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Character Limit In Text Box?

Is there a limit to the amout of text that you can enter into a text box? If so does anyone know what it is? Thanks

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Text Box Character Limit
Maybe I am just over looking the option, but is there a way that I can set the text box so it will only allow the user so many characters to be typed in a certain text box?

Limit Text Box In Userform To 1 Character
Can i limit a text box to only being allowed 1 letter in a userform?

Using code similar to this:

Private Sub txtAge_Change()
Dim Str As String, I As Integer

On Error Resume Next

Str = txtAge.Text
I = Len(Str) - 1

If Not (IsNumeric(Str)) Or (I > 1) Then
txtAge.Text = Left(Str, I)
End If
End Sub

But i want it for 1 letter, not numerical.

Character Limit On Text Boxes
Is there a way of applying a limit to the number of characters that can be put in a text box in VB 6. Also how would I display an error message if the user tries to go over the word limit?


Is There A Character Limit To Text Boxes?
Hi all, i'm working on a text editor in VB6. My problem starts when i open really large text files within my program. Part of the file get's cut off when the data is sent to the text box. I thought that maybe there was just some sort of data limit to the text box so i started using a richtextbox. Now it works fine... all the text is there but now i have a problem with the horizontal scroll bar. I have both scroll bars turned on but the horizontal scroll bar is never used even though i can see it. The text just get's wrapped automatically to the next line... this really sucks because it screws up all the formatting. I checked to see if there was an option within the control to turn of wordwrapping in the richtextbox but i see nothing.. am i blind?
Basically i would really like to go back to using a regular texbox so as to keep things simple and avoid formatting characters that may be introduced into the files.. my editor is intended to be a c or c++ editor so junk characters can really play havoc when it comes time to compile.
By the way i have the MaxLength property on my text box set to 0.. this means there should be no limit as to how much data i can display right? But still the text is cut off.
I can really use the help guys, Thanks in advance!

Character/Line Limit When Searching For Text?
I've written an editor program that uses a RTB for the primary text area. I added a form for text searches that calls the following subroutine:

Public Sub TextSearch()
Dim Search As String
Dim Where As Integer

With frmOFPBriefEditor
Search = frmFindReplace.txtFFindWhatText.Text
Where = .rtbOFPBriefEditor.Find(Search, 1, -1)
If Where Then
.rtbOFPBriefEditor.SelStart = Where - 1
.rtbOFPBriefEditor.SelLength = Len(Search)
MsgBox "Text not found." ' Notify user.
End If
End With
End Sub
My problem is that when I search larger files (100kb or so) it will give me a run-time error 6.

However, when I search smaller files, the text search will have no problem at all.

A good example is when I search a file with 118197 characters, 5484 lines. I manually searched (scrolled down) for a word that first appears at character 110955, line 5131.

If I try searching for that same word using the above code, I get the run-time error 6.

If I were to copy and paste only 30 lines (as an example) of the text that contains the word I was originally searching for, then it finds the word no problem, and with no error.

My question is this:

Is there a limit on how big of a file that can be searched successfully? If so, is there a better way of writing a text search than what I use above?

I got the basic gist of the search code from the MSDN that came with VB6 Pro and I modified it to meet my needs.

I thank you in advance for your time and for any assistance that anyone can help me with.

Text Replacement Character Limit + VB6 And Word
Hello Pples,

I have created a simple text search and replace program in VB using the word object model. It works well but not when replacemet variable exceeds 250 characters. I get an Runtime error 'string parameter too long'.
This is the sub for replacement:

Sub myReplace()

With oWord.Selection.Find
.Text = Question
.Replacement.Text = qText
.Forward = True
.Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll
End With

End Sub

so when qtext exceeds 250 characters I get error. Somebody heelp me what I should do for such a case.
Please help!

Thanks in advance.
-Prof Dr Afs

How To Limit Text Box Character Entries To NUMBERS Only??
How can I make is so that a user can only enter numbers in text boxes?


Database Character Limit
is there any way to get around the limit of 255 characters in a database?

i have tried using an access, foxxpro and dbase database but none of them support anymore than 255 characters in a field

i would prefer to use access for the database (as all the other databases in the system are access..

any suggestions?


Textbox Character Limit
Hi All: is there an easy work-around to avoid the textbox 255 character limit?

I have a simple VB 6.0 program that manipulates Word documents, including a move of text from one textbox to another on the same document.

The first word textbox is unpredictable in length but often over 255 (from previous manual type-in). Is there a way to alter the 2nd textbox so it will receive and show all text moved, even beyond 255 characters?


How To Set Character Entery Limit?
hey guys!
I remember learning about a way that can limit the number of characters a user can enter in a textbox, can anyone tell me how it is done ?

Character Limit When Emailing With OE
I have some code below which inserts certain cells into an email using Outlook Express. However there is currently a character limit of approx 1800 which is getting quite annoying.

I know that using Outlook is a better option but unfortunley in this case i'm stuck with Outlook Express only.

Some stripped down code below:


Private Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" _
Alias "ShellExecuteA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal lpOperation As String, _
ByVal lpFile As String, ByVal lpParameters As String, ByVal lpDirectory As String, _
ByVal nShowCmd As Long) As Long

Sub GenerateEmail()

Dim sBody As String
Dim emailTo As String
Dim cell As Range
Dim URL As String
Dim HLink As String

sBody = ""

For Each cell In ActiveSheet.Range("A3", rowEnd)
If cell.Value = officeName Then
sBody = sBody & "Date: " & cell.Offset(0, 6).Value & vbCrLf 'Date
sBody = sBody & "Property: " & cell.Offset(0, 1).Value & vbCrLf 'Property
sBody = sBody & "Name: " & cell.Offset(0, 2).Value & vbCrLf 'Name
sBody = sBody & "Address: " & cell.Offset(0, 3).Value & vbCrLf 'Address
sBody = sBody & "Phone: " & cell.Offset(0, 4).Value & vbCrLf 'Phone
sBody = sBody & "Email: " & cell.Offset(0, 5).Value & vbCrLf & sDIVIDE & vbCrLf 'Email
End If
Next cell

sBody = Application.WorksheetFunction.Substitute(sBody, " ", "%20")
sBody = Application.WorksheetFunction.Substitute(sBody, vbCrLf, "%0D%0A")
sBody = WorksheetFunction.Substitute(sBody, vbLf, "%0D%0A")

URL = "mailto:" & emailTo & "?subject=Today's Property Details Requests" & Subj & "&body=" & sBody
ShellExecute 0&, vbNullString, URL, vbNullString, vbNullString, vbNormalFocus

End Sub

Thanks in advance for any ideas how to extent the character limits. Possibly copying to the clipboard first???

Is There A Character Limit On Strings In VB?
Is there a Character limit on strings in VB? If so what is it? Thanks!

Multiline Textbox Character Limit
I'm working with a textbox and have found that the maximum number of characters that it can display on a single line is limited to 1024, then starts wrapping lines...

Does anyone know how increase this over 1024 OR know of a control this has a much higher limit?

1024 Character Limit In List Box
I'm using an invisible sorted list box to sort some lines of text (are you cringing at the thought? well, it's just that using an invisible sorted list box is so easy and it's faster than any of the sort snippets I've tried . . . ) anyways, I'm using an invisible sorted list box to sort my lines of text and I just found out that there's a 1024 character limit.

Is there a way around this or is there a newer list box component I can use without this limit?

Determine A Strings Character Limit
I am trying to determine if I have reached the character limit if 2048 for the ShellExecute Command. However, when I try to use the length command for the string it returns a value less that 2048, but never gets executed.

Yes, I'm back on the email issue that I am having, if the string is too large the following will not execute, I have recently learned that the shell execute command has a limit of 2048 characters.

VB Code:
Public Sub Email(hWnd As Long, Address As String, Optional Subject As String, _            Optional Body As String, Optional CC As String, Optional BCC As String)            'Has 2048 character limit    ShellExecute hWnd, _        "open", _        "mailto:" & Address & _        "?cc=" & CC & _        "&bcc=" & BCC & _        "&subject=" & Subject & _        "&body=" & Body, vbNullString, vbNullString, _        SW_SHOWEnd Sub

I am trying to skip this process if I have reached over the limit however, I am using the length command to determine the character length and its well under the limit but the command never gets executed.

VB Code:
If len(EmailInformation) < 2048 then    Call Email(Me.Hwnd,"",EmailInformation)Else   Exit SubEnd If

Listview Subitem Character Limit
I have a listview in report mode, the subitems seem to be limited to 259 characters. Is this correct?

I am using the following code:

VB Code:
lstProperties.ListItems(index).SubItems(3) = commentsDebug.Print lstProperties.ListItems(index).SubItems(3)

the comments string is 343 characters long, it gets printed correctly in the debug window. However is truncated to 259 characters when displayed on the listview. The column width is wider then the text (I can also resize the column) so I do not belive this is the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, is there a simple soultion. Do I need to change to a different control (flexgrid?)


1400 Character Limit Sending Email.
I use the following code to bring up an email window

Private Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ShellExecuteA" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal lpOperation As String, ByVal lpFile As String, ByVal lpParameters As String, ByVal lpDirectory As String, ByVal nShowCmd As Long) As Long

Public Sub SendEmail(hWnd As Long, strEmailAddress As String)
Dim lng As Long
lng = ShellExecute(hWnd, "Open", "mailto:" & strEmailAddress, vbNullString, App.Path, vbNormalFocus)
End Sub

however if the body is larger than 1400 characters it doesnt even bring up the window.
anyone know the reason and or a way around this
(email is getting so frustrating with all these security patches and limits)

Formfield Character Limit Workaround Needed {Word}

I have a VB 6 program manipulating Word documents (protected as forms) that contain text formfields. i'm trying to move text from one text field to another, text field character length is unpredictable and often over 255. I'm getting the "run-time error 4609 "string too long" error because of this.

I've looked for a workaround..i saw something that involved unprotecting, manipulating, and then protecting the document again..not keen on this as these are word documents where the fields already contain string data...if i manually unprotect form and protect again it wipes all text form fields clean which would defeat the purpose.

any other work around anyone has discovered?

How To Veryfy The Textbox Value Is Numeric? And Set Limit Character That Can Enter?
how to veryfy the textbox value is numeric? and set limit character that can enter?

If val(txtno) <=0 Then
msgbox"Please enter numeric character"

but when enter 0 also prompt the msgbox... and how to set the length?

Change Text Color And Font Character By Character

Is there a way to change a single line of text, making half, one color and the other half a different color in bold?

Number of files (150) (150)

Reading A Text File Character-by-character

Can anyone tell me how to read individual characters from a text file, please. I need to perform substitutions on certain characters so need to be able to test each one as it is read from the file.


Display A File Character By Character In Text Box?
I have opened a file as follows and used "Common Dialog Control" (CD1). Now, I want to display the opened file character by character in a Text Box.

I have done following, but it is displaying just few first characters or the last ones.
Text1.Text = CD1.FileName

Open Text1.Text For Input As #1
Do While NOT EOF(1)
Input #1, c
Text2.Text = c
Close #1

Limit The Text??
how to limit the numbers or characters that be inputed in the text box???

tnx for help

PivotField Text Limit
Does anyone know if there is any way to view more than 255 characters in a pivot table field?

i have created a database in excel for users to write comments, which are then viewed/sorted via a pivot table. The problem is that some people have written entries with more than 255 characters. Excel is truncating the entries in the pivot table results, although the full text is still in the original spreadsheet.
Is there a default that I can change, or is it a limitation of the Pivot table?

Email Text Limit
I am sending an email via VB using the shell command and I have run into a problem where the default emailer wont open, in this case outlook express. I have narrowed down the problem that if the message in the body is too large it will not open up the default emailer.

Has anyone ever ran into this problem? Anyone know the text limit of sending an email message with the shell command.

I am using the following code.

VB Code:
Public Sub Email(hWnd As Long, Address As String, Optional Subject As String, _            Optional Body As String, Optional CC As String, Optional BCC As String)    ShellExecute hWnd, _        "open", _        "mailto:" & Address & _        "?cc=" & CC & _        "&bcc=" & BCC & _        "&subject=" & Subject & _        "&body=" & Body, vbNullString, vbNullString, _        SW_SHOWEnd Sub

Limit Text Box To Min 1 Digit And Max 2
limit text box to min 1 digit and max 2 ie 9 or 22

Limit Textbox To Text Only
How do you limit a textbox to only accept letters? I don't want the user to be able to enter numbers or symbols.

Is it possible to set it to a text-only box?

Textbox Text Limit?

I have a textbox that is filled on run-time (textbox.text = "....")
It seems that if I have lots of data, not all the data is inserted into the textbox - Do you know for any limitation of its length or something like that?

My textbox control is "multiline"


How To Limit The Number Of Rows In A Text Box
Please tell me how can i limit the number of rows in a multiline text box.

Limit The Number Of Lines In A Text Box
Can someone tell me how to limit the number of lines in a text box? I want to limit the number of lines, the user can enter into a multiline textbox. Say 20 lines and not let them enter any more than that.

Text Box Size Limit Problems
I am outputting data to a text box for live view of incoming informaton. I am also logging the information to a text file so the user can print out the data when all the logging is finished. The problem is the text box stops writing information after about 500 lines. The log file which is a text file will log all the information which is approximately 2000 lines. Does anyone know how to make the text box allow for more lines or any other way to display 2000 lines of information with a scroll bar? Thanks for your time

Text Box Limit For Storing Info
Hi all,

I am wondering if text box control has some limits to store strings.

For example, assuming that text box control is used in a server application to give information about what is going on client's side, like:

Somewhere in the code;

txtLog.Text = txtLog.Text & vbCrLf & Now() & "> " & "Yeni Baglanti: " & RtIndex & ", " & RtIP

I think there must be an upper limit that the text box control can handle.


PS: Knowing that maybe that server will be online for days without shutting it down.

Need To Limit Text Box Input To
I would like to limit text box input to numbers only...the value in the text box is being used for calculations and needs to be double precision.

Is there a standard way to block input of all but numbers and a "."?

My program crashes whenever a letter is typed in the box and the calculate button is pushed...

Limit Number Of Characters In A Text Box
I need to limit a textbox to 250 chars, because anything over 255 will crash the database, the only way i can do it doesnt seem to work correctly, because i need to check the lengthof the copy/pastes into it as well.
Basically i need to make it so there is no way on earth that they could enter more than 250 characters. Any ideas?

Question About Textboxes And Their Max Text Limit
is there anyway to set a textbox's text ignoring the max text limit?

Winsock.. Limit On Text Length?
Is there a limit to how much data can be sent in 1 string? or is it just the limit of the string variable itself? if so what is that since i can't remember? if not and it is a limit on the winsock control itself.. what is that?

Limit Text Line Length
I'm writing a program that creates File_ID.diz files and want to limit each line to the standard 45 characters and wrap to the next line without breaking up the words. Anyone know how?

Limit Length Of Text In Textbox
i know this must be simple, but i haven't been able to find the answer in any of my books. i would like to limit the number of characters allowed in a textbox to 50.
thank you in advance.

Limit Text And Read Write To Db
Hi im a HNC Computing Student at Motherwell College i need a few codes. I have given a project to do for to pass this course.Its a Student Regisation forum.

I need a Code that lets the user put in a thing like this AA0010 From the AA0000 to ZZ9999

But it has to have 2 letters and 4 numbers not over that. Its for a Student Code for the project. I need a code that will prevet the user entering more that the above. I have it has a textbox. and it has to link to the database.

Also need a code that the user can't put more than 5 numbers in the telephone part.


Vb6: How To Limit The Number Of Chars In A Multiline Text Box??
Hi All,
I have a multiline textbox that I want to limit the number of characters to 22. When 22 chars are entered in each every line, the cursor will then enter a new line (vbcrlf) and continues the typing. The pattern should be looks like as follow:


DIM mintLineCount AS INTEGER

Private Sub txtNature_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)

Const cLineChars = 22

If mintLineCount = 0 Then
If Len(txtNature) <> 0 And Len(txtNature) Mod cLineChars = 0 Then
txtNature = txtNature & vbCrLf
txtNature.SelStart = Len(txtNature)

mintLineCount = mintLineCount + 1
End If
If Len(txtNature) Mod (cLineChars + mintLineCount) = 0 Then
txtNature = txtNature & vbCrLf
txtNature.SelStart = Len(txtNature)

mintLineCount = mintLineCount + 1
End If
End If

End Sub

I can make it work for 2 lines only. Any one can help??

B Rgds,

RichTextBox Control - Limit Text To Size Of Box
Can this be done? I can't find a way to limit the amount of text entered into a RichText control to what will fit in the viewable box. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Remember, RTF allows multiple fonts and sizes, so the MaxLength parameter won't work. Thanks.

Limit Length (lines) Of Text File
I have an instant messenger program and that logs each users logs separatly. I need to these files to only allow so many lines so they dont grow out of conrtrol.
Any examples on how this can be accompished?
right now its just appending each entry.

Any help is appriciated.

Simple: How To Limit Text Field Size
In order for me to keep from getting garbage in my database, how do I limit the string size of a textbox and make the cursor move to the next tabindex after that limit has been exceeded by the user? This is for things like phone numbers, initials, and such that have a specified, constant length of characters.

Thanks in advance

Long Text File To Excel Database - Row Limit
Hi guys,

I am currently experiencing a problem opening a text file which has the following data in it.
1) X co-ordinates in the first half
2) Y co-ordinates in the second half

I thought it would have been very easy to just copy and paste but seems like there is a Row Limit in Excel and i have too many points - 69041 to be exact ... so thats 69041 x 2 rows !

The Row Limit on Excel seems to be at 65536 ....

Its easy enough to just split the x co-ordinates in 2 as they are incrementing, but the y co-ordinates are all over the place so its hard to know where i left off !

And not only that i have to do the same thing to more than 40 text files with differing number of data points

So i was hoping to write a VB macro to
1) simply count how many rows there are in total
2) Divide it in two and process it so its in a column format
ie from

1 2
2 2.1
3 -1
4 10

3) to divide them in 2 or 3 or 4 more columns depending how many rows there are (as it cant go above 65536)
4) and then finally to convert it into an Excel file.

I am so far out of my depth since I have no idea what I'm doing I will include a sample of the text document that im trying to convert

I'd appreciate any help you guys can give me

Cheers !

Limit Length Of Text1.text Based On Size Of TextBox?
It's been a while since I've posted in these forums, though I'm still at work on Faux-INN, my VB online games network. If you'de like you can check it out at my website.

One of the most important aspects of Faux-INN is the way the interfaces are handled - for example, the bulletin boards look like real bulletin boards. Every player can build a custom 'avatar' that looks like they do, and when you're playing an opponent in Chess, you can actually *see* who you're playing with.

I've already added e-mail (which you can view by clicking on a 'post office'), but I want to make the input not look like a regular text box, but actually look like a page of a real letter; so you can only fit so much text on a given page.

I can subclass the textbox so it looks like a 'real' page; that's not the problem. My question is... if I have a textbox of a set size, can I put limits on the amount of text you can enter into the textbox, so that you can only enter as much text as could 'fit' in the box, without scrolling?

Thanks much!

How Can I Limit The Number Of Child Document Windows In A Text Editor
Good Morning Everyone!

I have a text editor with an MDI. It's possible to have dozens of child windows open by repeatedly clicking "New" on the toolbar.

How can I limit that number to two or three?

(Code examples are always appreciated!)



Get... Say 6th Character From Text Box
ok what i want to do is to get the # character from a text box...

example of what i mean
text1.text = "i have no idea"

now i want to get say the 5 character from the text, in this example it is "v", it wont always be 5 or what not

any idea how i can do this


Searching Text For A Certain Character?
I need to search the contents of, let's say, a text box for a character such as, let's say, the "@" symbol. Anyone know of a way to do this?


If Text1.Text <CONTAINS @> Then
'Do This
'Do Something Else
End If

Thanks in advance!

Changing A Character In A Text Box
I cant figure out how to see if there is a certain character in my text box, and how to change that character; cany anyone help me.

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