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ActiveSheet.Protect[Excel-Need Info On This Event]

Does anyone know how to implement the following code. I havent seen much about it around here or other websites.

I want to protect a activesheet from users so they cant modify it.

I have the following events happening whenever the users click to see the sheet

ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True

This code protects the sheet, however it pops up a message box to alert them that they can go on tools-> and unprotect it if they have the password.

I have a sheet in a workbook that i want users and administrators to have access to. I want the users to only view the sheet and i want to give administrators the right to modify it.

Currently i have a form that asks for administrator password to view the sheet and modify it. however if i protect the sheet in my workbook with a password, then when i call this form that asks for the user password , excel will then ask for a password .

See code below...

'The workbook and worksheet is not save with a protect.
When the users click view table this code is implemented.

'User Table event

ThisWorkbook.IsAddin = False
ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("table").Visible = True
 ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True

'this brings about a form that asks for a password to view the sheet and modify it

'Admin modify table event

  If tPassword.Text = "admin" Then
      Call quick
      tPassword.Text = ""
   ' fAdminActivities.Show
        ThisWorkbook.IsAddin = False
        ValueModified = True
        ActiveWindow.DisplayWorkbookTabs = False
  'This code brings Excel protection password
      MsgBox ("Please verify password and re-enter")
      tPassword.Text = ""
   End If

Is there anywhere around this or a way to pass the variable i have administrators enter to the excel password even???

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How To Change Activesheet In Excel From Vb
can any one help me to how to change the active sheet to anther sheet within a workbook

i wrote this code but it was not working

dim xlApp as new excel.application
dim xlWkb as new excel.workbook
dim xlWks as new excel.worksheet

set"c: emp.xls")

Clear All Textboxes On An Activesheet In Excel
Hi All,

I have a worksheet with a number of textboxes on it . Is there anyway I can call all the textboxes and clear them either thorugh a loop.

Thanks in advance

Many Excel VBA Subs && Functions Should Remember The ActiveSheet, ActiveCell To Restore It
many of my Excel VBA subs & functions should remember the ActiveSheet and ActiveCell in order to go back to it before leaving the sub/function.

the way i'm doing it now requires a lot of repeating code everytime:
Dim oldWorkSheet as Worksheet
Dim oldActiveCell as Range

'remember where we are
Set oldWorksheet = Application.ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet
Set oldActiveCell = Application.ActiveCell

'here comes what the function does

'switch back to where we were before

To avoid this cumbersome code everytime, i tried to write myself some utilities:
'a structure to easily handle all the status information
Type mySheetStatus
    statusActiveSheet As Worksheet
    statusActiveCell As Range
    statusApplicationScreenupdating As Boolean
End Type

'functions to save and restore the status
Sub mySheetStatusGet(sheetStatus As mySheetStatus)
    Set sheetStatus.statusActiveSheet = Application.ActiveSheet
    Set sheetStatus.statusActiveCell = Application.ActiveCell
    sheetStatus.statusApplicationScreenupdating = Application.ScreenUpdating
End Sub

Sub mySheetStatusSet(sheetStatus As mySheetStatus)
    Application.ScreenUpdating = sheetStatus.statusApplicationScreenupdating
End Sub

I tried to use my stuff like this:
Dim oldSheetStatus as mySheetStatus

'remember where we are

'here comes what the function does

'switch back to where we were before

when doing so, all i get is a nasty message saying :
Compile Error: Variable required - can't assign to this expression

so here are my 2 questions:

how can i easily save and restore the status without typing to much?
what does this strange error message tell me? didn't find anything on this site, ms, google...!!

any help is welcome.

-- tillG

Edited by - tillG on 11/8/2003 5:02:56 AM

Protect Excel Vba
Hi there

I have a created an Excel VBA spreadsheet which I want to distribute without giving away any of the main formula in the s/s and the code in the vb editor.

1) Is this possible (all the websites seem to say it's not because of password 'cracker')

2) Could it be possible to place a timer in the code which would disable the program from working after a certain date?


Protect VBA Project In Excel
I am creating a new Excel workbook and adding forms and modules dynamically through VB. How can I lock the VBA Project at run time with VB?

Protect Excel Code (VBA)
Hi all!!!

I need to access some code in a xls file from a macro in another file. The problem is that the VBProyect is protected. I know the password.

The question is...
How to unprotect the proyect through code?

After I read the code, how to protect the proyect through code?

Thanks in advance

Protect Cells In Excel
I have a problem with Excel.
My program can generate a Excle file which can be given to some one else.
All the values in the cells are filled by the program I wrote.

But I don't want anyone to change the cell values in the Excel file.

How can I do?

Protect An Excel Doc Even If It Is Copied?
Hello all,

I have created an excel document with a series of formulas that I need to protect. I have protected the document in excel but here is the catch. In excel, if you copy the form and paste it to another sheet the password protection is removed. No good. I cant have the users being able to copy the sheet and mess with the calculations. Is there a way to have the protection pass to the copy as well? Can I disable the ability to copy? How do I solve this?

I tried to place Code:Sheet1.Protect ("currency") in the workbook opening but it does not work.

Is there a way to lock this workbook no matter what?


Protect Excel VBProject
Anyone know how to protect a Project in Excel by executing a Macro from different Workbook???

Protect && Unprotect Excel Sheets
Hi Guys,

I've found pretty much info on how to protect an Excel workbook etc. but with this protection it is still possible to change data on a sheet... what I want I can't really find. Hope you can help...

In my program in VB 6.0 I can open specific Excel files. If I want to put some info on it, the protection of the sheet(s) has to be disabled. After all the info is put on the sheet(s), the protection has be enabled.

How can I do this? I've found that you can use

PROTECT.DOCUMENT(contents, windows, password, objects, scenarios)

But I don't understand how I can use this code.


First step, if I open the wanted Excel workbook I say:

objExcel.Workbooks.Open (FileBestand.Path & "" & FileBestand.FileName)

The second step is to disable the protection of the first sheet ("Single") of this workbook:

objExcel.Workbooks(FileBestand.FileName).Worksheets("Single")....what next ?

Third step, putting some info on the Excel sheet

Fourth step, enabling the protection of the above mentioned sheet.


This is pretty much what has to happen. Can anyone help?

Kind regards,

Excel Unprotect And Protect Password In VBS
Tying to created a password protected copy of an Excel spreadsheet. The "master" spreadsheet is password protected and I use the following to unprotect it in order to customize the copy:

Application.SendKeys "Password{enter}"

I've tried several ways to protect the copy that is made before saving but it either does not work or it pauses and displays the copy. I need to do it for several hundred copies and do not want a pause for user input for each one.

Any help?

Using VB6 To Protect Excel Cells With A Password
I have a VB6 program that posts data to Excel and then sets the protection for those cells in Excel. Except, the user can simply go and select to unprotect the worksheet and then they are in.
Is there anyway that VB6 can protect those cells and create a password for those cells? I need to make it so the user can not change those cells at all. Any ideas?

Cant Protect Excel Worksheet.. Sort Of??
Ok. I have an app that protects / unprotects sheets in excel..

I have one workbook that it wont work correctly on.

It sets protection with password... you can expand / collapse subtotals (says its protected) good...
BUT.. I can edit Data!??

If I move to outside the print area... its protected... cant edit
but in the print area.. where I need the data protected.. it wont do it!

AAUUUGHH! been trying for 3 hours now to figure this out.

Any clue anyone?

How Can I Protect My Code Written In VBA For Excel
I need to be 99.9% sure I can protect my code for Excel apps. First I would transfer all that code into a ActiveX dll project. What should I do from there?

Is HASP the best way to go?

Can't Protect Code In An Excel Template
I know how to protect a VB Project by opening the Properties window, etc, etc.

That works when I am editing the original Excel template file - the .xlt file I created.

However, when I create a file based on the template (File-New, then choose the template), the code is unprotected and viewable.

How can I protect my project so that it's unviewable in the .xlt template file AND any .xls workbook files that are created from it?

Thanks in advance.

Reg:How To Protect The Selected Cells In Excel Using VBA
Can one help me "How to protect the selected cells in Excel using VBA?"



Using VB6 To Protect Multiple Spreadsheets In Excel
I am trying to write a command to protect 10 worksheets in Excel through a VB6 command. I have it so it will protect 1 sheet, but then if I use the same command again for the second sheet, it crashes. It gives me the error that it is unable to set the lock property for the range. But, the range and spreadsheets are identical to the first sheet.
So, I guess me question is, does anybody know a command to either lock the entire workbook at one time, or does anybody know how to make VB6 Protect multiple worksheets?

This is the code I used to protect the first sheet, but then when I use the EXACT same command for the second sheet it crashes. I can go in and degug it and change the range and sometimes it will advance, but then if I stop and start the program again, it crashes all over again.

xlApp.ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range("e3:e11").Locked = True
xlApp.ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Protect password:="raiders"

Please help, this is driving me nuts

Edited by - kbronsman on 9/30/2003 10:57:52 AM

Excel - Protect Hidden Sheet
Is it possible on Excel to lock the option to unhide a certain hidden sheet?
What I mean is that allthough the hidden sheet exist, no one will be able to unhide it.

Protect/unprotect And .Activate Not Working In Excel 97
My saga continues. I've learned that there are going to be users using this VBA program in Excel 97 (This wasn't the case originally). So now I'm getting random errors on certain things.
The first one is I had been using sheet1.protect and sheet1.unprotect in my code. I'm getting the following error in Excel 97:
"Run-time error '1004': Method 'Unprotect' of object '_worksheet' failed"
It runs fine in 2000 but not here. I see no reason for this not to work.
What's even odder is that I recorded a macro of doing an unprotect and a protect. It works fine when I run the macro through tools/macros/run macros and then I click "Run", but if I were to assign the macro to let's say a command button I get an error.

Second problem:
I have been using .Activate to set the focus on a textbox, checkbox, etc...
When it gets to any .activate code in Excel 97 I get the following:
"Run Time Error '1004': Activate method of OLEObject class failed"
I'm beginning to thing it's just this install of Excel that's corrupt or something. I'll go try it on another machine and see what happens. In the meantime...
Thanks all

Protect Macros In Excel From A User Changing Them (VB)
I have searched at many places for how to protect the macros from a user changing them. I have not found any answer. When I searched for it I got one suggestion to visit a certain microsoft page but the page had changed! Nothing about protecting macros there. I have not found anything on microsoft except about protecting macros in Words.

I found the following script (VBA macro tip contributed by Erlandsen Data Consulting offering Microsoft Excel Application development, template customization, support and training solutions) under the headline "Change the availability for a menu item using VBA in Microsoft Excel" on page,_Toolbars,_Status_bar_in_VBA/Change_the_availability_for_a_menu_item_using_VBA_in_Microsoft_Excel/417.html

[quote:] "The macro below shows how you can toggle the availability state for a menu item.

Sub ToggleMenuControls()
Dim m As CommandBarControl, mi As CommandBarControl
    Set m = CommandBars.FindControl(ID:=30002) ' File Menu
    If m Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    For Each mi In m.Controls
        If mi.ID = 18 Then mi.Enabled = Not mi.Enabled
        ' toggles the state for the Print menu
    Next mi
    Set mi = Nothing
    Set m = Nothing
End Sub

Does every item on the menue have a ID number? What do you think about the script? Nothing was told about the ID number (ID:=30002, ID = 18) and version of Excel and nothing about any other IDs. I do not dare try it since I do not know if it is safe and that the function can be restored. Hope I am understandable.

Edited by - benes on 12/10/2006 8:56:30 AM

Unprotect / Protect Workbook & Worksheet Using VBA For Excel'97
I just can't seem to get this to work. That is unprotecting / protecting workbooks & worksheets using VBA code.

I have tried "Activesheet.Unprotect ("backup") but get an error:
"Unprotect method of Worksheet class failed"

Is there a different way?


Info Message Excell When Mouse-over Event

I'm stuck at the following challenge: in my (first) MS Excell application, I want to show info messages when the mouse moves over the commandbuttons. What I got sofar is the "mouse-over event" , but I can't find a way to view a message for a short time, when the mouse position is over the specific button!
Can anyone help?



how can i do an if statement that detects what worksheet is being used? ive tried verious ways, they either dont work, or i have a problem later on from one of my subs, how would you guys do it?

Excel 2007 (AKA Excel 12) Good Info Webpage
Hi All

Got an e-mail today on Excel 2007, thought I'd pass this useful link to all of you.

Things I like about Excel 2007 are as follows:

- Over 1 million rows and 16,000 columns in a spreadsheet
- Sort a range by 64 levels (currently of 3)
- The "Defer Layout Update" on Pivot Tables

My apologies if this thread has been created already, couldn't find anything so thought I'd let you all have this link.

Moving In The Activesheet
I have opened an excel worksheet with a VBA program I created, but I cannot move with my keyboard in the worksheet. Is there something like "setfocus" method for the object, activesheet? if not is there another way to get around it?

Hi to you all. First time user and i think i've caught a bug.
When using the
ActiveSheet.Range("a1").End(xlDown).Row syntax
If there are 2 rows in activesheet the value returned is 2. If there is one row the value returned is 65536. If there are no rows then the value returned is 65536.
How do i return a value of 1 for 1 row in the activesheet?
I hope someone can help. Cheers RichardW

ActiveSheet.Paste Error
hye all,

I'v problem with this code :

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="BEMLG"
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=6, Criteria1:="MVOU"
Sheets.Add.Name = "Master"
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn = 1

The problem is, there is an error at ActiveSheet.Paste
This error occur since I've upgrade to Office 2003
This coding use in my MS Excel project...
The error popup was like this "run-time error '1004'. Paste method of Worksheet class failed"....
I'm really need your help!!

Determining If Activesheet Is The Last Sheet

Can anyone tell me how to write the VB code, for determining whether the active sheet is the last spreadsheet in a workbook.

I'm writing code that attempts to find a formula that starts with HP. I wnat the macro to start at sheet 2 and run until the last spreadsheet.

Any ideas??

Date Bug In ActiveSheet.Paste
Can anyone help? The ActiveSheet.Paste method appears to give different results to ctrl+v when handling dates.

To see what I mean, enter these two November dates into Word and select ctrl+c to copy them into the clipboard.

12/11/03 08:00:02
13/11/03 08:00:03

Now in Excel, ctrl+v the dates into a cell. They are displayed as expected.

12/11/03 08:00
13/11/03 08:00

This time run the following macro to paste the dates into a cell.

Sub Macro1()
End Sub

The dates are not as expected.

11/12/03 08:00
13/11/03 08:00:03

The 12th November has become 11th December.

Does anyone know how to make the ActiveSheet.Paste method behave like ctrl+v bearing in mind that the data to be pasted may be a mixture of different data types? or Is there a bug in ActiveSheet.Paste?

Activesheet.showalldata Not Working

When a sub is running triggered by a workbook before save event , activesheet.showalldata
is not working, is this normal behavior?
when I run the sub manually, then it works as suspected.

any idea's?



How Do I Call A Macro On ActiveSheet From A Userform????

I have been struggling with the syntax for this, I am sure it should be simple... I have several macros embedded in the active workbook and I have created a form. According to the user input on the form, I need to run various macros on the activesheet, but I get an error message saying macro cannot be found.

Please can you tell me what the syntax should be to run a macro from the activesheet?

Many thanks


ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add Multiple Databases
Hello, I have much respect for your forums and everyone’s experience here. That being said, I need some help.

I am making reports in Excel 2002. I am planning to move these into stored procedures, but due to permissions, this is how I have to do it.

I am querying a table on a SQL database called CompanyRosters the table is called Roster and placing temporary data (the results of a query) into a temp_Counts table. Then pulling it to excel sheet for report. Everything works fine. Here is the code I’m using to pull down the info.

strSQL(1) = "Select meetingcode as [Meeting Code], apptdate as [Appt. Date], appttime as [Appt. Time], counts as [Attendees], "
strSQL(2) = "cis as [Confirmed Invitees], showrate as [Show Rate], idx9 as [Total On Database], idx10 as [Total Deviation], idx1 as [Dec 0-2], idx2 as [Dec 3-6], idx3 as [Dec 7-10], idx4 as [Dec null] "
strSQL(3) = "FROM temp_Counts "
With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:= _
"ODBC;DSN= CompanyRosters;Description= Company-Rosters;UID=uname;PWD=pword;APP=Microsoft® Query; " _
, Destination:=Range(strStartingCol))
.CommandText = Array(strSQL)
.Name = ""
.FieldNames = True
.RowNumbers = False
.FillAdjacentFormulas = False
.PreserveFormatting = True
.RefreshOnFileOpen = False
.BackgroundQuery = False
.RefreshStyle = xlOverwriteCells
.SavePassword = True
.SaveData = True
.AdjustColumnWidth = True
.RefreshPeriod = 0
.PreserveColumnInfo = True
.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=True
End With
All that works beautifully. It might not be the most efficient way of query a database?. But that the code I was given.

Is there a way to modify this code
With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:= _
"ODBC;DSN= CompanyRosters;Description= Company-Rosters;UID=uname;PWD=pword;APP=Microsoft® Query; "

Two have the ability to access two different database or two odbc connections at one time.

Please help me out.

Should I not be using this method? Should I be pushing for stored procedures and the just pull down the info once?

thanks for your help.

How To Get Rid Of Confirmation Message On ActiveSheet.Delete?
I need to use ActiveSheet.Delete excell macro instruction without the user being asked for confirmation; the sheet must always be deleted, no matter the user opinion.

How can I get rid of the messagebox?

Thanks in advance

PS. My current workaround (there is always one)

Name = ActiveSheet.Name
While Name = ActiveSheet.Name

Ugly, but it works.

Addin Can't Find A Word From Activesheet
Addin Can't find a word from activesheet
I am developing Office Addin(COM) to integerate with the software our company is making. Right now, I am stuck with excel.

I want to find some specific word from excel work sheet

Public excelDoc As New Excel.Application

Dim FoundCellas Range

Set FoundCell= excelDoc.ActiveSheet.Cells.Find( "Word" )

VB keeps saying parameter is missing at run time.
why is that?

For reference, I am not using VBA or Addindesigner instead using
ActiveX(dll) IDTExtensibility2 could be found in ms knowledge base

Activesheet.Unprotect Causes Runtime 1004 Error!?
I recorded several macros in Excel97 to sort a range of cells in various ways. The code didn't look too tricky so I have managed to add some to unprotect the worksheet before sorting and re-protect it afterwards. I created an extra drop-down menu on one of the toolbars and assigned the macros to each of the menuitems. Upon realising that I couldn't save the menu in the file (as the macros were) I thought I would put some buttons on the sheet.
After locating the Control Toolbox I put the buttons in place and realised there was no assign macro feature so I would have to do it in the code.
All I did was put the Sub name of the macro into the Sub for clicking the button. It came up with a Run-time 1004 error when it tried to ActiveSheet.Unprotect. Commenting out the Unprotect and the Protect lines made it work but I need to have this feature as the users of the spreadsheet are even less capable than me and will end up deleting the formulas I spent so long creating.

Can anyone help please.
Yours hopefully,

"incognuity" should be a word!

Getting Info From Excel To VB
I am not sure if this is the proper forum but I'll start here. I am using Excel 97 as a database for customers. I enter the name, address, phone, etc. of each one. There are presently about 1200 entries. What I want to do is write a short program in VB that will count specific items. like how many times a particular state abbreviation occurs in column "G", or how many of a certain product are in column "C", for example. I can handle the VB but not sure how to get started with the Excel part. Any help will certainly be appreciated. I know I can do a search in Excel by highlighting the column and manually counting each find but that is the hard way (unless there is an easier way).


Excel Info Into Word
I need some help trying to populate a drop down box in a word document with information available in Excel.

I'm running Office XP Home.
I have about 5000+ items in a column of an Excel spreadsheet that I want to put into a combo box, but i don't understand how to do it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Excel Info To Textbox
I have a Excel workbook with several sheets with random names. What i am tryiing to do is gather all the info from Column A in all the sheets. How would i accomplish gathering this info?

Excel Info To VB [Not Resolved]
I have an excel file which accesses an outside source with a formula something like "=source1|!getinfo1".

I have 2 questions.

First question.
How can i retrieve info from the source "source1" and display the value retrieved in a textbox or listview using exactly the same syntax Excel does ("=source1|!getinfo1" WITHOUT using OLE control for Excel)? In other words, I want to retrieve the info from the source using pure VB, no special controls. I assume if Excel can access the source, I should be able to access it as well with VB but I don't know where to even start.

Second question.
How can I convert my program to a source for excel? In other words, what do I need to do (where to register my program in the system, IF it must be registered, etc) so that my program "Project1" will release info and the same info could be displayed in a cell in Excel by using similar formula as above "=Project1|!getinfo"?

Thank you.

Extracting Info From Excel XLS
Hi all,
Is there a relatively simple way to extract information from an Excel spreadsheet and put it into a new book. The spreadsheet has 10 columns and roughly 6,000 rows. I really dont want this hardcoded, maybe using 2 text boxes as input fields.

need to be able to extract say all the purple people along with all of the info from the other columns.


thanks in advance~!

Reading Info From Excel
Here is what I want to do.. I have dates and descriptions in an Excel spreadsheet and I want to read then through VB and place them in Outlook Express as a task... can this be done

Looking For Info About Exporting Excel To PDF Using VB...
I'm trying to update some code that exports Excel spreadsheets to PDF using VB macros. In particular, the user wants to create a PDF, and then export new reports to the same PDF as they are created. I'm not a VB programmer, so I need to know if this is possible and where to find some good documentation.

If anyone has done this or knows where I can get some info, that would be great. Thanks in advace...

Text Box Info From Vb To Excel
Ok this is my problem, I have a program that calculates costs and displays the costs in 3 text boxes. I need to be able for VB to open a new excel sheet and put the info from the text boxes in to the cells.

This is the code I have:

Dim x1app As Excel.Application
Dim x1book As Excel.Workbook
Dim x1sheet As Excel.Worksheet

Set x1app = New Excel.Application
Set x1book = x1app.Workbooks.Add
Set x1sheet = x1book.Worksheets.Add

x1sheet.Cells(1, 1).Value = Text1.Text
x1sheet.Cells(2, 1).Value = Text2.Text

x1sheet.Cells(3, 1).Formula = "r1c1 +r2c1"
Text3.Text = x1sheet.Cells(3, 1)

But when I run it I get an error saying: Invalid use of new key word and the line
Set x1app = New Excel.Application is highlighted.

Please can some one help

Getting Excel Cell Info From Vb
I need to get specific excell cell information into vb. What is the cleanest way to do this. I need to get down to the specific cell
Any snippet of code would be great thanks in advance

Parsing Info From VB To Excel
Hi there,

I need some help sending info from VB to excel. I dont really no where to start.


Retrieving Web Info Into Excel
Hey guys, I have about 2300 pieces of data that I need to retrieve from the web. As of right now, I'm just going to the webpage and copy/pasting the data into a new column, but this is obviously very time consuming, so I wanted to know if anybody knew a way to retrieve this automatucally, so I can just set it and forget it.

This is a sample of one of the webpages I'm using. I need the data that's called OBJID thats in the top line.

Any ideas folks?

Using VB To Get Info In Excel And Insert In Into SQL
I need help getting started. I am trying to pull info from an Excel spreadsheet and Insert it into a SQL table. I will also have
to search for particular records in the spreadsheet first, then pull them into SQL. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Office/Excel Info Passing
Ok, I have writen a scrip that is going to e-mail an XLS file to a customer of mine. Now what they have requested is that I insert the number of entries there are in the subject and or body of the e-mil.

I did some searchig and found a bit of code that would tell me the entries. Now I need to find a way to pass this number back to outlook at submit it in the e-mail. BTW, this is a completely automated process.

Sub CountRows()
Dim myCount As Integer
myCount = Selection.Rows.Count
End Sub


Unable To Pass Info To Excel
Hope someone can help I'm really struggling. I have a little VB experience and I'm putting an program together part of which opens an existing excel document and adds info to some of the cells.

The problem I have is none of the normal methods seem to work, I can shell the excel document but I cant add the info to it, if I try to use the Dim Excel as Excel.Application ..... type of call it keeps failing and I cant work out why.

I found the thread below and this seems similar as I'm running Excel97 and WinXP (using vb5) does anyone have any experience of this problem or have any ideas how I can sort it?

Similar Problem

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