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Boiler Simulation HMI

Hi All.

I am trying to simulate a functional boiler demo in a browser.Its going to be a
GUI for the control/Monitoring of the BOiler
You can see a design here:

1.) Demo overview

The Demo application shows the heating of a fluid in Boiler. By opening the Valves

the boiler is filled with fluid and the burner is ignited. After a while the

temperature of the fluid starts increasing which you can see by looking at the

temperature trend display. If the temperature will get too high then the burner

will be shut off. You can also watch the changes in temperature or volume in the

trend on the right side.

2.) Demo features

The demo is featuring simple trend display, interactive objects (e.g. rotation of

the valve symbol) and the use of common symbols. Common symbols need to be drawn

only once. Any changes to them will apply automatically to all the symbols of the

same type. With the help of interactive objects the DEMO runs automatically. You

can control the outcome by controlling manually the valves.

Can somebody help me please. Any help or guidance will be gratefull.
I am still learning so i find this task as a challenge.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Dear Freinds

I am doing a simulation program. By using @RISK as a plug in. The code:
Dim A1 as string
Dim A2 as string
Dim A3 as string

A1 = txtMitigationMin4.Text
A2 = txtMitigationAve4.Text
A3 = txtMitigationMax4.Text

With RDKApp
'Define inputs to the model
.Outputs.Add "theOutput"
.Inputs.Add "Input1", "RISKPert(" & A1 & "," & A2 & "," & A3 & ")"
.Inputs.Add "Input2", "RISKPert(Outputs(1), Outputs(2),0.023)"
End with

In the class module:

Private Sub RDKApp_Iteration(whichSim As Long, whichIter As Long, cancel As Boolean)
With RDKApp
.Outputs(1) = 1 / .Inputs(1)
.Outputs(2) = 1 - .Inputs(1)
.Outputs(3) = .Inputs(2) ^ 2
End With
End Sub

When I run the simulation it gave me an error on the underlined statement saying invalid string. I want to use the values from output(1) and output(2) as an input variable for further analysis. Has anyone has any idea. Any help is appreciated

Simulation In Vb
My professor asked me to reconstruct the flight path of a research airplane using some graphic tool. We record 6-values of airplane with respect to time during its flight (7 column .dat file 1 column for time instance, 6 columns to define how it looks at that instance of time.) Also the background airfield should change respectively with position of aircraft. Is this project is possible using VB? If so, please suggest some code samples, books etc.. I am not familiar with Graphics in VB. Please help. Reply in detail.

Pid Simulation

I'm unable to translate the PID algorithm into vb code. I'm trying to make a pid simulation program. But I'm having trouble finding information about simulating the pid control and a process. Anyone having some information about this subject or any experience?

Greetings to you all,

Key Simulation
it's been forever since using vb, and now I'm trying to write a simple macro.

I want to simulate a key press, say for my example the SHIFT key

during searches I've found
SendKeys "{ENTER}"

so I tried changing it over to
SendKeys "{SHIFT}"

but it give an error

invalid procedure or argument,
any ideas?

also I'll want to simulate the keypress and a left mouse click at the same time. I can left mouse click with the mouse_event, any way to call them both at same time?

I just wanna know how do we simulate a keydown


if blah = 1 then
end if

Car Simulation
I am kind of new to VB and I need your help. I am doing a car simulation in vb. I am trying to flash two pictures one at a time in front of the windshield. My pictures are flashing way to fast and I would like to have a moment time where no pictures pop up rather than having the pictures pop up on after another when the timer3 and timer4 are enabled. I would like the pictures to flash randomly and there should be a break of at least 10 seconds between the two pictures.

I have attached my form. Your help is greatly apprectiated.

Here is my code:

ption Explicit
Dim intSpeed As Integer

Private Sub cmdDecreaseSpeed_Click()

'Decrement the speed
If (intSpeed > 0) Then
intSpeed = intSpeed - 1
lblSpeed.Caption = intSpeed
End If

End Sub

Private Sub cmdDecreaseSpeed_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Timer2.Enabled = True
End Sub

Private Sub cmdDecreaseSpeed_MouseUp(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Timer2.Enabled = False
End Sub

Private Sub cmdIncreaseSpeed_Click()

'Increment the speed
If (intSpeed < 180) Then
intSpeed = intSpeed + 1
lblSpeed.Caption = intSpeed
End If

End Sub

Private Sub cmdIncreaseSpeed_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Timer1.Enabled = True
End Sub

Private Sub cmdIncreaseSpeed_MouseUp(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Timer1.Enabled = False

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
Timer1.Enabled = False
Timer2.Enabled = False
Timer3.Enabled = True
Timer4.Enabled = True
imgTree.Visible = False
imgStop.Visible = False

End Sub

Private Sub Image2_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
If (intSpeed < 180) Then
intSpeed = intSpeed + 1
lblSpeed.Caption = intSpeed
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Timer2_Timer()
If (intSpeed > 0) Then
intSpeed = intSpeed - 1
lblSpeed.Caption = intSpeed
End If

End Sub

Private Sub Timer3_Timer()
imgTree.Visible = True
imgStop.Visible = False

End Sub

Private Sub Timer4_Timer()

imgTree.Visible = False
imgStop.Visible = True
End Sub

Gas Simulation
What is the best of sending and receiving realtime data between multiple computers on an ethernet network using VB controls. This program will be VERY processor intensive, but transmits very little data, also it is important that the computers remain synchronized, and that the network administrator does not find out. Also is there anyway of bypassing the OS and running the instructions straight to the processor.

"Trust No One, Including Yourself"

How To Use Vb Code To Do Simulation
i am having problem on using vb code to do the simulation...

i have a project like this, try to fill in water to a container. how to show the increasing or decreasing of the water level by using vb code?!!

anyone has the solution, pls let me know... i am really new to vb, so there is a lot of things i dont know, thanks....

2d Physics Simulation
I have a hobby-level project I've been working on and off with for about a year:

Esentially it's supposed to be an asteroids-based rock-shooter with physics. So far, I've implemented most of the game dynamics - the rocks/ship can move and rotate, split when destroyed, etc. So far it's coming along pretty well. You can even make your own asteroids from within the game. The problem I'm having is with the dynamics (collision detection/respone). So far, It can tell whether or not there is a collision (all valid objects are rigid body convex polygons), but where to go from there is sketchy at best. I currently respond to collisions thus:

Private Sub ColResponse(Object1 As PhysicObject, Object2 As PhysicObject)
Dim Ratio1 As Single
Dim Ratio2 As Single
Dim OldV1 As Single
Dim OldV2 As Single

Object1.Origin.X = Object1.Origin.X - 2 * Object1.XVel
Object1.Origin.Y = Object1.Origin.Y - 2 * Object1.YVel

Object2.Origin.X = Object2.Origin.X - 2 * Object2.XVel
Object2.Origin.Y = Object2.Origin.Y - 2 * Object2.YVel

'move and rotate
If Object1.Mass = Object2.Mass Then
OldV1 = Object2.XVel
Object2.XVel = Object1.XVel
Object1.XVel = OldV1

OldV1 = Object2.YVel
Object2.YVel = Object1.YVel
Object1.YVel = OldV1
Ratio1 = 1 / (Object1.Mass + Object2.Mass)
Ratio2 = Object1.Mass - Object2.Mass

OldV1 = Object1.XVel
OldV2 = Object2.XVel
Object1.XVel = (OldV1 * Ratio2 + 2 * Object2.Mass * OldV2) * Ratio1
Object2.XVel = (OldV2 * -Ratio2 + 2 * Object1.Mass * OldV1) * Ratio1

OldV1 = Object1.YVel
OldV2 = Object2.YVel
Object1.YVel = (OldV1 * Ratio2 + 2 * Object2.Mass * OldV2) * Ratio1
Object2.YVel = (OldV2 * -Ratio2 + 2 * Object1.Mass * OldV1) * Ratio1
End If
End Sub

Most of this is just place holder - the bounce and stuff, but things like rotational dynamis are completely ignored, and all collisions are assumed to take place along a primary axis - not the more realistic axis of collision. Now I already know a bit about physics, but the thing I need the most is a good tutorial on dynamics. I've searched through four different physics books to no avail, and the Chris Heckler article that crops up on 80% of websites on the topic is as informative as a block of petrified wood. I even tried slogging through sourceforge, but all of the results were either 3d, used precompiled .dlls, were done in c#, java et. al., require .net '05, etc. I only have VS6 and .Net '03, and can only program in VB, and plain-vanilla c++. Laugh if you will, but I am still a hobbyist (I'm also a computer engineer in training). Any information would be handy.

Robot Arm Simulation
I need some code (preferably VB6 using DirectX 8) or code samples that has a 3D robot arm with 3,4 or more joints that the user can position by buttons or keystrokes or whatever. Anybody know where I might get ahold of such? Appreciated.

Projectile Simulation
i'm working on this project.. a user inputs an angle and a velocity and by using this, the ball will move accordingly and will either hit the target (randomly placed in a field which is a line whenever the game loads) or the ground..

my problem is: the ball doesnt go down.. i think the computer is substituting the values in the textboxes that the user input to the formula... but the ball doesn't go downb.. it shoots right up to the air..

the ball is supposed to make a curve (parabola) but then it doesn't..

i will appreciate you help greatly..

LCD Display Simulation
This is a little demo on simulating LCD display (like the one on your cell phone).
It uses 180 x 180 screen to draw and supports colors.

Basic character set is shown in the code (from A to Z), so if you want to use it, expand it to full chr set (sharacters are made in 5x7 format).

Method to draw anything to the surface is DrawPixel. With it, you can set each individual bit (pixel, LCD segment,...) on or off. This method is also used by PrintText.

You can add your own calculations to draw various objects on the display.

NOTE: Whe you print the text, make sure to raplace vbCrLf with vbLf!

Walking Simulation
Hi folks,

how can i make an walking simulation?
i mean i think i have to move the weapon i'm holding a little up and down but what kind of algoritms are there to do this? i mean i have seen that some use sinus but that is very slow so how can i do this?

How To Use Value From Txtbox For The Simulation To Run?
Hi Freinds,

I am using @RISK simulation library for my visual basic project. In the code I want the user to insert their own value. But when I tried to do like that it gave me an error "invalid function string". Here is some of the code:
Dim a, b, c As String

a = txtMin.Text
b = txtAve.Text
c = txtMax.Text
With RDKApp
.Outputs.Add "biruk"
.Inputs.Add "Input1", "RISKPert(a,b,c)"
But when I put number ....."RISKPert(1,2,3)" the simulation run. I don't know what to do any help appreciated?

Help About A Simulation Program...
a simulation program about money transferring by Credit card or Bank to bank transaction..

Can someone here explain how does it work? For example i have a company and with a online ordering system, when a customer buys to me via internet how do the transaction is processed? I dont need the code cause we can make it if only we just know the main logic of it and how does a "ADD TO CART" online ordering system is processed.. thnx...

Parabolic Simulation,
How do I create a simulation of a, for instance, ball taking a path of a parabola from one side to the other? Perhaps altering the angle and the initial speed at which the ball is thrown. I would really appreciate if any of you could give me an idea of where to begin and construct this type of simulation.

"He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have. "

Advanced M&amp;K Simulation

I have made this program called Mouse Simulator. It is basicly a function that takes a Form, a Control on that form, and a optional string. Then it moves mouse over the control, clicks, and then simulates keypresses to write the string.

It works fine, but it is limited to controls on my own form. I could be nice if i could get it to work outside my program. Example would be to feed it with the start button, or make it double click on the icon on my desktop called My Computer.

Is that possible?

Code Simulation
How would I make a code simulator with like a textbox and a command button and whatever the user types in, it will actually use what they typed as code. For example:

Text1.text = "MsgBox("I Like JellyBeans!")"

How can I make it Execute Text1.text?


Need Help For LMC Simulation Coding
I can't find any coding of Little Man Computer (LMC) simulation. Can anybody help me? can anybody tell me where can I find it? it does not matter which programing language it using, but I prefer in VB.
Please email me at Posting Guidelines
If anybody are so generous that could help me built one of this simulation, I won't mind paying for the cost.
Again, please mail me at Posting Guidelines
thank you...

Enter Key Simulation
Is it possible to add simulation of pressing Enter key after I pressed any other key on keyboard. I mean, if I press, for example key "p", it responds with KeyAscii=112 and how to add (or simulate) Enter key to capture KeyAscii=13 and to pass letter "p" to another procedure.
In short, I want to generate Enter key press, after every key press (in Text control) and to use KeyPress event for Text Box to reckognize KeyAscii=13.

Keystroke Simulation
I need to simulate keystrokes for a program that clicks each message that pops up on my home computer. One of the messages is a simple message box, with a simple OK thing, saying that my Anti-spyware isn't working, and if I want to access online help. All of the others are pretty much the same, and have the same irrelevance in my program.

What it needs to do is:
Run on start up (know)
Press enter four times on each message box
Close after enter has been pressed each time (know)

but whenever I use this API call...

keybd_event vbkeyReturn, 0, 0, 0 'press key
keybd_event vbkeyReturn, 0, KEYEVENTF_KEYUP, 0 ' release key
it sends the keystroke to the form itself...i think
How can I change the call, or set something else, to ensure that the message is 'clicked' each time
I also need to know how to detect when the message pops up, but I could just press enter for about ten seconds, but it would be nice to have it event driven, or a cheap equvalent of that.


I just tried this code

SendMessage hWindow, WM_CHAR, VK_A, 0&
and it didn't work

Intersection Simulation
I have to do a road intersection simulation, and I've started, but cannot get the lights to run in sequence properly.

I've attached the form, so if anyone can please tell me what I have done wrong, then I would appreciate it.



I only tried the East-West lights, North-South are not coded yet.

Thanks again.

OFDM Simulation
hi friend ,
please share me ideal to write a program to simulate OFDM system???

Lottery Simulation
I'm trying to simulate a lottery.
How can I get each number (6 in total for Label1 to Label6) to display with a gap of say 2 seconds between each number displaying? Currently they all show at once.

I placed a For/Next loop between each set but that just caused a delay between clicking the button and the numbers displaying.

Maybe I should be using a Do/While or Do/Until loop but I can't get my head around that logic at the moment. Can explain it with a simple example?

VB Code:
Dim intNum As IntegerRandomizeintNum = Int((49 * Rnd) + 1)Label1 = intNumEnd Sub

Click Simulation
How can i write a program to simulate me pressing F5.. becuase i want a webpage to keep refreshing every 10 seconds... so how would i add the pause in there too...

Traffic/Car Simulation
Hello folks!
I post this here to get some good ideas on how to simulate traffic flow in Visual Basic. I need about 20 cars, each with different velocities.
If one car stops those that are behind of it should get slower till one after the other stops. Same when starting but the other way round.
I think I will use arrays with car Index, Velocity and Position in x direction. My major problem is that I don't know how to get them run seperately.
Using a timer for each car seems quite senseless to me. How could I put it into a Loop function so that every car's velocity is calculeted based on
the car in front of it. I think I would need to define a reaction time and minimum distance or something.
If you got any idea then post it! Just post what you think. Maybe VB isn't even the right language for doing it and I should try that in Java?
But VB is the language I know the best. Thank you

Keyboard Simulation
I need to write a program that when someone in another app hits the semi-colon key it automatically simulates the user holding down the alt key until the user hits the semi-colon key again.

I can get my program to listen for the semi-colon and respond when the key is hit, but I do not know how to simulate the Holding of the Alt key.

Thanks in advance,

Simulation Of Keystrokes
Does anyone know if there is a way to simulate keystrokes? Well here is what i want to do. i have a text box and two buttons. I want one button to highlight the text in the text box, and the other button to copy it to the clipboard. thanks in advance.


Keyboard Simulation
I want to send keyboard input from one application to another without the app receiving input having focus. Already tied
sendkeys() but app needs focus.

What Is The Best Way To Create A Simulation?
Do you know what is the best way to create a simulation of mechanical movements of a Robot that can be modified in real time?
I tried DirectX8 but that's a hell lot of work!
what is better to use? (not necessarily in VB, maybe some graphics program instead).

The @host is everywhere!

Billiards Physics Simulation
This is a physics simulation I wrote to be eventually used in a Pool/Billiards game. Please try it out let me know if you encounter any problems, or notice any defects (it looks pretty neat to watch too ).

In the Main method in modMain you can change the initial positions and velocities of the balls, currently they are just set to pretty random locations and velocities (but it looks pretty neat). If you want you can change the number of balls by changing the constant in the modGlobals module. I've tested a few different scenarios, such as when all the balls are lined up in a line, and one crashes into it (it properly transfers all momentum to the last ball in the line in this situation).

I'm currently having a problem on my NT4 system where it will crash (or just close without warning) after running for a few minutes, when I get home I'll try it on my XP box see if that fixes it.

Also for some as of yet unexplained reason, the balls start to slow down if you let it run for a while. My first guess would be that this is due to accumulated floating point rounding errors, but I haven't had a chance to investigate it yet.

Note: Currently this is a frictionless rigid body system, so nothing should slow down, and there is no accounting for ball deformations on impact, or ball "spin".

Pendulum / Rope Simulation
I've been trying for a few days now how to figure out a reliable way to simulate a rope or string. The most obvious way to use a system of connected springs which is a method that is demonstrated in a few tutorials. However I don't find this works in a way I'd like. If I add a large weight onto the rope it just streches and becomes much too long. Also if I pull on one end of the rope it takes too much time to respond before the other end of the rope moves.

So I thought I need a way to fix a maximum distance between each node of the rope. Effectively this should act like a bunch of balls held together by lengths of string rather than elastic springs. One method I thought of is reposition the node so that it is always less than the maximum distance away from the previous node. However this does nothing to the velocity of the node and will not make the node swing like a pendulum. Somehow I need to adjust the velocity of the nodes while under acceleration due to gravity and at the same time maintain a maximum distance from the previous node. Does anyone have any ideas of how to do this?

Copy Paste Simulation?
[quote]Hello, Everyone:
I would like to simulate a simple process: go to NotePad, copy something, active HyperTerminal, paste it to hyperTerminal. Everyone 20 second do it again. Both Notepad and Hyperminal are running.
Make it simple, pasteBoard has paste content, paste the content to herterminal every 2o sceonds. Keep on running for one day. Is it possible? If it is possible, would you be kind to let me know?
Thank you very much!

Simulation Of Mouse Click
how can i simulate a mouse click?

Please.. I Need Little Man Computer Simulation Coding
I can't find any coding of Little Man Computer (LMC) simulation. Can anybody help me? can anybody tell me where can I find it? it does not matter which programing language it using, but I prefer in VB.
Please email me at
If anybody are so generous that could help me built one of this simulation, I won't mind paying for the cost.
Again, please mail me at
thank you...

Grid Simulation(urgent)
hi friends
i am in a problem here.i need to simulate a flex grid like grid which will support multilanguage.
for this i take 4 array of form2 type text box having index 5 each. now i want to make this matrix(4*5) of form2 text box to act like a data grid.
i also have button like 1. set item (row,col,string)
2. insert row(0/ row number)
3.delete row (row nunber)

plz help me out with your valuable ideas.


Evolution Simulation Tips
I wrote an evolution simulation in DOS long time ago and currently thinking about doing it again for the fun of it.

My method was to create animal by using a scripted like:

Type Animal
Action(1000) as integer
Vala(1000) as integer
Valb(1000) as integer
xPosition as integer
yPosition as integer
Direction as integer
Alive as integer
end type

Tuna() As Animal 'there were anchovy and plankton also

Have animals act by a case statement:

While (NumCycles<Max)
For i = 1 to AllAnimals
select case Tuna(i).Action(Index)
Case 1
Case 2
Case 3
Case 4
case 5
end select

end sub

end sub

Animal data types were filled first by random numbers and by placing a Test, 10% survived and where duplicated 1000 times each. This ofspring were slightly changed and retested.

I want to know if anyone has any suggestions on a better way to simulate evolution.

The objective of this experiement was to see if randomly moving computer models could start to move strategically toward its pray and prey move evasively away without inherent programming bios.

Create Telnet Simulation
i am trying to create a telnet simulation where user can input ion a textbox and then the texbox can reply based on the input. the problem is that when i tried to place a fake shell prompt ()e.g., text1.text = text1.text & reply & "# ") the cursor is placed below the "# ". what i want is to place the cursor after the "# " only so the prog can be realistic. how can i do that?


Keyboard Strokes Simulation

How can i select the text in the notepad or in word anywhere using keybd_event .
As i tried the following code but is not working :-(

    keybd_event VK_SHIFT, MapVirtualKey(VK_SHIFT, 0), 0, True ' shift down
    keybd_event VK_END, MapVirtualKey(VK_END, 0), 0, True ' end keys down
    keybd_event VK_END, MapVirtualKey(VK_END, 0), KEYEVENTF_KEYUP, 0
    keybd_event VK_SHIFT, MapVirtualKey(VK_SHIFT, 0), KEYEVENTF_KEYUP, 0

Can anybody help me


Graphic Simulation{Not Resolved}
My problem is mainly considered in the graphic and i hope anyone can help me
please check these 2 links

Any Help will be highly appreciated
Thanks alot for advice

Egyptian Man

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Can Any One Help Me Out With Elevator Simulation Program
Can anyone help me out with this project
i need to write a program in visual j++ 6.0
The problem we want to address is that of simulating an automatic elevator (that is, one in which there is no human operator). Just as with real elevators, riders may call for the elevator from and exit to any floor in the building that contains it. The elevator should remain idle until a request is made for service, and should then continue to operate until all requests have been satisfied. For the sake of simplicity, we will assume that all passengers behave in an expected manner. That is, when passengers request service from a particular floor, they are expected to board the elevator as soon as it stops at that floor (so in this model there is no changing your mind and taking the stairs). Also, on entering the elevator each passenger will request to be taken to a single floor and will leave the elevator as soon as it reaches that floor. Finally, there is a maximum capacity of 10 riders for our elevator. Any number of passengers may ride at one time.
1 - define appropriate classes and objects
2 - design and code a Java program which will simulate the elevator operation. You should design your program so that it accepts elevator commands from a disk file called “Elevator.dat”. It should allow the following commands:
1 floor# (this command specifies a pickup at floor #)
2 floor# (this command specifies a departure at floor #)
3 (Display elevator status - operating/waiting, etc. and floor number)

You must display the positioning of the elevator as you execute the various commands. Positioning includes floor numbers and direction.

Your job is to prepare a program that simulates the operation of the elevator simulation.

About The Animal's Simulation Project

About the animal's simulation project, i have another problem to
ask. That is,Whether there is any one who can provide a source code, which can be used for generating a specail terrai manually. Of cause 3D is best, but at first step if a 2D contour map can be displayed, that is enough.

thanks a lot!!!

Appending A Log For An Intermolecular Force Simulation
Ok fellas, here's what I've got going on (I'll try to keep it short and sweet):

I'm working on an intermolecular force model for a thesis project, and I don't yet have any experience with visual basic (funny huh?) so I'm getting a real trial by fire here. About the only programming experience I have is with Matlab. What I'm trying to do is adjust this model that my professor hammered out for simulating a compression test to simulate shrinkage in cement (probably by first displacing the outer molecules out, then later changing to a more 'correct' model). The goal of the model is to visualize the formations of bubbles in the cement as it shrinks. The current model uses a simple 'spring' force between the molecules (Force = (spring constant k)*(distance)) that I'll be replacing with a more 'correct' Lennard-Jones style interaction. It is a 2D model, and if all goes ok with it, eventually it will be grown into a full-blown 3D model.

My first task is to find a way to 'record' what happens as the model progresses, because I want to have the model eventually indicate when any of the 'molecules' have moved far enough away from any of the others that a bubble is imminent. So I was thinking that the best way to do this would be to append a .txt file at each time step with the x,y coordinates of each 'molecule'. This will obviously create some pretty big files. That way, I can compare the x,y coordinates when a bubble is imminent to the originals and create some sort of 'strain field' and display it. That is what my professor wants out of me, just to output a visualization of the strain field when a bubble is about to form.

So how would you guys suggest that I pull off the part where I record all of the x,y's at each time step?

Below is the code that I've got so far. You'll have to ctrl-break it to stop it, it's not a very good program. If you have any more questions about the project or the physics of what I'm trying to model, I could post lots more info for you. I'll try to post pictures of what the i,j relationships are between the molecules, I have to scan some images for that.


So what do y'all think? (Be gentle, I'm just a beginner )

Wanna Join An RPG Fantasy Simulation?
On this other board I frequent, we batted around the idea of an RPG Fantasy Sim where each person would submit a text file (representing a character) to a program which I would make. It would then perform combat between all players and rank them from best to worst. (Sort of like an idea I posted here long ago).

In order to submit an entry, I'd lay down the ground rules on this forum once I'm done and you'd spend "points" on your char's stats and equipment, trying to give your char the best winning combination. If anyone would be interested, please email me at...

...with a subject of RPG Sim or whatever. The reason I'm branching out to this forum as well is because I haven't gotten enough interest on the other forum to make it worth my while. (And if there aren't enough people, I won't bother creating it at all). And I thought maybe some here would be mildly interested, but if not, I understand.

Simple Simulation Game With A Few Problems.
I am making a game that is a bit childish but I'll still have fun wasting time with it once it's done. it's a point-and-click game, nothing too fancy, just a simple Sims ripoff for the music industry. The game is a rock star simulation game that changes depending on your heath, money, job, etc. etc. and I want to start the game a certain way and save games a certain way.

I want it to:
1) save the values of all variables necessary (the money you have, your name, your job, etc. as well as custom bandmate names and competition band names) in a non-user editable file.

2) save the game in a file with a custom extension (if possible).

3) not have an open/save dialog with a directory open, but instead a dialog showing what game-names you have saved games under, and perhaps a most recent save date to accompany it.

4) start with the the load game or new game dialog appearing at the beginning of the program every time. If you select a new game you must enter your first name in a window and (optionally) enter a last name as well. When any of these pre-game dialog boxes are open and active, the main form must be disabled and the mini form(s) must stay in the foreground.

I've heard it's not a good idea to use the Visible property to control the whole foreground/background thing, so I don't plan on keeping that with the game.

I've attached what I have done so far, and if someone could actually start off some of the source and such and pack it up in a .zip file to send back, I would greatly appreciate it. A good tutorial explaining some part of this would be helpful as well. As a matter of fact, I'd appreciate any help.

And I know I will most likely never be able to return the favor unless you are a beginning guitarist needing help on setup or learning, but please, if you can and it's not too much of a bother, help me out a little with this.


Pendulum Motion - SIMULATION HELP Needed
Pendulum motion - SIMULATION HELP Needed
Pendulum Motion Synthesis with Math

Trying to understand how to model the natural movements of a pendulum in a programming language.

Not sure where to start, I know that certain constants must be involved but unsure exactly how this would all work together.

If I apply a certain amount of force with a certain length of string I should tend to get certain amounts of arc, swing, circular rotation and duration of momentum in relation to the original force and gravity.

So somehow math values such as pi (for circular motion), a gravitational constant, possible phi or theta, ranging variables for string length and forces applied, etc.... must all work together. Perhaps "e" would be involved somehow as well....?

I'd like the programming routine to be very close to a real world example, as far as accuracy goes.

In other words if i take a string length of 8 inches, with say a one ounce weight, and apply a specifc amount of force, it will swing X times in a linear fashion, losing Y amount of momentum, at the occurence of duration XY it will stop swinging in a linear fashion and begin Clockwise rotation and do so XXY times, again losing Y amount of momentum and then after another duration move counter clock wise, etc.... but...

Id like the software to predict very closely what would actually happen in the real world scenario.

How would formula being written to solve this scenario?

Math examples? Code examples?

Using VB6 With Simulation Software Package 'Simul8'

Does anyone know how I can use VB6 to create an interface for running simulation models in 'Simul8'?

When I try to link them using the correct methods in Simul8, VB comes up with an error, saying that it wont work because the file is binary, and that I do not have DAO Library 2.5.

Can anyone help?

Noob In Carpark Simulation Program
As of the subject of this thread, I'm currently having difficulties in having my carpark simulation program working.
The problem is due to my usage of the "Do While" commands.
The program simply freezes whenever i tried to run it.

Anyway, I've attached the zip file as for those who might be able to help.

Thank you and regards


Mouse Simulation: Drag &amp; Drop
I'm trying to drag and drop something within Internet Explorer on a web site. This seems to work when it wants to. I'd say 1/10 times it work correctly. Most of the time it clicks back and forward not dragging and dropping. Any help please?

Sub DragAndDrop(ByVal X1&, ByVal Y1&, ByVal X2&, ByVal Y2&)
Dim mCommand As MouseCommand

SetCursorPos X1, Y1

For i = 1 To m
With mCommand
SendInput 1&, mCommand, Len(mCommand)
End With
Next i

SetCursorPos X2, Y2

For i = 1 To m
With mCommand
SendInput 1&, mCommand, Len(mCommand)
End With
Next i
For i = 1 To m
With mCommand
SendInput 1&, mCommand, Len(mCommand)
End With
Next i

End Sub

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