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BorderStyle = 0-None - Not Working?

Ive set the BorderStyle Property on my form to "0 - None", which i know normally, makes the border disappear. But in this case it hasn't. Any suggestions?

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BorderStyle Mid Run
Hi, ive got a form with a the BorderStyle set as 1 (Sizable). I also have the Max button in the controlbox disabled.

I want to change the border style to "Fixed Single" while the program is running and completely hide the controlbox

im currently using

Main.ControlBox = False
Main.BorderStyle = vbFixedSingle

But i get an error.

Can anyone see the mistake?
Cheers in advance.

Borderstyle = None
The borderstyle of my app is "none". Normally when you do this you don't have a buton on the taskbar...but when "ShowInTaskBar = True" it has got a button in the taskbat, BUT it don't really acts like a normal button, how can I make that button be able to minimize and maximize the form?



Ok, I'm not even sure if this is a stupid thing to do or not.
I've got a main form, which occasionally will call another form to show itself. What I was hoping to do is specify these sub-forms as .BorderStyle = 0 , and specify its location, so that it appears to actually be a part of the main form instead of a separate form. However, I'm still seeing the caption and X buttons on the sub-form. I thought Borderstyle 0 was supposed to have no caption and whatnot.....
Sorry if this is incredibly stupid.

My form will not let me make it borderless ( Form1.borderstyle = 0 ) It will let me set it to that but will stay as a Fixed Single. Why is this. Is it because I have a menu? If so is their a way to fix this.


VB Code:
'does not work  If Picture1.BorderStyle = 1 Then Picture1.BorderStyle = 0  If Picture1.BorderStyle = 0 Then Picture1.BorderStyle = 1   'does work  Select Case Picture1.BorderStyle    Case 0      Picture1.BorderStyle = 1    Case 1      Picture1.BorderStyle = 0  End Select

Borderstyle 0
Is there any way to make Forms without borderstyles show up in the taskbar?

Also, I remember seeing some code that could make forms without borderstyles draggable, but I cant find it now - Anyone have any ideas?


How can I change form property BorderStyle at run-time?

Borderstyle For Mdiform
Is there a solution to fix the borders of an Mdiform as the property ‘Borderstyle’ doesn’t exist for this sort of form !
In fact I would like to let only the choice between minimised or close the form and forbid the ?(i don't know how to say) button, do you think it’s possible ?

Setting BorderStyle = 0 (None) But Nothing Changes!
What's up with this? I'm trying to set my form's BorderStyle to 0 and nothing changes! I've tried deleting the form's icon, the caption, I've set MaxButton and MinButton to False, I've toggled ShowInTaskbar, StartUpPosition and WindowState - all to no avail.

What gives?

Can anyone think of a reason why a form wouldn't let you set it to borderless?

Changing BorderStyle

I need some help with this. I want to change BorderStyle when program is loaded.
I know that BorderStyle can only be changed in design mode.
How can I make progra which can be in window mode or full screen?


Form BorderStyle
I have a program that I'm working on that requires a borderless form. I have the BorderStyle set as None, and it was working fine. I added in some code to minimize it to the systray, and suddenly, it turned into a Fixed Single form. I searched the entire code and found no references to borders, so I removed all of the new code, and it was still a Fixed Single.
I've restarted VB twice, and that did nothing. Does anyone know what could be causing this and what I can do to remedy the problem?

Borderstyle Problem Again!
Hi Ya'll,

It's me again

Does anyone know how to set a forms borderstyle to NONE BUT still being able to resize the form using the SizeOptions in Style2

The sizable mode doesn't look nice because my form keeps updating the height...

I could also solve this by creating my own sizer(label or something), but i'd rather have the standard size mode, this one looks best and works on all egdes, besides it's less work

Any Tips?


BorderStyle & Moveable
Howdy all,

I've got a form with no border (Borderstyle = 0)
When the user doube clicks on the form (or something similar, NOT on mousemove) he can move the form.
As the BorderStyle is read-only at runtime, how can I accomplish this ?


<font color=green>Do or do not
There is no try</font color=green>

Form.borderstyle = 0 - None
hi again , i have made my own form with no border. i want to know if it is possible to use the menu (normally displayed when you click on the icon in the top left of a form) as a pop up. so that i can create a similar effect using pop up menu that will display the menu with (restore, move, size, minimize, maximize, close). if you do not know what i mean, tell me and i will explain it further.

thanks allot for all your help

Set Borderstyle During Runtime
1) how can i set the border style of a form during run time?
2) how to use the load and unload function? what does it do?

Line Borderstyle
I want to draw a line just like on my attachment, btu i've tried every broderstyle for a line and it doen't work. Does anybody knows how to do that

FrmMain.BorderStyle = 0
Ok, I have a form and its borderstyle is set to none. I have also set the windowstate to maximized so there isnt a task bar or anything.

Problem is, when I alt+tab out of it, I cant alt + tab back in because the program isnt listed. If Im lucky I can click where the start bar used to be and it sometimes brings the program back.

How do I add the program to the alt+tab list?

BorderStyle Bollocks
How can I create a form with a minimize button, no maximize button, and a non-resizable border? There doesn't seem to be a borderstyle property for this.

BorderStyle Property
Anyone having any ideas why it takes multiple clicks to work properly.


Borderstyle And Multiline Bug
1)When I want to resize the form with borderstyle properties(for example borderstyle 3:vbfixeddouble) I can’t make it .How can I fix it. I have Visual studio 6.0 + SP3
2)When I use textbox multiline property “can’t assign to read-only property” error occur.Fix?

BorderStyle Property?
I am having trouble setting BorderStyle property at run time. It executes only when I press the command button twice or thrice. I have tried Doevents, but it was of no use.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Form1.BorderStyle = 3
End Sub

This is all I am doing but until I press the command button twice or thrice, it produces no effect.

Why Cant I Change The Borderstyle??
at design time form1.borderstyle = 1

at runtime,

form1.borderstyle = 0

but nothing happens stays the same,
tried autoredraw, controlbox = false, form1.refresh....

what's the problem?


Form BorderStyle
This is probably a really stupid question (to those who already know), and I should have figured this out long ago, but that's the disadvantage of figuring out VB for yourself.

Regarding forms, what is the difference between each of the BorderStyle settings, and under what circumstances should each be used in preference to others?

For example, I can't tell the difference between FixedSingle and FixedDialog.

Someone explain!

I want to change the BorderStyle of the main form. But each time I call it, nothing happen. Do I have to refresh the windows?

Form1.BorderStyle = 0

This line should not set the main form to the style "none"?

Martin Côté

Systemtray And Borderstyle
I use "Idontknows" code for systemtray. ANd it works nice. Its just one problem. I dont want the border to show on the form. So i have selected borderstyle = 0 (none)

THis works in other programs. But it does not work with the systemtray code. How can i hide the border?


Resize With BorderStyle = None
Well Right now I have my borderstyle set to sizeable then use api calls to get rid of the tool bar (so I can resize it)
and on the form I have a fairly complex "Skinning" process and when I just drag and resize normally it's pretty jerky
and I would like to set the borderstyle to none and then I have a little pic in the lower corner I would like to use to grab and drag to resize the form,
but when dragging I just want to see two guidelines insded of resizing right away.

I hope you understand this, if not just ask


BorderStyle And Minimized
I am wondering if there is any property of a form to disable ONLY Minimize icon on the title bar. I want this form to be maximized and resized but not minimized. Is there any way out?




Can I Change The Borderstyle Of A Picture Box?
i want to give my picture box a 3d effect.. i mean when it is unclicked, it looks like a command button which is not clicked.. and if it is clicked it will change its border properties and will look like a clicked command button.. i know it's about the color of the border of the picture box but i don't know how to change em..

Icon In Taskbar / Borderstyle Set To 0
I know that this question has been asked repeatedly on this forum... but wherever I go the thread rarely had a solution.

So I have 1 form with borderstyle set to 0. It's shown in the taskbar already... last thing I want is that it shows an icon in it.

Now I've read that SetWindowLong or GetWindowLong should be used to acquire this... though on MSDN they keep their mouth shut 'bout the taskbar and it's icon when it comes to describing the different attributes.

Am I missing something, or is there another way?

Thx in advance,

Edit--> Jut to clarify, I'm not asking 'bout the systray. Have tackled that one.

Moving Form - Borderstyle Set To 0 - How?

I have been searching the forum but didn't really found a solution to my problem. Here's the situation:

I've a form with borderstyle set to 0... that looks neat but the downside is that I can't find a proper way to make to form 'dragable'.
The thing I'm trying to achieve can be found in the Winamp program.

Currently I'm trying to do it with Mousedown and setting the X'nY of the form equal to the ones of the cursor... but that renders a complete mess.

So the Question would be: Is there an easier or more effective way to make the form dragable?

Thx in advance,

Changing BorderStyle At Runtime
When my application is ran, it contains textboxes with borderstyle = 1 - Fixed single, i want to me able to change this at the click of a command button, but if i do text1.borderstyle = 0, nothing happens, if it helps the text boxes are inside a picturebox.

Change BorderStyle At Runtime
Is it possible? I have a form with no border, however some of my users would like to have a border/title bar around it, old-school style, hehe.

MSDN says it's not possible as it is read-only at runtime. Is there a way to get around it or do I need to compile a different version for different taste?

Thanx in advance,
El Morte

Re-sizing Form With Borderstyle = 0
Is it possible to resize a form, when it's borderstyle is set to "0"? This problem is causing me trouble when writing emulation software. Any help would be appreciated.

Midi Form Borderstyle ?
Does anyone know how to set the Parent MDI borderstyle to 0, so that the control bar dissapears ??

It does not exist as a property,


Move Window (BorderStyle = None)
Hi to all,

the title says all,

I want to know how I can move my form if my border style is none ???

Thanks !!!

Drag Aform When It's Borderstyle=0-none
Can u tell me how can I drag a form when it's borderstyle=0=none?

Moving Form With BorderStyle 0
Well the title pretty much says it, I wan't to be able to move a BorderStyle 0 form, DragDrop and DragOver events don't fire when I try and move the form.

BorderStyle = 0 Lose Menu
Hi i have a form BorderStyle = 0 - None

Now whan i minimize it i lose all menu ( Restore , Maximise)

What do i need to do

Thank you

Changing The BorderStyle During Runtime
I know in VB6, you are able to change the Boarderstyle property during runtime as well as design time. But since I'm using VB5, I don't have that luxury. I can only do it during design time. Does anyone know how I can change the BoarderStyle during runtime on VB5?

Icon In Taskbar With No Borderstyle
Is there a way I can have my program's icon constantly visible with no borderstyle? I've tried changing the borderstyle to sizable temporarily when it is minimized then changing it back, but that only works every once and a while..

How I Can Set BorderStyle Of MDIForm Equal None?
How i can set a form always on back?
How i can set BorderStyle of MDIForm equal none?

BorderStyle Set To None But Not Going Past The Taskbar?
I understand that any form with a borderstyle set to none(0) will go either underneath or over the taskbar. I have a some code that will tell me the position of the taskbar (top,left,right,bottom) but how exactly would I code it to tell my program to stop at where the top most part of the taskbar is?... once my form is maximized.

Something that will tell my program on resize where the top of the taskbar is and stop there and not overlap it.

thx in advance

Simple Borderstyle Property
What's the difference between fixedsingle and fixeddialog ?

BorderStyle Propery At RunTime
How could I change the BorderStyle (of TextBox, Image and PictureBox) at run-time?

-----form Borderstyle Error-----
when I running this code:

Private Sub Form_Load()
BorderStyle = 1
End Sub

Then error occur(Function or interface marked as restricted , or the fuction uses an Automation type not supported in Visaul Basic). I want to use form with staying my own values and I don't want to use maximize button .How can I do it?

Change Borderstyle Property
I want to change the alkalinity field borderstyle property if the text or number is >135. if so the borderstyle property would change from transparent to solid.
below is my attemp but does not seem to work. Can someone help me? Thank you.

Select Case ("Alkalinity")
If ("Alkalinity") > 135 Then
Reports![General Chemical Query Grounwater Subreport]![Alkalinity].Borderstyle = Solid

Menu Form -- BorderStyle = 0
Hi i have a form BorderStyle = 0 - None

Now whan i minimize it i lose all menu ( Restore , Maximise)

What do i need to do

Thank you

BorderStyle Sizeable W/out Titlebar
Is it possible to have a BorderStyle of "None" with the functionality of a sizable style?

I want to be able to size using a custom drawn border, not the default 3D border.


Change Borderstyle Of Form At Runtime?
Is it possible to chnage the borderstyle of the form at runtime? I tried changing it to 1 when running the app (it's set to 0 in design), but the titlebar doesn't show up. I tried using Me.Refresh but it still wouldn't work.

Any ideas?

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