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Creating Per Page Report

how would you create a report that is group per generalized type and when the report reaches the last of the type, it needs to get the total price for all of the type ?

item name : mechanical pencil
brand price qty total price
brandC 1.00 2 2
subtotal: 2
page 1

item name : pencil
brand price qty total price
brandC 1.00 2 2
brandE 2.00 3 6
subtotal: 8
total for all types of pencils: 10
page 2

I want my report to group by products. after a product is specified, i have to generate a subtotal for it and i have to tally the subtotal to the total of the product with similar page will also move if a new product is reached. how can you do this without invoking crystal report features? can you do it with the simple data report designer.

i've tried to open 2 recordset , one containing the types and the other containing the data on that particular type, and incorporate it to the whole code, but seemingly i am at loss, i don't know how to proceed to maintain a single datasource from which the report can based its datasource on.

Help is fairly much appreciated. I am not using crystal reports ( I think we don't have a copy of it ) so am relying on data report designer. Db: MS Access 97.

Thanks .

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[crystal Report] Avoid Printer From Ejecting Page After Printing A 3 Line Page
Im taking a printout in crystal report - but there are only 3 lines and after printing it goes to next page - but I dont want it to goto next page.
Instead I want it to continue the rest of the printing - which may be in some other report etc - to continue printing from where it left behind (maybe one or 2 lines break)
But after printing 3 lines it automatically ejects out the paper and goes to next page
How do I avoid this ?

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URGENT: Data Report (Page Header On Each Page)

I am using Data Report (why?!!) to print a bill. It contains the company name and other information such as date and total amount etc.

I am doing this by coding only. NO DATA ENVIRONMENT (!).

I have put a lable on the Page header and I am displaying the company name in that lable. It prints perfactly on the first page of the bill. But it does not appear on the second page of the bill. Instead it displays the remaining items of the bill from the beginning.

I want to print company name on each page of the bill. this is shown in the image.

Is there a way to get the out put like this?

Please help me. Its urgent.

Thank a ton in advance.

URGENT: Report/ Page Header On Each Page

I am using Data Report (why?!!) to print a bill. It contains the company name and other information such as date and total amount etc.

I am doing this by coding only. NO DATA ENVIRONMENT (!).

I have put a lable on the Page header and I am displaying the company name in that lable. It prints perfactly on the first page of the bill. But it does not appear on the second page of the bill. Instead it displays the remaining items of the bill from the beginning.

I want to print company name on each page of the bill. this is shown in the image.

Is there a way to get the out put like this?

Please help me. Its urgent.

Thank a ton in advance.

In Crystal Report, Report Is Viewed But Doesnot View Next Page Or Not Any Message Display!
in crystal report, report is viewed but doesn't view next page or not any message display! and surprisingly page no is increased infinitely (up to no limit!, I have checked up to 400+) but next page was not displayed! if I print report , only 1st page is print!

In this report , I have attached 6 subreports!

I hope anybody reply about my problem

(Report Problem) How To Display Label At Bottom Of The REPORT Page??
(Report Problem) How to display Label at bottom of the REPORT page??

like when we use notepad, at the bottom have page 1 or page 2....

How To Get Page Wise Report Using VB 6.0 Data Report
i need to get pagewise total in the report. Currently i am getting group wise help me ....

reply to

Creating A Help Page
Hi all
I would like to create a help section for my application but I'm not happy with the way I have decided to go.
Is it best to use some web page's within a form to do this?
How would you guys an gals go about creating a help section?
Thanks all.

Creating A Web Page
How would i go about creating an application where users input custom data, click on save and then display it on a web page?

Creating Complex Report In Crystal Report
i need an information and tutorial about following issues in Crystal Report:
1. how can i display two different database tables in 1 single report? for example :
     i have 2 tables, let's say tsales and tpurchase. and i want to display those tables like :
     Invoice Num Date Amount
     A1234 10/02/2006 1000 -> from tsales
     A2345 10/02/2006 2000 -> from tsales
     A3456 10/02/2006 3000 -> from tsales

     B2345 11/02/2006 2500 -> from tpurchase
     B2345 11/02/2006 500 -> from tpurchase

     Total 3000 -> total sales - total purchase
2. can i limit the information displayed from a tables? for example :
    i have datas like these :
     Invoice Num Date Amount
     A1234 10/02/2006 1000
     A1234 10/02/2006 1500
     A1234 10/02/2006 2000
     A2345 10/02/2006 2000
     A3456 10/02/2006 3000
     i want to display only one record for each Invoice Number, so it would be like :
     A1234 10/02/2006 1000
     A2345 10/02/2006 2000
     A3456 10/02/2006 3000
3. when i designing a report using crystal report, it seems that it has something bothering about the report's printing layout
    let's say when i design the report in my computer, the preview was excellent but after i printed it, there's slight differences
    between the preview and the print result. some column's width seems to be decreasing itself....and it get worse when i try
    to print it with a different printer. even the preview is changing when i change the printer....
    is there some way to create a report layout that is not affected with printer changing?
i really appreciate any help.....
thanks a lot



Problem Creating Report With Data Report
i have data enviroment with the connection to my data base. it has one command which it is supposed to select a single recordset based on the input by the user in a form in my app. if the command gets everything from the table it works properly and displays what i want. but when i use the sql statement it doesn't retrieve the record i want. when the user inputs the jobnumber it is store in a public variable called jNumber in the form frmReports. here is the sql statement i am using:
SELECT * FROM MainLog WHERE JobType = ' " & frmReports.jNumber & " '

wat am i doing wrong?

Creating Report With Crystal Report 11(Crxi) In VB6
Hi There,

I used to work with Cr 8.5 with Vb6 for creating reports, I could add CR ActiveX designer run time... through performances & CR design through components, But now After installing CRXI I dont find none them to can Creat a report, I mean I cant find "Cr ActiveX designer Run time library 11.0" then the component for its design!!!!!

Can you please guide me to solve this problem?


Placing Text Fields In The Report Header Or Page Header Sections Of A Data Report
Is it possible to place text fields in the Report or Page Header of a Visual Basic 6 Data Report?

Creating An HTML Page
Does anyone know how easy it is to create an HTML page from a VB form.
What i want to do is in my VB program every time i press the save button for it to save the content and then some how paste the screen to an HTML page for viewing on a intranet.

Any advice would be helpful


Creating A Web Page With A Workbook As A DSN
Is there a way to create a web query that can access a excel workbook in order to run queries off of that workbook? If so can anyone direct me to how this can be done?

Creating A Web Page Server
Hey everyone.

I'm currently trying to figure out how to create a webpage in VB.

So far i've got a winsock listening and accepting.

I use my browser to connect using my local IP address & the port the program uses. I can send data to the winsock and close the connection, once the connection has closed what i typed is diplayed in the web page.

What i want to do however is to make it update when ever i send somthing into the winsock, and i want to make it come out as the web page. For example, if i type:

"Hi<br>How are you?"

It will come out as this, i want it to come out like

How are you?"

In the end i intend to create some sort of chat program that updates the webpage & everything like that. Any ideas/tutorials? I've looked for ages!

Creating Web Page On The Server
i want to create a web page which will be on one of my machine
and the other users can access that web page by giving some name.
I have 5 machines for eg:- netserver, node1, node2, node3, node4

i want the web page to reside on the " netserver "
and other "nodes" should access the page by typing the page name.
The page will contain the details, that all the employies need and the page will be updated after every 1 hr on the "netserver"

and the employies will get the latest information on the page instead of giving it verbally.
i dont have any idea about such type
can someone help me from the begining with the ideas and code

Creating HTML Page

I am struggeling to create the page corretly.
The story is ..
I have top create a html page with lots of pics in now what i am doing is creating a txt file and write all the stuff in the txt file but the problem is that it saves the info like this
instead of this
and when i view the page it looks somethinmg like this
"" ""
"" ""
"" ""

How can i get rid of the " in the html file

Creating A HTML Page
Please help! I need to create a HTML page from within VB, i'm doing this using the "Write #1," method:

Write #1, "<HTML>"
Write #1, "<HEAD>"
Write #1, "<TITLE>" & txtGameTitle.Text & "</TITLE>"
Write #1, "</HEAD>"
Write #1, "<BODY>"
Write #1, "<center>"
Write #1, "<table width=""100""; border = 0 cellspacing = 5 cellpadding = 1 Align = "" center "" >"

Write #1, "<tr>"

Write #1, "<td align=""center "" colspan=2><h2>" & txtGameTitle.Text & "</h2></td>"

Write #1, "</tr>"

..That sort of thing

My problem is, that the HTML it produces alway's has quotes around it:

"<TITLE>Test page</TITLE>"

and i'm also using quotes in the html itself:

<td align="right" valign="top">

which is giving me problems, i'm getting about 20 lines of just quotes:


and so on, and the tags in the html don't seem to be working.

Is there an easy method to creating an html page from within VB? I'm (almost) a complete novice and know nothing about API, ActiveX or anything like that, I just would like the easies method.

Thanks in advance.

The output file is attached.

Creating A Login Page
I am creating a login page where the user inputs the username and the password.
on the click of a button, the username andthe password are checked and if they are right, then the user is directed to a age else the user is prompted to check the contents/ I am trying to do the following things....

1>to check the length of the username and the password and also to check if they are empty.

2>to check the no of attempts made by the user to put the username and the password and if it exceeds three times, to exit out of the form giving a message.

I have written the following code for 1>

Private Sub txtUserName_Validate(Cancel As Boolean)

intUserName = txtUserName.MaxLength

If IsNull(txtUserName) = True Then
MsgBox ("Please enter the user name")
Cancel = True
End If
txtUserName.Text = ""

If (intUserName) > 10 Then
MsgBox (" User Name can have a maximum of 10 characters")
Cancel = True
End If
txtUserName.Text = ""
End Sub

this program does not work nor does it give any error message.pls help.

Creating A New Page For Printing
I have a userform in a VB5 app that does some calculations and is then supposed to display the results on a new page which will be a template(custom) to accept the answers. My problem is that I don't know how to create a new page. I am looking to set up the userform so that when I press OK button, a new page will be generated possibly in a picture box and have a look like Microsoft Word(where you can see the outline of a 8 1/2"x11" page) and print the results on that page. Can anyone help me out with this?

Creating A Multi Page App For The Web
I feel kind of insane asking this, but here goes:

Our customer has asked us to quote on a new project, and rather than create a regular standalone VB app like we have been doing, they now state that they are requiring applications to run in a browser - the justification is purely to have the same look and feel between applications (never mind that the contents of the window could be whatever we want). This is all well and fine, but the application isn't just your run of the mill enter data & crunch away kind of thing - it is basically an HMI to a PLC system, utlilizing several instances of the Winsock control to do communications (this is all custom messaging), and uses several forms - one per 'screen'. The application reads in status info and updates 'animated' widgets that we have created as user controls to draw things like filling bargraphs and whatnot.

The current standalone implementation of the application has a hidden form that deals with all of the communications, and then calls the various screen update functions, depending on which screen is currently shown. Having never written an application destined for use in a browser, I'm a little lost at where to begin. The ActiveX document solution seemed like a start - but how would I create a background process that did the communications monitoring and notifications to screens?

As an aside, the customer initially wanted us to hook into IE and replace the standard menubar with our own menu - we pushed back and stated that doing something like that could tightly couple the app to whatever version of IE they used and would not be very 'portable'. They also stated that we could hide the buttons, URL bar, and title bar and essentially make our own...which begs the question "Why do you need a browser then?"

This application will be installed locally and run locally. There is no server in the system, just the PLC that shoots out data packets. Personally I don't feel that their requirement gets them anything, given that it is a local app and they plan to keep it that way. Any suggestions on how we could even go about implementing something like this? We had also proposed a Java solution, but some of the Applet limitations (we need to be able to save a file to disk from within the app) may steer us away from that.

Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

Creating Property Page
Hi folks

While creating new Activex component for that creating property page at designing way is i know for eg:

1)Font setting of text1.text:-
one =textbox ,two=optionbutton
one optbtn value is true the textbox1(text->bold),
next optbtn2 click text1(text)->Italic for the same time it appears as bold ,i don't want bold when clicking the second optbtn it appears only italic for this how to write coding in usercontrol ?

2) i want proper way or procedure How to writing code in property page code window ?

3)if u don't mind plz give some example of creating a new property page in user controls its very helpful for me

4)another give the answer correclty as well as simple can understand.

Tks in Advance.

Creating Multi-page .tifs
I am trying to find a way to combine 2 (or more) single page .tifs into a single, multi-page .tif. My program is exporting images from our 3rd party imaging system, which exports each page of a document as a separate .tif (i.e. 3 pages = 3 files). I'd like to combine these into one file.

I know this can be done when you are viewing an image in Imaging for Windows you can, but I want to be able to do it within my program.


"So much time, so little to do." - Willy Wonka

Creating A Microsoft Word Page
I'm tired of going to Microsoft Word, typing in my name, period, and the date. I want to make a program that:

-When I load the program for the first time, it will prompt me for my name and will then store it in the registry for retreival the next time the application is opened.

-Every time it loads it will prompt for a title of the Word Document and create a file of that title.

-The app will then open the file and the file will already have (each on a different line):
(left align)**my name**, Period (I will manually put period number), **date**
(center align)**The title of the thing that I inputed**

Creating A Dymanic HTML Page?????
I don't even know where to begin. I need to create a program that will create a file to export to a web page. The html page will have a text file and links to tif files on the server???

I don't even know where to start.... Please help...have deadline.

Creating A Multi-page Tiff With VB6

is it possible to create a single multi-page Tiff from a number of
bitmap images with VB6. I know there is some 3rd party tools to do this,
but I'm looking for some open-source code or API that I can use/call
from my own code.

Shane Mitchell

Tel:+353 61 335000
Fax:+353 62 335477

Creating Multi-Page Tiffs With VB6

Is it possible, with VB6, to create a multipage Tiff document from a nuber
of bitmaps. A look through MSDN didn't reveal anything, and I was hoping
somebody might know of a control or API available for download that I
could use.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Shane Mitchell

Tel: +353 61 335000
Fax: +353 61 335477

Creating Customer Error Page
Hi guys,

Still on my project, i want to create custom error page for my web project to replace the usual 404 error page. my site is hosted on iis server. i have a mag that walk me through doing it for apache server. can anybody help please

Visual Basic Code Creating Asp Page

I have function called writeAsp which creats an asp page when the function called.

The problem is when the function creates the asp page, the page inserts ' " ', a double quote top of the page. I looked line by line and still don't understand how the double quote created.


Function writeASP
dim output
'Clear the output
output = ""

Output = "<%@ Language=VBScript %>" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "<%Option Explicit " & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "Response.Expires =0 %>" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "<%" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "Dim DID, UID" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "DID = Request.Form("" & DID & """ & ")" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "Response.write(DID)" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "UID = Request.Form("" & UID & """ & ")" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "%>" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "<html>" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "<head>" & vbCrLf ....... and so on until write to file.

'lets create the html file
Dim strFile As String
strFile = "c:
'Create a new html
Open strFile For Output As #1
'write the file
Write #1, Output
'Close the File
Close #1
end function

and so on.... can anybody tell me how to get rid of double quote begin of the code after output = "".

Mant Thanks

Programatically Creating Multi-Page TIFS
I have an app that currently uses Print2Image to print from an app to a TIF file. It can print multiple TIF files. I then use the Wang Image controls to combine the multiple TIF files with a cover sheet into one multi-page TIF file. Then I print that TIF file to the local printer.

We're upgrading to Windows XP, and the Wang Control is no longer licensed for use by Microsoft. Has anybody done this using anything else? What would be the most direct/efficient code or control to use for this?

Thanks in advance!


Creating A Full Page Sized Form
I need to create a form that displays information about a car. The information will be pulled from a previous form that a dealer will fill out and will be put on a final form. My problem is that I need to be able to print out this final form with the car information on a regular size piece of paper. However, I can't get the height of a form to be any larger than about a half sheet of paper. Does anyone know how to create a form to be printed that will take up the whole page? Thanks!

Creating A Table In Word Which Continues On Another Page

I am trying to output data from an SQL query to a Word doc in a table - so far so good. But if the data in the table does not fit in one page, the data which does not fit is not displayed. How can I modify the following code so that all the data is displayed in the table.


Dim j
Dim k

k = rs1.RecordCount
intRow = k

If k <> 0 Then

.ActiveDocument.Tables.Add range:=wrdApp.ActiveDocument.range(Start:=r), NumRows:=k, NumColumns:=5
Dim tbl2 As Word.Table
Set tbl2 = wrdApp.ActiveDocument.range.Tables(2)

tbl2.Borders.InsideLineStyle = wdLineStyleNone
tbl2.Borders.OutsideLineStyle = wdLineStyleNone
tbl2.Columns(2).Width = InchesToPoints(1.5)
tbl2.Columns(3).Width = InchesToPoints(1.5)
tbl2.Columns(4).Width = InchesToPoints(1)
tbl2.Columns(5).Width = InchesToPoints(1)

For j = 1 To rs1.RecordCount
str_txt10 = rs1.Fields.Item(2)
str_txt11 = rs1.Fields.Item(3)
str_txt12 = rs1.Fields.Item(4)
str_txt13 = rs1.Fields.Item(5)
str_txt14 = rs1.Fields.Item(6)

tbl2.Rows(1).range.Font.Bold = True
tbl2.Rows(1).Borders.OutsideLineStyle = wdLineStyleSingle

tbl2.Cell(1, 1).range.Text = "Date"
tbl2.Cell(1, 2).range.Text = "Reference"
tbl2.Cell(1, 3).range.Text = "Transaction Type"
tbl2.Cell(1, 4).range.Text = "Amount"
tbl2.Cell(1, 5).range.Text = "Balance"

tbl2.Cell(j, 1).range.Text = (Format(str_txt10, "dd-MMM-yyyy"))

If rs1.Fields.Item(3) <> "" Then
str_txt11 = 0
End If

tbl2.Cell(j, 2).range.Text = str_txt11
tbl2.Cell(j, 3).range.Text = str_txt12

Dim rngcell, rngcell1 As Word.range
Set rngcell = tbl2.Cell(j, 4).range
Set rngcell1 = tbl2.Cell(j, 5).range

str_txt13 = Format(str_txt13, "##,##0.00")
str_txt13 = Replace(str_txt13, "-", "DR")
If str_txt13 Like "DR*" Then
tbl2.Cell(j, 4).range.Text = Mid(str_txt13, Start:=3) & "DR"
tbl2.Cell(j, 4).range.Text = (str_txt13) & "CR"
End If

rngcell.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = wdAlignParagraphRight

str_txt14 = Format(str_txt14, "##,##0.00")
tbl2.Cell(j, 5).range.Text = str_txt14
rngcell1.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = wdAlignParagraphCenter

j = j + 1


End If

Creating A Table Dynamically And Making It Fit The Page In VBA
Quick question that i'd really appreciate a hand with if anyone has a chance. Am creating tables on the fly in VBA, based on input from a Text file created in VB. The only problem is that when it creates the table, it makes it too big to fit the page ( i think as a result of column headers), and therefore a lot of the data is not displayed. Anyone have any ideas?

in case anyone's interested this is the code i'm using to create the tables:
    ActiveDocument.Tables.Add Range:=Selection.Range, NumRows:=index1, NumColumns:= _
     13, DefaultTableBehavior:=wdWord9TableBehavior, AutoFitBehavior:= _

-- where index1 is a counter which ahs counted the number of entries in the text file.


Data Report In Vb6|error:report Width Is Greater Than Page Width|what Can I Do?
i am building my report on vb6 data report. i have to make a wide report since i have so many fields to accomodate. but when i try to run the app. it says the report width is greater than the page width. how can i get over this situation.
i switched over to vb6 data report because..
( i tried making reports on crystal reports 8.5 but i can adjust so many fields on the single report even after changing the page setup to landscape instead of portrait.)
can't i make bigger reports? please help.

Data Report In Vb6|error:report Width Is Greater Than Page Width|what Can I Do?
i am building my report on vb6 data report. i have to make a wide report since i have so many fields to accomodate. but when i try to run the app. it says the report width is greater than the page width. how can i get over this situation.
i switched over to vb6 data report because..
( i tried making reports on crystal reports 8.5 but i can't adjust so many fields on the single report even after changing the page setup to landscape instead of portrait.)
can't i make bigger reports? please help.

Creating Vb Application To Generate A Web Page W/ Content Management
hi good day I know that theres a lot of here that are very much experience in wrinting code in Vb. I want to ask if creating an application to generate a web page with conntent management would be possible in vb.

The project goes like this...

I want to create a vb application in a form of wizard to generate a webpage with content management. This application would help those non web developer to develop thier own site without enough knowledge in web programming. The output webpage would also enable the user to change the background, the content and even the design is it possible???

please give me some idea on how to do this....

Creating A Report In Crystal Report
Can anybody help me to solvee the following problem.

The problem is I have a table named attendance. and the fields are

Emp_Code, Card, Name, date, arrival_Time,Depart_Time, Late_hours.

there are 100 employee in that organisation. and the data stored like

Emp_Code, Card, Name, date, arrival_Time,Depart_Time, Late_hours.
E001 0001 aaaaa 01/01/02 10:30 5:30 1:00
E002 0002 bbbbb 01/01/02 10:30 5:30 1:00
E003 0003 CCCCC 01/01/02 10:30 5:30 1:00
E004 0004 DDDDD 01/01/02 10:30 5:30 1:00

E001 0001 aaaaa 02/01/02 9:30 5:30 0:00
E002 0002 bbbbb 02/01/02 9:30 5:30 0:00
E003 0003 CCCCC 02/01/02 9:30 5:30 0:00
E004 0004 DDDDD 02/01/02 9:30 5:30 0:00
E001 0001 aaaaa 03/01/02 9:30 5:30 0:00
E002 0002 bbbbb 03/01/02 11:30 5:30 2:00
E003 0003 CCCCC 03/01/02 9:30 5:30 0:00
E004 0004 DDDDD 03/01/02 12:30 5:30 3:00

and I want the report like

Late Arival Report

Emp_Code Card Name 01/01/02 02/01/02 03/01/02
E001 0001 aaaaa 1:000:00 0:00
E002 0002 bbbbb 1:000:00 2:00
E003 0003 CCCCC 1:000:00 0:00
E004 0004 DDDDD 1:000:00 3:00


Creating Report On Crystal Report Using SQL
how to accesing/creating SQL server temporary table from crystal report ?

Need Help In Creating Report Using Crystal Report - VB6
Using VB6 and Crystal Report v10

Can someone teach me how to generate report in Crystal report using VB.

I just want to generate reports according to my MSflexgrid from my form. ( Just want to display whatever comes out of my grid ) tnx in advance

Get Report Page Number

I havew a report with many unlim=nked subreports in its report footer section. I have created a seperate section here for each report I put in. On each subsection I placed the special formula field PageNofM. When I view the report using the crystal report viewer through vb, I would like to know how to get a subreports page number Through code, Ie in the program I pass through a subreport name and the code looks for that subreport and returns its page number.

Thanking you in advance


Different First Page On Data Report
Hello Everyone,

I'm creating a Data Report dynamically through Visual Basic and I want to display some labels and fields on the first page of the report, but not on all the others. Does anybody know how I could do this? I was thinking I can make the fields visible in the first page and make them invisible in the rest, but I don't know how I would do that. If I could add code the the next page button on the Data Report itself, it would be simple but I don't think I can.

Well any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

How Print Only Last Page Of Report
hi firends,
i want to print 'only last page' of vb6 report without open report.


Printing Last Page Of Report
Crystal Reprts XI Developer

I've created a "Consolidation" report. Through VB 6, the user enter Assembly numbers and based off of those, it will capture all of the parts that make up each Assembly entered. If a part is used in more than one Assembly, the Quantities needed are added together and on the Consolidation report, that part number is printed once with the adjusted total.
The Assembly numbers entered are captured in Recordset1.
The Parts numbers, Quantities, and other info are captured in Recordset2.

The Detail lines of my Consolidation report works great.

My Problem is:
After the last Detail line, I want to print all the Assemblies that make up the Cosolidation report. Recordset1 contains these assemblies. I may have 1 record, I may have "n" records. Each record is a different Assembly Number. I tried dragging Recordset1.field1 to the Report Footer section. When the report is previewed, it only prints out the first Assembly Number (record-1, field-1). I want it to print out ALL the records (record-2, field-1, etc) in Recordset1.

Extra Report Page
when i run a report, it always brings up an extra page, which is blank. And when i print it, the blank page prints aswell. Anyone know how to prevent this, or whats causing it?

Set Report Page Size
I want to display my data report from a VB form using report control. The result is the report page size is set to 37% by default and I have to enlarge it to be able to read it. Can somebody tell me how to change the default setting to, like 75%?

Crystal Report - New Page After
I set the new page after for my group footer and it is working fine. However, an extra page at the end of the report was printed even though my record is already reached eof pointer. How do I get rid of the last page printing.


How To Set Page Run Time For Report?

For 2 reports I am using 2 Orientation. for 1st report landscape and for 2nd
report portrait.

Before show report, i give printerselect and ask user to change page setup
manaully for current report. But is their any other method to set
automatically instead of user?


Report Page Orientation
Just a little question here - is it possible to set the page orientation of
the report designer in VB to landscape? Have been trying to but there
doesn't seem to be any direct way of doing it.


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Print Only First Page Of CR9 Report
Is there a coding method to only print the 1st page of a CR9 report?

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