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AVI In VB6 Animation Control

I have an AVI which was created from a WMV File usingBlaze Media Pro. I am running it in a VB6 Animation Control.I can manually Open, Run, Stop, Close OK. What I now need to knowis how to determine when the AVI has finished so I can writeCode to then automatically Stop the AVI and Close the AnimationControl. Can anyone help? Thanks...

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Animation Using Flash Or Animation Control
I want to incorporate animation in my program, could you help me pls?
I want to use flash or animation control. how can i do that?
this is my first time to do animation.

Animation Control

I have a progress screen with an animation running. Is there some way to include that animation into my exe, as if it were in a picture box -- so I don't have to depend on the file existing on the user's system. I tried putting it into a resource file, but the Open method of the Animation control stated "File Not Found" when I attempted to use it (I used LoadResData with the ID as the parameter for Open -- just guessing).


Animation Control Help
I am trying to add frames to an avi file at runtime for an animation control to use. I don't think I can modify an avi file using the animation control. Does anybody know how I can can do this. It would be even better if I could create an avi at runtime. I am using BMP files.

Gif Animation Control
I download some gif animation control and when
i try to add it to some vb form it ask for Registration Name and Registration Key can you help ?

Animation GIF Control
Um, its just a component that lets you import animated GIFs into VB. I had it installed but after a format, I couldnt find which program it came from?? Its made by some person in China.

Anyone know where to download it?

Animation Control
I am using the MS Win Common Control -2 6.0 (sp4) to simply play file copy, file delete etc animations during the appropriate processes. The only thing is I need to resize this anim to fit in with to look of the associated form. There seems to be no method to do this looking through the object browser. Is it possible to resize ????.

Animation Control
If I wanted to have a .avi animation on my form, what control should I use?
Microsoft Direct Animation Media Control. There are four icons in the tool box for this one.


Microsoft Multimedia Control 6.0

or something else.

Animation Control Resource
Hi everybody...

can anybody tell me where to find standard avi animation files (like file copy etc.) for the animation control?

Thx in advance

Animation Control Tranparent?
So my problem is.... everytime i play an avi (compiled in a .res file) in an animation control i can't set the backstyle of the animation control to transparent...

An example of my problem:

You see the avi, but the background is still in gray... And I want to see the backgroundpicture I have in my form.

Can somebody help me? thx!

BTW: Srry for the crappy Englisch

Active Control For Animation
is there an OCX for Short animations???That you are able to input the frames one at a time and have various speeds?

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Transparent Animation Control???
So my problem is.... everytime i play an avi (compiled in a .res file) in an animation control i can't set the backstyle of the animation control to transparent...

An example of my problem:

You see the avi, but the background is still in gray... And I want to see the backgroundpicture I have in my form.

Can somebody help me? thx!

BTW: Srry for the crappy Englisch

Scrollbar Animation Control
okay i know ive been posting ALOT lately but its because im new at this and terrible at it and craving new knowledge

i was wondering if it was at all possible to create a scrollbar control that would determine the speed an animation i have

any helpmuch appreciated

From Res File To Animation Control
is there any way to store avi file in the resource file and link it with animation control ?

Where To Get More Avis To The Control Animation?
Hey guys!

Do you know where can I get more kinds of "*.avi" movies to add in my control animation? Any sites?

Oh, and when I played the movies with the media player I did note that the back ground of the animation is pink.... Is it normal?

Thanks guys!


Animation In The Web Browser Control

how do i put an animation in the web browser control?

Animation Using Image Control In VB
I have used the image control on a form to perform some animation light tower, which I have drawn 8 images to make it turns. In code, I used the timer to make it animated, but the graphics does not look good at all as using timer, it blinks evry now and then. Any idea make it blinks goes away ?

Problems With Animation Control
Hello everybody,

I want to use the animation control to show a small animation (AVI) during a longer calculating process. My problem is, how to get a AVI with transparent background. I have about 16 bitmaps to create the AVI, but I don't get an AVI with transparent background. For icons you can define a mask color for transparency, maybe something like that.
I hope someone coluld help me with this.

Best regards

Michael Hartmann

Avi Files For Animation Control
Hi All,
Does anyone know a place where I can find good Avi files to use with the Animation Control.
Thanx in advance.

Transparent ColorKey (Animation Control)
Hi all,

I want to show into a form an AVI of "Downloading" made by me in 3DMax and compiled as MS RLE Codec Video using an AVI Creator by vbAccelerator, the problem is that I don't know how to tell to the Animation Control which colour will be transparent, I know the pourple its the default but I'm using it and doesn't works.


Flickering Image Control Animation
hi. i'm trying to do some simple animations with an image control.
i move it using:
the problem is the image flickers 4 times when i do this.
i'm guessing every time i change one of the image properties the picture redraws itself. how can i make it not redraw itself until i'm finished setting the 4 properties?

Where Can I Get Animation Command Button Control?
My project must use animation command button control that can support Gif Picture? I want it a command button, not a picture control, it will not show any focus in picture control.

Problem With Animation Control And Avi File
Problem with Animation control and avi file

I need to play avi file in Animation control. Avi file looks like progress bar in vb and when played shows the incremented progress.

I have used windows movie creator which comes with XP to create this avi file. Have used set of bmp's to create it.I have not added any sound to it. When i try to load it in animation control it throws err 35752.

Error description is
If you attempt to load an .avi file that includes sound data or that is in a format not supported by the control, an error (error 35752) is returned.

Can nayone tell me like how can i create the avi file then which does not have sound or in a format supported by animation control.

Any tool for this?


I Am Close To Make A GIF Animation Control.
How come when I bring an GIF image into an Image Control, it is transparent. But when I use LoadPicture into a variable of iPictureDisplay or stdPicture, the background is no longer transparent. It is either black or white.

How can I make it transparent when I bring it in like this because Bitblt is not making it transparent.

Does anyone knows the combination of the RasterOp Constants to make it transparent?

So far, I used vbSrcInvert and that almost got me what I wanted but than the image is also inverted.

Control For Viewing ANI (Animation) Files In VB ?
Hi Everybody.

This is Deepak.

I want to know about a proper Active X control for running (Viewing) an animated file (ANI files) in the VB form preferably other than web browser.

Waiting For Your reply.


Animation While WebBrowser Control Is Busy/Navigating
I have a web browser built into one of my projects...

I have the tool bars all set up, but the only way you know the browser is busy is that I made the Stop Button light up while it is navigating, then disable it when it completes....

What would be the best way to display an animation while the WebBrowser Object is Working?

Gif? Avi? ImageList?

I would like to keep everything stored in 1 EXE...
So, it looks to me like I'll have to use an image list, unless someone wants to step me through resources (resource editing)... (which I'm not even sure would work anyway)

So, if it is down to the Image List, I guess I will get to use a timer to start and handle the animation...

I will probably start the animation in WebBrowser1_BeforeNavigate2

Then Stop it in WebBrowser1_NavigateComplete2

Is there a better way to handle this...

This seems like the long way around the situation...

Does any one know how the animation is handled in IE ?

This is all I found (C#) and it looks as though they are using an Image List too...

Thanks in Advance

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External Animation Data (or Animation Across Multiple Meshes).
Hiya everyone, first post here, but I've been coming here for a while and learning quite a bit. I'm primarily a developer of data driven web applications, but I've had an idea running around in my head for a long time and am hoping to find a good way to implement it.

For starters, I've got no problem creating a scene, working with models, getting everything loaded and displayed. My only problem is in how best to handle the following.

Here's the scenario, I've got a set of "body meshes" that I've built (and more to come) that all have the same bone structure. Now, I can take body mesh and export a file with all of the animation frames and it works great. The problem now is that I've got to add that animation data into every body mesh I'm going to use. (Male, female, chubby, thin, in a trenchcoat, etc).

So, the problem here, is that when I want to add a new action, like, let's say "Wipe brow", I've got to remake each and every bodymesh.x file with the new animation. I'm also trying to make the game so that people can design their own body meshes, apply them to my bones, and they will work. And, by the nature of the game, at some point, there may be dozens or even hundreds of various actions and gestures. (Not to mention the fact that separate head files are used to create a uniqueness to each character).

My question is, can anyone point me to some examples or something along those lines that will help me manipulate the bone rotations at runtime? So, for example, I would load "joe-body.x" and "joe-head.x" and then load my "wipe-brow.dat" (or whatever) animation and that file will contain how those joints get rotated at runtime rather than at design-time.

Does that make sense? It's becoming difficult for me to express this question as I've been trying to come up with good Google search terms to describe what I'm trying to do for 2 days to no avail.

Thanks, and if you need clarification on the question, I will try to do it.


P.S. An engine or other set of routines would be great, too. I'm not rich, but am not opposed to spending a few dollars if I can be sure it'll do what I want. I've tried several, though, and nothing seems to really do the right thing.

Animation In VB
Wssup ppl . I have a computer coursework which is a game for grade 1 (math game to teach them subtraction). I have a form which is like a test for them . In this form i need to do some animations but i dont know how to do them :

- I have 3 pictures(PC,laptop,LCD)
- Every time 1 picture is shown with a question(e.g only laptop,next question only PC)
- I want the program to choose a random number from 1 - 5 and store it in a variable(Picnum) and show number of pictures which is equal to that number stored in the (Picnum) variable each time .
-The user will chose from a listbox OF
-If the user chose a number which is equal to the (Picnum) value then its right else it false.
2 laptops are show

2 The user chose this
then its right
4 Laptops

3 The user chose this
Then its wrong

Help me plz.THANKS

GIF Animation
Hello guys, is it possible in visual basic to put an animated gif in a form. Everytime I use an image control and put an gif file, there is no animation, could you me me guys how to solve this? Thanks!

Animation Help
I'm in the middle of doing a project for a class and i have cut some pictures from a jpeg and am trying to make it look like its walking accross the screen and im stuck i can get it to flash across the screen using 2 timers but it isnt what i thought it would do

Gif Animation
how can i add a .gif animation into my form?

i tried a picturebox and an image but they dont work

Help With Animation
I just bought paint shop pro and created my first .avi file.

However, I have no idea how to impliment animations into a form.

I tried to use that MSDN library, but it really doesn't help.

I just need to see a simple program with start and stop buttons to make an image box run an animation. Thats all, just all the code (including variables, etc, if need be) necessary to do that.

I apologize if sounds too newb, but I really do appreciate any help with this.


Animation Help
i needed to make a man walk accrose the screen.
to annimate him i use three diff. pics and use this code

Dim ImageNum As Integer
Private Sub Form_Load()
ImageNum = 0

End Sub
Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
With Image1
ImageNum = ImageNum + 1
If ImageNum = 4 Then ImageNum = 1
Select Case ImageNum
Case Is = 1:
.Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path & "pics1.jpg")
Case Is = 2:
.Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path & "pics2.jpg")
Case Is = 3:
.Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path & "pics3.jpg")
End Select

End With

End Sub

Now i need to put an already maid animation how can i cut it to be diff. pics so that i can animate it on my form?

any help will do!
thanx in advance!!hi

Gif Animation
im just starting with gif animation and im wondering if someone could suggest a good gif animation program to use. I have experience in images and image manipulation.

hi guyz i wanted to know how to use animation in vb. i got 3 pics of a man walking but im not sure on how to make it animate.

Can I Put GIF Animation In VB?

Which component should i open to put GIF animation in VB?

Here I attached a file and i'm expecting some coding examples.


Animation Using VB
hi all,

May i know how do i implement animation using VB? Attached is a sample of what i mean:

Animation Help
Please can someone look at the code and tell me how to animate tiles once I have placed them so it looks like the sea is moving etc.

hi, im currently making a game and here is what it is:

on the form, i have an icon of Mario(SuperMario) in a Picture box that automatically moves [down + right] with a timer when the game starts and moves [up + right] when space bar is pressed. while the user controls Mario, he/she has to avoid the upcoming obstacles. this is when the animation part comes in.
up to here, i am successfull
for the animation...
i have 3 pictureboxes on top of each other on the form which basically serves as the background for the form. however, on the pictures, i have added 'shapes' from the toolbar on them. these are used for the obstacles.

in form_load i have

Picture1.ZOrder (0) 'Picture1 is Mario
Picture2(0).Visible = True 'Picture2 are the changing backgrounds
Picture2(1).Visible = False
Picture2(2).Visible = False
intIncrement = 0

when i run the program, it thinks that all the obstacles are still there, and mario collides with obstacles from different "hidden" pictureboxes if you know what i mean :/ also, the background keeps flashing white, black, white, black etc.

also, how do you "restart" forms and "disable" then or make the form start over again?

here is my complete coding for the game:

Option Explicit
' Picture1 = Mario
' Picture2 = Changing Background
' Shape1 = Obstacles
Private intIncrement As Integer

Private Sub Form_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
'Press Space Bar
If Asc(32) Then
Timer2.Enabled = False
Timer4.Enabled = True
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Form_KeyUp(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
'Let Go of Space Bar
If Asc(32) Then
Timer2.Enabled = True
Timer4.Enabled = False
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
Picture1.ZOrder (0) 'Mario Appears Over Changing Background

Picture2(0).Visible = True
Picture2(1).Visible = False
Picture2(2).Visible = False

intIncrement = 0
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
Dim msg As String
Dim Index As Integer

msg = "You Blew Up!"

For Index = 0 To 21
If Picture1.Top >= Shape1(Index).Top - Picture1.Height Then
If Picture1.Top <= Shape1(Index).Top + Shape1(Index).Height Then
If Picture1.Left <= Shape1(Index).Left + Shape1(Index).Width Then
If Picture1.Left >= Shape1(Index).Left - Picture1.Width Then
MsgBox msg
End If
End If
End If
End If
Next Index
End Sub

Private Sub Timer2_Timer()
'Mario Movement - Down + Right
Picture1.Move Picture1.Left, Picture1.Top + 40 ' Move Mario Down
Picture1.Move Picture1.Left + 20 'Move Mario Right
End Sub

Private Sub Timer3_Timer()
Static Count As Integer

Count = Count + 1
Label1.Caption = "SCORE:" & Space(1) & Count
End Sub

Private Sub Timer4_Timer()
'Mario Movement - Up + Right
Picture1.Move Picture1.Left, Picture1.Top - 40 'Move Mario Up
Picture1.Move Picture1.Left + 40 'Move Mario Right
End Sub

Private Sub Timer5_Timer()
'Changing Background
Picture2(intIncrement).Visible = False

If intIncrement = 2 Then
intIncrement = 0
intIncrement = intIncrement + 1
End If

Picture2(intIncrement).Visible = True
End Sub

thanks a lot for your time

So what's a good way to do animation in VB? Does the animation box in advanced controls work very well? The way I do it now is to save each frame as a seperate image and then have a timer that includes a counter and the changes the image every half second or so. I know there has to be a better way. What is it?

Animation In VB?
hey anyone knows how to load a gif file in form load??? just like in windows when you are searching in search file....

Help With Animation
I've been working on a map editor using bitmaps as tiles, but the only real problem i'm running into is getting the map to animate. I can place an animation on the map and all, and I can see it animate in the preview, but the map won't change. It's probally something simple. Can anyone help. Sorry if the code is a little sloppy, haven't had a chance to cosmetic it up. Thanks for the help.


From scratch

I need to draw an animated man skipping rope (rope-jumping)

Can someone help me?

Need Help About Animation?
My question is, I have an animated character that flies on the screen controlled by keyboard...the graphic was made in a sprite of 400 width size and 200 height...each frame was 100 x 200, the 1st 3 frames was animated flying bird and on the last frame which was the 4th frame the designed was a dead bird...i used that dead bird on the last frame so that when a certain object collided on my character it will return the dead bird...thanks guys...need help

Is there anyway to "animate" object in visual basic? Like using the arrow keys to move and have an object look like it is running? Grrrr....Like Mario. I'm trying to use picture boxes but that isnt working. Ideas?

Animation In VB?
What's the best way to animate in VB? I've already tried simple movement of images and pictureboxes, but that looks so fake. I've recently begun storing my bitmaps in device contexts and blitting them onto the playing field (picturebox) using vbscrand and vbsrcpaint. I've had some success with animation this way, but I have to use cls everytime to clear the picturebox, before I animate again. Is there a way past this, is there a way to remove blitted pictures without using cls? I don't have much experience with DX, would that help? Thank you.

How To Do 3D Animation?
How would one go about doing 3D animation? For instance, lets say I have a 3D model of a person, saved in a custom file format. For this example lets just assume that there are no materials or textures associated with my model, just the geometry. I want to make an animation of my person walking. How would I do that?

I could just create multiple models for each 'frame' of animation, so assuming the walking animation was 2 seconds long, at ~20 frames per second, that would be 40 different models I would need to create by hand. There has to be an easier way than this. I'm assuming there is some way built into DirectX, but I don't know what it is...

BTW, I am not using .x files or D3DX Meshes, and am just drawing my models by loading in the custom file format, and doing DrawPrimitive(). I was planning on switching over to .x files eventually, so I would like to hear about any animation methods that either do or do not use .x files and/or D3DX Meshes. (I am using Managed DirectX 9).

i donno whethere this question is atall applicable for this forum or not! but still my question is ' i want create an animation like ms-word, how to do that plz give me some help.

Hey, i need to make an explosion in my game, i have an image with all the sprites for it and everything, but now how do I make the game cycle through those sprites at a reasonable speed? i want this to be a function in my module so i cant figure any way to use timers to do it, any ideas?

Hi folks,

I have a question, Since i'm creating my on game i want to know if it is possible to animate with X objects (standard directx models)?
and if it is, is it worthwhile to use it or is it just to slow?

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