continue using the computer. But... How do i create a full screen form that can't be closed, can't be minimized and stay always on top??

Just one more thing...
I've downloaded VB 2005 yesterday. Should i use VB 2005?? Is it better? i'm using VB 6 actually... The code structure and commands are the same?

All reply are welcome.
Thank you, and sorry for bad english.

Full Screen Form
How can I maximize a form so that it's streched all the way on the screen and covers the taskbar so that all you see on the screen is your form?

>>>>>>>Full Screen Form Q<<<<<<<<<
If you set Form's BorderStyle property to none and window state to vbmaximized then the form appears as fullscreen without showing the startmenu etc. How can I make it to show the start menu????? I want to create my own Form (already did) and I need to add a maximization to it and it can't be FullScreen (I want to see start menu). Thanks for any help

Full Screen MDI Form
How can I set a MDI form to full screen mode with no visible taskbar?

Help For Full Screen Form
Hi, could any guru tell me how to create just a form which can automatically occupy whole screen, whatever your monitor size is. Take an easy example, just like Power Point full screen slide view. Thanks for any help!

Printing A Form On A Full Page
I am trying to print barcode labels on a sheet of barcode label stickers. First, I used the printer.print command to print labels, but was not able to make it print three across b/c the spaces I used the serperate the barcodes, actually ended up becoming the barcode equivalent of a space (resulting in one really long line of barcode).

Now I have a form laid out with 18 labels, and I just fill the labels with the barcodes I need and print it out. I would like to somehow get all 33 / page on one form, or atleast in one print job. I seemed to have reached the max on form height, otherwise I would simply add more.

If anyone has any idea on how to print a full page of labels, I would love to hear them =) Thank you!


Make Form Full Screen [VB6]
I have been receiving complaints regarding the size of my applications form, users want it larger and want to be able to make the application full screen.

Making the form larger is simple, but getting the Full Screen (maximize) feature to work seems a little different. I know that I can easily enable the “Maximize” property of the form which allows the form itself to maximize but I would like the other components to maximize as well.

Currently when I enable maximize button on the form and then test it I get only the form goes Full Screen but all components (datagrids, text boxes, labels, etc..) stay the same size and are aligned left instead of Centered which would look much nicer.

Any clues?

How To Convert A Form To A Full Screen
Hi everyone,

As the subject line says, how can I get a full screen from a simple form?

I suppose It is very simple, isn't it?



Print Full Page Form ?
How do you get a form to be a full page when you print it. I can only print on about the first half of the page.

How To Upload The Form In Pc Full Screen

  i'm using the vb 6.0. how should i do to show the form in full screen on the pc after compling my program?pls let me know.

wtih thanks,

thin thin

How To Make A Full Screen Form?
Very simple question

how to make a full screen form? (not maximized)


Confusion On How To Print A Full Form
Ok, I have done a few searches on how to print a child form and have not been able to find exactly what I needed. I have read several things, and then came across a post in the vbcity forums about a suggestion that the person may want to use Crystal, Report, Data Report to print a form so now I am really confused and not sure what or where I should do/go.

I have a child form. In that child form I have a pic box with a number of text, label and combo box controls. Because scoll bars will not automatically appear/disappear when needed, I went with an example that someone have me on how to code that into a child form, but all of the text, label, etc controls need to be placed in a pic box. (Attached I have the project that I am working on)

I am using the Print as a menu item and the code is as follows:

Private Sub mnuFilePrint_Click()
End Sub

I have two problems with this.

First, when a child form is not open, I get an error. I know that there is a check that I can do using ActiveForm to see if a child form is open, but I cannot find my notes on this, and wadeing thru the MSDN is a pain in arse. Isn't it something like

If ActiveForm.Nothing then Exit Sub ?

Second, when a child form IS open, the form will print, but

1. It does not fit on the page (8.5 x 11) width wise and

2. the full form is not printed, only what is displayed on the screen.

Using the active form properties, how can I make it print the whole form, even that which is not displayed?

Thanks in advance.

If you use the prject attached, you will probably have to create an access database with the file name FDN_DWG_INDEX.mdb ( dont need tables at this point).

Print A Form In A Full Page.
Hello guys...
I am trying finding a solution but not yet got one.
I have a form (I am trying to create an invoice) with labels and text boxes. When I print this form, the entire form been printed on a half page of paper which does not look good for an invoice.

1. I would like to know if I could print the form in a full page of a paper?
2. I can break the form into two forms and print both form in one page.


Thank you,

Making A Form The Full Size Of Screen??
Beginners Question?? How do I make the size of my form the full size of my screen when I run a program??? Thanks!

Full Screen Form And Fading Images

I want my form to take up the entire screen. When I say entire I mean entire as in a game would take up the entire screen.
How would I do this?

Secondly, I have a picture box, - is there any way for me to have this picture box fade in and then out again after a specified interval.


Form Ontop Of A Full Black Screen ...
Hello all, i am pretty new to the vb world so pleas bear with me.

My problum is that i am trying to have a form that looks something like this :

and i want it ontop of a full black screen.

I alread have the first form designed, my problum is that i dont know how to make the full black screen behind it.

Any help would be wonderful.

The Ragin Cuban

Print Full Page Form [solved]
I need to create a form that send himself to the printer and it must fit the page

is there any way to:
- increase the max height of a form (800 px->???)
- send the form to the printer as a picture or something like that
- send data line by line to the printer (different fonts and a picture are in the form)
- any other idea

(must be free)

thanks in advance

Full Screen Form And Fading Images

I want my form to take up the entire screen. When I say entire I mean entire as in a game would take up the entire screen.
How would I do this?

Secondly, I have a picture box, - is there any way for me to have this picture box fade in and then out again after a specified interval.


Prob With Printing A Full Page Form
I am trying to print a one full page form (height = 14000). However on the resolution of 1024 by 768 and less, the form will auto decrease its height to 11000. With the height of the 11000, it will not be a full page. To make it worst, it squishes all the objects on the form together.

On my form property, I have set the following:

- windowstate = 1 minimized
- StartUpPosition = 1 - CenterOwner
- BorderStyle = 2 - Sizable
- Scalemode = 0 - User

Do I need to set AutoRedraw On?


Full Form Mouse Tracking Over All Componets?
Full form mouse tracking over all componets?

Ok, I want to keep a record of the mouse position even when over text boxes and images to I can have a hover image. Im using vb5, It might take more thought, i dunno

Creating A Full Page Sized Form
I need to create a form that displays information about a car. The information will be pulled from a previous form that a dealer will fill out and will be put on a final form. My problem is that I need to be able to print out this final form with the car information on a regular size piece of paper. However, I can't get the height of a form to be any larger than about a half sheet of paper. Does anyone know how to create a form to be printed that will take up the whole page? Thanks!

Hi! Brand New :) - Center A Form In Full Screen??
Hello everyone, I have visited this site for many months when I needed some help. I was usually able to find my answer in a search but this one has me stumped. I am very new to VB and I am basically making a checklist program if you will. I have it set up so that it loads full screen, with no Border. The only problem is that when its loaded full screen the buttons, labels, and pictures are nested in the top left corner of the screen. I would like it it so that the buttons and everything moves to the center of the screen keeping their original formation. The reason I want to have this setup like this is because this application will run on an 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

Edited by - kvisconti on 6/14/2004 2:46:24 PM

Form Infront Full Mode Player
I have a problem is that trying to play a video in full mode using WMP component and show the form infront of it while it playing in full mode.

i searching around the forum but cant get what i needed.Other, have a question in my mind is that should i look into API?

can anyone give me some help or code? thx..

Showing The Form On Top Of The Directx Applications (in Full Screen)
Does anyone know how to show the form on top of the directx applications, in full screen mode ?
Like Fraps and moreBench do...
Example screenshot (the lower left corner):

Print Form On Full Page In Visual Basic
hello friends

I am developing an application in which i have to print the form .I have used printform command but i am not able to print the form on the whole A4 size sheet.I have tried various combinations of the printer properties (landscape,portrait) but nothing happened.
The problem with printform is that i am getting my output on only half of the A4 size sheet.

Please send you kind sugestions asap

Get A Full-screen Game To Load Into A Windowed Form...
I currently have a game that does not have an option to run in "windowed" form. It only runs in fullscreen! I know it's possible to take external applications and load them into internal VB forms and controls (such as picturebox). I've done this many times with MS Calculator, etc. by setting the Parent Form.

My question is... how difficult would it be to successfully load a game that runs in fullscreen into a VB form that can be "windowed" (doesn't even have to be resizable). I tried the "SetParent" method that I mentioned above on it; however, only an icon of the game shows up in the VB form... and when I click on it, it launches back into a fullscreen mode!

Any suggestions!? Thanks...

Eric D. Brown

Fomatting A Form To Look Like A Full Size Letter Document
I am trying to make a basic form with textboxes, labels, etc.... look like as if it were a company letter. However, I cannot get the form to stretch out to an 8.5 x 11 letter. Is there anyway I can position my controls to get a good format?

Full Text Search On A Visual Basic Form
I have a file that was created, but, i don't know what programs use it. I have all the Visual basic 6.0 forms in on directory with each program in its own sub directory. How can i search all the forms with the file name. I tried the seach that comes with XP, but it only searches the program name, not the text that is imbedded in the code. Any help is appreached. Thanks Cathy Ryan

Show Form While Running Movie In Full Screen ....urgent ...
Hi.... Guys
I've 1 question
How can i show form while running movie in full screen... !

need urgent help....

Full Screen (full? FULL!!)
How can I code an application that is full screen, cover windows taskbar, startbutton, systray etc. ?


The Full Name
Hi folks,
I need to find out how to use the windows name of a file inside VB, for example, if a file is called “Ineed~.mp3”, how can I get to know how the user has really called the file? (eg. “I need you to come home tonight.mp3”?
Thanks very much,

Full Screening..
I have my application border set to "None" and my windowstate to "maximized" which makes it full screen on startup.. I have shapes which i have created to act like normal windows.. on startup.. how can i make the shapes move to the center of the screen? I will be sending my application to many people after it is completed, and most of them have a different monitor size than i do.. so is there a "center screen" for shapes ? and other objects? or is there a way to insert a window into a full screen application, which could act as a frame to hold other objects inside it, so that when it is moved, the rest of the objects will also move with it?

Full Screen
is it possible to make say a picturebox go full screen or at least make it so that the application windows overlays the start bar?

thanx in advance for any help provided.

Full RGB Gradient
I am simply looking for a RGB gradient.

It is needed for the user to select color with cursor (much like in most paint programs), however if anyone could suggest a better way that using the picturebox (and using the rgb return for mouse position command..forget the command) then it would be most welcome.

Of course it's not difficult to make a rgb gradient, rather that it is difficult to find a good one (and they are too easy to make though).
Only the algorith is necessary, however, if it's in code then I am using VB98.

Thanks in advance.

(I have searched all the obvious places for it on this forum as well as planetsourcecode, but have only found one that didn't look like it would particularly suit.)

Full Screen
The Program that I am making is basicly going to be the main shell of the os. Meaning only this is going to be open and nothing else (no taskbars or anything)

Anyway, the screens resolution is going to be 800x600

Now for my main form does anyone know what the Height and width should be to take up the whole screen, or is there otherways i can do this?

Thanks Alot.

Full Screen
I started to develop a game and I got to the game play area when I wanted to make it full screen so I could increase my map size without making it so people with lower resolution than I cant play.

So, could somebody please tell me how to make a game run in full screen using the resolution 800x600?

Full Screen?
anyone able to tell me if its hard to make it so a form takes up the whole screen. is it simple code? also can the form cover the star button bar at the bottum of the screen or be able to hide it or something?

Full Sail
I'm not quite sure where this fits under for the forumn, but I was wondering if anyone has attended or is attending Full Sail for Game Development and Design.

I'm trying to decide whether or not I'll be going there after this associate degree in programmer/analyst.

I have read some reviews on the college in gaming magazines, but I really would like some of your inputs on it, if you have been there before or are currently attending.

It's quite expensive, so any input, what so ever, would be appreciated.

Full Screen
is it possible to change the screen resolution during run time so that when i maximize the window, its always the same size for all computers ? i know it can be done with ActiveX, but i don't know how that works... is there another way ? If not, how do i do it with ActiveX ? Thanks

Full Screenshot With DX?
Can anybody show me a step-by-step walkthrough for a way to take a screenshot of my entire desktop using DX? I'm really not very familiar with VB at all. (Studying C++ and Java in college) Any help would be appreciated. The only thing is I need the routine to be very fast, which is why I'm choosing DX over WIN API. Thanks.
-Gregory Warner

Full Screen
Ok, I'm trying to make a game, but i was wanting to make it so that it was full screen like the proffesional games are. Is there a way to do this, so that the Little Start Menu Button on the keyboard also doesn't work? Thanks in advance for the help.

Memory Full
What would cause this in a visual basic application? It is not consistent though, just every now and then.


Full Path Name

I'm using a command line with the %1, this returns a "short" path name.
Is there any way to get the full path name?


"C:Documents and SettingsLodeBureau est.abcd"


Full Screen
Im trying to get my program full screen...but it just isnt there any code I can add to get it to fit to my screen with not taskbar...?


Help! Full Screen?? How?
hi, can some1 tell me how i can make my project take over the full screen so there is no windows menu bar at the bottom and no blue bar at the top.


When Date Is Full...... Do
I am making a program that will generate a date for all of our clients. But
I only want to schedule around 50 clients for each day. If that day is full, then choose another date.

The program will only schedule clients up to 36 days from there last appointment date.

There are around 1300 clients.

I am looking for some ideas on how I should do this.



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