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Cleaning Corrupted MP3-files


This is not a basic VB question but it will be later if the program I'm looking for won't be found (-->Have to make it myself).

So, you all now that when you rip a music cd to mp3s you usually get some crap in those files. (Little pop'n'crack sounds or squiiiks and so on.) I have found several Wav/Mp3 cleaners, but none of them have worked fine. They only clean little mistakes in my mps3. But if there is a bigger squiik (like 0,5s) these programs will not remove/correct this part. You can esily remove the corrupted part by CoolEdit or something other wav-edior (of course the mp3 is first converted to wav). But is there a program that uses an algorithm that CAN remove these kind of bigger crap in mp3s? Or are the only way to remove the bad parts manually by a wav-editor? Do I have to make my own algorith which btw is not very easy?

Please help me...and give tips.


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Corrupted Help Files
Every time I try to compile my project, using InstallShield Developer, my help files (.chm) cease to work on my entire system. My htmlHelpWorkshop is still installed. It appears to be related to the ACtiveX component hhctrl.ocx. My help files were compiled using Help & Manual 3.

Any ideas?

Help {corrupted Ocx Files?}
About an hour ago, I got off my computer, then I got back just now, and mswinsock.ocx, rchtxt.ocx (im not sure about nemore) have just been deleted or corrupted or something. Is there any way to recover them and do you think this is the result of a virus or something?

Corrupted VB6 Help Files
Same thing has happen to me 3 times this year. I had to go to the Custom setup like Aaron Young said. If that don't work try putting the help files into a new folder other than the one it was in originally. If you do the new directory I doubt that your personal settings will be there.


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Corrupted VB6 Help Files
Same thing has happen to me 3 times this year. I had to go to the Custom setup like Aaron Young said. If that don't work try putting the help files into a new folder other than the one it was in originally. If you do the new directory I doubt that your personal settings will be there.


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Corrupted Cabinet Files

Why this error is occuring. I am trying to run a patch which is downloaded from microsoft site. The patch is contails some dll which updated microsoft forms 2.1 . But every time I try to run the patch on some particular PC it gives error "Corrupted cabinet files cannot proceed' But on some PC it runs perfectly. What do you thing. Is really due to some corrupted system files or any else reason?

Please help


Opening And Cleaning Files?
Can you open a text file and clean it (remove all the lines) and save the empty file back to the harddrive?

Is this possible?

Cleaning Cache Files
Hi, i need some code to delete the cache files from Internet Explorer and Netscape, so far i have tried many things and searched the web many times and nothing so please help its kinda urgent

Cleaning Up DB Access Lock Files
I don't if they are actually lock files but im presuming they are. Im talking about files that are being generated when I write into a Microsoft Access database from a VB program. They have no file extension and are named after the table I was accessing:


Sub Wite()
Dim cn As new ADODB.Connection
Dim rs As new ADOB.Recordset HERE)
rs.CursorLocation = adUseClient
rs.LockType = adLockOptimistic
rs.Open "tblData", cn

rs("Field1").value = "jjjj"
End Sub

Then, in the directory the app is, we get a file appearing called tblData with no file extension.

Is there anyway of having the system clean up these files automatically when its finished writing into the database or preventing them appearing etc.

Cleaning Files (finding And Erasing Certain Characters)
Hey I need a little help with a program I am interested in making. I can assure you this is not homework or anything class related because I am just in beginning programming and we haven't done any kind of file handling yet. Okay on to the question:

How can I open a [text] file, find certain characters (say, >), and delete them all? After the deletion process is completed, display the [text] file in a textbox and have an option of saving the file as using common dialog control.

Any help on the thread would be cool.

VB6.0 Corrupted?
I have written a crawler after learning and using VB for 12 years. I have written only a few major apps with VB. Lately I have been perplexed by some strange behavior that I believe can only be some kind of corruption. I figure I need some real help on this one.

First Problem
I was running a DB intensive crawler using Jet (version whatever the last one was) and a slow 400mhz processor. Everything was running fine until I made a change and crashed VB. I changed the code back and everything ran slo-o-o-w and eventually would freeze every time on of all things a Do Events. If I removed the Do Events VB would Crash! I transferred my code to a new box with a 2.6 G processor and all was fine.

Next and Current Problem
Things were clicking along for about a day (compiled) and we had a brown out wile the crawler was in action. It turned the computer of and after restarting i get some strange error while trying to insert a record in the DB using a Tsql insert I get an error stating "no current record". Remember I made no changes to this working code. i did re install VB and still get the same error. I also tried reinstalling the run-times and no luck.

I'm sure some of you gurus out there have learned how to get around similar problems and would appreciate it greatly if you could share some of this information.

Corrupted VB6
Well, it looks like it has happened again. I try to run VB6, load a project (no problem), try to display a form or a form's code and CRASH. A error message states that VB had an error. Clicking OK closes the program.

Has anyone had this happen to them?

I am running Win ME with 256mB of RAM. MacAfee virus scan v6. My 20gig hard drive has less than 2 gig free.

The last time this happened, the only way I could fix it was to do a fresh install of Windows and reload all of my apps.

All my other apps are running fine. It seems VB6 is the only program on my machine that is choking.

Any thoughts anyone?

VSS Corrupted?
I had VSS installed on my Win2k machine and everything was working fine.
I have recently been upgraded to a new PC with Windows XP.
The program files and documents were copied over.

The trouble is now, VSS no longer works.
When I look in the VSS directory there is a srcsafe.ini file, which points
to a users.ini file, which points to a sub-directory in the users sub-directory.

When I look in the data sub-directory, there seems to be files there.

When I open VSS though, nothing is displayed in the projects pane.

It seems to me that the database is there, but a file that holds it all together
is missing or corrupted.

Any ideas?

Corrupted FRX
Ok, my computer crashes(super Win 98) while so I reboot when I open one form in VB again all the pictures in my form have incorrect references so I guess my .FX was corrupted but my question is there anyway to prevent that?

Corrupted DLL's
I've been having a problem with a file relating to Excel's VBA.

The file itself is VBA6.dll.

My Excel VBA has been in service for about 6 months in it's current incarnation and suddenly it stops responding on a MSGBOX line. Which is rather disconcerting concidering it's a very basic feature.

Finding the VBA6.dll file on another computer, I copied it over to my system and rebooted. Then when I came back up I tried to register the DLL and got the following error:
vba6.dll was loaded but an entry point was not found.
DLLRegisterServer may not be exported, or a corrupt version of vba6.dll may be in memory. Consider using PView to detect and remove it.

My questions are, if anyone has an idea what is causing it and how to fix it....

and what exactly is Pview.


OCX Corrupted
I was working with MAPI control when suddenly system got hung(due to a copy
process running parallel) & had to restart the system
After restarting i am not able to open the project with MAPI control (I thik
it has to do something with OCX getting corrupted)
I tried opening a new project & tried to add component MAPI but was unable
to do so(Project getting hung)
I tried replacing the MSMAPI.OCX file in system with a new one & also
registered it using regsvr32
It is getting registered succesfully but still when i try to add MAPI
control as componenet the project gets hung.

I tried 1 more thing
I made a MAPI project in another system & made the setup file.then i
installed that setup in my system(Thinking it would bring in new DLL & solve
the problem)
This also did not work out.

Now in anyway i am not able to work on my system with this control;
Can any one help me out

Thank you

Corrupted VB6????
Well, it looks like it has happened again. I try to run VB6, load a project (no problem), try to display a form or a form's code and CRASH. A error message states that VB had an error. Clicking OK closes the program.

Has anyone had this happen to them?

I am running Win ME with 256mB of RAM. MacAfee virus scan v6. My 20gig hard drive has less than 2 gig free.

The last time this happened, the only way I could fix it was to do a fresh install of Windows and reload all of my apps.

All my other apps are running fine. It seems VB6 is the only program on my machine that is choking.

Any thoughts anyone?

Database Corrupted?
Hi all,

I am currently running 2 applications which are refering/accessing the same database. At times, they could be accessing the same table. Somehow, I keep getting this error..

Err.Number = -2147467259
Err.Description = Cannot open database ''. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt.

The problem here is that this error is intermittent. Sometimes the error happens and sometimes, it doesn't.

Does anyone have a solution to this? All I know is that if I were to run the programs separately, this error wouldn't have happened.


Corrupted Database
I have an Access97 database. I add datas into it from a software wich run into 4 computers in the LAN. So, this computers make often LAN connections to the database to add data.

My problem is that, sometime, there's a bug that occurs into the database: When I try to open the database, I got a message that tell me that the file is not a database OR the database is corrupted. And the message ask me if I want to try to fix the error.

I don't know what are the situations or the operations that make appears the bug...

If you have an idea about the possibles reasons for the apparition of a bug like that, please tell me them.

(Sorry for my english, I speak french...)

Thank you...

Getting Corrupted XML Using InternetReadFile
I am using a embedded VB function here and it is giving me corrupted XML data( throwing extra characters). Here is the code: any suggestions?

Public Function sendRequestReadResponse(hOpenRequest As Long) As String
Dim moreData As Boolean
Dim bufferDataFromResponse As String
Dim numberOfBytesRead As Long
Dim numberOfBytesToRead As Long
Dim dataFromResponse As String

moreData = True
numberOfBytesToRead = 2048
dataFromResponse = ""

sendRequestToServer (hOpenRequest)

While moreData
bufferDataFromResponse = String(numberOfBytesToRead, " ")
moreData = InternetReadFile(hOpenRequest, _
bufferDataFromResponse, _
numberOfBytesToRead, _

If numberOfBytesRead > 0 Then
dataFromResponse = dataFromResponse & Trim(bufferDataFromResponse)
'break out of the loop
moreData = False
End If
sendRequestReadResponse = dataFromResponse
End Function

Thanks much

Corrupted Installations?
Just looked in Add/remove programs and was shocked to see the sizes of the VB6, .NET Framework 1.1, .NET Framework 1.1 Hotfix and VS 2003 Academic installations - each of which is reported to be 999mb!!!

Any idea what's happened? (see attached .jpg).

Vb6 Form Corrupted - Need Help
i was deloping an application and one of the major form of that application has been corrupted.

How can i correct that form ? is there any way.
i didn't wants to make that form again from scratch.


Uh Oh! Devel.pkg Is Corrupted.
Hey all.
I've recently performed a fresh install of vb6, and now I am getting errors of devel.pkg not installing correctly, and vb6 crashing on save/compile of a project. I was just wondering if anyone knows of or can send me their devel.pkg file from their CD?
My VB cd appears to have been deeply scratched in some areas.
Thanks to all your help

Database Corrupted
I developed an aplicacion using visual basic 6.0, the aplication is used by 21 users and sometimes the database is corrupted and I need to know how I determine the reason, because I know that the database is corrupted by problems with the red or shut down
the machine incorrectly. The users have w98, w95, xp, w2000, the database is in access.

Data Corrupted ..
I am trying to access some data from AS400 system to VB application. Now one of the fields in AS400 table has russian data, which when viewed on AS400 screen shows russian (correct) data, but when downloaded using VB app in a recordset, shows garbage.

I do not know what to do, do I have to change some local system setting to view this data ? I tried different fonts and stuff. Did not work. I tried Cyrillic font, which suppose to use Russian Character set with Code page value 1025. Did not work. Anybody has any suggestion ???

As Binary, Corrupted!
I have an 50x50 array with a type I've made.
I fill the array with numbers and save it as binary.
When I load it, it gets corrupted, values around 40x40 messes up.
Anyone know why I'm getting this, and how to solve it?

File Corrupted Why ?
I wonder, what caused the mdb file corrupted? Can anyone tell me what are the possibilities?

The mdb file is located in the server and it is share by 3 client PC.
Client PC is running under MS Office 2000, Window 98 or Window 95. The server is running under Window NT.

Corrupted Database

I have a VB application that uses an MSAccess 97 database. There are many
users accessing that database throught Terminal Server. After a few
connections the problems appear. The database stays corrupted and the users
are not allowed to connect to the database without first repairing it.
I used LDB Viewer and there values indicating that users accessed corrupted
Someone as ideias about what's going on?



Corrupted OCA File???
Is it possible for OCA files to become corrupt? If so, how and what
can one do to "repair" them? Or, perhaps, there are other nefarious
forces at work here? :-(

Here are the particulars of my question. Yesterday I was working
through Wrox's "Visual Basic 6 Database Programing" for the second
time. A description of using the Data Form Wizard is given in chapter
2. However, after working through the example and pressign F5 to run
the app, I got the following compile error in a dialog box: "Procedure
declaration does not match description of event or procedure having
the same name."

The following shows the function declaration generated by the wizard
(I've split it over multiple lines for readability):

Private Sub datPrimaryRS_MoveComplete(_
ByVal adReason As ADODB.EventReasonEnum, _
ByVal pError As ADODB.Error, adStatus As ADODB.EventStatusEnum, _
ByVal pRecordset As ADODB.Recordset)

So, I press F2 to go to the object browser and look up the syntax of
the MoveComplete event for the ADODC object and find the following:

Event MoveComplete(adReason As EventReasonEnum, pError As Error, _
adStatus As EventStatusEnum, pRecordset As Recordset)

Other than the (reasonable) ADODB prefix generated by the wizard the
two check out as being equivalent as far as I can tell.

So, my next move was to generate the sub description within native VB
(instead of using the wizard). I deleted the wizard-generated
MoveComplete sub and, instead, generated it by selecting the
MoveComplete event in the code window with the datPrimaryRS control
selected. (datPrimary RS is the name of the ADODC control that the
wizard generated.) This generated the following sub declaration:

Private Sub datPrimaryRS_MoveComplete( _
ByVal adReason As ADODB.EventReasonEnum, _
ByVal pError As ADODB.Error, adStatus As ADODB.EventStatusEnum, _
ByVal pRecordset As ADODB.Recordset)

This ends up being identical to the declaration that the wizard
generated; and, as expected, I got the same compilation error.

Checking further in the Object Browser, I found that the name of the
associated OCA file was "C:WINNTSystem32MSADODC.oca". (I'm running
XP Pro.) Sure enough, the file is there, but what's interesting is
that it has a modification date of 6/17/03.

So, all of this leads to my questions?

1) What could cause the ADODC control to give me a compilation error
when I seem to be following the requisite syntax for the control?

2) Could my copy of MSADODC.oca be corrupted somehow?

3) Does anyone have any idea why the modifcation date for the OCA file
would be so recent when I installed Visual Studio on this computer
almost 2-1/2 years ago? (I don't remember doing anything significant
around that time, unless one of the automatic XP O/S updates did

Any answers to these questions as well as suggested solutions would be
greatly appreciated.


Corrupted Listboxes
Hi all, I am not sure if it is just me but I am wondering if anyone is having problems with the display of a listbox where the edges of the scrollbars appear to be bitblt'ing or something... When I drag another window over the top of the listbox, it leaves the window "painted" onto the listbox scrollbar edges. It is also in the vb6 design mode as well. I am using an ATi Radeon 9200se with the latest version of the catalyst driver. Below is a screenshot of what I mean. You can see it

Cheers, Michael

Mdb Easily Corrupted
I am developing an application in Access + VBA. It contains an ACtiveX Control (from mapinfo) and several calls to dll on my own. I am running on XP Pro. I used to use DAO, but now I am using ADO. And from that moment (when swapped from DAO to ADO) the mdb file becomes easily corrupted, the system often claims that "AMC has put the database in a state that doesn't allow updates" (AMC it's me), and the like. The most annyoing fact is that the mdb prevents updates, so I have to exit and call the mdb again, remembering to make all the changes I did.

I am updated to current Updates of both Windows and Office.

Has someone any clue to try to solve this problem?


Missing And Corrupted OCX
Hello to all fellow CodeGurus!

I'm missing 'mscomctl.ocx' and 'mscomctl.oca'.
My copy of 'mscomctl32.ocx' is corrupted!

Do you have these files? if you do could you send them to me?

Database Gets Corrupted
VB application is using Access database. I'm not sure for 100% that database
started to crash after Office 97 was upgraded to Office 2000. But it looks
like that. Nobody can say exactly after which users action in VB application
database gets corrupted. Because of this it's very hard to find the reason
for corruption. There are about 10 users of the VB application which uses
Access db. DB crashes once a week, sometimes within one month everything is
fine, sometimes it crashes 2 times a week. We do backup of db every 10
minutes. Sometimes 2, 3 or even more backup copies are corrupted too. As I
understand after db gets corrupted it still allows to continue to work, but
doesn't allow new users to make a new connection to it and produces run time error. The attempt to open that database in Access produces "Database corrupted" message.
Does anybody have any idea what are the reasons for corruption db?
Thank you.

Cleaning Up The UI
I was doing some refactoring and I would like to clean up the UI a bit. Any ideas how I can add the following tidbit:

Right now, I have it as a plain Bitmap that I filched from VB. But one of my pet peeves is software that can't adust it's colors to match your preferences. (Plain gray get's boring, but clashing colors are just annoying) So any ideas on creating that little corner bit while allowing custom colors that are derived from the user settings?

Note: It doesn't change size or anything. It just sits there and fills in the corner since the form has a scrolling bitmap and it just looks messy otherwise. The scroll bars also are disabled (or blank out, I haven't decided yet) when they're not needed.

Cleaning Up
in the unlaod sections of my program, should is et EVERY variable to nothing i mena all the arrays etc...


My App Does A Lot..needs Cleaning...
My app does a LOT of things because it is an estimating tool.
However, its too busy (dang it it has to be busy though it does a lot!!!) sort of scares the least it gets them jumpy.

Can anyone help me rearrange / clean this interface....


Cleaning Up!!
I just made a program and its fairly complicated, there's lots of functions and stuff like that. I was wondering, if i clean everything like put the functions in module instead of directly in the form, the code will be easier to read but will it make the program faster??

Winsock And Corrupted Data
Hi, does anybody know why winsock always returns corrupted data when I try to download Usenet articles?

This is the header:

222 0 <461dec6b$0$5534$> body

=ybegin part=1 line=128 size=15000000 name=b-blatria.r04
=ypart begin=1 end=249600
This is the (partial) data:

Edit by Moderator: Removed partial data as it's not relevant

This is the footer: (added the footer again because the Mod accidentally removed it as well )

=yend size=249600 part=1 pcrc32=36017bd5

The data needs to be decoded with a yEnc decoder, but the decoder (no matter which yEnc decoder I use) always gives an error that the data between the header and footer is bigger than the size specified. In the footer you can see that the size of the data should be 249600 bytes, but it's always between 249602 and 249625 bytes.

The data is not all coming in at once, but in pieces that need to be put together and somehow winsock adds extra bytes and I have no idea why.

I also tried to write the file as binary, but then I realized it makes no difference, because the data in SCResponse is already corrupted.

Public SCResponse As String
Public lCount As Long

Public Sub Winsock1_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long)
Dim Data As String

Winsock1.GetData Data, vbString
SCResponse = SCResponse & Data

lCount = lCount + bytesTotal

If InStr(Trim$(Data), vbCrLf & "." & vbCrLf) Then
Open "C:001.txt" For Output As #1
Print #1, SCResponse
Close #1

'These two sizes never match either.
'There is always about 100 bytes difference
MsgBox "bytes total: " & lCount
MsgBox "bytes file: " & Len(SCResponse)
End If
End Sub

Corrupted Excel Project
Is it just me or do other people run into this...
Every once in a while (way too often) my beefy excel vba project prompts Excel to put up that ugly dialog that asks me if I want excel to restore my damaged file (or something like that). I have found that it usually happens when I go in and change a bunch of stuff in my forms. Suddenly form controls won't be recognized and then bam, i'll get that ugly dialog. Usually, the only thing to do is export all my modules and start over (that is, if I can get to the file at all).
Just curious if I'm the only one that runs into this so often. Oh, and also... hey Mike.

Check For Corrupted Database
anyone knows how to check if the database (access) is corrupted?

Corrupted Database File
The other day, I lost power while a database was open which corrupted the file. Is there a utility or just a routine that will allow me to fix the file?
thank you, ted

Corrupted Form: How To Solve It?
Hi there,

Yesterday I was writing a small application for my personal use, but with a bit complicated interface using tabstrip and frames managed by ZOrder. Suddenly, in one moment when I ran the application, VB warned me about an error when loading form. Then I realized that ALL components of my form was missing.
I needed to reconstruct everything. Fortunatelly, as .frm file is just the source code it was not lost.

Then, I ask you:

1) Where stays the form design (components)?
2) There is any tool to recover form when things like that happens?


Find Out A Corrupted WAV Audio
Hi all

I 'm trying to write a vb program for finding some corrupted audio files from a group of audios which are downloaded from an ftp server.

We are donwloading around 700 audio files from ftp server daily. It 's in DSP True Speech WAV form. Due to the internet connectivity problems some files downloaded as corrupted (incomplete). We have to findout the corrupted files immediately, for this now we are opening each file in Windows sound recorder; then sound recorder will prompt that the audio file is corrupt. Opening each audio file in sound recorder is a tedious process. I wish to automate this. My idea is this

Open and Play each wav file in a loop
If the file is complete, close it.
If it is corrupted note that in a log file.

I 've tried, Playsound API for this. But I 'm not able to findout the corrupted audio. While opening the audio, PlaySound API returns the value 1 for both complete and corrupted audios.

Is there any other way to determine this?

Please help.

Biju Alapatt

How To Repair Corrupted VB Form

Yesterday there was some problem with my system and it asked me run the chkdsk.

After doing the chkdsk it has deleted some index, which inturn deleted some of my vb files index and as a result I am not able to open the form.

When edited into notepad or wordpad unreadable characters are being display.

So, please help me in getting my file repaired.


ImageList Icon Becomes Corrupted
Evening all,

Synopsis: I have a search facility which uses a listcontrol to produce a list of resulting documents. Next to each document is a document icon (a .ico file).
At some random time this icon changes for no apparent reason from the blue and white XP version to a horrible black and white version.

I honestly have no idea as to why it does this and it happens randomly.

Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks.

Database Corrupted (ReSOLVED)
hi all,

i have(had) an Access database. Now when i try to open the database it prompts me for the password then it show me a dialog box ..
(File attached)

when i press yes button it says.

not a valid password. And then when i press ok button it again shows me a dialog box saying

The database 'c:sbd.mdb' can't be repaired or isn't a Microsoft Access database file.

Please help me. i've download some tools like AccessFix and AccessRecovery, but they r demo ver. and they are not recovering full database. Is there any other full ver. tool to recover the database.

Its very to the power very imp. Please. Please Please Please ........
help me.

Repair Corrupted Forms
i prepare a project over 10 forms and saves very well in this time i will go to out of city after some month i will come back and open this project its form shows errors " error during load" i need help to repair this problem. can your help me for repairing currupted forms.
Adnan Nasim.

Corrupted Access File
How should we deal with an .mdb file which has been split into a backend database and will not allow compiler to create an .mde file because it has been corrupted?

Detect Corrupted Access
Just a curious question...

How does one actually detect a corrupted Access database? Is it version independent method?

The objective is to detect and capture the error generated by a corrupted database then lock down certain features of the program... and run repair as an option.

So far, i think it is the Jet engine that pass an error report to the application. Something along the lines of "Unrecognized database..."

thank you beforehand.

I Think The .NET Framework Corrupted My System
I had to install the .net framework so I could run an app written by a co-worker.
Additionally, i had installed the MSDN from Jan 2005, because I had a very old copy of the MSDN, and it wasn't behaving properly. I was hoping to get a fix.

Until this, I had only VB6 and VC6 and the MSDN for these on my system, along with VS 6 SP6.

Since I've installed the .NET stuff, I can no longer see the MSDN docs for VB6.
I've uninstalled the MSDN from Jan 2005, uninstalled the old MSDN, rebooted, re-installed the MSDN for VS 6, but still can not se the MSDN vor VB6.

Only entries for VC show up in the MSDN.

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