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Cash Register

I am developing a POS system. The receipt printer and drawer model is Epson TM-U220B. The Cash Drawer are connected to receipt printer and the receipt printer is connected to the CPU.When i Call the Cash Drawer, the cash drawer will open but at the same time the printer will scroll the paper bout 3 - 4cm long...can anyone help me ?? my code for the cash drawer code is look like this..

Printer.Font.Name = "control"
Printer.Print "A"

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Cash Register
Hi everyone...

im doing th program for my cousin and i need to include a cash regiter application...not anything complicated though, just ur basic functions of entering items and displaying price and printing receipts....

could anyone help me with this, i mean, is there a sample code i could refer to or maybe someone could explain to me how it should be done, esp the receipt printing...thx

Cash Register Dll
ive got to access a cash register for a point of sales program and i think i need to write a dll to do this.Please can someone give me some help on this topic or some tips

Thanks shaun

Cash Register
Please I Need Code For A Simple Cash Register. I'm Using Visual Basic 6.

Cash Register App - Need Help
I'm starting my next assignment in VB, but I'm having some problems. It's basically a 'Cash Register' type program, and it must be able to accept a quantity and unit price. Then, it must be able to display the price before and after tax. Finally, it must be able to add up all the subtotals with tax and give a final total. The whole thing seems pretty easy, but I dont know why my final total won't add up previously entered numbers.

I also want the add a 'reciept' feature that will display item, quantity, price per unit, unit subtotal (w/ tax), and total in a printable listbox, but I have no idea how to get this is appear.

Attached are my project files

Cash Register
Hi everybody ,
I just want to ask what are the procedure so that i can open a cash drawer.
for a Point-of-sales thesis proposal. What object do i need to add in my project.

Can you please email me also at

Open UBS Cash Register
I am trying to open a cash register USB based but the OPen file #write statement does not recognize the device \l.ccr3.

Open ".\lccr3\" For Output As #1
Print #1, Chr(&H12)
Close #1

The manufacturer provided code in C but I do not know how to convert it into VB.

Any sugestions will be greatly appreciated

c code
#include <windows.h>

//This sample is for Logic Controls USB POS deivces
int _cdecl main(int argc, char *argv[])

//open the USB port
hWrite = CreateFile(

return 1;

//write 5 bytes

int WriteLen = 5; // #bytes to write
int nBytesWrite;
char outBuffer[256];
int i;

for (i=0;i<WriteLen;i++)
outBuffer[i] = 'A' + i;


// close devices if needed

return 0;

Cash Register Polling.
I try to poll many models of cash registers(Samsung,Sharp) using the serial port.No matter wich register I poll,I receive strings of datas that look like "֣₧" or "".What is that and how can I convert that to text?

I have the protocols of communications,but I don't understand what that theory has to do whit that.Thank you for your help.

Cash Register Communication
I try to poll a cash register using the serial port.I receive strings of datas that look like "֣₧" or "".How can I convert that to text?

Cash Register Interface
I am writing a program that will interface directly with a Samsung SPS-1000 cash register. The register is configured for POLLING on SERIAL port #1 at 9600 N-8-1. Using HyperTerminal, I am unable to send or receive any data. I have verified the cable as a normal serial cable in a Null-Modem configuration.

The purpose of the connection is to query the register for its internal data such as financials, inventory, etc. This data will then be fed into a database and accessed thru a GUI front-end for reporting.

Does anyone have any information that may help. There must be a list of commands that are used to communicate with the register.

Creating A Cash Register

Here's the story. I am trying to create a POS screen for a project I'm working on. I'm trying to determine what control to use as the display of data/numbers.

I want the data to start at the bottom of the control and scroll upward each time the enter key is pressed.

I've attached a screen print to show you what I mean.


Cash Register Printing
I wan`t to print some lines in my dot matrix printer and after printing the lines i do not wan`t form feed to happen.How can i do it.Currently i get the lines printed using
printer.print "sdfsdf"
printer.print "dfdsfd"

The lines get printed but the problem is a form feed occurs.


Simulate Cash Register
I have to write a program that should run in a tea-room.

I have 1000 articles splitted into 10 groups.

Dealing with 3 users and 30 tables.

Is this possible with VB?

Don' wan't to buy a cash register for gv. reason.

Any suggestions are welcome.


How To Open A Cash Register.
Hi, Can someone please tell me how i could open a cash register using VB?

Thanks in advance!

Need Help With Cash Register Application In VB.NET
I am supposed to build a Cash Register Application using Select Case statement. The Sales Tax needs to be calculated for the
amount purchased. I am supposed to add the sales tax to the subtotal and add the subtotal to the total. The Select Case statement
was used to enter the TaxRate and I think I am supposed to multiply the TaxRate by the TaxValue. I am having trouble with the button Enter key and the button Total key. When I enter a number such as $25.00, the $25.00 will show up in the subtotal, but when I enter $25.00 again it freezes up. Please help. I am new to VB and I really do not know what the heck I am doing.

' Private Sub txtCurrentPrice_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles txtCurrentPrice.TextChanged


' End Sub

PrivateSub btnEnter_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnEnter.Click

'This handler is supposed to add the current amount to the subtotal and display new


Dim sngCurrentPrice AsSingle

sngCurrentPrice = Val(txtCurrentPrice.Text)

Dim sngSubtotalValue AsSingle

sngSubtotalValue = Val(lblSubtotalValue.Text)

Dim sngTaxValue AsSingle

sngTaxValue = Val(lblTaxValue.Text)

sngSubtotalValue += sngCurrentPrice

txtCurrentPrice.Text = ""

lblSubtotalValue.Text = String.Format("{0:C}", sngSubtotalValue)


PrivateSub btnTotal_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnTotal.Click

'This handler is supposed to use the subtotal to compute the tax amount.

Dim sngCurrentPrice AsSingle

sngCurrentPrice = Val(txtCurrentPrice.Text)

Dim sngSubtotalValue AsSingle

sngSubtotalValue = Val(lblSubtotalValue.Text)

Dim sngTaxValue AsSingle

sngTaxValue = Val(lblTaxValue.Text)

Dim decTaxRate AsString

SelectCase sngCurrentPrice

'amounts under $100

CaseIs < 100

decTaxRate = 0.05 'Sales Tax

'amounts between $100 and $500

Case 100 To 500

decTaxRate = 0.075 'sales tax

'amounts above $500

CaseIs > 500

decTaxRate = 0.1 'sales tax

'if no other case is true


decTaxRate = 0.0 'sales tax


'lblTaxValue.Text = strTaxRate

Dim dblTotalValue AsDouble

dblTotalValue = Val(lblTotalValue.Text)

lblTaxValue.Text = decTaxRate

'sngTaxValue += sngSubtotalValue

'dblTotalValue = sngSubtotalValue + decTaxRate

'dblTotalValue = sngSubtotalValue + (sngCurrentPrice * decTaxRate) 'or

dblTotalValue = dblTotalValue + (sngCurrentPrice * decTaxRate)

lblSubtotalValue.Text = String.Format("{0:C}", sngSubtotalValue)

lblTaxValue.Text = String.Format("{0:C}", sngTaxValue)


Codes : PC To Cash Register?
I need help, how do I develope program, I need to print Invoice via cash register, I need the codes

Opening A Cash Register In VB

I am trying to write a small program to open a cash register using VB. what do I need in order to do that ? (cash register driver ? what function(s)?) Please help ! Thanks.

Touch Computer Cash Register
i am creating a touch screen program for a cash register i have basic knowledge of visual basic but i have realised i do not know how the cash draw will open does anybody have any idea about the coding i will need to do this send replies and i will try to give you more information if needed

Cash Register-like Input Of Numbers
I'm trying to figure out how to have the user enter numbers into a field similar to a cash register. Where the first digit is automatically prefixed by ".0", then the 2nd digit is prefixed by ".", etc.
I keep getting hung up on the 2nd digit.

Open Cash Register Code
Does someone have programmed a Point of sale system? I need to know how to send the "BELL" code to the printer in order to open the cash register box.

I am already trying this

printer.print chr(7)

but is not working.

Thank you in advance for your help

Jose Reyes

How Do I Create An Easy PC Cash Register?
Folks out there... please help me to create an easy pc cash register from scratch. I'm new to VB6, but I can try doing it cause I need such programme urgently. I got VB6 loaded on my PCPlease help...

Cash Register Printer Programming
I have never programmed for a point of sale printer..
i have made a program now all i need is to actually print to these printers (same printers as found at convenient stores)

1. do these printers follow a standard protocal? (if i programm for one will i have to program for different brand names or do they ship with drivers for windows)

2. what else should i watch out for..

any details or info you guys could give would be appreciated it


Opening A Cash Register Drawer
How would you open a cash register drawer after a transaction with visaul basic 6?!?!?!

Working With Cash Register Device...

if i want that each time that the user sell something and uses his cash register, the code of the product will "go into" my application as an input and will do some stuff with that value..

how is that possible ?

Basic Cash Register Program
I need to write a simple cash register program that I can input an amount of time, a price per hour, and it will tell me how much someone owes.

If any1 can help me write this, it would help

A Simple Cash Register Type Of Program
hey all! well see i'm working on this program and i gota alotta of it to work so far considering i am a newbie with vb. attached is my program. pretty much the first thing i need help with is that there is a reset button on the main form, when clicked it should clear all the entry fields. any ideas on how to get this to work? thanks in advance guys.

Having Trouble With Array Cash Register Program
Im creating a GUI that simulates a cash register. It has 4 check boxes, that correspond to 4 text boxes. They are quarters, dimes, nickels, and dollars. When you click a checkbox that text box opens and lets you input the amount of coins or dollars. A label to the right displays the amount entered.

I also have 9 radio buttons which are the total of the item. The radio buttons and checkboxes are in arrays. Now, I have a button that calculated the Cash given by user - total and outputs number of quarters , nickels, and dimes to give back. Im having problems assigning values to the radio buttons, and creating a correct loop for the output. Here is my code any help would be appreciated.

Dim Total As Currency
Dim Cost_of_item As Currency
'CCur() converts to Currency

Private Sub chkArray_Click(Index As Integer)
If (chkArray(Index).Value = vbChecked) Then
txtArray(Index).Enabled = True
End If
If (chkArray(Index).Value = vbUnchecked) Then
txtArray(Index).Enabled = False
txtArray(Index).Text = "0"
End If

End Sub

Private Sub cmdArray_Click(Index As Integer)

Select Case Index
Case 0
Dim change As Currency
Dim temp As Currency

Total = Val(lblAmountEntered)
change = Total - Cost_of_item
Cost_of_item = optArray(0).Value + optArray(1).Value + optArray(2).Value + optArray(3).Value + _
optArray(4).Value + optArray(5).Value + optArray(6).Value + optArray(7).Value + optArray(8).Value

If (Cost_of_item = False) Then
MsgBox "No selection was made."
End If

If (Total < Cost_of_item) Then
MsgBox "Not enough money was entered."
End If

Case 1
lblAmountEntered = ""

chkArray(0).Value = vbUnchecked
chkArray(1).Value = vbUnchecked
chkArray(2).Value = vbUnchecked
chkArray(3).Value = vbUnchecked

optArray(0).Value = False
optArray(1).Value = False
optArray(2).Value = False
optArray(3).Value = False
optArray(4).Value = False
optArray(5).Value = False
optArray(6).Value = False
optArray(7).Value = False
optArray(8).Value = False

lblArray(0) = ""
lblArray(1) = ""
lblArray(2) = ""

End Select
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim AA, BB, CC, DD
txtArray(0).Text = "0"
txtArray(1).Text = "0"
txtArray(2).Text = "0"
txtArray(3).Text = "0"
Dim Total
optArray(0).Value = False
optArray(1).Value = False
optArray(2).Value = False
optArray(3).Value = False
optArray(4).Value = False
optArray(5).Value = False
optArray(6).Value = False
optArray(7).Value = False
optArray(8).Value = False
AA = txtArray(0)
BB = txtArray(1)
CC = txtArray(2)
DD = txtArray(3)
Total = A + B + C + D

lblAmountEntered.Caption = Format(Total, "Currency")

optArray(0) = 0.25
optArray(1) = 0.35
optArray(2) = 0.45
optArray(3) = 0.55
optArray(4) = 0.65
optArray(5) = 0.75
optArray(6) = 0.85
optArray(7) = 0.95
optArray(8) = 1.5

End Sub

Private Sub txtArray_Change(Index As Integer)
Dim A
Dim B
Dim C
Dim D
Dim Total
A = txtArray(0) * 0.25
B = txtArray(1) * 0.1
C = txtArray(2) * 0.05
D = txtArray(3) * 1#
Total = A + B + C + D
lblAmountEntered.Caption = Format(Total, "Currency")
End Sub

Private Sub txtArray_GotFocus(Index As Integer)
With txtArray(Index)
.SelStart = 0
.SelLength = Len(.Text)
End With

End Sub

I Hope You Can See The Attachment To The Help With Cash Register Application.
I really need help with this so I added an attachment and I hope it worked.

Stock Control VB Program With Cash Register Input
Dear All,

I have a Supermarket (shop) with 5 cash registers of model (Samsung SAM45).
I need to create a VB program that does Inventory control for the shop by
getting input from Cash Registers everytime a transaction is processed and
subtracting items purchased from inventory stock.

My main problem is how do I get the VB program on desktop PC to get input
from cash registers.
Can someone please help.


Displaying On A Poll Display And Opening Cash Register
I am writing a small cashier application which uses a poll display and cash register .
I am having problem in what to use to display on the serial or lpt1 poll display and open the cash register after each treansaction.

Howto Open Cashbox Drawer Of Cash Register Using Visual Basic Code

im developing a point of sale system for the first time but i know a bit how develop database system using visual basic and mdb and i plan implement on the network and my question are:

- using visualbasic code how can i open cash register drawer?
- does cash register printer the same as the usual printer?

How To Detect A ActiveX OCX Registered Or Not Yet? How To Register And Un-register During
How to detect a ActiveX OCX registered or not yet? how to register and un-register during run-time?

I want to detect a OCX first, if not registered, register it, and un-register when program exit. if registered, just use it.

Can I do it like these? Thank you.

Cash Drawer
Hi friends !
Anybody is having the technical resources for EP-125k cashdrawer ..?

thanks in advance
Thomas George

Cash Drawer

i want to add cash drawer to my programm
plz guide how to handle in visual basic problem .
with comple coding.

Thanks in advance.


VB And Cash Registers

Does anyone know if it's possible to control the opening of a cash register with a VB application.

If so, how is it done. Is the cash plugged into the serial port?

Well...Cash To Spend
I've been allocated a budget to purchase components that I would like to add to my project.

Need opinions on 3 items

1) Grid Control (I used msflexgrid extensively and use combobox, textbox edits).

2) An AutoCad drawing viewer DWG mainly

3) A Chart Control (3d lines, pies, you know...)

You guys have any suggestion on what to purchase?

I have researched and found many, I am looking for opinions here...

Cash Machine

if anyone can send me a code that causes the door of
a cash machine to open on an event (click,return value)?

Cash Machine

if anyone can send me a code that causes the door of
a cash machine to open on an event (click,return value)?

Making Cash!!
Hey everyone!

If I make a program in VB and incorperate Microsoft Windows Common Controls(MSCOMCTL.OCX) using the Listview object, can I make the exe and then sell it???

If I can't just compile and sell, what must I do so that I can sell it??

It's a database program that uses listview to represent the data in a table.

please help!!!!



Cash Pringing
M usign Printer object for printing with printer.print method.
The Printer object starts printing
-- Using Enddoc method
-- application is closed.
If i send single line of string for printing , printer waits for end doc method .
i want such that when i send single line using print method it directly prints to paper and and paper should not come out from printer. i.e. waits for next strings for printer.

One suggest that use end doc method after each line , but it throws paper out of printer .
thax in advance.

Cash Receipt
Hi you all..

Im working with a app that´s going to work as a cashregister. I also have a receiptprinter that´s going to print out the receipt to the customer when a sale is done( I hope). The saleinfo is stored in a listview that contains: productNO, price and qty (all taken from an access DB). The seller is picked from a combobox and the subtotal is displayed in a label.

I want it to look something like this:

(some company info)
Seller: Mr X
SonyX4 $12 2
AsusX7 $250 1

Subtotal: $262

In what way do I do this best???
Do I have do identify the receiptprinter?

Kan anyone help me please!!!

- "There is no dumb answers.. only dumb questions"

Cash Drawer

does anyone know how to impliment a vb application
with a cash drawer.

i mean what are the requirement needed beside the
cash drawer.

asuming that i am a beginner and dont know nothing about how to comunicate the drawer with
my computer.


Cash Flow
How can I have a VBcode for cash flow of my store? How can I generate reports with payments and recepts using the data functions of VBA? How can I make this queries on Cristal Reports?
If you have some way or the code to help me, please, send it or contact me by the E-Mail
Apreciating your atention,

Cash Drower - RJ 11 (Modem)

I got this cash drower that is usually integrated with a POS system. It is connected to the printer of a POS system and everytime the printer finishes its printing, the drower opens up. But just recently, I decided to use my PC as a POS with the software I created with VB6. I just want to ask if there any way that this cash drower can be connected directly to a modem in a PC (since it uses rj-11 jack) and open it up using lines of codes of VB6.


Sorry guys, you know how I get your attention by now.

You know I am trying to do this 2 soundcard thing with mp3 files, well I have got hold of win95io.dll and the following declares came with it:

Declare Sub vbOut Lib "WIN95IO.DLL" (ByVal nPort As Integer, ByVal nData As Integer)
Declare Sub vbOutw Lib "WIN95IO.DLL" (ByVal nPort As Integer, ByVal nData As Integer)
Declare Function vbInp Lib "WIN95IO.DLL" (ByVal nPort As Integer) As Integer
Declare Function vbInpw Lib "WIN95IO.DLL" (ByVal nPort As Integer) As Integer

Now if one of you clever, good looking folk can tell me what the hell I do next, I would be the Mother of all happy people.

Thanx a bunch.

Stay Kool

Opening A Cash Drawer
Please help me!!!
How do I open, from Visual Basic, a cash drawer connected to an Star Micronics SP-300. Im using the upgrated driver.

Open Cash Machine

I'm sorry 4 all those who had misunderstood my question but i thought people out there would think in a more proffesional way.

Here's the case:

( the cash machine intended to be open are like those
in supermarkets or bookshops or even somtimes in hotels)

I work in a new company andwe had built an inventory and an accounting system that is used in lots of markets and hotels ,but some owners asked for the computer to be connected to the cash machine in order
to open the door automatically instead of manual method of entering numbers twice(once for the computer software and the other for the cash machine
to give back change or total sum of money)

p.s for those who care about the process being legal
i assure them that it can be only used when the person in charge insert the key into the machine)

if it is hard for you just move on for another thread...heh

however some may say that it depends on software used by computer to control the machine but i'm asking for either a standard method or for a previous experience in an kind of cash machines

any kind of help would be nice for such a long page

P.S where can i find the sense of humour some people
have when sending a reply ?? hehehehe


Open Cash Drawer
How can i open a cash drawer using visual basic either be paraller of serial


Cash Dreawer Status
Hello All
How know the status for cash drawer is open or close.
plesae help me

Open Cash Drawer
Does anyone know how to open a cash drawer in I have an
Epson t88IV printer connected to the lpt1 port and the cash
drawer is connect to the printer via a rj45 jack. How do I send
commands to the printer to force the drawer open??? Any help
would be wonderful...


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