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Connecting Visual Basic 6.0 To PHPmyAdmin

Can anyone out there tell me if there is a way to connect Visual basic 6.0 project to PhpMyAdmin over the internet. And what is the code involved?

Currently I am using MS Access and its functionality is very limited as a result. I need help as soon as possible.


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hello friends

I am developing an application which require Sql as backend.
I am proficient working with access but is new to the world if Sql .
I would be thankfull if u can help me with how to connect the Sql and Vb and also how the querry writing is done

Thanks a lots

Connecting Access Using Visual Basic!
i am looking for a simple example of connecting microsoft access 2000/xp, with simple code like selec,delete create table with this database al from visual basic
thnaks in advace

Visual Basic 6.0 Connecting With Word
Greeting VB-er's:

I have a quick question....

I have a VB 6.0 application which is the front end for our IT department's software/application inventory mdb (access). One of the features of this application is that many of our projects, some created here in-house and others by consultants have word documents which describe the design planning, system requirements, etc. I have a command button on my search form which opens the word document which correlates with the Application name.

My question: I have attached the code below which searches the path and opens the word document if it exists. We are currently in the middle of a migration to Office 2000 from 97. So, some computers have Office 97 and others have Office 2000. In my code I have to reference the Office 97 winword exe in order to launch word: I will admit that I don't have much experience in Word-VB integration and this might not be the best way to do it.

Is there a way to check for which version of word is being run on the cpu before returning the Shell function? Or, even better, is there a way to avoid this command string in general? I really want to avoid paths if possible. Is there some sort of method that automatically calls the version of word found on the CPU? Any ideas would be great, because right now a 2000 user would not be able to open the word documents from this application because they no longer have the valid command string.

THE CODE BELOW: (Function and event code).

Private Sub WordCommand_Click()
Dim Retval
Dim file As String
Dim command As String

command = "C:Office97officeWinword.EXE"

file = "\SHAHANVRvol1userHANOVERhelp_deskCurrentApplicationsdocs" & FoundAppName & ".DOC"

If FileExists(file) Then
Retval = Shell(command & " " & file, vbMaximizedFocus)
MsgBox ("No word document found for this application")
Exit Sub
End If
End Sub

Public Function FileExists(sPath As String) As Boolean

On Error Resume Next

FileExists = False '// default

If Right$(sPath, 1) = "" Then sPath = Left$(sPath, Len(sPath) - 1)

If Dir$(sPath) <> "" Then
FileExists = True
End If

If Err.Number <> 0 Then
FileExists = False
End If

End Function

p.s.-I know this is an ideal VBA forum question, but I am using VB 6.0 so there will be some differences between the two

Connecting To Oracle Through Visual Basic
Hi Everyone,
I have a general question for all of you that know about oracle. The company that I currently work for is migrating all data to oracle databases. We currently use a pretty messy hybrid of access, db2, and SQL. I have several applications that I have developed in Visual Basic 6.0 that need to grab data from these tables. I suppose when the conversion is complete I will have to change all of the connections in my programs. How can this be done? Can this be done?

Below is the typical code I use to retrieve data from my current databases, could someone please tell me what a equivalent would be for an Oracle database? With this sort of connection I have to use recordsets, is Oracle the same way?

Set dbpubA = New ADODB.Connection
dbpubA.CursorLocation = adUseClient
dbpubA.ConnectionString = _
"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source=" & pub_path & ";" & _
"jet oledb:database password=marioso;" & _
"Persist Security Info=False"

SQLstmt = ""
SQLstmt = "SELECT date_complt, site_number, site_name, site_address, " & _
"site_city, site_state, site_zip, devices, total FROM queue WHERE complt = True and posted = False"
Dim RS_not_posted As ADODB.Recordset
Set RS_not_posted = New ADODB.Recordset
RS_not_posted.Open SQLstmt, dblocA, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic, adCmdText

Submission of any other helpful links etc would be very greatly appreciated!


Connecting To Sql Server Using Visual Basic
I am a recent graduate with a trial for a new job tomorrow, and need some guidance/help/code/examples to successfully connect to a sql server from visual basic 6.0. I have no trouble connecting to Access but no such luck with sql server.

Need hhheeellllppppp !!!!!!

P.S. Would also appreciate an example to access the data in a table once connected.

Thanks heaps.

Connecting To MSSQL Server Via Visual Basic.NET
I'm just dabbing here and there with Visual applications using Databases for information storage, and I need help (or actually, someone to show me) how to code a section that connects to a MSSQL (not MYSQL) database on another computer (Through an intranet and internet).

I've got the jist down for using VB(6.0) to connect to an Access Databse using ODBC. I've been able to read from tables and query, but MSSQL is just making me run into problems because I can't figure out what needs to be different. If anyone could show me a brief course, or even give me directly what I need, that would be great. Thanks!

Problems Connecting To Mysql From Visual Basic 6
Hi everyone, I have this problem of creating a ado connection to mysql. I am using mysql server 4.1.8. I have installed myodbc 3.5.1, created a system dsn and tested the connection. Connection was successful. However when i try to use this connection in my visual basic 6 project, it always give me this error, Runtimr error -2147418113. Catastrohic Failure.The connection string i used is this: oConn.ConnectionString = "DSN=CS;" & _
"Uid=root;" & _
Btw the OS i am using is XP wif Serivce Pack 2. Have anyone has the same prob
n how to solve it.Pls help cos it is holding up my project.

Connecting .chm File To Visual Basic Application
how can i provide context sensitive help for a visual basic application usin .chm file. i need help in creating a .h and text file and how helpContextIds are to be used

Urgent: Connecting To Ms SQL Server With Visual Basic 6
I need the connection string to connect to a MS SQL server please thank you DQ

Visual Basic 6 0 Connecting To M Access 2002
can somebody help me, i have problems in making connection in microsoft access 2002 and wild cards, here is my sample code:

dim cn as connection
dim WithEvents rs as ADODB.Recordset

private sub form_load()
set cn.provider "Microsoft Jet 4.0" App.path "sample_database.mdb"
set "Select * from CustomerName where lname '*" & text1.text & "*'"

first the problem with this, is if i put a password in my database microsoft access 2002 to i will not connect, what should i do to be able to connect with a password in my database>?

Second the wild card by using the asteries doesn't work... what can i do so that i can some specific result that i want that i can use a wild card?


Connecting Database(Oracle) To Visual Basic
HI frnds...

thx for your support...

while connecting to oracle through ADO's ... ADODB

its asking for ODBC can anyone help me out how to install ODBC drivers..

Connecting Visual Basic To Mysql Database Through Php
I have a database that is on a server, and the server doesent have the permission to connect with ODBC, and i need a solution! I think at using PHP inside Visual Basic! But how?

Problems Connecting A Database To A Visual Basic Project
Hi all,

OK, so my problem is that I am having problems trying to connect an Access database with my Visual Basic project.

The version of Visual Basic I am using is 6.0 and the version of Access is 2002 (as in the Office XP suite).
After setting my DataControl's Databasename property to the database, I get the following error message during run-time:

"Unrecognized database format '[pathname]System Data.mdb'."

However when I set it to a database I made with the Visual Data Manager Add-In, it works fine. I'd prefer to use a database I've created in Access.

Can someone come forward with some suggestions?

Many Thanks

Visual Basic Error In Connecting SQL Server (-2147217843)
Hello Guys,

Good day.

How can I fix the -214721843 log in failed error. Im new in VB to SQL Server and this is my first time to design. Im using MS SQL Server 2000 as my back end and VB as my front end.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Connecting Visual Basic To Remote Oracle Server
hi all.

I need a ADODB string to connect a visual basic application to a remote oracle database. Can someone help me?

Connecting Sql Server Database To Visual Basic Application
ok let me explain what i'm trying to do:
I have a database that i have created using sql server 8.0
I am trying to access that database using some forms that I'm now creating in Visual Basic. I want to be able to read information from it, modify it and even delete some records.
My limited knowledge tells me that for this I have to use a data control on the form and fill in it's properties (the connect, database name, recordsource ). Is this correct so far and if so, why don't i see in the connect field sql server? I can only see access, dbase, excel, foxpro and so on ...
Do I need to create a new DSN with ODBC and if so how do I do that and how does that help me?
I hope I'm not too confused and I am making some sense.
Thank you!

Connecting A Webdatasource From Excel Visual Basic Using Connection String
Hi Experts,

I am Kalidas. I am doing a project in excel vb. In this project I
have to connect a
Web Data source (MS Access, Excel file) which in the internet
from my Excel Visual basic Code. I am trying this for past 7
days also i am searching but i am not getting the proper way.
So, can any one please help me to complete this project. only
because of this my project is pending. I will be very thakful to

Thank you


HHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPP!!! Problems Connecting Access 2000 Database To Visual Basic)!

I'm trying to connect an Access 2000 database to a VB6 application. I've already tried installing the VB6 Service Pack 5, and I'm still receiving the following error:

Run-Time error '-2147467259 (80004005)':

Unrecognized database format <filename and path appears here>

Can anyone offer help and/or suggestions? Thanks!

ok im making a chat program that connects to mysql/access that holds the usernames and passwords of the users. i need a code, if there even is one, that connects to a live database like phpmyadmin to retrive the info. thanks in advance.

Store Date To PhpMyAdmin
It's related with storing the input data to database, in my database I have 4d table with field(date, number, amount)

I already connect VB to database (PhpMyAdmin), so at VB I just type:
mstQuery "INSERT INTO 4d (date, number, amount)
VALUES ('" & date & "', " & txtNumber.text & ",
" & lblAmount.caption &")

but why I can't store the date to databsae?? ,must I use other key word? ,or you have abeter solution?

Thanks for any help

Word And Visual Basic [ How Can I Get The Save As Window Through Visual Basic? ]
Hi, I made a small program in visual basic that with the use of

Dim oWord as new word.application
Dim oDoc as new word.document

fills a document with some data from the visual basic.
I want when those data are loaded in word the save or save as window to appear.
The command oDoc.saveAs saves the document without even asking for a filename.

What Can I do?

How Do I Run A Program I Made In Visual Basic On A Computer Without Visual Basic?
I created a program in Visual Basic and I was curious at what I needed to do to be able to install or use this program on a computer without Visual Basic. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.

Extracting Visual Basic Source Code From Visual Basic EXE
hi everyone,

Well actually the problem in my case is that i had mad an EXE in VB6 around a week ago and had stored the EXE and th source code in two diferent folders. By mistake somebody ha deleted the source code folder. I wanted to make some changes i the EXE code and Now i have only the EXE folder to deal with.

Is there any method by which i can extract the Visual Basic cod from the VB EXE. Is there any application or software which ca help me in this? Do give me the hyperlink for downloading th EXE for the extraction if possible.

Please let me know at the earliest.

Thanks in advance.


Is Visual Basic Script As Ubset Of Visual Basic

Is visual basic script a subset of Visual Basic code?

Visual Basic Items Removed From Visual Basic.NET
A while ago (maybe up to a year) I had found a web page (probably a Microsoft MVP's home age) that had a list of about 100 things that were removed from Visual Basic in the transition to Visual Basic.NET. As it is, I would like to look at that again, but I can't seem to find it on my computer. Does anyone remember this page and/or have a copy of the link or the file that was on it. It has particular things like Debug.Print is no longer valid and MsgBox function is not supported. I've look on Microsoft's website and found a great deal of information about implementation difference, but I can't seem to locate this particular piece. If anyone could help I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in Advnance

Nick August

Basic Connecting
Ive read the www.winsockvb tutorial alot of times and i can get my game to listen for connection but when i try to connect i get: run-time error object required. when i click debug i get this highlighted: Winsock1.RemoteHost = Text1.Text ' set computer i.p to connect to as the texbox

this is my outgoing code that doesnt seem to work:
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Winsock1.RemoteHost = Text1.Text
Winsock1.RemotePort = 7777
End Sub

on a successful connection dont know if this works yet either.

Private Sub Winsock_Connect()
' alert the user to successful connect
StatusBar1.Panels(1).Text = "Status:Attack successful"
Winsock1.sendata myattackstrength
End Sub

can anybody help ? ive tried setting the remotehost to my i.p instead of a text box but that gives the same error ive tried deleteing the winsock1.remotehost and i get a error in winsock1.remoteport ive made sure the winsock command is there.

Basic's Connecting VB 6 To Oracle
Hello Everyone...
I have been trying to connect a simple VB program to oracle.

I am also trying to figure out how to:
The client enters an ID number into an textbox, hits the search button, and the value is sent to the Oracle database, and the results are displayed ont he screen?

Im really new at this.


Fwd: How To Disable Basic Functionality Of Back Space & Delete Key In Visual Basic
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<DIV>Try to use API's i am sure u will get ur problem</DIV></P>>Hi all
<DIV></DIV>> can any one tell how to disable back space & delete keys in perticular
<DIV></DIV>>text box.
<DIV></DIV>>thanks & regards,
<DIV></DIV>>Sridhar cs
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How To Disable Basic Functionality Of Back Space & Delete Key In Visual Basic
Hi all

can any one tell how to disable back space & delete keys in perticular
text box.

thanks & regards,
Sridhar cs

Code Change From Visual - Visual Studio 2005
I am working on a tuturial that i have for Visual ( for now )

I am working with Visual Studio 2005.

I have been working on a code to change the text color by the name put into
the text box.

Visual Basic .Net code.
Label2.ForeColor = Color.FromName(TextBox1.Text)

i get the error
Name 'Color' is not declared.

I was wondering if someone can show me how things would be in Visual Studio.

thank you

Can u give me some codes.. on how to control a hardware like a pc relay that can switch on and off the electric light...


Difference Between Visual Basic And Visual
visual basic and visual
i am very new to programming, and i was wondering if someone could explain the difference between visual basic and visual i Know this may be a silly question to ask, but if i dont i will never find out.
i am designing a system for a chinese restaurant, hopefully i hope create it in Visual basic.
if anyone can help, i would be grateful.

What Are Advantages Of Visual Basic .net Over Visual Basic 6.0?
I am thinking of installing Visual (standard version) in place of Visual Basic 6.0. I dont know what are the disadvantages of it and I am hesitating to do that. I thought that I should ask the forum before making this decisions.

Would someone help me to know the followings.
1. If I install, and if I do programming in, will I be able to run it in Visual Basic 6.0?

2. Can I do everything that I do in Visual Basic 6 in Visual Basic .net?

3. Are there things that I can do in Visual Basic . net which can not be done in Visual Basic 6.0?

4. Would you recommend Visual in place of Visual Basic 6.0?

Thanks in advance.

[Solved]Visual Basic && Visual
Wat is the difference between Visual Basic & Visual

I just dont understand.....are they 2 different programming languages? Are they related to each other?
Do they both need the Ms Visual Basic software to develop?.....
Which is more powerful & which is better for beginners?
What is there in thats not there in VB....?
pls help me out with this...

Upgrading From Visual Basic 3 To Visual Basic 6
Has anyone upgrade a project from VB3 to VB6?

What Is The Different Between Visual Basic And Visual Basic Access?

actually i'm going to do a database to track student attendance, where the student need to scan their student ID card.

which software is suitable for me? Visual basic or Visual basic access?

actually what is the different between these two?

can anyone explain to me?

Upgrading From Visual Basic 3 To Visual Basic 6
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<P>Is it possible to upgrade a project from VB 3 to VB 6?</P></DIV>
<P>Avi Manor<BR><BR></P><BR><BR><BR></DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
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Visual Basic 6 To Visual Basic 5 Conversion
What has to be done to the files in a VB6 project to get it to run on VB5CCE?

DLL Visual Basic 6 On EMbedded Visual Basic 3.0
Hello Friends, as I can create a DLL for embedded. or as I can have something similar to FileListBox of VB6, I want to recover the archives that are in a directory in individual.

Hola Amigos, como puedo crear una DLL para embedded.

o bien como puedo tener algo parecido a FileListBox de VB6, quiero recuperar los archivos que se encuentran en un directorio en particular.

Basic Question On Visual Basic (counting Rows)
Hi friends,
i'm a novice of VBA. I'm trying to write a sub that needs to count the rows of my sheet.
I't seeems there's no way to understand automatically how many rows/columns are used in a sheet.

Can you help me, plzs?

URGENT Help Required Basic Visual Basic Code
How do I bring up records from a list box??? this is what I have so far of my programming...

Option Explicit
Dim FileName As String

Private Sub cmdAddFileWrite_Click()
Dim Name As String
Dim Age As String
Dim DOB As String

Name = txtName.Text
DOB = txtDOB.Text
Age = txtAge.Text

Open FileName For Append As #1
Write #1, Name, DOB, Age
Close #1
txtName.Text = ""
txtDOB.Text = ""
txtAge.Text = ""
End Sub

Private Sub cmdDisplay_Click()
Dim DataToDisplay As String
Dim Name As String
Dim Age As String
Dim DOB As String

Open FileName For Input As #1
Do While Not EOF(1)
Input #1, Name, DOB, Age
lstdisplay.AddItem Name

Close #1
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
FileName = App.Path & "AddPlayer.txt"
End Sub

That is wha I have so far I mean I have a list box there where it displays the data that has been inputted, now how do I get that to link up wit a record something to do with a module?

Basic Question About Excel Macros And Visual Basic
I have a macro in Excel that takes some input on data ranges and produces charts based on the input. I want to place those charts (a number of them are generated) at a certain point in my excel worksheet. I know I can nudge it over by a certain amount but I can never tell where Excel will place them so I would like to just say "hey chart, sit here". Being able to do that in relation to cells would be great. Also, I would like to know if there is any way to resize the chart without using the percent. Once again, in realtion to cells would be great. Thanks for your help.

Apply Windows Visual Themes From Visual Basic?
I am moderately new a visual basic - i know quit a bit - but not as much as some people - was just wondering - is it possible to make a visual basic program that applies a windows visual style - if so - how?

Data Type Conversion From Visual C++ To Visual Basic
I'm trying to convert some code from Visual C++ to Visual Basic. There are some types, however, that I cannot seem to figure out what they should be. The C++ types are dpecifically WORD and DWORD. What should they be in Visual Basic? I thought DWORD is a Long, but I have no idea what a WORD would be. Specifically, I'm determining the types from the BITMAPINFOHEADER structure.

Microsoft Visual Studio 6/Visual Basic 6 Sp6 RELEASED!!!!
Microsoft released Service Pack 6 for Visual Studio 6, download the latest(and final) service pack if you have VS6/VB6 installed.

Official Page
Official Page of sp6

List of Fixes
See the fixes from sp4 and sp5

Direct Download
Click here to download it (About 62mb)

Download it, it has many fixes included!

As BrianS told me: VB6 SP6, its only 26mb and VB Runtimes sp6 its only 1.02mb

Enjoy the new service pack! It is the LAST!!!!!

Linking To DLL's Created In Visual Studio From Visual Basic
Can anyone give me some usefull tips or links on how to link to routines writen in C++ from Visual Basic

I am aware of the

Declare Function CloseHandle Lib "testdll.dll" (ByVal hObject As Long) As Long

type notation, but I am curious on what I have to do with my DLL to allow this notation to work.

Any suggestions or links would be a great help, thanks!!!

Visual Basic Development && The Visual C++ Shared Objects
I having a really irritating problem. I'm developing an Add-in in Visual Basic... however, to do the development I'm doing, I require the "Visual C++ shared Objects" reference to be added to the project.

Here in lies the problem. I also need the VB command left [as in left string copy - ie. left("aaaaa", 2)] The only problem is that by adding the "Visual C++ shared Objects" reference, the LEFT command is overridden with the C++ version which returns a long (or something like that).

In the References window, I've already set "Visual C++ shared Objects" to the lowest possible priority... is there anyway to get around this arrangement?

Thanks in advance,

How To Access Visual FoxPro Data In Visual Basic
I have a problem :(

I would like do delete a record in FoxPro data base with Visual Basic 6

I use ODBC kuhinja:

Const povezava = "Provider=MSDASQL.1; Persist Security Info=False; Data Source=kuhinja"

adott1.ConnectionString = povezava
adott2.ConnectionString = povezava

adott2.RecordSource = "SELECT sifra,grupa,naziv,nabavna,vpc " _
& "FROM izdelki "

to view data in datagrid

I delete a record :

adott1.RecordSource = "SELECT * " _
& " FROM izdelki " _
& " WHERE sifra='" & adott2.Recordset!sifra & "'"

Record is marked in FoxPro as deleted ( not yet PACK ) but in Visual Basic datagrid (adott2.refersh ) record is still in it.

How can i execute PACK in Visual Basic????


sorry for bad english :)

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