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.png Files In Visual Basic

I'm just wondering, is it actually possible to open .png files in Visual Basic. I have made myself a nice logo, with .png. But now its become obvious that it doesn't look like I can use the image.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

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How Do I Convert Wav Files To Midi Files With Visual Basic?
Please Help Me!!

I need to convert wav files to midi files with visual basic. Does someone know how to do it?



Maria Lorena Lůpez

Visual Basic Exe Files
Just curious, if someone saves a visual basic project as an exe file, is there anyway to see the code? I am trying to figure out how an exe file is working and it was programmed with VB.

Visual Basic And .bat Files
I am using a .bat file with my project, and i use win2000. When i use the RD(remove dir) in dos or my bat file it gives me an error IF the name of the folder is seperatred like (New Folder) but if i rename the folder to NewFolder it will work. Is there somthing i can do?

PDF Files With Visual Basic
Hello Frends;

How can i make pdf files with visual basic.

Thanks Hannes

Visual Basic Exe Files
i have created an exe file using visual basic 5 and i was wandering if there is anyway to convert it back to a visual basic project as i have lost my original coding!

Visual Basic DLL Files
Hi, I have a project using VB6 which collects data 24/7. My project is working fine as far collecting and saving data as long as my main screen (executable file) is open or minimixed. I need to make this project to work even if I accidentally close the main screen. The project needs to keep running (collecting data in my case) to avoid loosing data. Data will be available at all times. Can anyone give me an idea on how to do this? I have heard there is some Retained Memory property in visual basic that could probably do this. Any suggestions? Is it clear what I am trying to do here?

Thank you


All About DLL Files In Visual Basic. Help Me!

Hi guys i must make one presentation on school about the DLL files in VB6.Coz` i dont know much for DLL files i need to know for what are they used Very small can i write a dll and other.....

Thank you

Need Visual Basic 6.0 Help Files!!
Would you mind if you take your Visual Basic Help Files, put them in .ZIP file and send them to me via my E-mail (
Because I really need them. I would be grateful if you do that.

Wrl Files And Visual Basic
hello every one ..

my question is how to open a wrl file in the visual basic .. and is it possible to play the scene inside the form ? and how to do that ?

plz help coz im doing my final year project in virtual reality and im stuck at this point ..

thanks in advance

have a nice day

.dll Files And Visual Basic
Hi every body,

I want to use C or C++ codes in the background while design my interfaces using Visual Basic.
I know this can be done by creating .dll files using Visual C++. Now here are my questions:

1. How can I create a .dll file?
2. What other software can I used beside Visual C++?
3. Suppose, I have a .dll file. How can I use it in Visual Basic?
4. Is there any kind of web site tutorias with examples?

I would appreciate a simple example that clearly demonstrates the creation and usage of .dll file(C++ codes) in visual basic. Thanks


AVI Files In Visual Basic - Bug In Win98?

I'm trying to run .avi files from Visual Basic 6.0. I have succeeded in doing so when VB is running on WinXP (see my script below). However, when I try running exactly the same script on Win98, the .avi files fail to load. Specifically, the program stops running when I try to open the relevant avi file. Can anyone please help?


The relevant code in my form is quite simply:

Declare Function mciSendString Lib "winmm.dll" Alias _
"mciSendStringA" (ByVal lpstrCommand As String, ByVal _
lpstrReturnString As Any, ByVal uReturnLength As Long, ByVal _
hwndCallback As Long) As Long

Private Sub Form_Load()
End Sub

Function Video(c as Integer)

Const WS_CHILD = &H40000000

XLSHwnd = GetActiveWindow()

CmdStr(c) = ("open " & AVIFile(c) " type AVIVideo alias animation parent " & LTrim$(Str$(XLSHwnd)) & " style " & LTrim$(Str$(WS_CHILD)))

'VB runs to this point and is then unable to execute the following line
Ret = mciSendString(CmdStr(c), 0&, 0, 0)

Ret = mciSendString("put animation window at 152 184 720 400", 0&, 0, 0)

Ret = mciSendString("pause animation", 0&, 0, 0)

Ret = mciSendString("play animation wait", 0&, 0, 0)

Ret = mciSendString("close animation", 0&, 0, 0)

Need Help Splitting AVI Files In Visual Basic
Does anyone know how to split an AVI file (or any media file) into two or more parts using Visual Basic? I would like each split file to play using Windows Media Player or any other player!

Thank you!

Visual Basic Configuration Files

I'm having a hard time finding anything about this sort of thing...
Okay, here I go. I want to have something like a "config.cfg" or whatever which looks something like this:

var1 = something
var2 = 54
var3 = test
And have that imported into my Visual Basic program, and processed as variables. So that once it's imported in VB, I could then use the code...

if var2 = 54 then
'Do something
end if
See what I mean? I think it's possible, because many times when I download programs there are config files that look kinda like the one I did here.

Thanks for reading!
Anything will do: links to a tutorial or anything.

Viewing PDF Or RTF Files In Visual Basic
hi! i have problems regarding displaying pdf's using visual basic. i really don't know how to get about this problem. how can i show the users the clippings or article that they want? does vb have controls for viewing pdf's or rtf's? if not, do you have any suggestions on how to get about this problem? i would appreciate any feedback that you could provide me. thanks a lot! by the way, i'm using visual basic 6...

Visual Basic Exe Files Posted On The Web
Is there a way to make a link on a web site to a visual basic exe file that can be run simply by clicking on 'open' on the dialog box after clicking the link? It's for a portfolio page and I'd love to be able to have visitors run my vb projects right off my web site. Any help would be really appreciated.

Visual Basic Help/syntax Files...
When using VB 4 and VB 5, when I'd go to Help and Contents I'd get a very nice help system come up with syntax and all for VB.

I have installed VB 6 now and when I go to contents, it asks for the MSDN CD.

Is there a "traditional" help file or does it need to be this MSDN CD? Is the MSDN downloadable somewhere LEGALLY or is it something I need to buy from Microsoft?

Visual Basic Printing .DOC Files
I need to incorporate into a program, the ability to "read' and then print a .DOC file. If I am thinking correctly, I must open and then loop through the file until EOF. I am familiar with the Printer.Print command, however, I do not know how to get the contents of the file to print.



Visual Basic Essential Files...
I created a program and sent it to a friend. I went to my project and selected make .exe, then i sent that exe to him. When he tried to use it, the program said he needed vb. Where can u get the basic vb files to run it?

Creating DLL Files In Visual Basic 6.0
Is it possible to create real DLL files in VB that I can use in C++ or other languages? If it is... how should I make a function that takes a Long as a parameter and adds 5 to it and returns the result?


Editing PDF Files From Visual Basic
How can i edit a PDF file with information that has been input into a visual basic program? Anyone have an idea because i don't!

Reading Files In Visual Basic 6
can anyone explain what are these types of reading files:
-random access;
-sequency(is right write?);
and i wanted some files types examples(for example: i don't have sure if images/pictures files are binary files type).
i don't need the code, only a geral introdution.

Resource Files In Visual Basic 6
i used the resource editor of visual basic 6, but i found 1 problem: if i use a sound file or if i use a gif file or other files type, i must use a code for read these files(i must create the file for use it), theres another way?
i'm talk about using theses files like we use with a picture(*.bmp), icon, cursor...
thank you

Sound Files In Visual Basic
Hello. Is it possible to add a wav file inside visual basic program and then made it extract it to hard disk and play it when the program is executed?

Play Dss Files In Visual Basic
Anyone knows how to play .dss files in visual basic ?
Media Player is unable to recognize it.
Any ocx ?

What is a DSS file?

DSS (Digital Speech Standard) files, are 13 to 28 times smaller than standard.
WAV sound files, and are optimized for speech recognition applications. DSS files
are also ideal for sending e-mail to colleagues and friends. In short, It is an compressed voice file.

Editing Files In Visual Basic
Recently I have been coding a small application that will so far read the ID3 tags attached to .mp3's and also edit them. The next step in this little project is to be able to edit the files displayed within the filelistbox using the right click method however I am stumped and I have no clue where to begin, if someone could point me to a tutorial or at least in the right direction. I have included a screenshot of the application so far, dont be too harsh on it im not worried about how it looks at the moment just that it works.

Any help would be just so awesome you have no idea.

Thank you in advance.

Opening Files In Visual Basic
How do I open files in Visual Basic? I have the code, but it doesn't seem to be working properly. I want to make it so it will only allow .zst to be opened. Also, when I click cancel instead of opening anything, it gives me an error. This is my code:

Private Sub menu_Load_Click()
'' Assumes that cdl is of CommonDialog type

'open the common dlg and save file name into OpenFile string variable
cdl.Filter = "ZST Files (*.zst)|*.zst"
cdl.FilterIndex = 1

If Err.Number = cdlCancel Then
Exit Sub
'open the file as binary and load it all into the FileData() array
Open cdl.FileName For Binary As #1
ReDim FileData(LOF(1) - 1)
Get #1, , FileData
Close #1
Me.Caption = FileData(0)
End If
End Sub

And at the very top:

Private FileData() As Byte 'create an array to hold the bytes of the save file
Private OpenFile As String 'the name of the loaded file
Dim cdl As CommonDialog
Set cdl = New CommonDialog

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Managing Your Visual Basic Files...

I have vb files scattered all over my computer (frm etc).
how can I move all of them to one place? a disc or something?
and is there a way to save check points of my programing through
out my coding?


Adding PDF Files In Visual Basic
Hello friends,

How to use the PDF files as Help files in Visual Basic.
Because Help files developed using Word document
is Huge in size.So I want to convert all the help files
to PDF.How to handle the PDF in Visual Basic.
Issues like Context ID.If anybody using the PDF
files as Help files for the Visual Basic Application.
Kindly help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Visual Basic Runtime Files

I'm making a prog to put on a CD.

I want this CD to work on as many computers as possible.

I'm using Visua Basic 5 which as you know works with Win 95 up with the runtimes installed.

Can I put the VB Runtime .dlls in the same folder as the program on the CD and then the computer does not have to have them installed?


Visual Basic Runtime Files
No, not another question about getting rid of the DLL's

I've been deploying my programs for a while now, always including the VB6 runtime files for users who don't have them installed, but I'm not happy about this.

I want users to be able to download the files directly from the Microsoft site, so I don't have to worry about version conflicts or anything...

Does anybody know where these files can be found? I need the Visual Basic 6 runtime files, the Windows Common Controls 6, the Winsock OCX and DAO 3.6...


Visual Basic And Access Files
I have this problem:
In my VB project I use microsoft access (97) database. When I install my program on a computer that has no Microsoft Access it won't work (some error with vbajet32.dll appears). I supose there are some files that I need to distribute with in my setup files but I do not know which ones. Please if you know the answer, tell me.
Thank you!

Mirgating Visual Basic Files
Can anyone provide a list of development files / extentions that would need to be migrated to a new development workstation? I'm pretty new to Visual Basic and want to make sure I get the right ones. My project is in VB 2005.

Thank you!

Visual Basic 6.0 MSDN Help Files
I recently had to reinstall visual basic 6.0. I also reinstalled
the msdn files that came with vb6.

When I need to search for an item in help, I type the keyword
into the text box on the index tab. If I double click any of the
possible results that are returned, a dialog box is displayed
with the message Please Insert the cd-rom disc labeled
"MSDN VS 6.0 CD2" into drive E.

Previously, I did not have to have the msdn cd in the drive
to access the vb help system.
How can I get the help files on to my system??


How Can I Compress .jpg Files In Visual Basic
Hello all,

I have done an exhausting search for something to compress .jpg files inside my Visual Basic program and I have not found an example that I can use.

I am loading a compressed .jpg into a PictureBox ~50kb
The picture does not fill the entire PictureBox (which is fine)
I then save the picture back to my filepath (now the picture is the size of my picture box Width x Height but it is 1 MB in size) I need to compress it and save it as a .jpg.

Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture(Filepath + "Picture.jpg")
Call SavePicture(Picture1.Image, Filepath + "Picture.jpg")

Can anyone help me by example or pointing me in the right direction for documentation?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Resource Files In Visual Basic 6.0 (SP5)

I am developing an vb 6.0 application for the international market and i am using resource files with language offset for localization.

I am wondering what is the meaning of language selection in the age of unicode. I have successfully used 2 different languages inside a single string table but I saw strange behavior after moving my work from win98 to win2000 server. The string resources in greek characters became unreadable but the english were remained the same. I saw it after opening the VB resource editor in win2000 server.

Does any have any idea on this?

Is this a right localization approach or the
use of a single resource file per locale is more
efficient? (I have seen articles in msdn library
that support both approaches)

Kind regards,

John Athanas

Calling Other Exe Files In Visual Basic 6
Problem have a application I wrote for health care pro's I have coded a web browser and also a pop up control the pop up control is a seprate exe file and I am trying to call it when the Browser form is loaded or a command button is clicked any suggestions.

Printing PDF Files From Visual Basic
Hi All:

Does anyone have any code to print PDF files from Visual Basic? This is the code I downloaded from the Adobe forum:

Set AcroExchApp = CreateObject("AcroExch.App")
Set AcroExchAVDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.AVDoc")
Set AcroExchPDDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc")

num = AcroExchPDDoc.GetNumPages()
ok = AcroExchAVDoc.Open(App.Path & " est.pdf", "")
If ok Then
ok = AcroExchAVDoc.PrintPagesEx(0, num, 1, False, False, False, False, False, 0)
End If

This does NOT seem to work on clients who only have Adobe Acrobat READER installed on their system.

Please advise at your earliest convenience.

Resource Files In Visual Basic
Hi Guys

I need to know what are Resource (.res) files in Visual Basic. Why are they used ? And how do we use them ? Kindly help me with an example.



Displaying Tablet PC Files In Visual Basic 6

I was wondering if it was possible to display .jnt files in a control within a visual basic 6 form?

Alternatively, is there another file type available that tablet pcs can save as which is viewable in a control within a visual basic 6 form?

Reading Quark Files With Visual Basic
My assignment is to read Quark Express (.qxd) files and extract all references to external graphics files.

I am opening a Quark Express (.qxd) file as input and using the input function in order to read the entire contents of the given file into a variable. In theory I should be able to input the entire file into a variable by using the LOF function, which returns the length of the file. However, when I execute the input statement it returns an end of file condition. If I read the file one byte at a time it returns the end of file condition long before it actually is the end of file.

Apparently there are byte combinations in the file stream that cause Visual Basic to think that it has reached the end of file when it actually hasnít.

When I view a Quark file in Notepad, I am able to see the entire file contents and can locate the text string Iím looking for that reflects the associated graphics file.

Has anyone done this or know how to work around it?

How Do I Switch Language Files In Visual Basic 6.0?
I can create a resource file with strings, but how could I use a command button to laod a new language into the project?


/Dir In Visual Basic Viewing Files In List
Okie I got this so far if I have a client Server App to view the files remotely it would be

Set f = fso.GetFolder(MyArray(1))
For Each File In f.Files
RemoteShell.SendData File.Name

So what is it for Folders?

How To Import Sound Files In Visual Basic
I wanna import a sound file, how can i do it?

Linking C++ COFF OBJ Files In Visual Basic
Hey everyone, I've been recently struggling to find a solution to this problem.

Does anyone know if its possible to link a previously compiled C++ OBJ file along with Visual Basic OBJ files to produce an executable capable of utilizing procedures designed in C++?

I'm afraid I can't use a DLL, as the project must be stand-alone. However, would it be possible to configure the C++ functions defined within the OBJ file to be exported, so they could be called as regular APIs? Surely they'd have to be called dynamically with LoadLibrary and GetProcAddr, but that would hardly be an issue.

Any help and thoughts regarding this matter would be deeply appreciated.

Displaying Tablet PC Files In Visual Basic 6

I was wondering if it was possible to display .jnt files in a control within a visual basic 6 form?

Alternatively, is there another file type available that tablet pcs can save as which is viewable in a control within a visual basic 6 form?

Thanks in advance for any help

Manipulating Excel Files In Visual Basic
To anyone who could help me:

I like to write a VB program by copying values from one Excel workbook to another and saving the second workbook (both the workbooks already exist). I have the VBA macro code for excel, I just would like to know how to declare the existing Excel workbook objects in VB and the syntax to be used that refers to the Excel workbook in the code.

Any help much appreciated

thank you

How Can I Read MS-word Files In Visual Basic???
I have read ms-word format files and i ahve to dispaly the number of characters in a file .how to do it???
I am able to read TEXT file by using LINE INPUT function
how about MS-word files(*.doc).its very urgentcan any body to help.(here ia m sending Zip file conains to read text files please copy to C: drive)
damdoar reddy

How To Play Animation Files Like .gif In Visual Basic.
Hi friends pls help me to find "How to play animation files like .gif in Visual Basic 6.0 (My sence is the image when it is called through i.e. it moves how to implement the same thing in VB also.)

Using Visual Basic To Copy Files Within An INtranet
hi all,
does anyone knows how to find out the computer name of the particular network and then copy the files from one computer into another within a network which is an INtranet.. Using visual basic? thankS

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