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Copyright Symbol

Anyone know which font and letter to create the copyright symbol?

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I have created some applications and I want to copyright them. The problem is that I have no idea of what to do...

1. What do I need to do?
2. What if I want to copyright them using the GNU General Public Licence?

Copyright Q
I'm making some software that is going to be distributed as shareware between several companies that we deal with. I want to be able to say that it's copyrighted, but is there a way to do this without actually buying the copyright?

Can I claim rights to it (or have my company claim rights to it) without doing anything special? This is also my bachelor's thesis and will be published.

Hi There,

I would like to go about getting a copyright for something but do not know of how to do it. Im in one country but to make the copyright apply in other countries do i have to pay more ? Does it cost much at all ?


I have recently written some very simple but effective software and was wondering whether there was an easy and cheap way to copyright it before showing it to people with a view to selling it.


o.k i have a q about copy right !!
if have a microsoft code (Or othere source) and i and i modify the filname or what ever and i put the name of the program ! and intergrate it in to my program
and use it for comercial value like selling the program ?

is it o.k !

thx !

Does anyone know a site where i can find information
regarding the extent of use and distribution a person has with a program I wrote? Also, what rights do I have to protect my software from being sold or used

Thank you

> I'v visited your site it was realy helpfull
> I am vb programmer likes to know about vb much more .
> I have done so many project ,but always i face this problem which is
> I want to protect my vb app of copyiny ,or if copyed not run
> second time in any pc
> can you please help me
> thanks in advance

My employer has not required me to sign a contract stating that my code belongs to the company as a work for hire. Now... He would like me to write applications that he would then sell to other businesses in the same industry. I wonder if any of you have been in a similar situation? And what you might suggest.

So far the applications that I have created, save the company money in excess of my salary. So the sale of my applications would make money above and beyond the amount that is already being saved. Would it seem fair that I should get a portion of the monies received for the sale of my applications? If so, what percentage would seem fair?

I have to handle this very carfully.. I like my job, but I don't want to be taken advantage of. And if I can make some more money based on the popularity of the products I create, then I would be willing to stay longer... The biggest problem is that I'm too close to the situation to see what is fair to everyone. But that it exactly what I want before I approch my employer about this situation.

Any input is appreciated...


Gif Creation And Copyright...???
Someone once told me that there was some kinda copyrighted law on gif's that says you cannot use them in your program and sell the program?? Is this true? Or If you use them and sell the program the gif creator's get a percentage of your sales or something like that. Is that true??

Isn't there some kind of stipulation on having the GIF File Format within your program??

Was wondering if anyone can clear this up for me.


Copyright VB Files
I'm trying to figure out if there is a standard way of copyrighting VB files. I know most of the files get rewritten every time the project is closed, so putting a comment block with the copyright info outside the method code is useless. Aside from the LegalCopyright property, is there any other way to copyright all the VB project files? Thanks in advance.

Icon Copyright
Is there such a thing? Is it generally taken that icons will not be snaffled for use without a polite 'please may I use them' email?

But what happens when you don't know who generated the icons in the first place? Is there any accepted practice here?

Thanks in advance.

Copyright Character
whats the char code for the copyright symbol? I would like to use it in a label.. I am assuming I will have to use a chr() conversion of the code..

Copyright Software
What is the best and safest way to copyright software? I wrote a program and want to copyright it. What is the best way of protecting myself from having anyone else writting something similiar with the same concept?

Copyright Stuff
Does anyone know what a standard "you can't take anything from my program" message looks like. And can I take anyone's "you can't take anything from my program" message and change it to suit my program. And is it free to have a message like that on my program.

Thanks in Advance.

Copyright Licences....

Jst wondering.. I think it can, but jst wanna be sure,

FreeWare applications / software, can be protected by the GNU/GPL right?

Copyright Question
I built an app at home and allowed my workplace to use it I have done two different versions this way and copyrighted it. now my boss wants me to work on this app at work what implications does this have as far as copyright and intelectual property are concerned ?

The Definition Of Copyright
How does one go about getting copyright for software.

If i were to create an application would that automatically give me legal copyright for it? Or would I have to apply to be the official copyright holder for the program?

(assuming in all cases that I mention other contributors to the program ie. MS would be mentioned because i used several of their OCX's etc...)

Copyright Issue + Thanks...
Thanks a lot Randy, I'll try this solution. There may, however, be a
copyright problem as the code is to be included in a distributed application
(software package for analysis of nucleotide and protein sequences, which seems to be in conflict with the copyright notice of
the code.

Cheers Soeren

Copyright My Programs
hi there,
can anyone tell me how can i copyright my programs/software?
or let me put it this way how can i copyright the source code for my programs.


Copyright(VB Code)
Hi I am using VB as font end and MS Access as Back-end.I want to know how i can
make my software run in the machine only where i install and such that my software
cannot be copied by unauthorised user.Give me the code for that

Copyright Issues
Hello !
i want to ask for some copyright issues. I am making a program and some part of it is similar to a part of another program. In fact i have a function Import Table Data that is much
similar to Macromedia Dreamweaver at this part. I have added more features of course.

Will Macromedia sue me?

Copyright Violation
If I create a VB6 Data Environment and then alter some the code that it generated, or move that code to another project, is that considered theft/copyright violation?

Quick Copyright Question
Can I modify microsofts icons (Like the my computer icon) and redestribute my program?

I'm just adding a couple things on the screen.... hmm

Primer Question: VB And CVS + Copyright
Hi All!

I'd like to program my first VB program.
Can anyone tell me

1. how to use CVS with VB
2. where to write my copyright information in my VB source code???


Webbrowser Control Copyright?
Will I be violating any copyright laws if I have a WebBrowser control on my app? Is there a list of controls from MS that I can use free of charge? I'm using VB6. Thanks!

Copyright Free Icons
Hey guys,

I am currently working on a project for a local educational establishment and they are toolbar crazy!! The only problem is that I am running out of icons in the common graphics folders that come with VB.

Now the client wants more toolbars but doesnt want to pay for the icons!!!

Anyone know of anywhere which provides free icons for commercial use??

I know there is only a slim chance,


Show Me Copyright On Dll Register
How would be possible to get a copyright message when me or someone else registered a dll?

I'v searched that much but i can not find information about it. could anyone gimme some lights?


Image Watermark / Copyright
Hi all....This for me, is very well, as far as my current knowlodge goes; impossible.

What I would like to do is....

Use a "Browse" button to locate an image on my computer

Then in a text box, be able to type text, Ie; "Samm Fletcher"

And then, at the press of a button, it creates a new image, with the chosen image^ and the text from the text box across it, with a transparancy of 20-30%...

The result: A new image with a copyright / watermark on.

Is this possible? If so, could you help me please?
Many Thanks,

Copyright (Legal Issue)
Hi to all,

I have developed a software in Visual Basic 5.0. I had pirated copy of VisualBasic 5. Now when I am selling this software, I have licence copy of (at the time of purchase only .NET was available). Now the question is:

Can I have Copyright for my software I developed ?

Thanks in advance

Legal And Copyright Issues.
Well... I'm going to stick my programs on my site, and I guess I should probably put up a warning saying ... well you know the stuff, and also some stuff to protect my software.

Firstly, is there a place that I can copy and paste from for Legal and Copyright Issues?

Well, that makes no sense, but hopefully you guys will piece it together.

Visual Basic Copyright?
I noticed that Visual Basic for DOS can be downloaded from certain sites. What about the copyright? Must the DOS-applications' copyright apects still be respected in this Windows century?

Where Do I Get Copyright Info For Software
I have seen a few sites before telling how to copywrite your software but damned when I am ready to do so I can't find any

Anyway I am looking for a good site to explain how to put the tag in my source code correctly to copyright it and also explain how to really register it with the government.

I know it is automatically Copyrighted the minute I create it and I know I am suposed to make sure I include a tagline but I am not sure how to do it properly. I am creating some source code for learning purposes and I am going to be distibute it fully functional and I want to make sure at least by law it is protected. Especially since the code I am distributing I have only seen for sale and compiled only.

anyone have any sites for me to look at?

Copyright Of Online Books
This question is not related to VB, but I shall be grateful if any body helps.

I wrote a book on programming. I like to make it available in my website for downloading for free. However, I like to register the for copyright.
Can you tell me where such facililty is avalilable? I know there are some organizations in the USA who do the same but I do not live in USA.

Can you tell me whether non US people can use such registration and whether such copyright registration is internationally valid?

Any help is welcome.
Thanks & Regards.

Getting Copyright Info From A File...
Is there any way that I can get the copyright information from a certain file through code?


Duplicating A Program && Copyright Laws
I want to duplicate a program and use it at my own leisure, and also in the workplace. I do not plan to sell or profit in any way from this. Would it still be considered copyright infringment if I were to duplicate functionality of a program?


File Extensions (copyright Infringement?)
This may seem like a silly question, but I was wondering if I am required by law to have permission from the author(s) to use their file extensions (ie: psd; psp; tif; tga ect)? I am simply giving the users of my program the option of saving their pictures under these extensions. Am I violating any laws by doing so?

Edited by - Marce22 on 7/15/2003 10:24:04 PM

Inserting License / Copyright Agreement
How do you insert the software license and copyright agreement that appears whenever you initailly install software?

Much appreciated and thanks in advance.

Someone Changed The Copyright Info In My Program How Can Prevent This?
Someone changed the copyright info in my program in the properties section. On the splash screen he couldn't do becoz i used an encryption program, but these programs leave properties section untouched.
ow can prevent this?

Data File Encryption -- Program Sales -- Copyright Protection
I am writing code for a friend of mine.
We may want to sell it.
The demo version will have a few data files
in sub folders with a TXT extension. If the
prospective buyers want to, they can add
their own TXT files in the right format to the
sub folders. Their work, not mine or my friend's.
No charge for their additions. But with a limit.

I just guess this boils down to copyright protection.
Right now, I have a simple cipher algorithm to encrypt
our TXT files. Pay, and we will decrypt the files we provide.

Yes, I can play in the registry. What stops someone from
making a copy of their 'paid for' version and giving it to
a friend with their user info to unlock the data? Is there a
way to obtain machine specific info to stop this? If the
two machines are the same (HW, CPU, RAM. HD, etc)
what can be done to prevent a copy from running?
Perhaps this is an important issue with all of us developers.
Micro$oft made on-line activation mandatory, I do not
want to go down that road. Yes, there will be those with
intelligence and skills that can defeat even that. I would
give them credit for their illicit work, they are smart.

What can we do to defeat the mass populace from
reproducing our intellectual property without payment?
I think this is an important topic. Any replies? Any ideas?

-- side note

I will NOT do the homework someone posted. To me
it is not ethical to do so. I may reply with a hint about
how to proceed, but without code from the originator
I will refuse. No code from originator to try a solution,
no code or fixes from me. I learned by making mistakes,
I found out what I did wrong, I corrected my error(s).
As they say: "To err is human". I learned by myself,
the good old trial and error method, a better way of learning.
"Have an idea? Try it. Don't work? Find out why it failed."

Tom the Canuck.

Just Need The Symbol
' <> ' means not equal to right?.. what if i mean to say ' not greater than ' or ' not less than ' ..


What Do They Mean These Symbol ?
What do they mean these symbol?

May you give me some example please

The ' Symbol
Hi There,

I'm reading data from an excel sheet and extracting using a vb application to save it to an access database. However if i have data containing the symbol ' it does not import it to the database. Can anyone give me a solution to this.

Your assistance is very much appreaciated.

Thanks & Regards

Using $ Symbol...
I have a question. Let's say I wanna do an action if there is an "*" marked on a textbox. How would I write it ?

If text1.text $(*) Then...

Well this doesnt work!!

THank you!

&#916; Symbol
Does anyone know how to insert the Δ symbol into a VB 6 program.

I searched the internet and the best i could come up with was Chr(208) which gave me .

I have the free trial version of PopChar but the Δ symbol is greyed out.

Please help.

VB Symbol
How do I get rid of that annoying VB symbol in the top-left hand corner of a form? And if so, how could I change it to my own icon?

Symbol For Not Same!
What is the sybol for (notsame) like : If text1.text (notsame) text2.text then
msgBox "the text is not the same"

Basicly i nead to know what is the sybol for (notsame)...Like same is (=)...

Pi Symbol?
how do you write pi symbol to appear in a textbox?

&#916; Symbol
Does anyone know how to insert the Δ symbol into a VB 6 program.

I searched the internet and the best i could come up with was Chr(208) which gave me .

I have the free trial version of PopChar but the Δ symbol is greyed out.

Please help.

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