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Crystl32.ocx Registration

Hi guys

Everybody is talking about registering Crystl32.ocx, How do i register this Crystl32.ocx?


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Crystl32.ocx Registration Problem
Hi There,
I have made a software using vb/sql server/crystal reports 7. Reports r made in Crystal Reports Designer, to display report frm VB I am using Crystl32.ocx component.

The problem is crystl32.ocx is unable to register. Whenever I try to register it executing - REGSVR32 "D:REPORTSCyrstl32.ocx" -

I get the following error
- LoadLibrary (D:REPORTSCrystl32.ocx) failed.
Get last error returns 0x00000485.

The temp solution I thought was to do Minimum Installation of Crystal Reports on client machine. I know this is a wrong way but couldnt help it. Can anyone help me out of this problem?

Why I am getting above mentioned error while registering crystl32.ocx?
Is there need to register any other files?

Help will be appriciated

Hi....hopefully someone has come accross these errors....when I try to open up a project, I get the following message...."crystl32.ocx could not be loaded--Continue Loading Project?" Additionally, when I do open the project, I can't open up one of the forms in the project.....I get the following message...."Path/File Access Error". Lastly, in a log file associated with the aforementioned form, I get the message...."Class Crystal.CrystalReport of control rptReport was not a loaded control class."
I recently downloaded 'Depends' and used it to see if I had some files missing, but when I checked for dependencies on the crystl32.ocx file, everything was fine. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

What Is Crystl32.tlb, And Why Is It Doing This To Me!
I am new at this so please excuse my stupidity. I recently wrote a program in VB6 Pro which uses databases, and reports (created in Crystal Reports ver 5 - 32 bit).

Everything on the source computer works fine so the program was compiled and packaged using the PCDM in VB6.

The program installed ok on the target computer but when any report is called the error msg "Run time error 339 crystl32.tlb or one of its dependancies" etc etc.

Both computers are running Windows 98. The file crystl32.tlb exists on the target computer. I tried using the Dependancy walker in Visual Studio but it found nothing. I tried regsrv32.exe but no luck. I even compiled a report in Crystal Reports for distribution and installed that on the target computer to see if it would install all the files to Windows. The distributed report works fine when it is called from its .EXE, but you already guessed the result when using the VB created program!

The file crystl32.tlb was listed in the setup list by the PCDM as TLBRegister - Shared and was installed in the WindowsSystem path.

Can someone please explain to me

1 What the hell crystl32.tlb is ?
2 Why is it doing this to me ( I never did anything to it) ?
3 How the hell do I cure it ?

VB And Crystl32.ocx

I have a vb install that includes crystl32.ocx. This works fine on win 98 but it will not register in win 95. I have tried using regsvr32 and that doesnt work either. I have also replaced it with an older version of crystl32.ocx and that also doesn't work.

Has anyone seen this problem b4.



Help On Crystl32.dep
Pls help!.
I have a VB6.0 program that prints a report using Crystal Report. (Actually, I initially developed the report in CR10)My back-end is an MS SQL server 2000.  It works on my development PC but when I run the Package and Deployment Wizard I have this error:

"Unexpected error number 80010108 has occured.Automation error. The object invoked has disconnected from its clients"

Also, I came across resolution from Crystal(or rather BO) and Microsoft site involving modification of a Crystl32.dep  but the problem is, I cannot even find that file in my pc! Is it a hidden file? Is there any other get-around with this?

What can I do to resolve this.
Thank you in advance...

I tried to register crystl32.ocx but I got an error "loadlibrary("C:WINDOWSsystem32crystl32.ocx")failed - the specified module could not be found"... I've already search this site for a possible solution but most topics are unresolved.. I'm currently using Crystal Reports Xl..

Edited by - silverblood on 6/20/2005 2:56:34 AM

the system i am installing my new program has got tata Ex software which uses cryatal reports 4. the problem is wen ever i install there is a problem with crystl32.dll file.
the problem is only the last install software works.

if i install Ex last then it wrks and my new software shows an error "crystl32.dll"
now if i install my new software then the other doesnt work
is there nay way so that i can run both on the same platform

please rush ur replies as i am in great need and trying to find an answer for quite some time


Does anyone know where can i get these files? or can someone post them? Thanks.


Crystl32.ocx And VS Installer ???

I have created a vb project containing few Crystal Reports. And created Installer of this project. Specifications are

OS : Win 98, VB 6.0, Cryst. Repo. : 4.6

When I tried to install this project on another PC (Win 98) it is giving following error

Error 1904 : Failure in registering module C:WindowsSystemCrystl32.OCX
HRESULT - 2147023739
(Exit Retry Resume/Ignore) butttons are there.

When I ignored project got installed succesfuly, but I couldn't see any of the reports. Again it gave error because of Crystl32.OCX.

Please help !!!

Crystl32.ocx Error
Hi All
My Timesheet application is done, and i've packaged it using Setup factory 7. but i get the following error while installing the app on another pc.

Run-time error336:
Component 'crystl32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: A file is missing or invalid.

How can i fix this problem ????

Please guys

Crystl32.ocx Registering
When setting up my application onto a computer, I receive error messages for Windows 95 systems stating that crystl32.ocx, craxdrt.dll and craxddt.dll cannot be registered. I do not get these errors when loading onto a Windows 98 machine.

I researched the problem at Seagate's homepage and they recommended adding the following to vb6dep.ini:

;Dependancy file for setup wizards
Version =
;Dependancies for CDO32.DLL




I added the above to my vb6dep.ini file and added the dependencies while going through my Package and Deployment Wizard. This approach still did not register the three files.

Seagate also has a page that lists all the crystl32.ocx dependencies for the various versions of Crystal Reports. My version is 7.0. According to the article the dependencies are:

I added these dependencies (as far as those that were not already there). The setup program then told me that the Comdlg32.dll file is linked to missing export Shell32.dll:645. I added Shell32.dll as a dependency and it crashed the system. Next I removed both the Shell32.dll and the Comdlg32.dll. The program loaded but it still did not register the three files. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

RegSvr32 Crystl32.ocx Is Not Working
I have developed a program in visual basic and the reports in crystal reports.
i converted into a package using package and deployement wizard.
but im not able to open the exe program after installing while installing itself the crystl32.ocx is giving error.
so i typed in the
start-->run-->regsvr32 crystl32.ocx.
but its giving the following error.

GetLastError returns 0x00000485

how can i solve this problem.


Crystl32.dep File Not Found
I am trying to package my visual basic project but I am getting the famous error:
"Unexpected error number 80010108 has ocurred" problem. Well I got the solution for this problem i.e. by commenting certain lines of "Crystl32.dep" but to my surprise, I do not have that file installed on my PC even though I have carried out the complete installation of "Crystal Reports 8.5".

Can sombody help as how can find the crystl32.dep file !


Component CRYSTL32.OCX Problem
I made my project into an executable and it works fine on my machine. When I take this program to other machines, I get the following error message that keeps my program from openning "Component 'CRYSTL32.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid."

I found a CRYSTL32.OCX and downloaded it into my project folder, but I still get that same error message at other peoples machines. What can I do? Thanks.

Crystl32.ocx And Craxdrt.dll Error
During installation of a application I created, I get a crystl32.ocx and craxdrt.dll error on Win98 SR2 and Win95. Ive installed it on Win NT and Win98, and works fine...Do I need a different version of those files for 98sr2 and 95? Should I specify a different location? By the way, I am using crystal reports 7.0 (crystl32.ocx)... Any help would be greatly appreciated

Crystl32.ocx Registry Problem
I'm having a problem using the Crystal Report control in one of my applications. When the form that has the control on it starts to load, the following error occurs:

"Error 339 - Component CRYSTL32.OCX or one of its dependencies is not properly registered. File missing or invalid."

I have checked the dependencies for this file (using the Dependency Walker) and everything seems fine. Moreover, I created a small sample application with one form that has the Crystal Report control on it. When I run that application on the same PC, I have no problems.

I'm certain this is a setup issue, but I can't figure out what it could be. I have already recreated the VBP file for this application from scratch, and it made no difference. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue.


Problems Registering Crystl32.ocx
Im having problems registering crystl32.ocx in Windows xp.
i write regsvr32 c:windowssystem32crystl32.ocx

and apears an error message saying its impossible to locate the specified module.
I tryed one file that i found in other post of this forum (rightclickregistration) and didnt work too.
I copied crystl32 to system32.

Thanks in advance!

Setting Attributed For Crystl32.ocx
I want to print my crystal report to screen by programatically setting the attributes for the crystl32.ocx (Crystal) object. I have tried the following piece of code but it doesn't seem to work.

Any suggestions??

Crystal.Destination = crptToWindow
Crystal.ReportFileName = "C:Invoicefinvoice.rpt"
Crystal.ReportSource = crptReport


Crystl32.ocx Error Message
hi, i'm still a newbie.........
why do i get a message such as like this "component 'crystl32.ocx' ..... not correctly registered......."?
what's the best thing to do? please...i really need your help!!!
thanks in advance!

Error Registering Crystl32.ocx
when running a installation created using PDW it is giving an error message unable to register crystl32.ocx.

The version of the ocx is

So I tried regsvr32 crystl32.ocx and got a message
GetLastError returns 0x00000485

Anybody has any idea what is going on.

I thought this was a problem with the machine on which I am trying to install it so I got a test machine and formatted the hard disk and did a fresh install of win98 but this problem persists.

In general I am trying to find list of error messages in MSDN and unable to find it. Does anybody know where to search for it.



Crystal Report Refresh Using Crystl32.ocx

My application is in access and crystal report. i am using crystl32.ocx to call crystal report from access. everything is working fine but i dont see last record in my crystal report. for.e.g. if i have 10 records to show, crystal report shows 9 records and when i click on refresh button it shows the last 10th record. i dont know why doesn't the report show the last record. can anyone help me with this, is there any property in crystl32.ocx which refreshes the report.

Load Library Failed (crystl32.ocx)

I have a problem registering Crystl32.ocx on my computer (developement PC). When I typed Regsvr32 c:windowssystemcrystl32.ocx an Error message popped up:

Load Library ("c:windowssystemcrystl32.ocx") Failed. GetLastError returns 0x00000485.

The same errorr occured when I tried to do it from DOS prompt!

** OCX is in the system directory!!**

Need help urgently!

Ales Zigon

Crystl32.ocx In Crystal 8.. Doesn't Exist

Does anyone know where can i get the crystl32.ocx for Crystal 8 or the equivalent ocx. The problem is that i can't call my reports from VB, i don't have the correct control !

As a reference I'm working with Crystal 8 Professional

Thanks a lot for your help

Having Problems With Crystal Report Control, CRYSTL32.OCX
When I installed Crystal report 7, and try to use the said control in visual basic, it does not appear in the available controls, and when when I manually try to register the CRYSTL32.OCX control with regsvr32 it fails. Has anyone ever encountered this, and is there any workaround for this problem?

Thnx in advance.

How To Register Crystl32.ocx In Windows 2000 Professional Machine
dear all

i am facing crystl32.ocx error while running vb exe file

i want to know that how to register crystl32.ocx in windows 2000 professional machine

error code: Component 'CRYSTL32.OCX" or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

i tried all ways what i know!

even i installed crystal report 8.0 in my machine

can anybody help me!

very urgent



How To Distribute & Register Stupid Crystal Report Crystl32.OCX ?
I'm really getting furious about distributing a program that uses crystal
report bcoz I always met the failure of not successfully registering Crystal32.OCX on client site. Even if I use regsvr32.exe to register it, there would be an error message prompted. I don't like to use any Setup Wizard application to create a setup program for my executable files, I just simply find out all the required DLLs and OCXs, and gather them under the same folder where my little executable file locates. But, the use of disgusting Crystal Report had destroyed the way I'd been used to VB, even though I'd tried for hundred methods of registering the Crystl32.OCX manually, I still met the failure. The documentation on registering Crystal Report Engine and OCXs are TERRIBLY POOR, USELESS, especially info about MANUALLY REGISTERING OCXs and DLLS on CLIENT SITE. Never let us know what the required DLLS and OCXS are, and the Procedure of Registering them, just simply tell the developer to run the Application Setup Wizard (VB5) which would automatically find out all the required files and info of registration location, if I don't want to run the
Setup Wizard, how can I register those Giant Crystal Report OCXs and DLLS ?
I need the Procedures in Detail, not those helpless craps, PLEASE, Do U HEAR THIS, Crystal Report Support Personnel ? REPEAT AGAIN, I WANT TO "MANUALLY", I mean "MANUALLY" REGISTER THE CRYSTAL REPORT CRYSTL32.OCX ON CLIENT SITE, THIS'S

Undoubtedly, Crystal Report Is FAIRLY SIMPLE TO USE, BUT IT'S EVEN FAIRLY TROUBLESOME TO DISTRIBUTE AND REGISTER THOSE GIANT DLLS and OCXS, I totally regret after using Crystal Report, I'd BEEN TRAPPED, and don't know how to get out of this trap at the moment.

VB6.0 With Crystal Report 8.5 Package Setup For Crsytal Report Engine (Crystl32.ocx)
Setup Crystal Report Problem When I click Crstal Report Engine at Control Component (Crystl32.ocx) and I make Exe of VB 6 with SP4 , then I use Package & develop tool to make setup list I will facing a problem of Error 28 Out of Stack Space .

.ocx Registration
I have registered .ocx file and compiled .vbp project into .exe file. After I have moved this .exe file to other computer (where I have the same source) it couldn't load mentioned .ocx althought it has registered with same path as it had registered on first computer.
Is it problem with ClassID which is different in both of OS Registry base or ...??

OCX Registration
I've been presented with two schools of thought (from exprienced programmers) and would like opinions on which is more correct:

1. Once an OCX is registered on a PC, you should never register it again, even if you change the OCX (but hold binary compatability).

2. You can register an OCX as many times as you want and it is a good idea to register it again if it has been changed (binary compatability is still held).

I know there are some pretty exprienced coders in this forum with a good chance that someone has done their own tests.

TLB Registration

I have just started getting into making TLBs. I'm doing some performance based testing cmoparing the usage of TLBs to module level declarations.

I have successfully created a TLB using MKTYPLIB and it works fine. But when I alter the ODL file and re-compile the changes don;t show up in VB. I've tried unregistering the TLB using REGTLIB and it says that the unregistration was successfull. I then re-reference the TLB from VB and the changes have not taken affect. Is there something I am doing wrong..?


Registration In P&DW
i'm using Package and Deployment Wizard to distribute my application. However, i wish to include a registration information before the setup continues with the installation process. Does Package and Deployment Wizard has any feature like this?
thanks in advance!


I want to be able to register a key in the windows registry and then have my program look at it to see if the key is correct, sort of a registration thing to see if my program is correctly set. does anyone know how to check a specific registration key value???

I just made a program, i want to give a trial version and a version with key that users can register it but i don't know how to begin. Does someone has experiance with it or knows a site with some help or examples to create this?


Registration Of My VB App
I'v written a app in VB5. the "lite" version is free, then must purchase
the full version, which is included in the "lite" exe, but must have a registration
key to unlock all the extra features.
How do I generate a auto registration number for the exe, so someone does
not just use the one registration number for several copies.

Thanks in advance for any help

Ocx Registration On Other Pc's
when i compile an app in native code and include all revelant ocx and dll files,how will the other pc handle them when the prog is installed.will the *.ocx files be automaticalled registered.are there any " traps " to watch out for which could cause a problem



Dll Registration
I need some code to check if a dll is registered on a user's computer and if not, register it. Should this be done on the form load or on install?

The problem is that when I try to package my app, I get a "missing dependency information" box, showing missing dependency info for activelock2.dll and Richtx32.ocx.

I know that I will likely not need to register the RichTextBox as it is included with Windows but what do I do about the activelock dll?

Thanks in advance.


Dll Registration -
I have created a dll and succsesfully registered it, but know i have changed my dir structure and the dll has been moved.

Now you've had the background, heres the question:

Is there any way of unregistering dll's?

COM+ Registration
How would I go about registering a component as COM+ instead of COM?

Com+ Registration
I am installing an APP but i got the following error: CAN NOT Registry the com+ components


How to make online registration.

I thing, the registration could be send by email, but I do not want ot use winsock.dll or other ocx, only api.

Or maybe any other way???


OCX & DLL Registration!
I really need help for the following:
1) I want to know what exactly happens to the Windows Registry when you register an OCX or DLL file.
2) What is CLASS ID?
3) What type of files are registerable?

No matter if you give me a site for that!

I use an external OCX to perform encryption for my program, PassProg. In this thread in Chit Chat, someone took the challenge and managed to create a key for themselves.

Alright, so now I know how they did it. They looked at the EXE, found a hard-coded seed, determined that my program used the encryption OCX, and generated a key for themselves. He was even able to determine the names of forms and controls! Yikes!

How can I stop this? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he did it, but I don't want paying customers to do this. My idea is to do something like this to hide the seed:

VB Code:
Dim magic(0 to 3) As String ' It will obviously be longerDim reallyGoodMagic As String magic(1) = "a"magic(2) = "b"magic(0) = "c"magic(4) = "d" For i = 0 to UBound(magic)    reallyGoodMagic = reallyGoodMagic & magic(i)Next i ' do the encryption thing using reallyGoodMagic as the seed here  

Any flaws? Please don't immediately reply with "don't use an external OCX." First let's exhaust all other options.

i have a program that when starts up brings up a splash screen, just like word or excel, but what i want in the splash screen, is the registred and company information.
how do i do this,
any sort of coding would be a great help

I am trying to make a self-registration form for my shareware project so users may purchase a registration code and register it themselves. However, I want each one to be customized to their details (i.e. I can enter their first name, last name, and email and get the code. Then, when they go to register in the program, it asks for the first name and last name and the code. It generates its code and cross checks it . . . you get the point!) Anyways, I can't figure out how to do this. I've been trying to configure an encryption engine I found to do this, but the code is WAY too complicated for me to figure out. On a hacking website I visited, it said most professional programs use API calls for their registration screens.

What is the EASIEST way to make a registration-thingy like I described? and can anyone provide a finished project for me to play around with?


Dll Registration
When I install Internet explorer on a system I get an error saying oledlg.dll is missing.

I copy the file from another system and run "regsvr32 c:windowssystemoledlg.dll" and get the following error:

oledlg.dll was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer or DllUnregisterServer entry point was not found.

oledlg.dll may not be exported, or a corrupted version of oledlg.dll may be in memory. Consider using Pview to detect the file and remove it.

What can I do to install this dll?

Registration Key
Hello everyone. I have one question. I'm developing an application in VB6 and I'm almost done but I would like to know how can I have the program check to see if the Registration Key # entered matches the one that was issued with the application. the reason why i need this is because I want the application to store the registration key to be used later for another purpose. I've seen this accomplished in many of Microsoft's programs, such as MS Word (when the About box displays the Product Key & Owner), and that's exactly what I wish to do. Hopefully someone would recognize what I'm trying to do and can help me. All responses are appreciated. Thank You.

DLL Registration
hi guys!

i am facing a big iritating problem in registering the dll on my 98system

I m writing a dll code in Visual Basic and whenever i "Make DLL" itrestricts me to overwrite the existing file.
I have closed my IE browser in which i m using this component.

I have closed Inter Dev also in which the ASP file was opened .
I have closed the PWS also.

If i restart my system ....the problem gets solved...but it is nofeasible to restart my system before every compile.

please give me some idea .


Vipul Jain
System Analyst
IGT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
2-A DLF Corporate Park
Ph: +91-6354533,38,39
Extn: 2428
E-Mail: email@removed


Registration Dll
Hi Guys

I have a problem with a dll made in Visual Studio, Visual Basic.

I can register the dll in win2k and xp just fine. However when i try to
register the dll using regsvr32 in windows NT 4.0 i get an error.

------First error----------

The procedure entry point GetFontUnicodeRanges could not be located in the
dynamic link library GDI32.dll

-------Second Error (appears when i click ok to the first

LoadLibrary("Mydll.dll") failed. GetLastError returns 0x0000007f.


We have tried editing the Dll for the unicode specifics, and we got it
working so we could register it on NT. However Having 2 different dlls, 1
for win2k and 1 for NT is not an option. I was looking at the version number
of gdi32 on both win2k and NT, on Nt the version is as low as 4.0. I need to
know if there is some way to mabye upgrading the gdi32 on NT environment. Or
mabye install some small application which will enable me to use the same
unicode stuff on both win2k and NT.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Kind Regards,


Com Dll Registration

we have created com dlls for our application and we are using new to create objects in the executable it is working fine when i am generating all the files once but once i change the dll and reregister it and try to executable it is giving Cannot Create Activex Component obviously because the dll changed so i had to regenrate the executable which nullfies the us of dll i tried with Create object and it was working fine but my application is so complex that i cannot use Create Object Please See if any body can help i tried unregistering and registering but did not work

My posistion has got worse after i moved to dll

Any help is appreciated


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