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Convert Number Of Characters To Twips

I have data loading into a spreadsheet where I'd like to be able to control the width of the first column. I can count the number of characters in all of my rows and select the one value which has the most characters in it.

How can I convert the number of characters into a value of twips?

I know the value of twips/pixel, twips/inch, etc, but I haven't found one for twips/character. I realize the value changes based on the Windows Font Size, but I really haven't found any relevant documention.

Thanks in advance...

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Convert Characters Into Their ASCII Number..
What is the command to turn Characters into their ascii value?

I know chr$(#) turns the number into a character..

I can't remember how to reverse it though.


Characters To Twips
any conversion factor for this?

lookin to take the longest word and make the grid columnsize = to it


Convert DLU Into Twips
Some time ago, I've read the MS styleguide for user interfaces. But unfortunately this guide was written for VC++ programmers. The size of controls, the spacing between controls and all other measurements are made in something called DLU. So my question: What the hell is a DLU and how can it be converted to pixels/twips ? I hope someone could help me with this.

Best regards

Michael Hartmann

How To Convert From Pixels To Twips?
hey, what is the formula that i can convert from pixels to twips with it?

Convert Twips To Inches
How can I convert twips to inches.

For displaying in a label

Convert MM To TWIPS For Screen
Help - I've been struggling with this one for a while :-(
How on earth can I calculate the number of twips for a given on screen measurement in millimeters to twips for any monitor?
Ultimately I want to derive number of pixels - which I can get from twips.
Thanks in advance.

Convert Twips To Pixels
How do I convert twips to pixels?

How To Convert Pixels To Twips
Hi all

Does anybody know to convert Pixels to twips?

Please help me

Thanks in advance

Does Any One Know How To Convert Twips To Pixels?
I am trying to show a list control at a cret position.
I am using the GetCaretPos API , and as much as i understand - the result comes in twips.
How can I convert that to pixels?


Convert Twips To Pixel
How can I convert twips to pixel


How Can You Convert URL Characters To Ascii Characters? (ie %2F = /, %3A = :, Etc)
Anyone have a function that can take a string and return its normal characters?

Is There Any Built In Method To Convert Decimal Number To Binary Number In V.b 6.0
Hi everybody!

can u say whether any built in method is available to convert a given decimal number to binary number?

i can develope a user defined method for this. but i think it takes some extra time to execute... since i have to call this method repetedly...

thank you,

Convert Unusual ANSI Characters To Normal ANSI Characters
Has anyone seen a function that will convert a string like this:




You can also see this thread for the problem I'm trying to solve, involving the text-2-speech control.



Convert A Number Strored As Text To A Number Automatically!

its possible convert a number strored as text to a number automatically,without lossing the non decimal number!!!?


Convert To Number The Number Stored As Text In Excel
can anyone help me on how to convert the number stored as text in excel when i exported my recordset in excel

this is how i exported my recordset
objExcel.Cells(2, 1).CopyFromRecordset ADODBRecordset

How Can I Convert A Decimal Number To A Binary Number?
How can I convert a decimal number to a binary number? Do you know if there's the function I can find in VB?

Thank you for your help!

Best Regards,

Kevin Shen

Convert Hex Into Characters
Simple one for any of you experts out there:

I need a simple function to turn two byte hex strings (i.e. "3D" or "43") into a single byte. For instance, if you put in "3B" it would return ";" and when you put in "33" it would return "3".

Thanks in advance.


Convert Characters To Ascii No.
i have an array called chars(). when my program runs, 1 character is stored in each variable of the array eg. chars (0) stores 1 character, chars(1) stores 1 character and so on. i heard that there are 256 ascii characters, is there a simple and fast way to convert each character into its ascii number, say chars(0) had the letter u stored in it and the number of u was 132 then chars(0) would be changed to 132

Convert Numbers To Characters.....
Can anyone out there help me for converting the numbers
to charcters

For eg


Two hundred and Sixty Seven

IF the sample codes are there Pls redirect me.

I had searhed this forum

Pls help


Convert Greek Characters To English
i tried to convert Greek H which is the same character in english too using a code like

VB Code:
Private Function changeToENG(str As String) As String        changeToENG = ""    For i = 0 To Len(str) - 1        If Mid(str, i + 1, 1) <> "." And Mid(str, i + 1, 1) <> " " Then            inc = Chr(Asc(Mid(str, i + 1, 1)) - 127)        Else            inc = Mid(str, i + 1, 1)        End If        changeToENG = changeToENG & inc    Next    End Function

but unfortonately that code doesn't not work for the other characters does ne1 have a code that could help me or know how i can make it?


A Way To Convert Characters To Their Binary Values?

pls tell me a way to convert characters to their binary values.


Help Me Figure Out How To Convert 3 Ascii Characters Into Time?
I am making a stats program for the game half-life, if i send a string to the server through udp, i get back a packet that has the player info, which contains their name, how many frags they have and also 3 ascii characters that somehow represent their time in the game... name is easy, its just written in normal letters, the frags is a single character ascii but it is easy to figure it since you just use Asc() to turn it into a a number
Well i have been stuck on the player's time in game for a while now, it is 3 ascii characters, im not sure if you have to do anything with hex, or anythign else, but i cant figure it out, here is a list of the characters ive put together and along with that their APROXAMATE time i use another program to retrive, ive went ahead already and converted the ascii charactes into their numbers using the Asc() function

Maybe someone with more brain power can figure how i would turn the 3 characters into seconds, i belive it is in seconds, but i dont think just multiplying or deviding will work... IF YOU CAN SOLVE THIS MYSTRY I WILL BE GREATFUL, thanx a bunch!


67 37 32 <-42m
67 245 29 <-42m
179 72 18 <-39m
51 24 19 <-39m
179 23 19 <-39m
51 22 19 <-39m
179 13 19 <-39m
143 132 16 <-38m
143 84 14 <-37m
71 7 13 <-37m
143 147 9 <-36m
102 216 255 <-34m
102 222 246 <-32m
102 126 242 <-32m
133 99 242 <-32m
102 252 232 <-31m
102 186 223 <-29m
31 34 211 <-28m
133 87 212 <-28m
31 22 181 <-24m
102 247 168 <-22m
102 235 138 <-18m
102 122 139 <-18m
102 120 139 <-18m
102 112 139 <-18m
102 125 139 <-18m
102 126 139 <-18m
142 203 130 <-17m
28 93 68 <-13m
28 91 68 <-13m
28 85 68 <-13m
28 83 68 <-13m
28 75 68 <-13m
28 71 68 <-13m
28 61 68 <-13m
28 37 68 <-13m
28 13 68 <-13m
28 123 67 <-13m
11 65 54 <-12m
28 177 1 <-8m
124 124 239 <-7m
22 14 234 <-7m
22 10 234 <-7m
22 254 233 <-7m
22 250 233 <-7m
22 234 233 <-7m
22 226 233 <-7m
22 206 233 <-7m
22 158 233 <-7m
22 110 233 <-7m
22 74 232 <-7m
247 16 90 <-3m
247 8 90 <-3m
247 240 89 <-3m
247 232 89 <-3m
247 200 89 <-3m
247 184 89 <-3m
247 144 89 <-3m
247 48 89 <-3m
247 208 88 <-3m
247 136 86 <-3m
44 108 73 <-3m
47 163 13 <-2m
225 56 225 <-1m

oh, and if it helps any, i looked in the protcol readme for this information, and it says
players name is a string
players frag is int32
and for the players time in game, it says its float32
btw, the protocol was also meant for C++

Sound Distorted After Pcm-gsm Acm Convert, Missing 4 Characters?
sound distorted after pcm-gsm acm convert, missing 4 characters? ...?

Convert All Characters To Uppercase In A Field As They Are Entered
I have found this little code snippit to be quite handy for converting all letters to upper case as they are entered into the field.  I like this one because it doesn't matter if the user has caps on or off.

Sub txtData_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
   KeyAscii = Asc(Ucase(Chr(KeyAscii)
End Sub

How To Convert A Number To 2's Complement Number ??
The number may upto 10 * E49, so the data-type "double" is used for this number.

Since the "Mod", "" operators may be not working when the data-type of the operands is DOUBLE. Over-flow error may comes out.

Any good ideas on this.


Number Of Characters In String
hi guys.
how do you check how many "." (dot) characters are available in a string?
I wanna check a string that must have 3 dots inside, no more, no less.
But I could not do with instr, how do you do?

Number Of Characters In A String
hi all,

thats maybe the dumbest question for today but i appear to be unable to find a function that returns let say all "," in a string without looping thru this string ? am i blind or is there none ?


edit : sorry the number of all ","

Counting Number Of Different Characters
I need to count how many different characters there are in a string and put that in a seperate textbox. So a string that has:


will have the answer of:


This is the code I have so far. But it seems to just count how many total characters there are.

Private Function NumberDistinctSymbols(strIn As String) As Integer
Dim intI As Integer

NumberDistinctSymbols = 0

For intI = 1 To Len(strIn)
If intI <> (intI + 1) Then
NumberDistinctSymbols = NumberDistinctSymbols + 1
End If
Next intI

End Function

Compare The Same Number Of Characters
I know there's a simple way to do this but my minds gone blank - too many hours in front of computer!
I have a filter text box which could have any number of digits entered.
Also have a description field.

The user types in a few characters and I need to compare (not case sensitive) the number of characters typed with the same number of characters in the description.

So if the description is 'Jones & co Commerce Corporation' and the user types in 'Jones' it will be matched to be equal.

Number Of Characters In A String...
Is there a really easy way to find the number of characters in a string. I want to limit the number of characters able to be entered into a text box. But I want to bring up a msgbox to alert the user that they have entered too much text.

Thanks in advance,
Chris - western Australia

Get Number Of Characters In A Textbox
How would I get the total number of characters in a textbox?

How To Count The Number Of Characters?
how do i limit the number of characters the user can type into a textbox?

i tried:

Private Sub txtTestLimit_KeyUp(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
Dim F As Form
Set F = Forms!FormTest
If Len(F!txtTestLimit) = 20 Then
MsgBox "Your message has exceeded the masimum length."
End If
End Sub

but it didn't work.

then i decided that i wanted to try to display the number of characters typed into textbox "A" onto textbox "B" as they were being typed: sumthing like the online sms application on this website:

i tried:

Private Sub txtTestLimit_KeyUp(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
Dim F As Form
Set F = Forms!FormTest
F!txtCount = Len(F!txtTestLimit)
End Sub

but it didn't work too... am i using the correct event; "On Key Up"? Anyone here who can help me pleeeaaaseee...

How Can Specify The Number Of Characters In The Text Box

I want user to only type 5 charters in the text box if he type more than 5 it should give a message saying you are not allowed to enter the value.

Can some one please let me know how i can do that.

Thanks much in advance

Number Of Characters In A Text Box
How can i find the number of characters currently in a text box?

So far i have worked this out.

VB Code:
Private Sub Text1_Change()'i put something hereEnd Sub


Thanks for any help


Removing A Set Number Of Characters...
I need for the first 8 characters to be removed off of a text bos's content. How can I easily Take Text1's contents, minus the first 8 characters, and set that in text2...

Thanks ahead

Get The Number Of Characters In A String?
Yea, how do i recvie the number of letters in a string, i forgot, and i dont have msdn installed

Number Of Characters Per Line..

I have created a small editor program with VB6 and I am using the API (SendMessage) to get the number of characters of a line in a RichTextBox control and it works fine, except if the line contains tabulation.

The function returns 61 characters where other editor (Winvi, UltraEdit ...) detects 132 characters...

Does anybody could help me on this problems ?

Many thanks,
Thierry Demoy

Getting Number Of Characters In A Text Box
Please can someone help! i need to get the number of characters in a text box and display them in another text box! please can sopmeone help because im really stuck! thanx alot!


Number Of Characters In A Text Box
How do I find out if the number of characters in a text box excedes 100.

Number Of Characters In Text Box
hi guys

is there any way to find out the number of characters in a textbox and put it in another textbox?

(the characters are ranging from 0-255 ascii)

thks in advance

Representation Of A Number With Characters

I want an input box with a user input

eg. 10

would then be represented by say




could be


How can this be done!!!!

Thanks in advance


P.S.... Thanks to everyone who helped on my other problem!!!

Edited by - tom0987654321 on 8/17/2003 7:13:12 AM

Number Of Characters In Ini File
   I used this code below to get a return string from an .ini file
   it works fine, however, sometimes, the last couple characters of the return string are missing in the textbox
Anyone has any idea why?
Thx, Chris

 Code:Dim sReturnStr As String, NC As Long
    sReturnStr = String(255, 0)
    NC = GetPrivateProfileString(AppName, VarName, "Default", sReturnStr, 255, AppFile)
    If NC <> 0 Then sReturnStr = Left$(sReturnStr, NC)
    txtReturnStr.text = sReturnStr

Edited by - chrisch on 7/30/2007 6:44:35 AM

Return Specified Number Of Characters
How to return specified number of characters from a string such as "abc" from "abc.mp3" ?

The problem is length for the filename will be different each time, so i just mean that "delete" the file extension and remain the filename......thanks.

Note: Length for filename may be different everytime

Maximum Number Of Characters In Cell
Is there a limitation of the number of characters an excel-cell can hold?
I have a large cell formatted with "text" and "word wrap" and want to use it for input of longer texts.
When I write more than 255 characters the cell shows "#########".
Is there a way to change that?

Code To Get Number Of Characters In A String

Does anyone know what code to use to get the number of characters from an input string in VBA? Had a browse around on google, but couldn't find anything.



Counting The Number Of Characters In A Cell
I have a column of numbers that should be 7 digits. Patient ID numbers.

However, if the number is 0022222, then it only shows as 22222 for example.

I'd normally go to custom format and type 0000000 so that the number would come through as 7 characters.

Now, I need to import this over to Access, which doesnt carry accross the formatting, and the formatting MUST be done before it's brought over to Access.

I think the best way to do it is to make the formatting in the column text, then manually putting in the zeros to make it a seven digit number.

So basically I need help writing a macro that says:

If the active cell has 5 charcters, then add "00" to the start of it.
If the active cell has 6 characters, then add "0" to the start of it.

See where I'm coming from?

I tried
digits = activecell.characters.count
Range("B2") = digits
just to check if it was working, but it gives me an error. Anyone got any ideas?
I'm stuck

Number Of Characters In A Rich Text Box
hi how would i be able to see a sort of " live " number of characters in a rich text box i.e goes up for any other letter but down for back space.

Number Of Characters In Cell - Flexgrid
How can I set the number of characters to a certain limit without using the .EditMask property for flexgrids?

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