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Can Someone Crack This Encrypted Sentence For Me?


I was hoping someone could crack the following sentence for me. Also, could you give me the code to crack it in VB?




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Crack Encrypted Passwor For Access 2000?
hi all
does anyone know how to crack encrypted password for Access 2000. i have the addin to get the un-encrypted password for Access 2000.


Is Anyone Here Able To Crack Codes? Or Know A Site That Does That? Try &&crack My Code
i made a program that codes whatever text you type in, and every time u make a code using the same words its a different set of numbers.

I am curious how super computers crack such codes with nothing to go on.

If anyone knows a site that cracks codes for a hobby or anyone here who reakons they could do so,

eg(all these numbers equal the same word)
the word is "hey"


can you see how its done?

I Need A Crack...
Hello, I need help from any1, I want to unlock my program named FUSION from BIT-ARTS, I downloaded the version, is the unique version in the principal page of bit-arts (

I know that some1 is not accord with me, about crack a program, but in this moment is urgent for make a DEMO program, but it only is for 30 days. I need more time.

Please, if some1 have the crack for the v2.0.0.3 please write me.

I only have the crack for the v2.0.0.0, I was trying to find the program with that version but I couldn't have it.



Anytime... Anywhere... you can try to be the best.

Tough Nut To Crack...
How do I stop the code of my program and its embedded files being read and changed by programs like reshacker?

How do you prevent the program being opened in notepad and other exe capable editors?

My code is precious to me, and so are my ideas, and I hate people who plagerise my code.

So if you can help me, I'd be really greatful.

Hey everyone,
I know this is fairly simple but I cannot get my way around this, have been stuck for the past 4 hours.

I have two Access tables

Telephone number

All I want to do is merge all the records together.

When I do this: Select * from Table1, table2

It gives me all duplicates in the Telephone Number field. I have tried Append and Update query and nothing works for me.

Please help!

Am I Smoking Crack?
First, understand that I have never used fixed length strings before. I've always used variable strings lengths.

Today I'm doing something with random access files and noticed something that totally confuses me.

I declared a fixed length string and then attempted to modify the contents of that string, so I could dump it to a file. The string contents wouldn't change! I don't get it.

VB Code:
Dim cdata as string * 3000dim tmp as integer for tmp = 1 to 200cdata = cdata & "00000000~00000~"next tmp msgbox cdata

cdata is empty after this. Why?

Edit: Fixed [vbcode][/vbcode] tags. - Hack

Can Any One Crack This Program ??
pease be with you

can any one crack this program ??

hi there

i make a small program for " protiction " and i want any one to crack

if .

if it cracked i want know how ? your idea about protiction for program ?


Crack A Hardware Dog...
Now i am doing this works:i want carck a hardware dog
My problem is:A exe is running with a dog,without the dog,the app cannot run,so i want crack it...
And it will be very apprecaited if anyone give me any clue.
I found two Dlls in app path,One is ProductControl.dll and the anoher broker.dll,The Dlls's size is both 32kB.And in ProductControl.dll,i find out "IsKeyValid,CheckProductKey..." strings,so i think i can use VB make my own ProductControl.Dll.Certianly,my Dll will return "1" when "IsKeyValid" is called by host app
I will crack it,cos this may be vey changllege for me...

VS.NET ... BETA Crack
doesn anyone know where i can get a crack for my VS.NET BETA.... before i installed it to use it already went over its time expiry date

the version is BETA 2, i dont see anything else whic represents a build.


Pls Help Me Crack Quiz...
I get a load of these quizes through, & found I can cheat & grab the answers by renaming the files as text files & wading through the crap to pick out pieces of text.

I'm just trying to write a quick script to do this for me, unsuccessfully - if you run the below it's easy to spot the bit going wrong - it's on the looping through the file pulling back. Can anyone take a quick look please ?

Thanks All !

Crack This (just Math =)
I made a password-protected proggy, and i store the pass in the registry ... can you please tell me how long it took you to crack this ?


thanx =)

Why They Crack So Fast?!
I have a program use serial no to register, but the cracker made a key generater on the next day!
Is it possible they can reverse source code out from the VB program?

How You Can Crack Codes
I want to know how can you cracking software serial number etc...Which tools are necessary?

Can You Crack The Code?
I am trying to read in via 2 text boxes a value and a length. and either zero or spaces via 2 check boxes
value 24
length 8
Zeros checked

Would produce the output (on label)


My code looks like this and appears to do nothing at all!!! Any help really appreciated!
Code:Dim Number, LengthOfUsersNumber, TotalLength, NumFillers As Integer
Dim StrNumber, strFinalResult As String
Private Sub CMDExecute_Click() 'Button click
    Number = Text1.Text 'reading in the users number
    StrNumber = CStr(Number) ' strResult now holds the string version of result
    LengthOfUsersNumber = Len(StrNumber) 'finding the length of the users input
    TotalLength = Text2.Text ' reading in the users desired length
    NumFillers = TotalLength - LengthOfUsersNumber 'find the number of spaces/zeros requires
If Check1.Enabled = True Then
    strFinalResult = Space$(NumFillers) & StrNumber
   If Check2.Enabled = True Then
   strFinalResult = String$(NumFillers, "0") & StrNumber
End If
    Label4.Caption = strFinalResult
End Sub

The program runs OK but nothing actually happens!

Thanks a lot!!!


Edited by - tom0987654321 on 8/10/2003 4:56:02 PM

Where Can I Get ActiveSkin 4.1 CRACK?
Which is the best Program Skin?Where can I get ActiveSkin 4.1 CRACK?Thank you very much.

Crack My Encryption And Earn $20
Here are the rules for what i'm going to do. I encrypted a text file with a very simple message in it. I want you to crack the text file and find the message.

Earning my money won't be easy and the first to entirely solve it gets the $20, so hurry!

Here are the rules I have set up as requirements to succeed in getting the $20THe method you use to crack it must work on all examples that I will give over time, and the data in each must be exactly the same as it was originally.The method you use to crack may not be 'trying every password until the right one is found' (brute forcing), or anything of the like.You must explain, until I personally understand what you did to crack my encryption program and send this information only to me and noone else.If you pass all these requirements, here is what you will get.$20 USD.The full code to my encryption program.A precompiled executable of my encryption program.A precompiled keygen for my encryption program.The full code to the keygen.
The first example is attached.

My First Corny Encryption, Can You Crack This?

Also- Some charecters cant be displayed in the text box (the little black sticks represent them), how would I encrypt it to a binary file? lets say Output.enc or something.

Urgent!!!!!(Hard To Crack)
Hi! Everybody

I am in a fix please help me.

I am developing an application in VB. And the reports by Crystal Report 7.0

Now the problem is there is a report where in there is three fields- product name,cost price and the stock in hand.

Now the user may some time need to hide the costprice field in the report.(say by clicking a check box in the application)

So i need a way by which i can supress the costprice field in the report during run time.

Is it possible to supress the field during runtime and if yes please how can i??

Please help me as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance.

Impulse Studio Crack
i made one. i just wanted to say that. i dont know hat proble because i am a retard. i will not give it out. cuse it is for educational perpuses only.

Challenge: Crack The Code
One for anyone who's good at code cracking...

Can you get from this:


to this:


If anyone can, i'll have to change it, and that won't make me happy

Good (or should that be bad) luck!

No Crack Softwares Allowed Here
Hi Guys...
I want to learn cracking softwares by using VB can any 1 help me

How People Crack!? Remove Nag Screen
Dear Friends,

Although I know copyright is very important to software developers, I indeed interested in how can people crack / patch a file.

I am now using an ActiveX control for charting called TeeChart Pro ActiveX v

It's an evaluation version, so a disturbing nag screen will pop up quite sometimes. Could there be way to remove the nag screen from the ocx? In fact, retaining it will not harm my program, but if this can, really wish to try. Of coz, this just for convenience and personal use, will not be business oriented.

Also, I hope to know will there be and where cracked ocx can be downloaded? I apologize for this disgusting post if it has let you feel bad. Thank you.

Is Thread 59362 A Tough One To Crack?
Hai all,

Does nobody have a solution for my question with Thread # 59362 on sheridian Grid.

Pls help...

OK I Was Reading The Da Silvy Thread And Wondered If You Can Crack This.
You all talk like you are so good at making encyptors and cracking ect.. you know all the lingo ect..

Well i am not using a 256bit encryptor here. I am using the most simple encryptor possible. IF you can not crack this then you need to quit spouting about how to encrypt/decypt ect... cause you suck at it.

This is not a "HASH" encryption... it can be decrypted easily. in fact it's so simple i did it with pen and paper... no algorithm required.

Here is the String to Decrypt:


I'll even give you a hint =) This is a Phrase Not a single word.

Good luck....

The winner recieves a thread by me stating that you are a GREAT Decryptor! Which i will Bump Daily!

But i know i wont have to do that....=)

Crack Excel VB CodeModule Password Protected
Need Desperate help!
I inherited a set of VB CodeModules for Excel that was password protected. The original programmer left
the company and no one remembered the password, not even the original programmer.
Is there a way for me to break the password protection to get to the code. Any info as how to do it or who to talk to would be greatly appreciated!

Data Report Problem-Anyone Want To Take A Crack At Solving This Mystery?
Hi, I have a Data Environment that goes into the database and accesses a field called description which is a memo data type in microsoft access. My data report will only display the first part of this text.

Is there a limit as to how much you can put in there? Is there a way around this as I need to display a lot more than this.

I ran a query in access and the complete text displayed so I know its in there. I looked in the properties of the textbox in the data report and there is a thing called CanGrow. I have that set to false, so I changed it to true, but it made no difference. I can't find any other place to change it. I made the actual area of the text box bigger in my data report and that never helped either.

Thanks in advance.


Edited by - leadfinger on 6/20/2003 7:26:10 AM

Encrypted Password
I have created a password protected section in one of my apps. But one of the user opened the EXE file in a binary editor, and found the password quite easily. How can i make this really protected? Thanks...

Best Way To Use Data Which Are Encrypted
I'm planing to program an application which would use 3 databases.
Vehicle MAKE, MODEL and TYPE. This 3 databases should be linked together by code. You know when I select the MAKE just MODELS that belong to a MAKE should be showed, etx,...

The question is. I need the data in this 3 tables encrypted. What is the best way to do this. Should I use ASCII files for the data or is there any secure option in MS SQL which would be safe enough. I mean securing the database by password is not an option I'm searching


Compact And Encrypted DB?
Helo guys!

- I just want to know what is the benefit(s) of compacting my DB in ACCESS asides from saving some spaces, what else?Is it recommended or ideal to compact a access db,especially when deploying/implementing my app with compacted db?What is the disadvantage of compacting a DB?

- Also i saw a ACCESS DB where in all data in its table are encrypted, as in the data are unreadable?How can i do that?Is it a access feature or i need to do some cypher code to encrypt my data before i store/save it on my DB?

Please help me guys, i hardly need some notions here...

Encrypted File
hi, it is possible to create a program in visual basic that decypt this file?
i already got some info using ida pro disaassembler seems im not good in ida pro... anyone can help me to decrypt this file

Using A Encrypted String....
Hello all...

Im writing a main program that will connect to a server and then grab and encrypted string. This string is a password for a pdf file.The pdf's are password protected with a really long random generated char/number string(ex:dfjd923048d!#*#@0`lkjds&2120!$#03jfd78342**382[}").After the main program gets the encrypted string it will then use this string to open the .dat file. But before this encrypted string can be passed to open the pdf file, i need to un=encrypt it. So is the logic all bad in this? because the function to unencrypt it is right in the program. So the encrypted string is really secure then. I've read a lot of threads on here about using encrypted string within your program, so im a little confused here.


Encrypted Notepad
I want to create a little utility that lets you write articles in it. A bit like notepad. But there is a difference. You cannot cut and paste into it. The reason is I want to hire article writers. If they can cut and paste they may just copy stuff off the internet!

So, that means if it stores the data into text files, they need to be encrypted so they can't just edit the text files.

Is this a difficult task in VB?



Reading Encrypted INI

Can anyone advise me in how I can decrypt a file and then have my program read it.

I have managed to encrypt the ini file, and I am able to read the encrypted file and store this information in a richtextbox. I am able to convert this back into plain English (Read the encrypted file into richtextbox1, decrypt the the data from richtextbox1 to richtextbox2, richtextbox2 is now in English), but the problem I have is that my program does not want to read the data richtextbox2.

Is it possible to make my program read the ini data from a richtextbox, if so how can I go about doing that ? (Or is my approach wrong)

Any help is appreciated.


Database Encrypted?
I have receievd a DB file with the ext .scd and I am suppose to open this file to open it any syuggestions???

Encrypted Paradox 4,5?
I'm supporting a user with an application that uses an encrypted (password protected) Paradox db.  Using MS Access 2000 I can open the database file(s) directly, am prompted for a password, and viola!  I can see all of the data in the tables.  Simple.

Except, I want to write an application in VB.NET (or VB) to get at this data and spit it out to a tab delimited file (after some massaging of the data).  How do I do this?  I have experience with ADO.NET connecting to a SQL Server.  I've written ASP that connects to Access databases.

I set up a System DSN using the Paradox 4.X driver (provided by MS).  This is the connection string I tried using in VisualStudio.NET

Provider=MSDASQL;Password=Foo;Persist Security Info=True;Data Source=Paradox Files;Extended Properties="DSN=Paradox Files;DefaultDir=C:MYPROGSTHE_DATA;DriverId=282;FIL=Paradox 4.X;MaxBufferSize=2048;PageTimeout=5;PWD=Foo;"

When I use that, I get the error:
Could not decrypt data.

Any ideas?



I do not have BDE, Paradox, Delphi, or C++ Builder

Hashing/ Encrypted Value
Can some one give me a good encryption algorithm which
we have to decrypt using
name varchar(6)
sex char 1
birthdate date
employeecode char(7)

to be used to print in an account ledger
so that any bogus cheque issued can be checked for verification

Encrypted Strokes
Is there an application where a user could fireup outlook new email and then press a key combo eg. CTRL & E for example to have the keystrokes typed encrypted on the fly and then CTRL & U to return to unencrypted mode to resume application typing as normal ?

would be useful for sending confidential email or messages or even just writing up notes to be saved in what could be an unsecure location.

How To Encrypted Password With Using MD5 In EVB?

    Can i know how to encrypted the password while log in with using MD5 in embedded visual basic (eVB)? Because i got search the web sites for a long time already but still cannot find.

Thank you.

If Sentence
In If sentence:

VB Code:
Dim x(0) As Integer If (Not x)        Then Debug.Print "x() is empty" '<<<--- How is this possible???If (Not x) = True Then Debug.Print "x() is empty"
On the other hand:
VB Code:
Dim y As Integer If (y = 0)        Then Debug.Print "y equals 0"If (y = 0) = True Then Debug.Print "y equals 0"
What am i missing? I don't see the difference outside the condition...

Sql Sentence
I have a cost table named TblCost, that show a five fields.
I show all data like SELECT A, B, C, D, E FROM TblCost.
But, i need to show another field result of sum (C+E) fields.
How i can show in a sql sentence the result on a datagrid1 ???


SQL Sentence In VB-GOING MAD!!!!
I use the following code and get "Syntax error in update statement". I have tried modifying but to no avail, HELP!!!!

VB Code:
If SetI(Index).Value = 1 Thenacn.Execute ("update settings set " & settings.Fields(Index).Name & " =  " & True & "   ")Elseacn.Execute ("update settings set " & settings.Fields(Index).Name & " =  " & False & "  ")End If

1.SETI is just an index of checkboxes
2.when it erroed, settings.fields(index).name was the name of the field I wanted to change
3.settings is a table of one line containing 5 fields of boolean fields
4.darn this!!!!

Help On This Sentence
can anyone pls tell me what excatly this line is toking about

"allow the user to choose the file-name to initialise a text file for random access"

does this mean that i have to sepecify a name and save it and then open it again for random access??

Sql Sentence
I have this sentence to connect to a Database.

Note: The Database is in BTrieve. I use an ODBC to access the database via ACCESS. When i Run the APP it says: Invalid sentences= SUBSTRING. Of course ACCESS does not accept the SUBSTRING(?) . I tested the Query in ACCESS and change the SUBSTRING to MID$. The QUERY works fine in ACCESS, but when i use in VB it says: MID$ could not be found.

Does anyone have an idea?

sqlstring = "SELECT Docno, Applytodocno, Salespkey, Custkey, Trntyp, Docamt " _
& "From ARTRANH " _
& "WHERE SUBSTRING(Salespkey, 1, 1) <> '0' AND substring(Applytodocno, 1, 1) = 'F' " _
& "ORDER BY Docno"

Set rsPlatinum = New ADODB.Recordset
rsPlatinum.CursorLocation = adUseClient
rsPlatinum.Open sqlstring, cnPlatinum, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly

Encrypted Cells In Excel?
I am writing a VBA app in Excel 2003. I want to create an authentication procedure. The problem is that I want to save the usernames and passwords in excel cells, but I want the password to be encrypted somehow. Does Excel provide help for this procedure or is there a better way to achieve the authentication procedure in Excel? If there is no other way, do I have to write my own encryption/decryption function? Thanks!

Encrypted Password Authentication With VBA
Hello all,

I'm working on a database, and i have this idea in my head about making a login screen, but i want the whole thing to be secure.

Is there anyone that can give me some info on howto make an "Encrypted Password Authentication" or maybe someone even has some sample code, or maybe its not possible..


Encrypted Text Field
The password text field should not show clearly the text you type in.

So, how can I make the text field instead of showing clear text, to show a repeated symbol. for example a star like the following: (*******).

Thank you in advance!

Help With Setfocus, In A Encrypted String
I have a program that uses a random number generator to create an encrypted string and display it in a Text Box. That part I have finished. I need to allow the user to change that encrypted string in the Text Box. When they change it, I need to verify that there are no duplicates ( ABCDDE) and that the String is still 76 characters long. How would you pros do this? Can I do it as they type or do I need to create a verify button? Someone told me to use Setfocus, LostFocus and getFocus, I got on MSDN site and cannot figure out how to do it. The Text Box I need to work on is below. In the code below do a find on
txtSecret.Text = keyGen1

Thanks in advance for the help. I am a VB newbie

Option Explicit
'Base Key
Const abc = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890)(*&^%$ #@!?+- " ' Key to Start out with
Dim abcKey As String 'Define Base Key used in Form Load and Change Key
Dim keyGen1 As String 'Define Encrypt Key used in Encryption and De-cryption
Dim rndNum As Integer 'Random Number between 1 and 76

Private Sub cmdEncrypt_Click() ' ENCRYPT INPUT
abcKey = abc 'reload Base key because Form Load emptied it out
Text2.Text = (cryptIt(Text1.Text, abcKey, keyGen1)) 'Call Fun Text, BaseKey, Secret Key
End Sub

Private Sub cmdDecrypt_Click() 'DE-CRYPT INPUT
abcKey = abc 'reload Base key because Form Load emptied it out
Text2.Text = (cryptIt(Text1.Text, keyGen1, abcKey)) 'Call Fun Text, BaseKey, Secret Key
End Sub

Private Function cryptIt(txt, X, Y) As String 'De-crypt & En-crypt FUNCTION
Dim i As Integer 'Create subscript
Dim myPos As Integer 'Position finder Hold Area
Dim myChar As String 'Single Character Hold Area

For i = 1 To Len(Text1.Text) 'loop thru text until length is reached
myChar = Mid(txt, i, 1) 'Pull characters out one by one till length
myPos = InStr(X, myChar) 'Return position of char in Base Key.
cryptIt = cryptIt & Mid(Y, myPos, 1) 'Build The en-crypted or De-crypted Text
End Function

Private Sub cmdUserKey_Click()
txtUser.Text = keyGen1 'Move key to work area
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer() 'DATE AND TIME
Label1.Caption = Now 'Refresh to keep clock current
End Sub

Private Sub cmdChangeKey_Click() 'CHANGE THE SECRET KEY
Call keyGen 'Call function to build secret key
txtSecret.Text 'Clear the old code
Text1.Text = "" 'Clear the textbox
Text2.Text = "" 'Clear the textbox
keyGen1 = "" 'Clear out work area
abcKey = abc 'Load Work area "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890)(*&^%$ #@!?+- "
Call keyGen 'Call function to build secret key
'Warning ====> keyGen empties out abcKey(BaseKey)
'so re-load it before calling keyGen
End Sub

Private Function keyGen() As String 'RANDOMLY GENERATE SECRET CODE KEY BY
Dim leftSide As String 'Left side Chars 1 to rnd Character
Dim rightSide As String 'Right of rnd char to Len(BaseKey)
Dim char As String 'Hold area to take char away from baseKey

Do While Len(abcKey) > 0 'loop thru until the length is zero
rndNum = Int((Len(abcKey) * Rnd) + 1) 'Range = 1 to len(BaseKey)
char = Mid(abcKey, rndNum, 1) 'Put rnd char in Output String away from baseKey
keyGen1 = keyGen1 & char 'Concatenate into new Secret String
leftSide = Left(abcKey, rndNum - 1) 'Get all characters on the left
rightSide = Mid(abcKey, rndNum + 1) 'Get all characters on the Right
abcKey = leftSide & rightSide 'Put all back less 1 char

txtSecret.Text = keyGen1 'Display the Secret key. User Modifiable ========= Help
End Function

Private Sub Form_Load() 'FORM LOAD

abcKey = abc 'Base Key "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890)(*&^%$ #@!?+- "

lblBase.Caption = abcKey 'Display the base key on Label
Randomize 'Initialize random-number generator
Call keyGen 'Call function to build secret key
'Warning ====> keyGen empties out abcKey(BaseKey)
End Sub

Encrypted Fields In The Table ?

In my program, I have a Form in which a user is asked to enter UserName and Password to log-in.

I also have a Command Button to enable a new user to create his Identity in the program.

I want that as the new user enters the
password, it should get encrypted and stored in the Database. I am thinking to include "Blowfish" or "Rijndael" DLL file to encrypt data.

Now, the problem is arising during Data Entry. Suppose a user is logged in and he is entering Personal
Information of any person. Suppose, the user wants to store Emails of this person. I want that this Data gets Encrypted with "Blowfish" or "Rijndael" algorithm.
But then how to manage the "Key" to Encrypt and Decrypt the data?

If during entry I ask the user to enter "Key", then for many records to be entered it will keep on asking for
"Key" to encrypt/decrypt new entry.

Please suggest some way.

Also, how to protect the Access MDB file. Because, anyone can open this file from MS Access directly and tamper the data. I want this file also to be

How to do this?

Using Access Encrypted Database
I want to create an Access Database so that it is always encrypted
and never opens otherwise without using my application.

How to do this?

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