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20dB Microphone Boost In Windows XP

Ok, this one might be a little strange. . . bear with me.

My friend and I and both having problems where the 20 dB microphone boost in the Recording control window in XP is being turned off, seemingly at random, while we're playing Battlefield 2.

This is a problem, as it occurs in-game while we're communicating with our clan-mates over TeamSpeak. We have to switch out of the game, pull up the window, re-check the box, then go back into the game. Bad things happen in-game if you're not paying attention

Looked into it, can't figure out why it's doing this. I looked for a little program that might allow you to toggle this on/off (automatically or with a keypress), but not suprisingly I can't find one. . .so I want to write one.

Is it possible in VB 6 to set the 20db boost for microphone, and/or to read the current state of this mic boost?

I'm a VB newbie, but I have programmed before (various BASICs, COBOL, RPG 2 & 3). I imagine it involves some sort of API or library function. . .

Sorry, yeah, I'm fairly clueless, but I'll not turn this into some "teach me VB" debacle. There's a lot of resources on the web and in bookstores for that. A point in the right direction would help me get started on my reading/research, though.

Many thanks,

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Recording Wave From My Microphone Using Windows API
how can i record my voice and save it to a file,using windows api function, and tell me if i could do it using the api function mcisendstring?!!

Cursorlocation Speed Boost?
I pull a large recordset (200,000 records) to populate a listview control. Nothing is modified using the recordset. and I set it to cursorlocation = aduseclient. under the assumption that since Im just using it for static data retrival it would be faster. is this the case? or be I imagining things again.

How Can I Boost My 39000 Data To Be More Fastest
i have ado control in my form and with 39000 data there is more slowest to load or became not responding
i have set the properties in datasource and data field in my form
and there alot of it
i wont to be change it (i'm lazy)
how to make my database run faster
how to connect and disconnect and clear memory temporay?

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See i wasen't sure what to put this question under, then i figured sinse it would prob be done using something related to directx and it is going to be used in my game. I need to know, 1) how do i record a sound threw a microphone into a file stored into the local folder. and 2) how do i convert it to MP3? my plan is when a person holds in a key to record a 15 second max sound of whatever they say, then convert it to mp3 and send it to the server which will then send it to all client in the area close to the client. Like a live speech thing....



hi, is there away to get write a program with vb6 that reconizes curtain things from a microphone, like if i say "hi" into a mic it will msgbox Hi. if so could someone tell me how.


Help With Microphone
im trying to write a program that will mute unmute the microphone when a Hotkey is pressed. The only problem is im new to programming and taught myself so i dont know what to do, i know how to write the rest of it except the part that uses the microphone.
any help is much appreciated.

Something With Microphone
Is there a way to check the volume of the microphone? something like if the intensity is higher than y then do something
if there is a way (there probably is) then could you PLEASe tell me? (i eg you! )

I think somebody deleted my original post, dunno why... anyhow.

I was wondering if anyone knew how to detect the sound level coming in from the microphone port on your sound card and how to record it. Also how to apply a codec tot he sound so you can save it in a compressed format (I'm sure there is a DLL out there just have to find it). I already know how to detect the sound card.


can VB take the sounds of the microphone, like SOUND RECOREDER, is there any control to this (microsoft Voice Commands), and if yes, how can I compare 2 sounds to see if they are similar?

Microphone Help...
How would i make a sound recorder type thing in vb? I'd like to use it as a dll, but it doesn't really matter.

See, my main objective is to make a little program that records sound for however long the user inputs information.

I know, a very unique question. Well, please post up some type of code on here. Thanks in advance.

With love ,


Using A Microphone
I am writing a program thats acts like a phone by accessing the Telephony Aplication Programming Interface (TAPI) and I want to be able to transmit sound by using the microphone. Does anyone know how to do this?

Contact me at:

I need to turn on the microphone through coding, and channel it into a file. If it's possible, i need to get the frequencies in realtime as well. Can anyone help?

DirectSound Microphone

Im a student at the mo doing a computer science degree and im a bit stuck!

I need to develop a guitar effectsd processor/or tuner in either Visual Basic or C++. I hoping to stick with VB as I find it easier.

However, to develop this program I need to analyse the wave patterns coming in through the microphone socket on my soundcard. Ive heard DirectSound is useful and I have investigated in using this, however, I've got absolutly no idea of how to capture the microphone or even to extract WAV data.

Any type of help would be useful as I just need a pointer in the right direction.

Cheers guys,


Input From Microphone
Greetings Everyone,

I have a question, I think it is a simple one(at least short), but I can not seem to find the answer. Every time I get lost in the information thus I wanted to ask: does anyone know how I can input realtime microphone data into an array? or know a tutorial where it is explained? I know there is directX and waveinopen and waveInxxx, but I am unable to utilise those(which is my fault as I do not understand how to use them).

Yours Sincerely,

Neo Angelus

Recording With Microphone
I need to record something with a microphone, and save it as a .wav or .mp3.. I'm not sure if I should've put this in General or API, so sorry if it's not in the right one >_>

Turn Microphone On/off
How can turn the microphone on or off via VB. I read something about the audio mixer functions and multi media controls but I couldn't find anything specific to what I need to to.

Recording From Microphone
Anyone knows how to record wav files from microphone?
I believe that mmcontrol (ms multimedia control) is one way to do it, but can someone tell me how to use mmcontrol to do so?

Input From A Microphone
Is it possible to get input from a microphone via VB6?


Microphone To Speaker
Is there any way to have the audio input from a microphone sent directly to the speakers via the sound card. Similar to a PA System. Can this be coded in VB or the Win API?



Microphone And Line In
I am developing software for telly sales.
It must record the telephone call to wave files.

How to I monitor the 'Mic' or 'Line In' to know to record them only.
At the moment it records all noises the PC makes.

I need some code to tell me to start recording, 'automatically' and to record only the 'Mic' and or 'Line In'.

Please help

Microphone Input???

This is my first message in this forum, i have one problem that i donīt know how to solve it. I want to play a .wav sound archive like microphone input. I have an .wav archive in file directory and i would like that as microphone input the sound card read that archive and not my voice.

Thanks a lot

Microphone To Wave
I was wondering if I can make an api call to windows to change recording mode from Microphone to Wave. For those who do not understand, navigate to

Start>Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder

You can record your voice over microphone or you can record any sound you hear in your speakers, but you have to switch mode by going

Edit>Audio Properties>Sound Recording Volume and selecting either Wave or Microphone.

Basically, I would like to switch mode quickly instead of having to go in and out of Sound Recorder (or any other long-cut way).
I do not need any other special controls like volume, just two simple command buttons to set the recording device to Wave or Microphone as the current device for Windows.

HELP!!! About Microphone Select...
hi, all
I have a question... please help me......

i find a program for C

This program is equivalent to the "Microphone Select" check box of the Windows Volume Control for Recording.

Microphone Program
Hey I Would Just Like To Thanks Everyone For Helping Me In the Past

Also Merry X Mas to you all!

Can Anyone help me With this :S Cause Im lost :P

I Have thiS chat i made it shows user and stuff , I wanna make it so like if some one pushes the f3 key they can talk into there mics and people can hear them.

Any Idea How?

Microphone, Webcam
How can I use VB6 to get sounds from the microphone or videos from my webcam? To use my microphone I did not need to install anything, but for my webcam, I had to install it from a CD. Can I still use VB6 to get the videos from it?

Muting A Microphone
Is there a simple way to mute the microphone? For example, a hotkey that will mute it? Or perhaps a checkbox. I searched everywhere before coming here, but I'm lost. I've looked everywhere and I can't find it.


Using Microphone After Dialing
Using the Comm control you can make a phone call, and when in the other side someone answers and talks, it can be heard through the speakers. What I want to know is how can I to talk with the microphone and that the other person hears what I say. Thanks in advance.

Microphone Input
Hi, I have a progress bar on a form. I have a max value of 100. When i speak into my microphone i want the progress bar to move to the volume value.

I have never used input like this so this is the first thing im trying out. How do i do it?


Microphone Input
I'm making a guitar tuner application and need to get input from the microphone.

I've already seen examples on here that use the mciSendString() API function, but I don't think that will cut it.

In summary, all I need to do is wait for input from the microphone, and be able to determine the frequency (Hz.).

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Microphone To Speaker
I want to make a vb app for send speach directly (NO RECORD AND PLAY) from microphone to speaker.

How can I do this?


How To Detect Microphone
How do I detect the microphone?

I am building a recording program using mcisendString, unfortunately, I don't have a microphone to test my recorder. So to test my recorder, I open up my Volume Recorder in the system tray, selected options and then selected recording, and made sure I selected CD-Rom.

This allowed me to play a cd and then record from it. But in real world the user will have a microphone, so I want to make sure that the recorder I built is recording from the microphone and not some other device.


Microphone Input

I would like to know if it's possible to get the frequency of a sound from the microphone input. If so, I would like to know how, because I'm trying build a guitar tuner.


Set The Volume Of The Microphone
Does anyone know how to set the volume of the microphone of a pc/laptop using vb code? I am building a recording app using the mciSendString method.

Microphone Recording...

I am trying to imulate a phone system through the internet.

My question is how can I recognize the sound from the microphone (any relevant API functions) as streaming-data....

I don't wanna record the data into a file,
I want the audio to get into some buffer, and that way I send the buffer to the other side, which plays it.

Also, how can I play audio which is not inside a file? in other words, how can I play raw data (blocks of bytes) in the Sound Blaster?

Thanks as usual.

Accessing The Microphone...
how can i, say, record what the microphone says and send it over through winsock... i just need to know the microphone part!

Recording From A Microphone
how can record from a microphone?
and can i record directly to an *.mp3 file?

Recording From Microphone
How do you record from the microphone? I asked the guys in API twice and they didnt reply (yet anyway). I know you can do it with the WAVE Api calls but it is way to complex for me without a thourough explaination. So i was wondering if anybody here had a good control or a link? That would be awsome.

Activating The Microphone
Does anyone know how to go about activating the microphone using VB??

Recording From Microphone

I am trying to find information on recording sound from the microphone and then performing different analysis on the data.

Does anyone know how I can do this??


Anil Bhatia

Volume Into Microphone
How is it possible (either with API or with DirectSound) to measure the volume of the sound going into a microphone at any time?

Thanks in advace for any suggestions.

Volume Into Microphone
How is it possible (either with API or with DirectSound) to measure the volume of the sound going into a microphone at any time?

Thanks in advace for any suggestions.

Volume Into Microphone
How is it possible (either with API or with DirectSound) to measure the volume of the sound going into a microphone at any time?

Thanks in advace for any suggestions.

Microphone Input
Hi i have a progressbar and i want it to show how load the volume is out of 100 when i talk into my microphone. How do i get it to show microphone input?


Microphone Volume
I am developing a voice recognition application and need to display the current microphone volume on a progressbar component as part of the main interface. How do I do this in VB6 ???



Winsock And Microphone.
Is it possible to use Winsock to send what I am saying into a computer microphone, to another computer using winsock to receive it. It would be like a client program to receive and a host program to send.

Is this possible? Can anyone help me do it?

Microphone Control
is there a way to detect a beep sound using the microphone,
i know how to do it in c++, but im not very familiar with the microphone control in vb.

Microphone To Speaker
Is there a way to send audio input from a microphone to the sound card speaker (similar to a PA system) with visual basic 6?

Any help would be appreciated.



Using Headphone && Microphone Instead Telephone

I want to use headphone and micropone (headset) instead of phone in my program. I design a software which after dialing a number automatically by it, you can use phone for conversation. But how can I adopt a headset to use instead of phone? Should I use any software or ActiveX? I try to set input/output of phone to sound card, but it didn't work.


Microphone Mute Sorry To Bother You
Hi Ok this is Kind of a DUMB Question sorry to bother you but i am new to VB( well not that new learnt coding at school) Btw Good evening Board. I am Jamie, New to VB..... I shalll be using this service alot so Dont get bored of me or mad

I will try code the best I can, I am looking into books and stuff,
Well Basically I am coding a software for Radio Presenters and I want a Button on it When Its pressed, It Takes The microphone Volume off of Windows Sound settings.

** If that makes any sence.

Basically When the button is pressed the Microphone Mutes and when its pressed again it unmutes, Microphone setting is in the little icon on the bottom the wee speaker.

I try to make myself as Clear as possible lol
e-mail me or instant message me or add me on msn if you dont understand but if you do post here please thanks guys

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