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Calculate Time Difference Between Two Dates

Hi folks!,

I need a script which can do this:
- Calculate the difference in minutes between two date/time.

I now... you are going to say that i need to use de datediff function, but here is the trick.

I need to calculate the time based on working hours using working days and time.

For example, suppose that you work monday to friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm and you have a task and you need to know how much time have you spent on it.

The task arrived at your email at 7:00pm on Sunday... so you will start to work on it at 9:00 am on Monday.

If you finish the job on Wednesday at 10:00 you had spent 19 hours on the project... datediff will say 63 hours.

Regards. German
PS: Sorry for any grammar or syntax error, englush it's not my native language.

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Calculate The Time Difference?

Is there a built-in function to calculate time difference down to min/sec? from two data/time fields

If not, how can do this?


Calculate Time Difference
Dear friends

I want to calculate difference b/w two times:


Calculate Time Difference
hello! i have a bit of a problem. I am storing the start time and finish time of when users clock in and clock out, but i dont know how to calculate the time difference inbetween them. it is for a simple wage calculater. I was trying to user timers but there were problems with if the computer went to hibernate and that.

Thanks in advance!!

How To Calculate The Time Difference
Does anybody know how to calculate the time difference between (for example: 01:00 PM and 02: AM)?
I've set 2 variables:

StartTimeValue = Format(MyStartTime, "hh")
EndTimeValue = Format(MyEndTime, "hh")

'StartTimeValue will return 13 when 01:00 PM is set.
'EndTimeValue will return 02 when 02:00 AM is set.

Now how can I get the time difference? Is this format
I'm using ok, or should I use "hh:mm" for the return

thx, sub-zero

Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition

Calculate The Difference Btw Time And Add Them Together

i'm a new beginner for VB. so need some help.
i'm collaborating VB with Excel.
tis is wat i roughly want to do.
calulate the time interval in the cells. and add all the intervals together.

time in time out Difference
10:00 11:00 1 hr
11:00 13:50 2 hr 50 mins

Sum 3 hr 50 mins

i tried to format the cells in excel as TIME.
but after adding all of them up, it doesn't work the way i wanted.
i guess the only help is to use VB.
thx to any1 in advance.
i'll provide more information if its needed.


Calculate Date/time Difference
hi everyone,

how do i calculate the difference between #January 27, 1993 17:04:23# and #January 26, 1995 02:49:36# ? Which function should I use..?

Many thanks in advance.

The Best Way To Calculate The Difference Time Between 2 Times...
I will calculate the difference time between 2 times string>>
Like 2003-10-1 10:10 and 2003-10-1 10:20
the first time string is 2003-10-1 10:10,the second time string is 2003-10-1 10:20.the calculated difference time is 10 minutes.
How i can do it with vb??...

Calculate The Difference Btw Time And Add All E Differences Together

i'm a new beginner for VB. so need some help.
i'm collaborating VB with Excel.
tis is wat i roughly want to do.
calulate the time interval in the cells. and add all the intervals together.

time in    time out    Difference
10:00    11:00    1 hr
11:00    13:50    2 hr 50 mins
     Sum 3 hr 50 mins

i tried to format the cells in excel as TIME.
but after adding all of them up, it doesn't work the way i wanted.
i guess the only help is to use VB.
thx to any1 in advance.
i'll provide more information if its needed.

To Calculate The Difference Between Two Time Variables
i want to calculate the difference between two time variables
i need ur help since i'm not getting the result correctly    
actually i'm getting the result differently in hours,minutes & seconds but not collectively as 2 hours : 20 minutes : 45seconds
plz help

How Can I Calculate The No Of Days Between 2 Dates, Including The Selected Dates ?
Hi all

How can I calculate the no of days between 2 dates, including the selected dates ?

for eg : between 1st Jan & 31 Jan there is 31 days

but when I calculate like this

DTPicker1.Value = 01/01/2003
DTPicker2.Value = 31/01/2003
totaldays = DTPicker2.Value - DTPicker1.Value

The result I get is 30, but in fact it should be 31


Peters A P

How To Calculate Difference Between Two Times
I am using VB from MS Access. I have two fields that are "Date" fields. I am using them to store times (a start time and an end time). I want to calculate the difference between the two times in hours. I have tried using DateDiff but I can't seem to get it to work. Currently if I store "9:30 AM" in the startTime field on the form and "10:00 AM" in the stopTime field on the form, I try to calculate the difference as follows:

Dim difference As Long

difference = DateDiff(DateInterval.Minute, Me.startTime.Value, Me.stopTime.Value)

When I excute the code, I get the following error:

"Run-time error '424'
Object required"

I am trying to calculate the difference in minutes and then I'll determine the nearest quarter hour from that as a floating point value. What I'd like to have return is "0.5" (the difference between 9:30 and 10:00).

Can anyone please help me? I've been searching google for time differences and can't seem to find anything that works in my code.


How To Calculate The Difference Of This Two Image?
hi , i am a new member..
currently i am doing a vb program to compare 2 black and white image as attached, seeking the difference between these two image.
one is original.bmp, which is the original character.the user's writing.bmp is the scanned-image file from user's writing.

does any one can help me on calculate how close the user's writing to the original?

i have use a pixel to pixel method to calculate the difference.
as shown on assessment...but how to give mark? as this program is use to learn chinese calligraphy, how i can give marks to user based on the user's writing compared to the original?[

How To Calculate The Difference Between A Range In Excel
Hi All,

refer to attached.

how am i suppose to calculate the difference in the range that match to the date entered.

let me explain how it works.

Firstly you need to enter a date in "A22". Then key in the week at "A24" (eg.12).
The date is changed to a monday's at "A26". the data display at "G21:AF34" is refered to the monday's date that which you have entered a date and have changed it to the monday's date.

Then now is the problem that i encountered. i need to find and calculate the difference in a range.

i have to refer to the date at "A26"(take 11/08/03 as an example). the date have to find the match from "G22:G34" and "H21:AF21". when the match is found like "T34:Z34"(it sum up the 7 forward cells together) and subtract the above row. how the above row date is calculated, is take the before date of "11/08/03" such as "04/08/03" which is "S33:Y33" (sum up the 7 forward cells). place the difference at "D22".

so it means simply like this, SUM(T34:Z34)-SUM(S33:Y33). (i have highlight it in blue)
im not sure whether it can simply use a formula or need to use vbscript because it make use of a condition which is refer to the date at "A26".

Please help me with this problem.


Calculate With Dates (Month)
I've got this problem: I have to calculate between two dates, Date1 and Date2. And the print should look like this:

The difference between dates must be 1 month!

My "pore" code soofar:

Private Sub cmdDatePrint_Click()
Dim Date1 As Date
Dim Date2 As Date
Dim D As Date
For D = Datum1 To Datum2
txtPrint.Text = txtPrint.Text & vbCrLf & Format(Date1, "MM") & "/" & Format(Date1, "yyyy")
Date1 = Date1 + 1 ' this increases date for one day, but I need 1 month
End Sub

I hope somebody could help me, I am very new at this

Thanks for your time!!

Calculate Months Between Two Dates
I have two dates say 01/01/2002 and 01/08/2003. I want to write all the months between these two dates to a spreadsheet.


Jan 2002
Feb 2002
Mar 2002
Apr 2002
May 2002
Jul 2003
Aug 2003

How would I go about separating all the months out?

Calculate No. Of Month && Days Between 2 Dates
Hello. I want to calculate the total no. of months plus days between two dates. I got the following code to calculate the month but don't know how to calculate both the months and days.
e.g. Start date = 12/02/2006
End date = 14/02/2006

The expected result should be: 1 month and 2 days.

A = Format(Range("H1"), "DD/MM/YYYY")
B = Format(Range("H2"), "DD/MM/YYYY")
C = Month(A) - Month(B)
Range("H5").Value = C

Calculate Amount Of Minutes Between 2 Dates
Can anyone tell me how to calculate the total amount of minutes between for example:

08-22-00 15:53 and 08-24-00 09:29

Thanks in advance!


Using Date To Calculate Future Dates Every Month..
hi guys

this is what i need to do:
i have 3 types of "credit cards" the user can choose from.
each one recieve a date when the user entering the data to a access DB.
from this date, i need to calculate when will the user recieve the money from the credit card company. for example:

card "X" - if the user entered the amount from 1st of each month to 15th, then the money will come at the 2nd of next month.

card "X" - if the user entered the amount from 16th to 31st, then the money will come at 15th of next month...

can someone help me with this?...


Calculate Dates Based On Variable Data
I need to calculate two dates based on variable data.

The first one is easy. All I need to do is add 180 days to whatever date is in a textbox and that become "The Filing Date"

The second one is not so easy. The Due Date equals 120 days from The Filing Date UNLESS the Order Date is greater than The Filing Date, in which case, the Due Date equals 120s from The Order Date.

The order date is input into txtOrder and, once calculated, The Filing Date is stored in txtFileDate.

Scenerio One:
Order Date = 05/10/2006
Filing Date = 05/28/2006
Due Date = 120 days from Filing Date because the Order Date is LESS than the Filing Date

Scenerio Two:
Order Date = 07/01/2006
Filing Date = 05/28/2006
Due Date = 120 days from Order Date because the Order Date is GREATER than the Filing Date

I can't seem to wrap my head around the If/Then/Else for this. How would I do it?

Difference Between Two Dates
How can I find day(s), Month(s) and year(s) between two dates?

Difference Between Two Dates
I m making a project to calculate interest.So i want to calculate the no. Of months and days between two dates.So i want to know the code to differentiat two dates.(For example If i want to differentiat between 21/3/08(dd/mm/yy) and 15/5/08(dd/mm/yy) then it should return 1 month and 24 days)

Difference Between 2 Dates
What is the easiest way to write a function which will accept two dates (with time) and will return the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds between them?

VB And Getting A Difference Between Dates
Im having a major brain freeze on how I should go about doing this. I want to compare the current date and time to a date and time from a database. If the date and time from the DB is behind the current date and time by more then an hour I want to be able to take action with code Ala email or whatever.

Please help.

Getting The Difference Between Two Dates In VB6
Hi All,

I am working on an application, which uses a timer consisting of the year, month, day, hour, minute and second fields.  I need to be able to find the exact difference between the two dates (one of the dates is based on the current system date and the other is inputted by the user, but will always be in the past).

I have tried using the DateDiff function, but when it comes to the seconds it displays the total number of seconds, i.e. once it gets past 60 it just continues.  I have also tried simply subtracting the dates, i.e.

CODEl_date_diff = format (l_current_date - l_end_date, "DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS")

Difference Between 2 Dates

Using VBA in MS Access, how can I find the difference between 2 dates as X years Y months and Z days.

Thanks in advance.

Difference Between Two Dates Durations
Lets say I have a date and time that is 05-01-07 01:11:11 pm. I have another date and time that is 05-05-07 05:50:55 pm.

How can I find the duration between both dates and times down to the exact seconds?

I would like to get how many days in between and the remaining of hours, minutes and seconds.

So, in this case it would be 4 days and something hour, minutes and seconds.

Thank You

How To Find Difference Between Two Dates Using Vb6
I need to find difference between two dates which one is current date and another one which i am accessing from msaccess database.
I tried my coding is
dim a,b as date
a=Format(Date$, "dd/mm/yyyy")
msgbox datediff("d", a,b)
msgbox a-b
Please help me in coding.
Thanks in advance,

Calculating The Difference Between Two Dates
Right now my program calculates 2 dates by using the DateDiff function, but I want to only count the day if it's a week day.

I have two values, Day1 and Day2 both declared as Date, and what I'm looking to do is figure out how many week days are between the two. Any thoughts?

I was thinking I would have to do something where I step through each day inbetween the 2 dates, and examine the day name and if it is equal to "Saturday" or "Sunday" then to ignore them but I didn't know if there was a clean way to do this.

Calculating Difference Between 2 Dates
Good Day!!!

I need help in calculating the difference between 2 dates (the result should be like "1 year, 2 months and 15 days"). I am building an application for my team to show their tenure in the organization (LIVE TENURE FROM THE DATE OF HIRE TILL NOW). I have the formula in EXCEL but I am not able to get it converted into Visual Basic (I am only a beginner).

I am using Visual Basic 6.0 along with ADO connection.

The formula in Excel is "=YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR(E337)-IF(OR(MONTH(TODAY())<MONTH(E337),AND(MONTH(TODAY())=MONTH(E337),DAY(TODAY())<DAY(E337))),1,0)&" years, "&MONTH(TODAY())-MONTH(E337)+IF(AND(MONTH(TODAY())<=MONTH(E337),DAY(TODAY())<DAY(E337)),11,IF(AND(MONTH(TODAY())<MONTH(E337),DAY(TODAY())>=DAY(E337)),12,IF(AND(MONTH(TODAY())>MONTH(E337),DAY(TODAY())<DAY(E337)),-1)))&" months, "&TODAY()-DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(TODAY())-IF(DAY(TODAY())<DAY(E337),1,0),DAY(E337))&" days""

I need this to be completed very soon and I appreciate any help that I can get on this question.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Thank You,


Coding Problem! {difference Between Two Dates}
im using 2 textbox to that containing date value. the format is mm/dd/yyyy. actually it's for rental system so the 2 textbox is txtdatestart and txtdatereturn. what i want is to get how many day i going to borrow item but i dont know the coding is. can someone please help me by giving the coding?

Date - Working The Difference Between 2 Dates

i am trying to work out the difference between two dates to see how many weeks there are between the two dates

for example if i had a date 12/4/2005 and a date 19/4/2005 it should work out that theres a week difference



Difference Of Dates In Number Of Months (VB)
Hi all

I know it is not much complex, but I just stuck think over again and agan
and require your help.

Let me to explain my problem with this example.

Let some body paid one installment on 28-08-2005, and next is due to

So the period (difference between two dates last payment date and
current date) should be calculated as 1.

Or, let some body paid on 12-07-2005 and failed to pay in Aug-2005 and nw
in Sept-2005, period / number of installments to be paid should of
calculated as 2 (One for Aug and One for Sept)

In all, I need to calculate the total number of installments to be paid n a
current date as according to the date of last installment paid.

Kindly tell me the formula.

Sincerely yours

Rajiv Kumar (DIA)

Scientific Officer/ Programmer

National Informatics Centre

Min.of Communication & IT (GOI)

O/o Deputy Commissioner-Kullu


Difference Between Two Dates, In Days... (dd/mm/yyyy)
Tring to find the difference between 2 dates.

Was originally using CDate function, now using DateDiff, however now that the dates must be formatted to 'dd/mm/yyyy' I keep getting days with a negative difference.

Sub DisplayData()

Dim pstDateIn As Date
Dim pstDateOut As Date
Dim pstTotalDays As String

With mrsCoast
    'Display the data
    txtBookingNumber.Text = ![BookingNumber]
    txtSurname.Text = ![Surname]
    txtFirstName.Text = ![FirstName]
    txtStreet.Text = ![Street]
    txtSuburb.Text = ![Suburb]
    txtState.Text = ![State]
    txtPostCode.Text = ![PostCode]
    txtPhone.Text = ![Phone]
    txtEmail.Text = "" & ![Em ail]
    txtCabinNumber.Text = ![CabinNumber]
    txtCabinTypeCode.Text = "" & ![CabinTypeCode]
    txtDailyRate.Text = "" & ![DailyRate]
    txtDescription.Text = ![Description]
    txtDateIn.Text = Format(!DateIn, "dd/mm/yyyy")
    txtDateOut.Text = Format(!DateOut, "dd/mm/yyyy")
    txtBookDate.Text = ![BookDate]
    txtSpecialRequirements.Text = "" & ![SpecialRequirements]
    txtDepositPaid.Text = ![DepositPaid]
    lblDate.Caption = Format(Now, "dd/mm/yyyy")
    End With
    pstDateIn = CDate(txtDateIn.Text)
    pstDateOut = CDate(txtDateOut.Text)
    pstTotalDays = DateDiff("d", txtDateIn, txtDateOut)
    lblTotalDays.Caption = pstTotalDays
End Sub

Edit By Shandy: Line txtEmail.Text = "" & ![Em ail] has space manually added due to bug in vbCity forums scripting. i.e. the space is not really there.

Edited by - Shandy on 4/4/2004 10:58:54 PM

Finding The Difference Between Two Dates RESOLVED
I am trying to set up a Excel application.
The form connected to the workbook is fine.

However I want to have a "Main Menu" pop up first (not the issue). On the main menu I want to have how many days left before a certain date arrives.

I had set it up in Access using VBA with no problems and it works fine and displays great on the label.

In Excel it won't display on the label I don't know if I have code in the right place or not.

here is what I have in the mainmenu form....should I have put this in the workbook code?
Option Explicit

Private Sub form_initialize() '<----this should have saidi Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
Call CheckDate
End Sub

Public Function CheckDate()
Dim StartDate As Date
Dim WeddingDate As Date
Dim DaysLeft As String

WeddingDate = #2/11/2005#
StartDate = Date

DaysLeft = DateDiff("d", StartDate, WeddingDate)
lblDaysLeft.Caption = DaysLeft
'lblDaysLeft = DaysLeft
txtTest.Text = DaysLeft

End Function


Edit: The sub name was what did it....why I don't know but since changing it to UserForm_Activate it worked. I also reduced the code to what was suggested below. I had based it on what I did in Access so thought that the subs would be the same across the board in VBA!

Thanks again

Edited by - FuzzDuckie on 1/15/2004 12:00:09 PM

Calc Difference Between 2 Dates But Excluding Weekends!
Hi everyone

I want to calculate the difference (in days) between 2 dates (user will select them from a calendar). But it should exclude weekends (Saterday & Sunday).....


Difference In Dates, But Not Counting Weekends And Public Holidays
Please help! I need to calculate the difference between two dates (in days), but not counting weekends and Public Holidays.

How To Calculate Time Different?
Hello, Everyone:
I had times which is formatted as 12:00:00 Am. I want to cacualte its difference and add them together as following:

Dim monTimeInMorning As Date
Dim monTimeOutMorning As Date
Dim monTimeInAfternoon As Date
Dim monTimeOutAfternoon As Date
Dim monTotal As Double

monTimeInMorning = Range("D6").Value
monTimeOutMorning = Range("D7").Value
monTimeInAfternoon = Range("D8").Value
monTimeOutAfternoon = Range("D9").Value
'Sure it is wrong!!
'monTotal = DateDiff(monTimeOutMorning, monTimeInMorning) + DateDiff(monTimeOutAfternoon, monTimeInAfternoon)
How I can make it work? Thank you very much!

Calculate Time
Hi all ,

Iam trying to do some time calculations.

start time : 9:45 am
end time :1:15pm
the result total should give me the difference and at the same time if the
start time is 3:30 pm
end time is 2:00 am

Need ur inputs in implementing this .... thanks

How To Calculate Time?
how can i change the minute value of my time? I'm thinkin' of adding a few minutes if it's not divisible by 5 (e.g. 5:05, 5:10, 5:15 and so on) i want the values to be 5 minutes only.. how can i do that?

Calculate Time
I am having trouble finding a format that allows me to have hours and minutes. I will be using it to calculate how many hours or minutes someone has worked on a piece of machinery...but the information does not come in with a start and stop comes to me in the "number of minutes worked". Is there such a thing?

Time To Calculate...
Greetings, all. Is there an easy way to calculate the number of seconds and/or minutes b/w two times of day? Now, before you jump to the reply button, lemme explain: I have written TOD (time of day) HH:MM:SS PM to a field in a database, and logged a 'begin' statement in an adjacent field. The next row has a time, and an 'end' entry. See:

Begin.....12/12/00.....3:37:18 PM
End.......12/12/00.....3:38:07 PM

Now, how do I read those two fields (I can make these be TIME/DATE type or STRING type) and calculate elapsed time? There will eventually be hundreds of these, blah, blah, blah. AddTime and TimeDiff methods are balking, b/c there is no DATE (the 12/12/00 part) in the field-only the HH:MM:SS PM. Is this going to be a huge mess? If absolutely necessary (Grrr...) I can combine my DATE field and TIME fields which would ease my use of TimeDiff...but I'd rather leave them separated. Does this make any sense? Plz help if you understand.

Calculate Time

how can i making plus operation between two or three times like this :
00:00:25 + 00:00:15 + 00:01:00 = 00:01:40

please help

Calculate With Time
I know, thats too easy to be asked, but I don't find a soulution.
I have the value «2,25 Minutes» and I want to get «2Min 15Sec».
How Do I Do that?


Calculate Time Help
I need help with writting a code which will round a number to whole, using the INT statement.INT

Here is the code so far with example figures:

Dim Elapsedtime as Single

Elapsedtime = Val(txtDepartTime) - Val(txtEnterTime)

9.05 - 9.00 = 0.05

Therefore we need an int code that will round up the 0.05 to 1
or any other point number to a whole number ( e.g Elapsedtime 9.75 needs to be rounded up to 10)

Calculate Time
I have a problem. I need to calculate time in a project.
I am minusing one time from the other to work out total time spent on something. But my answer comes out as over .59 minutes e.g. 7.75 which should actually read as 8.15. How do I work it out? Need help as soon as possible. Thanks.

Calculate Time
1)How do i calculate time if time given as this format between this...

start =
end =

the time format given in mili-second.... as above...

i using datediff function but give me an error "mistype match" cox i using mili-second as well.

2) how do i convert to format? as below example given.

start = 12:00:30
end = 17:00:15

diff = ("s", start, end)

result : diff = 17985

how i convert to format HH:MM:SS if the result as above.

Calculate Time
Do anyone know or can provide me with an example of how i can calculate amount of hours between two time periods....

Example: 2/02/06 11:03:04pm  2/03/06 3:02:43am

How Can Calculate Time In Vb 6
how can calculate time in vb 6

How Can I Calculate Time In Vb6
vb 6
how can calculate time in vb 6

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