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Add Minutes To A Time

Hi, all

anyone know how to add minutes to time? I want to add 15 minutes to 08:00 AM.

VB Code:
Dim Time as DateTime = #08:00# Time = Time + (myminuteshere)'This would produce 08:15 AM for example  

Thanks in advance

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Add 30 Minutes To Time? (hh:mm)
I can add day's to months using cvdate, but it does not seem to work with time formatted hh:mm. I wish to add 30 minutes to time stored in a variable. How can i do thsi please?


Add 30 Minutes To Time? (hh:mm)
I can add day's to months using cvdate, but it does not seem to work with time formatted hh:mm. I wish to add 30 minutes to time stored in a variable. How can i do thsi please?


Looking For Someone With 15 Minutes Time
Because I have no experience with VBA I ask you kind people. I have to make this program:
You ask the user for the number of throws
Then you throw a dice (1 to 6) that kind of number and show what the results are in one messagebox. For example:
give number of throws: 5
and then you show:
4 6 2 1 4
This is possible in less then 15 minutes and I can't do this. Is there someone who can do this for me. I will be grateful for it. Gr

Adding 30 Minutes To Time Value
Easy question.

I want to add 30 minutes to the timedate() value within a label. How do I do that?

Chris, Baltimore.

Adding Minutes To A Time
How can I add for example 7 mintutes to the current time, and have it go back to the top of the hour when it's over 60 minutes, and if it's 11:55:00 PM it'll give 12:02:00 AM. The seconds and time of day are crucial.

Is there a module or already some set code that will do this so I don't have to do this the long way I'm doing right now (cuting and slicing a current time).

Adding Minutes To Time

I am sure that is I have just temporarily lack od inteligence....

Here is what I would like to do.
On my form I have textbox with time in it (like 19:12:25).
I would like to add minutes (like 30, 122, 94...) to that time and get the result in format 15:14:12 like I have in textbox.

How to do that?
I tryed with Time1 + Time2 and I had no luck....

Elapsed Time In Minutes
I have an application where my users give me a time and I need to get the elapsed minutes from 7:00 am. Is their a function or easy way to do this ?

TIA for any help!

Adding Minutes To Time
hi all,

how can i add minutes(suppose 10 minutes) to current system time


How Can I Add Minutes To A Time In Javascript
Hi guys,

sorry to post this here but I am very very very in a rush!!

is there a dateAdd() function in javascript like in VB,

tx for your time!!

How To Calculate Minutes Into Time
If I have a var that has 243 in it, how would I calcualte that to minutes.

I would want it to read 0:04:03.


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Just Few Minutes Of Your Valuble Time Please...
I had used the OpenText method of workbook to open a text file, delimited with "|". The command runs like this

XlApp.WorkBooks.OpenText FName, xlMsDos, 1, Delimited, xlTextQualifierDoubleQuote, False, False, False, False, False,True, Chr(124), Array(Array(1,9),Array(2,1)...)

The problem is that the Last Parameter that is the FieldInfo is not a constant. With each file it will differ.

Please help me to put a string in the Array Place.


Adding Minutes To A Supplied Time
I need to compare to times. However, the second time needs to be greater than the first time by at least 9 minutes.

This is what i had first:

So I need it to be something like this:
>TimeValue([txtTFrom].[Value]) + 10

But, as you can guess, that didn't work.

Anyone know how to add an additional 10 minutes to a given time?

Trying To Understand The Time In Hours. Minutes.....
I have this code:

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load()    Timer1.Interval = 100   'fire timer    Timer1.Enabled = True    Timer1.Interval = 60000 '1 minuteEnd Sub Private Sub Timer1_Timer()Static iCounter As Integer     If iCounter = 60 Then        'do something        iCounter = 0    End If    iCounter = iCounter + 1 End Sub

60 supposed to me 1 hour, but for some reason its not, it 60 milliseconds, for the iCounter to be one hour it I should enter 240000.

whats the right timing formate using hour, minutes, second and when using the hour to be 60 min instead of using seconds or milliseconds.


Rounding Time Unit To 15 Minutes
I am currently writing a program that records the number of hours worked on projects to the nearest 15 minutes.

The most common error that users are making is inputting
2hrs 15mins as 2:15 rather than the required 2:25

Has anyone got a routine that would round the minutes worked?

Round Time To The Nearest 15 Minutes?
Does anyone have a lil function / know how to round time to the nearest 15 minutes?

I have broken the day up into 15 minute intervals, and I would like to be able to default to the current interval.

08:40 = 08:30
06:16 = 06:15

Does this make sense?

Thanks alot for your help.

How Can I Calculate The Hours:minutes Between To Time Values
Hi all,

I need to calculate the time difference between a start time and an endtime in this format hours:minutes eg. 1:05.

My time values are in this format hh:mm:ss AM/PM.

Thanks in advance.

Finding Differences In Time - Calculating Minutes
I have tried several ways to do this but to this point am unsucessful. If anyone knows how to accomplish the following please let me know

This has to do with time schedules
I have this data

Start Lunch End
8:00am 11:30am 5:00pm

What I need the code to do is give me the minutes they were scheduled to work and if lunch exists then subtract 60 minutes.

Thanks for any help

Hour(Time) Function; Similar One For Seconds/Minutes?
Are there functions in VB6 that return the minutes and/or seconds of a time variable like the Hour() function that takes a time as its parameter and returns the hour?

Adding Hours/minutes/secs To Current Time?
hi everyone,

i hope someone out there will be able to help me...

is there a preset function that will add, like, 5 minutes (or 5 hours or 12 secs) to the current time?

i've looked everywhere and found nothing.

thanks in advance.

Brain Pain... Round Up Time To Nearest 5 Minutes ?
Anyone help out a poor chap withbrain pain ? I simply cannot think of the algorythm to round up the current time to the next five minutes..

humble apologies for such a crass post but all help gratefully received !!!


Is There A Way I Can Time A DesignMode Session, To Revert Back To NORM, In 5 Minutes?
Is there away that I can execute a timer when I switch to the design mode and have the timer set for 5 minutes to revert back to the regular Mode? I'm going to have the macro attached to a tool bar button. I've written such a code before, but can't find it. I remember how to do most all of that, including switching back to normal mode, but I NEED THE CODE, to switch to Design Mode.. My way of getting back to norm, is not real pretty, to think about, but it works just fine. - As I said, I just need to know how to get in, with code. - It is fine with me, to switch to the design Mode, with the DesignMode tool bar button, if you know of a way to have a timed return to normal, that is triggered by that action. I know how to run a timer as a seperate action, that will revert me back, but the problem with that is, I might forget to trigger that proceedure, as I won't be forced to.

The resaon that I need this, is so when I make a quick code modification to a users workstation, I won't have the possibility of getting caught in a DOWN MODE, cued by me forgeting to switch back to the normal mode. - instructing my user's on how to, is not full proof, as a few tend to forget how, and end up loosing considerable time with their tasks. (stuck in a mode(ha, ha) of being too embarrassed to ask for help.

Thanks from: TboltFrank, for any and all Knowledge and/or ideas(-:

Time - Time = ?minutes
How can I get minutes from a time to another time?

Convert Hours And Minutes To Only Minutes?
I have a time in excelcell ex. 08:36. How can I convert it to only minutes?

Convert Minutes To Hour And Minutes??
I want to convert minutes to hours and minutes (alot of minutes) anyone??

Run Sub Every X Minutes
lets say i have a routine

private sub dostuff()
'do things
end sub

but i want it to run every 15 minutes

is there some code i can add that can do that?

10 Minutes?
Can anyone tell me how to make a timers interval 10 minutes? I put 600 seconds but that didn't work :s

Run .exe Every 10 Minutes
If I wrote a program that runs an .exe every ten minutes.
What would use less resources? API calls, using a timer, or some other method?

I thought I could do this through the scheduler that comes with windows, but the shortest time that the scheduler will run is 1 day.


Someone Got 5 Minutes?
I'm doing a small project, which is basically a simple calculator. I have used a For...Next loop and it is working fine, however I want to change this code into a Do...While Loop and a Do...Loop While.

If you are comfortable with loops and want to help me out please post your email address and I will send you my project files.


Run An Exe Every 20 Minutes
how do I run an exe every 20 minutes for example, I don't know how to use the timer.

Need To Run App Every 40 Minutes!
I am aware you can not set the timer control to fire every 40 minutes in the properties settings. How do I set it to fire at the time (every 40 minutes) I want? I've seen some API code but I am not sure how to use it.

Thanks again in advance...

Minutes To Hh:mm
Okay, I seriously am having a mental blockage, say I have....wait, hmmmm...

if i have a inputbox asking for a start time, say 3:15, then have a inputbox for the end time, say 5:30, could i use like a datediff function to get the time that person worked, in hh:mm? I'm trying to make a very simple clockin/clockout and im to lazy to go type in what i worked, this prog keeps a bi-weekly log and a annual log of hours worked....can someone help me with the above datediff question? or timediff or whatever?


Running Exe Every 15 Minutes
I have built a program in VB. I now need it to somehow run automatically every 15 minutes. What is the best way to do this?

I imagine that writing a VB program that is in an infinitite repetetive loop that does the following:

do for ever

count 900 seconds (15 minutes)

run exe


would not be the best way to accomplish this right?

So what would be the best way? What is the IT standard for accomplishing this sort of thing?

Display Minutes Only
how do i display minutes for time.

i wrote

Text1.Text = Format(Now, "mm")

but it display the month... thanks

Minutes And Seconds ?
Umm Im trying to put a Label in my Media Player to display the time left of the current MP3,MPG etc but i cant seem to figure out how lol u know like

File = WaitAndBleed
Time = 4:57
and it counts down in the using the MMControl_StatusUpdate() event i was using this

MMControl1.TimeFormat = mciFormatMsf

and in the StatusUpdate event this

Label1.Caption = Str(MMControl1.Position / 10)

Does anybody know how i can achieve what im trying to do im confused im only a n0ob lol.

Any help is greatly appreiciated

P.S i put this in the general section because i wasnt sure whether this topic was related to any of the other ones sry if its the wrong place

Adding Minutes
i have got a command button which increases the text number by 10, but because i am using it as part of a clock how do i stop the numbers going past 60.


Getting Sum Of Minutes And Hours??
I have an Access2000 database which has a field named TotalTime. This field has several entries in it like 4:15 and 1:15. How do I add these 2 values together to get the sum of 5:30 ?? I need to add this entire column to get the TotalTime? I can't figure out any SQL statement, so i figure it needs to be some type of loop, but i'm stumped!


Minutes Calculation

Here is the code i"m working on to calculate the time difference in minutes. The question I have is how i can calculate if the time is like this

dim ddate,ddate1 as date
ddate = #11:54 PM#
ddate1= #12:01 AM# --- this is the time the following morning.

Label1.Caption = DateDiff("n", ddate, ddate1)

when I do the calulation i want to get the result as 7 but i'm getting some 1400 result, as its thinking the diff from the same day.

Need your inputs .... thanks.

Miliseconds To Minutes...

I have coded a portion of a program than needs a timer...

This timer must make refresh to some data at a specific time...

For example at 15 Minutes to make the refresh!

With a normal timer it's not possible because is a limited function in VB.

Anyone can help me to solve this problem ?!

Please give me a sample for 15 minutes... then i will develope it just for my needs!


Help!!! To Calculate Minutes In Vb6.0
Hi friends
I want to calculate minutes between given two times values but i dont know how to do it. kindly help me solve this problem.

Plz!!! this is urgent.

Thanks in advance


Convert Hrs Into Minutes
Hi everybody..

Here i was getting problem with hrs and minutes..

Actually what i want was , to convert 2.5 hrs to "2 hrs 30 minutes"..

that is it should have to give user inputed hours(like 2.5hrs in abv case)
it should have to give a msg in minutes like 2hrs 30mins..

Hope u got my problem..
plz help this buddy in this regard..

thanx & regards

Timer For Five Minutes?

I'm trying to set a timer to five minutes.

I've put 1000 * 60 = 1 minute

* 5 = five minutes (300000)

But when I try to put this in i get:

Invalid property value - is it too high?


Stand By This May Take A Few Minutes

I want to display a message box that says:

"Please Stand by your request is being processed. This may take a few minutes. Thank you for your patience."

And have it go away when the process is done.

I can do the part of putting up the message box but I can't figure out how to tell it to go away when the processing is done.



Learn In Minutes
So is this book worth the price of admission?

Hours Out Of Minutes
Can someone just make a code real quick where say you have 450 minutes, and the code will make like hour$ how many hours that is and min$ how many minutes it is. So that both are seperate integer strings..


Minutes Into Hour
Is there any predefined function which I can use to convert minutes into hours?
75 minutes should be 01:15
20 minutes should be 00:20

Timer Set To Minutes?
How can I make the timer interval 30 minutes? Thanks.

Converting To Minutes
is it possible to convert the time formatted as 12:30:30.90 to minutes? if so can you tell me how?


Seconds To Minutes
i have labelbox it tell me total secons so how would i convert seconds to minutes and hours

Seconds To Minutes?
How do I convert seconds:mileseconds to minutes in VBasic? Is there a function? How would I go about converting, oh say, 45:15 seconds?

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