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Can I Change The Color Of ControlBox From VB? (3 Buttons On Top-right Corner)

Thank You

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About ControlBox In The Top Right Corner
Well, I am a beginner in vb. I wanted to know how to manipulate the clicks on the buttons of the control box that is on the upper right corner of a form. eg. if I click on the close(X)button, i want it to minimize (& not close ) the form. Can you give any idea?

How To Change Color Of The Writing On Command Buttons
I have multi colour command buttons, but i need to change the colour of the writing from black to say white.

because the colours are so bold the standard blck is not readable.

any ideas on how i can do this, which property needs changing.

hope someone can help (my snooker scoring app)



{Noob Question} How Do I Change A Command Buttons Background Color
i changed the command buttons background color but nothing happened i believe i have to change a forms property but i cant remember what property i have to change, thanks for any help

Controlbox Buttons
I was wondering if its possible to add an item to the Controlbox, if the user is on Windows XP, i've found several examples of adding to the controlbox, but none of them seem to work on my computer.

ControlBox Buttons & Menus
How can I disable the drop down Menu (which has Move, Size, Minimize,Maximize,Close) which comes when we click on the Form titlebar at top left corner. If I set the Controlbox property to false then the form will not show the buttons on the title bar at the top right corner. I want those buttons but not the menu.

Thanks in advance.


How Do I Change The Icon In The Top Left Corner?
I wanted to know how to change the icon in the top left corner of my programs when i run them. I don't want them to be the default visual basic icon thing.

How To Change The Little Icon In The Upper Left Corner
How do i change the icon in the upper left hand corner of my program from its default blah one to a wild and crasy one of my own????

How To Change The Icon At The Upper Left Corner
Hi there,
Does anyone know how to change the visual basic default icon located at the upper-left corner of each dialog window, left of the dialog title? I want to use my own icon to replace the VB one.
Thank you very much!

Unresolved - Can You Change The Menu Bar Color On Forms && The Face Color On SSTabs?
Is there a way to change the menu bar color on particular forms during runtime? I only have 1 form open at any any given time in my app... Also, is there a way to change the back color of an SSTab control during runtime so that the entire surface of the SStab is the new color?? When I change the back color it doesn't change the color of the active SSTab face, but only the color behind the tabs somewhere, as I can see the new color barely displayed between the SSTab tabs.


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For Datepicker How Can I Change The That Highlight Color To Anither Color
assume that I name datepicker1 to dttime, whenI click on that the default color is blue, cani change to to yellow etc?

How To Change SSTab Color (Form Not Back Color)
I hope someone can help me problem .I want to change SSTab Color user define.I do not want to change backcolor.

Popupmenu Background Color Change As Well As Font Size Change
hi folks
am creating one popupmenu using createpopupmenu() API
and also i insert items dynamically using insertmenuitem API
and display using Trackpopupmenu().
My problem is

1)i want to change the background color of popup menu?????
2 i want to change the font size in popup menu ???????
dynamically .
if any body know API or how to change the font size and change the background color in popupmenu ,please help ur friend.

I don't need menu editor.
i need only popup menu.
expecting a positve reply.

Msg Box; How Do I Change The Font Color And Background Color
I want a message box to pop up whenever someone opens a file. Further, I want to change the fill colors from grey and blue to something else, and I want to change the color of the fonts. Any suggestions?

Color {change Button Color}
This seems like a stupid question but how do you change the text colour on buttons in vb? i have changed the button color but need to also change the text colour to white, anyone?

Color Buttons
I want to know how to color my buttons, i thought it was in the properties window and select "Back Color" to color the button but it doesnt work it doesnt color the button can someone explain me why?

Command Buttons Color
i would like to change command buttons color without using an image ,is it possible?


Color On Command Buttons
How do I change the font color on a command button?


Caption Color Of Command Buttons
I can't figure out a way to change the caption color of the command buttons in VB6 !!! Why is it so complicated ? It should be easy.It should be like other controls,you change the forecolor to whatever color you want and that's it...but no,with command buttons it is different....ahhhhrrrrgggggg!
Can you help me? Thanks.

Changing Color Of Push Buttons?
Is it possible to change the color of push buttons? I tried setting backcolor but its not working? So is it possible? Thanks.

Text Color On Command Buttons
.... how is it u can change the color of the background color on command buttons .,. yet on the fore color .,.. for font you cant?

can you ? .. plz help????

Thanks you


Changing Color Of Command Buttons
Is it possible to change the font/background color of a command button? If


Setting The Color Of Command Buttons
I am trying to create a form with which to select colors. I would like each button to be the color selected by that button. Thus, a white button, a red button, blue, etc.

I would have thought that either the "backcolor" or "maskcolor" would do the trick, but I can't ssem to get anywhere.


Help With Text Boxes Linked W/ Color Buttons
Hey guys,
I need help with this one program I am making. I have 8 buttons, all which have the caption of different colors like blue, green, yellow etc. Now i want them to type in anything in the text box. When they select the part of their name in the text box, like out of "Super Mario" they select "uper" that when they click on of the command buttons saying green. that selection will turn green. and also the same for any other color they choose. Anyone got any ideas?
I could rephrase the question if you guys want.

Changing The Color Of The Application Menu And Of Tap-strip Buttons

Is it possible to change the back-color of my applications menu and of a tabbed-dialog control (mstab)?

My application has an white background and it looks silly if the menu and the tabbed-dialog control buttons are gray.

A screenshot of the application can be found here:

Non-Client Area / Title Bar Color && Caption / Bar (System) Buttons
How to change the "TitleBar" color of a SPECIFIC window (not using the SetSysColor function) and change its text alignment (centering it).
How to change the symbols displayed in the 3 system buttons (Close/Maximize/minimize)and change the behaviour of one or several of these buttons when clicked ?
Am I obliged to subclass the window using MSGHOOK.DLL for example ?
Thank you !


Change ListBox Item Text?+ Change Item Color Or Status?
I'm new to VB. I want to change the text of a ListBox item.
I used AddItem to add items.
Then I tried to change a selected item using lst.Text = "somethingNew", but it doesn't work...
Pl. help

And need to know.. how to change the color of an item or status(disable) of an item???


Change Command Buttons
I have a program with an options page that has several command buttons to choose from in order to proceed. These command buttons are stacked on top of each other, with an equal amount of spacing. I am using VB6 to program, and I'm using the MouseMove event to enlarge the button and bold the font on the button. When I move off of the button, I use the MouseMove event of the scroller box behind it to change it back. My problem is that if the mouse is moved to fast, then several buttons may change at the same time and stay that way until I move off the final button. I would like to have only one button changed at a time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Change Buttons Shape Etc..

I have XP..

How do i change the shape of the normal command buttons of VB6.. i want to make them like XP has.. any OCX or DLL to be used ?

Just to make my project look better

Enabling Buttons After Change
I have a form with textboxes and comboboxes. When the form loads for the first time none of the controls are populated with values so the print and save buttons are disabled. As soon as a key value is inserted in the first textbox the print button only is enabled. I need to enable the save button only if the value of one of the textboxes or comboboxes change. I cannot use the change event of these controls since a few of them populate automatically if the key value matches an existing value in the database. Is there a way of enabling the save button after a change is made once the form is loaded? Thanks!!

Can We Change The Shapes Of Buttons In VB
hai every body,
I have a small doubt regarding changing the shapes of buttons as circle,oval etc etc in Vb.please tell me how I can change the buttons.

Change Caption Of Msgbox Buttons
Hi !
The title says it all...
IS there a way to change the caption of msgbox object when calling it

I.E : result-msgbox("Are you OK ?",vbYesNo,"Whocares")

Tab Strip Buttons Only Change Caption?
hey guys I have a tab strip with buttons, but it does not work right.

When I press a button, frames should disapear until the righht one is visible. but the only thign the buttons do is change the frame captions to true or false.

I use this code. can anyon help me?
VB Code:
With TabStrip1        Select Case .SelectedItem.Caption            Case "Periodic Table"                         Period(1).Visible = True                            MolarMass.Visible = False                             Study.Visible = False                Tutorials(0).Visible = False                      molarweight = Visible = False                                                                                                        Case "Molar Mass Calculator"                                       Period(1).Visible = False                MolarMass.Visible = True                              Study.Visible = False                  Tutorials(0).Visible = False                        molarweight = Visible = False                                                      Case "Chemical Study Sheets"                                       Period(1).Visible = False                MolarMass.Visible = False                 Study.Visible = True                  Tutorials(0).Visible = False                        molarweight = Visible = False                                 Case "Calculating Molar Weight"         Period(1).Visible = False                MolarMass.Visible = False                 Study.Visible = False                  Tutorials(0).Visible = False                  molarweight = Visible = True                                               '   Period(1).Visible = False              '  MolarMass.Visible = False              '  Study.Visible = False               ' Tutorials(0).Visible = True                                                      End Select    End With

Change Command Buttons Without Clicking?
Hi, all, I am new to VB.

I have bunch of command buttons, and each's forecolor will depend on some calculated value. How can I change the button's forecolor without clicking them , only according to the calculated result?

Thank you very much.

Change Caption Of The Msgbox Buttons
How do we change the text of the buttons that appear on the MsgBox. Like if we want something other than "Yes" or "Cancel" ?

Change Positions Of The Caption Bar's Buttons
This in not quote a VB question, but is there a way for example to re-define the position of the close button so that on an WM_NCHITTEST the wParam will contatin HTCLOSE but the position of the close is in a different place than a standard window

Change Form Control Buttons?
I'm tired of the same old form control buttons! Is there any way to change:
A) Their color
B) Their shape
C) Etc



Need Help Coding Buttons To Change Text
I am having trouble coding the buttons to read and change the vowels in my textboxes to different vowels (see program guidelines in the zip file.) I am kind of new to coding and would appreciate any help at all!

Use VB To Change Mouse Buttons Functions?

While there are APIs to swap buttons, I would like to change the assignments of my Intellimouse Explorer without having to go through the menu.

How can I do it?



How To Change The Captions Of Buttons In A Message Box
Hi all
I want to put a custom captions to the buttons in the message box. for
example instead of showing Yes, No, Cancel I want to put 'MOVE', 'CLEAR' AND
thanks in advance

Change Toolbar Buttons Sizes
dose somone know if i can make in one toolbar buttons with different dimeantions.
i need that one of my buttons would be weidther.
if somone know it would be grate thanks

Change The Captions Of Buttons In MsgBox Function

is it possible to change the captions of buttons in MsgBox function? I' d like to rename Yes and No with words in bulgarian.
If it' s immpossible give me some idea how to solve that problem in other way.


How To Change Color?
Is it possible to change the color of a image in a 'easy' way.

I will use an image in a custom control, and I want to change the color on the image. It's not possible to have a image for every color.

Color Change
Dose anyone know of some code that would change the color of all the 3d objects on a form? You can change the color 3d objects through the display panel, but I want them just to change on this form.


Change Color In RTB
Why isnt the code down working? I am trying to change the color of the new string the will be entered in the Rich Text Box (without changing all the color of all the text in the rich text box) each time the Command1 is click
*The RichTextBox's name is RTB1

Option Explicit
Dim NickColor As Integer

Private Sub UserColor(ByRef RTB1 As RichTextBox)
RTB1.SelStart = Len(RTB1.Text)
Select Case NickColor
Case 0
RTB1.SelColor = vbRed
Case 1
RTB1.SelColor = vbBlue
Case 2
RTB1.SelColor = &HFF00FF
End Select
NickColor = NickColor + 1
If NickColor >= 3 Then NickColor = 0
End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()
UserColor RTB1
RTB1.Text = RTB1.Text & "WhatEver Sting" & vbCrLf
End Sub

Rnd Color Change
I need code to change the fore colour of the text, so far i have got (in timer)

label1.forecolor = rnd (VBWhite)

Any help would be help thanks


Change Color
i need to search a richtextbox for any text between << text >>

then change its color to blue including the word befor the brackets

text befor searching
In all our MBA and MSc programmes, you can <<choose from a range>> of elective modules to personalise the content of your degree. Alternatively, you can follow one of <<our Specialisation>> Tracks to acquire a more focused set of skills and knowledge. This means that you can choose modules that are relevant to your <<needs today as well>> as those that will formalise your

text after searching
In all our MBA and MSc programmes, you can <<choose from a range>> of elective modules to personalise the content of your degree. Alternatively, you can follow one of <<our Specialisation>> Tracks to acquire a more focused set of skills and knowledge. This means that you can choose modules that are relevant to your <<needs today as well>> as those that will formalise your

Change Color...
I want to change the color of the bar where the X is. Actualy i wish to make it like totaly different from what the default is. I find the default very boring. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

How To Change Color ??
Hi all,

I need to open a bitmap image in a picture box, and then click somewhere on the image, then I want to change the color of that pixel and all the pixels of the same color to some other color. For example, I clicked on a red color, then I want to change all the red color pixels to some other color say blue.

Any ideas ??


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