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- Toolbar / Coolbar

hi there,
what is the difference between toolbar and coolbar?

one imp. thing : how can i use option buttons on a toolbar or coolbar?
is it possible in vb or not? with what i can go for option buttons ?

help with the code will be more appreciable !

thanx in advance


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I am a beginner at VB and am trying to add an icon bar similiar to MS word. I have added a coolbar and am having trouble loaded multiple icons onto the same band? How do I add a toolbar to a coolbar? Also, my icons are showing up in my tool bar with black backgrounds. Any ideas? Thanks so much!

Help With Coolbar/toolbar
ok what im trying to do is make like a tool bar that has buttons like umm....internet explorer...but not like "stop" "back" ect....just "that type"....with pictures that "pups up 3d" not sure what to use, and how either....plz help...

Toolbar / Coolbar
how make this type of toolbar? and coolbar?

Coolbar And Toolbar
Hi. I'm using VB6 and was wondering why Microsoft bothered including a background picture property for the coolbar when you can't make the toolbar placed in one of the bands transparent! It's really annoying. Unless I'm missing something...anyone got any ideas. Thanks.

can ne body pls tell me the differenec between toolbar and coolbar and which is used most?

Skill is successfully walking a tightrope over Niagara Falls. Intelligence is not trying.

Toolbar & Coolbar
Hello Gurus!

I've never used Coolbar.

What's the major difference between Toolbar and Coolbar?
In which case, coolbar is better than toolbar?

How To Add A Toolbar To A Coolbar
I tryed to add a toolbar to a coolbar-control.
I did it this way: I add a toolbar and a coolbar to my form. Then I tryed to add the toolbar to the coolbar with its propertysheets. This didn't work. After that I tryed to add it by code:

set Coolbar1.Bands(1).Child = Toolbar1

This althoug didn't work. What have I done wrong?
Can anyone help me?

Trouble With Coolbar/Toolbar
I have a homework assignment. I was to place 5 icons into toolbar2. I placed 4. When I realized my error almost all of the project was coded. I added the 5th icon. I then revised toolbar2 to accept the icon. That 5th icon shows up in Toolbar2. However, that portion of the coolbar that houses Toolbar2 will not expand to accept the 5 icons. It causes Toolbar2 to remain the same size as it was before the 5th addition.
Is ther a way to expand the size of the coolbar to accept the resized toolbar?
Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Toolbar / Coolbar Related
Dear Users,

The problems im not sure, will it be possible to be implemented.
Ok, I got 1 toolbar within the coolbar.
Toolbar consists of 10 elements.
The form is resizable. Once resized to a smaller form, it seems that some of the Toolbar elements already not visible.

Therefore, any solution to make the toolbar so that it will perform auto-align just like the IE toolbar, ie. [>>],
The auto-align , when pressed it will pop-up the remaining hidden toolbar elements.

So any solution for that, to display toolbar-elements when the form is smaller than the toolbar, just like the normal IE toolbar that enabled the sign [>>] to be pressed.

CoolBar/Toolbar Icons
Hi all,

I am trying to design a Coolbar and a Toolbar in VB6, might any of you be knowing where I can get free icons to use in my application?


Dockable Coolbar/toolbar
I would like to ask : is the control Docking Toolbar available in
Visual Basic ? I know that checking the Microsoft Common Control 6 box in Project Component will add a toolbar control in the project. However, this toolbar is not a docking toolbar. I wonder if the Visual Basic does not provide any docking toolbar control.

i did drop down button menu in toolbar by using default design properties. but i don't know how to code for it. like in microsoft word when we decrease the window size automatically some of the the buttons will be hidden to fit into the available space and 'more' dropdown menu will appear with all those hidden button links. i need this feature in my project. how to code for it. pl. help me in this regard as soon as possible.

Thanks and best regards.

Thicker Toolbar Or Coolbar
I want a toolbar (or coolbar) aligned to the right (okay, i figured that out ) but I also want it to have a width of about 200 pix. But I can't seem to resize it. Neither manually nor through code. I'm using it on a MDI form.

Does someone know how to do this?

Associate A Toolbar To A Coolbar ??
I want to put a coolbar in my app. Is it possible to associate my toolbar to a coolbar to have buttons on my coolbar ?

Coolbar - Add Toolbar At Run Time
How can I add a Toolbar to a Coolbar control.

I have a Coolbar placed on a MDIForm. The form has a ActiveX control that I have created. Inside the control I have placed a Toolbar with Icons etc for that control.

But, the example in a book I have got doesn't seem to work on the second Set line and I get an 'Invalid use of property'...

Dim tb As Toolbar

Set tb = Controls.Add("MSComctlLib.Toolbar", "NewToolbar")

Set tb.Container = MDIForm1.CoolBar1
MDIForm1.CoolBar1.Bands.Add , "New Band", tb.Name, , , tb

Any ideas?

Coolbar Or Toolbar - What's The Difference
Does anyone know what the difference is between a "Cool Bar" and a "Tool Bar"?

Coolbar And Toolbar Questions.
Can you lock a Coolbar, so if you have two bars, you cannot swap the places of the two or place them on one line.


Is it possible to have a Toolbar with no pictures on the buttons. I know this is possible, but is it possible to make the picture holder space go away!?
If you just put in text then you get a big space. Can i get rid of that any way?


Toolbar & Coolbar Controls ?
I have the learning Ed & have only heard of a "coolbar control".

Can anyone explain simply what on earth this is & why anyone would use it over a toolbar control please?

Thank you

Coolbar With Toolbar As Child
I have a strange situation.
A coolbar with 3 bands.
Band1 contains a Toolbar as a child. This Coolbar is displayed on the left side of the screen.
When I start the program, the Coolbar is displayed with 2 rows, Band one in row one, bands two and three in row 2

The problem:
I OLEdragDrop a file on to the toolbar. In the Toolbar OLEDragdrop event I extract the Icon from the file and create a new toolbar button using this Icon.
The problem is that as soon as I do the Toolbar1.Buttons.ADD, the toolbar is lifted out of its customary place on Band 1 and displayed to the right of the Band.

If, at this point, I rearrange the toolbar bands, by clicking and dragging one of them, the Toolbar gets repositioned back on to Band 1.

Any one have a clue as to what this is all about?

Why does the toolbar not stay put on the band it has been assigned to?
The program is a simple test program and here is the bulk of the code. Very little else but the OLEDragDrop routine. The Coolbar and Toolbar relationship is developed at Design time.
The GetIcon function stores the extracted Icon picture in Picture2

Private Sub Toolbar1_OLEDragDrop(Data As MSComctlLib.DataObject, Effect As Long, Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, y As Single)
Static idx
Dim fn As String

GetIcon Data.Files(1), Image1, Picture2, SHGFI_LARGEICON ' populate image picture

ImageList2.ListImages.Add , "Test" & Toolbar1.Buttons.Count, Picture2
idx = idx + 1
Toolbar1.Buttons.Add , "A" & idx, "A" & idx, , "Test" & Toolbar1.Buttons.Count
End Sub

John G

Coolbar/Imagelist/Toolbar Problems
On my MDI Form I have a coolbar, 9 imagelists and 9 toolbars.
In all of the toolbar property windows only the first imagelist is listed in the imagelist dropdown.
In the coolbar property window nothing is listed in child dropdown, I would like to assign a different imagelist to each toolbar and then place each toolbar in a separate band on the coolbar, how can I do this?

Drag And Drop Coolbar Or Toolbar
I'm using toolbar with coolbar. I want to make user can drag and drop coolbar by the way user can move the coolbar (toolbar) on the window (for example to right side, left side or etc)
best regards

How To Adjust Toolbar Buttons Inside A Coolbar
Dear experts,

As shown in the picture, how do you place the buttons in the center of the coolbar? I tried setting the toolbar's width but it is not working. I also tried increasing the size of the buttons but then it looks pretty ugly since the buttons are too big.

And if it's possible, is there a way to set the border size of the toolbar? I searched around and it seems like it's impossible.... =(

CoolBar+XP Styles+Toolbar <> XP Styles
I am having trouble getting the styles on the toolbar and coolbar to work together. When I add a manifest file the project the coolbar gets the new XP style and the toolbar is still flat and gray. Is there anyway around this?

How To Program A Toolbar As An Add-in To The Explorer Such As Google Toolbar
Hi, does anyone know how to attach the toolbar to the internet explorer if i
make one using vb or something, I heared something about COM+ interface,
can anyone explain to me whats that and how is it related. thanks heaps

Adding My App To Windows Toolbar (Like Google Toolbar)
Hi Guys,
I was wondering if you could give me any advice on adding my program to the windows toolbar down the bottom of the screen? Similar to the google toolbar or the language bar or quicklaunch.



Negotiate FormMDI's ToolBar With FormChild's ToolBar
It's possible to Negotiate the ToolBar between FormMdi and FormChild??

Tank's in advance...:

Does anyone has an exemple of coolbar utilisation ? I would like to create a toolbar in it but never use one before . Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks

I want my program to have the same style coolbars as Internet Explorer. I have placed a toolbar and address on on successfully, but does anybody know how to attach the Menu Bar to a coolbar?

Please help!!!


Help Using Coolbar
I am having problem with Coolbar.
I saw one of the projects in which if "Check Mail" is clicked, the band expands and shows "Inbox" and "Compose".Let me explain it again.Initially that band shows only "Check Mail" and if it is clicked it expands and shows "Inbox" and "Compose" and if that "Check Mail" is again clicked it shrinks.
Actually I did as one suggested in one of the forums.I have attached it so please take a look at it and it will show what problem is occuring when you run it.
The problem is when I run that, "Check Mail" button is displayed in that entire CoolBar1. I mean its very big and occupying entire CoolBar1.And also when I click it, its becoming just a bit smaller and other bands where "Inbox" and "Compose" are present is not shown automatically.Only when I click that seperator bar between the bands, its showing. So please help me. Awaiting for reply. Thanks.

Using CoolBar
I am creating a WebBrowser, and i have the control CoolBar. I want to make it so that it is like the IE CoolBar with CommandButtons and TextBoxes. How do i do this?


Where do I find the coolbar control? I can't find it in the components listbox.

Hi All,

Just a couple of questions about a coolbar, can you add buttons to one? what type of picture do coolbars use if I want to add my own image to it? if you can have buttons can you have dropdowns?



Help Using Coolbar
I included MS Windows Common Controls-3 6.0 and then added coolbar.But I am trying hard to add controls in a particular order.
I want it as follows,
When I click "Check Mail" control, it has to list "Inbox"and "Compose" options. But I am not able to do it.I mean these "Inbox" and "Compose" are getting added seperately and not under "Check Mail"
So how to do it? Thanks.

How do you add an image to a coolbar?

Need Coolbar Ocx???
I am working from home...and I forgot where I located the Toolbar2 ocx...I know that I got it from someone in this forum??

I had downloaded it at work, and am using it within a project...I backed up parts of the project onto my laptop so that I could work on it some more...

Unforunately I did not load the control onto my laptop...

At work it shows up within the Microsoft Common Controls and is called asxToolbar....

Does anyone know where I may find it again?

I tried looking through this forum, but with no success.

I am using a text box as a child of a band. When I try to set the alignment property of the text box to vbCenter it disappears. How can I stop this. Also how can I insure the bands stay in the same order as they started. I am setting the visible property to false on occasion then back to visible which is leading to the order of the bands changing. Thanks

Coolbar And XP
You know the coolbar control...

in xp you got a gradient effekt but when you set an picturebox over the effekt "dissapears"..

I wan't to make the picturebox transperant or something...


How To Use Coolbar??
How do I use Coolbar???
The buttons and ext doesn't follow the bands....


Guys and Gals,

I want to attach a coolbar control to my form in a vb project. It must look like that one in an internet explorer. Are back , stop and other images just images or buttons on the coolbar? I also want a menu in the coolbar same as in IE...Ok! If any one CAN, Plz reply back immediately. U can even suggest some good sites for getting info .

Coolbar Bug?
I'm getting a problem when I use a Coolbar in my exe. Without the Coolbar, the MDI form starts fine, allowing me to set the Windowstate in the shortcut, i.e. Normal, Maximized or Minimized. However, when I add a Coolbar to the project the MDI form always opens in Normal mode, no matter what I set in the shortcut to the exe.

how do you add buttons to a coolbar?

Where's My Coolbar
Hello group,

I want to use the Coolbar...where can I find it? It doesn't seem to be under 'Components'??

I've got Vb6.0 with SP 5

Any ideas?



How could I use the coolbar in adding buttons, menu bottons and separatores. Why I must use more than one band to appeare in its cool appearance.

Is it me? Or coolbar sucks?

What's CoolBar ?
Fiddling around with the components included in the profesisonal edition of VB6, i found this thing called CoolBar?

What the hell is it?
found it in:
Microsoft Windows Common Controls - 3 6.0 (SP5)

how do you add buttons to the CoolBar?


IE 5 Coolbar
HI all,

I want to make a little label that contains the current ip, this is easy . But the problem is that i want to add that label to the Internet Explorer 5 Coolbar, like Realplayer add a button with the abilitie to launch their player, ithink we can only add buttons to the coolbar's am i right?, if so how can i have a new coolbar like the logo picture so i can put the label with the ip under the picture box, someting like FlashGet graph if you know the program.

Thank you


I want to have a toolbar that does not show the button border until the mouse is over it. I am using a coolbar, like in IE, but I do not want to see the border of the coolbar (the lines around the coolbar)


I want to dispaly toolbar like in explore or which can be drag and drop any where in the form. also using pictures in toolbar


Amit pardeshi

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