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Crystal Report Printer Setup

HiI have placed a Crystal Report Designer in my VB project and I have a crystal Report Viewer on one of my forms that shows the report. My question is how can I get the Printer Setup button to appear on the Crystal report viewer so the user can choose where to print their crystal report? Is this possible? Thanks in advance

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Where Is Printer Setup In Crystal Report Viewer?
Dear all,

I was using Crystal Report Control in my VB Project to show my .rpt report files.
For some reasons, I'm using Crystal Report Viewer now.
But I can't find Print Setup button in it's properties, not like CR Control, I can enable it by setting WindowShowPrintSetupBtn properties value to True.
Is there any way to show Printer Setup Dialog in CR Viewer like in the CR Control? so I can choose which printer i'm going to use.

please share.

Problem To Access Printer Setup Via Crystal Report
im hvin a problem with crystal report application in vb.sometimes the report needs to be printed using a3 paper.
pls advise how can i access or initiate printer properties via crystal report.
thnks in advance

VB6.0 With Crystal Report 8.5 Package Setup For Crsytal Report Engine (Crystl32.ocx)
Setup Crystal Report Problem When I click Crstal Report Engine at Control Component (Crystl32.ocx) and I make Exe of VB 6 with SP4 , then I use Package & develop tool to make setup list I will facing a problem of Error 28 Out of Stack Space .

Prob. With Crystal Reports 6.0 And Color Printer Setup

Is anybody know hot to solve my issue ?

For the time being I have developed a VB application in charge to create and print sales proposal.
My user uses a color printer and cannot setup definitively his prints in color mode, exept if before each print he clicks on the control printer button in the crytsal report viewer window.
Even if you go in the windows control panel and decide to select Color mode insted grey scale, the program continues to print in the grey scale.....

Need help

Vb 6.0 Setup And Crystal Report 8
Hi friends i have developed an application in visual basic 6 using Access 2000 as database... and seagate crystal report 8 as reports... evey things fine... but when i create a package Program and install the setup on some other computer which do not have Crystal Report Installed on it then reports give me the Problem.... i have used DSN To Connect to Reports when i was Creating them..... The Error Code Returns to me is "" Physical Dtabase not Found... " but the database is present is already there.... this mean that i have to install the seagate crystal report on the client computer.... The Problem seems to be of Drivers which i m using but dont know how to add them when packing the software Script.... i have Added the following dll
named .... 1. crviewer.dll
2. crpaig80.dll

i think i m missing some driver files but which files i dont know
so do hel p me friends..........

1 more thing that i m using package and deployment wizard to create setup..........

Setup Wiz And Crystal Report
I trying to use Crystal report control in my porgram. I able to view the report when I run the program on my machine but when I make a package with setup Wiz and install it on another machine it give me a error 20533 (Unable to open database.). What and how should I make sure all the correct dll ocx etc are in my package. Ver 4.6 VB5 or is that the problem


exe file in a one folder which everyone can access it,
when i one update the program in the client , i just
need to update the .exe,

i want to know, is it slow down the process,
one .exe use for a many client

or can some one give me the any suggestion , which can
improve the performance of the program


Setup With Crystal Report Control
I have developed a system which used crystal report(Crystl32.ocx) to show the report. now i want to do the setup file for my system.

Q1. Do i really need to install the Crystal report software in every client com in order to run the system?

Q2. If its is needed, do i still need to include Crystl32.ocx in my setup file

the condition now is, i make the setup file with Crystl32.ocx (dependency file) and install the system in the client com(without Crystal Report software).
Error message below prompt out:

Unable to register the Crystl32.ocx

thanks for your help

How To Setup A Crosstab Crystal Report?
Hi there..

I have a problem here while setting up a crosstab report using crystal report. I'm currently using: VB6, ADO, MSSQL 2000, Crystal Reports v8.5 with TTX file as data source. I had using this method recently (this was quote from RobDog888's post )

VB Code:
Option Explicit'Add reference to Crystal Reports x.x ActiveX Designer RunTime Library'Add reference to Crystal Reports Viewer Control'Add reference to Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.x Library'oCnn = current open ADO connection objectPrivate Sub Command1_Click()     Dim oApp As CRAXDRT.Application    Dim oReport As CRAXDRT.Report    Dim oRs As ADODB.Recordset    Dim sSQL As String     sSQL = "SELECT * FROM Table1"    Set oRs = New ADODB.Recordset    Set oRs = oCnn.Execute(sSQL)    Set oApp = New CRAXDRT.Application    Set oReport = oApp.OpenReport(App.Path & "MyReport.rpt", 1)    oReport.Database.SetDataSource oRs, 3, 1    crvMyCRViewer.ReportSource = oReport    crvMyCRViewer.ViewReport End Sub

Then I came into problem when trying to setup a crosstab report. How do I setup a crosstab report using method as described above? Actually I didn't want to go for too much change for my code if possible.

Is it possible using oReport.Database.SetDataSource for two or more recordset? Because as we know that we need at least 3 tables as data source to create a crosstab report, doesn't it? CMIIW

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Setup Error In Vb 6.0 With Crystal Report 7.0
Dear K.babu
I am using pakage & deployment wizard thruogh visual studio. I have create an vb application with seagate crystal report 7. Application is working properly but when I deploy the application pakage then it showing error 'missing Dependencies file'.
Files which is showing error

'Crystal' without any extension
Please help me I am getting to much trouble without solution

Vb6 Crystal Report 10 Setup Error
me i have windows xp pro and i want to setup my program of another pc with windows 2000

when i run setup i have this error

Setup cannot continue becouse some files are out of date on System.
Click ok if you would like setup to update these files for you now.
You will need to restart windows before you can run setup again.
Click cancel to exit setup without updating system files.

this the SETUP.LST

SetupText=Copying Files, please stand by.

[Bootstrap Files]
File1=@VB6STKIT.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),,,6/18/98 12:00:00 AM,102912,
File2=@COMCAT.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,5/31/98 12:00:00 AM,22288,4.71.1460.1
File3=@stdole2.tlb,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(TLBRegister),,11/27/01 1:00:00 PM,17920,3.50.5014.0
File4=@asycfilt.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),,,9/4/04 6:45:00 AM,65024,5.1.2600.2180
File5=@olepro32.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,9/4/04 6:45:12 AM,83456,5.1.2600.2180
File6=@oleaut32.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,9/4/04 6:45:12 AM,553472,5.1.2600.2180
File7=@msvbvm60.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,9/4/04 6:45:10 AM,1392671,




[Setup1 Files]
File1=@0.REG,$(AppPath),0.REG,,4/15/05 9:41:26 AM,162,
File2=@comdlg32.dll,$(WinSysPath),,$(Shared),9/4/04 6:45:00 AM,282624,6.0.2900.2180
File3=@comdlg32.ocx,$(WinSysPath),$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),6/22/99 5:36:52 PM,140288,
File4=@craxdui.dll,$(WinSysPath),$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),12/10/03 1:34:12 AM,479329,
File5=@crdeploy.reg,$(AppPath),,$(Shared),5/21/03 12:36:18 PM,162,
File6=@keycode.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,$(dllSelfRegister),$(Shared),12/9/03 11:59:38 PM,282694,
File7=@u2dapp.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:24:54 AM,53248,
File8=@u2dpost.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:25:34 AM,118784,
File9=@u2ddisk.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:25:04 AM,49152,
File10=@u2fxml.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:26:58 AM,172032,
File11=@u2ftext.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:26:46 AM,163840,
File12=@u2fsepv.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:26:10 AM,135168,
File13=@u2fcr.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:24:46 AM,77824,
File14=@crtslv.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,$(dllSelfRegister),$(Shared),12/9/03 11:07:32 PM,78922,
File15=@ExportModeller.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,$(dllSelfRegister),$(Shared),12/10/03 1:19:58 AM,499809,
File16=@crxf_xls.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:21:02 AM,475227,
File17=@crxf_wordw.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:23:42 AM,176210,
File18=@crxf_rtf.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:23:30 AM,176208,
File19=@crxf_pdf.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:23:18 AM,417872,
File20=@sacommoncontrols.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),12/10/03 1:39:14 AM,797281,
File21=@filedialog.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),12/10/03 1:37:50 AM,920142,
File22=@crdb_dictionary.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),10/7/03 6:29:44 PM,1474651,
File23=@p2ixbse.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),4/14/05 4:36:59 PM,270336,
File24=@CRAnalyzer.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),12/10/03 1:29:02 AM,180224,
File25=@sscdlg.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 12:22:20 AM,2396160,
File26=@sscrc.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),8/1/01 6:51:48 PM,2498560,
File27=@sscsdk80.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 12:23:00 AM,1249280,
File28=@exlate32.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/9/03 10:57:50 PM,696386,
File29=@querybuilder.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/9/03 11:26:18 PM,163911,
File30=@crdb_odbc.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/9/03 11:29:30 PM,391234,
File31=@crdb_dao.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/9/03 11:28:40 PM,200768,
File32=@crdb_ado.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/9/03 11:26:48 PM,401472,
File33=@crqe.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,$(dllSelfRegister),$(Shared),12/13/03 12:05:52 AM,2031685,
File34=@Implode.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),1/6/03 9:20:14 AM,18944,
File35=@u25samp1.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:48:12 AM,28741,
File36=@u25dts.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:47:08 AM,28737,
File37=@u252000.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:47:30 AM,28745,
File38=@u2lfinra.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:48:04 AM,102469,
File39=@u2lexch.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:47:56 AM,32833,
File40=@u2ldts.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:47:48 AM,28737,
File41=@u2lcom.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:47:22 AM,49217,
File42=@u2l2000.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:47:40 AM,28745,
File43=@ufmanager.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/10/03 1:48:52 AM,438354,
File44=@crtowords_en.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/9/03 11:12:56 PM,24576,
File45=@msvcrt.dll,$(WinSysPath),,$(Shared),9/4/04 6:45:10 AM,343040,7.0.2600.2180
File46=@Unicows.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,,$(Shared),12/7/04 10:11:34 AM,258352,1.1.3790.0
File47=@craxddrt.dll,$(CommonFiles)Crystal Decisions2.5in,$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),12/10/03 12:41:50 AM,11989074,
File48=@crviewer.dll,$(WinSysPath),$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),12/10/03 1:41:46 AM,799944,
File49=@msado25.tlb,$(WinSysPath),,$(Shared),8/3/04 10:21:44 PM,81920,2.81.1117.0
File50=@1.exe,$(AppPath),,$(Shared),4/14/05 4:44:14 PM,32768,

What Happen With Crystal Report After Making Setup.exe In VB
Hello! friends.. im using Sql + VB 6 and Crystal Rpt 9. i m having a problem that software working fine . but i m using a fix path for report "c/:Reports/rptname.rpt" i had made setup and is installed sucessfully .. but when i remove my Report Folder from C: my reports no work.. what happen usully when we use report .. that should be install with my setup.. i have to maintain my Report maunally....

what is the right way ???

Installation Setup Does Not Register Crystal Report Dll ?
Hi Friends,

I am facing a problem with setup installation which i have created using package and deployment wizard.

I have created reports in my software using Crystal report 9.When i run setup at client site everything ok but it gives error at registering CRAXDRt.dll.I have to ignore this error to the complete installation.

After completion of setup all the forms opens perfectly but when in open report it gives error.Just because above mentioned dll has not get registered.

So alternatively i install crystal report in the machine and the report starts opening.

But this cannot be done eveytime when i install the software using setup.

Can anybody tell me the solution for this problem.
Could you also explain me why it is not registering the file.I just don't understand this.


What File To Include For Crystal Report 8 When Package The Application Setup?
I have include crystal.ocx when package the vb6 setup, but the crystal report is not working in client place?
what file else should i include?




Crystal Report To Default Printer
Dear all,

We are using VB60 and Crystal Report Control 4.6
How do we get de report "d: estq.rpt" to our default printer? A lot of people can reach the report and have there own default printer.

Nice regards,

CrystalReport1.ReportFileName = "d: estq.rpt"
CrystalReport1.PrinterName = "????"
CrystalReport1.Destination = crptToPrinter
CrystalReport1.MarginLeft = 1
CrystalReport1.Action = 1

Crystal Report On Dot Matirx Printer
Does anyone know of any reason why a crystal report would not display correctly (some lines showing very large and others show as just dots and dashes) on a dot matrix printer?

Printer Selection In Crystal Report 7
Dear Members
i am using crystal report 7
the problem is this that i have to select the printer From the user,kindly send me any solution.

How To Specify Printer In Crystal Report 9.2 At Run Time
I am using CR 9.2 with VB 6

How do I specify printer in crystal report at run time. Addition My printers are local printer and share printer.

Printing A Crystal Report To Printer
So far I've just been printing my reports to a window, but now want to print to the printer.

I set my reportfilename and printfilename and set it to print to printer, but each time I want to print it, it asks me for an output filename. I enter it, but nothing gets printed - a file with the name I specified when asked is just created.

Any suggestions??


How To Select A Printer In VB Crystal Report.

How to select a printer in vb.

I have VB5, VB6 & Crystal Report.

My crystal reporter PRINT button Active only WINDOWS DEFAULT PRINTER.

Every time we are go to Control Panel - Printer Settings - select a printer & set as Default Printer.

I want choose the printer name in RUN Time.

I tried to Common Dialog aslo.

Is it possible ?

How to write the coding / settings.


Crystal Report 9 Printer Queue Doc. Name
simply.... HELP!!!

I have been trying for weeks and months to figure out how to cutomize the printer queue document name when crystal report is printing out a report.

The default queue name is something like "Crystal Report ActiveX.." or similar.

Is there a way to fix/rename the Printer Queue document's name?

I'm totally lost on this. Any suggestions, pointers or hints are much appreciated. Thanx.

Selecting Printer Using Crystal Report In VB6

I would be grateful if someone could help me to be able to select a printer whilst using crystal report 8 with Visual Basic 6.


Changing Printer In A Crystal Report
I have designed serveral reports using Crystal Reports for my VB 6.0 application. When I run them within my application, when the report previews on the screen, I can click on the 'printer' button. The box which comes up then, does not give the user a chance to change the printer(all of our users have 3 printers to choose from). Is there a way for a user to select the printer without Crystal Reports overriding it? Thanks.

Crystal Report Printer Does Not Respond
I have a Crystal Report printing problem on the Network printer.
I am using CR 7.0

I have the following code Snippet:

CrystalReport1.ReportFileName = gReportsPath + "" + "Report1.RPT"
CrystalReport1.ReportFileName = gReportsPath + "" + "Report1.RPT"
......... bla bla bla
CrystalReport1.Destination = 1
CrystalReport1.Formulas(0) = " "
CrystalReport1.Formulas(0) = "Status = " + "'" + gsStatus1 + "'"

......... bla bla bla

The problem is

-- -- the report does not print or display from the VB code
-- -- it prints very well from the Crystal Report menu.
-- -- I even put the printer's IP address and name on the property of the CR Control in my VB code.

I appreciate any help or suggestion what might be wrong in my code or the report reference

Thank you very much.


[NOT RESOLVED] Crystal Report 10 (page Setup Button) (please See Attached Picture)
i have a problem with my project using CR10. i just want to choose the printer, i want to set the printer in landslide or portrait, why is that there is no button for the page setup in crviewer(CR10)? kindly help.

Edited by - edd_hills on 5/14/2006 2:17:13 AM

Help On Setup For VB With Crystal Report Developer Edition 8.5 Out Of Stack Space Error
I have Visual studio 6 with VB 6.0 and under sp5 on operating system windows 98 second edition . I install Crystal report Developer Edition Ver 8.5 . I can make EXE file for VB BUT when come out the Package and Deploy, I facing a problem if I select Crystal report Control Component (crystl32.ocx ), then it will be display a message call error 28 , Out of stack Space . I check with my Call stack , the maximum that I call is 5 and there is no call itself .

From What I search thru internet , I know that out of stack space is regarding the Looping , Call itself , and I trace on any kind of angle , lastly I find out is due to Crystal report Control Component , as long as I check it , then this out of stack will be happened

I have try to put Crystl32-ocx Patch.EXE with size 560KB , and I can make a setup disk BUT during make setup disk , it will prompt me say that crystl32.ocx is out of date , and I install this setup to client computer . I facing a problem that all the chart will not be able to display and the print icon also become disable .

I test with InstallSheild , and I find out is crpe32.dll not register .
and I try to unregistered / register it with regsvr32 /u and I find out that it prompt be either corrupted or export . and prompt try to use PView , BUT I do not know how to use it .

I test with new project which is empty coding with crystal report Control and make a exe file then use package & deploy , I also facing problem of error 28 , out of stack space.
so nothing to do with my coding , there must be a driver problem or driver linking problem , I suspect is CRPE32.dll

Anybody can help me ?

I download crpe32.dll from crystal report support side , and copy in , it does not work .
I download from crystal report support side , and run it , it look like still facing same problem.

I not sure anything wrong with my installation step or miss up some step ?
the step I do is install windows 98 second edition , install office 2000 professional , install visual studio 6 , install crystal report 8.5 development edition , install vs sp5 .

Print Crystal Report On Dot Matrix Printer
I use VB6, Crystal Reports 8.5 and I have to send
a crystal printout on a Dot Matrix printer.
Using the normal way I managed to print my data,
however the printer "identifies" these data as Image
and prints accordingly and slow.
What I would like to do is print raw data (text and numbers)
as their type and not as image.
something like the Printer.Print does....
any ideas?

thanxs in advance

How To Enable Printer Icon In The Crystal Report
Hi all

I developed an vb appl with the crystal report.My system is not connected to the printer.So while working on the report it shows that no default printer is connected and printer is disabled.

But on my client side they connected to the printer. But the printer icon is disabled.

How is enable the printer icon in the report in my client side.

Please help me out.




Printer Icon In Crystal Report 10 (Crviewer)
i need help regarding CR10. how can i set the printer icon in CR10(CRviewer) where i can choose the type of printer and how to set the paper if it is landscape or portrait? kindly help...

Edited by - edd_hills on 4/29/2006 5:56:14 AM

Crystal Report Printing Directly To Printer
hii iam trying to print report directly to printer iam using Crystalreport 8.5 and vb6
so can any one help me how to print directly iam using this code it executes but it wont print.

Me.CrystalReport1.ReportFileName = "I:Reportvbreport.rpt"
Me.CrystalReport1.DiscardSavedData = True
CrystalReport1.Destination = crptToPrinter

Trying To Print Crystal Report Directly To Printer

I am trying to print crystal report directly to network printer without viewing the report through ASP. This was working on NT4 Server, IIS. I installed shared printer on NT 4, register these printers in the registry and then printed directly to these printers through ASP.

Now we have 2000 server. Did the same on 2000 server, but when ASP page is called, Selectprinter as well as Printout method do not return any error code but still report is not printed to the printer. Can you help me with the same?

VB, Crystal Report , Acrobat Reader, Printer

I would like print (manualy) acrobat reader document. I use crystal report vb code to generate the document. Everything allright.
But i would like change the printer default of the acrobat reader document generated (This document only)

How can i do?

Crystal Reports Report Screen - Printer Not Working

I have distributed runtimes for 8.5 onto a machine, because of poor quality images in reports, performed the various upgrades to my development machine and onto the server where i had installed the original runtimes, overwriting everything.

After some potching about because crystal reports refused to appear and then refused to export stuff, i got it all working - except, the printer icon is disabled and the printer-setup icon on a report does not do anything when you click on it (it allows you to click, but nothing appears).

I have run regmon and filemon to try and track any errors, but nothing appears out of the ordinary.

Any ideas which DLL controls connection to the printer etc.. ?

Thanks !

Crystal Report Viewer - Change Printer At Runtime
I need to allow the user to select the printer at runtime. Can I do this using Crystal report viewer? I have seen posts using SElect printer but I want my app to be independant of this installation and wan to allow the user to select a printer from those installed on site.

Does anyone know how to do this please?

Print Directly To A Printer Using Crystal Report Viewer
Dear all,

How can I print a report directly to a printer without showing the report?
e.g. User select a number (ex. CI00001) from Customer Invoice Form. There are 2 active toolbar icon: Print and Preview. When a user click Preview icon button then the Customer Invoice No. CI00001 report will show, and when a user click Print icon button, the Customer Invoice No. CI00001 will directly print to a printer without previewing the report.
I have no problem in Previewing the report.

Please share.


How To Enable Network Printer Selection Button At Crystal Report Viewer
Hi all

How to enable the network printer selection window button at crystal report viewer ?

Thanks for help

Setup Not Working On "Vista" VB6 And Crystal Report
We have a package using Vb6 and crsytal reports 8.0 running perfectly on 98/XP/ME/2000. But when we try to install this on Vista, Package gets installed but when we try using Rport it says "Server has not yet been opened". All oher functionality is working like saving database etc.
Setup is made using Installshield.I have tried using installation as "Run as Administrator mode" and tried differen paths in installation too.


Printer Object From The Printer Setup Dialog
Was just wondering how to extract that printer object from a printer setup dialog?
Also, how do you print an object inside a form such as a MSFlexGrid? are there any examples out there? Thank you much

How To Show "Select Printer" Dialog Before Printing A Crystal Report?
Hi everyone.
I use Crystal Reports 8.5
In my code I always call the: mycrviewer.ViewReport command. When the report shows up if I press print button it only shows me a dialog with the default printer to set number of copies and pages to print.
I would like to show up a dialog which let me select the printer and adjust other printer settings (like paper size, etc.) like DataReport does.
How can I do this?

Thanks for your time and help!

How To Show "Select Printer" Dialog Before Printing A Crystal Report?
Hi everyone.
I use Crystal Reports 8.5
In my code I always call the: mycrviewer.ViewReport command. When the report shows up if I press print button it only shows me a dialog with the default printer to set number of copies and pages to print.
I would like to show up a dialog which let me select the printer and adjust other printer settings (like paper size, etc.) like DataReport does.
How can I do this?

Thanks for your time and help!

[crystal Report] Avoid Printer From Ejecting Page After Printing A 3 Line Page
Im taking a printout in crystal report - but there are only 3 lines and after printing it goes to next page - but I dont want it to goto next page.
Instead I want it to continue the rest of the printing - which may be in some other report etc - to continue printing from where it left behind (maybe one or 2 lines break)
But after printing 3 lines it automatically ejects out the paper and goes to next page
How do I avoid this ?

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Unable To Open The Crystal Report Exported In Crystal Report Format
Sub: Unable to open the Crystal report exported in Crystal Report Format

1)    I have used Oracle Native connection, while designing the report.
2)    I have passed the record set to the report at run time.
3)    Exported the report to Crystal Report Format, But I could n’t able to open report, while opening , the report asks for OLEDB information, even though I used Native connection at design time.
4)    In Crystal Report 8.5, connect driver property, but I am using crystal reports XI and in Visual Basic 6.0, Is there any method or property to convert the connection?. As I have to export report to crystal format and emailed to user, so that user can open it.
Any assistance in this regard is highly appreciated

The code is as follows:
Public Sub Aging_REPORT(strSQL As String, sReportName As String, sDestFileName As String, ReportTitle As String)

On Error GoTo Err
Dim CrAppl As CRAXDRT.Application
Dim crrep As CRAXDRT.Report

Dim rsCrystal As ADODB.Recordset
    Set CrAppl = New CRAXDRT.Application
    Set crrep = CrAppl.OpenReport(sReportName) 'Opens the report
   Set rsCrystal = New ADODB.Recordset
    rsCrystal.Open strSQL, Conn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly
     With crrep
    .Database.LogOnServer "crdb_oracle.dll", strServerName, "", strUserName, strPassword
     .ReportTitle = ReportTitle
     .Database.SetDataSource rsCrystal, 3 'LINK REPORT TO RECORDSET
     .VerifyOnEveryPrint = True
     End With
   With crrep.ExportOptions
    .DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
    .FormatType = crEFTCrystalReport
    .DiskFileName = sDestFileName
   End With
   crrep.Export (False)
    Set crrep = Nothing
    Set CrAppl = Nothing
    Exit Sub
 MsgBox Err.Description

End Sub


Vb/crystal:how To Replace Crviewer Default Printer With Windows Common Dialog Printer
hi all,
I'm trying to create a crystal report through vb.
does anyone know how to replace the default printer ( that comes with crviewer control) with a windows common dialog printer. I mean, with the options to select differnt printers etc.

How To Pass Format String To Crystal Report From VB And How To Use It In Crystal Report?

I am working on VB 6.0 and using crystal report 7 as reporting tool.
In report, some clients are asking 3 decimal places(Eg. 2000.500) while other clients are asking 2 decimal places(Eg. 2000.50) for numeric fields.
I want to pass the amount of decimal places for numeric fields to crystal report from VB.
How should I implement this using VB.
Pls any one can help me?

Thanks in vance,

How To Replace Crystal Report Control With Crystal Report Designer

I want to replace crystal report control with crystal report designer in vb. report files are ready.
and parameters have passed by crystal report control to the actual repors which are made in segate crystal report.
now i want to keep the re[prt files as it is. but instead of control,
i want to use designer.

plesae help me


Printer Setup

I know that there are already many threads on this topic, but I coudn't find an answer in any of them. What I want to do is the following.

I have a program that creates graphics and I want the user to be able to print those files. I have a (self-designed) page setup dialog in which the user can choose his printer and the way the graphic shall be printed (e.g. split it on several pages to make a poster). So far no problem. Now I want to be able to setup the printer (paper size, color quality, etc.) But when I call the print setup dialog with a commondialog (cmdlg1.showprinter), the dialog does not give back any changes I made. For example, if I change the paper orientation in this dialog and check it with printer.orientation, it is still the same as before.

Has anyone ever solved this problem?


Printer Setup
Does anyone know the command to display the printer setup? hopefully without showing the print box

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