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Bmp Conversion 24 Bit To 256 Colors

I want to convert a 24 bit .bmp image to 256 color bmp image. Any help would be appreaciated.

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RGB To Hex (HTML Colors) Conversion
Does anybody know how to convert RGB values to hex (HTML colors)? I will be conerting it to dec in code, so if you only know how to convert it to base 10 that is okay, because as I said, I am going to go from base 16 to 10 anyway.

How To Change Header Colors And Listitem Colors Like Row With Same Color,hide Particular Column In L
How to Change Header Colors and listitem colors like Row with Same color,hide particular column in Listview control

Please Respond ,Urgently

Form Colors To GrayScale Then To Colors
how would i tint everthing on a form to the greyscale of its origonal color and then back again? Giving a form a lost focus look without closing it?



Color Conversion - Conversion Problem?
Hi all,

    I want to convert color schemes used in web to the compatible windows colors. I have a color code #EFF5FC. how do i convert it so that i can use it in vb backcolor.?


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Conversion Binary To Binary And Conversion Of Hexadecimal To Decimal In Calculator
Hi Folks

i was develop one scientific calculator

1) binary to binary conversion= for example we can add one binary value (1110) + another binary value(0101) = i want this output(100 1 1)but it comes 1211 this is my question how can i rectify ?

2) convert from hexadecimal to decimal conversions (ex)in decimal 12 to hexa is c . it wirks good ,but my question is how to convert hexadecimal to deimal (12) ?
Tks in Advance

Access DataBase Conversion To Sql Database Conversion
Is there any way to convet existing access database to sql database with
some tools

VB's Colors..
Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to convert HTML Color HEX to VB Color HEX
if so, please give me the API/ a demo

RGB Colors
I select a color using Common Dialog control. Once I select the color how do I get the RGB values of the color.

Please help



Can I add more colors/backcolors in the 'Palette'? (in VB 6.0)

Colors :S ?
I can't change the backcolor of a command button, maybe other stuff to but i haven't tried that yet.
Any one with an answer ?

Another question, how do i "group / ungroup" things, is that possible ?

RGB Colors
Hi all.
I know that the function RGB returns an RGB color formed by 3 Byte parameters (red, green, blue). It returns a Long, i.e., White = 16777215. But how can I know the 3 parameters (red, gree, blue) of a Long RGB color from a pixel?

Hi. Does anyone know how to convert hexadecimal colors to colors that can be used in visual basic.
Im trying to convert C9FFA7.
Thanks in advance.

Looking For Help With Colors
I have code that will Randomaly choose a long RGB color.

This color is being used for a Fore property RichText box.

The background for the RTB is Black.

I am trying to find a method to filter out the darker Colors so that only the Brighter ones will be choosen, so that is shows up on the Black Background.

My random RGB color creature can be modified so not a problem. Problem is figuring out how to do it.

I thought one possiblity would be to get the Luminence of the Color and then Reject anything with a low Lum.

Only problem is I can't find how to Calculate Lum.

I appreciate any help you can give me.

VB6 And RGB Colors
Hey all,

I am developing an app that has both a web and a VB6 interface.

I am trying to get the interfaces as close as possible.

The web interface uses RGB colors that look really awesome together.

My problem is:-
the Frame.backcolor value is expecting a value like &h12345678&
with 8 digits.
The RGB color that I want to use is &h8B9860 with only six (2 each for R, G and B)

VB6 automattically inserts two 0's to the biginning of my value and the reult is a different color.

How do I get it to display the color I want?



IRC Colors
Hi. I need help with my VB IRC bot.
Does anyone know what command or information can I send to mIRC clients to show colored text. I'm not interested to see colored text in my bots window, I just want the mIRC users to see the text colored. I already read the IRC refference guide and didn't find anything useful.
Please help. Thank you.

Colors :S
hey all, how could i change colors in images im blitting? Im finishing up wearables (clothes) and i figured hey if i make everything white except the outlines in the images i should be able to change the 0,0,0 color in an image to whatever color i want right? how can i do this? ive heard of pallets and how u can change entrys in surface can i do this? and is it really hard? Im hoping its just like Surface.ColorPallet = then an alreayd changed pallet entry er something........thanx fer the help


Does anybody know for any web page where are many colors for VB presented.
For example I found somewhere this one &H008AD2B1& . It's not from basic list, but I like it.

VB Colors
I am trying to figure out how to make manual colors. How does the color numbering work?

picFract.PSet (kY, kX), 600

'or this?
picFract.PSet (kY, kX), (255 + 255 + 255)

Rgb Colors In
How can i change the backcolor property of an object to an rgb value?

i do as it says in the help:

dim ink as long
ink = rgb(233,126,190)
lblInkPot.BackColor = ink
but i get the error "Value of type "Long" cannot be converted to "system.drawing.color"", but it specifically tells you in help to use "long"...

can anyone help?

bear in mind this is not just vb

Rtb Colors
Yo, i have a bunch of regular textbox's on a form, all setup with a specific font, and one of the system colors set as the forecolor, it's the "Highlight" color, and i'd like to stay with using the same color for all of it, so is it possible to get this color into the rtb ?


Getting Colors?
I would like to know how to get all the (same) colors.

Using GetPixel:
How do I get say all the shades of just blue or just red. In True Color. Is there a formula for this?
I need to detect just the shades of one color.


I was wondering if someone could help me understand why Visual Basic 5.0 does not display 16-bit Jpegs correctly. I designed the graphic elements using Adobe Photoshop. When I change the display colors to more than 16bit (High Colors)... then I can see the images clear... well the way they are suppose to look like...

The images look correct individually... but the graphics within the VB program look smeared...

if anyone could suggest anything to solve this problem.. I'd appreciate it..


Coming from a background in HTML I was wondering that in VB properties you are given a background color.
And it seems that you can change the color.
Why is it that when I enter the hex code for the color I want
it doesn't even come close to what I have entered?

Rtb Colors
Can some one give me a list of all of the colors rtb's accept without using a 3rd party function.

Colors Not Being Set Int RTF
txtEdit.SelStart = txtEdit.Find("ITEM=")
txtEdit.Span ("ITEM=")
txtEdit.SelColor = RGB(255, 0, 0)

Gives me an Invalid Property Value error.
any ideas why?


Using HEX Colors In VB
Using the following line of code, code such as "cmdBtn.BackColor = &HFFFF& " works fine. But if the HEX color has a number(s) in it, such as "cmdBtn.BackColor = &FF82AB&, I get an error. Is this my imagination or can a HEX color NOT have any numbers in its value in order to work in VB? Thanks.

Howdee everyone

I'm writting some color options for a program I'm writting, and there seems to be few defined vbcolors. Are there hexidecimal numbers for other colors of the rainbow? Purple and orange I'm looking for. But do I have the choice of shades of red and such??


I want my application to be grey on all computers. I set it to grey using the palette but when I load it on another computer it turns a different color. I didn't use the system colors because the user may have set up their system to different colors. How can I ensure that the program stays the same color on all computers?

how can i join two strings in a control like listview, textbox, or listbox, with two diferent colors for each one, in the same line

I've seen som programs using a different color for the titlebar...
Perhaps they'v been programmed in C++ or something, but anyway: Is this possible to do in VB 6.0? Because it looks really cool!

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I have a common dialog that will show the color dialog box. Using CommonDialog1.Color, I get a series of numbers representing that color (what's this called?).

Anyway, how do I convert that to Hex (or whatever is used in HTML)

Jacob Sheehy

Multitasking - screwing up several things at once

Is there anyway to make a forecolor stay the same regardless of if an object is enabled or not?

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Colors In VB
I was wondering if anyone could explain the hex values in the background color in VB. I am trying to duplicate this code into a breakdown of the hue values so that I can create a picture with the same color background. Could anyone help me with this.

I am making something like a HTML Editor. In most HTML Editors when you type something in HTML it will give it a specifc color. I would like to know how to do this. What I mean is,when someone will type in HTML it will give it a specifc color. Is this possible?-thanks

Different Colors?
I have a simple program that flashes 2 labels on and off

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
If Label1.Visible = True Then
Label1.Visible = False
Else: Label1.Visible = True
End If
If Label1.Visible = True Then
Label2.Visible = False
Else: Label2.Visible = True
End If
End Sub

On the first label, I have "Welcome to DTP" in red. Have can I make it so that "DTP" is in another color, but the rest is in red?

what is the code for colour green?

XP And Different Colors
I recently bought a new computer with Win xp, and now I have installed VB6 on it.

Problem is that all my programs that I had made in my old computer (Win98) do now have this background color look (&H8000000F&, couldnīt find a match here), and all new programs will have that color as a default color

What happened with the grey color that it used to be?

I can of course change all the backgrounds to grey but seems a little stupid and time consuming, so what can I do, cause I donīt like that color?

Is it possible to make a gradient, and when the user clicks on it, it sets the color of the clicked area into a variable?

How To Get The Colors??
Greetings Every1,
I'm developing a custom Command Button. It resembles the Win32 style command button. I'm giving it a property Backcolor, which can be changed to any color. The problem, is when i specify this color, i must somehow find out the Hightlight & the shadow color which window uses to give a 3D effect to the button. To the standard win32 button, these r a variation of gray colors, but suppose if i use red as my color, how must i calculate my highlight & shadow colors. This is a difficult problem i suppose, but i'll be glad if some1 will plz help me. Thanq.

I trying to have a command button that shows a form, and in that form you can change the color of the main form and labels, ect. am i able to do that? it seems like sense its a new form that it doesnt reconize those labels since their in a different form. is their something special i have to put? or am i just not able to do it? Anyone know?
Thanks -


I have a line of code that is:

dim var as string
text1.text= "F-> " &var

how can i display the "F-> " in the textbox, in the red color.


Colors Not Same In XP And Win 2k ...
Hi everyone,

I have a color in my app that's called:-2147483629

In my Win XP it's light blue, but in Win 2k it's dull gray

How do I make it same blue color in both apps?

Help With Colors
I have just created a program for my work using Visual Basic 6.0 and Windows 2000.

Last night when I opened this program on my Xp machine at home it looked a MILLION times better than here at work. I've been to and I've seen some pretty impressive things, but what I was thinking of doing is a lot easier...I'm just not sure how to implement it.

I'd like to use Xp colors on my form, the trouble is I have no idea how to add them in VB or if it's even possible. I tried something already that didn't work, and I'm not surprised. I took the color values from my XP computer at home (such as &H80000003&) and applied them here at work. Needless to say they are different colors. Does anyone know how to implement the exact Xp colors in older versions of Windows? If not, how to I create my own colors using a palette.


Hi, Im making a program which has to work with URL's in a rich textbox. Now these links are blue when the background of the textbox is white and the normal text is black. If the background is inverted to black and text to white my link shows up yellow. But now I want to enable users to select their own colors for the back and foreground. I need to get the same result with the link colors, when I invert only the normal text color I don't get the wanted result for my link color. It's kinda hard to explain what I want to do here, but I hope someone understands, ty.

How do Hue, Sat, and Lum affect colors? Do they produce shades you can't with just RGB?

To 16-Colors?
Hello, a friend of mine has this ASM project to do and he needs to pass a bitmap to pure DB declarations.

So I wrote this project (It is not neat, I know.. But I am in a hurry) that scans pixel per pixel a picture that it is given... My question is... How can I know which is the color it is using as in ASM's colors?

This is the list of colors I have:[list=1][*]color 0 'black[*]color 1 'dark blue[*]color 2 'dark green[*]color 3 'light blue[*]color 4 'red[*]color 5 'purple[*]color 6 'brown[*]color 7 'white/grey[*]color 8 'dark grey[*]color 9 'light dark blue[*]color 10 'light green[*]color 11 'light light blue[*]color 12 'light red/orange[*]color 13 'pink[*]color 14 'yellow[*]color 15 'white [/list=1]

Could anyone help me? I just need to know that... Currently I am just displaying the number GetPixel is giving me...

Everything I am doing is in the module "obtenerImagenASM" in the procedure "obtenerColorASM"

I really appreciate your help!

i have a specific color that i would like my back ground to be but it isn't on the color pallete how would i go about getting the color that i want? is there a place to define custuom colors?

256 Colors
This is probably a simple question, but I had a long day. I need to
get the RGB compatible values for 256 screen color. When I
develop images for my program the colors don't come out right
when used on our Terminal Server which is running 256 colors.
Changing the color depth is not an option as it requires an
upgrade in our Citrix license.

Thanks for any assistance.

Hello to all,

I have a column in my listview called "STATUS".

If the Status = "Sent", I want to make that column red color.


Last First Address Phone Status
Sent (red color)
Not Sent
Not Sent
Not Sent
Sent (red color)
Sent (red color)
Sent (red color)

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