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Access Database (invoice.mdb)

I have an invoice application made in VB 6.0.
The application runs against access.

My plan is to distribute the invoice application for sale.
Is it legaly to distribute the mdb-file (database) with my application ?
Will the application run ok on a computer that have not installed Access ?

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Database Problem(Invoice) Pls Help
Dear Guys,
I want to sum a column of datagrid. I tried
the attached project. But it never refreshes the result.
It shows the result after two events.Is there anycode
to solve this problem. Actually I wanted to sum the
datagrid directly without using sql. Can you post
sample code please. Thanks a Lot in advance.

Saving Invoice To Database
Hi to all,
first, im going to state the problem then the details. what im trying to do is save data from my invoice form to the database. such as; invoice id, date, time, customer, recepient, products, quantity, total, etc.

now, im using vb6, msaccess, ado, and sql statements. i also have to tables; order, order details. but i just don't know how to save the info to access. what if i have the customer has more than one product. would i have to have to sql statements to save to database. one insert statement to order and another one for order detail?

can any one give any kind of help, a hint, suggestions on how to do this?

if i did not provide enough information, let me know.
appreciate any feedback
thank you very much

in new york

How To Check Whether The Invoice No Is Already In Database
Hai Friends,

    I am in need for help while inserting. In insert, how to restrice the user that the no, which is already in database should not be entered again.




Database Program Of Flexgrid Cash Invoice
normalblack fixed

 I'm making a program about a cash invoice program w/a msflexgrid form w/textboxes where i enter data coming from multiple datavase tables. My program is based on DAO n not using ADO or SQL entries. I'm having problem sending tha data in the flexgrid that came from the database tables into a new record in the database tables when i press the command button to enter that data into the tables. Here is a fregment code of my program about the cmdTransact button that will send/edit/update the data from the flexgrid into the database tables. Please f anyone can help me w/this to improve it or give me the correct code. Thank you.

   Private Sub cmdTransact_Click()
   Dim newcsno As Integer

   newcsno = rs3!CSNO + 1
   rs3!CSNO = newcsno
   With rs4
     .Index = "CustomerIndex"
     .Seek "=", txtTin.Text
     If .NoMatch Then
        !CFTIN = txtTin.Text
        !CFName = txtCustomerName.Text
        !CFAddress = txtAddress.Text
     End If
   End With
   With rs3
     !CSNO = !CSNO + 1
   End With
   With rs5
      !CSFTIN = txtTin.Text
      !CSFDate = lblDate(Label5.Caption)
       rs1.Index = "EmplIndex"
       rs1.Seek "=", txtEmpLname.Text
       CSFEmpNo = rs1EmpNo
       CSFTotal = txtTotal.Text
   End With
   txtTin.Text = " "
   txtCustomerName.Text = " "
   txtAddress.Text = " "
   txtItemcode.Text = " "
   txtQuantity.Text = " "
   txtEmpLname.Text = " "
   txtTotal.Text = " "
   MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(I, 0) = " "
   MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(I, 1) = " "
   MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(I, 2) = " "
   MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(I, 3) = " "
   MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(I, 4) = " "
   MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(I, 5) = " "
 End Sub

  'From computer sicence student from Philippines

Calculating An Invoice In Access Db
I am working on a little project for a friend who has a small business.

Now I have a problem calculating an invoice. I really don't know how to tackle this thing.

It's really hard to explain to anyone without the database. But if someone really wants to help I'd be happy to mail the db

Hopefully someone can help me!



Printing An Invoice Using Vb6 And Access

How can I design & print an invoice with it's contents based on two different Access 2000 tables. Also it has some fields which the user will type before printing (e.g. 'Purchase Order No.', 'Boxes' etc.).

Any help will be appreciated.


MS Access: Get Total For Invoice Lines
I have an invoice that has multiple invoice lines. I want to find each of the invoice lines dollars (quantiy * price) and store a sum in a text box. I am having trouble finding an easy and nice way to do this. There must be a nice easy way to do this?

I tried writing a script, but I am having trouble getting it to work right.

Option Compare Database
Dim MyRS As Recordset
Dim MyDB As Database
Dim strSQL As String
Public Function getdate()
Set MyDB = CurrentDb
Set MyRS = MyDB.OpenRecordset("invoiceLineQuery")
strSQL = "SELECT DISTINCTROW invoiceLine.quantitySold, invoice.invoiceNumber," _
& " Sum(invoiceLine.priceSold) AS [Sum Of priceSold] FROM " _
& " invoice INNER JOIN invoiceLine ON invoice.invoiceNumber = invoiceLine.invoiceNum " _
& " GROUP BY invoiceLine.quantitySold, invoice.invoiceNumber;"
Set MyRS = MyDB.OpenRecordset(strSQL)
Do Until MyRS.EOF
MsgBox MyRS![Sum of PriceSold]
End Function

and the script calls a little query i generated:

SELECT DISTINCTROW invoiceLine.quantitySold, invoice.invoiceNumber, Sum(invoiceLine.priceSold) AS [Sum Of priceSold]
FROM invoice INNER JOIN invoiceLine ON invoice.invoiceNumber = invoiceLine.invoiceNum
GROUP BY invoiceLine.quantitySold, invoice.invoiceNumber;

Exporting Data From One MS Access Database To Another MS Access Database In Visual Basic
hello friends,
i want to transfer the data from one Access database to another Access database using visual basic.

The first Access Database name is Data1
Table Name is tbldata1
fields - ID -- Number
            venueID -- Number
            Date --- Date/Time
            RNo --- Number
            SRNo --- Number
            HNo --- Number

i want to transfer this data into the second Access Database -- Data2
with table name same & fields also the same

pls can anyone help me out with this problem



I would like to create an invoice using the data environment on VB6..but when using the data doesnt allow me to call just 1 ID from the calls the records


Help With Invoice Layout

I am sure that sum1 in here has dealt with this situation b4 and can assist me in some way.

I am in the process of developing an invoicing system. I basically have a layout in place but I wish to improve on it. At the moment I am using a DBGRID for the line items. The user just has to enter the fields from left to right and the last column is locked for amount calculation (based on 2 previous columns). This soln seems to work fine as it provides a quick way for the user to enter/edit the data and the totals/tax are calculated on the fly.

However, at times, when the user moves from cell to cell for updating purposes, VB halts the program with a memory error and then shuts the app down. Has any1 ever experienced this? This is the reason that I want to change the layout. The error seems to be random. Sometimes I can have just 3 line items and when I move to line (item) 2 to edit the price field, it will occur.

If any1 has any comments on this, it will be great to hear

Thanks in advance


Creating Invoice
Hallo there!
Im working with an order entry system, and I want my customers to be able to design/create there own invoice's. After that I will fill the fields from my VB program.
Do you know if there is a report writer to buy that can handle this or do you know if this is possible to do from VB.

What Is The Best Way To Save An Invoice?
this is my first post here but i've been lurking and using the search functions here for about a month now.) Its been very very helpful, but unfortunatly i could not find a similar question i'm about to ask.

I am currently developing a Inventory/Customer/PO/Tracking/Invoice program. I am almost done with it before i can have my co-workers to beta test it for me and notify me of any error.

My dilema is what will be the best way to save this Completed Invoice? This Invoice will be saved on the server and printed out (store copy and customer copy) once the order is taken, and then up dated with follow ups and remarks.

some idea's i had
-creating a mdb access table per each order/invoice number, but i figure the DB can and will get big really fast. I don't think that is a good thing for the server and program.
-Create one mdb access table for all Orders and assign X number of colums for inventory number and several other colums for update and follow up.(i think this might be the most logical) and set the Invoice/order number as the primary key
- Use Excel. I haven't really given this too much thought yet, but i imagine someone out there has some input
- Use Word. Once the order is placed the program will save it as a doc file then the Customer rep can go into word directly and make the necessary updates and changes if needed.
-i/o to text file. I haven't given this too much thought either, but i guess a possible senerio

I would like the Invoice portion to be somewhat secure, but also reliable.
Any input, suggestions or helpful tips will be appreciated.


I appologize if i Posted this in the wrong forum I was drawn between the DB and Office, but i believe If i can get everyone's input it will be great......

Saving An Invoice
I have a form which I have called frmInvoice. I need to save a copy of this invoice (with that invoice number) in a file. As the whole form is the invoice,
I am not sure how to set about doing this. Tried Print # (file number), but
VB 6 would not accept this as the form is treated as an object. In that case I would need to save the individual fields separately, but I really need to save the whole form (using code rather than on the 'save as' function at the top. I'll be grateful for any ideas and also any on how to retrieve an invoice when needed.

Invoice Program
hello i am a newbie in visual basic.
i have written an invoice application in clipper 5.2 a few years ago.
a simple program with customer databases and some printing routines.
But with windows xp ,I have lots of trouble programming in clipper because it is a dos based program.

now i want to make a similar program in vb

Does anyone has a free sample program that i can customize?
Or is there existing literature on this item?

VB: Invoice Number
Private Sub form_load()
Select Case Len(CStr(Adodc1.Recordset.RecordCount))
Case 1: Text1.Text = FormatDateTime(Date) + "00" & Format(Adodc1.Recordset.RecordCount)
Case 2: Text1.Text = FormatDateTime(Date) + "0" & Format(Adodc1.Recordset.RecordCount)
Case 3: Text1.Text = FormatDateTime(Date) + Format(Adodc1.Recordset.RecordCount)
End Select
End Sub

I hv the above code to act as the unique number as an invoice number that has the format like 31-Dec-2005001, 31-Dec-2005002, 01-Jan-2005003. etc where 01-Jan-2005 is the current date and 002 indicates the number of record. Wht modification can I make in order to make the number restart at 001 when the next day? E.g. 01-Jan-2005001 instead of 01-Jan-2005003?

The following is my rough concept, may I know how to write in coding?
If format (currentdate)+1 then
Adodc1.Recordset.RecordCount start from 1
End If

Invoice Printing
I need to be able to generate an invoice from records in an Access db and then be able to see that invoice before printing and then print it to the printer. I would like to know what you recommend I should use in the generation of such an invoice. Please advise.

Create An Invoice
I want to create a invoice...whats the best way, use data enviroment/reports thing???

problem is when I call a column name in the detail part, it returns it for everyone, not just the one person!!!!

How Do I Save An Invoice To Db
Have created my own program that tracks customers and parts. The program then creates an invoice and allows the user to preview and print. But now I want to add the ability to save the invoice for future reference. What is the best way to do this. Do I create a text file for every invoice, save it into a memo field within the db or what? Suggestions anyone?

As always, all help is appreciated.


Create An Invoice In VB.NET
Hey everyone,

I'm making a program that needs to be able to create invoices for the customers.
I'm using a SQL server to store all my customers, and inventory. So I need to be able to create the invoice using the information from the SQL Server.

What would be the best way to go about doing this?

I've read that Crystal reports would probally work for this but I've never used it and I was just wanting some opinions on the matter? And if I was to use CR, then would it be best to use the built-in CR with .NET or to use Cyrstal reports Developers edition 8.0?

Thanks for the help in advance?

How Do I Print An Invoice
I wanna know how to print an invoice that I crete through VB. I take the item codes and quntity entered and store it in a database too.

Generating Invoice No
The code below refers to a patients file where the patient number is generated automatically. Now in another form what I need to do is generate an Invoice number to print out a bill for each patient as they recieve treatment. I posted this question before and thought I had the answer but only discovered later that as well as generating an Invoice no. it changed my patient nos from 1,2 etc to 01,02 etc. Any thoughts on how I code this to run properly?
Thanks in anticipation

Printing An Invoice
I have to make up an invoice that a customer can print out from my vb app. I've printed out simple stuff in the past, but I've never tried to create a full 8.5 x 11 page invoice. Are there other techniques for creating these type of pages aside from simple printing tasks that I should be aware of and does anyone know of good tutorials addressing these types of printing tasks? I'm wondering if I should just send a formatted string to the printer to print or set up an invisible form that will be printed or what? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

Making An Invoice
as a beginner i have been racking my brain trying to visualise the best way to make an invoice which will update the database and allow the user to print out the invoice

ideally i would like to see a project

the one i am creating has some unique features(option buttons, where one will allow the database to be updated and the other does not)

at the moment i have a 2 forms
1- has a datalist (with fields ProdID, ProdDescrip, ProdPrice) from where the user can choose a stock item
a datalist to choose the name of the customer
a list box where the chosen items are inserted (problem - i can only manage to insert 1 field into the listbox)
a combobox for the Quantity

2-this form has 6 txtboxes and a find command
the user inserts the ProdID and the details are inserted into the relevant txtboxes- that all works

the last txtbox is for the quantity
the sql query gives me syntax errors
maybe you can shed some light
Dim sExecute As String
sExecute = "UPDATE Products SET UnitsInStock = '" & "'UnitsInStock'" & "' - '" & txtQuantity.Text & "'WHERE ProdID = '" & txtProdID.Text & "'"
i would like to subtract the amount in the txtQuantity from the amount in the UnitsInStock field of the SQL database

as you can see i have been playing around with a few ideas but ideally, i would like to see a project

any advise is most welcome and much appreciated

I Need Make The Invoice
i don't know, who programming the invoice....
i need help.....

excuse me, my english

Create An Invoice
I have an excel File Where I log things i sell
please see example below

Date ID Item qty Price Total
01/01/06 01 Basket 3 5.00 15.00
08/08/06 02 Flower1 5 10.00 50.00

And so On..
Is there a way for me to select a specific record and then print an invoice using vba or a macro? Any help will be apprec

Invoice Application
Im an experienced developer in Access97-2000
I never cared for the lack of control I had over the data being committed
and / rolled back where there was a grid involved. Meaning forms that were
"Rolodex" (one table) worked very well. When It came to An invoice style
it behaved differently.
Like writing the primary record set when entering the grid and
Each grid entry was committed to the database. not allot of control on the
entire invoice and it's related records.

Unless I went through allot of trouble This is Accesses way. It is very
data hungry.

Now VB.
I have a number of ideas of how to perform commit and rollback scenarios
but I would like to see other perspectives. I have looked for books that
are geared to invoicing but when I get into them the scenario is cheesy at
best and lacks the "real world" If anyone could suggest a book that is
based on writing "Invoice style" applications I would appreciate it.


What's The Next Invoice Number?
In a single user environment it is a no brainier.
I have multiple users idle on the "Sales" screen.
I would like advise as how one would acquire the "next" invoice number, and to know what that number was.

Would a primary key be enough?
I have found that if I let the system (SQL) determine the number (using the primaryID) I really cannot tell what number it was.
I used to do a max or move last to see the last record added to the database but I now want a better "Mouse trap"
I need to know what the number is without re-querying the table.

Can we discuss some creative ways to accomplish this.

Thom Boglino
CLC Education
Thom Boglino :)
The Computer Learning Center

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Invoice Class
i want to create invoice app. that have table bill and one bill have colletions of items.
I want to use Class. E.g. bill object can create more than one items object withing it.
How to achive it

It May seem Impossible, But Possibly We don't know the way how to reach there ????

Help With Number For Invoice
  I have never worked with VBA before and I have to tried to figure this out on my own but haven't solved the problem yet. I have created an invoice worksheet using Excel and I need to know how to make the invoice number change by itself when I open the invoice. So far with other people's generous help I have created a macro using VBA to do this and the number will change but only if I run the macro. I want it to change by itself when I open the workbook. I recorded this code by recording a macro and then going back in to edit it.
 This is the code:

Private sub workbook_open
sheet1. [A1] = sheet1. [A1]. Value + 1
End sub

Is there something else I should be doing to make this work.
Thank you,

Invoice Collection
Hi friends,
i have created three class
clsbill - Invoice information
clsItems - single Itemin bill
colItems - collection of items in bill

I have two problem
1. when i use bill.BillItems.clearItems method , there all collection object should destroy. the Clear Method is not available ??

It May seem Impossible, But Possibly We don't know the way how to reach there ????

Invoice Printing
I am making Invoice in Datareport. Want to keep position of the page footer in Last page footer. If Invoice is of 15 Items & 10 items are printed on a page, then Invoice becomes of two pages. Total Items, Invoice value I can derive in report footer, but report footer has to appear in Last page footer. Please help.



Printing A Certain Invoice
i would like to know how to print a certain invoice by pressing a button in the invoice form.
i have created a dataenvironment with an sql as

SELECT * From job WHERE jobID= " & job.txtJobID.text & ";

where job is the form which is open and has a value in the txtJobID.text as an integer

but it is not working it is displaying an error message as invalid criteria

because if i print the invoice table then it prints all the invoices in the database, but i want a single one.

please help meeeeeeeee.

Invoice Program

I'm new to database programming.
I'm trying to write a program to store Invoices data.
I don't think I'll have problems with the program (I hope ).

My question is:

What is the best way to store Invoices Data?
I mean data type, tables, and columns …. Etc


Please Help!!

Thank you

Invoice Printing
Hi All,

I am trying to print out invoice on hard coded

Thsose information getitng from database and want
to write in few places.

Like Address, amount , invoice numbers...

how could I point in specific places....

would u plese help me out..

thanks in advance

Print Invoice
I use webclasses(VB/IIS) for create Html pages.while user update any thing in client side remote scripting is used for updation in database.but user wants to print an invoice in client side how to do it? when using activX control for printing it is not working under how to print invoice in client side?

Creating A New Invoice
In my program I want to click a new invoice button that will clear all fields and in my invoice number field increase the number by one according to the highest invoice number in my database, but it won't. Any ideas? I really could use some help before tomorrow.

Jessica Tracy

Automatic Input Of A Invoice Age
i just don't know were to start

QuickBooks SDK Invoice Question
I had no luck on the their site so i figure i would try here.

I have no problems adding items to an invoice, however i can't seem to figure out how to add a blank line. Because my company puts multi orders on 1 invoice, we need some sort of spacing so our clients don't get confused. So between orders, i want a blank line.

Minor Part of the Code

Set FullNameElement = xmlInvoiceAdd.createElement("FullName")
FullNameElement.Text = strItemFullName
ItemRefNode.appendChild FullNameElement

Set DescElement = xmlInvoiceAdd.createElement("Desc")
DescElement.Text = strDesc
InvoiceLineNode.appendChild DescElement

etc etc etc

Now if strItemFullName = "" it will produce an error that the item name "" is not found.

Any Thoughts?

Invoice Numbering System
How hard would it be to make a program that would auto number pre-printed invoices?
I would like to create a simple invoice numbering for preprinted invoices.

I'm thinking of 1 form, access database with 2 tables.

I have the ideal I can do that but only one invoice number at a time, by when you click on a command button it will check the first table which has no number since it's new and put the new number there then it will put the number in the other table as well then can do a print then can repeat to get the next number up.

I was trying to figure how to do for example if I got 200 new invoices then I can select do 100 invoice number print and later if I had 500 I can say to print 500 invoice numbers. Instead of one number at a time.

Also for the print to be able to print the invoice number in the top right corner or where ever the user would like.

Only Q for this thread is: will this be very hard to make?


Printing Invoice Form
I want to print an invoice on blank paper and need an efficient method of printing the form with lines, shading and a small logo. Printing a page-size jpeg takes too long on some slow high-res printers. Is there a better way? I experimented with a wmf drawn in Corel but the output didn't look exactly like what I drew. Some line thicknesses were different. Any suggestions? The text is printed with TextOut. Thanks.

Printing An Invoice System
I want to create an invoice system, where i can enter, client name, the date some details, address etc in textboxes then press a print button, that prints the text in all the texboxes and aligns them as i wish.
How come this doesnt work:

VB Code:
Private Sub Command1_Click()Dim s As Strings = Text1.TextPrinter.Print sPrinter.EndDoc End Sub

And if this is correct how do i get it to print the contents of all the textboxes on the page and aligh them on the page


PS The computer i am writing the program on has no printer. What will happen when i text it without a printer???


Invoice Numbers In Excell
I have written an excell spread sheet and have saved it as an invoice template.

I would like to change the invoice number every time the template is opened as a new document.

The invoice number needs to go in sequence and have six figures starting at 100,000 for instance (not really the actual number)

Any ideas of how to do this?

Vince Gledhill

Where Can I Find An Invoice Program
Does anyone know where i can find an invoice program? Im kinda knew and i want to see one for an example.


Printing Richtextbox On Invoice
Is it possible to print richtextbox on the same form with non rtf data, such as at the bottom of an invoice or statement?
If so, how in the world is it done?


Create An Invoice In Quickbooks With Vb
Anybody know how to create an invoice in quickbooks? I tried a sample script from the intuit sdk and it only works with the Canadian version of quickbooks? Any links or ideas would be appreciated.


Multiple Items On Same Invoice

I am developing an order tracking system for an organisation which repairs printers, monitors and other computer parts. Each Invoice generated should have entered multiple items like printers, monitors or others on it. How do i proceed ? I mean what controls in vb should i use so that multiple items can be choosen for same invoice id ?

Can anybody help me ? Please....

Ashish Kamat

Doubt In Invoice Project V.b 6.0
Doubt in Invoice Project v.b 6.0 ...?

Best Way To Print Reports And Invoice
What is a VB coders best option on Printing Reports and Invoices Crystal Reports or?? Any Ideas?

Creating An Invoice Number
I would like to have a new invoice number based on the customer number in the database.

Each customer may have more than one page on their invoice so i would expect that the
change in customer number would increase the invoice by 1.
The user can set up a parameter to start as the invoice number i.e. July = 07000, Aug. 08000 etc.

Any help on this would be most appreciated.


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