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Click Button On Webpage & Image Link

i have 2 questions
if u go here Mail and view the source can anyone work out the "click" code from the source for the sign in button ive tried everything and just cant find it and get it to work. im using yahoo mail as a way to just work it out its not actually for yahoo but if i knew that it would make my other project alot easier
second question
how can i automatically get the image source link from say this page link
thats not the page im trying to figure it out for but the other site is a private site u need to sign up register and pay but it uses a verification word just like yahoo msn and alot of sites do. basically why i want to be able to grab the image link and show the image in say a pic box is cause im making a quick login tool for the site ill still see it in a webbrowser control but it saves me typing every lil thing in this way ill just need to type the image word into a textbox and hit submit type thing.
anyone got any ideas for these 2 questions?

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Making A Button Open A Webpage Link
How do you make a button on a standard exe form open up a webpage...?

Click A Link, Button, Or Edit Input Field In Browser Control?
I have no experience with the browser control, nor do I with the Inet control. Is there a way to insert text into an input field of a webpage, click on a specific link, or click a "submit" button?

For example, if I wanted to log someone into a site based on info they provided in a text box?

Button Click That Displays Popup, With Image
I'm going to design a very basic app that has four large buttons. When each is clicked I will want them to display a jpg file, and clicking once on the image will close it. (This app is for a toddler)

I'll use Visual Studio 2003 - but I cannot find any info on doing this specific task - showing the image and how to close it again. Any ideas?

Image Should Be Visible In Form 2 If I Click A Button In Form1
I have 10 image boxes which form circle shape in Form1 as well as form2. some are visible some are not. so when a click a command button in Form1 I need to show that those images visible in form1 must be visible in Form2.If I send some data any one of the image will be visible. I am doing all calculation in the Form1 itself. I didn't write any code in Form2.
I have written code in command buttonprivate sub cmdshowform2_click()
end sub
my code is
for i=0 to 9

if(i=val(text1.text) then







When I click command button first time it is working. But after closing Form2 again when i click Form1 command button nothing visible in Form2.
My requirement is whenever I click command button in Form1 whatever image visible in Form1 should be visible in Form2.
Kindly help me in coding.
what code should I add?
Thanks in advance,

How Can I Link A Webpage.
How can I link a webpage to a vb program. I tried using the inet by setting a labels click sub to a url. but it does'nt work.

Link To Webpage
Is there a way when using print "" (to print something on the forum) the words can be linked so when they are clicked a website is shown on my forum in the internet explorer web browser control?

Link To Webpage
Can someone possibly tell me how you make a simple link to a webpage on a form? For example, I have an 'about' dialogue box which has a link to a website and all I want to do is for the default browser to open that page. I'm sure its really easy but I can't find anything in help about it. Thanks...

Selecting A Link In A Webpage
i want select a link from weppage..... how can i do it... now i am using sendkeys... but sometimes it does not work.... plz helppp........

I Need Help Clicking A Link On A Webpage
I am looking for some help in Automating IE. I have several web pages that I want to collect info from. I want to be able to click a link on each page but the link appears in different areas of the page on each load depending on how much data is on the page. Is there a way I can use ?WebBrowser.Documents.links(x) to click the link. Or if anyone knows of a place to get more info on the Webbrowser control I am hip to reading up on it.

Grabbing The Text From A Link On A Webpage
Okay, this is probably a weird question, but here goes. I have a webpage that has buttons off to the side, then a URL link in the middle of the page. I have the address of the link (its always the same), but i need to return the text from the URL. In this case the text is "received" (see attached picture). The text changes depending on what the status of the loan is, and i'd like to check for that text if its possible. I'm posting a screenshot in case i wasn't clear. Thanks ahead of time.

Does Anyone Know How I Can Link A Pic Within My Program With A Webpage? Help Plzzz
Does anyone know how I can link a picture i put in my program with a website on the Internet ? help please
really appreciate any help,
thank u

Newb Question, Link To Webpage
I need to get the script for to create a link, that will take the user to a webpage, thats it. Simple, but I'm teaching myself and can't get it.
Thanks for your help

How Do I Access A Link From A Webpage In WebBrowser Control?
I want to access science.cgi from a page with source code:

<BODY BGCOLOR=#000000 TEXT=#FFFFFF LINK=#FFFFFF VLINK=#FFFFFF leftmargin=0 topmargin=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0>
<MAP NAME=menu>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/menu.cgi?" COORDS=1,3,80,15>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/council.cgi?" COORDS=1,16,80,28>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/explore.cgi?" COORDS=1,42,80,54>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/build.cgi?" COORDS=1,55,80,67>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/science.cgi?" COORDS=1,68,80,80>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/military.cgi?" COORDS=1,81,80,93>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/magic.cgi?" COORDS=1,107,80,119>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/thievery.cgi?" COORDS=1,120,80,132>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/attack.cgi?" COORDS=1,133,80,145>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/aid.cgi?" COORDS=1,146,80,158>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/readmsg.cgi?" COORDS=1,172,80,184>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/msg.cgi?" COORDS=1,185,80,197>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/forum.cgi?" COORDS=1,198,80,210>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/politics.cgi?" COORDS=1,211,80,223>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/status.cgi?" COORDS=1,224,80,236>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/scores.cgi?" COORDS=1,250,80,262>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/leaders.cgi?" COORDS=1,263,80,275>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/news.cgi?" COORDS=1,276,80,288>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/news.cgi?yesterday=true?" COORDS=1,289,80,301>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/dragon.cgi?" COORDS=1,302,80,314>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="/pref.cgi?" COORDS=1,328,80,340>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=_blank HREF="" COORDS=1,341,80,353>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=utomain HREF="" COORDS=1,354,80,366>
<AREA SHAPE=rect TARGET=_top HREF="/logout.cgi?" COORDS=1,370,80,385>
<a href="sidenogr.htm"><font size=1 face=verdana><B>No Graphics</B></FONT></A>

It must be accessed from the site, since it gives me a "You cannot access this page from outside the site" error.

Webpage Msgbox Click

I have a webbased software(Intranet) and I want to automatically fill its text boxes and command button.I have two issues at this time.
1-How can I select a 2nd option in a listbox
2-And how can I click process or cancel button on a message box

Here is my code:

Sub IECompletion()
While IE.readyState <> 4
Application.Wait Now + TimeSerial(0, 0, 1)
End Sub

Sub Datamanipulation()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim doc4 As HTMLDocument
Dim tblBlock As HTMLTable
Dim CallsBlock As HTMLCheckbox
Dim InOp As HTMLOptionElement
Set Doc = IE.Document
Set myIframe = Doc.getElementById("WorkFrame")
Set doc2 = myIframe.contentWindow.Document
Set cFrame = doc2.getElementById("CustomerInfo")
Set doc3 = cFrame.contentWindow.Document


doc3.getElementById("tfcode").innerText = "51"
doc3.getElementById("tfNumber").innerText = "8260395"
Application.Wait Now + TimeSerial(0, 0, 2)
Set tblCus = doc3.all.Item("Table2", 1)
'Here is the list box ID
Set InOp = doc3.getElementById("sTD")

'MsgBox Trim("InnerText is" & tblCus.Rows(2).Cells(1).innerText)
If tblCus.Rows(2).Cells(1) = " None" Then
Set tblBlock = doc3.getElementById("TableNewBlockList")
doc3.getElementById("cb_a_b5").Checked = True
'MsgBox tblBlock.Rows(5).Cells(1).ID 'End If
'And here is the msgbox appear and I want to click its yes option.
End If
End Sub

Click A Hyperlink On A Webpage
Hello All Programmers

Here is my webpage which im trying to implement in VB -

Ok what im trying to do, is read the information on this page to a listbox. Once i select the item in the listbox, and click delete, it will delete the user by running the link the webbrouser control.

The webpage has to be read in from this page into VB somehow, as the links and amount of records are going to be constantly changing, with new users registering.

Im unsure on how to parse the information from this page, into a listbox, and have the link execute when the delete button is pressed.

I hope ive explained that good enough, its quite a tricky thing to explain. Hope you understand where im comming from.

You may click delete on a record, if you need too, they are not importaint. Just dont delete them all, as other people may want to understand how it works also.

Thanks Again - toothpick

Opening A Webpage With Click()
How do I open a webpage by a Click()? Open the default browser and connect to a page(i.e

Mouse Click On Webpage
Using strongm's code from an older post, I am able to locate and highlight my search in Google:

Private Sub Find(mywebbrowser As WebBrowser, Optional strFind As String = "")
    Static mytextrange As IHTMLTxtRange
    Static TextToFind As String
    If strFind <> "" Then ' FindNext
        Set mytextrange = mywebbrowser.Document.body.createTextRange
        TextToFind = strFind
        mytextrange.moveStart "character"
    End If
    With mytextrange
        If .findText(TextToFind) = True Then
            .ScrollIntoView True
            MsgBox "Text not found", vbInformation, App.EXEName
        End If
    End With

End Sub

I am also able to click on the highlighted entry with WB1.Document.links(36).Click but I had to figure out the links value (36) by trial and error because it doesn't relate to the onmousedown="return clk(this.href,'','','res','24','') that I see in the source.

The problem is that the links value keeps changing so I need to figure out a better way of clicking on the section of the webpage that is highlighted by strongm's code.

Does that make any sense at all?

Alan Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

How To Link A Button To Button Play Of Media Clip In OLE
I created a button and also added a media clip in OLE and hire it. So how to link the button to OLE in order to open the music file when we run the program?

Mouse Click/Type On Webpage
I've made a program which has a button that leads you to a webpage. Now my problem is that i can't figure how i would make the mouse click a Username entry box on the site, then type in the username. Then click the Password entry box and type the password. Then to top it off, click Login. If i can't make the mouse move on its own (i know i can make it click), how would i make VB hit the "Tab" key numerous times to get to the desired location. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Catching Webpage Click Invbbrowser
i have written a v simple custom web browser app.
the idea is that it will be sent by email to customers
who would then open it and be taken straight through to my companies web site where they will then accept work that we have done for them

(basically customer can't be arsed to go on the site and accept our work so im trying to think of a way to get them to do it)

so far everything is fine
the app works fine and takes you to my companies home page
then the user has to click on a link on the home page to take them to the work approval page.
the problem is that clicking on this link brings up another ie browser window rather than just going to the page in the same browser window (i hope this makes sense when you click on the link in ie it brings up another ie window so that there are two)

this sort of defeats the point of my program because i want the user to be completely contrained (for example they cannot go to any other site because the web address is hard coded and there is no where that the user can type a new address.

so i want to know if there is some way of catching the web page link click and keep it within my program rather than have this ie window popping up and thereby losing my control over the user.

and before anyone suggests, no i can't change the code for our web site so that clicking on the approval link does not bring up another ie window.

any help at all would be great

thanks in advance

Button -&gt; Webpage

I would like to create a button, when users push it, it automatically lauch the standard browser which goes to my website ...
Any ideas please ? Please provide some code.

Thanks in advance,

Friendly Greetings,Quebo

Saving Image From Webpage?

I have a program which navigates to certain pages. I would like to save a certain image directly FROM that page. Is this possible? Also, is it possible to load it directly into a picturebox of some sort?

Some of the images I'm looking at are dynamic, as in they change every refresh. (A counter, for example). I would like to grab the image as it is when it is navigated to.


How Can I Send An Image To Another Webpage?
I have an ActiveX control that allows the user to draw a picture using the PictureBox control.

I want to be able to display this image for them on another page without the ActiveX control. Any ideas?

I figure if I could convert the image to some sort of text string then I could populate a hidden form submit field and render the image on the next page.

I really have no idea where to go with this. Can anyone guide me?

Link Click
on my internet thingy, when I click a link... nothing happens, why not?

Click Link!
Assume that a web browser project has a Boolean variable named blnNavigated. The browser also has the Back & Forward buttons for users to navigate.

What I want is if a user clicks a link in a web page to navigate to another page, then blnNavigated should be set to True but if the user navigates using the Back or Forward button, then blnNavigated should be set to False. Setting blnNavigated to False can be done in the Back & Forward buttons' Click event function but how do I set blnNavigated to True if the user has clicked a link in the web page to navigate to another page?

How To Make A Button Go To A Webpage
I need some help with the Wweb scripting. What code would you input for a button, which if you click on it you go to the designated web adress? I don't want a pull down menu, etc.

A Button In VB That Opens Webpage
Happy New Year to all!  

   I have a button in VB that when clicked on has to open a web page.  Does anyone know of a quick way of doing this?

Thanks in advance!  

Picture Box Loading Webpage Image?
Hi how would i go about loading into a Picture box without having to download the image.


How To Capture A Image Of Complete Webpage
i want to capture a image of complete website if i pass url like then i want .jpg image of that home page i can get image but its not more then Screen i want complete image of web site so please help me

Copy And Paste Image From Webpage
Does anyone know how I could copy an image from a webpage into the clipboard and display it in my app? Thanks in advance.

[VB6]Webbrowser &amp; Right Click On A Link
i disabled the right click menu and i made my own i need a code for a button in the menu that when i click on a link it comes the menu "open in a new page"...can any1 help me?

Click On Link By Program
I have a web site for example:
and now I wont click on "History"(left) by my program automatic

Dim adresa

adresa = ""
Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
ie.navigate adresa

Do While ie.READYSTATE <> 4

ie.Visible = True

Set ie = Nothing


Double Click Link
In my application I have a window that contains 400+ links, when you select a link ( website address ) you have to press a button to open the website, the code behind the button is:

ShellExecute Me.hWnd, "open", Combo1.Text, "", "", SW_SHOW Or SW_NORMAL

How can I make it so a user not only has to click the button to open a website, but can just double click one of the website addresses and it opens that website?

Thank you.

Click A Link On IE Browers
Hi, I was wondering how would I be able to click a link on IE? Click ?
Hi! Please help to solve these problem:
I need to do this: when the user is clicking on the link...i need to write to a file and to link to program.exe wich the user want to download!

p.s: to write in a file I can, but i don't know how to know if the user clicked the link and then let him download the programm!

Plz help!thanks!

Click Link In Web Control
i added a web (IE) control to my project, and i want to make the browser click a link when i press a command button, how can i do it? i dont just want to navigate to the link, i want the browser to "click it". Is it possible?


[VB6]Webbrowser &amp; Right Click On A Link
i disabled the right click menu and i made my own i need a code for a button in the menu that when i click on a link it comes the menu "open in a new page"...can any1 help me?

Detect Button Push In Webpage
Hello all I am looking for an example code that will help me determine if the user clicked on a form submit button inside a webbrowser window.

Any help would be great,

Pressing Of The Submit Button In Webpage
I have done some searching and Beachcomber said ...

Using the IHTMLDocument object you can access all elements of the html document directly, set values of form objects, simulate the pressing of the submit button, add or delete nodes and objects to an existing html page (local copy only), etc...

I am looking to open explorer, go to a site, fill in fields in an HTML fomr and click submit. the fileds never change. I have it all handled except for hitting the submit button. Any ideas. I have tried tring to find HTML to hit submit but it always requires some user interaction.

Open Webpage From Command Button
is there a simple way to open a url in the browser from a command button on a programs form? i cant seem to find a way to do it.

Is There A Way To Make A Submit Button Go To A Webpage?
When a user clicks on a command button I want it to go to a certain webpage. Anyhelp?

Huperlink, Or Cmd Button To Load Webpage
Hey, how would i make a simple hyperlink to a website?
Or, how would i make a email address (when clicked) open up a blank mail page?

Is it easier to make a cmd button that says, "Visit my Site" and when clicked make it open a website??

Detect Button Push In Webpage
Hello all I am looking for an example code that will help me determine if the user clicked on a form submit button inside a webbrowser window.

Any help would be great,




Can't Get Image From Webpage? - Probably A SIMPLE Solution! But I Can't Figure This
I have the following code:
VB Code:
Dim d() As Byte    WinHttpReq.Open "GET", _        "" & scan.Text1.Text, False     WinHttpReq.Send    MsgBox WinHttpReq.Status & " - " & WinHttpReq.StatusText     Open "" For Binary As #1    d() = WinHttpReq.ResponseBody    Put #1, 1, d()    Close       Image4.Picture = LoadPicture("")

An example of an image that I am trying to get can be found here:

I can't seem to use this method above to get the image.

How do I get this image? using 'temp.gif', 'temp.png', '', etc. do not work.

Thanks in advance!

Run My Program When Click On Html Link
I want to add in registry values , so when i click on html link it open my program with link i click on.

I create a program in VB6 that will get as an argument an html link on startup, and do something with him.(like download manager)

Does anyone know how to?


Click Link In Web1 Control ?
Can you click a link in a Web1.Control? What about a submit button?


Webbrowser Javascript Link Click Help
I'm trying to "click" a link on a webpage using a vb program and the webbrowser control. I have searched this site and many others but with no help. I know how to click a standard link but the one I'm working on now is javascript.

Here is the code from the webpage that I'm trying to click.

<a class="pagingLink" href="javascript:__doPostBack('ctl00$cpMain$pagerTop','5')">Next &rsaquo;</a>

I got the program to work by using


and I would continue to go this route but the index of where that link is changes each page load. any ideas?

and this method does not work for me

WebBrowser1.Navigate "Http://'ctl00$cpMain$pagerTop','2')

Webbrowser Click Text Link
hi i'm loading a page with the webbrowser control and I need to click on a 'next' text link. its not part of a form and the actually href link is a '#' which means you have to automate a manual type click in away.

so how would i mouse click the next link or simulate a mouse click so the app can run in the background

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