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Alpha Channel Icons


I know there has been posts about this before, but i have serahced, and they all go off topic and don't give consice answers; People start thinking that it's size there talking about and not colour depth then the story starts to lose track, etc etc.


Simply what i am looking to know is:

Can you import XP style Icons into your application. Just like you can import 256 colour icons with transparency onto your form as a picture for example. But VB6 doesnt handle the alpha channel. Is there anyway to get around this? I know that if it is a form icon for example, you can use a ico file with multiple formats, which i have imported successfully due to VB using the lower qualitys icons in design time, but when running the app in XP, it uses the correct icons. But this is an icon to go on a form; It will only have on format as such (i.e. It will be a single 32x32 size icon in an ico file). May be be to do with tricking the program into it? or is there any other method.

I hope there is SOMEWAY of doing it, because XP Icons in 256 without the alpha channel look horrible and jaggy.

If anyone can help it would be great.

Thx in advance.

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32-bit Icons With Alpha Channel
I have searched to the worlds end, but cant find any updated information on this...

Can a 32-bit Icon with Alpha Channel (win xp style) be used in VB6? I know when VB6 first came out, you could not, but has anyone found a work around for this in the recent years?


Icons 32-bit With Alpha Channel

i trying to insert 32bit icons into my application an there was an error, "invalid picture format". what was the problem?

DirectDraw7 Alpha Channel
I was doing some looking around about Direct Draw 7 and Alpha Channels. From what I read is that you cant do alpha channeling in DD7 without either making your own draw procedure that reads the raw data, or use an outside library like vbDabl.dll. I was looking through some files I downloaded awhile ago when I was learning DD7, one popped out at me. It was a program that created alpha channel bitmaps by taking two images, one for the color and another for the alpha channels. Then it saved as an .abmp file. I was just thinking to myself "why would someone need to make surfaces with an alpha channel if you cant even use then in DD7?" I guess this is a question for the DX gurus in the forum. Is it possible somehow to use this to make an easy to use alpha channel draw procedure. It seem like I can modify the method this example used to save .abmp files to just load the image into a surface with 32bit pixel format. Then I would have to find a way to blit the new surface with its alpha channel. My guess would be that everything I read so far is correct. But I think it would be kinda cool if there were an easier way to draw alpha channel bitmaps.

Color With Alpha Channel For GDI+ Drawing
I have been trying to find a function to give me a color with an alpha channel

Up till now I have been using this:
Public Function RGB2Long(R As Integer, G As Integer, B As Integer) As Long
RGB2Long = -16777216 + (RGB(B, G, R))
End Function

which works fine, but I would like to start writing with a semi transparent pen and so wanted to set the alpha componet properly.

The best i could find was MakeARGB but it seems to be a method of the color class in .net and not something that I can call directly.

Can anyone provide me with more information?

Skinned UserControl With Alpha Channel

I've got a big question here: what would be the best way to create a skinnable usercontrol, say using png's - with translucent areas from the alpha channel showing (and updating also when changes occur) what's underneath the control ??

I got a semi functionnal code using gdi+, only very buggy.. I got the skinning part and alpha channels working, but the only workaround i found to achieve the "show what's underneath" part was to put the control's background color to transparent, and render it's content not on itself, but directly on the parent at it's actual position...

...not pretty.

I know it's probably easier to do in .Net, but i dont have it here, and i am more familiar with good ol' vb6, and besides, i'm interested in the procedure involved..

anyone has an idea on how to achieve this?

Form Background With An Alpha Channel? (.png)
Hey all (first post, yay!)

I'd like to know how to add a .png with an alpha channel to a form's background using VisualBASIC 2005 Express.
Please try and explain it as if i were a bird, because my experience in VB is quite limited.

EDIT: I've tried using a .gif image with alpha keying but it looks very aliased, and i can't have shadows, and semi-transparency and all those things you would expect from a .png

 Thanks, - Dest1ny

Edited by - Dest1ny on 7/27/2007 2:41:27 AM

Removing Alpha Channel From Form Component
Hi.. I've been assigned to make a Quicktime Movie player program that can be shown in TV screen and must be shown on top of video that already playing (imagine a TV station logo animation that sits above the video and located on the topright corner of your TV)... I've been successful in making a form that loads and plays the movie, but when I tried to combine it with other video, it doesnt show anything (including the Quicktime movie) cuz it seems the whole form has alpha-channel on it so that the video renderer engine [my office use DeckLink, probably you've heard it] ignores the color information thus make the whole form turn invisible....

What I wanted to know is how to make some part of my Form come to visible or maybe we could remove the Alpha-Channel information in some part I wanted to show in the video renderer.. Please, any comment would be very appreciated...

Thanks in advance..

Semi-transparent With DirectX8 Alpha Channel
I want to use DirectX8 Alpha Blending to make a semi-transparent effect,

can anyone tell me the source code?

Directx8: How To Load And Blt A Surface With An Alpha Channel?
I want to know how to load a surface from a bitmap file with an alpha channel and blt it on to the screen. What function(s) can I use to do this, and what type of file can it be? (that is, something I can get using photoshop alpha channels) Im using directx8

Need To Make Custom PictureBox - PNG Alpha Channel Help...
I have need of a picturebox control that can draw PNG alpha transparency. How would I go about making the picturebox draw per pixel transparency?

Easy Method For Adding Alpha Channel To Bitmaps
Ok. The game I am writing uses 24 bit BMPs. I am really interested in converting these to 32-bit to support alpha channeling. What is the easiest method for doing this? And once I have them converted what is the easiest method for setting the alpha channel? Is there a way to directly edit the first byte? (I think that's the one for the alpha channel). Finally, once I have a 32-bit BMP which directdraw (or directxgraphics) function is best for handling these bitmaps?

Best Editor For .PNG (DirectX) Images? (Alpha Channel Support)

I need to edit alpha channels, but I'm kind of lost how to do it. I want to apply gradient levels of alpha, via .png files. What paint program would you recommend for doing this? Thanks...

Mods: Please dont move this thread, I need help with this from other DirectX programmers. This is not a generic "which is the best paint program" question. Thanks!!

VB6 PNG And Trucolor + Alpha 32bit Icons
Hello !

Is there any patches, Service Packs or 3rd pary tools that allows the support of PNG Graphics and Truecolor 32bit Icons in VB6?

Thank you.

{REZOLVED} Alpha Blend Icons
is there way to show XP alpha blend icons on a vb6 form?

not the image or the picture control does support them

Using 32bit Alpha-blended Icons..

Is there a simple way to display them?

vbAccelerators ImageList Control is to complicated, and it could really be simpler.

32 Bit Alpha Icons In Resource Files?
I can add a 32 bit icon with alpha channel (or shadow) into a resource file, but when trying to load it into an image box with the method

imgIco.Picture = LoadResPicture(20, 1)

I get a runtime error reporting "The image is invalid" or similar.

Tons of programs are already capable of showing these icons, is there some workaround to do it in VB?

ImageList_Draw, ImageList_DrawEx To Render XP-Alpha Icons

I have spent the last while trying to get this working from an example i seen, and i finally have with the help of some things i read. It allows me to 'paint' icons on a form with the XP-Alpha blending, but from the examples i have seen it only seems to allow me to pull the icon from a file on the computer, and even then it wont allow me to select what index number within the file i want (At least from what i have understood). I was just wondering if i could do this in anyother way? Like pulling the icon from the resource editor in the project, or from something else like that.

I have tested with older OS's as well, and in the older ones everything works apart from the Alpha Channelling; But that wont really matter, as long as it works on XP thats a start.

The code i used was the following: It painted two icons in the form, one normal one, and one with 25 or 50 % Blend with the background colour:

Private Const MAX_PATH = 260
Private Const SHGFI_DISPLAYNAME = &H200
Private Const SHGFI_EXETYPE = &H2000
Private Const SHGFI_LARGEICON = &H0
Private Const SHGFI_SMALLICON = &H1
Private Const SHGFI_SYSICONINDEX = &H4000
Private Const SHGFI_TYPENAME = &H400
Private Const ILD_BLEND50 = &H4
Private Const ILD_BLEND25 = &H2
Private Const ILD_TRANSPARENT = &H1
Private Const CLR_DEFAULT = &HFF000000
hIcon As Long ' : icon
iIcon As Long ' : icondex
dwAttributes As Long ' : SFGAO_ flags
szDisplayName As String * MAX_PATH ' : display name (or path)
szTypeName As String * 80 ' : type name
End Type
Private Declare Function SHGetFileInfo Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "SHGetFileInfoA" (ByVal pszPath As String, ByVal dwFileAttributes As Long, psfi As SHFILEINFO, ByVal cbFileInfo As Long, ByVal uFlags As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function ImageList_Draw Lib "comctl32.dll" (ByVal himl As Long, ByVal i As Long, ByVal hdcDst As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal fStyle As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function ImageList_DrawEx Lib "comctl32.dll" (ByVal himl As Long, ByVal i As Long, ByVal hdcDst As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal dx As Long, ByVal dy As Long, ByVal rgbBk As Long, ByVal rgbFg As Long, ByVal fStyle As Long) As Long
Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim hImage As Long, udtFI As SHFILEINFO
'set the graphics mode of form1 to persistent
Me.AutoRedraw = True
'get the handle of the system image list that contains the large icon images
hImage = SHGetFileInfo("C:WINDOWSSystem32Calc.exe", ByVal 0&, udtFI, Len(udtFI), SHGFI_SYSICONINDEX Or SHGFI_LARGEICON)
'draw the icon (normal)
ImageList_Draw hImage, udtFI.iIcon, Me.hDC, 0, 0, ILD_TRANSPARENT
'draw the icon (blended)
ImageList_DrawEx hImage, udtFI.iIcon, Me.hDC, 32, 0, 32, 32, CLR_NONE, CLR_DEFAULT, ILD_BLEND50
End Sub

Thanks in advance,


Displaying Alpha Transparency And Anti-aliasted Images (such As New Windows XP Icons)
how do i display a alpha-transparency and anti-aliasted images in my VB app (for example, an Windows XP icon with the above specifications) without using any costly activeX controls, perhaps codes for me to refer.

I've tried to open it with VB's picture and image control but it seems to generate "the image is not valid" error

:confusedlease help me to solve this problem... I really need the information to build the graphic interface of my app.

Is There An IRC Channel?
Im new and i was just wondering if there was an IRC channel to go along with the site.


How Do I Get To The VBF IRC Channel?
Ok. ive never used IRC.. im using the IRC client that comes built into Trillian, can anybody tell me how i would get into the Visual Basic Forum's IRC channel? Thanks


What Is A Channel?

Just a quick question, what is a file for a channel or handle?

Thanks for your time,
Best wishes
Xenia Jones

What Is A Channel?

Just a quick question, what is a file for a channel or handle?

Thanks for your time,
Best wishes
Xenia Jones

#VB IRC Channel Problem...
I dont know if its just me but whats the irc server for the VBF channel?

4 Channel Recording

Does anyone know if it is possible to use sound card for recording with microphones inside the visual basic ?

Is it possible to use VB for four channel recording ?
Should I have a four channel sound card or is it possible to use two sound cards separately ?

What VB version should I have and what I should note when starting to make the basic program ?

Best thanks,


Opening An IRC Channel
is there VB 6.0 code similar to this VB 2005 express code:

VB Code:
Process.Start("iexplore", URL)

The URL is actually a URL for an IRC channel, so that code opened up mIRC directly and instantly to the correct server and channel.

With VB 6.0 I've been using this code:

VB Code:
Set s = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.application")    s.Visible = True    s.Navigate URL

This takes a lot longer than the VB 2005 code because it opens up my default browser first and then opens mIRC. Is there a way to get the instantanious opening to mIRC that I got with VB 2005 with VB 6.0?

Talking In Irc In A Channel Thru My App
i've made an app that connects to an irc server and then joins a channel and everything comes ok but how do i talk in private to someone or in the channel? ive tried for private message to put: /QUERY <NICK> <MSG> and it says that he doesnt understand the command...*** am i doing wrong?!

Left &amp; Right Channel
Doe's anyone know how i can play one wav file to the left speaker channel and another one through the right speaker channel of the sound card at the same time.

Or is there an API that i can use to control the balance?

Thanks to all in advance

What Is A Channel In A Sound.
I want to know what exactly is "channel" in a sound ? Is it left and right sound outputs to the speaker.

I want to play a mp3 using some code. It asks how much channels it must use. What is the default value for a sound card ?

New Effnet Und Irc-net Channel ! !
join the Effnet or the ircnet and join the channel

we c Us there

IRC Join Channel Problem
I haven't done very extensive programming with IRC but i've gotten through connecting and all that stuff, and i've got a basic communication going with an irc server, however heh..... whenever i attempt to join a channel my program crashes, everytime. I was just wondering if anyone knew why this would happen,

all my program does basically is receve a string from the server and add it to a text box. I was thinking it might have something to do with the characters that are being sent and then moved into there, I'm not sure.if anyone has some tips or advice i would appretate it alot thanks.

Mp3 Player With 6 Channel Sound
i want to play 6 different mp3 file at same time using 5.1 soundcard...:
file 1 play in speaker front left
file 2 play in speaker front right
file 3 play in speaker center

i have tried with direct sound..with wav file..and it work
but now i want try with mp3 file.

anyone have idea what must i do or anyone have simple code about this?

Sound Channel Problem
I'm trying to find a solution to my sound channel mapping problem. I need to play the sound from one channel on both speakers. For example, play left channel audio on both left and right audio channels.

I have been looking for a solution to this but so far no good.

Please help, thank you.

Chance Input Channel?
Is it possible to set the input channel of my capture card dynamically at run time, without the user having to manually do it?
I hope somebody can help me..


Reader &amp; Communication Channel
I have problem when i try to read the data from my smart card into my program. Run-time Error occur!

ChannelNb = G4_OpenChannel(Channel)

The value that i get for the ChannelNb is -520

It is suppose to be either 1 or 0

I dun know what's wrong with my program?

I try to run my program at other PC, it is no problem at all.

I try to read data from the card using the Reader Vendor program. it is also dun have any problem at all.

IRC Channel Listing On Server
Ok guys, i need help. I am developing my own irc bot in VB 6, but i have problem , i dont know how to list channels on the server, like /list command in mIRC.
I want to list channels and to put them in ListBox.
Please help me if u can. I am desperate.

Sound Channel Problem.
I'm trying to find a solution to my audio channel mapping problem. I need to play sound from one channel to both speakers. For example, play left channel sound on both left and right channels. Please help.

IRC !join #channel Command
Ok i have created an simple app that connect to irc and join the channel i had in text4.text

But now, How do i make it react on my commands i typ in that channel...
I want to let them joy the channel i specify, when i typ !join #vbforums, it has to join that channel...

i tried Plenderj's irc bot, but still didn't get how to do that
Anyone who can help me out a lil' bit?

and how to leave an channel?

Midi Channel Muting Etc
Anyone know where I can get APIs or something to manipulate a midi file so I can change play volume of one channel. I want to make a VERY simple midi player that can emphasise or mute one channel at a time and read out the instrument patch names like a sequencer can do but MUCH easier. (To be used for multi part choir practice by non computer people!)

Setting Audio Channel
Dear all

I want to ask u for some help. Do you know how to set audio channel for speaker by VB ? Eg. left only, right only, mono stereo, or stereo.

Thanx a lot for your help

Best regards,

VB Or : Reading A CD' Subcode Channel
The title says it all really.
I need information on reading a standard CD's subcode channel.

I am already aware of hardware and driver requirements I just want to know the coding requirements to get the data in bytes from the channel.

This may be to low level for a VB type language I'm not sure.
But essentially there are 16 bytes of data to get.
If VB cant cope I can write a DLL in a lower language then use the DLL in VB.

Any ideas?

Dan Bayley
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How To Make Mp3 File With R/L Channel?
Actually my problem is mp3 file is a karaoke file, as u know karaoke file must have right/left channel which can switch left for singer sing with music and switch right for non-singer sing with music. However, how to code it using Can anyone help me... Reply me ASAP... Thank you.

How To Modify The Sound Channel
I play a sound wave file with the windows media player component.
I want to modify the channel (left channel 100% and right channel 0%, then the opposite)

How to do this ?

Vb 6 With PCI-1756 64 Channel Digital I/o Card
Hi guys... i need ur expert help right here..

Can anybody tell me how to control or using PCI 1756 64-channel isolated digital input/output card with visual basic 6. I positively think it can be done.. like switch on led using this i/o card.. the problem is i dont know how to make vb recognize this i/o card and if it is.. how to cammand it..

Really appreciate ur help guys... thanks...

Wave Volume And Channel Balance
As i was figuring out how to do this i noticed a lot of posts on the subject...maybe this will help someone out...the set bit is a bit tricky till you understand it...

in a module:

VB Code:
Option Explicit'.wDeviceID    'This parameter identifies the waveform-output device.    'If you were to play one wave file, you would set this parameter to 0.    'If  you were to play multiple wave files, you would set this parameter to 1 for the second, 2 for the third, and so on. '·dwVolume    'New volume setting:        'The low-order word contains the left-channel volume setting.        'The high-order word contains the right-channel setting.    'A value of 0xFFFF represents full volume, and a value of 0x0000 is silence.    'If a device does not support both left and right volume control,    'the low-order word of dwVolume specifies the volume level,and the high-order word is ignored.     Private Declare Function waveOutGetVolume Lib "Winmm" (ByVal wDeviceID As Integer, dwVolume As Long) As Integer    Private Declare Function waveOutSetVolume Lib "Winmm" (ByVal wDeviceID As Integer, ByVal dwVolume As Long) As Integer

VB Code:
Public Function GetWaveVolume(wChannelType As String) As String    'Arguments - 'LeftLng, LeftHex, RightLng, RightHex, BothLng, BothHex    Dim volBothLng As Long    Dim volBothStr As String    Dim volLeftLng As Long    Dim volRightLng As Long    Dim volLeftStr As String    Dim volRightStr As String    Dim retVal As Long     retVal = waveOutGetVolume(0, volBothLng)'LEFT CHANNEL    volLeftLng = volBothLng And &HFFFF&    'HEX    volLeftStr = Hex$(volLeftLng)    'PRESERVE 4 POSITION LOW-ORDER WORD    volLeftStr = Right(("000" & volLeftStr), 4)'RIGHT CHANNEL    volRightLng = ((volBothLng And &HFFFF0000) / &H10000) And &HFFFF&    'HEX    volRightStr = Hex$(volRightLng)    'PRESERVE 4 POSITION HIGH-ORDER WORD    volRightStr = Right(("000" & volRightStr), 4)'BOTH CHANNELS    'HEX    volBothStr = volRightStr & volLeftStr'RETURN DESIRED DATA    Select Case wChannelType        Case "LeftLng"            GetWaveVolume = volLeftLng        Case "LeftHex"            GetWaveVolume = volLeftStr        Case "RightLng"            GetWaveVolume = volRightLng        Case "RightHex"            GetWaveVolume = volRightStr        Case "BothLng"            GetWaveVolume = volBothLng        Case "BothHex"            GetWaveVolume = volBothStr        Case Else            MsgBox "Function [GetWaveVolume] Invalid Argument"    End SelectEnd Function

VB Code:
Public Function SetWaveVolume(ByVal volLeftLng As Long, ByVal volRightLng As Long) As Long    'volLeftLng, volRightLng RANGE IS 0-65535    Dim volLeftStr As String    Dim volRightStr As String    Dim volBothStr As String    Dim volBothLng As Long    Dim retVal As Long 'LEFT CHANNEL    'KEEP CHANNEL SETTINGS WITHIN LIMITS    If volLeftLng > &HFFFF& Then volLeftLng = &HFFFF&    If volLeftLng < 0 Then volLeftLng = 0    'HEX    volLeftStr = Hex$(volLeftLng)    'PRESERVE 4 POSITION LOW-ORDER WORD    volLeftStr = Right(("000" & volLeftStr), 4)'RIGHT CHANNEL    'KEEP CHANNEL SETTINGS WITHIN LIMITS    If volRightLng > &HFFFF& Then volRightLng = &HFFFF&    If volRightLng < 0 Then volRightLng = 0    'HEX    volRightStr = Hex$(volRightLng)    'PRESERVE 4 POSITION HIGH-ORDER WORD    volRightStr = Right(("000" & volRightStr), 4)'LEFT & RIGHT CHANNEL BALANCE AND VOLUME - HIGH WORD & LOW WORD    'HEX    volBothStr = volRightStr & volLeftStr    'LONG    volBothLng = CLng("&H" & volBothStr)'SET VOLUME AND CHANNEL BALANCE LONG    retVal = waveOutSetVolume(0, volBothLng)    SetWaveVolume = retValEnd Function

VB Code:
Sub test1Set()    MsgBox SetWaveVolume(49152, 49152) 'SET WAVE VOLUME 75%, EQUAL BALANCED L/REnd Sub

VB Code:
Sub test1Get()'LeftLng, LeftHex, RightLng, RightHex, BothLng, BothHex    MsgBox GetWaveVolume("LeftLng")    MsgBox GetWaveVolume("LeftHex")    MsgBox GetWaveVolume("RightLng")    MsgBox GetWaveVolume("RightHex")    MsgBox GetWaveVolume("BothLng")    MsgBox GetWaveVolume("BothHex")End Sub

Change Channel With TV Tuner Card
I really hope someone can help me with this because it's been driving me crazy trying to find an answer anywhere on the 'net...

I'm writing an application that captures video from a TV card. The capture part isn't the problem -- I've found plenty of code snippets and examples for that. The problem is: how does one change the channel that the TV card is tuned to? I need to be able to tune the card through code since my application involves, among other things, scheduling events that automatically record video from a particular channel.

As I understand it, the DirectX SDK supports (somewhere) tuning a TV card but only in VC++. So, are there any normal API calls (i.e. for VfW instead of WDM) or can anyone help me out with a small VC++ wrapper to change the tuner's channel?

Many thanks in advance,

Connecting To An IRC Server And Chat In A Channel Using VB 6.0
Hey, I want to make a program that connects to an IRC server and to a channel on that server so that I can see through my program what the people on that channel are saying and respond to those messages if needed. I think I have to use WinSock and I can already connect to the server, but I still can't connect to a channel. I hope someone can help me.

Sending Of Wave... There's The Channel, But Bugz
I can't receive the whole wave file using this code. Just the first few
byte and the process stops. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

Private Sub cmdSend_Click()

    txtRecData.Text = "sending data"
    Dim sFileName As String
    Dim sbuffs As String
    Dim lBytesRead As Long
    Dim sUniBuff As String
    Dim iBytesConverted As Long
    Dim lFilehandle As Long
    Dim temp As Long

    sFileName = "in.wav"
    lFilehandle = CreateFile(sFileName, GENERIC_READ + GENERIC_WRITE, _
                       0, 0, OPEN_EXISTING, 0, 0)

    Text1.Text = lFilehandle
    If lFilehandle <> -1 Then
        READ_BUFFER_SIZE = GetFileSize(lFilehandle, 0)
    End If
    lBytesRead = ReadBINARYFile(lFilehandle, sbuffs, READ_BUFFER_SIZE)
    txtRecData.Text = lBytesRead
    sUniBuff = Space(lBytesRead)
    iBytesConverted = MultiByteToWideChar(0, 0, sbuffs, lBytesRead,
sUniBuff, lBytesRead)
    txtRecData.Text = txtRecData.Text + sUniBuff
    WinSock1.SendData sUniBuff
    txtRecData.Text = txtRecData.Text + "Data send finish"

Private Sub tcpserver_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long)

    Rbuff = ""
    tcpServer.GetData Rbuff, (vbByte + vbArray)
    Log_Event bytesTotal & "bytes received from client"

    Dim temp As Long
    Dim Unibuff As String

    temp = WideCharToMultiByte(0, &H0, Rbuff, -1, Unibuff, Len(Unibuff),
&H0, &H0)

    Dim sFile As String

    sFile = App.path + "in.wav"
    Open sFile For Binary As #1
    Put #1, , Rbuff
    Close #1

    Log_Event ("Data arrival finish")

End Sub

Problem In Seperate Karaoke Channel
i'm now developing a karaoke player by using directshow
i can adjust the left-right balance
but in some vcd,it should use the channel to seperate it

i try and read many many article but still cannot solve the problem

can anyone give me some advise?

Thanks alot!!!

Play Single Audio Channel On Both Speaker
Hi all !

Is there any tricks to play left audio channel only on L-R speaker ?
i want to use this to remove vocal while playing karaoke movie (DAT files)
Thx in advanced !

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