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Capture Image From Digital Camera

Hi friends,

I am using digital camera to capture photo graphs of employees
and store them in a directory using VB.

I am using following code to capture the images..

ImgScan1.FileType = BMP_Bitmap
ImgScan1.Image = "D:PhotosPhoto1.bmp"

After capturing pictrue with the above code I find that there is no photo1.bmp or any other file under D:Photos.

I really do no know what exaxtly happening.

Could some one help me out of this.

Thanx in advance

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How Can I Capture Images From A Digital Camera?
This one is slightly more complex. I've got a firewire connecting a video camera to my PC. Various programs (Ulead's Video and Media Studio for example) can capture images, even video from that camera through the firewire. How can I implement the ability to capture an image from a camera in my program? I mean, if they can do it, why can't I? "I" referring to my program, that is...

Capturing Image From Digital Camera...
Dear All,

I am developing an application that will capture the clips directly froma Digital Camera (Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P72) model. Can anybody tell mewhere can I find the API / DLL / Help that can be used for the same.


Manoj Nair...

Acquire Image From Digital/web Camera

I need help on retrieving the image into my vb from. and when its ok I need to capture the image so that image could be able to saved into my DB.

I am trying to find this but its been very difficult to find the way!!, can anyone help me please

thanks in advance

How To Capture Image From Camera Attached With PC
Camera is attached to PC
and i want to capture the image of the person sitting in front of it ..

How Capture Image From Network Camera
I have ip network camera(orite ip300) attached to network switch (switch1) and my pc attached to another switch (switch2) linked to the first.
I use fix IP to my pc the camera IP settinig is fixed , ok I put this address to IE6.0 and work without any problem.
I need take picture and/or record video form this camera when My macro need it , preferable in the background.
I need help to do this.
Thanks in advance.

How To Use Mobile Phone Camera To Capture Image
Good day experts! anybody knows how to use mobile phone camera
instead of web/pc camera to capture still images, im doing
employee scheduling project but this time with the use of my
mobile phone camera to capture their picture and load them into
my database, it uses symbian 60 operating system. need help.

Using A Digital Camera From VB

I need to write an application which uses a digital camera or webcam to take pictures of people and then add the picture to a database. I'd like the picture to be real time until the "Take Picture" button is pressed - then store the image as a jpeg.
I've never done any image capture before and don't really know what would be involved. Can I simply get a camera with a driver dll which will let me take pictures into a jpeg? Or is it more complicated than that?

Thanks for any help.


Digital Camera
can anybody help me with the problem i have with my application. (Visual basic 6.0)

In my application, we are trying to capture a still image from a streaming video by using a USB digital camera. We are using Windows XP Opearting system. so the problem what we are facing is that, when we are using different cameras, the streaming video appears in different dimensions which are specific to those cameras. But we would like to have the dimension to be same even when using different cameras. Is there any way by which we can bring the streaming video in the same dimension when used different cameras.

Is there any camera driver source, which we need to write.

Using A Digital Camera With VB
Does any1 have any information on how to integrate a camera with Visual Basic...

I have VB 6.0 Pro. I have heard of Kodak something or another control but I can't find it anywhere. Does it have to be downloaded or installed seperately?

This is just a matter of opinion, but would it be easier for me to have the user take a picture and put it on the camera, or could I have to program trigger the camera and save it to a floppy or something like that?

Thanks for your help,

Digital Camera (again...)
Can anyone tell me a way to retrieve iamges form a camera thru VB?

Please help !!!

Digital Camera
I have a digital camera.
How can I download the images from the digital camera into my hard drive using Visual Basic?


VB And Digital Camera
Hi VB Gurus,

does any of you allready do anything in VB that connect with a HPPhotosmart
digital camera ? or know where can I find information about it ?
(This is a litle urgent)


Digital Camera
Hello there..anyone that could help me with a digital camera issue.....i would like that my digital camera work with an aplication that i am developing, i am trying to create an student ID card feature on my app, i would like 2 know if i have to use any special library or any ACtiveX control to use my digital camera...i am guessing that i have to first use the USB port driver to interact with the Camera...i really don't know...First Time!!...I would appreciate any suggestions...

Digital Camera's - Can VB Be Used
Just got myself a digitial camera for Xmas. Are they accessable from VB and if so, can they be reprogramed or can the jpg images be accessed and edited?

How To Use Camera Digital
i want to use digital web camera in my project.....
but i dont know how my digitsl web camera can work in vb....
how the video safe..
i think i wantto safe it as jpeg file or mpeg file

hope anyone can give me the right solution

plss thanksssssss

Digital Camera

whether DirectX support to retrieve images from Digital Camera


Working With Digital Camera
Hi All!

Please HELP!!!

I need to plug a digital camera (via COM port or USB I guess ), then read data from it (JPEG, etc. ?) to enhance photos then.

Never did it before, so will be thankful for all kind of info: code example, literature links, etc.


Acquiring From Digital Camera

Ive seen this in many of offices, if a new employee comes, in creating an ID, they have a Digital Camera connected to computer, then computer takes the shots, then after the shot, they encode the details of the employee then print the new ID, it is automatically connected to database, questions is:

1. how that is being done? how they control the digital camera?, some told me they are using Web Cams, but I saw some using Sony Digital Camera.

I'll be using VB6 to developed that system, any Idea shared is highly appreciated....


Digital Camera Reader
I have digital camera that connects over a usb connection. The drive letter reserved for it is I: and I want to make a program that will look and see what files are on the camera and if it is possible to put a preview of the picture on the form. How would I go about doing this. Also the pictures are saved into a sub folder on the I: drive on the camera's memory stick.

Accessing Digital Camera From VB
Hope someone can help me with a problem.

I have an RCA Digital Camera which uses a USB connection and is accessible via My Computer. It is accessible in a similar manner to a hard drive or other storage device. I want to create a program that simplifies the copying and renaming of files from the camera to our network. Can anyone help me in figuring out how to access the device from VB?

Digital Camera Compatibility
Hi friends,

I have a Visual basic 6.0 application which uses a twain USB camera and captures image on to a picture box. This application works fine on Windows2000.

But the same application, when run on WindowsXP gives error message.

Actually, I have been using an API function SendMessageAsLong to connect the picture box to the capture driver and, the window handle and the driver index are passed as parameters into the API function. But at this point, it returns a false and the program fails.

Now, my question is, Is it because twain interface fails on XP, or Is there any other solution for it ?

The other day, I read about Windows Image Acquisition (WIA). If I am using this interface how exactly do I capture live image on to picture box.

Controlling Digital Camera

I've seen one system that a digital camera is connected to a computer then whatever the camera see reflected on the monitor, then when then user click the button then the screen the camera ticks and the picture comes out in the screen...

is anybody have an Idea how this being done?


Detecting Digital Camera
Hi Guys
dear i want to connect with Digital Camera using VB6.0 can any body help me in this matter. thanks
i want also extract images from this camera .
with regards
Hammad Umar

Nikon Digital Camera
Has anyone ever programmed a Nikon digital camera, D100, D70, etc, to control via the computer. I.E. Take a picture and pull it right to the computer via usb. I need to know the low level commands to talk to the camera. any help?

Digital Camera - TWAIN?

I'm using the capCreateCaptureWindowA API to display video from a digital camera (works fine). A customer sent me an email asking me "does your program uses twain drivers, VFW or WMD to load images from the camera?".

I am 'thinking' the answer is TWAIN, but I have no clue what VFW or WMD is. Is there anyone out there that can answer this question for me??

Thanks in advance!

Digital Camera Question!
I just bought the "Clever Cam" - As Seen On T.V., or my local Ames. Anyways it total screwed me over, on the cover it says for use with windows 98, ME, and 2000. So I assume it works with XP as well, bad decision to assume. Anyways says it works with XP, says it doesn't. I got it to work on windows 95 at a friends house, but not on XP at mine. Has anyone gotten it to work on XP ? Does anyone know why it wouldn't work with XP in the first place ?

I know this is not the proper place to post this, but you guys here have experience with so much that it makes the best place to post it.

What Should I Do For VB6.0 To Take A Picture From A Digital Camera?
I`am working on an "objects location device" so I need Vb to take a picture from a digital camera, any ideas will be helpful, thanks...

Working With Digital Eye Camera
Hellp me please, emargency !!!!!!!

1. I need know how can I work with digital eye camera in VB???

2. I need know if I can work with this camera in real time in VB, and how can I do this???

Thanks to everyone!!!

TWAIN Digital Camera

I have digital camera and I'd like to retrieve picture from it (25 fps).
Can I do that just like i would do it with scanner (through imgscan.ocx), but instead of scanning just one picture at the time (like at scanner), I would retrieve 25 pictures per second.
Can this work?

HELP! Screenshot From Digital Camera!
Hello everyone!

OK, here is what I'm trying to do. I have a Canon digital camera whose live output is being sent to a picturebox via its handle (hwnd). I'll call this picturebox ViewFinder.

Using the usual "screenshot" code [get a compatible DC, create compatible bitmap, SelectObject(newDC, newBitmap), use BitBlt to copy the on-screen image into the newDC, etc.] on a "normal" picture works perfectly. However, using it on ViewFinder returns a white image [that's white, not black!].

I know the following:
ViewFinder has raster capabilities
ViewFinder does NOT have palette support.

Any suggestions what to do or try? Does the palette have anything to do with it?
This has been driving me crazy(er)!

-- Kate

Edited by - khensonm on 1/21/2004 1:09:06 PM

How To Program Digital WEb Camera
I just now run a project that use Digital WEB camera...the device is connecting to my computer directly using USB i want to know how program it.....

lastly can anybody explain how to program serial port communication in VB.....
plss help me!!!!

Thank You

How To Use Digital Still Camera-Sony
I am having Sony still digital camera.. I want to capture some images and send these images to My application which is coded in Visual Basic.. How can I get that image from Digital Still Camera.....

Download Images From Digital Camera

Im trying to get the images from a digital camera to my folder, but im stuck with some code.

Well everything works. I can read out digital cameras by name of camera. Im also able to readout the items on the camera. But when i try the showtransfer, it tells me the following error: Set img = CommonDialog1.ShowTransfer(acc) -> Invalid Pointer

Anyone knows how to solve this?

Dim di As DeviceInfo
Dim CurrentDevice As Device
Dim itm As Item
Dim i As Integer
Dim cmd As DeviceCommand
Dim acc As Item
Dim img As ImageFile

For Each di In wia.DeviceInfos
If di.Properties("Name").Value = digitalecameras.Text Then
For Each itm In di.Connect.Items

If itm.Commands.Count > 0 Then
For Each cmd In itm.Commands
Set acc = di.Connect.ExecuteCommand(cmd.CommandID)
Set img = CommonDialog1.ShowTransfer(acc)
If Not img Is Nothing Then
Set plaatje.Picture = img.FileData.Picture
End If
End If

End If

Working With Digital Camera Images

Well, I have a digital camera that I can connect via USB to my pc and it then appears twice in Explorer, once as the camera so I can copy-paste the images from it, and once as a sort of web-cam type thing - live-ish video stream from it.

What I'm wondering is if and how I could read this video info into a VB app so that I could analyse the pixels etc. Is this sort of thing possible?


Capturing JPG File From Digital Camera
We got a USB digital camera and were wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to manipulate the camera from VB.

We were looking to have the VB program take the shot, have the pic - name it based on whatever record was called up from the database at that moment, etc...

Pictures From Digital Camera With Twain
does anyone know how to get pictures from a digital camera to a file using VB6. the cemera is on the USB port using TWAIN protocols..

HELP! Screenshot From Digital Camera Is White!
Hello everyone!

OK, here is what I'm trying to do. I have a Canon digital camera whose live output is being sent to a picturebox via its handle (hwnd). I'll call this picturebox ViewFinder.

Using the usual "screenshot" code [get a compatible DC, create compatible bitmap, SelectObject(newDC, newBitmap), use BitBlt to copy the on-screen image into the newDC, etc.] on a "normal" picture works perfectly. However, using it on ViewFinder returns a white image [that's white, not black!].

I know the following:
ViewFinder has raster capabilities
ViewFinder does NOT have palette support.

Any suggestions what to do or try? Does the palette have anything to do with it?
This has been driving me crazy(er)!

-- Kate

Remote Capturing Of Digital Camera Photos Using VB
I want to capture photos from VB application remotely from the Canon Powershot A70 digital camera and edit the same and save to the database.
Please can anybody guide me where i can find the controls or any other method available to capture photo's remotely and display in the picture box,
And tools required for croping the images to the required width & height.

Thanks in Advance

Team Vagi

Canon Digital Camera SDK Implementation Problems

I'm using the latest Digital Camera SDK from the Canon (ver. 7.3). Canon doesn't support VB6 development anymore.
But I have translated all included .h files to proper VB6 declarations.

Now I have trouble with CDEnterReleaseControl function. This function register the callback function. After calling this CDEnterReleaseControl, the camera doing "something" and my application is hanging (there is no return from CDEnterReleaseControl, application is hanging in this point).

Here is the code snippet:
VB Code:
'The declaration:Public Declare Function CDEnterReleaseControl Lib "CDSDK.dll" ( _    ByVal hSource As Long, _    ByVal pFunc As Long, _    ByVal Context As Long) As Long 'Usage in the code:     lngRetVal = CDEnterReleaseControl(m_lngCurrentOpenedDevHandle, _        AddressOf cdReleaseEventCallbackFunction, 0&) 'The callback function: Public Function cdReleaseEventCallbackFunction( _    ByVal cdEventID As Long, _    ByRef pData As Long, _    ByVal DataSize As Long, _    ByVal Context As Long) As Long     'Do something...        'Default return value:     cdReleaseEventCallbackFunction = cdOKEnd Function

What I doing wrong? Have somebody experience with implementation of callbacks using Canon SDK in VB6?

Thank's in advance!

Controling A Digital Camera With Visual Basic
anyone know of a camera that can be controled with visual basic, i.e.
zooming, shutter release, transfering picture to pc.

Join Bytes!

Using A Digital Camera And A Machine Named RVJ In My Application
Peace be with u all,

I'm making a dental clinic system which require using somekind of digital camera named "IntraOral camera". My problem is that I don't know how should my program support such kind of camera? How to capture the images from it?? I searched for an activex componenet or any piece of code to deal with it but no result. Could anyone help me to find this even if it's not free? I don't know if it's the same as any digital camera or have it's specific driver? The clinic also uses a machine named RVJ it makes an X-Ray image for teeth but I don't have enough information about it and how to use it with VB?

Camera Capture Question
i am currently setting up a capture window as

mCapHwnd = capCreateCaptureWindow("My Own Capture Window", 0, 0, 0, 320, 240, Me.hwnd, 0)
end code

yet when i show my window and the format is totally different. so i use the

SendMessage mCapHwnd, WM_CAP_DLG_VIDEOFORMAT, 0, 0
end code

then i change the format and pixel type and bit and everything works great. however i don't want to have to do this every time. is there a way i can force the format and pixel type to where it will work. i thought when you create the capture window it should take. PLEASE HELP. thanks in advance.

Capture Video From IP Camera

I have seven IP Camera linked on HUB/SWITCH.
There is also an PC Windows XP linked to the HUB/SWITCH.

How I can capture in simultaneously the video on MPG files?

Can I send over HTTP, with IIS on the Windows XP, custom pages with the video? For Example: 4 video/window, 6 video/window, 2 video/window, etc...

Need ActiveX?

I search for source code example, information on technology and any help.


Multiple Camera Capture
Does anyone know of an application that can
capture multiple webcam's , on one computer.. and
record both at the same time.

(Motion Capture, for 3d design)


Capture The Picture From Camera Using Vb
it required urgently plz help me

VBcode For Building A Camera Capture
Is there information (books) that would help in designing a program that would enable me to capture video in an MP or AVI format from a camera connected to a PC. I would like to be able to design my own program to perform this procedure.

Also are there any books on real time VB programming.

Web Cam, Capture Still From Pressing The Camera's Button? HOW??
I need to find out how to push the snapshot button on a webcam, and capture that event in vb. I'm looking up twain stuff but I'm comming up empty. Help please!

Digital Signature Capture
Im hoping somebody has done something similar in the past and is able to share the knowledge. Basic requirement is to allow the user to sign a document and save the signature in the database. Have looked into using a Picture Box and capturing the X,Y coordinates and using the PictureBox.Line function to draw when the mouse is moved. Any suggestions on 3rd party activeX controls and hardware to achieve this?

How To Capture Picture From Camera?? Difficult Question!!
if got any source code pls paste it

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