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Add Values Using Array Into Textbox

Hey all. I'm not very good at VB6 and I have this assignment which I'm stuck on...

Here is how my form looks like:

I'm using an array called SnapGreenScoreBox for the left side and SnapYellowScoreBox for the right side. The only reason I went for Array was to save me the time of creating all those boxes manually.

What I need is to add up all values from those boxes and when I click "Calculate Score" button, all total figures will appear in 2 boxes at the bottom.

Here is how the code would look like if I wasn't using an Array:

Private Sub cmdSnapCalculate_Click()
SnapGreenTotalBox.Text = Val(Text1.Text) + Val(Text2.Text)
End Sub

That's only for 2 text boxes. I have 18 on each side and 3 more forms with the same amount of boxes on each one, so it would have taken me some time. I somehow think that Array will save me all that time...

Am I thinking right? Is that possible to do with an Array?

I'm looking for something like:

Private Sub cmdSnapCalculate_Click()
SnapGreenTotalBox.Text = Sum(SnapGreenScoreBox(17))
End Sub

But that obviously doesn't work...

Thank you for the help in advance...

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Array Using Textbox Values
Hi, I'm a bit stumped on this one, how can I convert my textbox values into an array?

'This is not part of the script, just values that may be in my textbox
'TextBox1.Value = "abc 123 xyz"

txtboxval = """" & Replace(TextBox1.Value, " ", """,""") & """"
'removes all the spaces in the textbox and converts them to ","

'if you look at the value of txtboxval in a msgbox, it looks fine for an array, but doesnt seem to work..
msgbox txtboxval

abc = Array(txtboxval)

For i = 0 To 2
MsgBox abc(i)
Next i

Giving Values - Textbox Array

I have an array of 12 text boxes and I need to give those that contain text a value of one but i'm a little stuck on how

If I had one textbox I believe the code below would work but because txtValue is an array of 12 text boxes it doesn't

If txtValue.Text <> "" Then txtOption = 1

Any ideas?

Putting Array Values Into TextBox
Hi All,

I am trying to write some values from
array to TextBox but I don't want to overwrite
how could I do dat

wat i am doing now is

for i to x

TextBox.Text = Array[i]

next i

I want to write all the values in the
array to TextBox


How Do I Pass Values From A Textbox To An Array Which Is Placed In A Word Document ?
how to pass values from textboxes of vb into word arrays.
i mean , suppose i have a word with an array in it(the array consists of 3 cols and 6 lines) how can i say to vb "i want you to take the value from textbox1 and paste it to cell (2,5) of that array?

must the array have a name and how do i name it?

RESOLVED - Checking ASCII Values In A Textbox Array
I am trying to make sure that only numbers, or the " . " is entered into an array of textboxes. I have code for one text box which works. I have tried to adapt it to use with an array, but it's not working properly

VB Code:
Private Sub txt0_KeyPress(Index As Integer, KeyAscii As Integer)'...check to see if character is a number onlyDim ASCIIcode As IntegerDim strTemp As String    strTemp = Right(txt0(Index), 1)If strTemp = "" Then Exit SubASCIIcode = Asc(strTemp)Select Case ASCIIcode Case Is < 48     If ASCIIcode = 46 Then     '...If character is full stop let it pass     Else         txt0(Index).Text = Left(txt0(Index), Len(txt0(Index).Text) - 1)         txt0(Index).SelStart = Len(txt0(Index).Text)         MsgBox "Numbers only please.", vbExclamation + vbOKOnly, "Incorrect entry"     End If Case Is > 57         txt0(Index).Text = Left(txt0(Index), Len(txt0(Index).Text) - 1)         txt0(Index).SelStart = Len(txt0(Index).Text)         MsgBox "Numbers only please.", vbExclamation + vbOKOnly, "Incorrect entry" End SelectEnd Sub

It is not always geting rid of the correct character.


Textbox Values Following Combobox Values
Hi, need help on these 2 points.

1. I have a combobox with 2 values:
Combo1.AddItem "A"
Combo1.AddItem "B"

I have a column of textboxes and each would have 2 values of their own. I would like the choice of the textbox values to automatically follow that of the choice of the combobox.
Initially my textboxes were all comboboxes and this command is used.

Combo2.ListIndex = Combo1.ListIndex
Combo3.ListIndex = Combo1.ListIndex
Combo4.ListIndex = Combo1.ListIndex
Combo5.ListIndex = Combo1.ListIndex
Combo6.ListIndex = Combo1.ListIndex
Combo7.ListIndex = Combo1.ListIndex
Now I only have one combobox which is Combo1 and the rest are all textboxes.
So is it possible to add 2 choices of values to textboxes and how to make them follow the choice of the first combobox?

2. What property of the textbox do I change or what syntax to add so that no matter how the user tried to change its value, the value can't be changed?

Filling A Data Array With Control Array Values
I have a program that collects data and transfers it into an excel database. My collection method is a control array of textboxes. I am trying to collect all the textbox values and transpose the data into a fixed size area in my excel database but i keep getting errors.

Private Sub cmdSubmitDaily_Click()

Worksheets("Daily Data").Range("A9").Value = Date
Worksheets("Daily Data").Range("B9").Value = (cboDay.Text & "-" & cboMonth.Text & "-" & cboYear.Text)
Worksheets("Daily Data").Range("C9").Value = (cboFuelHour.Text & ":" & cboFuelMin.Text)
Worksheets("Daily Data").Range("D9:AN9").Value = txtDailyData????????
End Sub

Any help would be great .

Passing Array Value In Textbox. The Textbox Turns Up Empty.
I am passing the value of an array to a textbox, but it always turns up empty. When i pass the same value to an excel cell, i get the value. The function calculates the value of USCityA

I am giving parts of the code below:
Redim Pline(9)
Pline(9) = USCityA
test = "Hello"
USA = test & Pline(9)

In another sub, i call this funtion above to allocate the value of USC to the city as shown below:

CityA = USA

Activesheet.OLEobjects("txtbCityA").Object.Value = "CityA:" & CityA

The value i get in my textbox is only "Hello". When i pass USA to an excel cell, i get "Hello Fortworth" (or whatever the value of "USA" is calculated in the function)

How To Setup An Array Using A Textbox Control Array?
I currently have an userform with 23 textboxes on it that the user
would input data to and save it as comma delimited text file. Then the
user would be able to bring back the text file and it would fill in
the appropriate textboxes which the data came from. So basically, you
could make updates to text file and retrieve the data from the text file as many times as you want. I pasted a snippet of my code below which does work, but I'm interested on how to rewrite the code more
efficiently using a textbox control array.

Dim SaveCurPrev as String
SaveCurPrev = "D:Text.txt"

'Saves data to text file
Open SaveCurPrevTxt For Output As #1
Write #1, txtBT4, txtLastISA, txtSecSysExt, txtSecInvWar, _
txtDayComms, txtSemiComs, txtLastsrdy, _
txtLastsrm1, txtLastsrm2, txtCompRun, txtTNC, txtInv, txtRisk, _
txtIBM, txtMVS, txtUNIX, txtVirus, txtDataBase, txtEOS, txtLANWAN, _ txtPrntBrst, txtComment, txtWeekend
Close #1

'Brings data back from textfile and fills in the textboxes
Dim OutPut1, OutPut2, OutPut3, OutPut4, OutPut5, OutPut6, OutPut7, _
OutPut8, OutPut9, OutPut10, OutPut11, OutPut12, OutPut13, _
OutPut14, OutPut15, OutPut16, OutPut17, OutPut18, _
OutPut19, OutPut20, OutPut21, OutPut22, OutPut23 As Variant

Open SaveCurPrevTxt For Input As #1
Do Until EOF(1)
Input #1, OutPut1, OutPut2, OutPut3, OutPut4, OutPut5, OutPut6, _
OutPut7, OutPut8, OutPut9, OutPut10, OutPut11, OutPut12, _
OutPut13, OutPut14, OutPut15, OutPut16, OutPut17, _
OutPut18, OutPut19, OutPut20, OutPut21, OutPut22, OutPut23

txtBT4 = OutPut1: txtLastISA = OutPut2: txtSecSysExt = OutPut3
txtSecInvWar = OutPut4: txtDayComms = OutPut5
txtSemiComs = OutPut6: txtLastsrdy = OutPut7
txtLastsrm1 = OutPut8: txtLastsrm2 = OutPut9: txtCompRun = OutPut10
txtTNC = OutPut11: txtInv = OutPut12: txtRisk = OutPut13
txtIBM = OutPut14: txtMVS = OutPut15: txtUNIX = OutPut16
txtVirus = OutPut17: txtDataBase = OutPut18: txtEOS = OutPut19
txtLANWAN = OutPut20: txtPrntBrst = OutPut21
txtComment = OutPut22: txtWeekend = OutPut23

Close #1

I hope someone can help on this.
Rich K.

Getting Textbox Values
I'm trying to create an easy way to get data from 18 text boxs I've got on a form. In most cases not all text boxs will have an input and rather than have a blank cell in my list of results, which can be interpreted as a zero, I want to put something that is easily identifiable so I know no data was inputted. The problem with the blank being thought of as a zero is that sometime a zero will be a valid input number. This is creating an either/or situation. To simply the process I thought a loop was in order but I'm having trouble with the object identifier part of it. Or so says the error message I get. This code is in the module of the form.

Dim Y As Integer
Dim Z As Integer
Y = 1
Z = 76

If Month(Y).Text <> "" Then
Worksheets("Dataform").Cells(Z, 20).Value = Month(Y).Text
Worksheets("Dataform").Cells(Z, 20).Value = "XXX"
End If
Y = Y + 1
Z = Z + 1
Loop Until Z = 94

I get the error here
If Month(Y).Text <> "" Then
but when I change the (Y) to a number it appears to work fine. Any ideas?


Textbox Values pretty new to VB but this is something that i have had a really hard time trying to figure out...ok, im making a port scanner for my home network, and i put in two textboxes for a start port and an end port...well naturally i don't want the end port to be lower than the start port or the scan would go on forever until u stopped it, so i wrote in

If rmtprt.Text > rmtprt2.Text then goto prtCheck
^------Text box 1 ^--------Text Box 2
prtcheck just sends a message box and then exits the click sub...however, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and i can't figure out the problem...any help at all will be apreciated


Sum Of Textbox Values

How can I manage to control that the sum of the values of four text boxes must be 1?
They must be decimal numbers ( from 0 to 0.9 ), but when i try to add them to a variable it doesn't work!

Please help!!!!!!


Get All Textbox Values At Once
Is there any way of looping through every textbox in a form to get thier values.

This is how i have done it in ASP....
For Each objItem In Request.Form

It will save me having to write out a string for every textbox....
saveStr = saveStr & "email=" & email.text
saveStr = saveStr & "firstname=" & firstname.text
saveStr = saveStr & "lastname=" & lastname.text
saveStr = saveStr & "comments=" & comments.text
and so on for over 50 textboxes

Textbox Values
I have the situation where on checking a checkbox focus is sent to a textbox and if the value of the textbox is not greater than zero ie if uninitialized or zero or empty then the user may not proceed until a valid value is placed in the textbox. Can anyone help!

Calculating With Textbox Values
Hello guys!

I have following problem. I have textbox'es with number values.
TextBox1.Value = 50000
TextBox2.Value = 10000
TextBox3.Value = 40000

I have the following code/calculation:
If TextBox1.Value - TextBox2.Value = TextBox3.Value Then
msgbox "50000 - 10000 = 40000, OK"
msgbox "textbox1 - textbox2 not = 40000, Not OK"
End if

In that case the "if condition" should be true, because 50000-40000 = 10000, but its not. I think it doesn't recognize the numbers as numbers???

Please help me,

Storing Textbox Values
Hi all,
I hope you can help me out. I'm very new to vb and the three books in front of me aren't as helpful as they should be. Ive searched through previous threads here but cant seem to find the solution there either.
I have a few major problems. I'm trying to create a userform that stores data, from textboxes and ComboBoxes, in an Excel spreadsheet when the cmdOK commandButton is clicked.
I cant get the data from the textbox or combobox selection to transfer onto the spreadsheet page, I want to store it in a range but not fill the entire range, just the next empty cell.
Also is there anyway of populating a combobox using data on a sheet thats not active?

Hope that made sence, I thought it would be a pretty standard thing to do. Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Lookup Values For Textbox
Howdy all! I am a VBA newbie, so please bear with me and forgive my extreme ignorance.

I have a workbook with 3 worksheets (Insert Dialogue, Lists, Estimates).

Insert Dialogue is the only visible sheet and simply has a command button to launch a userform.

Lists is a hidden worksheet that contains 3 columns if data (Environment, Application, Requirement).

Estimates is a hidden worksheet where the results of the choices made on the main userform are collected.

I have created two userforms (frmEst and frmReq). The first userform will be used to collect effort estimations and dump the estimates to the Estimates worksheet. The form has three comboboxes (cboCenter, cboEnv, & cboApp) and several textboxes, checkboxes, etc., as well as a button that launches the second userform (frmReq). frmEst is complete and works like a champ. frmReq, however, is giving me a monster headache.

frmReq simply has two textboxes (txtAppName & txtReqList), a 'Print' button, and a 'Close' button. txtAppName is populated by the users selection in frmEst.cboApp. I am trying to take the text in txtAppName and search the Lists worksheet for matches, then list all corresponding entries in the adjacent column in txtReqList. I can get the last entry to show up in txtReqList, but can't seem to figure out how to get ALL matches to show up.

Here is the code I have so far:

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
txtAppName.Value = frmEst.cboApp.Value
Dim App As Range
With txtReqList.Value
For Each App In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Lists").Range("Applications")
If App.Text = Me.txtAppName.Value Then
txtReqList.Value = App.Offset(0, 1).Value
End If
Loop Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = True
Next App
End With

I am sure there is a better, and easier way to do this, and I have been searching the forums for quite some time without luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Tom D

Textbox &lt;&gt; Listview Values
Hi all,

Is it possible to check that the text in a textbox does not equal any of the values in a listbox?

I cant seem to find the correct property to do this?

Thaks very much,


Sum Multiple TextBox Values

Any help would be appreciated. I've created a form to be used in conjunction with a worksheet. The worksheet has a sum function for the range total, but I'd like to sum the textbox values on the form in order to validate the range total. I've looked around on the site and found mulitple threads on the subject, but I can't seem to get any to work. The form has about 40 textboxes, with most formatted as currency. I'm a newbie so the more detail the better. Thanks in advance.

Adding Textbox Values
1.- How can I add values inside two textboxes and have the result displayed on another textbox?

If I add textbox1 and textbox2 (34 and 50 values) I get 3450 in my answer textbox instead of 84.

2.- Whenever one of my textboxes (1 or 2) is not enabled (due to checkboxes I applied), I don't want for that value to be added to my result. How can I do that?

Thanx for ur help

Check For Values In Textbox
I have a program where a user populates text fields and the the values are inserted into a database table. I want to force the user to enter a value in one of the fields. If I say:

If tex1.text = "" then
MsgBox "enter a value"

that works fine, however if they enter a space (or a bunch of spaces for that matter) then it will pass as a value. How can I make it check for text and exclude spaces?


Clear The Values Of A Textbox
Hello all,
can someone tell me how to clear the values of textboxes in a form.


Datagrid Values To Textbox
Hi all,

I am very new to VB. I am using VS2005 vb. I have two textboxes and one grid with two columns

I want to populate the grid values to text box while clicking the exact row?

Is it possible?

can any one give me the solution..?


How To Convert Values In Textbox?
I am using Microsoft Visual Basic v6.0

Anyone can show me how to convert the values in textbox?

Example: I key in '10' into the textbox, but i want to convert it into '30'

If possible can show me a few so that i can use it as a template to manually convert the data. (I need to convert 0 - 59 >.< )

How To Compare Values Of Textbox ?
Hi all . i want to take value of textbox and compare it against an integer values 58519 and 1296889. If the value of textbox is :58519
It loads picture a to the imagebox and if the value of textbox is :1296889
then it loads image b inside picture box and if the value is other then that it places image c. Could any one show me how to do this?Thanks

Check To See If Two Textbox Values Are Different.....

I have two textboxes, one called txtOperatorPassword and another called txtOperatorPassword2. I need to check to see if both are the same, if they are, then its fine. If they are different, then to show a form.

I have tried many ways and it shows the form regardless. This is what I have, please advise. Thanks in advance.

VB Code:
Private Sub txtOperatorPassword2_Change()    If Not Val(txtOperatorPassword2.Text) = Val(txtOperatorPassword.Text) Then        frmOperatorPasswordNotSame.Visible = True    End IfEnd Sub

Scope Of Textbox Values
Just confirming, is the scope of a textbox global to the form across tabs. what i mean to ask is if the textbox is say on one tab and there are values and functions on another tab of the same form, is the textbox visible on the other tabs.

i guess it wont have visibility on other forms, correct?

Counting Textbox Values
well either I am having a brain fart or something is wrong. I have 1 column of textboxes and 2 columns of labels.

they are in order like so

box(0) lbl1 lbl5
box(1) lbl2 lbl6
box(2) lbl3 lbl7
box(3) lbl4 lbl8

txtquan txtrate amount

very simple setup and I can't seem to get the values to add.
if I have 1 in box(0) and 25 in the lbl1 then it should be 25 in lbl5 (lbl1 * box1), the same goes for the txtquan and txtrate. (txtquan * txtrate = amount)

but amount will be the same as lbl5-lbl8 added. the same goes for lbl1-4 and box1 I have very little code right now but I thought it would go something like this

quan = Val(txtlQuanTotal.Text)
Rtotal = Val(txtRateTotal.Text)
amount.Caption = quan * Rtotal

can anybody help out?


Textbox... Numeric Values Only
How can I ensure that only numeric values can be typed into a textbox?

- Cam

Values Entered In The Textbox
Hi all,

I need to check the values entered in the textbox to make sure that they are numbers. Can anyone tell me how to do that? Thanks!


Adding Textbox Values
may i know how to add textbox values

say like this


value of text1.text + value of text2.text = value of text3.text

i add both values up and the value become 3 in text3.text

well its help a lot if you guys can pass me a solution for subtracting textbox values 2

thks a lot for the help :)

Reading Values From A Textbox
Greetings all,

I'm working on a program that allows a user to enter notes in a
multiline textbox. I would like to be able to read the contents of
the textbox (as records - one per line) and store in an array then a

Perhaps this is the wrong control to use as there seems no way of
referencing each line of the text box.

Therefore my question is this: What is the best control to use that
will allow a user to enter one of more lines of text in a form then
write away to a file afterwards.

Apologies if this is a noddy question - too long using VAX-BASIC. :-)


Write Over Values In A Textbox Using VB6

i am writting a programusing VB 6. i have a form which has a textbox containing the following default value "mm/dd/yyyy". i would like the user to be able to write over each element of the date format. Example: type 03 over mm, them the cursor will go to dd and the user can type 24 over mm and them the cursor will go to yyyy and the user can type 2006 over yyyy. i am not sure what function to use which will allow me to do that. if you have any idea how i can do it, i would appreciate it. Thx

Null Values In Textbox
I am fetching a recordset from Access database and then display fields of that recordset into text boxes. But wherever there is a NULL value, an error occurs that show null values cannot be assigned to text boxes,as

Dim rs as New recordset
rs.Open "Select A,B,C From table",cn

in table, A field is requied but B and C can be null, so assiging then to text boxes gives error,
Any Suggestions....

ID An Individual Textbox In A Textbox Array
Hi to all!

Can anybody tell me what is the correct syntax to use when identifying an individual textbox in a textbox array.

The number of textBoxes differ all the time and does not have a fixed number of textboxes.

I need to print these textbox values but do not know how to identify them.

I have got this far: :-(

Dim i As Integer

For i = Text3.LBound To Text3.UBound

(I would like to ID the textboxes between these values)


Array Values In Vbe Only
Can you create and refer to array variables only in the VBE (that is, without putting the array variables on a spreadsheet). The below code lists the names of files in a particular directory. I wish to put these fildenames as arrays and then refer to them without having to put their names on a spreadsheet:

sub file()

Directory = "C:My DocumentsTezcanWorkclient"

r = 1

Filename= Dir(Directory)

Do While FileName &lt;&gt; ""

FileName = Dir

If FileName &lt;&gt; "" Then

r = r + 1

End If


Ens sub

Max/Min Values Of Array

Does anyone know how to find the maximum and minimum value of an array? I have an array with numbers (elevation) and I need to know the highest and lowest elevations, using VB6.


Array Values
hi all. can anyone tell me how to get the highest, lowest and average values fron an array please?

Set All Array Values
Is it possible to set all array elements to the same value (not zero) without looping through the entire thing?

e.g. something like MyArray(*) = 126 would be nice

Array Values
How do I get the value of one array to another form to be listed in a text box?
I thought I could do it like this but I can't get it to work

For I = 0 To 7
Str = CmboSize(I)
str2 = CmboLabel(I)
str3 = TxtDesc(I)

TxtIngredients.Text = "str" & vbTab & "str2" & vbTab _
& "str3" & vbCrLf
I = I + 1
If I = 7 Then
End If

Next I

'Code improved by vBulletin Tool (Save as...)


Max Values In A Array

For Generating new id for the table first i use the select query

Quote: CheckID = txtRegion.Text & txtCountry.Text
 select * from ProductSales where ProductId like % '" & CheckID & "'"
 By the above query i will get the Product Sold in a Region and in 1 Country, then with this i need to
add the unique id value (i.e) increment value. How can i do this.


Can i store all the ID's which are like CheckID in a Array and is it possible to check the Max(ArrayName) and increase the value 1 to generate the new ID. How to check the Maximum value in a array.


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VBA - Reading Textbox Values In Word
I am using VBA in Excel to open a word document (wdApp is my instance of the Word Application and myDoc is the active Word Document that has been opened)

How do I reference a Control Textbox on the word document? The textbox is from the Control Toolbar NOT the forms toolbar and is embedded directly on the document (not on a form.) The name of the textbox I am trying to reference is "Textbox1"

After I open the word document with Excel, I need to retrieve the value that appears in Textbox1. How do I do this?


Using Strings To Reference Textbox Values

Now I am pretty sure you can use the callbyname function to do this.

But as just struggling to get the right syntax in the function.

does anyone have an example???


How To Pass Values From DBList To TextBox?

to make it simple, I have a DataBase containing 3 fields. Name, Phone1 and Phone2.

The DBList is populated with the Names.

When I click on a name, I want TextBox1 and Texbox2 to show the phone numbers of that person.

Very simple indeed (I suppose!) but I don't find the way to do it. I tried to change the DBList1.BoundColumn but I don't think that it is the way. If it is, please explain me how.

There must be an easier way. Any help is more than welcome.

I use VB5.



Passing Values From Flexgrid To Textbox
I have code to add total of a column in a flexgrid. The amount in the flexgrid are formated to "#,###,###.00" the reason is i am working with high numbers in millions so i need for it to be like that when the total is displayed in a textbox. How can i keep the format from flexgrid to textbox and also be able to transfer decimals etc keep the original number that is inserted into the flexgrid.???

Copying Values Of Textbox &amp; Label.
I know how to copy the text in text1 but how do i copy the Text in Text1 AND the caption of Label1?

For example:

Text1.text = "This is the text in Text.1"
Label1.Caption = "Label"

I can copy the text in text1 and the caption of Label1 induvidually... but thats not what i want.. i want to do it together..Wht do i put in the click event of a command button to copy First the Label caption THEN the text in text1? I have been trying to do it.. but it just dont work.. how do i sort this out?

Textbox Values:Dynamic Change
I am new to VB and have a situation here. I have a html file in which I am displaying package values getting it from database using a sql query. I want to give the user an option to able to change these values (textbox).The question is how can I grab the changes to the textboxes and update the database.
The code I have is below;

If recServer.EOF Then
Call MsgBox( "No Records Found" )
Do While Not recServer.EOF
document.write "<tr style=""FONT-FAMILY: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica;FONT-SIZE: 11px;"">
document.write "<input id='Quantity' name='Quantity' value = '"
document.write recServer.Fields(1).Value
document.write "' type='text' size='10' maxlength='10' class='text_box'>"
document.write "</td>"
document.write "</tr>"
End If

How To Output Listbox Values To Textbox
Can someone tell me how to output all the values in a listbox to a multiline textbox. I can only seem to get the first or the last entry in the listbox to show up in the textbox.

Splitting A Textbox Into 2 String Values
Hello can someone please tell me how to do this...

I have a textbox that says : Doe, John

I want to get

strFirstName = "John"
strLastName = "Doe"

Does anyone know the code for the split()?

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