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Bullet Point Symbol In A Text Box

Does anyone know how I can get a bullet point symbol in a text box (rather than having to use the asterisk?)



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Bullet Point Text
Anyone help with this small prob:

I have some text to be entered in a label box, when I enter the text in the caption section of the label box - how do you create and have bullet points between the text?

Any suggestions, thanks.

Lock Bullet Point?
Hi all,

On a word document i have a numbered bullet point which the user can either enter data to manually or using a wizard i created, however i dont want the user to be able to delete the bullet point is this possible to lock it somehow?


Password Character As Bullet Point (XP Style)
Is it possible to have an XP style password character which looks like a large bullet point?

I can't paste a symbol in to the password character property as it returns a question mark.

I'd prefer not to use a manifest if possible.


How Do I Know Which Symbol Is The Decimal Point In The Regional Settings?

I have an Access mdb with a lot of VBA but due to the different symbol (. or ,) used for decimal point on the various workstations I've several problems when converting with CDbl numbers like 400.00.

For example

A) Workstation with , as decimal point

CDbl of 400.00 is 40000

A) Workstation with . as decimal point

CDbl of 400.00 is 400

How can I access the regional settings to see which symbol is used as decimal point?


Find Bullet Text?
I am working with a word document that has multi-level list formatting ("1) a) i) (1) (a) (i)..."). In VBA, how do I find the value of the list formatting specific to a given paragraph? [For example, if a paragraph is lettered "a)" or "b)"].

Bullet In The Text Label
Content-type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT

Hi all,

a quick and simple question here... how do I insert a bullet into a text label ?

Thanks & regards,


Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<META content="MSHTML 6.00.2800.1141" name=GENERATOR>
<BODY bgColor=#ffffff>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2>Hi all,</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2></FONT> </DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2>a quick and simple question here... how do I insert
a bullet into a text label ?</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2></FONT> </DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2></FONT> </DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2>Thanks & regards,</FONT></DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2>Joe</FONT></DIV></BODY></HTML>


RTF Text Box Bullet Problem
Using MS VisualBasic V6.0 SP5 on Win2000 SP2:

I'm using bullets in a RTF text box to format text.
That's the ASCII RTF text that I read from the text box after typing into the text box:

tf1ansiansicpg1252deff0deflang1033{fonttbl{f0fnilfcharset0 MS Sans Serif;}
{f1fnilfcharset2 Symbol;}}
viewkind4uc1pardf0fs17 Test
par pard{pntextf1'B7 ab}{*pnpnlvlbltpnf1pnindent0{pntxtb'B7}}
fi-195li195 Button 1
par {pntextf1'B7 ab}Button 2
par {pntextf1'B7 ab}pardli195
par }

I store this text in a string and write it back to another text box at a later time.
When I read back the text immediately after writing it to the RTF text box I get this result:

tf1ansiansicpg1252deff0deflang1033{fonttbl{f0fnilfcharset0 MS Sans Serif;}
{f1fnilfcharset2 Symbol;}}
viewkind4uc1pardf0fs17 Test
par pard{pntextf1'B7 ab}{*pnpnlvlbltpnf1pnindent0{pntxtb'B7}}
fi-195li195 Button 1
par {pntextf1'B7 ab}Button 2
par {pntextf1'B7 ab}pardli195'b7 ab
par }

Note the difference in the 2nd to last line!! This is not only a "cosmetic" difference. It really causes the text to look different. In particular, an additional dot appears.

How can I avoid this?

Adding Bullet To Rich Text Box
Does anyone know how I can add a bullet to a Rich Text Box?
I need to enter info into a Rich Text Box with bulleted items.


Checking Text Box For @ Symbol
Can anyone please tell me how i check a text box for the @ symbol?

I have a text box that an email address is to be entered and I want to check that the user is entering a valid email address, not just some random text.

I am pretty sure I could use Instr but i've only ever used it once and i didn't really understand it

Inserting Text At A Specific Point In A Text Box.
This is probably really easy to do, but im just starting out with VB.

Could anyone tell me how I can insert text at a specific point in a text box, when a button is clicked.

I know how to place it at the end, using me.text1.caption & "#1" as an example! I need to know how to stick it any where in the box.

Also, could any1 tell me, how I can do this;

I need to know how I can insert the #1,

"My name is alistair #1 how r u."

but change the #1 to a peice of text, latter on in the program.

Append Text.txt At Certain Point
hi guys

i have a question i wish to append a txt file at a certain line based on the existance of the line. so open the file for append, find the line i am looking for and then append after it. the reason for this is i will have 3 sections to the file with a heading for each (i.e the line i am refering to) then i wish to add data under the relevnt heading. not even sure this is possible.


Printing Rich Text Box At A Certain Point
I have an app that creates a text file then loads it into a rich text box. the problem is that when the report is more than one page the end of any page cuts off making it look horrible. I seperate each record with a line of underscores like this _____________. i was thinking if i had a way to count the number of lines in the text file that have the underscores i could print a new page at these points. the way I print the rtb is rcPrintToScreen.SelPrint (Printer.hDC). If anyone has any ideas i would like to hear them. thank you.

Multiple Decimal Point In A Text Box
I need to know how to constrain the user from entering multiple decimal point into a textbox. The code below really works, but I discovered that the user can still enter two decimal points back to back at initially. I can not figure out how to solve that problem.

If InStr(1, Text1.Text, ".") > 1 And KeyAscii = 46 Then
KeyAscii = 0
End If

the code above works if the user start entering a number first, but when the user first enter a decimal point he/she is able to continue on entering decimal points. My program has to allow the user to enter a decimal as the first input but not for the second keypressed or there after.

Can someone help me?

Thanx ahead of time!!


Update Point Based On Text Box
Hi all I am having trouble doing something, I drew a line and assigned variables to both points the start point is called start point and the end point is called endpoint. I use and if statement to assign values to both points however I want the start point and end point to change based on the value I enter in a text box, i cannot figure it out please help here is my code below. Maybe i am putting it in teh wrong place shoul it be in teh text box section? Whenever I enter 12 teh start position should change but it does not please help


Protected Overrides Sub OnPaint(ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs)
Dim g As Graphics = e.Graphics
Dim newpen As Pen
newpen = Pens.Blue
'define startpoint
Dim startpoint As New Point
startpoint.X = 10
startpoint.Y = 10
'define startpoint vars
Dim Startpoint12 As New Point
Startpoint12.X = 30
Startpoint12.Y = 60
Dim endpoint As New Point
endpoint.X = 100
endpoint.Y = 200
'assign values to startpoint
If Me.takeofftime.Text.Equals("12") Then
Startpoint12 = startpoint
Else : startpoint = startpoint
End If
g.DrawLine(newpen, startpoint, endpoint)
End Sub

Insert Point In A Text File
What I am looking or hoping for is  a simple routine/program to manipulate line text.  
For this particular  text file, the intent is to add a period 4 digits before a "/" and skip adding a period if it already exists.   The text file could be very large so it is impractical to consider adding a period manually line by line.  For example, I would like to change the file from this.I'm wondering if someone has an experiecne of editing a text file similar to this.

 to this


How Can We Jump On Last Point In Rich Text Box
hi this is Amjad.
Im making a chat software by using rich text box. when i send or got new message then the scroll bar moves on top??? i just want that when a new message append in Rich text box the scroll move on last not on top.
please help me for that prb.

Text From Power Point To Word

Does any one know the code to take the contents of a text box (or even the textbox) from a slide in power point to microsoft word? Also if this is possible, could it be possible to auto format the text to say size 20 and colour black? (as the font on the slide is size 28 and in white, not good for printing!)

Any help apprciated


Enter Text At The Curser Point
I have a text box (which will contain text) and a button. When the user clicks the button I want text inserted at the point where the flashing text curser is in the text box. How would I do this?

Computer problems? Have you checked the loose nut in front of the keyboard yet?

Point Of Sale - Left And Right Justify In A Text Box
ok i have a reciept preview textbox and i want to have it so it has the item description on the left side and the price on the right.

here is how i have it now:

Item Description 1 @ 2.99

and i want it like this:

Item Description 1 @ 2.99

i tried this:

VB Code:
frmPOS.txtReciept.Text = frmPOS.txtReciept & "99999" & vbCrLf & "Gift Card Purchase" & vbRightJustify & "1 @ " & txtCardAmount.Text

Adding Text At Cursor Point In Textbox
hi all..

i have a textbox with text in it..

I then wana add some char to it also....

text1.text = text1.text + "A"

But what I want is that "A" to be pasted not at the end of the text string (as it is now) but pasted at the Cursor point.

any ideas?


Locate The Text Cursor -(insertion Point X,y)
Anyone know how to locate the X & Y of the Cursor?
NOT the regular cursor but the 'Text' cursor?

I want to position a frame next to a textbox so the top is about where the Typing cursor is..


Confused Math: Rotating Point Around Point By Radius
Sup guys, I've been working this function for 3 days now and what I've got is completley useless... Please help me... going on day 4...

I am tring to rotate an image around a predefined X,Y coord at a certain distance(radius) away depening on the mouse position.

IE: If mouse is NW of coord X,Y then my images is displayed on the NW circumferance around my X,Y coord, freely moving around the circumfrence as I drag the mouse around the form.

I didnt realize the difficulty in doing this untill I set my hand at it and was wondering if anyone could help me figure this out so I can get some sleep sometime this week ;p Here is what I have and might I say I've tinkered with it for hours and I know it is completley wrong.

I have 1 picture box on form

Dim pX, pY, Radius As Integer
Dim PI As Long
Private Sub Form_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
PI = 3.1415926535

'Point to Rotate around (Center of Window)
pX = Me.ScaleWidth / 2
pY = Me.ScaleHeight / 2

'Distance away from point for picture to ride along
Radius = 50

'Problems start here
Picture1.Top = (Y * Cos(0) - X * Sin(0)) + (PI * pY Radius ^ 2)
Picture1.Left = (X * Cos(0) - Y * Sin(0)) + (PI * pX Radius ^ 2)

End Sub

Is It Possible To Extract Data From Point A To Point B In A Report (txt File)

I have a report that some one has given me but the only section i want is half way down and never in the same place and the same size.

whats the best way to extract this section to a new file.

if anyone can supply some code i would appeciate it

Find Resulting Point By Given Point, Angle And Distance
I need someone with a descent understanding of math to help me out with this little problem.

Given an origin coordinate, angle and distance, calculate the resulting point's x,y

So far I have the following:

Public Type Point
X As Integer
Y As Integer
End Type

Function Get_Point(ByRef ptOrigin As Point, ByVal angle As Integer, ByVal distance As Integer) As Point

'Do math stuff here

Get_Point.X = resultingX
Get_Point.Y = resultingY

End Function

Any help is much appreciated

sorry! I have another question! now, I am trying to make a guy shooting a bullet. how do I make the bullet move? For example, when keycode = 90, I want a bullet to move in a straight line. please help me do that! thanks!

Bullet Help
I am creating a game where there is a player that can move around on the screen and shot at incomming spaceships. My question is how can I make it so that I can shoot fireballs. I heard that you use an array but i am not sure.

Do I go

Dim Bullets(20) as integer
Dim Bullets(20) as cShots ' cShots is a class for the fireballs.

This is where I am stuck. I don't know what to do now?

Bullet Collision

Im making a 2D top-view game and I was wondering if you have any tips for bullet collisions? (Im using DX8 (D3DXSprite) for my sprites)

Bullet Collision
hello. Im making a game that has one charictor on the left of the screen and one on the right. Everything is set for them (they both move up and down, and are able to shoot at eachother). The problem is, othe bullet hitting the guy on the other side......[I dont know the code for it]

If anyone knows how to code it that the bullet can hit the guy on either side of the screen that would be great! Thanks so much

Shooting More Than One Bullet
Hello. I need some help. I know im probably not doing this the right or professional way but I am making a shooting game. In order for it to shoot, i set up a timer to say

if keycode=vbkeyspace then bullet.visible=true

then there is another timer stating

if bullet.visible=true then bullet.left=bullet.left-150

I then set up a way for the bullet to reset once it reaches the wall..
The problem is, how can i set it so that i can shoot MORE than one bullet at a time so this game isnt so...slow

any help would be appriciated! thanks!

9mm Bullet Hole
hey, i'm currently developing a shooting game
i wanna make "9mm bullet hole" appears randomly in the picture box each time the picture box clicked

any suggestions ?

3d Bullet Hole's
hello all,
i found this tutorial on,
it shows how to make 3d bullet holes using open gl. has anyone tried this, and does anyone have any idea's for doing this with directx?
also would it be easier to make a 3d model of a bullet hole and do a test if there is a collision with polygon than polygon=bulletholepoly? what do you guys, or girls think?

Bullet Points

is it possible to make selected text bullet pointed in a rich text box from the click of a button?


Bullet List In VB6.0
I would like to make a label or text box that is bulleted, I know it can be done but cant find the code example to use. I need it to look like it is part of the form NOT an addition (i.e. in a box).

This is being used to show an answer to a question, i.e.:

* Remember the points are always figured on the "LOAN AMOUNT" not the "PURCHASE PRICE"

* First you need to take the purchase price of and subtract the down payment.
     * $255,000 less 20% of $51,000 = $204,000 (NEW LOAN BALANCE)

* Now you need to figure the fees charged by multipling the "loan balance" with the points fee in this case 1.75%
     * $204,000 times 1.75% (204000 x .0175) = $3750.00

Thanks for your help in advance,


Rich Text Box - Change Insertation Point Color, Or Hiding It
Anyone know of an API call that will allow me to change the color of the insertation point of a Rich Text Box?

I am using code to mimic a hyperlink, by checking if the text the user clicked on is blue and underlined, so i need to keep the rtb enabled and unlocked so it can respond to a selchange event when the user clicks on it.

i would like to hide the insertation point (possibly by setting it's color equal to the background of the rtb), so the rtb will look more like a webpage without a blinking insertation point.

Whats The Fastest Way To Insert Text At A Specific Point In A String?
How can I insert the word 'THE' at position 9 in this string so it looks like ThisisaveTHErylongstring

Is the fastest way 'newString = left(string, position) & theInsertString & right(string, len(string) - position)

or is there a faster way?

Extracting Strings From Point A To The Unknown Of Point X
hi there.

i forgot how to, but how do i extract strings from a txt box? I mean, i need to get rid of the first char of every value in that txt box and then extract EVERYTHING AFTER the first char, but how do i do it if I don't even know how many characters will be in that txtbox when extracting?

so if we have


how can I extract everything after the first char to the very last, unknown, char?


On Xy Scatter Graph If X Point Is Given How To Find Corresponding Y Point
to find Y point if given X point on a graph
I have a problem in which I have few X & Y points and using the relation between the points is it possible to find corresponding Y point if any X is given. . Is it possible by MSChart control if yes then tell the procedure and if not kindly help with the right solution.
The solution may be graphical or nay other.
The relation between X & Y can be linear or non-linear. So kindly help for both the ways.
Mahesh pareek


Making A Line Graph 1 Point Instead Of 2 Point???

I have a line graph which appears in 2 point. The MSChart property pages are of no help in making this line 1 point(as the line is created by code) so how can I code it?


Bullet Moving In Game Help!
I am making a game with a stick, and when the user hits enter, a bullet pops up next to the gun, but i have to idea how to make it move!

a source code sample is attached, all i need is that when enter is pressed the bullet is visible and moves left (or right depending on the stick position)....ull see what i mean... i dont want the bullet to move too fast.....

pls help

Game Bullet Problems???
hi guys!!

The small game is coming on now (thanks to Pookies help) and the other guys.

I've managed to get a small bullet moving smoothly but i've got a couple of problems to work out and at the moment I cannot work them out so here goes.

(1) In the map array i've got a variable called Walkable this was originally for the tank but now i'm going to use it for the bullet as the tank is pixel point detection.

The bullet will be like this also but as it masked(some tiles) i need a way of letting the bullet go over the certain masked tiles and stop at lets say walls etc. So if i set the walls etc to false this will stop the bullet well that is the theory anyway!!

but i'm having problems calculating where the bullet is to the relationship to the map (see commented out firetimer) can anybody fix this??

(2) As you will see when I fire a bullet it moves no problem but if i move the tank(this inturn move the map) the bullet does not move to the relation to the old map coordinates how the hell can i fix this??

thanks the pig

Finding A Bullet In Word
Hello everybody, I need to find a bullet in a word document and delete it if nothing is written in that line, or if the text there is "blank"
how can I do this?


Bullet Points In Word
can anyone point me in the right direction to give a range of text bullet points ?

my range is characters 100 - 500.

much appreciated,

Bullet-proof Installations - Is It Possible?
***Note: I also posted this in the database forum ****

Creating a setup program for the last project I worked on was a nightmare. I tried three different setup packages, and none of them individually could create a reliable installation that would work on all Win platforms (95, 98, and NT - didn't try 2000). The setup packages were InstallShield Express 2.13, the PDW (everyone's favorite), and Visual Studio Installer 1.1.

The project used VB6 w/SP4 to connect to an Access 97 database (DAO 3.5), along with Crystal Reports 4.6 (the one that ships on the VB6 CD). For what it's worth, the FSO (Scripting object) was also used.

An InstallShield installation would go smoothly, but when the application ran, the error 429 (ActiveX could not create object) would come up. The Visual Studio installer could not register the Crystal Reports OCX during the install, and would also produce the 429 error when the app was run (I thought it was supposed to take care of that!). I was reluctant to let the PDW continue after it produced the message "Some system files are out of date - you must reboot to continue" - I had been burned by that a while back with the VB5 setup program (a user's machine was hosed); they may have fixed this in the VB6 PDW, but I'm not going to take that chance.

Although not an ideal solution, what finally worked was using a COMBINATION of two of these tools. I found that if I run the InstallSheild setup first, then uninstall the app, then install using the VSI or PDW setup on top of that, the app runs fine. But yecch - who wants to make the user run two install processes?

Any thoughts on what could have been done to make this smoother and not "confuse" the installers? Should I have used an Access 2000 DB instead of 97? Should I have accessed it via ADO rather than DAO? Should I have used the latest version of Crystal Reports? Or does none of that matter? Any opinions on what you can do to test and make sure you have a bullet-proof install?

I appreciate your input on this issue.

How To Show Bullet On The Form?
I need to show that little round thing we're using to visually divide paragraphs.
How to do that?

Bullet Question On How I Should Work The Array
im making a game where there maybe a few bullets being shot or heaps...maybe 100-150 at a time.

Anyway im wondering how i should work the array. Like which way would be faster.



for i = 1 to 150

if bullet(i).active=true then
end if

next i



for i = 0 to BulletCount
next i

if a bullet hits the wall tell bullet function to shift array

I cant think of the code right now, but ive done it before. What i mean by shift array is that you remove an entry from the array
like say i want to remove bullet "10"
i would say
bullet "11" = bullet 10 and bullet "12" = bullet 11 until ive reached the end of the array.

i just wandering which would be faster in the end.

Like i know the second one would be fast if there were only a few bullets but if there were 150 bullets then the first one would be faster.

So if anyone has had any experience in this, it would be very helpful thanx

Shooting Bullet - Overflow Error?
I get this overflow error about a minute into the game, it always points to the shooting code for bullets.

Its basically like this:
Check if Space is pressed, if it is then goto sub Fireball

If GetKeyState(vbKeySpace) < -5 Then FireBall

The timer makes a delay between shots

Sub FireBall()
If Form2.GunReload.Enabled Then Exit Sub

Form2.GunReload.Enabled = True
Bullet.X = sx 'make the bullet's position near the gun
Bullet.Y = sy + 26

End Sub

The DoBullets sub is located in the Main game loop, the error points to the line of code which draws the bullets on the screen.

Sub DoBullets()
backbuffer.BltFast Bullet.X + sx1, Bullet.Y + sy1, Fishball, rFishball, DDBLTFAST_SRCCOLORKEY Or DDBLTFAST_WAIT
Bullet.X = Bullet.X - 11
End Sub

Any ideas why? Maybe there is a better way of doing this code? Please help, thanks.

Bullet Points In Message Boxes
Is it possible to put bullet points in message boxes

Help With Modifying This Code For Bullet Path

I have some code I downloaded that fires a bullet based on the angle and power of the gun. And it draws a circle as it fires. It does great but when the bullet is going either up or down (not curving much) it is spaced out far so the bullet doesn't look smooth when its traveling.

Below is the code the determines the new X/Y for the next bullet position. Can anyone tell by this part alone how to increase more positions of the bullet so theyr are closer? Thanks!!!!


Const PI As Double = 3.14159265358979 'PI

'find the new x and y for the gun on a circilar axis
X = lneBarrel.X1 + (Sin(((playerGunAngle / 360) * (2 * PI)) + (PI / 2)) * -playerGunPower)
Y = lneBarrel.Y1 + (Cos(((playerGunAngle / 360) * (2 * PI)) + (PI / 2)) * -playerGunPower)
X = (lneBarrel.X1 - X) + lneBarrel.X1

Bullet Points In An Access Report ... [How To]
Hi all ...

Just doing my reports now ... I have a report to mimic and this report needs bullet points in it. Any ideas on how I can get them to show up in Access? I have a label with terms of agreement and obviously need bullets to delineate each term. Thanks!

- Mike

BTW, (my mantra - Tell what your working on ...) Access 2000 & Win 2000

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