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Create A Search Application Similar To Windows Search In XP.

HI Guys please help.
I want the source code of an appli similar to Win XP search!
For Pictures the thumbnails shud be shown!Thats the main what i want!
How to load a thunbnail as a search result.
Thanks !

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Showing Similar Database Search Results?
i have an adodc control named "a" and i use it to search for values n show them in a datagrid
but the search only shows the exact matches
for example is a name in the database is johnson
and i type in john
i want it to show all the values that begin with john
... etc

the code i used to search is this

vb Code:
Private Sub fName_Change()a.Recordset.CloseDim sSQL As StringIf fName = "" Or lName = "" Or Combo1.Text = "" ThensSQL = "select * from info "sSQL = sSQL & "where Region = '" & Combo1.Text & "' "sSQL = sSQL & "Or First_Name= '" & fName.Text & "' "sSQL = sSQL & "Or Last_Name= '" & lName.Text & "' "a.Recordset.Open sSQLa.Recordset.Requeryend ifend sub

help me out plz


Create A Help Menu Similar To That Of Windows XP
I am developing a business game for academin purposes.I hav almost completed the simulation model. I want to create a "help menu which will explain the function of the game. The tool tha I have chosen imports the data as .rtf, which are no processible but they appeared in created form as plain text...
I am looking for a better solution similar to that of the "Hel and Support" of the windows XP


A Search Function For Excel 2000 That Will Search All Cells On All Sheets Of A Workbook
I have been buiding a database in excel,...... I know access, but the people I work for refuse to use it so I am stuck with excel, unfortunatly in excel 2000 you can either highlight all your tabs to search the whole book, or you are stuck searching just one page. That and I need something that will also go to next. There have been a few ideas I have tried, none of which worked well at all.

How To Develope A Search Search More Than One Word Document...and List Out
how to develope a seach engine in vb to search for a word in more than one word....document and list out all the word documents.....which contain...the search text..plz help me if u can and also u can mail me to

Using Windows Search
I know there is a way to call the Windows search/find dialog from VB because I've seen it before.

However, now I can't find it.

Does anyone remember how to do that?

Using Windows Search
I'd like to make the Windows Search function a part of a program that I'm making. Does anyone know how to call this from VB?

How Can I Create A Search Button?
I want to put a search button in the form of an Access database.
FOr example:
In the form we have:
Client ID, Name, Address, etc.

We want the search button to look for a specific client without the "Find" windows that Access have to do a search.

Any advise on this???

How can we create a search button ?

How Do I Create A Search Button
I would like to know how can i create a search cmd that will search a particular record frm the database .I am using SQL as my database . I would hope someone will help me this code

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How Do I Create A Search Cell ?
Guys i see you know a lot of vba an others, i am trying to make a search cell in excel but i don't know how, what i really want to do is insert a word in a cell and then it will search that word in all the document. Can u help me?

Create Inputbox For Search
In SQl statement, we can write statement like "SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE fieldname = 'a value' "
In eVB project, when I select a table, all data in the table appear. So I want to create a inputbox. When a user click a header of a field. A inputbox will appear, the user can type the value and query the related data. I am just learning eVB. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


Adding New Search Engine To The The IE5 Customized Search Window
Hi all
I have a problem that I guess might be solved not necesarilly with VB
and it is:
all I need to do is add a new search engine to the list apears on the search customize.(in my case
Thanks in advance

UpperCase And LowerCase Interferring In Search & Location Search
Title kinda explains it... In a listbox I have a list of words (Lots of them). Some of these words have capital letters (Names and such) but when the 'user' types in a word in the search textbox with all lowercase letters, it only lists the words that start with lowercase letters


User Types in = "case"

Words in results:


Words not in results, but should show up:

Case of Billy
Case of the cases of caseness (Yes, i know i'm making up words, but these are examples)

So, i need it to search for upper and lower case letters in a word, no matter where it is...

Also, I need the keysearch to pick up on words in the middle of the string...


User types: "case"

Should show but doesn't:

Guitar Case
Violin Case
The fifth word is Case and it won't show up!

So, I hopefully got that squared away 'clearly' if it is even remotely close to that... I'm searching for these things in a text file, using the 'Reading Records' Lesson I used in class. The notepad looks like this:

"Guitar Case"
"Violin Case"
"Case of Caseness"

and i'm using this code to recall the data, so these fixes have to fit in with it:

Code:Private Sub txtboxSearch_Change()
    Dim intfile As Integer
    Dim strSearch As String
    Dim strResult As String
    Dim strPattern As String

    strSearch = txtboxSearch.Text
    intfile = FreeFile
    Open "D:Results.txt" For Input As #intfile
    Do While Not EOF(intfile)
        Input #intfile, strResult
        strpattern = strSearch & "*"
        If (strResult Like strPattern) Then
            listbox01.AddItem strResult
        End if
    Close intfile
End Sub

This search works really well , (except for the problems above of course)... If you can't see how strPattern works, it puts what the user typed in the box with an astrik in front of it so I can use the 'Like' thingy <---(newbie word)

Thanks in advanced!

Search Application
Hi everyone,
I have been asked to write a search program. The user types in a few words and the program should search a directory and bring up a list of files that have those words in them.

Any Idea where to start.

Search Application
Im new to visual basic, and have a few questions I hope you can help me with. Im planning to make an offline search-engine, a desktop application. I need to search through 1000 html's/txt-files each between 500 kb and 1,6 mb for specific keywords and word combinations. The reason I don't use existing software is, that I have special search-requirements.

In brief, what kind of database should I use, and do you have any good advise for this kind of application? I have already purchased several books, I just need a little guidance towards potential trouble or considerations. It might push me in the right direction

I foresee problems in regards to search-speed. What do you think?

Thanks for your time!

How To Search The Windows Registry?
Hi there,

I would like to search the Windows registry for the fragment of a specific entry (just a part of it), and, if I could find it, to return the whole value. How can I do that?

PS: Of course I want to do that from within VB, and not using RegEdit!
PS2: The entry I am trying to find is the parth of a path.


Launching Windows Search..
I too, need a way to open a search dialog. I'm working on a project at work where we are using domain policies to keep our users from accessing certain things in Windows. However, we have some administrators and power users that will need to be able to walk up to these machines and make modifications to them regardless of who's logged in at the time. Therefore, I'm creating an application that, provided they can give a valid password, the application will let them into areas that are currently hidden by the policies or mandatory profiles.

The search funciton is being removed from the start menu so now I need to "re-create" it so to speak in this application so our admins can perform searches from this app.

I'm not sure about how to pass a windowskey+f to the OS from a command button. I was hoping there was a way to do it with the common dialog control. Perhaps a switch or parameter that would bring it up automatically with the search features on the left pane.

Can anybody help with this?

How To Lauch Windows Search..
obviously use the shell command... but whats the dir route for the windows search. when i say search i mean the search you get when you press F3 on desktop.

Replace Windows Search
is it possable to when you hit f3 instead of the windows search it open my search program ? i know for example systernals process explorer can replace task manager im assuming this would require systemwide hooking and such any theories on how to do this or any ways to do it would be helpful thanks

Duplicating Windows Search
are there any built in functions or methods for searching through the filesystem similarly to the search function in windows? i need the ability to use wildcards like *

How To Make Windows Search From VB6
I want to search file from VB6 but it will open Windows Search and run automaticlly the search.

Search Windows Registry
I am trying to develop a small exe app that lets the user select which version of my MS Access DB installation to setup on there computer.

I need a script that when a button is clicked will check the registry to see if the computer has MS Access installed and if it does what version is it

I have no clue how to do this

Thanks to all

Steve Miller

Create And Search A Set Of Data In Word
I need to find out how to return the name of a data set when a user inputs a member of the set. For example, if the set is 'States' and the user inputs 'MI', how do I search through the set of states, verify that 'MI' is a member of that set and then return 'States'? I'm assuming that fifty nested IF Then statements would work, but I'm also assuming that there is a much simpler and more elegant means of accomplishing this. So far, I've considered arrays and string tables, but I'm not sure if either approach is the direction that I should take. Any help would be appreciated!

Create A Search Textbox In Access
Hi Folks,

Please pardon me if this is not the right forum for this question, but here goes... I have an Access program in which sixty or so textboxes, bound to fields in a table, have been placed on a form. At the bottom of the form, I can click the arrow buttons, and the data beautifully scrolls in the textboxes.

What I would like to do is allow the user to search by two of the fields. I decided to place a couple of radio buttons on the form for the user to select the field to search by, and then a textbox and a command button for the user to type the keyword and search.

My question is, before I go into coding with a recordset to populate all of the textboxes, is there a way in Access to have the fields "automatically" populate as they do when clicking the arrows at the bottom of the page? I just don't want to go into a massive amount of coding if there is an easier way.



How To Create Search Engine With Datadrid??

I want to create a search engine with datagrid. for that i have put the option thru which i want to search.. now I want to search according to the these option and result must be displayed in the datagrid on the same form... i m using adodc for the datasource,,,

eg. i have client infirmation like last name, first name, area, pincode if i want the list of client by area wise then user has to click search by area ..if he does so then all the client detail depend upon the area chosen must be displayed in the datagrid....

understood my question??

now i want the procedure for the same??? how can i do so???

please help me.......

Newbie: Trying To Create A Search Button
Hi all

Very new to Access (2K)

I have created a search form with two text boxes Search for Town or Search for skill. When the user populates either text box, I need a cmdbtn to search the db and preview a report.

I hope I have made myself clear, but I doubt it as usual.

I would prefer a sample if possible. learn better by example.

Many thanks

Wisbech, Cambs, England

How To Create A Search Cell In Excel With VBA?
Guys i see you know a lot of vba an others, i am trying to make a search cell in excel but i don't know how, what i really want to do is insert a word in a cell and then it will search that word in all the document. Can u help me?

Search Form For Whole Application
I want to make a search form which used in all application.main idea is get value from any form which I supply querystring and it will return the value in the field.any one can give the idea or follow of this funtion.

Search Line 0 Loop And Search Line1
im new to visual basic and was wondering if anyone could help me out.
I have looked around the fourms and all the color changeing seems to deal with words as they are typed. All i want to do is create a button that changes the exsisting keywords in a rich text box red.
Heres what i am trying to do....

Button to color the word "change" in a rich text box red
Use a while loop untill end of file
Start on line 0
If the line contains the word "change" then color it red
Increment line start postion so that is starts on line this time

I have been tring to do this with no luck.
I have tried to use a while loop like below, i have no idea how to get the line number or start it on line 0.
Any help would be great. Thanks.

While (Eof = False) Then
Text1.SelStart = Instr(1, Text1.Text, "change") + 1
Text1.SelLength = Len("change")
Text1.SelColor = vbRed
This code is not texted as i frogot the disk i had the code i was working on. this is what i rember of it.

Search Record From Database Using Search Button
I have a form that has a text field. I want the user to type the keyword in the textfield and hit the search button. The search button should then connect with the ms access database and retrieve the record. could someone please guide me in the right direction to do this. I am very new to the visual basic 6. thanks.

Can I Make A Search Command Search Any Faster?
Ok, you all have been extremely helpful in the development of my first big project. Hopefully I will get it completed here in the next couple of days.

Anyways, I have a database with about 820,000 listings in it, my search feature work great except for the fact that its slow, i need a way, if there is any to make it search faster. Is it possible?

Here is a copy of the search command button code:

Dim strApostrophy As String, strQueryString As String
Dim strCallToFind As String

strApostrophy = "'"
strCallToFind = txtSearch.Text
strQueryString = "Call = " & strApostrophy & strCallToFind _
& strApostrophy
frmCallLookUp.datCallListings.Recordset.FindFirst strQueryString
If frmCallLookUp.datCallListings.Recordset.NoMatch Then
MsgBox "No calls matching!"
End If

Search List Box Multiple Search Items
I want to search a list box for several search criteria and if found move to next criteria if not found put in another list box then move to next criteria!

E.g Search list box for Beacon if found search list box for Yomama if not found add beacon to list2!

This should be easy but i'm stuck!
Please help.

Help Setting Up A Search Button To Search Access Db
Hi I am new to vb6 I used the wizard to set up a form in vb6 to access a access 2000 database. It works great I want to add a button to search the LastName field in my table. I have added the label,text box and command button to the form. I double clicked the command button to get to the code screen. I am not sure what code to add to this button to get it to use the textbox to search the lastname field?
Thank Tim

Coding A 'Search' Button To Search A SQL Database?
I have a SQL database titled, "Test". I have a table in this database, titled, "Customers". Within this particular table, I have quite a few fields:
Counter (primary key), FirstName, LastName, Address, City, State, Zip, CustID.

I have a form that's setup, with a variety of text boxes. In this form, I have a text box setup for the customer's First Name, the customer's Last Name, the customer's Address, another textbox for the customer's City, a ComboBox for the customer's State, and a text box for the customer's zip and customer ID.

The name of these field controls on the form are:
txtFName for the Customer's First name, txtLName for the Customer's Last name, txtAddr for the customer's Address, txtCity for the customer's City, cboState for the customer's State, txtZip for the customer's zip, and txtcustID for the customer's ID.

Now, I a few command buttons on this particular form. I have a 'Delete', an 'Update', and a 'Search' button.

I'm able to easily code the 'Delete' and 'Update' buttons fairly easily, using a Select statement to select the data that's assigned to the textField (and comboBox) controls on the form, and update the fields accordingly within the Database. Everything's been going fairly smooth, until I get to coding the "Search" button.

Beforehand, to see as to whether or not my program was able to work, I had always coded in a:

SQL = vbnullstring
SQL = "Select * From Test..Customers"
Conn.Execute SQL

Shortly after this, I end up assigning the textFields mentioned above, to displaying the information. Essentially, in a database of 10 records, the first record out of the 10 is placed onto my form, listing the customer's first name, etc...

(For the sake of simplicity, I've already coded "Previous" and "Next" buttons to cycle through the records, to see as to whether or not a record has been deleted or updated.)

However, when I try to code the 'Search' button, I'm confused as to how to apply it where a user can enter an information within any text field, and records matching such information will be listed?

For example:

A user enters a last name, and perhaps, a city. How would I go about compiling a SQL statement that will seek out only records matching such things that have been entered, be it a single field, or multiple fields?? I'm guessing concatenating a WHERE statement might help, but I totally blanked out and can't seem to get this working properly. Please help!

What Is The Path To The Search Feature In Windows?
You know the search exe file under the Start button? What is the pathto that? I need to know so i can shell it. And i can not figure out where the actual file resides.


Invoking Windows Search Utility From VB
Dear frnds Plz Help me out................
                 I want to invoke Windows search utility from VB.Is there any way to solve this problem.

VBScript - Search Windows Registry
I would like to search the entire windows registry for a set of strings and replace those values with one of my choosing using VBScript.

Example: I've bought a used Comp running Win98 and I notice that the machine name and much of the software is registered to the user Bill Smith or bsmith. So I want a script to search the registry for either of these names and replace them with my name John Doe.

I Know how to write a value to a particular key using VBScript (I have Microsofts Script Repository Samples) but I don't know how to search the entire registry at once.

Please I would really love some help with this.

Thank You,


Create Search Procedure For Database Within Form
I have a database within my form which I would like to be able to search using key words to locate an item and highlight it within the database.

Anybody have any ideas?


Making A Search Application To Find
i have to make a search dialoge to find a runner ID number in excel for my as level it coursework and i dont know where to start i have made the search box and now i just need to wright the macros so when you type in the 4 digit number it finds the person and their details. coudl somone please explain to me where to start. thanks knowj

How To Search Text In Excel Application?
Hi everyone, I have a problem here, would you help me?

Here is the situation :
I'm working with an excel database. I want to create a search command in VB6. This command can search word in a chosen column. Just like a search engine but its more simple. And where should I place the result? listbox, textbox or else, so I can choose one of them.

So, what is the code should I write?
Thank you for your information!

How Can You Search A Listbox In Another Application If You Know Its Hwnd?
How can you (very quickly) search a textbox in another application if you know its (the listbox's) hwnd? can API do this? what is the fastest way to do this? I dont need to return the index of where the search string is found, just a simple true/false

How To Search Through The Registry For An Application Path?
Let's say I want to know the path to an installed program (call it Program.Exe).

How can I search through the registry to find the path? (if it's there).

I've got about 5 books on VB, but I don't see this mentioned in any of them, and I can't find any examples.


Create Outlook COM Add-In To Search/Replace Acct. Numbers

Hope someone can help me.  This challenge seems like a doozy to me, but I figure it would be very easy to someone who knew what they were doing.  I have experience with SQL programming and using VB to automate Excel reports (formatting, page setups, etc.) but this is way above my head.

I work for a bank, and we have the need to check our outgoing email messages (and their attachments) for account numbers to ensure none of our employees are sending confidential information out of the company.  I want to create an Outlook COM add-in.  It should work kinda like spell-checker: the add-in should be invoked if the user clicks a button on a toolbar or tries to send an email.  The add-in would then search through each word in the email body and all attachments; and if any potential account #s are found, the add-in should prompt the associate to replace each account number with something unrecognizable - kinda like you see for credit card numbers that show up as xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-#### on receipts.

I'm using Visual Basic version 6.3.

I have no idea how to do this!  Here's a detailed list of what I think the steps should be.  Any help with all/part of the process would be much appreciated!

1)  Search all words in the Outlook email body (including original messages being replied to, etc.) for potential account numbers - i.e. any word containing 2+ numbers in the string.  I was thinking about using VAL()>0 to find them.  Not sure how to script that each word needs to be checked.  I would imagine that a "word" is not simply character/number strings bounded by spaces, as they could also be separated by hard returns, commas, double quotes, etc. or any combination thereof.

2)  For each potential account number found, highlight the original number, and prompt to replace with something unrecognizable, or "skip" if the word with numbers isn't an account number (such as an address).  

3)  As a default replacement, I'd like the add-in to suggest the original number (retaining all dashes, underscores, dots, etc.) substituting X's for all but the last 4 numbers.  String lengths can vary.  So for example, account AFB-4488 would be suggested as XXX-4488; account ABCDEFG.123456 would be suggested as XXXXXX.XX3456.  The user could replace with the suggested text, "skip" the word, or replace the word with any other string of their choice.

4)  Continue until all words have been checked.

5)  Repeat the same process for any and all attachments.

6)  Then either go back to the email or send the email, depending on whether the user clicked a toolbar button or tried to send the email to invoke the add-in.

7)  After creating all the functionality above, I need to make it into a COM add-in that can work across multiple versions of Outlook (97, 2000, 2003, etc.).

Please help, if you can!

Launch Windows File Search Window
Hi. Is it possible to lauch a window to search for a file like windows does?
I'm not talking about the advanced search option on explorer but the small version where Drives, folders and files are presented...


User Search For Database Application With MSSQL
VB.Net 2003
MS SQL 2000

Writing a simple help desk and knowledgebase application (win32) with, and would like to have a seach for users to find help desk tickets. Then, have them display in a grid for editing or deleting. In the table, there are about 20 or so fields and I would like to have all of them searchable by the code.

Since I never done this before, I'm having trouble on where to even start. Can someone point me in the right direction, with an example or article.


"Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple."
Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder)

I Need To Create A Macro / Button That Would SEARCH Multiple Worksheets And REPLACE

This is day one with trying the VB / Macro side of Excel, so please be patient.

I have a spreadsheet which contains approximately 7 Worksheets. I would like to be able to create a button (if possible) or macro that has a search built in(the search is predefined in the button) . Once clicked on, it would ask me for the replacement Data. It would search for the predefined information and change it to what is typed in when clicking the button or executing the macro.

So, my spread sheet is actually a template. Every time I open it, I am creating collection of data on a specific computer type, (say.. IBM ThinkPad). So throughout my spread sheet at the title blocks and graphs I placed text that says #MODELHERE (So I know this is where I want the model name to go). now I open the spreadsheet I want to press a button that will prompt me for the "MODEL NAME", I type in IBM THINKPAD. The code then goes out and searches for #MODELHERE and replaces it with IBM THINKPAD. I would like to do this not only for Model, but also for #NIC and #VER (for Network interface card and the other for NIC driver version).

So... now that I have bored you all.. it this possible?
Thanks so much!

Edited by - RBorgia on 11/7/2003 10:18:43 AM

Search Box - Change To Multiple Search
Please look at the following code, at the moment it just lets you search one site at a time, id like to somehow have an option usually a checkbox, that lets a user select whether or not they search a single site or all of them with the one keyword:

Option Explicit
Dim mstrName(1 To 100) As String
Dim mstrSite(1 To 100) As String
Dim mstrAdd(1 To 100) As String

Public Sub cboSite_click()
txtMask.Text = mstrSite(cboSite.ListIndex + 1)
txtSep.Text = mstrAdd(cboSite.ListIndex + 1)
End Sub

Public Sub cmdGo_Click()
Call txtSearch_Change
Call OpenInternet(Me, txtAddress.Text, Normal)
End Sub

Public Sub OpenInternet(Parent As Form, URL As String, WindowStyle As T_WindowStyle)
ShellExecute Parent.hwnd, "Open", URL, "", "", WindowStyle
End Sub

Private Sub Command_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
Me.Caption = "Simple Search - Build " & App.Major & "." & Format(App.Minor, "00") & Format(App.Revision, "00")
'Stay on Top
SetWindowPos hwnd, conHwndTopmost, 100, 100, 505, 72, conSwpNoActivate Or conSwpShowWindow
'Set Sites
Call proSites1
'Set Window Position
Dim xTop, yLeft As Integer
xTop = GetINI("Window Position", "Top")
yLeft = GetINI("Window Position", "Left")
If xTop > (Screen.Height - Me.Height - 500) Then
Me.Top = Screen.Height - Me.Height - 500
Me.Top = xTop
End If
If yLeft > (Screen.Width - Me.Width) Then
Me.Left = Screen.Width - Me.Width
Me.Left = yLeft
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
SetINI "Window Position", "Top", Me.Top
SetINI "Window Position", "Left", Me.Left
End Sub

Public Sub proSites1()
Dim intFree, X As Integer
X = 1
intFree = FreeFile
Open App.Path & "Simple.nfv" For Input As #intFree
Do Until EOF(intFree)
Input #intFree, mstrName(X), mstrSite(X), mstrAdd(X)
X = X + 1
For X = 1 To UBound(mstrName)
If mstrName(X) <> "" Then
cboSite.AddItem (Format(X, "00") & " - " & mstrName(X))
End If
Next X

cboSite.ListIndex = 0
End Sub

Private Sub OsenXPButton1_Click()
Call txtSearch_Change
Call OpenInternet(Me, txtAddress.Text, Normal)
End Sub

Private Sub OsenXPButton2_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub txtSearch_Change()
Dim I, X As Integer
Dim strOut, strSite As String
I = InStr(1, txtMask.Text, "###")
strOut = Left(txtMask.Text, I - 1)
strSite = txtSearch.Text
txtPath.Text = strSite
X = 1
Do Until X = 0
X = InStr(1, txtPath.Text, " ")
If X <> 0 Then
txtPath.SelStart = X - 1
txtPath.SelLength = 1
txtPath.SelText = txtSep.Text
End If
strOut = strOut & txtPath.Text
If Len(txtMask.Text) - I - 2 < 1 Then
strOut = strOut
strOut = strOut & Right(txtMask.Text, Len(txtMask.Text) - I - 2)
End If
txtAddress.Text = strOut
End Sub

Private Sub txtSearch_GotFocus()
txtSearch.SelStart = 0
txtSearch.SelLength = Len(txtSearch.Text)
End Sub

Private Sub txtSearch_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
If KeyAscii = 13 Then
Call cmdGo_Click
End If
End Sub

There is about 15 websites in a drop down menu, id prefer to have a little checkbox so if the user chooses to search all 15 sites at once, then they could tick the box, enter the keyword, and search, and 15 windows or tabs etc would open, displaying the result.

Any help please, if I could add anything to the code to make this happen?

Thank you.

I Can't Search The Forum, If I Dont Know What To Search For
I would like to know how to do something, like if I were making an MSN bot, and wanted part of it to be able to change the background of MSN, or change the sounds how would I do that. Does this make any sense at all?

Search Through Recordset Using Binary Search

Is it possible to search through a recordset using a Binary Search?

What I'm doing currently is searching through a recordset of x,y coordinates and looking for the the one that is closest to the current mouse position, and then highlighting that coordinate. It goes too slow!

Instead of looping through each and every point to check it, I'd rather generate a query that includes the x and y coordinates as well as the distance from the mouse cursor (x - xPos) ^ 2 + (y + yPos) ^ 2 (where xPos is the current x position of the mouse, and yPos is the current y position of the mouse)

Then I would like to search through this recordset using the binary search to minimize the # of calculations.......but how would you do that using binary search? How do you move to a specific location in the recordset?????


Search And Search Results In Userform
I have userform with two textboxes at top, one labelled as 'search textbox'.I have listbox labelled as 'search results'.The other textbox labelled 'result textbox'.
If a user enters 3 letters in 'search text box',basing on a formula,results of that formula will display in listbox.After selecting the one of the value from list box the selected value has to be displayed in textbox2 'result textbox'.How this task can be acieved ?
my formula is =index(sheet1a$2:a$100,small(if(left(sheet1a$2:a$100,3)='search textbox'.value,row($1:$99))),row(a1)))
Thanks if any body help in this regard.

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