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An Outgoing Call Cannot Be Made Since The Application Is Dispatching An Input-synchro



An outgoing call cannot be made since the application is dispatching an input-
synchronous call


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Vb Call The Dll's Function Made By Vb,how To Input The Array Of String
1.the function in dll (vc写的dll中的某个函数)
int FileSymEnc(char **userlist,int user_num,char *plain,int *len,char *ciph
er,char *ip,int flag)

2.declare in vb's module (vb中的声明)
Public Declare Function FileSymEnc Lib "camsdll.dll" (ByRef userli
st() As String, ByVal user_num As

Long, ByVal plain As String, ByRef len1 As Long, ByVal cipher As String, ByV
al ip As String, ByVal flag

As Long) As Long

3.called by vb (函数的调用)
Dim jj As Long
Dim p As Long
Dim userlist(2) As String
userlist(0) = "yg"
userlist(1) = "yg"
' userlist(1) = "yg"
p = Len("c: est.txt")
jj = FileSymEnc(userlist, 2, "c: est.txt", p, "c: est_j
iami.txt", "", 0)
MsgBox jj
If (jj = 0) Then
MsgBox "加密成功"
MsgBox "加密失败"
End If

4 erro (错误类型)
the array can't be inputed

How To Call My Dll I Just Made
first i made a ActivX DLL with this code:

Public Function test(TheText As String) As String
If TheText = "1" Then
MsgBox "1"
End If
End Function

Then i compiled the dll "project1.dll" into VB98 folder.
In form1:

Private Declare Function test Lib "project1.dll" (TheText As String) As String
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Call test(1)
End Sub

Errors: Can't find Dll entry point test in projext1.dll
What did i do wrong? Please help me.
By the way, is there a way to see all functions in the dll?

Can Input Be Made Faster?
Im reading CSV data files using SQL within VB.
My csv data file layout is like this


The file has about 25K rows of data. With my program i would pull up blocks of data like for calculation "A" only and not "B", "C" etc.... and pass it along to arrays. My code is below. It's fast, but i would like to know if i can do it better, or use another method. The reason i ask because, the old way the data file wasn't a CSV, it was a flat binary file with the same data in it. Below i show the old code also. The old code worked a lot faster then the new code/method used.

Any help or suggestions would be great!!

New Code

Dim Cn1 As ADODB.Connection
Dim Rs1 As ADODB.Recordset
Dim iSQLStr As String

Set Cn1 = New ADODB.Connection
Cn1.ConnectionString = _
"Driver={Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv)};" & _
"DefaultDir=" & mypath2

CurName = lstCur.List(Rec)
Set Rs1 = Cn1.Execute(iSQLStr)

While Not Rs1.EOF
DATE(i) = Rs1.Fields(0).Value
CALC(i) = Rs1.Fields(1).Value
CALC2(i) = Rs1.Fields(2).Value
CALC3(i) = Rs1.Fields(3).Value
DATA(i) = Rs1.Fields(4).Value
DATA2(i) = Rs1.Fields(5).Value
DATA3(i) = Rs1.Fields(6).Value
DATA4(i) = Rs1.Fields(7).Value
DATA5(i) = Rs1.Fields(8).Value

Old Code

Open op_day For Random Access Read Shared As #7 Len = 40

For i = 1 To CurDay
Get #7, i + 1 + 551 * Rec, S

'Used to convert the binary data
Date(i) = cvtsf(Left(S, 4, 1))
CALC(i) = cvtsf(Mid(S, 5, 4))
CALC2(i) = cvtsf(Mid(S, 9, 4))
CALC3(i) = cvtsf(Mid(S, 13, 4))
Data(i) = cvtsf(Mid(S, 17, 4))
Data2(i) = cvtsf(Mid(S, 21, 4))
Data3(i) = cvtsf(Mid(S, 25, 4))
Data4(i) = cvtsf(Mid(S, 29, 4))
DATA5(i) = cvtsf(Mid(S, 33, 4))
Next i

How Can I Call A C++ Dll I Made In Vc++ In Visual Basic
i've made a c++ dll, and im trying to make it work in visual basic, in c++ the dll has a char [255] and int data types. please help..


Call Reports With Subreports Made In The Crystal

I do the report with Crystal Reports with 2 subreports, using database access, I do not know call this reports from VB with subreports.

If somebody has a example, please send me

thank you in advance

Call A Report Made By Crystal Reports 9 In VB6
I have a report which was developed in Crystal Reports 9. I need to call this report in VB6. The alternative solution may be to convert the report to Crystal Reports 8, and then call it in VB6. Has anyone any experience in one of the above mentioned cases. If so, I'd be greatful if he/she would share his/her experience with me. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Setup Application Made With VB6
When we try to install an application made with VB6, the fellow message
appears (but not usually), and we cannot acces to the data, so we cannot
run the application installed, THE MESSAGE IS:
the classe is not registered
CLSID {00000010-0000-0010-8000-00-AA006D2EA4}
Please give we the solution of this problem.

Other Applications Playing With My Own Made Application
I really need your help guys!

My made application (eVB) has been preventing other programs to load or be shown whenever its in run mode from my PPC.

I wonder what happened? For example, my application's been running but I cant show IE , when it is loaded, it will jump back to my application..

Please advise.. thanks a mullion

Programmers are the laziest people around.

Call A Make My Application Run A Sub Routine, From Another Application?
hey guys,

how can i make my application run a sub routine, from another external application?


Say i have two EXE's

1) MainApp.exe
2) Settings.exe

When / If I change & save any settings in Settings.exe, how can i make MainApp.exe re-call a sub (IE: LoadSettings()) to get the new settings from an ini file?

is it possible?

Thanks guys.

Input/Output Call
Is there a way to cancel an input call to a VB app in order to make an output call? Currently VB doesn't allow the two to run simultaneously. If there is a way to have VB do both concurrently, that will work fine also.


Call Another Exe From Vb Application
i want to call another exe from vb.
so i used shell function.
but now i want to check that another instance is already running on the same pc for that exe, if it is then do not open that exe.
i know "findwindow" function to find a window with specific caption,
but here my problem is that another window caption is not fixed but its caption first 4 letters are fixed,

so how to do it ?

How To Call A MFC Dll From VB Application
I have one MFC dll, i tried to call one of the function of that Dll from VB application, but i am getting a error called
"Bad Dll Calling Convention"

Please help me...
Reply soon.....

How To Call An Exe Application
Can someone tell me how to call an exe application in Visual Basic(Is that different in VB.NET). I would appreciate if could gimme some code. I knew this, but I forgot it.

How To Call Other Application?
how to call other application from my application so that when i close my application it should also close the called application
example i want to call calculator form application and when i close it should exit the calc also

Call An Outside Application
Hi, HeSaidJoe,
Thanks for your attention.
I am a “senior (in age)” beginner. I began to teach myself VB6 last year and now I’m trying to make a program to test computer learners for their computer competency. The program consists of five types of tests: Multiple Choice, True or False, General Windows Operation, and Application of Microsoft Office and Paintbrush. I have come across two problems I feel difficult to solve. One is how to call an external application (Winword or Pbrush, for example) to open a document in the installed directory. The other is how to find a record (with DAO 3.51) with a variant field which is not null. As for the first problem, part of my source code is listed as follows (Problem crops up with the "Shell" line):

Case 4
With rstCreation
.FindFirst ("Bianhao = " & intBianhao)
If .NoMatch Then
MsgBox "Error accessing the Library" , vbOKOnly + vbInformation, "Error found"
Exit Function
End If
Load ProbCrt
ProbCrt.Label1.Caption = .Fields("Timu")
bytLxing = .Fields("Leixing")
Select Case bytLxing
Case 2
If Len(rstExaminee!Beizhu) > 0 Then
strTgtFile = Trim(rstExaminee!Beizhu)
strSrcFile = App.Path & "LibraryXmWord.Ncd"
If Dir(strSrcFile) = "" Then
MsgBox "Error accessing the Library", vbOKOnly + vbInformation, "Error found"
Unload ProbCrt
Me.Show 1
Exit Function
End If
strTgtFile = GetFiName(".Doc")
Ciperist strSrcFile, strTgtFile
End If
Shell strWordDir & "Winword.exe " & strTgtFile, vbMaximizedFocus

Private Function GetFiName(ByVal FileExt As String) As String
' Function to get a file name for the examinee to open a file to
‘ work with Office or Pbrush
Dim strTmpName As String
strTmpName = App.Path & "" & strExamineeName

If Dir(strTmpName & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & FileExt
ElseIf Dir(strTmpName & "A" & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & "A" & FileExt
ElseIf Dir(strTmpName & "B" & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & "B" & FileExt
ElseIf Dir(strTmpName & "C" & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & "C" & FileExt
ElseIf Dir(strTmpName & "D" & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & "D" & FileExt
ElseIf Dir(strTmpName & "E" & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & "E" & FileExt
ElseIf Dir(strTmpName & "F" & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & "F" & FileExt
ElseIf Dir(strTmpName & "G" & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & "G" & FileExt
ElseIf Dir(strTmpName & "H" & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & "H" & FileExt
ElseIf Dir(strTmpName & "I" & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & "I" & FileExt
ElseIf Dir(strTmpName & "J" & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & "J" & FileExt
ElseIf Dir(strTmpName & "K" & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & "K" & FileExt
ElseIf Dir(strTmpName & "L" & FileExt) = "" Then
GetFiName = strTmpName & "L" & FileExt
MsgBox "Too many files have been opened, Click OK to quit”, vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Error in creating files"
EndExam True‘function to close system
End If

End Function


Call An Outside Application
I have used the following codes in a VB6.0 program to call Winword.exe to open a word document but, to my surprise, they work quite well in my source codes directory (without any spaces in between) but after compiled and published and installed into the default directory C:Program Files* (with a space in between)

strWordDir = “C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice”
strDocFile = App.Path & “MyFile.doc”
Shell strWordDir & “Winword.exe “ & strDocFile, vbMaximizedFocus

The result of running the above codes is Word’s report:

Can’t find the files Program.doc and Files*MyFile.doc
(Presented in two separate DialogBoxes)

It seems that my codes in the new directory (with a space) now uses the space as a separator for two document files. Can anyone tell me why and how to improve?

How To Call An EXE From VB Application

How can I run an exe file from within my VB application. Important thing is that it should run as modal, i.e. control should return to the calling function after user exits the exe. I would appreciate any help in this regard.



Call Application
i using VB. i have problem to running application where a button given.

Example, user click on a button then will open a application.

how to i write the code? for the function.

Wilson Chai

Call A Servlet From A Vb Application
I've got a servlet on a remote server and i want a vb
application to get its results.
I think it's possible to do it with winsock component but
i dont know how to use it to do such a thing.
Can anyone help me please


How To Call Scanner In A Application
hello friend..
i want to do scaning and want to call scanner in my application how can i do that ....

help plz

Call Webpage In An Application

We have a User database and an Orders database. We have two copies of the database one is online and second one is offline which is installed on a local machine. There is already bulk of data coming in from various sources into the offline db and also the online db data is dumped on a monthly basis.

I have to check for duplicates after dumping the online data into the offline db. If a offline record matches has a duplicate which has come from online then we need to deactivate the offline record and move the orders attached to that user to the new online user entered.

For that purpose we need to call the webpage which generates orders online for users and get the online order id which then has to be inserted as reference in the order to be moved.

In short i need to call a webpage from my application pass relevant data to it so that the web page can process the order and once done the page will return an order ID. The application has to capture this order id and update the order in the offline db.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks and regards

PS : My webpages are .php and the database used online is mysql.


How To Call An Application To The Form
anyone knows how to call an application and put it in a form or even just in the desktop????thanks...

Call Notepad In My Application

I am generating report.txt file. How to call notepad in my form
to view the report.txt file



To Call Servlet From VB Application
I am trying to call a servlet from VB Application.I am able to do the same using shell command. But in shell command i cannot get back value from the servlet. If some one know how to call a servlet from VB and get Back values from servlet please help.

Anil A. Ambat

Call Cmd Line Application From GUI
Hi, I am quite new to vb (.net), but have used vba (access) for years.

Can anyone tell me how I call a command line application from a vb

I have a techie type who wants a GUI for a command line application.

The command line app deletes profiles from computers according to command
line parameters.
I have the GUI form ready to go, with each of the parameters available as
check boxes, I can get the values fine, I now need to know how I call the
exe from a command button on my GUI.

Both the command line app and the GUI I am making will reside in the same
The Techie will run a cmd file that will bring up the GUI, click a few
options and then click a "delete profile" button which will then run the

It is the last bit I need a hand with.



How To Call An Application From VB Program?

I want to call an application from my VB program, how can I do it?

Thanks in advance!

Input From Other Application
Hi All

I know there have been a lot of posts for inter- application communication on the forum. I went through them but could not find specifically what I was looking at.

I have an application (not my own but from some third party) which I call (shell) from my VB application.

Now I need to get some data from that application into my VB application.
Eg:- In the app, it asks for saving a file. The location for saving is displayed in a text box, Now I want this path to be read by my VB app so that I could use that file without much of user intervention.

Could someone guide me ?

Thanks in advance


Where To Call Files From In Distributed Application.

I am relatively new to VB, and am making an application for distribution in 6.0. My question is regarding calling up picture/image files.

I am using the Image1.Picture = LoadPicture() command, which works fine on my computer, but when used on another computer it can't find the files. I understand how to package the program using the Packaging and Deployment wizard, so the files are there, but what I don't know is how to know which directory they will be installed in on someone else's computer.

Is there a general command that searches the application's directory, regardless of where it is?


Call Word Macro From XAL Or Other Application
I need to call a word macro in a local document from the program Navision C5 (an XAL application). I think the way to do it is the same as calling from a command line.

Now i merge some data into a document created from a dot file. The merging interface is now a dll file wich I haven't coded myself, because I'm N00B

After the merge is done I have my merged document. Now I want to run a macro to process the merged infos. If I code a macro in the .dot file, the macro will run before the merge is done.

So I need a way to call a macro from the application i merge from, wich knows when the merge is done.
Or to make a macro that will run after the mailmerge. Either solution will be fine.

Call CR9.0 Report From VB Without Viewer In Application
have a report file
"reportname.rpt "
i have made in crystal report 9.0
this report according to the selection criteria fetches the data from the db.
now i need to call this report based on the selection filter the used specifies.
i dont want to add a crystal viewer control to view the report in my application.
am looking for a way to call this report and pass the selection formula before that.
wheni say callt he report i mean the report shuold pop up in its own window, that i have not created in my application.

cause i ned to run more than one report in my application sam time.
so i am looking for a scalable solution.
the way i did it earlier doesnt seems to exist now or i am unable to find it.

Call Modal Exe Under Running Application
Hell everyone.
I want to call an application as a modal under current application
i.e. one exe is called from my "shell appname.exe"

Now when my main application is closed,,automcatically child application which was called should get closed.

Call Java Application Fron VB
Hi all,
Please help me
How to call java appilaction from VB

Thanks a lot

How To Call VBScript Code Into My VB Application

I am thinking to develope an application as follows:

The forms would be defined in some .xml files using this protocol:

<FORM Name = "MyForm">
    <PROPERTY Name="Caption" Value="My application"/>
    <PROPERTY Name="../>
    <EVENT Name="Load">
         MsgBox "Hello!"
    <CONTROL License="MSFlexGridLib.MSFlexGrid" ProgId = "MSFlexGridLib.MSFlexGrid" Name="grd1">
         <PROPERTY Name="Cols" Value="3"/>
         <EVENT Name="RowColChange">

I have a component who reads the .xml file and builds the form using a Visual Basic form, changing the properties of the form using something like the "CallByName" function, and adding the controls defined in the .xml file, using the "Add" method. This component has a "CControl" class that use a VBControlExtender to contain each ActiveX controls of the form.

When an event is raised, the component "looks" if the control who raises the event has some "actions" to do. As you can see in the definition of the form, for each event of each "OBJECT", you can define "what to do" using VBScript code. But I have some questions about this design:

1) How can I parse this VBScript code? I think that it could be better if I write all the VBScript in an independent file, and all the services inside a class / some classes. So, how can I do it?

2) How can I catch the objects of my form from the VBScript code? For exemple, I would like to use the MSFlexGrid control to change then number of Rows when the "RowColChange" event is raised.

3) I make this desing because I want to automate the creation of the interface. My goal is not to compile any code when I change the interface. Does exist another better way to do it?

I hope somebody could help me. Thanks in advance!

API Call To Pass An Application The Username
I have a login screen that allows the user access to the Main Application.  If the user successfully logs in, the Main App displays a list of command buttons that when clicked, will execute another application.  Now what I need is to pass the application being launched the username of the user logged in.  Which in turn checks the database to see if the user has access to open the application.  If the user has access, the application will launch and vice versa.  I DON'T want to do this using the registry or by reading an external file.  Is there a certain API call that I can make that will allow me to pass such a parameter as this.  I looked at ShellExecute but couldn't see how this would work.  I also looked at WindowsMessaging and couldn't figure out how to handle it once I got it.  Thanks in advance...

Call Print Manager In A Vb Application
how can i call/start the print manager (from W2K-Server) in vb code?

thanks for anybody, who will help me

Call Application (shell) To Run As Different User?
I can successfully call an external application within my VB code. My question is can you call it to be ran as a different user? The application I want to call needs admin rights to properly run. Ant help is much appreciated.

How Do You Call A Crystal Report Within A Vb.6 Application?

   I am using Crystal Report 6 and VB 6.0 and do not know how to call a Crystal Report from within my VB 6 application. I want to have a button on a form that during its click event will open the Crystal Report that I have created.
   Another question, will everyone that uses my VB 6 application be able to view the Crystal Report without having to have some kind of license from Crystal reports?

Thank you,

2 Instances Of Application Call The Same EXE Method
I have a simple test that,

I tried to compile the following class to COM EXE (single use) at 1st, and COM EXE (multiuse) and DLL (single use/multiuse) in the following test.



FOR I = 1 TO nInterval
myWriteLog(I + CHR(9) + PROGID + chr(13) + chr(10), "abc.txt", .T.)
END sub
I have 2 instances of VB application and call METHOD LongProc with parameter 1000 (nInterval) for both instance, and PROGID "1" for 1st VB instance and "2" for 2nd instance. Once the process completed, I take a look on abc.txt. I found that, the number of line in abc.txt is &lt; 2000 (1000 loop for each call).

Again, the data written is look like the following:

(I value) (PROGID)
1 1
2 1
3 1
4 1
74 2
75 2
76 2
77 2
78 2
79 1
80 1
1 2
2 2
3 2


Some of the nInterval number is miss up. Why it happened?
If I have 2 application need to call the same method, will the method miss up some process?

Thank you

Sending Input To Another Application
Hi all

Hope I've posted this in the right forum. I think so as the solution will probably have to use windows API somehow - mind you what do I know

I'm in education and am trying to design a number of screen keyboards for students with a variety of difficulties.
I know that you can buy them but (a) they are quite expensive and (b) don't always appear or do as you want them to

Back to the problem:
I need to be able to send keystrokes from my screen keyboard application to another application -say Word or some other such program - in fact I want to be able to send the keystrokes to any application if it is possible.

Is it possible to find the previously active application - 'cos as soon as I click on my screen keyboard it becomes the active app - and then send the keystroke(s) or other command String(s) to the previously active app.

I hope this explanation is clear enough but would appreciate any help I can get


How Can I Get Input From RS232 In My VB Application
I want the out put of rs232 to be display in my vb application text box.
The application is for automation of weigh bridge. The weight of the vehiicle on the weighbridge should come automatically in my vb application (Text Box).
Can any one help me.
my email id is :

Input On Web Page Using Vb Application
there is an input box on web page..
called buy_weapon[27] where u enter a number of amount u want to get.
the value by default is set to zero
I like to input the value one in the box using my application
any ideas on how to do this please

this is the html:
<TD align=middle><INPUT size=3 value=0 name=buy_weapon[27]></TD>
<INPUT type=submit value="Process Order" name=buybut>

this is the code I trying to use:
WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0).buy_weapon[27].Value = 1

but obviously wrong cause I getting an error on first line of code.

Getting Input From Console Application
Hi there,

I need to Start and get Output from a Console Application

I only know how to start and an application using the Shell Function I dont know how to get the the thrown Output from the Console Application is there a way in which my Visual Basic Application keeps getting the output from a console application until it runs

thanks in advance if thats possible


Can Input Be Sent From A VB Project Into Another Application?
I have an application which is currently active which allows a person to enter text commands into it and then the related function will be performed. Now, instead of me manually typing these commands into the application window, I would like to create a quick project which will allow be to select a bunch of commands at one time, then feed them into the application one at a time automatically.

can this be done?

Let say the application is called "myApp.exe" and the application is waiting for keystrokes. How can I send text strings into this application from a remote VB project?

If not straightforward, possibly providing an example would be great ....

Edited by - uncletr on 3/2/2007 8:18:57 AM

Call Other Application Form VB And Retrive The Results?
I would like to call one application in Matlab and pass the data to it.After the calculating is done I want to retrive result to the VB program.Does anyone know how I can do that?Any example?
Thank you!

Call Function Of Local Application From A Website
Hi All,

I got a question...hope u guys can help me out or provide tips.

I have written a visual basic application (.exe) which runs on a local computer. Now I want to call some function of this application from a website.

My idea is to build an ocx which I embed into a website. And then from javascript/or vbscript I call a public function of this embedded ocx component. This ocx component calls subsequently the relevant function of the executable.

Am I on the right track? Or could someone give me some pointers on how to tackle this problem?

Best regards,


Call Windows Application In A Modal Form
     How can i call a windows application (ex. WORD) in modal form....

    meaning The user cannot go to any other place if they dont close the application (ex. WORD)

      I'm using this code to call WORD.

    Code:ShellExecute 0, vbNullString, FileName, vbNullString, vbNullString, vbNormalFocus

     Thanks for your help.

How To Call The Printer Dialog Box In All Office Application + IE In VB?
Option Explicit

Const WINDOWS_OK = -1

Dim printer_ As Printer

Public Sub printing_with_a_new_style()
On Error Resume Next

Dim selectPrinter As Integer
Dim selectedPrinter
Dim currentPrinter

' display printer dialog box
selectPrinter = Application.Dialogs(wdDialogFilePrint).Display

If selectedPrinter= WINDOWS_OK Then
' Search printer to select
selectedPrinter= StrConv(Application.ActivePrinter, vbUpperCase)
For Each printer_ In Printers
currentPrinter = StrConv(printer_.DeviceName & " on " & printer_.Port, vbUpperCase)
If currentPrinter = selectedPrinter Then
Set Printer = printer_
Exit For
End If
' launch printing
' End of printing
MsgBox "End of printing"
' printing cancelled
MsgBox "printing cancelled"
End If
End Sub

In Office application, the call to this method
display "printing cancelled".

If i want this to work,
I must replace "Application" by a "Word"
But in an excel application, this fail.

How I can display the printer dialog box with the same code,
in all Office Application, and Internet Explorer too.

thanks Laurent

Getting Outgoing IP On Lan
how do i get winsock to give me the internal and external IP's of a remoteuser?

Need To Input Data Into An Excel Application
Hello gang,
We use a terminal emulator at work from WRQ called Reflections. It has VBA built into it so that you can run VB scripts. I am ok with most of the basic commands that it affords me. I can scrape data off the screen and a few other simpple things. I have been reading that it is possible to open an EXCEL application and paste/send data to the individual cells. Can someone show me what some simple code might look like.


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