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Backwards Text

Hello I am a complete newbie and i have a question. I want to input text from the user with a text box and then i want to display it backwards. How could I do that??? I am very new and i use very simple code. Thank you.

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Read .txt Text Backwards?
This code works perfectly, but see where the ":4443" part is? Well, it reads forward. Is it possible for it to do the same thing, but read what is prior to ":4443"? Many thanks in advance!

Public Function getIPstring2() As String
'This creates the filestream and streamreader that is used to read the source
Dim FS As New System.IO.FileStream("aimip.txt", IO.FileMode.Open)
Dim SR As New System.IO.StreamReader(FS)

'Here is where we start looking for the ip. This is the line we are trying to find.
'<h1> Your IP is XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX <br></h1>

'This puts the entire file into a string
Dim entirefile As String = SR.ReadToEnd

'This gets the starting position of the ip address
Dim startIndex As Integer = entirefile.IndexOf(":4443")

'This reads 15 characters from the begginning of the ip
Dim restOfTheLine As String = entirefile.Substring(startIndex + 9, 17)

'If the ip is shorter that 15 characters this cuts off any extra characters
Dim theIp As String = restOfTheLine.TrimEnd("<", ">", "b", "r", "/", "h", "1", " ")

'Close the filestream and streamreader

'Dispose of the source once we get out ip in a String

'Return the ip in string format
Return theIp

End Function

Reading Text File Backwards
Instead of reading and entire file from start to finish, how could I start at the end of the file and work my way upwards? I ask because I'm going to be searching a log file the more recent occurance of a string, and the best way would be to start reading each line from the end to the start until it's found.

Help is appreciated, as always.

Read Text File Backwards
Hey guys,

I want to create a text file which contains the last 5 lines from another 40,000 line text file

Is there a way I can do that?

Ive tried adding the text file to a list, then getting the last 5 items in the list, but that takes way too long and freezes for about 10 seconds as it adds 40,000 items


Search Text Backwards Until Space Found
I'm wanting to find out how to search backwards through a textbox until a space is found, then get the string that is between that space and the start position (which is infront of the space), ie:

word1 word2.

when "." is pressed (which is the easy part) it called the search backwards function and finds the space between word1 and word2, then returns word2 and the word between the space and trigger key (which in this case was period).

Anyone got a solution?


Turn Text Backwards (heard It Was Easy)
I remember a long time ago, read how to turn text backwards, but I do't remember how like make 'hello me' into 'em olleh'.

Reading The Content Of A Text File Via Line Input, Backwards!
I am using Line input to read the content of a txt file into a listbox. As each line is read in, a function is called upon to check for something. It would be very helpful if I could read the text file in reverse, so the first line is read last.

Is there a way to do this?


Another Easy Proble To Solve I Think: Searching And Selecting Text Backwards?
I want to copy the image link in href= to a variable, but to find it in the full html page, i must search for "See full-size image." and then somehow get teh data within href= before "See full-size image." exists.

here is the html code

<a target="_top" href="">See full-size image.</a>

thanks alot for your help!

Going Backwards
Hi Everyone...
I just had a question....I am still on the same program that I talked to you about on the previous thread that ive posted. How do you go backwards when you are reading a text file?.so for like..if you were on the second record...can you go backwards to the first record....
I would really appreciate you help.....

Hey all

ok so i am making a game for school
it is a guessing game, on wich you geuess wich cup the ball is under.
(Like those street games from the movies)

any ways at the moment i got my animations to play (AVI's)

now to the guessing part, my buttons eg CUP1 only work for the next animaiton played>
i think maybee all i need is re-arranging but i dont know where to start
please help

Private Sub Beginbutton_Click()
Cup1Button.Visible = True
Cup2button.Visible = True
Cup3button.Visible = True
Vid1.Visible = True
BeginButton.Visible = False

Dim Choice As Integer
'Change labels to AVI play
Choice = Int(Rnd * 3) + 1
Select Case Choice
Case 1
Vid1.URL = "C:VID 1.avi"
Case 2
Vid1.URL = "C:VID 2.avi"
Case 3
Vid1.URL = "C:VID 3.avi"
End Select
If Vid1.URL = "C:VID 1.avi" Then HR.Caption = "1"
If Vid1.URL = "C:VID 2.avi" Then HR.Caption = "2"
If Vid1.URL = "C:VID 3.avi" Then HR.Caption = "3"
End Sub

Private Sub Cup1Button_Click()
Choice = Int(Rnd * 3) + 1
Select Case Choice
Case 1
Vid1.URL = "C:VID 1.avi"
Case 2
Vid1.URL = "C:VID 2.avi"
Case 3
Vid1.URL = "C:VID 3.avi"
End Select
If Vid1.URL = "C:VID 1.avi" Then HR.Caption = "1"
If Vid1.URL = "C:VID 2.avi" Then HR.Caption = "2"
If Vid1.URL = "C:VID 3.avi" Then HR.Caption = "3"
If HR.Caption = "1" Then ResultLabel.Caption = "CORRECT"
If HR.Caption = "2" Then ResultLabel.Caption = "WRONG"
If HR.Caption = "3" Then ResultLabel.Caption = "WRONG"

End Sub

Private Sub Cup2button_Click()
Choice = Int(Rnd * 3) + 1

Select Case Choice
Case 1
Vid1.URL = "C:VID 1.avi"
Case 2
Vid1.URL = "C:VID 2.avi"
Case 3
Vid1.URL = "C:VID 3.avi"
End Select
If Vid1.URL = "C:VID 1.avi" Then HR.Caption = "1"
If Vid1.URL = "C:VID 2.avi" Then HR.Caption = "2"
If Vid1.URL = "C:VID 3.avi" Then HR.Caption = "3"
If HR.Caption = "1" Then ResultLabel.Caption = "WRONG"
If HR.Caption = "2" Then ResultLabel.Caption = "CORRECT"
If HR.Caption = "3" Then ResultLabel.Caption = "WRONG"

End Sub

Private Sub Cup3button_Click()
Choice = Int(Rnd * 3) + 1

Select Case Choice
Case 1
Vid1.URL = "C:VID 1.avi"
Case 2
Vid1.URL = "C:VID 2.avi"
Case 3
Vid1.URL = "C:VID 3.avi"
End Select
If Vid1.URL = "C:VID 1.avi" Then ResultLabel.Caption = "1"
If Vid1.URL = "C:VID 2.avi" Then ResultLabel.Caption = "2"
If Vid1.URL = "C:VID 3.avi" Then ResultLabel.Caption = "3"
If HR.Caption = "1" Then ResultLabel.Caption = "WRONG"
If HR.Caption = "2" Then ResultLabel.Caption = "WRONG"
If HR.Caption = "3" Then ResultLabel.Caption = "CORRECT"

End Sub

Private Sub Label3_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub QuitButton_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub ReturnToMainMenu_Click()
MainMenu.Visible = True
GAME.Visible = False
End Sub


For this game I am making to show off to my friends I need to take the caption in the label and turn it backwards. Example: Brad=darB Any idea how I could do this. I know it has something to do with strConv but thats all I know please help.

Hi again all, how would i take the word in a text box and turn it backwards? like for example take apple, and turn it into elppa ?

How can i make say text1.text to display its contents backwards on text2.text when command1 is pressed. (that was just an example)

Chr Backwards
I'm making a very little program for my friend. So far it is this.

VB Code:
Private Sub Command1_Click()    If Len(Text1.Text) = 0 Then Exit Sub    Label1.Caption = "Chr(" & Text1.Text & ") is " & Chr(Text1.Text)End Sub Private Sub Form_Activate()    List1.Clear    Dim index As Integer    Do While index < 255        index = index + 1        List1.AddItem ("Chr(" & index & ") is " & Chr(index))    LoopEnd Sub

However I want to add another button that does the Chr function Backwards. I.E. they type in the charater it it returns the ASCII number of that charater.

Is thier a simple way to do this? or is it just a big if statment?


For Going Backwards
moving backwards in a array

say i have a array and i want it to go backwards instead of forward

its like

for i = 0 to ubound(array)


but i want it to move backwards through the array

Backwards Name
I have an assignment consisting of having to display a string that is entered in a text box turned backwards in proper case. How would I go about turning it backwards in a for next loop?

Going Backwards
i have a small simple application that i have developed to help teach myself how to go backwards in a program. the program consists of just 4 forms with buttons on them. each form has 4 buttons on it, 3 form buttons and one back button. what i want to accomplish it to be able to go through the program and be able to step backwards.
the Green form loads first
from there i go to the blue form
from the Blue form i go to the Red form,
i want to be able to go back to the Red form by clicking the back button.
the project is below. feel free to download it and change it as desired. the back buttons are not programed yet(reason for the post)

Count Backwards
Can anybody tell me how to use the For...Next statement for counting backwards (e.g For i = 90 to 40)?

Editing INI Backwards
I'm using GetPrivateProfileString and WritePrivateProfileString to read and write values to/from an INI file.

Now I need to search through the INI to find a specific value and see what it is assigned to. For example,

I know how to write a value to "Var2" or "Version", but how can I search through the INI to find "(!)" and have it return "Var"?

Displayin Backwards
i remember something relating to this, but my triangles are being drawn backwards,

Cube(0) = CreateLitVertex(0.33, 0.99, DFC, C011, 0, 0, 0)
Cube(1) = CreateLitVertex(0.99, 0.99, DFC, C111, 0, 0, 0)
Cube(2) = CreateLitVertex(0.33, 0.33, DFC, C001, 0, 0, 0)
Cube(3) = CreateLitVertex(0.99, 0.99, DFC, C111, 0, 0, 0)
Cube(4) = CreateLitVertex(0.33, 0.33, DFC, C001, 0, 0, 0)
Cube(5) = CreateLitVertex(0.99, 0.33, DFC, C101, 0, 0, 0)

then if i increse the X, it'll expand to the left

D3DXMatrixLookAtLH matView, MakeVector(0, 5, 9), MakeVector(0, 0, 0), MakeVector(0, 1, 0)
D3DDevice.SetTransform D3DTS_VIEW, matView

but if i change the View to like 0 4 0 and looking at 0 0 0 i cant see my square ;[

any suggestions?

Backwards Name Program
Hey, new here...

I need to create a program that reverses a name entered by the user and displays it in the text box. I'm really new to VB and have no idea where to start. Can someone give me a hand?

Counting Backwards
I have a group of labels in an array 0 to 9 which are not visible. When the user clicks a button the next invisible label is made visible and it stops there.


How do I make the array count backwards so that if the user clicks another button the last label made visible is made invisible. Think of it as a sort of undo button.

I just can't see it.

Thanks everyone

Backwards Instr()
Is there a function like Instr(), but searching backwards from the start point? I seem to remember something really obvious sounding, but can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

Backwards Count???
When using...

For i = 10 to 1

blah blah blah

Next i

...i is going 1, 2, 3.......9,10.

Is there a command to make it count backwards.

How Do I Make This Go Backwards??
How do i make this go in reverse? I want it to go reverse alphabetical.

Dim passNum As Integer
Dim i As Integer
Dim temp As String
'Bubble sort Info
For passNum = 1 To 4
For i = 1 To 5 - passNum
If nom(i) > nom(i + 1) Then
temp = nom(i)
nom(i) = nom(i + 1)
nom(i + 1) = temp
End If
Next i
Next passNum
'Display Alphabetized
For i = 1 To 5
picResult.Print nom(i),
Next i

Scrolling Backwards...I WANT TO!
Basicaly, I perform a find.

I want it to start at my bookmark, it just so happens that the bookmark is at the start and I have gone a few records into the recordset.

Every time it runs it says 'Rowset does not suport scrolling backwards'.

I assume that means I can't go backwards....but what if i NEED to?

Can someone tell me where I can change I have to do it in access... or in the connection... or in a property of the recordset?

Please help, its very important...

Thanks again
- Cyril

Going Backwards To Vb6 With Combobox
My simple program worked fine in 2005. Specifically, selecting from a dropdown combobox causes the associated subroutine to execute simple commands.... like change variable values, etc. This is really simple stuff.

But my project needed a dll from outside that was only compatible with vb6 and would not migrate. So, I unloaded vb2005 from my PC and installed vb6.

o.k. now my very simple program loads fine and debugs gine, but upon user selection in the drop-down combobox.... nothing happens. Apparently, the subroutine is not called.... selection from the drop down doesent cause anything to happen.

Here is some of my code. The name of the comboxbox is "Combox2".

Private Sub Combo2_Change()
MsgBox ("hi again")
Select Case Combo2.Index
Case 0
Timer1.Interval = 1000
Case 1
Timer1.Interval = 2000
Case 2
Timer1.Interval = 5000
Case 3
Timer1.Interval = 10000
End Select
MsgBox (Combo2.Index)
TimerInterval = Timer1.Interval / 1000
Option1.Text = Timer1.Interval & TimerInterval
MsgBox = Timer1.Interval
End Sub

Nothing happens. Please help !


Backwards Date

I recieve dates from a file, but it's written backwards.

Instead of 05/08/2004, I get 2004/08/05.

Is there any VB procedure to bring it back to the regular format?

Backwards Loop
Hey all,

Im having problems wrapping my brain arround this ...must be tired

Basicly im using a For loop to go thru a picturebox and search for a certian colored pixel using the getpixel api

For x = 1 To Width / Screen.TwipsPerPixelX
For y = 1 To Width / Screen.TwipsPerPixelY
lColor = GetPixel(Picture1.hdc, x, y)
If lColor = vbBlue Then MsgBox "Blue found " & x & " " & y
Next y
Next x

Once I have found the first vbBlue pixel I want to store it in a variable and then START AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT or the picture box and search for the first vbBlue pixel again.

I will then store that x,y and draw a line using the line method of the picturebox ctrl using the two stored x,y values

My problem is I cant seem to figure out how to count backwards through my loop



For x = Width / Screen.TwipsPerPixelX to 1
'do stuff here
next x

Any suggestions?

Backwards BitBlt
Is there any way to draw a mirror image of a bitblt image without having 2 separate images, i need it so that my character can hold multiple different guns on both sides of himself and i cant use a 2 dimensional object array

Instr Backwards ?
I`m trying to write a program to search for a word in a sentence but backwards !!

Take a scentence like this, I want to search for the word "ate" then extract the word monkey to the left of it.

"The monkey ate all the bananas"

For it to work in my program the way I want to I cant search between the words "The" & "ate" - hard to explain but i dont want it this way.

What the program needs to do is find the word "Ate" then work backwards untill it gets to the word "the" in the sentence.

as simply as possible, using either left,split,instr ect...


Resize Backwards
I posted something about this a while ago but cant find it because I cant search. Anyway... I made one of those resize functions with the black dots around the object and it works, except for the fact that it flickers. How can I stop the flickering?

Resize Backwards
This may sound a little confusing.
You know how in all graphics programs you draw a circle or rectangle or something then you resize it? I am able to do that and all, except when you resize it over itself. For example, say you drag the left middle little black box (to be called picBlackDot(1) ) to resize picObject. (By the way, there is a Shape1 equal to the dimensions of the picObject that is dragged and then the picObject is resized):

Private Sub picBlackDot_MouseMove(Index As Integer, Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
X = X + picBlackDot(Index).Left
Y = Y + picBlackDot(Index).Top
Select Case Index

Case 1 'the left middle
Shape1.Left = X
Shape1.Width = (picObject.Left + picObject.Width - Shape1.Left)

End Select

That works for resizing the left side but still staying in the boundaries of the shape. If you kept moving the mouse to the right, the Shape1.Width would become a negative number, an error. So, how can you change that code above?

VB Backwards Compatibility!
Yes, I have yet another problem!

How can I use my VB6 (Home) projects in VB5 (College? I'm not allowed to transfer the VB6 runtimes, and I don't know if that would work anyway. Any suggestions?


Converting VB.NET Backwards To VB6
I know this may be a very odd question, but I have a friend that I was to show program to. However, she isn't much of a technical person, so she doesn't know if the computers she uses have the .NET Framewok at least, for this program to run on the machines she has at her school.

I know that VB.NET has a conversion tool from VB6 to .NET, but I was wondering if there is a way to convert backwards...If you want the source code of the original program (mine is modified, but still basically the same), then go here for the description and the source code (obviously).

I tried just copying and pasting the code and trying to modify it that was to work in VB6, but I don't have anywhere near enough knowledge of .NET or VB6 to try this and have it work successfully.

If anyone would like to work with me on my actualy program, please PM me, or IM me (JTD121 on AIM) and we can work together to reverse convert this.

Thanks in advance, anyone who answers!


I Know VB.NET, But Must Write In VBA - Help Going Backwards?
I know VB.NET relatively well. I've taken a class and done a small amount of coding on my own; with a book in front of me, I'm reasonably comfortable. However, I need to write some code in whatever version of VBA is included with Access 2002, and I'm having trouble making the conversion backwards. I'm stuck with the VBA because that's all I have here at work.

First and foremost, does anybody have a link that lists the classes and methods available in this version of VBA? That would help immensely! Google seems to only want to give me .NET stuff.

Finally, could someone take a look at this piece of code and tell me where I've gone astray. It is supposed to be a simple control to enable/disable boxes on a form as I move through different records. I had it working within the form's class, but decided to try to pull it out and define a seperate class and it stopped working. I want a new class because I will need methods for changing the key field in existing records and creating new records, among other things. These methods will use the same data sources, so it makes sense that they should be together in a new object, right?

Here's class, called ShowControls:
Option Compare Database

Dim scanner As Boolean
Dim printing As Boolean
Dim memory As Boolean
Dim fax As Boolean
Dim test As String

Public Sub Class_Initialize()

Dim dbMain As New ADODB.Connection ' Declaring the Connection
Dim SQL As String ' Declaring SQL string variable
MsgBox ("Initialize running")
End Sub
Public Sub class_Terminate()
End Sub

Public Sub ExistingModel()
    scanner = True
    printing = True
    memory = True
    fax = True
    test = "" & Form_frmMain.EventNumber.Value
    MsgBox (test)
    If test <> "" Then
        MsgBox ("Entering IF")
        dbMain.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Persist Security Info=False;Data Source=Z:RPATestdBNewRPA.mdb"
        Dim rsModel As New ADODB.Recordset ' Declaring the Recordset
        SQL = "SELECT * FROM quModelEvent WHERE EventNumber = " & CInt(test) ' Setting up SQL Command statement
        rsModel.Open SQL, dbMain, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly ' Opening the Recordset
        scanner = rsModel("Scanner")
        Printer = rsModel("Printer")
        memory = rsModel("MemoryCard")
        fax = rsModel("Fax")
        rsModel.Close ' Closing the recordset
    End If
dbMain.Close ' Closing the database connection
MsgBox ("s:" & scanner & "P:" & Printer & "M:" & memory & "F:" & fax)
If scanner = False Then
    Call Module1.hidescanner
    Call Module1.showScanner
End If

If Printer = False Then
    MsgBox ("No printer")
End If

If memory = False Then
    Call Module1.hideMemory
    Call Module1.showMemory
End If

If fax = False Then
    Call Module1.hideFax
    Call Module1.showFax
End If

End Sub

This is a representative snippet of the other module that contains all the show/hide property changes.
Code:Public Sub showScanner()
    Form_frmAccessory.ScanSuccessful.Enabled = True
    Form_frmAccessory.Symptom.Enabled = True
    Form_frmAccessory.memoScanner.Enabled = True
End Sub

Finally, here is the bit in the form that calls the class.
Private Sub Form_Current()

Dim localControl As ShowControls
Set localControl = New ShowControls
End Sub

It's messy at the moment, with sentinel message boxes sprinkled in as I've tried to track down the error. No luck so far. I get as far the "Entering IF" Msgbx that I've colored red above, then it errors with "Object Required." I know the problem is probably something to do with how I'm handling or passing the dbMain or rsModel objects, but I just can't figure it out. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Edited by - BrewerGeorge on 8/3/2006 9:35:34 AM

VB 5 - EXE Backwards Convert
Is it possible to convert an EXE file that was made from VB5 back to the raw vb code?

Outputting A String Backwards
i was hoping someone can help with a program that has the user input a string and then outputs it backwards.......anything will help...thanks!

Backwards Tab Index Navigation
How can i set a cetain key to perform tab navigation backwards ?

Of course i can set the control keydown method to set the focus to another control, but this way looks too primitive.

Thanks for helping !

Stepping Backwards Through Collection
Hi all,

Having used collections quite often I have across a situation where I need to be able to step backwards through on.

That is

For each object in collection
Do Something

... but in reverse

I am stunned that this has me stumped but ;o)

Simon Rigby

Read Txt File Backwards
Can you open a text file and read it backwards ? Basicly i want to open a flat text file and split it @ the vbcrlf from bottom to top instead of top to bottom.


Access 2002 And Backwards
Hi, am using the XP operating system, Vb6 Pro to do my programming and using Access 2002 (XP) for my databases.

Will my programs work on computers that say only have early versions of Access and earlier versions of Windows?

Listbox Scrolling Looks Backwards
I've noticed this for a while and I see it is fixed in VB.NET.. but is there any way to make Listboxes not look like they are scrolling up when scrolling down?

Has anyone else noticed this? When you use the mouse wheel to scroll down a few lines in a listbox, the actual listbox view area looks as if it is going up.. even tho the new values it displays are the correct lines. But its ugly.

RTB: Finding Backwards / Upwards...

I'm trying to recreate the Find function that is present in Notepad in my program (since it's much like notepad).

I got everything working except for the search upwards or backwards function...

In notepad, you get an option to search "Up" or "Down"... Up will find all instances above the current cursor position, while Down will find all instances beneath the current cursor position...

I can't get it to search backwards...

I tried this, the only thing ive found...:

'since we are going backwards
'grab the cursor position and save
cursorPos = RTB1.SelStart
'feed a character at a time into the searchString
'The end of the text (vEnd parrameter) will change to the last find
'But the vStart will steadily move back to the first char
'so each pass we decrement the vStart parametter by 1...easy!
'set this as it will always be the last find (as find highlights - thus moving the cursor for us)

foundPos = cursorPos
For i = 1 To foundPos
backwardsCursorPos = foundPos - i 'this will, of course be the first char before end pos
foundPos = RTB1.Find(txtFind.Text, backwardsCursorPos, foundPos, gOptions)
If foundPos = -1 Then
foundPos = cursorPos 'reset
MsgBox "Unable to find '" & txtFind.Text & "' in specified range.", vbOKOnly + vbInformation, "Find"
Exit For
Exit For
End If

But there are a few problems with it... it doesn't find anything at first.
Only when i search downwards (other code) one time, and then an option box to Upwards (so this code gets run) it works...

But if I don't find anything before I try searching upwards it doesn't...
I can't really follow the flow of the code to be honest.. I can't figure out what's wrong with it

Take A Sentence And Make It Backwards
Isn't there a function that will take text and rewrite it backwards?

For instance, If I type "There's No Place Like Home" in a text box, I would like it to make it say, "emoH ekiL ecalP oN s'erehT".

How hard is that? I think it's instrReverse or something? I've been away from VB for so long I forget these things.


I;d prefer it in C++, but if anyone has it in VB then cool. Thanks!

Search Backwards From Cursor

This has got to be easy for somebody out there.

This code searches a document backwards, starting from the end of the document.

How can I make it start from the cursor position and search backwards.


Private Sub Command23_Click() 'Search whole word backwards

Static lLastFind As Long


lLastFind = FindRev(txtSearch, rtfWholeWord, lLastFind - 1)
Debug.Print lLastFind

End Sub

Playing Mp3's Backwards (or Wav's At Least)[ALMOST RESOLVED]
I've been planning on making my very own DJ program for awhile using DirectX with two 3D Turntables that you can scratch with the mouse in real time, changing the pitch, move the tone arm, etc., and a mixer. The only thing that's stoping me from making it is the fact that I don't know how to play mp3's backwards, which will come in handy for scratching. I'm gonna be using DirectX's DirectShow to pull this off and already have a decent DirectShow engine that gives me nearly complete control of my mp3's, such as speed, volumn, balance, position, playing, stoping, pausing, etc. Just got into DJing in real life not to long ago too after I got myself some turntables, a mixer, and a skew of vinyls.

I know this question is probably not gonna get too many replys since the majority of you people are beginners, but any help would be appreciated. So does anyone know how to play Mp3's backwards? Thanx in advance.

[EDIT] To keep things simple. How bout playing wav's backwards or forwards at any speed I want. Uncompressed data is easier to work with, right?

Can You Count Backwards In A For Loop?

for x = 10 to 1


ADO Recordset Not Scrolling Backwards
Hi Team

I have a recordset that I can't make scroll backwards. The code is as follows

cmd.ActiveConnection = objDatabases.cnnJiwa
cmd.CommandType = adCmdTable
cmd.CommandText = "CN_Main"
rstJiwa.CursorLocation = adUseServer
rstJiwa.CursorType = adOpenDynamic

Set rstJiwa = cmd.Execute
With rstJiwa
Do Until .EOF
.Find "ProspectID = '" & rstCRM!AccountNo & "'"

And it bugs out on the last line saying it can't scroll backwards even though it has a dynamic cursor.

Any ideas why?



RichTextBox.Find ...Backwards?
Hi VB'ers,

I have a richtextbox and am using the find method. Does anyone know how to make it find previous (search backwards)? I know how to make it find next.


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