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Crystal Report Datagrid Print...?


I'm new in Crystal Reports (and VB).
I would like to print data from DataGrid trough Crystal Reports ?
Data in DataGrid are shown from SQL query with Adodc.
Any ideas?

Thank you.

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Crystal Report... How To Print Crystal Report Using PrintDocument??
Hi.. I need help greatly... there's an issue which required me to make use of the PrintDOcument Object to print this crystal report..Instead of the pre defined printer button on the crystal report viewer..???Can anyone teach me HOW to print crystal report using the print document??it just seems to can't capture the crystal report for printing.... ANd how do i make use of the PrintPage Event???

What's Logon Parameter To Oracle Server With Vb To Print Report With Crystal Report
Hi all,

How to write a log on parameter to oralce server with using vb to print a report that using crystal report

is it crystalreport1.connect = "Dsn=servername;uid=username;pwd=password"

and how to use the selectionformula

Show Print Dialog When Printing Report With Crystal Report
Hi there,

In my code when I press on the printing button I want it to show the printing dialog to choose printer and tray which I will print out.

My code like this:

Public Report As CRAXDRT.Report
Set Report = crxApp.OpenReport(App.path & "Data
Report.PrintOut true

With these code it only let me choose from page to page not for printer and tray.

Thanks a lots.

Using Print Engine API To Print Crystal Report From VB
I am trying to run a Crystal Report (ver 7) from a VB app (ver 6) using the
Print Engine API.
The report links to tables in an Oracle (ver 7.3.4) database via ODBC.
I use VB to collect the parameters to pass them to the report.
All seems to work fine until the end of this code when I try to display the
The report window opens momentarily, then closes.
The last MsgBox reports an error code of 599.
I have been able to determine that apparently I need to Logon to the server.
However, there is not enough documentation on how to use PELogonServer or
Can someone enlighten me or at least point me to some decent reference

'''### copy of code ###'''
Dim txtValu(2) As String
txtValu(0) = txtSDate.Text
txtValu(1) = txtEDate.Text
RptName = App.Path & "SO_003.rpt"

valueInfo.StructSize = PE_SIZEOF_VALUE_INFO

Handle = PEOpenEngine
job = PEOpenPrintJob(RptName)
ParamNum = PEGetNParameterFields(job)
For i = 0 To (ParamNum - 1)
Result = PEGetNthParameterField(job, i, ParamInfo)
valueInfo.valueType = PE_VI_DATE
valueInfo.viDate(0) = Year(CDate(txtValu(i)))
valueInfo.viDate(1) = Month(CDate(txtValu(i)))
valueInfo.viDate(2) = Day(CDate(txtValu(i)))
Result = PEAddParameterCurrentValue(job, ParamInfo.Name, _
ParamInfo.reportName, valueInfo)
If Result = 0 Then
ErrorNum = PEGetErrorCode(job)
MsgBox "The call PEAddParameterCurrentValue failed"
MsgBox "The error code is: " & ErrorNum
End If

Next i
Handle = PEOutputToWindow(job, RptName, 0, 0, 520, 520, 0, 0)
If Handle = 0 Then
ErrorNum = PEGetErrorCode(job)
MsgBox "The output cannot be sent to the window"
MsgBox "The error code is " & ErrorNum
Handle = PEStartPrintJob(job, True)
If Handle = 0 Then
ErrorNum = PEGetErrorCode(job)
MsgBox "An error occurred while trying to start the Print Job."
MsgBox "The error code is " & ErrorNum
End If
End If

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Crystal Report, Print 3 Diff Copies Of A Report
Dear Friends

I am using crystal report 8 in visual basic 6, back end access 97. I want to print 3 copies of Invocie. Like first copy should be marked as "Original" Second "Accounts" and third "Record Copy".

I tried a lot but could not succeed. Please check out this

Zubair Khan

Print A3 Report In A4 Size For Crystal Report
Hi, i do have a hugh report designed for A3 paper, how could i get it printed on an A4 size paper?
i.e. the overflown portion is printed on a second A4 paper.

any suggestion is appreciated

Print An A3 Report On A4 Paper For Crystal Report
Hi, i do have a hugh report designed for A3 paper, how could i get it printed on an A4 size paper?
i.e. the overflown portion is printed on a second A4 paper.

any suggestion is appreciated

Help Crystal Report Print Stock Report
I am using Visual Basic 6.0 and Crystal Reports 8.5 for my Stock project.
I would like to ask how to produce the following report :

Date     Invoice Item     Quantity Metric
01-09-04 A     A001     1500 Kilogram
02-09-04 B     A001     100 Gram
     Subtotal :        1 Ton
             500 Kilogram
             100 Gram

03-09-04 C     B001     20 Piece
     Subtotal :         1 Dozen
             8 Piece

I already have these functions to convert the values :

Function ConvertToSmall(Item, Quantity, Metric)
     ConvertToSmall(1500100, grams) 'For Item A001
End Function

Function ConvertToLarge(Item, SmallQuantity)
     ConvertToLarge=Array(3,2) -> (1,Ton), (500,Kilogram), (100,Gram)
End Function

These functions can also be used for the B001 with
the metric conversion (Dozen, Piece, Gross) = (12,1,144) in which
1 Dozen = 12 Piece, 1 Gross = 12 x 12 = 144 Piece.

And does the 8.5 version support the bar-code printing?

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me.

Print Report Of Information In Datagrid
I can't seem to remember how to create a report. Here is the code I'm using to populate the datagrid.

**** Start code **********
Private Sub Form_Load()


End Sub

Private Sub fillGrid()

On Error GoTo catch_me

pstrSQL = "SELECT [TDate], [Orig], [Lastname]," & _
"[Team], [ONum], [OrigAppName]," & _
"[DDigit], [DNum], [DestAppName], [HTime], [TTime] " & _
"FROM tblTransfer INNER JOIN UserInfo ON " & _
"tblTransfer.[Orig] = UserInfo.Ext "

' populate data grid
With rsTransfer
.Open pstrSQL, adoMemDB, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText
End With

Set dbgTransfer.DataSource = rsTransfer

Exit Sub
MsgBox Err.Number & " " & Err.Description, vbInformation, "Fill Grid Error"

End Sub

Private Sub memDB()

Set adoMemDB = New ADODB.Connection
Set rsTransfer = New ADODB.Recordset

' open database connection
adoMemDB.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source=" & App.path & "datamemDB.mdb;" & _
"Persist Security Info=False;Mode=readwrite"

' open transfer recordset
pstrSQL = "SELECT * FROM tblTransfer"

With rsTransfer
.CursorLocation = adUseClient
.CursorType = adOpenDynamic
.LockType = adLockBatchOptimistic
.Open pstrSQL, adoMemDB, , , adCmdText
End With

End Sub

Private Sub ExecuteQuery(ByVal pstrSQL As String)

Dim cmdQuery As ADODB.Command
Set cmdQuery = New ADODB.Command

cmdQuery.ActiveConnection = adoMemDB
cmdQuery.CommandText = pstrSQL
cmdQuery.CommandType = adCmdText


Set cmdQuery = Nothing

End Sub

****** End Code ************

I know this is simple I just can't remember how to.


Steve Cantoria

Print Crystal Report..!
How can I print 2 copies of report per 1 page..?
Help me plz!

Crystal Report Do Not Print
Using Crystal Report 8.5

I have no problem printing on my program while I was testing it and even when I have package and setup to my pc. I setup to another computer and there are no error in Installation. Problem occur when I tried to print, the printer icon shows on system tray then suddenly gone. There were no error message but it did not print anything. Please see codes below.

CrystalReport1.Destination = crptToPrinter
CrystalReport1.DataFiles(0) = App.Path & "myDatabase.mdb"
CrystalReport1.Password = Chr(10) & "myPassword"
CrystalReport1.ReportFileName = App.Path & "myReport.rpt
CrystalReport1.DiscardSavedData = True
CrystalReport1.PrintFileType = crptCrystal
CrystalReport1.WindowState = crptMaximized
CrystalReport1.Action = 1

I guess it was only printing in my PC because I have Crystal Report. Iím also thinking that I might be needing some files or DLLís of Crystal Report.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Print A Crystal Report From Vb
before i used crystal report
i had access report and printed it from vb withinh the prog with preview button on a form
is there a way to do this with crystal report
hope i have given enough info but newbie to this
this is the code i used

Code:Private Sub Command1_Click()
Const strLcREPORT_NAME As String = "race"
Const strLcFilePathName = "C:pigeonsirds.Mdb"
    Me.Command1.Enabled = False
Set udfMvAccess = New Access.Application
udfMvAccess.AutomationSecurity = 1
' Open Database
    udfMvAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase (strLcFilePathName)
    ' Open Report
    udfMvAccess.DoCmd.OpenReport strLcREPORT_NAME, acPreview
    ' Ensure Report Is Visible
    udfMvAccess.Visible = True
    Me.Command1.Enabled = True
End Sub

vb6 and access 2003
also newbie
may the force be with you

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Best Way To Print With Crystal Report 8.5 + VB6
Good day,

This is my first post and hopefully some experts can solve my issue:

My friend is using Crystal Report 8.5 to create the reports (.rpt) and he is using Active Data Source (ADO) to select the records. E.g. Customer Information data from Table_Customer.

In my VB project, I will provide a customer information maintenance screen and a print button that allows the user to key in the customer code, read, update the information and print the amended record. I am using ADO connection and recordset to retrieve and update the records.

When I tried to Crystal Report component on my form, i found that I cannot use the ADO recordset as my Crystal Report Data Source. As I found another solution from the CR website and these are the codes that I am using :

    Dim CRXApplication As New Craxdrt.Application
    Dim CRXReport As Craxdrt.Report
    Dim CRXDatabase As Craxdrt.Database

    Set rsRecord = New ADODB.Recordset
    strSQL = "SELECT * from Customer where Cust_Id = " & "'" & txtCustID.text & "''
    Set rsRecord = cnADO.Execute(strSQL)
    Set CRXReport = CRXApplication.OpenReport(App.Path & "Customer.rpt", 1)
    Set CRXDatabase = CRXReport.Database

    CRXDatabase.SetDataSource rsRecord, 3, 1
    CRXReport.PaperSize = crPaperA4
    CRXReport.Database.SetDataSource rsRecord, 3, 1

    frmPrint.CRViewer1.ReportSource = CRXReport

My Questions :

1) There is no "Preview" option for CRXReport. I have to use the CRViewer in order for me to preview my report. Anybody know is there a setting/option to do that ?

2) How do I pass a text string to Crystal Report ? E.g. The customer is a guy then I will send "Mr. " else "Madam". Do I need to create a text object in Crystal Report ? What is the syntax to pass my string value to that particular text object.

3) This is a only a simple recordset and if I have a recordset that is selected from 2 tables then how do I pass the recordset to Crystal Report ?

May be the way that I am using now cannot be used to solve all the issues that I have faced. Is there a better way of doing these things ?

Many thanks,

Can Not Get A Crystal Report To Print
Can you think of any reason (beyond the obvious), as to why a Crystal Report that
works fine from the Crystal Reports Application(ver 4.6) refuses to print inside of a visual Basic
application(VB 5.0) using the PrintReport method?

I Used a line like this... CrystalReport1.PrintReport .... to attempt to print.

It "seems like it should be extremely straight forward and I've looked at many examples
and followed them without success.

Also, where can one get a newer versin of Crystal reports?


What Is The Best Way To Print A Crystal Report
I am trying to print a report designed in crystal reports to print the contents of a database. I use the code

Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()

crReport.Action = crRunReport

End Sub

given in a book, but I get an error. Where am I going wrong and how do I rectify it

Help Please !! DataGrid && Crystal Report
I'm using 2003

i have facing problems with datagrid and crystal report

1. My Datagrid shows the "Amount" column with 1 decimal place.

How to change this column with displaying 2 decimal places without showing the currency symbol. I'm using MS-Access as database.

2. All the records aligned to left, How can I change a perticular column to different alignment.

3. How to show the crystal report with user requested records

Please help me to solve those problems

Problem In Using VB To Print Crystal Report
I am a crystal report newbies and I am writing a program that use VB6 to print some records by crystal report template. At first when there is no formula in the report. I can use the code
to print the report. However, when I change the formula in the crystal report twice, I cannot print the report out.
I have attached the copy of the testing file in this post. Can anyone help me?..
Thank you very much!!

How To Print Picture In Crystal Report
Dear All:

I stalled the image in the table with a link only(not the picture), how can I print the picture with crystal report 9.0, can someone help, thanks


Print Problem Using Crystal Report
Hi, all

I'm using the embedded .dsr(crystal report 8.5) within VB6,
The followint code:

private sub cmdPrt_click()
Dim rpt As New dsrCrystalReport1
rpt.PrinterSetup Me.hwnd
rpt.PaperOrientation = crLandscape
rpt.PrintOut false
end sub

when I click the cmdPrt button, the printer setup dialog comes out,
when i click OK button on printer setup dialog, my report will be
printed out, if i click Cancle button, the report still be printed.
so i want my code to be changed to

private sub cmdPrt_click()
Dim rpt As New dsrCrystalReport1
rpt.PrinterSetup Me.hwnd
if cancel button on printer setup be clicked then
exit sub
end if
rpt.PaperOrientation = crLandscape
rpt.PrintOut false
end sub

how can I get information or variable that the cancel button be clicked?
the only way I can cancel printing report is following code?

private sub cmdPrt_click()
Dim rpt As New dsrCrystalReport1
rpt.PrinterSetup Me.hwnd
rpt.PaperOrientation = crLandscape
rpt.PrintOut True
end sub

the printer setup dialog comes out first, then printer dialog comes, I
click cancel button on printer dialog. I don't want this way.

Can someone help?


Print Picture In Crystal Report
How can i print picture in Crystal Report 9.0. i have stored my picture in database field. i m using SQL Server 2000. i want to show that picture in crystal report

How To Print Crystal Report Directly?
I usually have a form in Visual Basic 6 with CR Viewer control, where I allow the user to preview the report and then print it through the CR Viewer. The user now want to print the report directly when he hits the OK button (which do other functions as well) without needing to view the report (which he trusts will be OK anyway). Unfortunately, none of my VB books as well as my Crystal Report books teach me how to do that. Any suggestion where to start first? I am using VB 6 and CR 8.5.

Way To Print Reports Without Crystal Report
i looking for a way to print some "reports" without using the crystal report with vb6 there is any way?
thanks a lot

Crystal Report Print Page ??
I want to print specific pages in my crystal report from VB6 ?

The report has 20 pages and i want to print page number 1,5,7,9 and 11.
Is this possible ?

I need help urgently.
Thanks in Advance

Opening A Crystal Report And Print
I have a report i want to open with vb. After the report is opened i want to print it right away and then close it. Anyone know how to do this. I don't want the users to interact with crystal. Just want to open and print the report. Thanks for the help!!

Print With Crystal Report On PDF-Writer
Hi All,

does anybody know how to set filename and filepath ?


Print Button In Crystal Report
How do I Know When user click Print button on report screen.(What Event trigger when The print button was click.

Scripts To Print From Crystal Report
hi all...
can anybody help me how to print reports using crystal report.

Print 2-sided Crystal Report From VB App?
I have a VB Application that uses the Crystal Reports 8.5 OCX control to view and print a crystal report.  Currently it prints single-sided.  My users have asked if I could make it print double-sided to save paper.  Is there a way I can make the Crystal OCX control print double-sided?  (The printer can do this, BTW).

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Crystal Report + Sql Query + Print ??
How to use crystal report ( my CR. v.8.5 ), ? I want to put print button in some of my form that display recordset in datagrid., so e.g the query i want to make report in strquery variable ( same as opened by myrecordsetobject ).
plzz... give me code example... ?

thank you very much,

Draft Print In Crystal Report

   I am doing software development. Front end is VB6 and Backend is Access. For reporting, I am using Crystal Report8.

   I have faced one problem in Crystal Report8. I want to print fast. So, I tried to include "Draft10Cpi" in Fontlist. But, I can't locate draft10cpi in my fontlist. Is there any specific driver available to set "Draft10Cpi"? How to solve this problem? Otherwise how to print fast?

Send reply to also.

Crystal Report Print Window

I have a query with Crystal reports. When the print command is given, a small window appers with Title "Print" and displays the Printer Name and option for selecting pages to print and no of copies to print.

I want to disable this option. is it possible that this window do not appear or all the selection options in this window are disabled? I have to give the preview option to the user.



How To Print In Dos Mode With Crystal Report
Hi Friends,

I am using vb6,Sql server 7,crystal report 7
on windows 98 machine. I am using dot matrix
printer for printing my reports. I have created
many reports in table format.It is taking more time
to print the report in dot matrix.

People say that applications created in Windows environment
will take more time to print then applications created in
Dos environment. Is that true.Printer Representative say
that in windows ,controls such as determining font,font size
is handled by windows itself,One cannot set these setting
through printer settings.

Is it possible to print the reports created in Crystal report
to print in Dos mode. How to do it.

Also suggest me which font(i am using new times roman)
to use so that printing will be carried at high speed.

Please help me.


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Crystal Report. Print To File.
Is there any way to save a Crystal Report's report into the bitmap file such as .TIF, .TIFF, .BMP or .PCX ?

Can I Take Data From Datagrid Into Crystal Report 8.5?

I want to know if we can take fields from a datagrid in vb 6.0 and generate a report in Crystal report 8.5 and perform calculations on these fields?

Crystal Reports 9.0 On VB .NET Report Won't Print Correctly
I'm using Crystal Reports 9 with VB.NET in which I'm using a form called, "frmShowReport." It is simply a form with a CrystalReportViewer control placed on it. I have set the ReportSource in that control to be crystalreport11, which is my .rpt file. The above function sets up the SQL statement inside of the report and then brings up the CrystalReportViewer. This all works great. The new form pops up and the report performs exactly as expected.

My problem, however, comes when I try to print this report from the Viewer. I press the print button from the viewer, hit OK when the print options come up and it does send the report to my laser printer. This particular report I am printing is 3 pages long. The printer prints 3 pages, however, only a small portion of each page is printed to the paper, and also itís printed in a weird position. It prints the upper-left hand ľ of the report in the upper-right hand ľ of the page, and the rest of the paper is blank.

At first I think, ďOK printer driver is messed up.Ē However, I can print from Word, Excel, and other programs just fine. Also, the report prints perfectly if I print a test version from the Crystal Reports report editor. So, it seems Iím missing some sort of setup command from inside of VB for the CRV or perhaps the crystal reports object itself. I just donít have the foggiest idea what that command is.

Here is the function that sets up my Crystal Reports report, and then shows the report to the user.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Private Sub tlbStatSum_ButtonClick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.ToolBarButtonClickEventArgs) Handles tlbStatSum.ButtonClick

Dim fReport As New frmShowReport()

Dim selectionFormula As String

Dim intStore As Integer

Select Case tlbStatSum.Buttons.IndexOf(e.Button)

Case 0

fReport.crystalReport11.SetParameterValue("varstore", 1)

fReport.crystalReport11.SetParameterValue("varsummary", 1)

fReport.Text = "Inventory Profitability Analysis - Printable Statistics Summary"

Case 1

fReport.crystalReport11.SetParameterValue("varstore", 0)

fReport.crystalReport11.SetParameterValue("varsummary", 0)

fReport.Text = "Inventory Profitability Analysis - Detailed Report"

Case Else


End Select

fIstat.txtVend.Text = fIstat.txtVend.Text.ToUpper

fIstat.txtCatno.Text = fIstat.txtCatno.Text.ToUpper

selectionFormula = vbNullString

With fReport

.CrystalReportViewer1.LogOnInfo(0).ConnectionInfo.Password = "MyPassword"

.crystalReport11.PrintOptions.PaperOrientation = CrystalDecisions.[Shared].PaperOrientation.Landscape

.crystalReport11.SetParameterValue("vend", fIstat.txtVend.Text)

.crystalReport11.SetParameterValue("catno", fIstat.txtCatno.Text)

If fIstat.cmbStore.SelectedValue <> -1 Then

intStore = fIstat.cmbStore.SelectedValue

selectionFormula = "({COMMAND.STORE} = " & intStore & ")"

.crystalReport11.SetParameterValue("varstore", intStore)

End If

If fIstat.chkPrimItemSw.Checked = True Then

If selectionFormula <> vbNullString Then

selectionFormula = selectionFormula & " and "

End If

selectionFormula = selectionFormula & "({COMMAND.PRIMARY} = ""P"")"

End If

If fIstat.chkSpecSw.Checked = True Then

If selectionFormula <> vbNullString Then

selectionFormula = selectionFormula & " and "

End If

selectionFormula = selectionFormula & "({COMMAND.TYPE}<>""X"")"

End If

.CrystalReportViewer1.SelectionFormula = selectionFormula

.CrystalReportViewer1.ShowRefreshButton = False


End With

End Sub

Print Crystal Report && Update Database

Is it possible to update a database once a report has been printed using Crystal Reports?

The idea is to produce account statements for customers from a database, when the user prints the statement(s) the database is updated to indicate a statement has been printed for that customer.

The next time the statements are run the query would start from that point.

Can this be done through Crystal?


Print Crystal Report On Dot Matrix Printer
I use VB6, Crystal Reports 8.5 and I have to send
a crystal printout on a Dot Matrix printer.
Using the normal way I managed to print my data,
however the printer "identifies" these data as Image
and prints accordingly and slow.
What I would like to do is print raw data (text and numbers)
as their type and not as image.
something like the Printer.Print does....
any ideas?

thanxs in advance

Print Invoice Problem With Crystal Report
First I want to say sorry because my English is bad.
I'm using Crystal report dev 8.01 and VB 6

1.I want to make my report only print 10 records per page.
if there's 12 records so 1st page is contain 10 records and 2nd page contain
2 more record.
is there anyone know how to do that in Crystal report?
I can make simple report with Crystal Report but..I just can't find a way to
do it.
2.I want that report to make subtotal not per-Group but per page.
is there anyone know how?

Thanks alot

Maximize Crystal Report Print Preview
How can I maximize Crystal Report Print Preview window automatically.
my code is :
help pls. Thanks.

Print Distinct Values In Crystal Report
Is there a way to just print out distinct values in a Crystal if a field contains the data:


Is it possible to just have a line that looks like: 10, 19, 20

Help Print Image From Database In Crystal Report
Hi friends

I am using SQL Server 2000 & VB 6. I want print image on crystal report at run time. Image store in database.

I want to print barcode on crystal report without any additional function.

I am storing barcode image in database. I am using label print report & this label is my barcode.

I am trying it but not success

Help! Suppress Crystal Report Print Window.
I am developing a NT service application that will have no user interface and no windows. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to suppress the window displayed by Crystal Reports when a report is sent to the printer. I am printing these reports using Crystal report API's.


Print Time Format In Crystal Report

You can try Seagate Crystal Report 6.0
There is a function to format time.

But I think now the latest versin is 7.x !?

Does it help ?


Dlls Needed To Print Crystal Report In Vb5 App??
Howdy all,

I'm developing a visual basic 5 program that will print crystal report documents (thru the Crystal Report Control 4.6 that's included with vb).  This program will be distributed to machines that do not have vb or crystal reports installed on them.  i'm having a difficult time trying to find the list of DLLs needed for the reports to be processed and printed!  Every time i try to print a doc on one of these machines, it gives an error stating that that file could not be opened.  The program *does* work on machines that have Crystal Reports installed, so i'm assuming that DLLs are to blame.  Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find the necessary dll files?!?

thanks in advance,
chris wilker

Crystal Report + Sql Query + Print ?? HLPPP
How to use crystal report ( my CR. v.8.5 ), ? I want to put print button in some of my form that display recordset in datagrid., so e.g the query i want to make report in strquery variable ( same as opened by myrecordsetobject ).
plzz... give me code example... ?

thank you very much,

Print Mathematical Characters In Crystal Report

I want to print mathematical special characters greater thgan equal to (but not '>=" way) in crystal report thru VB. The data is stored in a SQL table(NTEXT data type of the field)

We can insert such characters in Microsoft word by Insert > Symbols menu..

Can anybody help me please?


Print Special Characters In Crystal Report

I want to print special mathematical characters in crystal report thru VB. For example Greater than equal to / less than equal to ( but not '>=' or '<=' way!!). The data is in a SQL table. The field that stores the data in the table has the data type NTEXT.

We can enter these characters in Microsoft word using Insert > Symbols menu...

Can anybody help me please?


Trapping Crystal Report Print Button In Vb6...

I am using crystal reports 7 version for developing reports. TO display reports I use vb6 and crystal reports ocx control. I want to trap the print event of crystal reports at run time. I want to increment a counter and get the number of times the printout was taken..

please help is very urgent..

thnkx in advance

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