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Controlling Scanner Using WIA 2.0 In Vista And Access VBA

This question has been asked many times, but it seems that a lot of the answers relate to WIA 1.0 which has a different structure for scanners.

I am really struggling to get my Access ADP Project to get duplex scans and multi-page scans using WIA 2.0 under Vista. I wondered if anyone has managed to get this working?

My code so far is as follows:

Private Sub btnSimpleScanning_Click()
Dim Dialog1 As New WIA.CommonDialog, DPI As Integer, PP As Integer, l As Integer

DPI = 300
PP = 4 'No of pages

Dim Scanner As WIA.Device
Set Scanner = Dialog1.ShowSelectDevice(WIA.WiaDeviceType.ScannerDeviceType, False, False)

Scanner.Properties("3088").Value = 4 'Duplex mode (WIA_DPS_DOCUMENT_HANDLING_SELECT)

Scanner.Properties("3096").Value = PP 'No. of pages

''''''Scanner.Items(1).Properties("4106").Value = 4 'Format

Scanner.items(1).Properties("6146").Value = 4 'Colour intent

Scanner.items(1).Properties("6147").Value = DPI 'DPI horizontal
Scanner.items(1).Properties("6148").Value = DPI 'DPI vertical

Scanner.items(1).Properties("6149").Value = 0 'x point to start scan
Scanner.items(1).Properties("6150").Value = 0 'y point to start scan

Scanner.items(1).Properties("6151").Value = 8.27 * DPI 'Horizontal extent
Scanner.items(1).Properties("6152").Value = 11.69 * DPI 'Vertical extent

Dim img As WIA.ImageFile

'This works: (but only sees the scanner is a single sided flatbed)
Set img = Scanner.items(1).Transfer(WIA.FormatID.wiaFormatTIFF)
img.SaveFile ("C:ScansTest" & Format(l, "000") & ".tif")

MsgBox "Done!"

End Sub

I have kept the code simple so that is easy to see what it is doing.

From reading the Microsoft docuementation on WIA 2.0 it seems that to get the front and back portions of a scan you need to access a lower level of the property tree. Though how you do this is beyond me!

Any help gratefully appreciated.


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Scanner Access
Is it possible to access a TWAIN32 scanner from VB, and capture an image, then save it to a standard location, like
App.Path & "" & X & ".jpg"
Where X could be a numbered file

Thanks In Advance,

[Urgent] How To Access A Scanner From VB
Hi there,

I am in urgent need of (at least some) informations on how to access the scanner (and possibly other TWAINE sources) from within VB (preferably VB6).

I know there are a number of libraries (ocx or dll) out there to do the job for me, but I need a pure VB code. So suggest 3rd party dll or ocx only if there is no other way.

Hopefully, there must be (at least) someone who can help me out.

How To Access Scanner In A VB Application?
I would like to write an application which uses a scanner. I just need to know how can I set the resolution, image size and how to start and stop scanning. If someone helps me concerning this I would appreciate it. Or a site that I can check would be a great help.

Barcode Scanner Application In MS Access
Hello all,
  I am responsible for creating an application that reads in stored barcodes from a scanner that is connected to a COM port. The scanner is the Symbol Technologies CS1504.(
  I have to use the scanner's API (which is written in VB) to access the data in it. I am a beginner at Visual Basic and I need some advice on getting this started:

1) I am going to be using Microsoft Access to create my application. Does VBA have any limitations that would restrict me from calling the barcode scanner's from within it?

  I really would appreciate some good feedback on this because I am coming from a PHP background. Thanks in advance.

Controlling Access From VB
I want to import a .dbf database into Access, then I want to print out the first 20 rows of data. This needs to be done from within a program, not from within Access. I believe I can do this with ActiveX controls, but I'm not sure how. Any ideas? Any good documentation on the subject? Documentation or examples using Excel or Word instard of Access aren't helping me much.


Thumb Print Scanner/scanner
Anyone ever edit the code of a thumb print reader to work with ur VB program ?now having problem with it

Controlling Web Pages From Access
need help saving (downloading) files from the web using VBA in access. I have toyed with FollowHyperlink and SendKeys to use keystrokes.. but this is very messy. I looked at an old sourcebook and found classes CInternetFTP and CInternetHTTP.. But I don't see anything about these online anymore. Any suggestions?

Controlling Access To Ports
Is it possible to decide who can connect to a certain port on the computer.

Like if i had a program (not created by me), and from netstat you can obtain which IP address's have an established connection to a certain port.

Say i want to ban a certain user (ip) from using the program, when they connect to that port i want to force it to disconnect them.

So basically i want to add a feature to my program which controls the ports used by another program which isnt mine.

I have tried this before with no luck at all, any suggestions would be appreciated.


Controlling Excel From Access?
Well, I know how to open Excel from Access, now. And I can populate it with data, create extra sheets, rename those sheets, move them where I want them. Is there a way to make it so that the when my new Excel object is closed that the user cannot choose to save it, and that everything I populated it with is deleted?

I did a search on it, and I keep coming up with ways to handle the window close feature from within Excel, but is there a way to do it from Access?

If you know of a FAQ, etc dealing with this, that would be fine as well, as I haven't been able to discover one on my own.
Thank you in advance.

- one_eye

Edited by - cyclops_one_eye on 7/29/2004 12:40:39 PM

Vista Corrupting Access Db!!
Hi all,
I wonder if anybody has come across this one before - if not watch out!
Having dropped my good old Pentium2/W2k server off its shelf - I've had to "invest" in a new PC with ... yuk - you've guessed it Vista!
Oh it looks pretty and the memory prefetch makes some things fast - but that's as good as it gets - certainly in my experience so far.
Memory prefetch aside -its memory management is awful! I can only have open about 10% of what I could before and even then it runs out very quickly. The problem is that when it starts to run out it can be disastrous! One of the things I get is Chinese characters appearing instead of the Latin you've entered, no big deal until you find that the database you've just spent six hours inputting to is now half filled with them. - Its not just a display thing either - the original English text is no more. Shutting down and rebooting - does not revert the corruption.
I've seen these characters pop up in filename boxes when the screen starts to go awry with lack of memory.
In my opinion Vista is rubbish, having developed on all versions since (and including) 3.1, this is by far the most unstable, unforgiving and utterly useless version so far (and ther've been some bad'uns).

Access To C-drive With Vista
Attempting to open a file in VB6 to write to the file in root of C-drive produces an access denied error. Is Vista dening such access? If so, is there a way around it within code?

Changing Access Right By Controlling ACEs
Good afternoon every one! I need to write a .vbs program which can change the access right of some folders. The folders are created by a .asp page which controlled by a remote client, I need to deny the remote client's access to that folder by the above .vbs program. However, those .vbs program can only control the access right of folder created in the server locally but have NO EFFECTS to the folders created by the .asp program. please give me some advices how to fix the problem and the following is the core parts of the program:

Public Sub RecurseACLs(sTarget, sAccount, sPermission)

Dim oTarget'object representing target folder or file
Dim oSubfolders'collection representing subfolders of target folder
Dim oFiles'collection representing files in target folder
Dim oSubfolder'object representing a subfolder (used for enumeration)
Dim oFile'object representing a file (used for enumeration)

If oFSO.FileExists(sTarget) Then
Call SetACLs(sTarget, sAccount, sPermission)
Set oTarget = oFSO.GetFolder(sTarget)
WScript.Echo "Processing folder " & oTarget
Call SetACLs(oTarget.Path, sAccount, sPermission)

Set oFiles = oTarget.Files

'*** Apply permissions to files
For Each oFile in oFiles
WScript.Echo "Processing file " & oFile.Path
Call SetACLs(oFile.Path, sAccount, sPermission)

Set oSubFolders = oTarget.SubFolders

'*** Apply permissions to subfolders
For Each oSubFolder in oSubFolders
Call RecurseACLs(oSubFolder.Path, sAccount, sPermission)

Set oSubFolders = Nothing
Set oFiles = Nothing

End If

End Sub

'*** Subroutine applying permissions for specified account
Sub SetACLs(sTarget, sAccount, sPermission)

Dim hMask'value representing Access Mask
Dim hType'value representing Access Type
Dim oSID'object representing SID of a Security Principal
Dim oACE'object representing ACE of target object
Dim hSID'hexadecimal representation of SID
Dim oTarget'object representing target folder or file
Dim oTargetSD'object representing security descriptor of target file or folder
Dim oDACL'object representing Discretionary Access Control List

Select Case UCase(sPermission)
Case "FULL"
If iTarget = 0 Then
hMask = adsFILE_FULL
hMask = adsFOLDER_FULL
End If
If iTarget = 0 Then
hMask = adsFILE_CHANGE
End If
Case "READ"
If iTarget = 0 Then
hMask = adsFILE_READ
hMask = adsFOLDER_READ
End If
If iTarget = 0 Then
End If
Case Else
Call DisplayUsage("ERROR: Incorrect permission type.")
End Select

set oTargetSD = oADsSecurity.GetSecurityDescriptor("FILE://" & Cstr(sTarget))
set oDACL = oTargetSD.DiscretionaryACL

For Each oACE in oDACL
If UCase(oACE.Trustee) = UCase(sAccount) Then
End If

Set oACE = CreateObject("AccessControlEntry")
oACE.Trustee = sAccount
oAce.AceType = hType
oAce.AccessMask = hMask

Call ReorderDACL(oDACL)

oTargetSD.DiscretionaryACL = oDACL
oADsSecurity.SetSecurityDescriptor oTargetSD

End Sub

'*** Subroutine reordering the ACLs (per Q279682)
'*** ACEs need to be properly ordered, since AddAce method does not perform ordering.
'*** If an access-allowed ACE appears before access-denied, a trustee will be granted access.

'*** The preferred order of ACEs in a DACL is described in MSDN Library (at
'*** For Windows 2000, ACEs should be arranged into two main groups - non-inherited and inherited.
'*** Non-inherited ACEs should be listed first, followed by the inherited ones. Within each group
'*** (non-inherited and inherited), ACEs are arranged in the following fashion:
'*** - access-denied ACEs that apply to the object itself
'*** - access-denied ACEs that apply to subobjects of the object (including its properties)
'*** - access-allowed ACEs that apply to the object itself
'*** - access-allowed ACEs that apply to subobjects of the object (including its properties)
'*** Since the script does not affect inherited ACEs (it sets permission directly on target object)
'*** they do not have to be rearranged. We only need to rearrange non-inherited ACEs

Sub ReorderDACL(oDACL)

Dim oNewDACL'object used to temporarily store DACL (during ordering)
Dim oInheritedDACL'object representing list of all Inherited ACEs
Dim oDenyDACL'object representing list of non-Inherited Deny ACEs
Dim oAllowDACL'object representing list of non-Inherited Allow ACEs
Dim oACE'object representing ACE (used for enumeration)

'*** Create Access Control List objects

Set oNewDACL = CreateObject("AccessControlList")
Set oInheritedDACL = CreateObject("AccessControlList")
Set oAllowDACL = CreateObject("AccessControlList")
Set oDenyDACL = CreateObject("AccessControlList")

'*** Add individual ACEs into each of the lists
'*** based on the ACE Flags and ACE Type values

For Each oACE In oDACL

'*** as explained, no sorting is needed for Inherited ACEs, they are simply
'*** added to the list and retrieved at the end of the sub in the same order
'oInheritedDACL.AddAce oACE
WScript.Echo "The InheritedDACL has been disabled"


'*** non-Inherited ACEs need to be placed in their respective list to be re-ordered

Select Case oACE.AceType
oAllowDACL.AddAce oACE
oDenyDACL.AddAce oACE
End Select
WScript.Echo "Deny ACEs are created"
End If

'*** Recreate the Access Control List following the appropriate order
'*** - non-Inherited Deny ACEs
'*** - non-Inherited Allow ACEs
'*** - Inherited ACEs

For Each oACE In oDenyDACL
oNewDACL.AddAce oACE
WScript.Echo "New ACEs are successfully added"

For Each oACE In oAllowDACL
oNewDACL.AddAce oACE

'For Each oACE In oInheritedDACL
' oNewDACL.AddAce oACE
WScript.Echo "The InheritedDACL has not been added"

Set oInheritedDACL = Nothing
Set oDenyDACL = Nothing
Set oAllowDACL = Nothing

'*** Set appropriate DACL revision level

oNewDACL.AclRevision = oDACL.AclRevision

'*** Reset the original DACL
Set oDACL = Nothing
Set oDACL = oNewDACL

end Sub

Thank you very much for your kind attention and advices!!!

VB 6.0 Controlling Microsoft Access Question
I am new here but i was wondering if anyone had the answer to my question. I have a program that i want to access two different tables in an Access database using ado connections. These tables in the database have a relationship. The first table (setuptab) has just 3 fields right now: setupID (primary key), setupname (name of the setup), and cellid (foreign key to second table). The second table (celltab) has just two fields: cellid (primary key), and cellname (name of the cell associated with the setup in the first table). Is there any way to take the cell id in the first table and bring up the cell name from the second table (celltab). Im putting the information into textboxes on a single form. The code im using for part of this looks like:

Dim adoconnect As Connection
Set adoconnect = New Connection

adoconnect.Open "PROVIDER=Microsoft.jet.OLEDB.4.0;" _
& "Data Source=C:mydb.mdb;"

Set adoRecordset1 = New Recordset
Set adoRecordset2 = New Recordset

adoRecordset1.Open "select * from setuptab", _
adoconnect, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

'sname is the name of a text box to display setup name
Set sname.DataSource = adoRecordset1
sname.DataField = "setupname"

adoRecordset2.Open "select setuptab.setupname, celltab.cellname from setuptab, celltab where setuptab.cellid = celltab.cellid", _
adoconnect, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

'cname is the name of the other textbox to display cell name

Set cname.DataSource = adoRecordset2

cname.DataField = "Cellname"

the code that is used to move throughout the database is attached to two buttons on the screen "forward" and "back"

private sub forward_click()

If Not adoRecordset1.EOF Then
End If
If Not adoRecordset2.EOF Then
End If

end sub

private sub back_click()

If Not adoRecordset1.BOF Then
End If
If Not adoRecordset2.BOF Then
End If

end sub

This code works pretty good but im getting unexpected results:

Table 1: "setuptab"...setupid is the primary key

fields: setupid setupname cellid
1 setup 1 2
2 setup 2 4
3 setup 3 3
4 setup 4 1
5 multi set 1

Table 2: "celltab"...cellid is the primary key

fields: cellid cellname
1 cell a
2 cell b
3 cell c
4 cell d
5 cell e

I have two text boxes that are tied to the new recordset and these output:

setup 1 cell a
setup 2 cell a
setup 3 cell b
setup 4 cell c
multi set cell d

and the actual output should be:

setup 1 cell b
setup 2 cell d
setup 3 cell c
setup 4 cell a
multi set cell a

any suggestions on how to fix my problem?

thanks guys

Controlling Access Objects && Features From Excel VBA
My group is automating a reporting process that reads/manipulates data via SAS and puts out a text file. (Unfortunately, this is all the automation/coordination possible with SAS.)

In Access this text file is then imported to a temp table, an Append query is run to append the data to the permanent table, and the temp table is deleted. We've created a macro to do this & have even converted the macro to VBA code & both work.

In Excel we then have to refresh a pivottable based on the permanent table (including the new data) and do a number of manipulations & copying of the pivottable data to other sheets for reports. We'd like to control all the processes (after SAS) from within Excel.

My question is how, from within Excel VBA, do I work with Access objects to open the database & transfer the VBA Access code to Excel VBA code.

Here is my attempt (I've already added a reference to the Access Object Library into my module).

Sub AccessMacroTest()
Dim objAccess As Object
Dim objDB As Object

'Errors on this statement with "Expected Function or variable" &
' highlighting the ".OpenCurrentDatabase" even though it provided
' it as an option when coding the line.
Set objDB = Access.OpenCurrentDatabase("I:NateTempIncrXBehRisk.mdb", False)

'These 3 statements run in Access (without the "objDB" qualifier obviously)
objDB.DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim, "IncrXBehRisk Import Specification", "ImportTemp", "I:TRIADCredit LineIncrXBehRisk.txt", True, ""
objDB.DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO MarApr SELECT ImportTemp.* FROM ImportTemp; ", 0
objDB.DoCmd.DeleteObject acTable, "ImportTemp"

Set objDB = Nothing

End Sub
My ability to work with objects is shaky at best, so please be patient. Thanks in advance for your help.

Nate Brei

Controlling Linked Access Tables On Vb Form
Hi I wonder if anyone can help me with this

I have designed a database in access comprising of numerous linked formsand
propose to develope a front end in vb

I have chosen to use jetworkspace to geth the more advantageous methods
provided by the DAO but my problems lies in the fact that i am notbinding
the fields to a control of sorts This is to prevent the user fromhaving
direct access to the tables

The Challenge that i am faced with is how do i synchronize two recordset
objects so that if the user steps through the recordset of the mastertable
then subsequent linked table records on the same form can be viewed
pertaining to the linked fields in the master

IE In the customers table linked field CustomerID to CustomerID Orders
table( child)

If anyone can tell me how this is done i would be very gratefull

Apologies perhaps I should explain the challenge further

In my form comprising fields unbound to tables in the master and child
tables The master has already been updated reflect a particular customer
transaction(Customer table) so I have populated the fields on the VBform
to reflect the data using a dynaset recordset object . I now whish to
enter some data for an orders transaction(Child table "Orders") In Vbaor in
access table view this is easily dealt with, simply by inserting asubdata
sheet or within vba using a subform and switching the links using code

However in Vb this cannot be done without using jetsql to create thejoins
This implies that data must exist in both tables for this to occur. Iwant
to be able to reflect a blank order for a customer who has no orders"Access
VBA accomplishes this without having to code its done behind the scenes.

How is more the question that I have so that I can mimic this evaluation
using VB
I have in my mind that i would need to recordset objects to acheive this

Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated


Path/File Access Error In Vista
In the latest update to one of our programs a file located at 'C:Program FilesAppName' was renamed which works OK on all OS except Vista where I (as well as other users) are getting a 'Error 75 Path/File access' error.

If I right click on the app shortcut and select Run as Administrator the file is renamed without error but the database for the program is now being read from C:Program FileAppName where previously (on Vista) it was being read from Computer --> C: --> Users --> 'YourUserName' --> AppData --> Local --> VirtualStore --> Program Files --> AppName so when the app opens it's reading the wrong database.

So my questions are:

1. Why is the error occurring when attempting to rename the file in C:Program FilesAppName and how do I overcome this?
2. During the App Setup (use Inno) can I somehow make sure the App is run as administrator on Vista?


Path/File Access Error In Vista
My VB 6 programs worked fine under Win XP, but since I have Vista on my PC, I get the "Path/File access error (Error 75)" for example at the line Open "C:WindowsSystemFileName" For Output As #1. Any help?

Vista 64bit Registry Access Error

I just realised that in Vista 64bit, HKLM is not accesible from the registry!!

Although I am an Admin, i cannot pull out info from HKLM, but I can from HKCU.

Anyway to bypass this? I think its to do with the UAC ?

No problems with the normal Vista 32Bit!


I've got a problem with VB6 application. It was developed under XP using VB6 and MS ACCESS 2003.

I've installed my application in a PC using WINDOWS VISTA HOME BASIC, the application starts and runs ok ....the databases are locate on another folder, different from the folder application....when I try to save data to the database I receive an error "ERROR 70: ACCESS DENIED"......and checking this issue in the MSDN FORUMS, I found some suggestions to of them recommends that verify the properties of the folder where the databases resides...well, I notice that the MDB files had the read only property ...then I uncheck the read only property of every file.....after that I check the folder property and I saw that has a grey box on read only check box....I disabled that property...then press APPLY button....I run the app and receive the error again. I check the property of the folder again and has a grey box on read only check box, according the MSDN FORUMS is normal status including in XP and VISTA.....I made everything to apply all policies to the users and owner the folder....and nothing....then I communicate with MICROSOFT SUPPORT LATIN AMERICA via TELEPHONE....and they told that the problem is with my app .... I run the app in my laptop accessing to the database folder that resides in a pc with windows VISTA and I don't receive any error message...I could make a database transaction with no problem.....the problem is when I run the app in VISTA trying to save data in the MDB that resides local folder (VISTA)

Does anybody can give some ideas to verify or change the code?



Windows Vista ODBC Connection Problem With VB To Access

I have a VB application which is working perfectly fine with windows XP/2000, but when i install the same application on Windows Vista and run the application, the database is not getting connect. my application is using DSN (ODBC) connection to connect "Access Database". but when i open the application its giving database connection error.

my database is in a central system connected via LAN and i have connected and mapped both the PCs. this application is running fine with windows-XP but not with Vista.

Please Suggest or give me a solution to overcome with this problem.

Best regards,

Warning! Vista Updates Impact On Access 2007 Table Linking
I have been working with Microsoft since the last batch of Vista updates were installed on my computer last week. I became suspicious that something was caused by the updates because shortly after they were installed 'table linking' in Access 2007 would only work under certain conditions. I do not wish at this point to enumerate the conditions. Microsoft admitted to me on the phone that those updates had in fact caused my table linking problem and they have a fix for it.
I also have Microsoft working on another problem that I suspect was caused by the same set of updates. When I open 'any' database of any Microsoft generation, the database opens, minimizes and an error message pops up stating that Microsoft could not locate the file and that I should make sure I typed the name of the file correctly. The odd thing is the database is actually opened and minimized. Microsoft has been working on this one for 4 days now with no solution recommended to me.

TWAIN Scanner API - Please Tell Me How To Use Scanner Using VB
I'am currently making a program which helps me in scanning and rubber stamp
I need the codes for scanner. Would you guyz tell me how to use scanner in VB?
I would prefer a complete project but not complicated.

Controlling The Serial Port, Controlling The Pin Out
Yo yo yo,

There is something very specif that I want to do.

I am experimenting with breadboarding and what I want to do is connect my serial port to the bread board and make a computer program to control the serial port.

What I want to do is create a program that will make pin 1 on the serial port HI (or ON or 1 or send electrons to it, whatever you want to call it). Is there any way where I can do this in vb, or in c++??

Is there a way to access a scanner over lan like a printer?

I didnt know where to post it (api?) so i posted it here if its wron move i


Hi all

I need to transform informations taken from Form and input into a database.

I gonna distribute some forms in a convention with some questions, the user gonna read and answer.

An example.

1 - What do you think about ... ( ) 1 (x)3 ( )5
2- What about .... ( )1 ( )3 (x)5

After that I want to scan those informations.

Any idea how to do it.

I was wondering if VB has a component to read this. After that, I create a standart that make possible read and find the answer by the lengh of each line.

Thank you in advanced

VB And Scanner
Hi guys,

I have to build one application in which the user should have a command button "Scan". By which he can give scan command to the scanner and scanner should print the document and make it available on the form.
I did some R&D and found out that TWAIN driver is used for this kind of features. I had a few questions in mind which i think u people are the best to answer

1) Is there any other driver other than TWAIN?
2)Will using this driver create any complications while packaging?
3)Are the free ActiveX controls available for TWAIN trustworthy or should i buy it from TWAIN official website?
4) Any suggestions how to program it will be very useful

I know questions are too much, but i wanted to clear it one go, so that i dont have to trouble u guys gain

Hope u understand


Using Scanner With VBA
I want to use VBA to get an image from a scanner and then convert the image to text using OCR. I think that VBA can access twain devices without 3rd party software but I don't know where to begin. Can anyone give me a tip?

Usb Scanner
Hi Folks.... i m back again with a small problem.... i have a USb scanner i want to use this scanner in VB code can any one tell me how can i use it.... thanks in advance
Hammad Umar

Anyone know any code of how to retrieve data from a card reader, when the card is scanned?

Scanner Help
How do I access any scanner on a 32 bit windows platform?


I'm NOT looking for code for hacking use, I want to build into my Chatclient an IP-scanner to find the server-IP address when the user doesn't give it up. Can some point me to some code on how to create an IP and check if a chatserver(mine, uses it's own HELLO signal) is running on the other side.

Again, I'm don't wanna make a hackerstool because these are lame!

Sand Hawk

Hi all,

I am developing a application in which, i am using SQL Server 2000 as backend, i have to store photos of my customers in my customer master table, please help me how to scan the images from scanner using visual basic 6.0 and then store them to sql server and then display it again

Thanks in advance

can a scanner be run in a vb program? i mean, when i click this button, the scanner will run or a scanning program will run? is it possible?

Using A Scanner
Is there a way to turn on a scanner from VB. (I tried using the MS Multimedia control - which MSDN Help said can open a scanner), but couldn't get it to work.

I would prefer this way rather than using the shell() to open up the scanner's interface software.

Thanks a lot.

Using VB And A Scanner
Where can I find code to make scanner software from visual basic?

How can i control may scanner from a VB program? I need to scan one image from the scanner and save it in a location with a name that i define in my applicacion.

How Can I Use A Scanner In VB?

I want to scan an image and store the file into a database. I know how tho store o file in a database but I don't know how to scan the image with a scanner from VB. Can you help me?


Using A Scanner
Is it possible to input a picture with a scanner in a VB program, assuming the scanner is TWAIN compliant? If so, could someone please tell me how or a website that says something about it. Thanks

I have to scan a picture by pressing a button from VB screen. Is there any API or any 3rd party control to help me do this?.
Thanking you in advance

Software Engineer

I want my program to read text that has been obtained from a scanner.i-e I want it to make the scanned text 'editable'
How do I proceed??????

WIA Scanner In VB
I'm looking for a sample of using WIA Scanner in VB6
I found this info on MSDN site (if link is broke apart copy both parts in URL):
Unfortunately I cannot find Microsoft Windows Image Acquisition Library v2.0 among components on my machine. What should be installed in order to get this library? Or what should I look for through Browse button on Components dialog?
I'm using VB6 with SP5 on Windows XP Pro
Thank you

Scanner ActiveX
Hi there,

I recently install Win XP SP2 and realize that there's no Kodak Imagine and imgscan.ocx, so I've problems with scanning management in my previous programs. Is there any FREE, EASY to use, and GOOD scanner controls in the internet? Can anybody give me some useful links?


Non Twain Scanner

Is there any way to use Non-Twain Scanners in VB 6.0? I mean, a component, DLL, or OCX which you use it in the program and it works like imgscan.ocx?


Resizing (scanner)
This is sort of directx but the main code is vb so ill try here. What i want is a scanner to detect other ships in my game, now what i need is for every like say 1/2 a second, for the box on my scanner to get larger and go from a tiny dot in the middle to the perimeter of the scanner, what i have is:

Public Function scan()
Dim W As Integer
Dim X As Integer
Dim Y As Integer
Dim Z As Integer
Dim Count As Integer
LastTick = GetTickCount
W = 87
X = 200
Y = 92
Z = 205
If W > 0 Then
If GetTickCount > LastTick + 500 Then W = W - 1: X = X - 1: Y = Y + 1: Z = Z + 1
'DrawBox 87, 200, 92, 205, vbGreen
Backbuffer.SetFillStyle (1)
Backbuffer.SetForeColor vbGreen
Backbuffer.DrawBox W, X, Y, Z
LastTick = GetTickCount
End If
End Function

which didnt work, does anyone have any ideas?

Help With VB6 Pro Spyware Scanner
I was trying to make a simple spyware scanner that has a code base of spyware to scan for, has a check list of things to delete and such. I have tried so many times but fail. Would anyone teach me on how to do the things mentioned above?

Barcode Scanner??
I didn't really know where to ask this question? I was recently working at a local hospital and saw the old program that they were using used a scan gun to scan the barcodes on all medical record folders. The program would scan these barcodes into multiple text boxes. When I saw this I was trying to find information over the internet of how programs would be able to use scanners with programs written in vb today? I thought maybe it would require the use of a driver of some type?

Anyway, i just thought maybe someone has used something like this before and would like to know what they did or what they had to do to use this in a vb program?

Scanner Problems - HELP!
I'm scanning a barcode that places date and time in their respective fields. The records are in a subform and when i scan the next barcode,it over writes the same fields. How can i make it search or find the next record in the subform?

Any help is gratefully appreciated!

Problem With Scanner
hello buddy,
i have a problem here that i don't know how to solve. hope you guys
can give a hand.
i just bought a scanner. i'm try to scan a bar code and retrieve data
from the database. i have a txtItemcode text box. the problem i'm facing is :
if i have two items which is
item 1[code]: abcd

item 2[code]: abcde

i'm now scanning item2 but the data that i get is item 1. i using the
txtitemcode_change() to retrieve the data.

Private Sub txtItemCode_Change()
Call GetItem(txtItemCode.Text)
End Sub

Private Function GetItem(sCode As String)
Dim SQL As String

SQL = "SELECT * FROM tblItem WHERE ItemNo = '" & sCode & "'"

Dim Rs As Recordset
Set Rs = New Recordset

Rs.Open SQL, database_cn, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
If Not Rs.EOF Then
' get the data here
end if
end sub

my question is how do i know scanner have finish scan?
is the event handler that i use for text box correct in this case?


Network Scanner
Does anyone have or know where I can find a Visual Basic Network Scanner program that is editable? (VB6)

I need a program that i can run on a network that will return all the ip addressess and computer names in some type of list.

I found several programs like this, but none of them are editable.


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