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Crystal Report - New Page After

I set the new page after for my group footer and it is working fine. However, an extra page at the end of the report was printed even though my record is already reached eof pointer. How do I get rid of the last page printing.


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[crystal Report] Avoid Printer From Ejecting Page After Printing A 3 Line Page
Im taking a printout in crystal report - but there are only 3 lines and after printing it goes to next page - but I dont want it to goto next page.
Instead I want it to continue the rest of the printing - which may be in some other report etc - to continue printing from where it left behind (maybe one or 2 lines break)
But after printing 3 lines it automatically ejects out the paper and goes to next page
How do I avoid this ?

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In Crystal Report, Report Is Viewed But Doesnot View Next Page Or Not Any Message Display!
in crystal report, report is viewed but doesn't view next page or not any message display! and surprisingly page no is increased infinitely (up to no limit!, I have checked up to 400+) but next page was not displayed! if I print report , only 1st page is print!

In this report , I have attached 6 subreports!

I hope anybody reply about my problem

First Page Is Empty In Crystal Report

I am using crystal report 8.5

My problem is the details in the first page does not appear, it always start from the second page.. My report has a report header , footer and page header, footer...Its just that the details does not appear on the first page .. the details always start from
the second page onwards....

Any suggestions on how to overcome this..

regards pragash..

Crystal Rep API Multi-page Report
I have made a report with CR APi that was made to be used with an access database and Act! database. The report was designed to work with one contact at the time but now I need to loop through the act database to create a report for a number of contacts. I tried to loop through my records and create the report but it overlaps in Crviewer. What I want to do is create a report per page. I tried grouping but can't get it to work since there is no grouping condition possible from my access database. The only grouping is from my Act database. Here's what it looks like:

(all textobject only)
(act record) <--- this is the record that I would need to use to create a group everytime it changes

(data from access related to my act record)
(textobjects only)

Any idea?


PAGE TOTAL In Crystal Report

I want to calculate and print PAGE TOTAL of numeric fields in crystal report8.5. How can I do it? Help is appreciated.

4 Detail Page Using 1 Crystal Report?
Ok what i am trying to do is create a crystal report that print 4 pages per detail line. I have to Print Purchase Orders and i have to print out 4 forms per PO. The layout is slightly different on each PO. So this is where i am running into problems. I cant figure out a way to print 4 simultaneous POs with the same Detail but different layouts.

Any help is appretiated!

: y0use

Crystal Report Print Page ??
I want to print specific pages in my crystal report from VB6 ?

The report has 20 pages and i want to print page number 1,5,7,9 and 11.
Is this possible ?

I need help urgently.
Thanks in Advance

Crystal Report 4.6 Page Numbering
How can I print page n of x in CR 4.6 with VB6? Page numbering is very asy but it seems you're not allowed to know in advance the total number of pages in your report...
Do anyone know if this is possible with a more recent version of Crystal Reports and whwre can I buy it (as businessobjects is selling only version XI ...?!?!)
Thx in advance guys...

Crystal Report (Page Header)

When I use crystal reports in my VB application, the pageheader allows me to repeat this header at each page.
However, when using subreports, the pageheader in the subreport disappears. This means that at the beginning of my subreport, I have still my header (telling me the meaning of the following records), but when my subreport gets longer then 1 page, at the second page, the headers are not printed...

Anybody ideas ???

Kind regards,

New Page Per Group In Crystal Report
How can i set new page per group in Crystal Report? Normally,I have to write program in Navision report ,It have one property = New page per group Now i have to write my report on Crytal report to show on the web.but i don't know how to set
new page per group.I see the property it call New page after and New page before but i have no idea how to write program to set New page per group.Please help me!

Displaying A Crystal Report In A Page
I was wondering who to display a crystal report in a page. I tried the using the code from This site but my page will not display my report. All that will show up is this . Please help

Page Zoom In Crystal Report

I have reports created in Crystal Reports. My question is how to zoom the page of the reports to 100% automatically when the reports appear on screen. At present, the reports are only zoomed 33%. The user still has to click the magnification button and select 100%. I tried using the .PageZoom property in my code, like this:


but nothing happened. Also, I would like to ask how to maximize the window for the report.

Thanks in advance!

Include New Page In Crystal Report
I'm working with Access and Crystal Report for making the reports into my application.
I would like to insert a new page into the report when I have a special condition.
For this purpose I’m using the formula editor but I don’t find a function which I can make it.

I would like to know how could I insert a new page into the report, when I wished it?

Thanks for your help....

Display 20 Rows Per Page In Crystal Report
1. How can i display 20 records in detail section per page in crystal reports.

2. I have put Urdu data in my access 2003 database. How can i get that data in Crystal Report.

If anybody got clue could please email me.

Best Regards

Summary Of Field Per Page In Crystal Report
Hi all,

How can i put a summary of certain fields per page
(e.g salary) to the page footer section
of CR 8?

Tnx in advnced.


Reset Page Number Crystal Report 8.5
Hi there,

I have created a report that has a group. Using the select expert i select all the records for a day. I get about 700 records. Each record could have more then one page.

the page numbering i am using is "page n of m" . What happens is the page number is shown as 1 of 820. Everytime it goes t new record i will like to reset the page number. How do i detect a new record?

I could use the code in the sections formating to reset the page.

For examplle if record 1 has three pages then page numbering should be 1 of 3. Not 1 of 820. If i could detect a new record then i should be able to fix this or is there any other way..

thank you..

How To Limit A Record In Each Page Of Crystal Report
Hello Everyone! I have an inventory program that could print records through crystal report. What I would like to do is limit each page with a particular number of records and then it will continue to the next page of crystal report. Is there a way to do this. Much Thanks for those who could give me a tip and examples on how to do it. Thanks and God Bless.

How To Setting 2 Page In 1 Sheet For Crystal Report
I want make 2 pages in one sheet for crystal report...
How to setting my page setup?

Crystal Report - Find Last Record In A Page
How do I find a last record in a page

I want to suppress a section in all places except last record in a page and last record in the same report. (ie. I will be showing double line in the last record of all pages). Other records will display single line.

How do I do that? Any other suggestions also welcome.


How To Count Lines Per Page In Crystal Report 7.0
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am using crystal report 7.0. I want to calculate no.of lines per page. Some of these lines may be blank. I want to have a formula which will increment line counter by 1 as soon as it prints one line on page.

How do I Proceed ?

Is it possible in crystal report ?

Can I get the source code for it ?

Please Help me out.

Thanks in advance.

How To Make My Crystal Report Have 2 Header In 1 Page
i want to split my report become 2 coloum which each coloum have couloum header.
please help me

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Crystal Report Header Repeat On Every Page
Hi All,

How can I make a crystal report header repeat on every page. Currently it prints only on the first page and the rest of the pages it's blank? Do I have to use any formula or is there an easy way to activate that as an option.

Please help !

Thanks !

How Increase The Page Width Of Crystal Report
Dearmost All,

I am making a report with CR, in my report their are many fields to show. They are not fit into the default a4 size.

So I want to increase the width of the designing window, and also preview window.

Plz Help me.

Thanks in Advance.


Reset Page Number In Crystal Report
I've got a Crystal report, which prints purchase order transaction details. It starts with the client name and and address in in a page header followed by the Group Header which contains the Client trading account details , this is followed by the details section containing the transactions! finally the page footer follows with a page count/total count.

What I need to do is to reset the page number each time Crystal hits a change of purchase order. At change of purchase order a new page will start anyway with a new header details, but the page numbering should start again with 1 and the total page count should reflect the number of pages for that purchase order alone.

Total Summary In The Page Footer In Crystal Report 8.5
I want to know how I can put in the page Footer ina Crystal Report 8.5 Report, a Total summary for page.... I don'nt know if I need to build a formula to accomplishment this..

Thanks for advance for you help


Crystal Reports Page Header, Details And Report Footer
OK I have another question.

I have a report of more records in a table.

Table headers are written in 'page header',
records are displayd in 'Details section',
and then I have a "Thank you in advance adn similar crap" displayed in 'report footer'.

In 'page footer' I added page number.

My problem is, that when a report is more pages long, then page header is always displayed (even if there is only report footer on that page).

and becouse I have a table in details and page header, there are a lot of lines on the last page

Crystal Report SubreportCan Grow Does Not Push Following Data Down On Page
Hello everyone. I looked in the posts for this but could not find one that answered my question.

I have an embedded Crystal Report in my VB app. I have a subreport that is set to 'Can Grow'. This subreport is placed in the Report header of my report.

The subreport does grow. The problem is, I have some text underneath the subreport in the same report header, but the subreport does not push this data down.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.

[NOT RESOLVED] Crystal Report 10 (page Setup Button) (please See Attached Picture)
i have a problem with my project using CR10. i just want to choose the printer, i want to set the printer in landslide or portrait, why is that there is no button for the page setup in crviewer(CR10)? kindly help.

Edited by - edd_hills on 5/14/2006 2:17:13 AM

Crystal Report - Export Selected Page Range To Text File. Please Help.

I'm using CR 8.5 & VB6.
I have a multiple pages (19 pages) crystal report previewed within my vb application.
Exporting this report to text file is quiet possible as far as i know but is it possible to export this report with the defined page range? Shall i say export page 10 to 19 only, is it possible?

Please help.

Or any suggestions please...

Thanks in advance!

Crystal Report Problem - Group &"Page N Of M&"
crystal report problem
i need to print invoice from Number 10000 to 10010.
But i need to print Page N of M
i use group to group invoice. but how to make Group in "Page N of M"

anyone know it ?

**RESOLVED**Crystal Reports / Make Subreport Flow From Page To Page
I have a Crystal Report with a number of subreports. One of the details sections of the main report includes a subreport. I would like it if when I ran the report, it would allow the subreport to be split within several pages. Currently, the subreport shows up on page 2. I would like it to be split between pages one and two.

This is what makes this problem interesting. The subreport exists in the Details d section of the main report. Details d is not checked as Keep Together or New Page Before. The details section before Details d (Details c) is not checked for New Page After. If you go into edit subrebort for Details d, the Report Header has New Page Before checked off, but it is disabled (I can't change it).

How do I make this subreport flow across pages? Why is the Report Header section of my subreport checked for New Page Before but does not allow me to uncheck?

Crystal Reports - Cross Tab - Forcing Virtual Page On Every Page
I have created a crystal report which contains multiple detail sections (Da-Di). Each detail section contains a subreport, which contains a cross-tab.

I have done this because I need to create one excel spreadsheet which contains data from different types of cross tabs.

For example, one cross tab lists accounts and totals, the second lists accounts and totals by cost centre (17 of these), and a third lists accounts and totals by product group (11 of these).

I have lined up all the columns perfectly, and when I export to Excel (Data only), it works perfectly, and I get all the rows and columns of all the cross-tabs in one excel worksheet. Brilliant.

However, when I print, preview or export to pdf, I only see the "real" page and do not see any virtual pages that are shown in each of the sub-reports.

How can I print or view this from the main report and get the virtual pages as well, without stuffing up my export to excel?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Unable To Open The Crystal Report Exported In Crystal Report Format
Sub: Unable to open the Crystal report exported in Crystal Report Format

1)    I have used Oracle Native connection, while designing the report.
2)    I have passed the record set to the report at run time.
3)    Exported the report to Crystal Report Format, But I could n’t able to open report, while opening , the report asks for OLEDB information, even though I used Native connection at design time.
4)    In Crystal Report 8.5, connect driver property, but I am using crystal reports XI and in Visual Basic 6.0, Is there any method or property to convert the connection?. As I have to export report to crystal format and emailed to user, so that user can open it.
Any assistance in this regard is highly appreciated

The code is as follows:
Public Sub Aging_REPORT(strSQL As String, sReportName As String, sDestFileName As String, ReportTitle As String)

On Error GoTo Err
Dim CrAppl As CRAXDRT.Application
Dim crrep As CRAXDRT.Report

Dim rsCrystal As ADODB.Recordset
    Set CrAppl = New CRAXDRT.Application
    Set crrep = CrAppl.OpenReport(sReportName) 'Opens the report
   Set rsCrystal = New ADODB.Recordset
    rsCrystal.Open strSQL, Conn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly
     With crrep
    .Database.LogOnServer "crdb_oracle.dll", strServerName, "", strUserName, strPassword
     .ReportTitle = ReportTitle
     .Database.SetDataSource rsCrystal, 3 'LINK REPORT TO RECORDSET
     .VerifyOnEveryPrint = True
     End With
   With crrep.ExportOptions
    .DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
    .FormatType = crEFTCrystalReport
    .DiskFileName = sDestFileName
   End With
   crrep.Export (False)
    Set crrep = Nothing
    Set CrAppl = Nothing
    Exit Sub
 MsgBox Err.Description

End Sub


Page Up Page Down Not Working With Crystal Designer In VB Project
His all,

its been a long time i m having a problem using Crystal Report with Visual Basic Project.

Question 1:
Page Down and page up key doesnt work on crystal report previewer(crviewer control). though its working with Crystal Report IDE..but not with visual basic crviewer control.

when we press page down and page up key on goes to the end of the page..not goes to the next page or previous page..

I m using VB6 with Crystal Report 9.

well .. may be few of you have experienced about this bug in crystal report.

Question 2:
if i want to catch the keypress on crviewer control and i set the form's KeyPreview property to yes..... it only catches Enter Key.. or Function keys.. none other than that..

how should i trap the keys... and set the task for the specific keys.

need your help buddies...
thanks in advance

c ya

Crystal - Suppress Page Footer If Not The Last Page
How can I suppress the page footer in a crystal report unless it's the last page?

How To Pass Format String To Crystal Report From VB And How To Use It In Crystal Report?

I am working on VB 6.0 and using crystal report 7 as reporting tool.
In report, some clients are asking 3 decimal places(Eg. 2000.500) while other clients are asking 2 decimal places(Eg. 2000.50) for numeric fields.
I want to pass the amount of decimal places for numeric fields to crystal report from VB.
How should I implement this using VB.
Pls any one can help me?

Thanks in vance,

How To Replace Crystal Report Control With Crystal Report Designer

I want to replace crystal report control with crystal report designer in vb. report files are ready.
and parameters have passed by crystal report control to the actual repors which are made in segate crystal report.
now i want to keep the re[prt files as it is. but instead of control,
i want to use designer.

plesae help me


URGENT: Data Report (Page Header On Each Page)

I am using Data Report (why?!!) to print a bill. It contains the company name and other information such as date and total amount etc.

I am doing this by coding only. NO DATA ENVIRONMENT (!).

I have put a lable on the Page header and I am displaying the company name in that lable. It prints perfactly on the first page of the bill. But it does not appear on the second page of the bill. Instead it displays the remaining items of the bill from the beginning.

I want to print company name on each page of the bill. this is shown in the image.

Is there a way to get the out put like this?

Please help me. Its urgent.

Thank a ton in advance.

URGENT: Report/ Page Header On Each Page

I am using Data Report (why?!!) to print a bill. It contains the company name and other information such as date and total amount etc.

I am doing this by coding only. NO DATA ENVIRONMENT (!).

I have put a lable on the Page header and I am displaying the company name in that lable. It prints perfactly on the first page of the bill. But it does not appear on the second page of the bill. Instead it displays the remaining items of the bill from the beginning.

I want to print company name on each page of the bill. this is shown in the image.

Is there a way to get the out put like this?

Please help me. Its urgent.

Thank a ton in advance.

Crystal Report ActiveX Vs Crystal Report Wrapper.bas
When print a report via Visual Basic, is it recommended to use the methods and properties of the ActiveX or using the functions provided by the wrapper, such as PEOpenPrintJob and etc.? If there's no diff in using both, then I have a question. There is a PEClosePrintJob function in the wrapper, however, there isn't any methods or properties in the ActiveX to perform such function. What will happen if PEOpenPrintJob (called by ActiveX's ReportFileName) is executed x times but the print job is not closed at all?



Connecting SQL Db From Crystal Report (through VB Crystal Report Control)
VB -> Crystal Report -> SQL database
I need to use VB to call CR (Crystal REport) to access data in an SQL server.

1) Over at the SQL server, I have created a login account, login ID = "RMS", and password = "9999".
2) I have created a ODBC - System DSN (in the control panel), with the login ID, password as in (1).
3) I have run-time CR installed on the client PC.
4) At the click of a button in my VB application, the CR (.rpt) will open (via Crystal Report Control in VB) and retrieves data from the SQL server database through the System DSN created in (2).

MY VB application FAILS to open up a CR file (.rpt) No error message though.

I realise that the VB CAN only open the CR (.rpt) when the PASSWORD in (1) is LEFT BLANK.

It seems that I have to Hardcode the password somewhere.
1) HOw do I pass the password to CR so that the CR will not fail to display itself?

Really appreciate your good karma!

Thanks in advance!

Crystal Report... How To Print Crystal Report Using PrintDocument??
Hi.. I need help greatly... there's an issue which required me to make use of the PrintDOcument Object to print this crystal report..Instead of the pre defined printer button on the crystal report viewer..???Can anyone teach me HOW to print crystal report using the print document??it just seems to can't capture the crystal report for printing.... ANd how do i make use of the PrintPage Event???

(Report Problem) How To Display Label At Bottom Of The REPORT Page??
(Report Problem) How to display Label at bottom of the REPORT page??

like when we use notepad, at the bottom have page 1 or page 2....

Accessing Main Report Field From Sub Report In Crystal Report 8.5
Hi there,

is it possible to access a field that is in a main report from the subreport. The sub report and main report uses different Sql
statment. How could i achive this.

The reason i need this is because, i would like a value to appear
in a fieldA in the subreport, if the value in fildmain in main repoert is equals to 10.

any suggestions....

Thank You...

regards ....

How To Get Page Wise Report Using VB 6.0 Data Report
i need to get pagewise total in the report. Currently i am getting group wise help me ....

reply to

How To Dynamically Change The Login Info Of A Crystal Report Using Crystal Query File

How can I dynamically change the login information of a Crystal Report that uses a Crystal Query File (*.qry) to retreivee it's data using VB.NET?

It works fine when the report is built on regular table links generated within the Report Designer, I simply use the following :

Dim myLogonInfo As New CrystalDecisions.Shared.TableLogOnInfo()
myLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo.ServerName = UCase(SelectedDB.GetName) & "_ODBC"
myLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo.DatabaseName = UCase(SelectedDB.GetName)
myLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo.UserID = UCase(usr)
myLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo.Password = UCase(pwd)



But when the Data is retreive using a query file it crashes.
Any ideas?


Storing And Retriving Images From Access Databse Through VB Data Report Or Crystal Report
hi friends
    i have a problem that i have a database of some 8000 students in which there is a field called "photo" which stores the photograph. it is stored as BLOB field. now i want to retrive it in my report. i'm getting very much difficulties in it. can i have a help from master minds to resove the same. it will be very much helpful to me.
    my e-mail id:
  ur suggestions r welcome. anybody can mail me. hoping for the best.

Crystal Report Crosstab Report Criteria Selection Using Access 2000
Hi there
I there anyone with an idea on how i can filter crosstab Report done in Crystal Report 8.5.. I'm trying to get data btw two dates for instance 05/01/04 and 05/31/04 but the following code doesn't do that. I'm using access 2000 database. Pls assist.

fMainForm.CrystalReport1.ReportSource = crptReport
fMainForm.CrystalReport1.ReportFileName = "F:OutGrowerReportsGLdelivered.rpt"
fMainForm.CrystalReport1.SelectionFormula = "Wdate" >= " & {CrossTabData.WDate} =" & "'" & CDate(DTPicker2.Value) & " AND Wdate" <= " & {CrossTabData.WDate}=" & "'" & CDate(DTPicker2.Value) & "'"
fMainForm.CrystalReport1.WindowState = crptMaximized
fMainForm.CrystalReport1.PageZoom (100)

or is there another better way to do this.

Help With Report - Easy One For People Familiar With Crystal Reports, Data Report Et Al
Till date, I have worked only with the Data Report
Utility that is dovetailed with the Data Environment
Designer, for the purpose of generating reports in my
applications. Shamefully, I am completely nescient of
Crystal Reports. I would want someone to kindly take
time to read my query and provide me a clue as to the
solution. The problem, I surmise, would be
interstingly simple for the creed of programmers who
are familiar with reporting softwares like Crystal

I have a table in MS-Access 2000 and its called
'Holidays'. The Holidays table has the following

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