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Copy Listbox Contents To Listview


I need to copy the entire contents of a Listbox (List1) to a Listview (LvP).

The Listbox has a single column and the Listview has 2 columns.

Each entry in the Listbox is made up of two sets of information seperated by a Tab, eg, X tab Description

I need the information copied over to the Listview so that the X is in the 1st column of the Listview and the Description is in the 2nd column.

I seem to be going round in circles and not getting anywhere.

Any ideas.


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How To Copy Listview Contents
I have a ListView with 7 columns of data and anywhere from 1 to 255 rows of data. I would like to be able to have the user right-click on the data and copy all of it to the clipboard. Probably would be best to have it in tab-delimited format. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

Copy Contents Of ListView To Word Doc

Part of the VB app im working on requires that a report be copied to an MS Word doc, this is ok as so far it has been just VB TextBoxes copied to Word Bookmarks, but now I have a VB ListView and need to copy the contents to Word, does each item in the listview need to be copied to individual bookmarks or can I copy them to some sort of table or is there a listview in Word.

Any help would be much appreciated.


How Do I Copy The Contents Of A Listbox To A Textbox
Hello to all,

I have got a Listbox and need to copy all of the contents of the Listbox to a Textbox so the listbox items are all on seperate lines in the Textbox and then at another stage in the program I need to copy the items of the Textbox back into the Listbox.

Any help would be much appreciated.


How Can I Copy The Contents Of ListBox To Word Doc

I need to copy the contents of a ListBox on a Visual Basic form to a Word doc at the click of a button, whats the best way to do this, can i insert a ListBox or Table in the Word doc.

Up to now i have used Bookmarks to copy single items of data to but i cant work out how this is done when i need to copy the data in a list.

Please help if you can because i just dont seem to be getting anywhere with it.


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Copy And Paste Entire Listbox Contents

Could someone please help me. I have set up cut copy and paste commands
in my program only problem is that it will only copy the item or last item I
How do I copy the Entire list.

Than You

Copy Selected Listview To Listbox
How can i copy all the selected items in a multiselect listview to a listbox

How Can I Select/copy Info From 1 Listbox,make It Copy To Another Thenexportto Ssheet
Hi all,
Get a pretty simle one but a little bit too difficult for me to work out.

I've attached a file to this thread called

It basically contains a form with listboxes (FromList & ToList).
I've added some names in the listbox by using the following code

FromList.AddItem ("Dog")

etc etc.

The word Dog appears in the list box as normal.

I would like to be able to click on the word dog in the ListBox, then click a Command Button (named cmdMoveListItems)
and it simply transfers the word dog across to the other ListBox.

Also, would like to click on another Command Button which openeds up a spreadsheet preferred (or another page with a single list box in it) and displays what I selected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Looping Through A Listview And Adding Contents From One Listview To Another
i have my code for my old listbox but i need to convert it to the listview

any help?

For i = 0 To frmmain.lstQY_IT_DES.ListCount
lstprint.AddItem frmmain.lstQY_IT_DES.List(i)
Next i

Send All The Contents Form 1 Listbox To Another Listbox
hello everybody,

i got a new problem. i want to move all the items from list1 to list2 in one single click.

Copy Contents Of Textbox
hello there, have a slight problem, which i have stumbled accross.

what i have is a textbox, and a command button. when you click the command button, what i want it to do is copy all the contents from the textbox.

thats it im affraid, doesnt sound hard i know, but i dont know what to do.

i know the function:

SendKeys "^{c}"

copys, but i dont know how to copy everything from within the textbox with it.

thanks alot toothpick

Copy Folder Contents
This is a simple problem I have. At the company I work for, we have just done away with roaming profiles. I want to write a simple program that will allow the users to copy their profile to the network, and then allow them to copy it back to another machine. People get moved alot, and aren't happy if their pretty icons and backgrounds dont follow.

so my question is, whats the easiest (or best) way to copy entire folders. could i use system calls? or are there functions for this?

Copy Folder And Its Contents
How do you copy the folder without specifying the file. I am making a program that with one click will backup gamesaves on my pc for all my games in case of a crach, but since different people have different save names, I want to copy the folder where the games saves to, and not have to say what file it is. Can someone hook me up with the code to copy a folder. I already know how to copy files, so dont post that here. Thanks

How To Copy A Folder And Its Contents
hi ,

i am trying to copy a folder which contains text file from one folder to the other like below but not sure how. I have tried the filecopy but that just copies file and the size of txt files in myfolder can increase and decrease can any one help!


mynew folder -- Myfolder

Copy Directory And Its Contents
Use the FileSystemObject and the CopyFolder method.

Project/References. Add Microsoft Scripting Runtime.

sub cmdCopy_Click()
Dim fso as new FileSystemObject

fso.CopyFolder(source, destination, [force])

set fso = nothing
end sub

You might need to use some of the other fso methods to help you out. .FolderExists, .CreateFolder etc.

Copy Column Contents

I want to copy the data from one coulmn and paste it into another column in
the same grid.
I just want to copy the data not the column headings.

I would appreciate some code, please help.


Copy Contents From Database
I need to copy contents from one database to another (both Access) and I am using the following statement-

Insert into db1.table1 select * from db2.table2

But my code does'nt work. How do I specify db1 and db2. I tried mentioning the path and also used a statement (for ADO's), but that does'nt work.


Copy Contents From Databases
I use 'insert into table1 select * from table2' to copy contents from one table to another when they are in the same database.

But how do I do that if the tables are in different databases. I am using ADO's in VB. Do I need to open both the databases and then use the statement?


Copy Contents Of A File Into A Textbox
I have a directory of sequentially named text files and I would like to be able to display the contents of each in a userform. The userform would have a textbox that would contain the text and two buttons 'Back' and 'Next' which would allow the user to cycle through the files in the directory. My question is, how do I get the data from the text file into the textbox without having to open the file?

Copy Sheet Contents To A Txt File
Edit by italkid: Split off from THIS thread.
I have the simliar problem but what I want is save the excel file as tab limited text file with out changing the cell content containing , (comma) with surrounded double quotes (Johnson,Brad -> "Johnson,Brad") .

How do I avoid this ?

My code is :
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="C:import.txt", FileFormat:=xlTextWindows
I need the cell content to be exactly the same as enterd in the tab limited text file .

Thanks and Regards,
Edit by italkid: In the future, please start your own thread instead of hijacking others, thanks.

Copy Complete Contents From One Workbook To Another?

I'm trying to get something to work that will copy everything on sheet one from one workbook (Test2.csv), to sheet two on another workbook (test1.xls).

The problem is that test2.csv is being used and you have to enter a prompt of read only to access the data to perform this function.

test2.csv is a database of sorts for collecting data from one statistic over time. (one day/oner sample every 5 mins - looping)

How can I get this to work?

Thanks in advance! You guys are great.

Copy/Save Webbrowser Contents
I'm trying to periodically check for results from a web page, but they're displaying in what i think is an AJAX app or something similar, so i can't get them by saving the source. If i save the source manually, it's just a couple of lines that execute the application..

Also, I can't link you guys to the site 'cause it's only available on a private government network (which also makes non native libraries inaccessible to me.) I'm limited to everything native.

I've found that highlighting the entire page, copying it to the clipboard, and saving is the only way to extract the data that a want.

so i tried:

Now this works fine on my home PC, but for some reason at work it gives me an unknown automation error (440 i think) regarding ExecWB... Not sure what steps to take now.. (... 5 minutes elapse ... )

ok I also tried:

SendKeys "^A"
SendKeys "^C"
That doesn't seem to accomplish anything... waaaahh!

Please advise..

-Thanks in advance

Copy && Paste Flexgrid Contents
I am displaying records from an Access Database in a flexgrid. I was wondering if there was any way users can copy cells from the flexgrid and paste it somewhere in excel or elsewere.


Copy Contents Of File To A String
how do I copy the contents of a file to a string

Copy Command Prompt Contents
I've got an old database for DOS that I want to extract some information from, but there's no way to customise reports how I want. To cut a long story short, I'm hoping to send key presses to it from a VB program (this bit shouldn't be a problem), and then copy the results from the screen.

eg. If I open a command prompt (not full screen), load the database and get some information up, I can then click on the system menu and select Edit / Select All / Copy and then Paste this information elsewhere.

What I really want to do is automate this - copy it to the clipboard from my VB program and paste it into an array.

Does anyone have any idea how to do such a thing?
Any guidance would be MUCH appreciated.


CopyMemory ( Is It Possible To Copy List Contents )
hi, could someone tell me, is it possible to copy the contents of say a listbox, to another source via the CopyMemory api?
i tried the following....

CopyMemory list1.Hwnd , list2.Hwnd, ByVal 100 ' THE ByVal 100 I TRIED VARYING, BUT NOTHING HAPPENS.
if anyone has an example ( using a list or copying say from one text / richtextbox to another ) i'd be very greatfull ty.

Copy Contents And Itemdata From One Cbobox To Another
My code isn't working...and no I don't have the word "Blah" coded in my real code.

I'm trying to copy the contents of one combobox into another and this isn't working.

VB Code:
Do Until intListCount = blah        cboEditClinicType.AddItem frmMain.cboClinicType.Text        cboEditClinicType.ItemData(cboEditClinicType.NewIndex) = frmMain.cboClinicType.ItemData(inListCount)        frmMain.cboClinicType.ListIndex = frmMain.cboClinicType.ListIndex + 1     Loop

How To Copy Richtextbox Contents To Word?
At runtime I want my program to copy the contents of a RichTextBox to MS Word. I tried the Sendkeys option, but it does not work.
What is wrong with the following code?

With RichTextBox1
.SelStart = 0
.SelLength = Len(.RTFText)
SendKeys "^c"
End With
X = Shell("c:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficewinword.exe", 1)
SendKeys "^v"

Copy Contents Of Picturebox To Clipboard
I'm trying to copy a picture from my form - the picture contains lines drawn in using the line commands and pset paint dots. When I use this command, it copies the background only (the picturebox without contents). How do I copy the picture with lines and dots? Thanks in advance.

VB Code:
If Picture2.Visible = True ThenClipboard.ClearClipboard.SetData Picture2.Image, vbCFBitmapEnd If

Copy Contents Of Picture Box To Clipboard
seems like this should be easy, but i cant seem to get it going. Whats the best way to accomplish this?

Copy Contents Of A Container Into A Picbox???
another question for the experts.

I have a form with a Picbox covering most of the form.
This Picbox serves as container for 2 more Picboxes.
These 2 Picboxes alternately scroll through the container-Picbox and frequently change their contents.
As this form is on a secondary monitor, and thus not necessarily visible from the primary monitor, I'd like to have a Picbox on the primary monitor that reflects the contents of my container picbox (still with me? )
I've tried everything I've learned here in the last days
(WM_PrintClient, StretchBlt...), but I just can't get it.

Hope someone has an idea since I'm really stuck!!

Many thanks in advance!

Copy Contents Of A WebBrowser Control
How do you copy the contents of a webbrowser control into a picturebox without using the streatchblt api call.

Trying To Copy Contents Of List Box Into Textbox
Ok im basically trying to get it same that i can copy information from a list box to text box same that i can save the informaton in a .txt file. and since i cant work out how the hell to get the information to save from a list box iv come up with this only problem is i cant get all of the list to copy across i only get the 1st one selected.


Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim i As Integer
If List1.ListIndex = -1 Then Exit Sub
For i = List1.ListCount - 1 To 0 Step -1
If List1.Selected(i) = True Then
Text1.Text = List1.list(i)
List1.RemoveItem i
End If
Next i

End Sub
Private Sub Form_Load()
With List1
.AddItem "1"
.AddItem "2"
.AddItem "3"
.AddItem "4"
End With
End Sub

im unsure what is wrong as im only a beginner at this so if anyone can help me with this code or tell me how to save information from list boxes to .txt file would be gratful

Copy Clipboard Contents Of UTF-8 Characters
I copied some characters from a webpage which is in UTF-8 format - non-english characters and tried to get the contents of it using vb's Print Clipboard.GetText
But it always returns ????

Any way to get the HTML entity codes or the hex codes ?



Copy Textbox Contents To Worksheets

I'm a relative newbie to VB and doing some vb programming in excel 2003 (vb6.3). I've created a form with numerous textboxes and written code to copy the contents into an Excel worksheet with a command_click event:

Private Sub cmdTfrData2Excel_Click()
Dim iRow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = Worksheets("Data")

'Find first empty row in the spreadsheet
iRow = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row

'Copies textbox contents to the Data spreadsheet
ws.Cells(iRow, 2).Value = Me.txtClientName.Value

I'd like to copy the contents of the textbox txtClientName into a different worksheet in a different column.

I've done a Google search and had a look through the forums but can't find what I'm looking for. It seems so simple but can't find out how to do it.

If I add Set ws = Worksheets("otherspreadsheet") then it copies the contents of txtClientName into column 2 in the otherspreadsheet, but I want it in column 1. Is it possible to do this?

Thanks in advance


Cannot Copy Contents From Image To Picture
I'm trying to copy the contents of a stretched image control to a picturebox, but it doesn't work. It only copies the picture in its original size, what to do?


' now the image control is sized the same as the picturebox control. The image is stretched, because it's larger than the org size of the bmp

picture1.picture = image1.picture

The pictures in the pictrebox and image are not the same, it seems that the picturebox won't go larger than the org size.
When i try it with a smaller picturebox control, the image is cropped....

How can i copy the exact contents of the image control to the picturecontrol ?

Transfer Listbox Contents To Another Listbox??
is it easy to transfer items in a listbox to another listbox in another form?

i cant save all its contents to a variable can i?

anyone have any ideas?>

Assigning Contents Of Listbox To Listbox
Can you say listbox1 = listbox2 for example or do you have to unload one and additem to the other?

How Do I Capture An RTFbox Contents And Copy That Into A Picturebox

I am trying to capture the contents of an RTF box, which has been placed within the bound of a 'CopyBox' Shape, which lies in a PictureBox.
I have successful placed/edited text in the RTFBox as is should look in the Holding PictureBox image. I don't quite know how to capture the image within the bounds of the CopyBox to copy back into the PictureBox.

I tried the following below: (This did not capture the image area that I wanted. I do want to maintain the resolution that is found in the rtfbox when 'pasting' it back into the PictureBox.


Function CaptureImage()
Dim myDC as long

myDC = GetDC(RTFBox1.hWnd)

ClipDataPic.Width = ScaleX(CopyBox.Width, vbPixels, vbTwips)
ClipDataPic.Height = ScaleY(CopyBox.Height, vbPixels, vbTwips) Call BitBlt(ClipDataPic.hdc, 0, 0, CopyBox.Width, CopyBox.Height, myDC, CopyBox.Left, CopyBox.Top, SRCCOPY)

CopyBox.Visible = False
Clipboard.SetData ClipDataPic.Image, vbCFBitmap
End Function

Any ideas?

Copy Word Contents To Image File
Not sure if this is the right topic to poist this in, but it seems right.

Anyway, I'm trying to take the entire contents of a Word document via Selection.WholeStory copied to the clipboard and save it to an image file. .tiff, .bmp, or .jpg.
The whole purpose of this is to create several hundred document samples for my image database application (I do this via Word macro). I have barcode fonts that I can use to randomly create sample barcode text strings for my application to read. However, I need to convert these documents to an image format that my app can read. i.e. .bmp, .tif, and .jpg.

Sub CopyToImageFile()

'Copy entire contents of document

'Copy contents of clipboard to image file here.

End Sub

I've seen several examples of copying from a picture control and such, but I'm either not getting it, or it doesn't apply to what I am trying to do.

Copy Word.doc Contents To Field In Access
I'm sure this is way easy for you guys to do, but I can't seem to find any reference to it ANYWHERE.

I simply want to place a command button on an Access form that will copy an open word document's text contents (These have pasted printscreen images on them as well but I don't need that) to a given field in my database.

If someone is willing to share the code with me I'd be very appreciative.

There's one catch: there are users on this database using Office 2000, as well as Office XP. I found that referencing the Word 11.0 object library for another function caused the 2000 users to lose the ability to use the database.



Add Button To Copy Cell Contents To Clipboard

I've had great fun writing a big VBA-based MS Word automation app. It's being well received. There is one additional function they'd like.

Part of what I do is build forms users can fill out (to request different types of things for a large number of web sites). Thus I slap a two column table onto the page and then plug into the cells of the left column of the table the labels that describe what's needed in that cell. They then fill out the right column.


(periods added here to make table spacing come out right)

You get the idea.

When the data in the forms is used, it's often copied to be used somewhere else. Thus someone grabs the contents of one cell, copies it to the clip board, and then goes to some other app to paste.

SO, my desire is not to just do a two column table, but do a three column table. The third column is just buttons or links that say "COPY". When someone clicks on "copy", a macro runs that copies the contents of the one cell immediately to the left of the "COPY" cell to the clipboard.

Any thoughts on how to do this?

(step two of this is to have that third column not always there, but "add-able" afterwards by the post-processing person. I figure, though, that if someone can help me with the basics: select all of cell at right, copy to clipboard, add button to a document) that I can extrapolate from there).


THANKS IN ADVANCE. (My app is 470K so not good to post here)

Copy Text Box Contents To Cells In Excel
I have 2 text boxes on a form where I would like the user to enter numerical data. Then press ENTER, and have the contents of the text boxes copied to cells on the spreadsheet. Then clear the contents of the text boxes on the form and add another record with it's contents written to the next row in the spreadsheet. It doesn't really matter if the copy is executed on the change event of the text box when the user enters the data, or when the user presses ENTER after completing both boxes. There will always be an entry in one box, but not necessatily in both. I can manage the forms and text boxes, but I am having difficulty coming up with some code to deal with this. Can you please help a newbee?


Copy File Contents Without The Actual Files
I want to copy the contents of a directory and paste it in an excel doc so I don't have to keep typing it out whenever they change their mind. Any idea's?

MSFlexGrid Copy/paste Cell Contents?
I am using MSFlexGrids to display data from an array. I would like to be able to copy and paste contents of a cell to a text box, but I can't figure out how to make the right button on the mouse bring up the copy/paste menu. I can capture "pressing right mouse" button event, but can't get beyond this. I found an example program that automatically brings up this copy/paste menu, but I could find not code that made it happen. I checked all the properties for the MSFlexGrid they were using and matched them in my program, but still no copy/past menu. Can anyone help? thanks...TeeTime

How To Copy The Contents Of An Image Box To Another Place On Form?
Is this possible by using bitblit?

Any method would be very appreciated

Copy Contents Of A Control Source To The Clipboard
I have a text field on a form in MS Access. What code do I need to place on a button to copy the value of that text field to the clipboard? Please help, thanks!

How To Compare 2 Listviews And Copy Listview Content To Another Listview?
Hi all. I am filling a listview with xml data as shown in code beleow. I am calling this part using timer.What i want at the end of this code to compare listview1 with listview2. If they are diffrent or if listview2 is empty then i copy content of listview1 to listview 2.Otherwise do nothing. could any one show me how i can make such compare an copy?Thanks

1 Code:
Dim objDoc As MSXML2.DOMDocument
Dim objNodelist As IXMLDOMNodeList
Dim objNode As IXMLDOMNode
Dim lvwItem As ListItem

    'load the xml document
    Set objDoc = New MSXML2.DOMDocument
    objDoc.async = False
    objDoc.Load "http://localhost/data.php"
    'add all the song nodes into a  nodelist
    Set objNodelist = objDoc.selectNodes("//song")
    'Clear the listview

    'Loop through each song node and add to the list view
    For Each objNode In objNodelist
        Set lvwItem = ListView1.ListItems.Add(, , objNode.selectSingleNode("artist").Text)
        lvwItem.SubItems(1) = objNode.selectSingleNode("name").Text
        lvwItem.SubItems(2) = objNode.selectSingleNode("image").Text
        lvwItem.SubItems(3) = objNode.selectSingleNode("rating").Text
        lvwItem.SubItems(4) = objNode.selectSingleNode("songid").Text
        lvwItem.SubItems(5) = objNode.selectSingleNode("totalvotes").Text

    Next objNode

''Here i want to compare listview1 with listview2. If it is empty or diffrent if fill it
otherwise i do nothing.

Set lvwItem = Nothing
    Set objNodelist = Nothing
    Set objDoc = Nothing

Copy Frame With Contents To Other Form And Update Values On Both
Hi all,
I am back again... i have some queries...i have a form with frame ,and some labels with all index as runtime i am loading frame n number of times with its contents (say lables).. with corresponding my question is if a user right clicks on a particular frame and choose a popupmenu New window, the particular frame has to be loaded in new window with the frame and all its contents..

one more thing is if an update is being done on the main form the same should update in the secondary form also which is having the same frame..

Can anyone help in this regard...

Thanks in advance

Copy Contents Of Browser Control To Microsoft Word

In a VB.NET windows application, I am attempting to copy the contents of an AxBrowswer window to a word.application document. Does anyone know how to do this?

I have the following, but it doesn't work:

wrdApp2 = CreateObject("Word.Application")



I am able to copy one word document to another and open a word document in a WebBrowser for editing. Know I need to know how to copy the contents of a browser to a word document. My ultimate goal is to put xml data tables into MS Word (not supported in Office 2000 without building some sort of parser).
Scenario is:
1. User enters data into Dataset. (Complete)
2. Program Saves as xml. (Complete)
3. Opening in web browser using html + xsl style. (Complete)
4. copy to microsoft word document. (I'm stuck)

Thanks for all your help.

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