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Add Days To A Date

I have an application which the current date is displayed. I need to add 21 days to that current date. How is this done?


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Date Format, Count No. Of Days & Highlight Date In Calendar
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<P>Hi all,</P>
<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">Happen to visit this website accidentally and found that it’s very useful to VB beginner like me. <SPAN style="mso-spacerun: yes"> </SPAN>I have the following problems and would appreciate your kind assistance to enlighten me.<SPAN style="mso-spacerun: yes">  </SPAN>Attached is my file for your checking.<SPAN style="mso-spacerun: yes">  </SPAN></P></DIV>
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<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt 0.5in; TEXT-INDENT: -0.25in; tab-stops: list .5in; mso-list: l0 level1 lfo3">2)<SPAN style="FONT: 7pt 'Times New Roman'">      </SPAN>In calculating the number of days, I need to exclude Sunday.<SPAN style="mso-spacerun: yes">  </SPAN>By using the “WeekDay (Calendar1) = 7 “ method, I still didn’t get the correct result.<SPAN style="mso-spacerun: yes">  </SPAN></P>
<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"> </P>
<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"><O:P>      3)  How to highlight a certain date in calendar with different colour to indicate it's a public holiday ? </O:P></P>
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Using The DATE To Transmit 2 Days Ahead Of Current Date (RESOLVED Thank You)
It seems simple, ive looked and looked, cannot find it. . .

basically what I need to do is transmit 2 days ahead of current date. . .

IE today is the 14th, I need it to auto transmit it to the 16th.

Its a pend out date on an account, I've got everything auto except for this feature. . . .

If I get in touch with a client, I want the account to automatically pend the account out for 2 days.

Thanks for the help, love the site, look for me more often, and be sure to purchase some of my award winning albums at a christian store near you.

Edited by - Bryan Duncan on 6/15/2004 3:52:58 PM

Check If Today's Date Is X Days Past Another Date
Hi, I am using Visual Basic 6.0 on Win 2000 environment. I am currently developing a video rental app as a school project. How can I check and see how many days past today's date is from a previously entered date?

For instance, 1- When a customer rents and item, I enter the customer's rental date (let's use 5/20/04 as an example), 2 - Then when the customer returns the item, I enter in the date returned (5/23 - today's date). How can I code this in VB to check for how many days late the item is?

I tried doing this, but nothing happens: (let's assume the variable dateRented is the date that was previously entered when the customer rented the item)

VB Code:
Dim todaysDate As DatetodaysDate = Now        If dateRented > todaysDate Then    MsgBox "This item is late!"End If

Any suggestions would be great. I appreciate it!

Date Function Minus Days From Date
I think the title says it all but I just want to minus daysTillLastSat from the date so that I can find out what the date of last Saturday was from any specific point in time and space well time mainly. Any ideas?

Function weekMaker() As Integer
For i = 1 To WeekDay(Now())
daysTillLastSat = daysTillLastSat - 1
Next i

If daysTillLastSat = -7 Then
daysTillLastSat = 0
End If

MsgBox "DAYS BACK TILL SAT + " & daysTillLastSat
MsgBox Now() - WeekDay(daysTillLastSat)
End Function

Start Date + End Date = Amount Of Days
Hi Guys

I have a simple question that i cant quite figure out, what i have is.

3 text boxes namley "Text2" "Text3" and "Text4" Text2 gets a start date say
01/10/2005 and text3 an end date say 30/10/2005 then in Text4 the amount of days displayed is 30. I just dont know how to get the 30 displayed in Text4.
It should be pritty easy but i have hit a blank, please help.

kind regards

Working Out A Date By Adding Days To Another Date
I have a date and number of days.
I'm trying to work out the date that comes out of adding the days to the original date (bringing into account months and end of year etc.)
would simply adding the days to the date do the trick (Date = MyDate + Days) ?


How To Know The Date In &lt;x&gt; Days?
Is there a way with VB to know the date in <x> days?
Ex: What will be the date in 25 days? (day/month/year)

I Want The Date Of Some Days Ago...
Hi all.
i need something that give me the date of 5 days ago or 1 week...
there is some function like Datediff known for do this automatically?

now is 10/2/2003
i want another date automatically calculated 5/2/2003

thnk you all!!!!

Date {add Days To}
hi i was wondering if any1 can help me with this as i had many attempts my self

i have a txt box called txtdate = the user inputs any date i.e 04/03/05
i then have another txt box called txtdays = user inputs no. of. days the book is rented out for
finally i have a box called txtreturn = this box displays when the books is due back after da cmdcalculate button is clicked on.

basically the user inputs a date in2 txtdate and a number in txtdays, user then clicks on cmdcalculate n the retturn date is shown in txtreturn.

can any1 help me with this thanks

How Can I Now What Was The Date B4 44 Days
i have the today date =10/14/02 and i want to know what was the date before say 44 days is there any function that could help me?


30 Days After A Given Date?
how can i make a textbox with a date eg. 8/11/02 tell me if it is 30 days after that date using the computers clock?

any suggestions?

How Do I Add 7 Days To A Date?
Hello. I'm writing a program to simplify my business. Basically, you choose what you want to send-
1)letter to prospect concerning their resume
2)letter to prospect telling them when training meeting is
3)letter to prospect confirming their reservation
4)letter to city leader confirming prospect's reservation

Everything is pretty automatic, and for good reason. When this is finished, I'm distributing it to all representatives in the company.

I have them enter the meeting date as follows:
month (MM) in txtMeeting1
day (DD) in txtMeeting2
year (YY) in txtMeeting3

Then, it prints the date of the meeting in the letter to the prospect/city leader, plus the date of next week's meeting. I don't know how to accomplish the latter. Could someone please help me out? How do I take the date I enter and make another date that's exactly 7 days after that? I'm totally lost


How To Add Days In A Date?
i have begindate.text and enddate.text

begindate.text = 05/02/06
enddate.text = 180 'days

sample output is: 10/29/06

what function should i used to comeup with the output.

thanks in advance...

Date Plus X Days
I would like to add x number of days to today or a variable date, can you advise on the best way of acheiving this

Many Thanks


How To Add Days To A Date

I have a project in which the user chooses the number of days they wish to hire an instrument. On the receipt form i would like the date the intrument is to be returned to be displayed. However, i do not know the code to have the computer add X number of days to the date of hire.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


How To Add Days In Date??

I have table in access2000 having field date. I want to add days in existing date and want to get new date. How to do this???

Pratik mehta

Add Days To Date
Hi Codeguru friends,

I´m a prommager from Chile. I would like to know if you have some code that add days to one date..something like this :

fin.Text = 21/5/2001 + 30 ' Days
fin.Text = 21/5/2001 + 90 ' Days
fin.Text = 21/5/2001 + 180 ' Days
fin.Text = 21/5/2001 + 360 ' Days

But I lost it, Could you help me please ?
It looks something like this:

"fin.Text = CStr(START.Text + Text1.Text) ?"
"fin.Text = CCur(START.Text) + CCur(Text1.Text) ?"

It was a good code for the job I want to do.

I hope you can help me.

Best Regads,


Adding Days To A Date?
I have a date in a field that is adate field and i wish to add a certain number
of days to it based on a day number in another field.
the first date is stored in D14 and the number of days to be added is in E14 and the output date should be in F14
This SHOULD work. "=D13+E13" because in the help file they do the exact same thing! but it doesnt work, why!

Adding Days To A Date
I already know of the datediff() function, which has helped me in the program thus far. I'm wandering how (to easily) to add basically two weeks to a date.

My program is set up basically so you cant really do anything until you enter the starting date of two weeks. Its for calculating how many hours you've worked in the two week pay period. I'm trying to auto fill the boxes with the date at least so all they have to do is enter the time.

I want to figure this part out because if they enter say 03/20/08 and it adds 14, currently it does not know that a new month will begin before this two week period ends. I could probably figure it out with a bunch of loops or case statements but I'm just wandering if there's like an opposite function to datediff. OR if theres a function OF datediff that i have not recognized yet that will do this. I use it to calc the seconds right now between the two dates and get my info from there... i haven't tried much else...

any thoughts or tips you experts could give me?

Subtracting The Days From A Date..
I Have my "first" project in the works... I'm doing a employee weekly time sheet.. To be used by the formen in the field on the jobs..What I want the user to do is when they enter the weekending date on the form when that loses the focus it puts the date in this format, mm/dd in the column over each day of the week.. Ex: If I put the weekending date at the top of my form .. 06/22/2003 then on Monday the begining of the week it would be:
__Mon __Tues __Wed___Thu etc.. etc.. up to Sun (Weekending)
06/16 __06/17__06/18__06/19 etc..etc..

The days are already in their own columns.. We just want this date format to be automatically put in underneath the days as soon as the Week Ending text box loses its focus... I can't figure this one out as of yet.. I'm still to green..

Date And Days Question
I need my app to run a command on the Saturday following the 18th of each month and then sleep again until the Saturday following the 18th of the next month.

I have tried modifying some of the examples I have found online, but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?



Date In # Of Days Format.
I need a function to calculate how many days have passed since the last change was made to a record on the database. I know that I can use the date function and get something like 12/20/2003, but it would be a mess to calculate if there have been 5 days if the month canged (as I would have to check if it was a 31 day or 30 day month, even a 28 or 29 day month in the case of february).

I think there must be something that counts just days, starting from January 1, wich would be the day # 1, January 31 would be day #31 and February 1 would be day # 32, and the last day of December would be the day # 365, that would be perfect for my application.

Any ideas on how could it be made or if something like that has already been done would be really appreciated.

How Do I Check If A Date Is Less Then 120 Days?
Ok, this one is beyond me. None the less, I need some guru help to accomplish this. This is where your expertise comes in...

I have SQL statement retrieve a Date from a field in an Access database to be displayed in a textbox txt(2).Text. This particular date is an expireration date. I need to check to make sure that this date is not less than 120 days. If it is I will have my code mark it as RED to the user.

I already have my SQL statement working fine for retrieving the specific date and displaying it in txt(2).Text. My issue is that I do not know the proper coding to check if the specific date is < 120 days.
I am using VB6 for all my coding needs.

Thank you all for your time and efforts,

How Can You Get The Date 7 Days Before Today?
Anyone know how to do this?
Does VB have a function to handle things like this built in or will I have to code a complicated function :P?

Subtracting Days From A Date

I am using this function to add days to a given date and it is working just fine:
ContTBx.Text = 3
ContLbl.Caption = DateAdd("d", Val(ContTBx.Text), ContLbl.Caption)

But how can I subtract days from a given date? I tried this but nothing is happening:

ContTBx.Text = -3
ContLbl.Caption = DateAdd("d", Val(ContTBx.Text), ContLbl.Caption)

I am not getting any errors but at the same time no change in the date as well. My ContLbl.Caption remains the same.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Add Days Or Years To A Date...
how to add days or years or whatever to a date?

like a function...

VB Code:
Private Function Add2Date(CurDate as String, addMonth as integer)  As String  End Function

Any Ideas?

Caluclating Date + 30 Days . .
Hi, im having a little problem. Im using access to design an invoice system. I want code to calculate a very simple function.

A function takes a date as an argument and it adds 1 month (or 7 days) to that date and returns the date.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or show me how i can code this ?

Thanks in anticipation

How To Get Week Days From A Date In Vb6

I have to change the days of the week from satureday to sunday and sunday to satureday. Is there any function which can impliment it.


Subtract Days From Date

I have a simple question .
How can i subtract a number of days from a date??
For exable i want to subtract 10 days from 12/9/2004 and
 the result should be 2/9/2004.

Thanks anyway.

Number Of Days Between 2 Date
I have 2 date, myDate1 and myDate2
How to calculate the number of days between myDate1 and myDate2?

Subtracting Days From A Date
I Have my "first" project in the works... I'm doing a employee weekly time sheet.. To be used by the formen in the field on the jobs..What I want the user to do is when they enter the weekending date on the form when that loses the focus it puts the date in this format, mm/dd in the column over each day of the week.. Ex: If I put the weekending date at the top of my form .. 06/22/2003 then on Monday the begining of the week it would be:

_Mon __Tues __Wed___Thu etc.. etc.. up to Sun (Weekending)

06/16 __06/17__06/18__06/19 etc..etc..
The days are already in their own columns.. We just want this date format to be automatically put in underneath the days as soon as the Week Ending text box loses its focus... I can't figure this one out as of yet.. I'm still to green..

Calculating Days From A Particular Date
Hi All,

I am trying to write some code that calculates the number of days from a particular date.

For example if the date was 08/04/2005, I want to find the previous days in that week and display them on a crystal report. So the previous days would be the 07/04/2005, 06/04/2005 and so on all the way until the monday of that week.

All help would be greatly appreciated

Kinds Regards


Add X Days To Date/time Field

I have a texbox (txtReceivedDate) that is populated from my MS Access Database Field receivedDate that is set to date/time.

What I am trying to do is add 10 days to the receivedDate and have that NEW date appear in my txtbox (txtNewDate)

Example: txtReceivedDate would be 7/28/2004 and the txtNewDate would be

Any help with this would be appreciated


Using CPU Time/date To Calc How Many Days Ago???(or Something Else)
I'm making a prog, which calculates how many days(seconds/minutes/months/years...) ago things happened, but I don't know how to get the current time, I used "Now" to get the current time, but I don't know how to calculate how many days(seconds/minutes/months/years...) the things happened with that time I get, how should I carry on??? Or should I use another methode to get the time???

Adding Days To Todays Date
I want to add x amount of days to todays date. The number of days is held in an integer would i do it????

VB6 - Calculating 90 Days From Current Date
what is the simple way to select some records that are 90 days old from todays date?

How can I apply "DatePart" function or "DateDiff' or "DateValue".



Calendar Don't Show Date &amp; Days
Hi Friends,
I am back to my favourite rescue team.

I am working on one little old app. based on VB-6.
App. works great on one network.

Now, I have installed app. on another netwrok.
Whole app. works fine, BUT, calendar controls DON'T SHOW DATE & DAYS.

What could be cause of such strange problem.

Thank you, for your kind help, friends.


Date And Days Rows In Flexgrid?
I made a flexgrid with first row displaying the dates of the month selected from the combo which contains months.Is it possible to put in the next row the week days associated with the date?
Can monthview control be of any help in this?

Add Numbers Of Days To A Date (resolve)
how do i add a certain number of days to a date in vb?

dim today as date
today + 2 ? '2 days for example

Text2.text = Date$ + 14 Days :?
Ok, i got 2 textboxes on a form... Text1.text = Date$
But Text2 have to show the date 14 days later

I tried a few things, but nothing worked. Take a look @ my example (Ofcourse it didn't work), but i just want to find out how i has to be

VB Code:
Dim stri As StringDim stri1 As StringDim stri2 As String Private Sub Form_Load()Dim Dat() As StringText1.Text = Date$Dat() = Split(Text1.Text, "-")stri = Dat(0)stri1 = Dat(1)stri2 = Dat(2) stri1 = stri1 + 14Text2.Text = stri & "-" & stri1 & "-" & stri2End Sub

Well, the results is: 05-45-2002

But how to do it right?

Add Certain Number Of Business Days To A Date.
I want the user to be able to enter a date and then I want my program to add 5 business days to the date the user entered and give me that date.

Function: How Many Days From 1-1-2000 With A Given Date
Dear VB users,

Is there a function to find out how many days it is from the first of januari to a given date.

For example: XXXXX("31/12/2001") gives 365.

If yes, can you give this function?

Nice regards,


Adding Days To Date String
I have a feeling there is no easy answer for this one..

Does anyone know of a way to add days onto a date string such as "7/22/2006", making it "7/24/2006". This needs to be done within the code and in the above format.

Any help with this would be appreciated. I've spent all evening trying to find a way.

How To Add Days/month/year To A Given Date
How can I add a number in day/month/year to a date.

Determine The Number Of Days In Two Date Strings
Is there a function or quick ways to determine how many days in two date strings. For example DateStr1 = "02/15/2008" and DateStr2 = "01/31/2010". I can solve this problem but only using some lengthy code but was wondering if a function or any quick ways. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


How To Resolve Adding Number Of Days To Date?
Hi, I am new here. I have this problem which I had go up for 2 days trying to solve it but it seems out of my ability since I am still a novic in vb and all I could do it stare at it with no output.

Example: I need a Return Date for a Holiday package. The return date must display automatically based on the Travel Date we type in one of the txt bar and the number of days of the holiday duration we type in another txt bar.

What I should get is: Return Date = Travel Date + No of Days of duration
23/05/04 = 23/05/04 + 2

I know I should have:
Dim Return Date As Date
Dim Travel Date As Date

but when it comes to the number of day of the holiday duration it seems I could not put it Dim to Date. But if I Dim the holiday duration to String then I get error. And if it is to be add then how am I to do when the Date is 31/05/2004 and by adding of 3 days will be automatically change to 3/06/2004? I mean the part on the month and year, how to make it to that it auto adds up the month and the year in accodrance to the days?

I know I am sounding confusing but how am I suppose to solve this? Can someone give me a clue? Or example will be most appreaciate. Thanks.


Counting Records Where Date Feild Is Less Than 30 Days Ago
I'm using this query:
"SELECT COUNT(UserID) As Cnt FROM Users WHERE DateDiff('d', LastDate, Date) < 30"

Where LastDate is a feild containing the last date the user signed in, I want to count all users that signed in in the past 30 days but it's constantly counting the total number of rows regardless of the dates.

What am I doing wrong? This is an access DB.


SELECT From Current Date And 14 Days In Future
Working on a SQL query. I want it to return all the records from today and 14 days in the future.

This is what i came up with, but if the date today is 20.juli it will not work. (adds it up to 34?...)

Here's the SQL:

"SELECT * FROM table WHERE date < CURDATE() + 14"

Does anyone know how to make this work?


Subtracting 10 Working Days From Today's Date
How would I go about finding the date that is 10 working days prior to today, starting yesterday? Working days being Monday - Saturday, bank holidays aren't important.

Eg. If you entered todays date, it would return 26/07/2008


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