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Create Set Up File Without Using Package

Hello All

I would like to know how to create the set up file without using the built-in Package Wizard in VB 6.0. I am such a beginner and doing my College project.
Please give me any idea or suggestions.


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Is It Possible To Create Install Package By P&&D Without ST6UNST.LOG File Is List?
I understand that ST6UNST.LOG is a neccessary file used for complete application uninstall process.
My point of problem is on, I try to make some setup that most contain only .DLL and neccessary file for run application. Application file and data will be stored on Server site. At this point I think the folder for my application on client site is no need (only ST6UNST.LOG may stored on application directory).

So Is it possible to create install package by P&D without ST6UNST.LOG file is list? (But still aviable for uninstall)
Or Is it possible to create install package by P&D that uninstall process is not need? (Install once and never uninstall)
And How?

How Do I Create A Single Install File From The Package And Deployment Wizard?
Ok. Everytime I use the package and deployment wizard to create my install package, it creates a .exe, a .cab, and a .lst file.

I only want a single file, AppName_Installer.exe How can I get this result?

Call me a stupid noob or whatever, just be sure to include in your insult how to create the single file installer. I need a single file that I can send out to my company for each user to install. If I try to send two or three files, I can just imagine how many errors I am going to get emails and calls about.
Thanks in advance.

Package && Deployment No Error But Package Not Create
I tried to package my vb program but after i have completed the package and deployment wizard, the wizard just exited without creating the installation package for me. I have check the folder, it only create the setup folder and support folder without files. please advise what could be wrong.

I have tried using the package and deployment for another VB Project without any problem.

Package 'cannot Find File' - L:Package\@test.exe

I created a package for my software (written in VB6), but when I try to install, it tells me that a file: L:Package\@test.exe cannot be found (L:Package is the location of the package). Test.exe is supposed to be built into the package, but I get this error. Also, when it tries to remove the installed files, it just gets stuck and crashes.

Anyone got any ideas? - a quick reply would be greatly appreciated.

How To Create Setup Package

I have created a project in VB6. How can make it SETUP / INSTALL kit? I have added some refferences and components as well.


Create VB Package On Win 2000 And Can't Run On Win 98 ?
I've written a VB6 front end with Crystal Report and SQL database back end. The application works fine on my development machine running on Win 2K but it can't run on Win 98 after create a package. Another problem is, it runs fine on other Win 2K machine but can't call crystal report because of missing pdssql.dll file. I can't find that file on development machine. Anyone know this problem before ? Thanks in advance

How Do I Create A Setup Package?
I'm using vb6. thank you all!

Create A Directory Using Package And Deployment
Does anyone know how I can setup the Package and Deployment wiz to create specific directories within the instillation directory?


How To Create Package Vb With Sql Server 2000
i am using vb and sql server 2000. i can create packge with visutal studio tools -- > pakage and deployment wizard. and indenpendtly running the sql server 2000 and use it. but i want to know create package with vb6 and sql server 2000. while running the Set up automatically install the sql server 2000 and set up file on vb6 pacakge folder. How?

Thanks & Regards,
Arumugavel M

Package Deployment Wizard - Create DSN
Hi Friends,

Am back with a question again!
I am using the VB Package And Deployment Wizard to setup a project which uses a crystal report. This crystal report uses a DSN
After setting up the project on a different m/c, to make it to work, I am forced to create the DSN manually. Instead, is
there a way to combine the creation of DSN along with the setup so that I can do it all in one Setup.exe? Thanks for all your help. This site is truly a excellent source of information.

Create Self Extracting Installation Package
Hi All,

I have a VB project and its ready to use in users machine. But i want to copy some files to the system32 folder and want to create some shortcuts in the desktop.

How can i make the Self extracting package with this features, and i want to receive a mail from the user machine with the user details and hostname of the user machine.

How can i create it, i hope some one will help to me for this.

Thanks in Advance....

How Create Install Package For VB6 Project?
Just want to refresh my memory, how could we create install package for vb project with VB?

How To Create A Silent Install Package
Hello to you all...

Is it possible to create a "silent installation package" in VB6 sp5 ?

I'm trying to create such a package so that my SMS server would be able to install a program at night without users intervention.

Is this possible or should we use a 3rdparty that I don't know the existance of in order to accomplish that... ?

Thanks in advance for any help provided

Package And Deployment A Project Or Create An .exe
I have just finish a project and i need to install it on some other clients machines.
I was not sure if i just create a .exe if it would run correclty on the other machines
or do i need to do the package and deployment wizard to create a setup.exe
and then install it on the client machine.


Oracle Backup And Create Package
I am using VB6 and Oracle 9i to build up my Hospital Mgt. System Application. I want to add a "CREATE BACKUP" feature in my application. I have created a batch file like this

exp USERID=name/password BUFFER=4096 LOG="c:error.txt" FILE=trialpath TABLES..... etc


It works fine. But i am confused wheather it will work or not when i will build an end user setup package. will it work in a system where oracle is not installed? Plzz help me

With Regards,

Can The VB Package Create Folder In Giving Path?
I want to create a folder to be use for my application log,

Create A Package && Deloyment Installation Wizard.
I created a pkg and distribute to a user. The people who had VB installed it works
and the people who don't have a VB installed it DOES NOT work on their machine.

Is that the location of the STARTUP GROUP (StartMenu,Prgrams,dtest,dtest)

WHERE DO I set the Install location of these file ( .OCX, .EXE) to $(WinPath) or $(ProgramsFile) ?

so what files are missing from this pkg so people who don't have the VB installed on their pc can't
run this..

What other files should I zip them up? I don't think I have to zip up the (.vbp) and forms?


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Create ShortCut Automatically When Making Package

While using the package and development wizard I would like to know how is it possible to add a shortcut on my project automatically in the desktop during setup.

Create Setup.exe Using Package And Deployement Wizard
Hi All,
I develooped application using VB6.0 and Access97. I used DataGrid, Winsock,DataReports, ADOs, and
Troy E-13B font to print checks in my application. I created exe file and tried to run from some other computer(doesn't have Visualstudio), it's giving runtime errors. I coppied .ocx files for Winsock,Datagrid and installed MDAC2.0. It worked fine with all features except DataReports. i am not able to print any report. it's giving different different errors.
So i decided to create Setup file. using Package and Deployment Wizard.
I never did it before.
1. where can i find step by step help to create setup file.
2. I want to create single setup file.
3. I want to put it in common drive and ask users to install in their systems.
4. What instructions do i need to give them?
There may be additions in future to the application.
5. Does it need to be mentioned while createing the setup file?
6. What precautionary measures do i need to take careoff?
Any help will be appreciated!

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Package And Deployment, Can´t Create Folder Structure!???
Hi there,
I have ad to whip together an asministraotr program that sends a database, the webpages and the images to the webserver. Each of these are stored in a seperate folder and the exe file is in the root
App folder -exe file
               -Web Pages folder
               -Images folder
               -Database folder

So this is how I would like to install my program but the deployment and packaging wizard doesn´t seem to allow for folder(folder content) inclusion so I would have to select all the files individually( there are hundreds) and then it doesn´t seem to install them in there orginal path, ie an Images folder is not created and x.gif is put into it, instead it is placed in the root folder. Big problem for me is this!!
Is it possible to set up the above folder structure in a setup program using the package and deployment wizard and get it to place the files in them.

Any help would be great

Cheers in advance

How To: Create A Setup.exe Package That Will Only Download VB Runtimes If Neccessary!
Dont you hate having to distribute a 1.5mb setup exe because of the minority of people that do not have the visual basic 6 runtimes installed? I know for me, personally, it is extremely frustrating to know that my exe is 60kb, but my setup.exe is 1.5mb because it includes the runtimes.

Finally, after months of searching, I have a solution. Using innosetup, there is some code available that will make a setup.exe that can check if the runtimes are installed correctly, and if not, it will download them from the internet .

This will save you a lot of bandwidth, and people can download your applications in a heart beat instead of waiting for a 1.5mb download (especially if they are on dialup)

; Script generated by the Inno Setup Script Wizard.

; please change following values accordingly to your application

#define _AppName "your app name"
#define _AppVer "1.00"
#define _AppPublisher "publisher"
#define _AppUrl ""
#define _AppSetup "setup"
#define _AppFileName "Siw.exe"
#define _AppDwnUrl ""
#define _VBRFileName "VB6r.exe"
#define _VBRDwnUrl ""
#define _SCKFileName "mswinsck.ocx"
#define _SCKDwnUrl ""

AppName = {#_AppName}
AppVerName = {#_AppName} {#_AppVer}
AppPublisher = {#_AppPublisher}
AppPublisherURL = {#_AppUrl}
AppSupportURL = {#_AppUrl}
AppUpdatesURL = {#_AppUrl}
DefaultDirName = {pf}{#_AppName}
DefaultGroupName = {#_AppName}
LicenseFile = filesLicense.rtf
OutputDir = .
OutputBaseFilename= {#_AppSetup}
Compression = lzma
SolidCompression = yes

AppVersion = {#_AppVer}
VersionInfoCompany = {#_AppPublisher}
VersionInfoCopyright = {#_AppPublisher}
VersionInfoTextVersion = {#_AppVer}
VersionInfoVersion = {#_AppVer}

WizardImageFile = filesSetupModern16.bmp
WizardSmallImageFile = filesSetupModernSmall16.bmp

Name: "english"; MessagesFile: "compiler:Default.isl"

Name: "{group}{#_AppName}"; Filename: "{app}{#_AppFileName}"
Name: "{group}{cm:ProgramOnTheWeb,{#_AppName}}"; Filename: "{#_AppUrl}"
Name: "{group}{cm:UninstallProgram,{#_AppName}}"; Filename: "{uninstallexe}"

Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{app}"

Source: "filesisxdl.dll"; Flags: dontcopy
Source: "filesSetupModernSmall16.bmp"; Flags: dontcopy

; running vbrun60sp6 in silent mode if was downloaded successfuly
Filename: "{tmp}{#_VBRFileName}"; Parameters: "/q:a /c /t:{tmp}"; StatusMsg: "Installing Visual Basic Runtime Files ..."; Flags: waituntilterminated skipifdoesntexist; Check: InstallVBR_Check;
Filename: "{tmp}vbrun60sp6.exe"; Parameters: "/q:a"; StatusMsg: "Installing Visual Basic Runtime Files ..."; Flags: waituntilterminated skipifdoesntexist; Check: InstallVBR_Check;

Install_VBRun60Sp6: boolean;
Install_MSWinSck: boolean;

procedure isxdl_AddFile(URL, Filename: PChar); // functions needed for download
external 'isxdl_AddFile@files:isxdl.dll stdcall';
function isxdl_DownloadFiles(hWnd: Integer): Integer;
external 'isxdl_DownloadFiles@files:isxdl.dll stdcall';
function isxdl_SetOption(Option, Value: PChar): Integer;
external 'isxdl_SetOption@files:isxdl.dll stdcall';

procedure CheckVB6RuntimeFiles;
MS, LS: Cardinal;
i: integer;
VBFiles : array[0..5] of string;
vMS : array[0..5] of cardinal;
vLS : array[0..5] of cardinal;
Install_VBRun60Sp6:= False;
Install_MSWinSck := False;

// here are file names and file versions stored in VB6 Runtime Sp6 - the latest pack that can be downloaded from microsoft
VBFiles[0] := 'asycfilt.dll'; vMS[0] := 131112; vLS[0] := 280166401; // v. 2.40.4275.1
VBFiles[1] := 'comcat.dll'; vMS[1] := 262215; vLS[1] := 95682561; // v. 4.71.1460.1
VBFiles[2] := 'msvbvm60.dll'; vMS[2] := 393216; vLS[2] := 6357074; // v. 6.00.9782
VBFiles[3] := 'oleaut32.dll'; vMS[3] := 131112; vLS[3] := 280166401; // v. 2.40.4275.1
VBFiles[4] := 'olepro32.dll'; vMS[4] := 327680; vLS[4] := 280166401; // v. 5.0.4275.1
VBFiles[5] := 'stdole2.tlb'; vMS[5] := 131112; vLS[5] := 280166401; // v. 2.40.4275.1

for i:=0 to 5 do // checking each file version
MS:=0; LS:=0;
GetVersionNumbers(ExpandConstant('{sys}' + VBFiles[i]), MS, LS); // get the existing file version
if MS < vMS[i] then Install_VBRun60Sp6:=True; // if the existing file version is lower than
if MS = vMS[i] then if LS < vLS[i] then Install_VBRun60Sp6:=True; // version from vbrun60sp6 pack then we must download
end; // and install vbrun60sp6.exe

if not FileExists(ExpandConstant('{sys}{#_SCKFileName}')) then Install_MSWinSck:=True; // if mswinsck.ocx does not exist the we must
end; // download and install it

procedure InitializeWizard();
x: TWizardPage;
CheckVB6RuntimeFiles; // during initialization checking what we must download and install

function Download_AppFiles: Boolean;
hWnd: Integer;
URL, FileName: String;
if not DirExists(ExpandConstant('{app}')) then CreateDir(ExpandConstant('{app}')); // since application file will be downloaded
isxdl_SetOption('title', ExpandConstant('Setup - {#_AppName}')); // directly to {app} folder the we must creat it if not exist

if WizardSilent then isxdl_SetOption('simple', 'Downloading application files...') else // if setup is started in silent mode then we will show downloading
begin // progress window in simple mode!
isxdl_SetOption('label', 'Downloading application files'); // Unfortunately it can't be hidden, to make setup totally silent!
isxdl_SetOption('description', 'Please wait while Setup is downloading required files to your computer.');

FileName := ExpandConstant('{tmp}SetupModernSmall16.bmp');
if not FileExists(FileName) then ExtractTemporaryFile(ExtractFileName(FileName));
isxdl_SetOption('smallwizardimage', FileName);

//turn off isxdl resume so it won't leave partially downloaded files behind
//resuming wouldn't help anyway since we're going to download to {tmp}
isxdl_SetOption('resume', 'false');
hWnd := StrToInt(ExpandConstant('{wizardhwnd}'));

URL := ExpandConstant('{#_AppDwnUrl}'); // adding application file to download list
FileName := ExpandConstant('{app}{#_AppFileName}');
isxdl_AddFile(URL, FileName);

if Install_VBRun60Sp6 then // if vb6runtime is needed the we add it to download list
URL := ExpandConstant('{#_VBRDwnUrl}');
FileName := ExpandConstant('{tmp}{#_VBRFileName}');
isxdl_AddFile(URL, FileName);

if Install_MSWinSck then // if MSWinSck.ocx is needed the we add it to download list
URL := ExpandConstant('{#_SCKDwnUrl}');
FileName := ExpandConstant('{sys}{#_SCKFileName}');
isxdl_AddFile(URL, FileName);

if isxdl_DownloadFiles(hWnd) = 0 then // starting download. If we get some download errors, the setup will continue anyway!
SuppressibleMsgBox('Setup could not download some files. Please try again later!' + #13#13 + 'Setup will now continue installing normally.', mbError, mb_Ok, idOk);

if Install_MSWinSck and FileExists(ExpandConstant('{sys}{#_SCKFileName}')) then // if MSWinSck.ocx was downloaded successfuly then
RegisterServer(False, ExpandConstant('{sys}{#_SCKFileName}'), False); // register file! I don't know if that is needed!

Result := True;

function InstallVBR_Check: Boolean;
Result := Install_VBRun60Sp6;

function NextButtonClick(CurPageID: Integer): Boolean;
if (CurPageID = wpReady) then Result := Download_AppFiles
else Result := True;
**Replace [$Main$] with [ Code]

This is truly the best thing I have seen for vb in a long time and I wish I found it earlier. No longer will you have to incorporate the vb6 runtimes making your setup files 10x bigger just because of the small minority of people that do not have them installed.

Enjoy everyone

Create Package Error; "Unexpected Error Number 380 Has Occured;invalid Property Value
Hi all,

I try to create a package in visual basic; However, I found the following error. "Unexpected error number380 has occured; Invalid property value". My development environment ,
OS: Win2000
VB: Visual Basic 6.0

Thanks a lot .

Edward Hui

Package And Deployment // Big File -&gt; Small File
Hi, when i use the package and deployment wizard on a small app like 200kb, it bumps the entire thing up to about 5mb?!?!?

Why is this, and is there a way to make it smaller?


Package A File With VB6

I want to be able to publish an executable which plays a MIDI file however I do NOT want to include in the download both the MIDI file and the EXE, I want the MIDI to be a resource as you can do in VB.Net, C# etc.

Is this actually possible in VB6?


Cant Package Into Setup File
i'm using visual basic studio to do my codes. After i package the program, i run the setup.exe, it return me error saying "please insert disk"and "the .cab file not found".

The file is there, in the same folder as the setup.exe. I keep getting this error. why is this so?

VB6 Package File Not Working

I am trying to make an exe file that when rau, deploys the files joined to it to specific directories list in the code of the package exe.

It deploys all the files, but the problem is that one of the exe files it deploys does not work after (works fine on its own).

Could this be because it was compressed or maybe I have to adjust my code so that exe's work when deployed.

Please have a look:

VB Code:
Sub Main()    Dim FileNum     As Integer    Dim DataArray() As Byte        DataArray = LoadResData(101, "CUSTOM")    FileNum = FreeFile    Open "C:MyProgram.exe" For Binary As #FileNum    Put #FileNum, 101, DataArray()    Close #FileNum        Erase DataArrayEnd Sub

Thanks anyone

How Can I Set A Parameter To My Exe Package File?
Hey everyone, I want to set a parameter to my exe package file.
For example if my application name is app.exe so I want to call it as "app.exe /r" to run or to app.exe /s to go to the system tray. Please help.

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DTS Package Execution Using A Udl File

I'm writing an app that needs to kick off a DTS package. The main application connection uses a .udl file and I want to use that same file to execute the DTS package. I need to get the package definition as I have to set a global variable in the package before execution, so I need to use the DTS.Package2.LoadFromSQLServer method, which requires SQL login details, can I do this using a .udl file?


Edited by - Lianne on 8/13/2002 6:19:29 AM

How To Included *.ini File Into Installation Package? Please Help..

I have a *.ini file that was created outside the application and I wish to add this file into the installation package. After the user installs the application, this *.ini file should be placed in one same location eg: C:Program FilesProteusTester

Please help..


File Description In Package And Deploy
Hi all,

First of all I'm not 100% sure if this post is in the correct area.

I have been playing around with setcursorpos (API) in my app to set the cursor over the correct command button on a MSCOM1 event. That is all working now (thanks largely to many posts on this forum), but when I go to the package and deploy wizard I get a message "file missing user.dll". When I search my PC I don't have a user.dll anywhere on my system. The declare is "user32.dll" is this the file is should be assigning in the package and deploy wizard?

Thanks for any help

Write To Excel File From VBA In SQL DTS Package
Hi, any help a.s.a.p would be much appreciated. I am writing a DTS package in SQL Server which needs to open and write to an existing Excel file. The file will then need to be saved and closed. How can this be done?

Compile Exe File VS Deployment Package VB6

I know how to create exe file (File menu -> create exe.file)
and I know how to deploy the package to make a setup.exe file (install it in the every user workstation)

what is the different between them?

Just create exe file, every user can use it and run it, doesn't need to install anything.

if I deploy the package, and then every user need to intall it on their workstation, and then run it.

They work same thing.

What is the advantage for deployment the package?


File Structure When Package And Deploying
how do i keep the file structure when using package and deploy wizard?

i need to keep 3 folders

Run A File From Package And Deployment Setup
Hi all,

I created a setup using the Package and Deployment wizard, and when a user will extract the setup file, I want the setup procedure to run a ".reg" file that I had included.

Is it possible? If not, maybe you are familiar with appropriate solution for that?

Thanks, Lior

Setup File Using Package && Deployment
We created the set file using the Package and deployment available in VB6. On trying to run the setup.exe, we get the error

c:windows empmsftqws.pdw$(DllselfregisterEx) could not be registered

very urgent, Can anyone help us.

How To Make Package Like Style File Zip Or Rar
i want to hknow about compress multi-file to a file
byte write code.

Creating Package Setup File

When l use the package and deployment wizard to compile, I encounter error:
" No make available in the Working Model Edition
Build of 'Prj_wizardhr.exe' failed."

plaese advise...

How To Run Sql Dts Package In Vb Code Or Through Batch File
hi -I have a dts package in sql server which I run maually before running the application.Can anybody else tell me how to execute dts package in vb code or how can I make a batch file to run this package

Can I Package An .ocx In My Executable So I Have A Single File To Distribute?
Just trying to determine if I can build the executable in such a way that I will not have to distribute the .ocx with the app. I want to only deploy the executable. My VB is pretty rusty. Is this possible?

.pdm File Is Read-only Problem (package && Deploy)
VB6 with service pack 6
windows XP

my vb application name: vbTos

i am having trouble with the package & deployment wizard (package option) in that each time i try to package and deploy my application when i click the Finish button at the end of the wizards steps i get the error that vbTos.pdm is read-only and that it can't save files ?

I subsequently can not package & deploy the application.

i have tried recreating the vbTos.exe file to no avail.

Any ideas please ?

Include SetUp File While Creatinga Package
Hi All,
How to include another setup file while creating package in VB 6.0?

Package && Deployment Hangs At Loading Package Types
Using VB6 on Vista. I haven't used my package and deployment for a while but today I recompiled my application and tried to ceate a new package for deployment. It got as far as "loading package types..." and quit. I reinstalled the program a couple of times without success. I noticed at the top of my 'Add-in Manager' there is an item that says "<MISSING>AFVBAddinConnect" if that makes any difference. Hopefully, someone has a solution or reason why this is occurring. Thanks.

Jim S.

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Oracle Package.Procedure Works But Package.Function() Does Not ?

I am trying to call a function in a package in Oracle, from VB. I am using the traditional ADODB with connection, command and parameter objects. The function has 6 input parameters and it returns a string value.

We have no problems reaching the similar Procedure under a package, but when it comes to accessing the function, it gives errors. I got "no descriptor found", after some changes "object stored Procedure does not exist" .

Any suggestions on how differently to access a function within a package as opposed to a procedure ?


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File Access Error In Package && Deployment Wizard.

I am using VB6. While i do the setup(Package&amp; deployment wizard) I am getting an error like "Access vilation occured while copying the file MFC42.dll".If i ignore this error and go futher i am getting two more error with the same message for files MSVCRT.dll and EXPSRV.dll.Could u please suggest me how to rectify these errors?

Package & Deployment Wizard Truncated File Names
I am using the Package & Deployment Wizard distributed with VB and patched
to SP5 and I am finding that as well as installing the correct DLL, e.g.
ScrClient.Dll, an identically sized DLL is also being installed, e.g.
ScrClien.Dll. For each file being installed that has a filename > 8
characters a truncated version is also installed. The truncated files are
not included in the .cab file. I am installing onto a Win98 PC. Does anyone
know what could be causing this problem?


Andrew Sutton
Systems Analyst Programmer, IT Department
Martin Emprex International, Orchard Way, Calladine Park,
Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, UK.
NG17 1GX.
Tel: +44(0)1623 787209 (GMT)
Fax: +44(0)1623 787192

Package && Deployment Wizard File Paths Problem
I am attempting to package an application I have written which includes several dll and ocx files. When following through the steps in the wizard I specify the location of each of these e.g.

$(Program Files)PhoenixCommon
$(Program FilesPhoenixBin - for the exe.

However when I attempt to run the setup.exe which is created it attempts to install into directory C:Program FilesSA

(SA is the name of the project)

Has anyone got any ideas about this. I have been attempting to get this working for several weeks now.



Include My Database File Into The Package Deployment Wizard
Hi all, please kindly help
how can I include my database file into the package deployment wizard, so I dont have to copy manually my database file to my App.path no metter where I define my aplication path when working with package deployment wizard.
in sort way : how to make the database is encapsulated together in setup package so then placed on the same directory with the Application (App.path)
thanks guys

Edited by - kjoephi on 8/15/2004 9:40:02 PM

File Access Error In Package & Deployment Wizard.

I am using VB6. I have completed the setup for my project successfully by using Package & deployment wizard. When i try to install my project in customer's system by clicking setup.exe I am getting an error like "Access vilation occured while copying the file MFC42.dll".If i ignore this error and go futher i am getting two more error with the same message for files MSVCRT.dll and EXPSRV.dll.Could u please suggest me how to rectify these errors?

Package And Deployment Wizard Not Generating Package

I am trying to generate a package, for a Visual Basic application I wrote, through the Package and Deployment Wizard utility. PDW seems to work great until it gets to the last step. When I click the "Finish" button, instead of generating the package, with its setup and library files, it bombs out/exits without giving any clue/error message why.

I would appreciate any help you could give me on that.



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