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Crystal Report Column Formatting

I would like to be able to add user defined mailing labels to my application. I am using Crystal Reports 7.0. Is there a way to be able to change the section format for column spacing? In other word, I have "Format with Multiple Columns" selected on the report and need to know how to change the detail width, height, gap and print direction at run time.

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Crystal Report Formatting
Hello Friend,

I developing a project in Visual Basic, I am using
Crystal Reports 7.0 for reporting, in which I want to
change the font and size of Fields in Details section
and Header section in Run Time.

I can change the font for a total section, but how can
I change the font in run time.

Pls Help ME.

Yours Friendly,
Arun Raj.C

Crystal Report, Bar Chart Formatting
So I have this bar chart that graphs out some dates. They are currently displayed in MM/DD/YYYY format. I would like to just display the day (DD) on the Group Axis but I don't see any options to do this. I suspect it can be done via a formula but I am not sure how to do that.

Crystal Report Cross Tab(Conditional Formatting)
I have created a crosstab report with 2 rows and a column ( A basic
crosstab report)
What I want is the summarized field to be highlighted using a condition on
one of the row value.
i.e I want to change the font colour of the summarized field values for
particular row values
but if I do add a condition in formula editor it doesn't checks the
condition and chages the colour for all the values.
This should happen dynamically on preview of the report

for e.g if my row value which come from database is "Net Margin" then the
colour of the summarized field value should change to red otherwise it
should remain default.

Can anybody help me out with this.
I need it urgently.

Doubt Regd Formatting Fields In Crystal Report
I am using VB 6.0 and Access 2000. I am using crystal
reports 4.6. Instead of displaying a field directly, I
need to format this field and display it in the
report. Here is the problem.

I have a value in the data base "12-34"(12 hiphen 34).
I would like to display only 12 or only 34 in the
report. There is a function in VB called split which
splits a given string based on some symbol. Is
something similar possible in crystal reports. What
function can be used for this or is it not at all
possible in crystal reports. Please reply ASAP.

Thank you in advance.

Lakshmi Narasimhan

Crystal Report Column
Can I Insert Column in Crystal Report at run time, or I can I remove any Coln at run Time.

Crystal Report Printing In Column
Hi all, I am connected to a database through odbc dsn. I want to print out mail labels. How do i set the layout in 2 columns. the report should print record 1 then go on the other column and print record 2. then back to the first column and print record 3 and so on.

Can We Supress A Column In Crystal Report?
Hello all.
We can supress a Field/Section in Crystal report using Format Section. What I want to know is "Is there any similar method for supressing the columns as well?". I want to hide the entire column if it doesn't contain any data. Can we do this using Crystal Report 8.0?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Crystal Report - Multiple Column Section
I am trying to get a report going with a vertical section divider, so I can have two different columns coming from two different tables...I did set it up with two tables, but if the data in the first column has 3 entries, and the other only has one, the one entry will be duplicated for the 2 remaining fields...

Im not sure im making any sense, but what i want to do is have an invoice that has a material column and a labor colum.

There can be 10 material entries, but only one labor.

I want it to display like this:

Mat1 Lab1

So, that lab1 doesnt repeat to fill in the empty rows...
Anybody can help?

Displaying Set Column Names In Crystal Report

I have a problem with a set column name not been displayed on the report.
The date field in the database is Datetime (01/01/2003 00:00:00AM) i just need the date not the time so my querie looks like this

Qry: select Distinct Field1, Field2, Convert(Char(10),[Date],101) as Date from table1 where field1 = 1

In my report, Field1 and Field 2 are display but the date field is not display. How i can i fix this please?


Crystal Report Column, As Flat Text?
Hi All,

I have a bit of a formatting issue i need some help with,
what i'm trying to accomplish is have a DB column display horizontal instead of vertical..
My current layout goes something like this..

Street 1
Street 2
Street 3
Street 4
++ and so on

what i want to do, is have it display something like this
Street 1, Street 2, Street 3, Street 4, and so on>>
add new line if it reaches the end of printable area

Is something like this possible using crystal reports 8, or vb's data report for that matter?


Crystal Report Date Column Not Showing
Im running an Access 2000 query and binding the recordset to a crystal report 9.0 in ASP.

The problem is that the first column which is a date field is not displaying.

All the other columns are displayed and i've checked that the rs is returning the column and values.
I have tried formatting my date in various ways in crystal reports and the query.
I even tried reorganising the columns but without success.

why could this be?

the query im running is :

Code:SELECT format([MonthBeginning],'mmmm yyyy') AS [Month Beginning], Sum(IIf([A27]<=[MonthBeginning] And ([A34]='1' Or [A31]>=[MonthBeginning]),1,0)) AS [In Learning], Sum(IIf([A27]>=[MonthBeginning] And [A27]<=[MonthEnding],1,0)) AS Starts, Sum(IIf([A31]>=[MonthBeginning] And [A31]<=[MonthEnding] And [A34]='3',1,0)) AS Withdrawn
FROM qry_Master_Detail, tbl_MonthBeginnings
WHERE MonthBeginning>=[@StartDate] And MonthBeginning<[@EndDate] And A10 Like [@Fundingstream]
GROUP BY [MonthBeginning];

Dan Bayley
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Formatting A XLS Column?
I have a problem with a column in a .xls workbook. The column contains 2 character numbers ranging from 1 to 45. This column is defined as a "text" column, therefore, the numbers are left justified. That's fine, however, some of the numbers have the little green arrow in the top left corner of the cell indicating they are formatted wrong. NUmbers ranging from 1 to 9 need to have a leading "0". How can I format the entire column to be left justified and eliminate that formatting error?



Unable To Open The Crystal Report Exported In Crystal Report Format
Sub: Unable to open the Crystal report exported in Crystal Report Format

1)    I have used Oracle Native connection, while designing the report.
2)    I have passed the record set to the report at run time.
3)    Exported the report to Crystal Report Format, But I could n’t able to open report, while opening , the report asks for OLEDB information, even though I used Native connection at design time.
4)    In Crystal Report 8.5, connect driver property, but I am using crystal reports XI and in Visual Basic 6.0, Is there any method or property to convert the connection?. As I have to export report to crystal format and emailed to user, so that user can open it.
Any assistance in this regard is highly appreciated

The code is as follows:
Public Sub Aging_REPORT(strSQL As String, sReportName As String, sDestFileName As String, ReportTitle As String)

On Error GoTo Err
Dim CrAppl As CRAXDRT.Application
Dim crrep As CRAXDRT.Report

Dim rsCrystal As ADODB.Recordset
    Set CrAppl = New CRAXDRT.Application
    Set crrep = CrAppl.OpenReport(sReportName) 'Opens the report
   Set rsCrystal = New ADODB.Recordset
    rsCrystal.Open strSQL, Conn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly
     With crrep
    .Database.LogOnServer "crdb_oracle.dll", strServerName, "", strUserName, strPassword
     .ReportTitle = ReportTitle
     .Database.SetDataSource rsCrystal, 3 'LINK REPORT TO RECORDSET
     .VerifyOnEveryPrint = True
     End With
   With crrep.ExportOptions
    .DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
    .FormatType = crEFTCrystalReport
    .DiskFileName = sDestFileName
   End With
   crrep.Export (False)
    Set crrep = Nothing
    Set CrAppl = Nothing
    Exit Sub
 MsgBox Err.Description

End Sub


FlexGrid Column Formatting
The FlexGrid.Columns("A").NumberFormat="##00.00" doesn't work here. What would be the related syntax from Excel to VB?

Formatting A Column In DBGrid
Is it possible to format a column in a DBGrid control, so that the number will appear in red color if it is less than 0, or green otherwise?

Any help will be appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

Datagrid Column Formatting
I am trying to represent a column from a datagrid as 1's & 0's. The column is formatted as yes/no in the database and at the moment I am representing it as yes and no's in my datagrid using the following command:

DataGrid1.Columns(2).NumberFormat = "Yes/No"

What do I have to do so values are represented as 1's & 0's?



Formatting A Column In A Datagrid
I have a column in a datagrid that is mapped to a date field in a oracle database, the column is setup to format the data to a date field, but this only happens after focus is lost from the column. Does anyone know how to format the data as its being edited like the way the MaskEdBox control works?????

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Change Formatting Of 1st Column Of Many CSV Files
Hi gurus,

I have lots of CSV files and the first column of each CSV file is a date time column but when I open the file then by default it displays only the time component.

How can I change the formatting of first column of each CSV file to a specific display format ?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanx and Regards

Formatting The Column For A Datagrid Control
ok..did a search..tried different way..still can't figure it out.
I have a column in my datagrid control for telephone numbers...the underlying database has the telephone numbers without any formatting (example: 8172442556)...I would like to display it as "(817) 244-2556"
..i tried setting the Format in DataGrid properties for the given column as Custom ..and setting the format string as (###) ###-####
doesn't seem to please...
thanks in advance !!

Formatting A Column In Execl (SOLVED)
I have numbers stored in my array that i got from a text file.

My ArrayCompany function checks to see what is in the tempArray(n).string 3.

Public Sub ArrayCompany()
  Dim n As Integer
  n = 1
  'concateing 3 strings together for Company ID
  For n = 1 To UBound(tempArray)
  If (tempArray(n).string3 = "07") Or (tempArray(n).string3 = "08") Or (tempArray(n).string3 = "11") Then
    tempArray(n).string4 = tempArray(n).string3 + "-" + tempArray(n).string2
    tempArray(n).string4 = tempArray(n).string1 + "-" + tempArray(n).string3 + "-" + tempArray(n).string2
  End If
End Sub

The problem i get is if the tempArray(n).string3 is 07, 08, or 11 the tempArray(n).string4 is written like this: 07-1440, but when it gets dumped into Execl, execl writes it like a date: july/14/2040

if the tempArray(n).string3 IS NOT 07,08, or 11 it gets written like this: 01-011440 and gets writen into excel like that which is the way it is supposed to be.

is there a way in VB when I open execl I can format the whole column to be text so it does not write the date?

no clue as you can tell


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How To Pass Format String To Crystal Report From VB And How To Use It In Crystal Report?

I am working on VB 6.0 and using crystal report 7 as reporting tool.
In report, some clients are asking 3 decimal places(Eg. 2000.500) while other clients are asking 2 decimal places(Eg. 2000.50) for numeric fields.
I want to pass the amount of decimal places for numeric fields to crystal report from VB.
How should I implement this using VB.
Pls any one can help me?

Thanks in vance,

How To Replace Crystal Report Control With Crystal Report Designer

I want to replace crystal report control with crystal report designer in vb. report files are ready.
and parameters have passed by crystal report control to the actual repors which are made in segate crystal report.
now i want to keep the re[prt files as it is. but instead of control,
i want to use designer.

plesae help me


Column Formatting With Make Table Query
I'm having a bit of trouble convincing an Access97 make table query to ALWAYS put a format of #,##0(or standard, 0 decimals) as the default for a few columns.

The make-table query deletes the old table and recreates it with new information. The table then defaults back to auto-precision. I've tried modifying the column in the table . This works until you rerun the query. The table goes back to system default. I've tried modifying the query column also(ala design view).

Anyone have any ideas?

MSAccess 2000 Database Column Width And Formatting
In my database i have a column called description. In this column i would like to add a few paragraphs of text. However MSAccess 2000 does not let any column be more than 255 characters/words. Can someone please tell me how to fix the following 3 issues.

1. How can i make MSAccess database column size more than 255 characters, say about 999 characters for the column.
2. How can i nicely format the paragraph with carraige returns etc.
3. I am showing this database information on the VBA6.0 front end form's text box. Is this the right way to do. Or should i change text box with some other widget. I wouldnt mind adding a link on the form which would open up a description window (please let me know if this is possible and how). However i would like to keep it on the same form.

I would highly appreciate if someone could please let me know soon. thanks.

MSAccess 2000 Database Column Width And Formatting
In my database i have a column called description. In this column i would like to add a few paragraphs of text. However MSAccess 2000 does not let any column be more than 255 characters/words. Can someone please tell me how to fix the following 3 issues.

1. How can i make MSAccess database column size more than 255 characters, say about 999 characters for the column.
2. How can i nicely format the paragraph with carraige returns etc.
3. I am showing this database information on the VBA6.0 front end form's text box. Is this the right way to do. Or should i change text box with some other widget. I wouldnt mind adding a link on the form which would open up a description window (please let me know if this is possible and how). However i would like to keep it on the same form.

I would highly appreciate if someone could please let me know soon. thanks.

Crystal Report ActiveX Vs Crystal Report Wrapper.bas
When print a report via Visual Basic, is it recommended to use the methods and properties of the ActiveX or using the functions provided by the wrapper, such as PEOpenPrintJob and etc.? If there's no diff in using both, then I have a question. There is a PEClosePrintJob function in the wrapper, however, there isn't any methods or properties in the ActiveX to perform such function. What will happen if PEOpenPrintJob (called by ActiveX's ReportFileName) is executed x times but the print job is not closed at all?



Connecting SQL Db From Crystal Report (through VB Crystal Report Control)
VB -> Crystal Report -> SQL database
I need to use VB to call CR (Crystal REport) to access data in an SQL server.

1) Over at the SQL server, I have created a login account, login ID = "RMS", and password = "9999".
2) I have created a ODBC - System DSN (in the control panel), with the login ID, password as in (1).
3) I have run-time CR installed on the client PC.
4) At the click of a button in my VB application, the CR (.rpt) will open (via Crystal Report Control in VB) and retrieves data from the SQL server database through the System DSN created in (2).

MY VB application FAILS to open up a CR file (.rpt) No error message though.

I realise that the VB CAN only open the CR (.rpt) when the PASSWORD in (1) is LEFT BLANK.

It seems that I have to Hardcode the password somewhere.
1) HOw do I pass the password to CR so that the CR will not fail to display itself?

Really appreciate your good karma!

Thanks in advance!

Crystal Report... How To Print Crystal Report Using PrintDocument??
Hi.. I need help greatly... there's an issue which required me to make use of the PrintDOcument Object to print this crystal report..Instead of the pre defined printer button on the crystal report viewer..???Can anyone teach me HOW to print crystal report using the print document??it just seems to can't capture the crystal report for printing.... ANd how do i make use of the PrintPage Event???

Crystal And Formatting
I have a few fields in Crystal report where when the information is sent to them the fields will expand downwards to fit the text. This is what I want. Only problem is it then over laps any field below it if it gets to long. So my question is, is there any way of making everything move down when a field expands so to not overlap?

or am i just out of luck and have to size the fields so they won't overlap.

Formatting In Crystal
I'm newbie with Crystal Reports. I'm using 7.0 Version. But I tryed to do the same with earlier versions on different machines. I cannot align fields on report neither vertically nor horizontally. I set Grid Size to minimal value - 0.011. I tryed with higher value - even worse. When I'm using mouse to make small movement, the field moves with different steps, sometimes jumping. With keyboard (Ctrl + Arrow) the same different value of steps. What settings can change the behavior of CR? It's so annoying to spent hours just to put fields in the appropriate place.
One more problem: In CR environment report looks good for example, but there is no garantee, that it will look the same when I'm opening it from VB using Crystal control. Some fields are truncated. I have to open report in CR environment again, make those fields much wider than they need to be in CR environment. I have to be very careful, because now they can overlap each other. I have the same behaviour on all my machines (3 at home an 2 at my job). Is this "normal" for CR or something wrong with installations,settings or something else?
Thank you in advance

Accessing Main Report Field From Sub Report In Crystal Report 8.5
Hi there,

is it possible to access a field that is in a main report from the subreport. The sub report and main report uses different Sql
statment. How could i achive this.

The reason i need this is because, i would like a value to appear
in a fieldA in the subreport, if the value in fildmain in main repoert is equals to 10.

any suggestions....

Thank You...

regards ....

Field Formatting In Crystal Reports
I have a field in a table (used in my report) that is "010422". It is a date.. but saved as a string. How do I convert this to look like: "01/04/22" on my report.
Same with time .. I have 140232.. and i want it to look like 14:02:32.


Crystal Reports RDC CrossTab Formatting
Dear All,

We use Crystal Reports Report Designer Components for reports in VB6. Weare unable to format the crosstab columns. Truncation of valuesencounters say if the values in amounts is 10 chars the last 1 or 2chars not printed. Anybody faced this problem? What is the workaround?

The crosstab in rpt worksfine with all formatting option. Anysuggestions/solutions please...

Thanks & Regards

Can I Control Formatting With Crystal Reports?
I am producing very complex reports from a VB application, but I am considering using Crystal Reports if that would save me some coding. Right now I control MS Word to produce 2-column pages with a lot of tables. I run a number of complex select statements to get information and then I cram a large number of tables on one or two pages. I have to construct Word documents from scratch with my program

Is Crystal Reports better?

Can I use a WYSIWYG-like screen to lay out a skeleton report and then connect the tables to a database? Some of my table cells involve variable formatting based on the value of the information. Each table row needs to be augmented with extra rows if the original row has certain flags set.

One of my problems with Word is that it automatically breaks a table across two columns if the table fits partially in a column. The problem is fixable with extra VB code, but I'm wondering if Crystal Reports is configurable to keep tables in one piece.

I have some tables of varying size that can be rearranged so that they fit better on a page and not leave so much white space. Can Crystal Reports automatically position tables to fill a page?

Formatting A Report Using VB
Hello World,

I need to create a Report from data contained in an Excel Workbook.

What commands are available to me in VB (VBA actually) to format the look of the file? For example, how would I create columns with headings.

I only know the Print # directive and that looks like a dump of the data - I need the formatting. Please advise.

Thank you,

Formatting A Report
I need to format a report so that it illustrates its
output Horizontally instead of the Vertical default.

Basically, my report looks like this:

John Smith
22 Whatever Dr
Mytown, CT

Al Smith
28 Whatever Dr
Mytown, CT

Alex Smith
22 Whatever Dr
Mytown, CT

Peter Smith
22 Whatever Dr
Mytown, CT

But I want it to look like this:

John Smith Al Smith
22 Whatever Dr 22 Whatever Dr
Mytown, CT Mytown, CT

Alex Smith Peter Smith
22 Whatever Dr 22 Whatever Dr
Mytown, CT Mytown, CT

Can you tell me how to format my report so it looks like
the one directly above?

Thanks a lot for your time and help,

How To Avoid Losing Formatting Of Crystal Rpt (RTF File) Through VB
I have a exe that is to create and export a .RTF file (with crystal report within VB), when I run it.. I lose some formatting... i.e. I have a section with "Suppress if blank line" and it supresses always.. even if there is data to be displayed in that section. Any advice would be great.. i've been working on this for days and haven't gotten any where.

Formatting Date Field In Crystal Reports
I am using SQL Server as my database and I have a date/time field in the database. I am using a command object to pull information from the SQL Server database and displaying it in report form using Crystal Reports 8. My problem is that I only want the date displayed in the date field in Crystal Reports. I do not know how to format the incoming date/time to just display the date. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Access Report Formatting
I wish to make a label visible in a report Group Header on the subsequent pages of a repeated group header.

The intention is to show a label that says "(Continued)" in the group header only if the group header has actually continued onto the next page.

Have tried the following on the group header format event without success.

If Me.GroupFooter1.HasContinued = True Then
Me.lblContinued.Visible = True
Me.lblContinued.Visible = False
End If

Labels is always visible...

any ideas welcomed

Formatting Data On Report
Hi all,

The question I have relates to using Data Reports in VB. I have a table with a column (STATUS) that can hold one of three characters : 'A' or 'P' or 'C'

What I want to do is display the table contents via a Data Report but I do not wish to see the STATUS column displayed as 'A', 'P' or 'C' - I'd rather present it as 'ACTIVE', 'PAID' or 'CANCELLED' respectively.

Is there any way to format the data coming from the table onto the Data Report is this way?

My only soln I see now is to edit the table column to length 15 and have the long words stored, but that would mean changing a lot of code cascading from that change

Many thanks


Data Report And Formatting
I am writing a program that will about a document into DataReport.
I am using DataReport to output a document in Word format.

I was wondering if their was a way to determine where the position of the label is at run time(bottom of page 2 or at position 20,000 twips of page 3)?

For example, I don't want a paragraph to be cut off onto two pages.
So, I want to check where it is on the DataReport and if it is to low, then push it to the next page.

Need Help With Data Report Formatting....
Hi, I need some help with Microsoft data report formatting.

Things I need to do:
1) On every page of report, I need a letterhead of the company name.

2) Page number (Page X of Y)

3) Ability to set the number of records allowed to be displayed on a page.

For example, I have 25 records and I want a page to only display 5 records...then I will have 5 pages, with letterheads and page numbers on every page.

4) To count a total of (X * Y)

Report Formatting In Excel
I have an application that queries DBF files and produces frquency counts based on user selection.  Right now I output the recordset results to an Excel sheet in a single column.  Is there any easy way using Excel or the ADO recordset object to put the report in a multiple column format?

Ex. (existing report) -
CA      10
PA      50
MO      100
MD      500

Ex. (desired output) -
CA      10      PA      50
MO      100     MD      500

I could probably do this programatically by dynamically determining how many rows I want to fit on a page and then run through a loop but I was just wondering if there was an easier way.  Thanks. Swi

Data Report Formatting
Can I add two record in one row.
Usually it take one row for each record.

How To Dynamically Change The Login Info Of A Crystal Report Using Crystal Query File

How can I dynamically change the login information of a Crystal Report that uses a Crystal Query File (*.qry) to retreivee it's data using VB.NET?

It works fine when the report is built on regular table links generated within the Report Designer, I simply use the following :

Dim myLogonInfo As New CrystalDecisions.Shared.TableLogOnInfo()
myLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo.ServerName = UCase(SelectedDB.GetName) & "_ODBC"
myLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo.DatabaseName = UCase(SelectedDB.GetName)
myLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo.UserID = UCase(usr)
myLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo.Password = UCase(pwd)



But when the Data is retreive using a query file it crashes.
Any ideas?


Formatting For A Phone Number In A Report
Does anyone know what the formating command is to format a phone number i need the actual command like format(phone, format) or something because the phone number is displayed with other things so it can't be field specific, thanks fo any help with this

Formatting Report Textboxes In Code
I'm currently using a set of reports strictly with code and so far it's working well. The problem I am having is with DataFormat. I want to be able to change the DataFormat of a ReportTextBox in code, but when I run the code referring to ("TextBox").DataFormat, I get the "Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method" error. Since DataFormat shows up in the Property Page, it seems I should be able to set it in code, right? Does anyone know how to get around this? And if so, where can I find the right kinds of format strings to use? I'm trying to set a Textbox to Boolean, "InHouse" for 1 and "NotInHouse" for 0.

Henry Loos

DATA REPORT - Formatting TextBox
Hi All,

I have 2 issues:

1. How do I format text boxes in the detail and group footer sections of a data report to have comma separators and 2 decimal places as in 254,451.57

2. On the group footer, I have 2 textboxes each containing the sum of data in a particular column. How do I find the difference in the figures in these 2 boxes?


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