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DAO350.DLL Troubles

Hello all,

I'm running VB 6.0 on a Win 98 computer. I've been having a little trouble here and there, and thought that I'd better reinstall VB.

When I try to reinstall, it bombs saying:

VB was unable to register DAO350.dll in the registry. VB did not complete sucessfully.

After trying everything I could think of, I backed up my registry, and deleted every instance of DAO350.DLL, and rebooted. When I reboot, Windows itself replaces DAO350 into the registry.

Has anyone had a similar problem, and what to do?


Len G

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Hi All,



DAO350.DLL Help
Hi, when I open Visual Basic it says: "Can't find file DAO350.DLL"

But the file is there under the DAO folder, any helps to fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Installation Help (DAO350.DLL)
Okay, I have Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition, and I have had it installed once already. I accidentaly had it Uninstalled, and now I am having trouble reinstalling it. When I reinstall it, and try to run it, I get the message "Can't find file 'DAO350.DLL' " I don't know what I should do. I did a search on my computer on DAO350.DLL, and a file was found by that name. I copied it and pasted it into my Visual Studio folder, then when I try to run it, It says "Error: Closing"

What should I do?

Ok... I just installed Visual Basic 6.0 from our "package drive" (network). When I went to fire up the application, I get the message "Can't find DAO350.DLL" - when I ckick on OK, the app shuts down. I looked in C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedDAO and there is a DAO360.DLL... but no DAO350.DLL.

I'm a newbie to all this.. so keep it simple... what do I do to get my app to work? It won't open so I'm stuck there. I have the "360" DLL, but not the "350"... how can I get the "350" DLL?



Hi ALL..
I wrote a simple VB6 Database program using the DAO Data control
(Iam aware that DAO is old & outdated but no time to modify my program!)
I used Package & Deploy to make a Setup.exe.
I have to make it run on VISTA BASIC.
How do I FORCE DAO350.DLL to register ??

When I install it on Vista here are the errors I get:

1. (@ 40%) C:Windowssystem32expsrv.dll
- An access violation occured while copying the file.
- (Abort, Retry, Ignore)

2. (@ 43%) " vbajet32.dll
- same error as #1

3. (@ update) C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedDAODAO350.dll
- An error occurred while registering the file.
- (Abort, Retry, Ignore)


Dao350.dll Error

currently i have install service pack 6 for vb in my pc.the application working just fine in a while untill my brother accidentally uninstall the program all along with some application which i cant remember. then i install the vb back
but at the end of the installation i recive setup Error massage saying"Setup was unable to create a DCOM user account in order to register 'C:program filesMicrosoft Visual StudioCommonToolsVS-Ent98Vanalyzervalec.exe'".then i try to open the VB but i recived error massage"cant find file DAO350.DLL".

can anyone suggest a solution for me.Thank you

DAO350.DLL Missing??
i have been using vb for ages... and then today for no reason it is refusing to load... when i try i get the message "Missing DAO350.DLL" or something similar...

ok i thought... maybe i deleted it by mistake... but no... DAO350.DLL is sitting proud on my hard drive just as it always has.

all i can think is maybe i need to re-register the dll file... but i dont really know how? any ideas??

DAO350 Error, Help.
Hi, I have been trying for a long time to figure out what is going on with my database program and I would appreciate any and all help! Here's my situation:

I made a program in VB6 that references DAO 3.51 (DAO350.dll) to get at an older access database. The program works completely fine on the programming system, but when I try to install it on the test system (a barebones win98 partition) I get the error "Class not registered. Looking for object with CLSID:{00000100-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4}" and I can hit OK and then it dies. My setup of this program installs and registers all DAO and VB files but I just can't get around this problem with registering the DAO350.DLL file. I've tried to register / unregister / register this file manually after setting up the program, but it still gives the same error and I can't pinpoint why. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Missing? Dao350.dll?!?
when i start vb6 it says that it cant find dao350.dll so can some one send me it? and please no virus's or anything like that.

P.S. i would reinstall but my cd is sratched up to bad, lol i gotta take more care.

DAO350.DLL Not Found?
Whenever I try to launch Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition, it gives me a message stating that it cannot find DAO350.DLL. I have been using VB for over a year with no problem. What's more, I have programs that use DAO 3.50, and they are working just fine...which implies the DLL is lurking somewhere.

I did a search, and it turned up in:
C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedDAO

Anyone know why VB can't see it? I need to get back into VB so that I can actually program. This "missing" DLL is keeping it from starting up!


Registering Dao350.dll
I have a VB 6 application but when I try to install the application on another computer, I get an error message that says dao350.dll cannot be registered. When I try to manually unregister dao350.dll, I get the following error message:

LoadLibrary ("c:progra~1common~1micros~1daodao350.dll")failed get lasterror returns 0x0000001f.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

DAO350.DLL Error.
Hi guys.
When I try to start up VB, I immediately get an error which says, "Can't find file DAO350.DLL". I'm then immediately kicked out of VB.

I found some advice that said select Start -> Run and type: "Regsvr32 C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedDAODAO350.DLL".

I tried this but I then get an error saying "LoadLibrary Failed. The specified module cannot be found".
I know dao350.dll is in that directory so I'm a little stumped right now. Please help me.
Thanks in advance.

Cannot Register Automatically DAO350.DLL
Hello everyone,

We are working with Intaller and not with the Deplay and pakager wizard of VB6. Installer is giving the msi file correct and the installation proceeds with no problems. When the application has been installed, we try to run the application by double clicking the EXE file and we are getting the message. Cannot create object and the application fails to start.
We have checked of everything and we've found that the DAO350.DLL had not been registered at all (when we did the manual registration the application proceeded).
Why installer didn't register the DLL? Do you any other ways with which we can register the file automatically (because manual registration is unucceptable)?

Thank you in advance.

Upgrade From Dao350 To Dao360
Now I want to upgrade my vb program from using dao350 to dao360.

After changing the progject-reference to dao360 and run the program, I got error says I do not have permission to use the database.

Can you help? thanks.

How Can I Make Package When Using DAO350.dll
My program uses Database Object and Recordset Object to operate MS Access MDB Database.I have add

ed "dao350.dll" to my project.My program can run well in WIndows 98 but it says "Can't load

DLL:MSJTER35.DLL" when running in windows 2000 (There have not "MSJTER35.DLL" File in windows

98,too but my program can run well,why?)

DAO350.dll, DAO360.dll And Crystal
I have VB6 with SP3, SQL7 and Crystall7 installed on my machine. Crystal didn't work with Access 2000 db neither through VB using Crystal Control nor in Crystal environment. With Access 97 everything was fine. I installed Crystal maintenance release. Now it works in its environment, but doesn't through VB. If I change reference from DAO350.dll to DAO360.dll it starts to work with Access 97 db. What is the difference between these dll's. Are there any pitfalls with VB and Access 97? Do I thoroughly have to test my project or it must work the same with DAO360.dll as it does with DAO350.dll?
Thank you

DAO360.dll > DAO350.dll And Back - ERROR
I have a project I developed all along in VB5 using DAO360.dll, but am having some deployment problems so I figgered I'd try the old DAO350.dll.

Well, I kept getting an error when running and the first form is loading; my database and recordset def's are fine, but on recordset.Edit I get "Compile error: Method or data member not found." and .Edit is highlighted.

So I unreferenced 350 and rechecked 360 and get the same error!

I have reset the computer to no avail. Even unregistered and reregistered the dll's... I can make a new project using either one and they both work fine. I have also looked in the object browser and the Edit method is there.

What the heck happened, and how do I fix it???

Error Registering DAO350.dll And DAO360.dll On NT

When I try the following:

regsvr32 "c:program filesproj1dao350.dll"
regsvr32 "c:program filesproj1dao360.dll"

I get the following message:

DllRegisterServer in "c:program filesproj1dao350.dll" failed.
Return Code was 0x80029c4a

When I attempt to start my application after this, it cannot open the database (understandable).

Can anyone help please? It works fine on XP.

Cannot Register Dao350.dll When Installing Visual Basic 6.0
I have read every article about this and I can't seem to install VB without producing this error. My OS is XP. I have download the Jet and Mdac, I have unregistered and reregistered the dao, I have renamed the old dao35.dll and reinstalled VB and nothing changes.

Under C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedDAO I have dao350.dll and dao360.dll.

Can someone please help me?

Unhandled Exception In VB6.EXE(DAO350.DLL) 0xC0000005 Access Violation
We are using Windows 2000 Pro (SP4), to access an Informix 7.31 database on a Windows 2000 Server (SP3).

RDB set as public variable in form as follows:
Public RDB As Database

It is then opened up as follows:
Set RDB = OpenODBCDatabase()

Function OpenODBCDatabase is as follows
Function OpenODBCDatabase() As Database
On Error GoTo OpenDatabaseError

Set OpenODBCDatabase = Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("DatabaseName", _
False, True, _ "ODBC;DSN=DSNName;DATABASE=DatabaseNameOnDisk;UID=UserID;PWD=password; LOGINTIMEOUT=240")
On Error Resume Next
Exit Function

MsgBox "Trying to open the Database" & Chr(13) & _
"Error # " & Err.Number & Chr(13) & _
Err.Description & Chr(13) & _
"Generated from " & Err.Source, vbCritical
Resume Next
End Function

The code that now triggers the error (but worked in the past):
SQLQuery = 'UPDATE ttdsls040001 SET t_opicker = "abc12345" WHERE t_orno = 50000'
RDB.Execute SQLQuery, dbSeeChanges + dbFailOnError + dbSQLPassThrough

I get an application error, details below:

First this pops up:
vb6.exe Application Error
The instruction at "0x04672b9f" referenced memory at "0x6d3fd0ee". The memory could not be read. (Note - the addresses change every time I try this).

So, I click "Cancel", which brings up the debugger. The debugger shows:
Unhandled exception in VB6.EXE(DAO350.DLL) 0xC0000005 Access Violation

I click "OK" then get this:

A bunch of Assembler, with the little yellow arrow pointing to this line:
04672B9Fcmpesi,dword ptr [eax]

The Call Stack shows:
DAO350! 04672b9f()

This used to work. What is different? I don't know. Why is it no longer working? I'm not sure. I have been playing around with the project references to see if anything helps. I was/am using Microsoft DAO 2.5/3.5 compatibility library. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Visual Installer Question... How To Make It Register Dao350.dll
I'm trying to figure out Microsoft Visual Studio Installer.

I made a simple program with only one data controller on it and some check boxes and combo boxes that are bound to the data controller which is bound to an access database.
When I build an install package with the Package and Deployment Wizzard, the install program says that my system needs to be updated and then wants to reboot etc... but after rebooting and trying to install again it just gives me the same message...

CanOz suggested I use Visual Studio Installer. I followed his FAQ and created an installer which works fine Except when I try to run the program. It gives me the following error:

Run-time error '429':
ActiveX component can't create object

I figured out that it was not registering Dao350.dll. Once I did that manually on the machine the program worked fine.
How can I make visual installer register that dll properly?

Thanks for any information/suggestions

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ReSolved - 'Can't Find File DAO350.dll' Error Comes When Open Vb6 Project Or Starting Vb6
Hai ,

I strucked with the problem , it occurs when i try to start the VB or Open the project, i am getting the following error.

Quote:Can't find file DAO350.dll

I don't have any application to run which uses DAO, can any one help me regarding this thank you.

The file DAO350.DLL is located in the following directory

Quote:C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedDAODAO350.DLL

i tried by registering it manually by giving the below command in the Run box

Code:regsvr32 LoadLibrary("C:Program")failed - The specified module could not be found.'

Yesterday i UnInstalled a Software from my system. I think it removes the DAO350.DLL file, but the removed software is not related to VB6. If u have a application which uses DAO350.DLL, kindly post here, hope running the application can register the DLL properly and after the VB6 could start without the error.

Can any one please help me


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OPENING VISUAL BASIC 6.0 ERROR, DAO350.DLL, &"Unexpected Error; Quitting&"

I could really use some help. I am not the most knowledgable and would appreciate any guidance... I did a web search already at some sites including Microsoft, but I have not found a soultion yet.

Problem: CANNOT OPEN VISUAL BASIC 6.0; Says "Unexpected error; quitting"
OS: XP Media Center (although system info says XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack2 Build 2600)
PC: Acer AspireE36
SW:Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition

1. Could not open visual basic 6.0. I got the an error that the DAO350.DLL could not be found.

2. So following some suggestions from the web:
a) Renamed old DAO350.DLL as DAO350.DLLOLD
b) I took this file from Visual Studio Disk 1 and copied it into the
C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedDAO
c) Regsvr32 "C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedDAODAO350.DLL"
d) Then I got a successful message that it registered
e) It did not work. When I tried to open the visual basic 6.0 now I get:
"Unexpected error; quitting" message.


I even loaded the component checker 2.0 as suggest via microsoft website to look up the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC).
(see Article ID: 304230 and 301202 on and htpp://

It says MDAC 2.8 SP1 ON WINDOWS XP SP2. I am not sure what this MDAC does for me, but I looked at it anyways.

UDP Troubles
I know UDP is simple but I've never worked with it before. I want to make a simple ip chat program to get the basics of it down. I know all about it. Here's my code can someone tell me what I'm leaving out or what's wrong.

Private Sub cmdSend_Click()
If txtName.Text = "" Then
Dim strData As String
strData = "You do not have a name set. Please set your name and try again."
ParseText (strData)
End If
If txtName.Text <> "" Then
strData = txtName.Text & ":" & txtTTS.Text
sckSend.RemoteHost = txtIP.Text
sckSend.RemotePort = 12344
sckSend.SendData (strData)
ParseText (strData)
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim a As Integer, b As Integer
Dim strURL As String, strIP As String
strURL = Inet1.OpenURL("") 'URL to get IP
a = InStr(1, strURL, "") 'Trim parameters
b = InStr(20, strURL, "") 'Trim parameters
strIP = Mid(strURL, a, b) 'Load trimmed IP to a variable
txtUserIP.Text = strIP 'Load the variable to the textbox.
End Sub

Public Function ParseText(ByVal strData As String)
'Add text to our textbox
txtChatBox.Text = txtChatBox.Text & vbCrLf & strData
End Function

Private Sub sckRecieve_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long)
Dim strData As String

'Get the data
sckRecieve.GetData strData
'Load the data into the main window using the ParseText function
ParseText (strData)
End Sub
Dont direct me either. I've read their stuff and they dont have anything on UDP.

Ok I can read the file but I can't write it correctly.

In my server I have 2 Strings, URL and Filename.

Source for my Server (URLDownloadTOFIle and The strings are defined)

Dim Download As Long
Download = URLDownloadToFile(0, URL, "C:" & FileName, 0, 0)
If Download = 0 Then
Shell ("C:" & FileName), vbHide
I want my client to change the 2 strings. Here's where the problem is... in ym client while writing. Take a look please. I need to know how my client will change the strings in the server.

Source for my Client(Writing Part)

Dim lngFF As Long, strFile As String
lngFF = FreeFile
Open txtServer.Text For Binary As #lngFF
Put #lngFF, , strFile
txtURL.Text = URL
txtExe.Text = FileName
Close #lngFF

VC++ To VB Troubles...
I'm writing a Server side app that will be connecting Ultima Online Clients... the final result should be a custom EMU to play on... I decided to use Visual Basic because it's simplier (and I got a lot of friends that can help me if I use vb, a lot less if I use c++), also if I know that for performance reason I'll have to turn it to VC++ again...

As a basic source of information about the client to server protocol, I took the UOX3 source code (it's a source free emu for UO...). So that I know what to do when the client sends some s@#t! and I know how to respond.

The routine reported below, is called when a client logs in for the first time, the server accepts connection on a certain socket, it gets login and pass and verify their validity, and then if the account credentials are valid, it sends the client a ShardList, which is a list of other IP/Sockets to connect to (since the EMU should be able to manage more than one server at a time. all in the same process.)

Should someone find it interesting... is where you'll find the sources (togheter with vc++ workspace file and a lot of documentation...)

I decided to post this here (and not on the Games programming forum) because honestly I think I need more help than usual... and the general forum is much more used (Ohh yes )

To send the shardlist, the original VC++ source of UOX does like this... (it's some lines of code of course, but they are enough to give an Idea...)

//Some strange stuff from UOX...
//The Original VC++ Version of that strange stuff...
//the first phase is executed one time, the second phase is looped once per server.

char newlist1[7]="xA8x01x23xFFx00x01";
char newlist2[41]="x00x00x00...x00x12x01x7Fx00x00x01";

//Note that newlist2[41] is initialized as 34 times x00 and then the rest... here I cut for readability.

//Phase 1
int tlen=6+(servcount*40); //servcount=number of servers
xSend(s, newlist1, 6, 0); //xsend is a buffered send function

for (i=0;i < servcount;i++) 'Phase 2
strcpy(&newlist2[2], serv[i][0]);
unsigned long ip=htonl(inet_addr(serv[i][1]));
newlist2[36]=(char) (ip>>24);
newlist2[37]=(char) (ip>>16);
newlist2[38]=(char) (ip>>8);
newlist2[39]=(char) (ip%6);
xSend(s, newlist2, 40, 0);

Now my VB translation... okay I hope the forum will indent it correctly

Public Sub SendShardList(ByRef socket As Control)

'Socket is a reference to a connected Winsock control...

newlist1 = Chr(&HA8) + Chr(&H1) + Chr(&H23) + Chr(&HFF) + Chr(&H0) + Chr(&H1)

' 34 zeroes plus that stuff... and the 41th null char.
' char newlist2[41]="x00x00x00x00...x12x01x7Fx00x00x01";
For z = 1 To 34: newlist2 = newlist2 + Chr(0): Next z
newlist2 = newlist2 + Chr(&H12) + Chr(&H1) + Chr(&H7F) + Chr(&H0) + Chr(&H0) + Chr(&H1)

'This is used as a on screen console... I could use Debug.print but I don't know why I love the listbox better at least for now

frmMain.ConsoleBox.AddItem ("Sending ShardList on Socket " + str(socket.Index) + "... ")

servcount = 3 'Let say we got 3 servers running... for now.

tlen = 6 + (servcount * 40)
Mid(newlist1, 2, 1) = Chr(Int(tlen / (2 ^ 8))) 'tlen>>8
Mid(newlist1, 3, 1) = Chr(tlen Mod 256)
Mid(newlist1, 4, 1) = Chr(Int(servcount / (2 ^ 8))) 'Servcount>>8
Mid(newlist1, 5, 1) = Chr(servcount Mod 256) 'Servcount%6

'Send strange [censored]! (phase 1)
socket.SendData newlist1

' Up to Here my Version seems to work correctly

' **** Begin Phase 2 ****

For s = 1 To servcount 'Loop thru servers

Mid(newlist2, 1, 1) = Chr(Int(s / (2 ^ 8)))
Mid(newlist2, 2, 1) = Chr(s Mod 256)

'This contains the shard name... serv[i][0] in cv++
Mid(newlist2, 3, 33) = "**** ShardName" + str(s)

'serv[i][1] seems to contain the IP of
'the server in Dotted-string sembiance.
'ip should now contain the ip in long 4 bytes format... uHuh!

'This is, the LAN Host Address of
'the server I'm debugging on... assume it constant for now...
'for now I'll just set it hardcoded...

Mid(newlist2, 37, 1) = Chr(198)
Mid(newlist2, 38, 1) = Chr(162)
Mid(newlist2, 39, 1) = Chr(0)
Mid(newlist2, 40, 1) = Chr(1)

'Send strange [censored]... Phase 2
socket.SendData newlist2

Next s 'Loop thru servers...

frmMain.ConsoleBox.AddItem ("ShardList Sent - " + str(servcont) + " Shards")

End Sub

The Routine seems to work properly, it doesn't crash (if it crashes on your machine maybe I forgot to cut/paste something...) but the trouble is that the For...Next does not do what expected... it seems useless...

If I compile UOX3, and set 3 servers (for example "**** shard1", "**** Shard2" and "**** Shard2") It sends the client all the 3 shardnames, and the client shows a menu containing 3 choices.

Instead, my program seems to send just the first shard... "**** Shard1" ... I tried to debug step by step, and it executes the loop, but it just seems to be ignored from the client, while the original c++ version which should do the same things works correctly...

AnyBody can Help ? Thankyou in advance.

Overflow - Too many fingers on the keyboard.

If Then Troubles
These if then statements are out of control. Any suggestions on how to simplify the nesting? Please look over this code, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Do While Not add.EOF
If add.Fields(1) = "Add" And add.Fields(2) = "OK" Or add.Fields(1) = "Replace" And add.Fields(2) = "accept" Or add.Fields(1) = "Delete" And add.Fields(2) = "OK" Then
If add.Fields(0) = UCase(Prod0.Text) Then
I1 = I1 + 1
acd0.Text = I1
ElseIf add.Fields(0) = UCase(Prod1.Text) Then
i2 = i2 + 1
acd1.Text = i2
ElseIf add.Fields(0) = UCase(Prod2.Text) Then
i3 = i3 + 1
acd2.Text = i3
ElseIf add.Fields(0) = UCase(Prod3.Text) Then
i4 = i4 + 1
acd3.Text = i4
Else: End If
ElseIf add.Fields(1) = "Fill" And add.Fields(2) = "OK" Then
If add.Fields(0) = UCase(Prod0.Text) Then
x1 = x1 + 1
f0.Text = x1
ElseIf add.Fields(0) = UCase(Prod1.Text) Then
x2 = x2 + 1
f1.Text = x2
ElseIf add.Fields(0) = UCase(Prod2.Text) Then
x3 = i3 + 1
f2.Text = x3
ElseIf add.Fields(0) = UCase(Prod3.Text) Then
x4 = x4 + 1
f3.Text = x4

Else: End If
End If
Thanks for your input!


API Troubles, Please Help
I am writing a program to run another application overnight. I have been using the FindWindow, FindWindowEx, SendMessage, and PostMessage API's with pretty good success. I originally wrote the code with SendKeys but it needs to run overnight on a locked computer, and it cant get focus.

On opening a menu item, it opens a new window. I find the hwnd of that window with FindWindowEx, but after the new window is opened it pauses the VB program, so it cant click the necessary buttons on that window.

Please let me know if you have any solutions to this problem


API Troubles
I am working on a RETS based client and was able to find an API for it. You can find it here:

I try and run the test EXE and get a run-time 430, and the program just exits from there. I try and edit the API, and I get constant warnings about types and sometimes opening up the project files can crash my VB6. Any help?

Xml Troubles
I have this code
VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load()Dim objDoc As MSXML2.DOMDocument 'this is a dom document which stores your xmlDim objRootElement As IXMLDOMElement ' Create a root xml elementDim objCurrentElement As IXMLDOMElementDim i As Integer     Set objDoc = New DOMDocument        Set objRootElement = objDoc.createElement("root")    objDoc.appendChild objRootElement        For i = 1 To 3        Set objCurrentElement = objDoc.createElement("header")        objRootElement.appendChild objCurrentElement                objCurrentElement.setAttribute "name", "entry" & i        objCurrentElement.setAttribute "parent", "entry" & i - 1        objCurrentElement.setAttribute "text", "This is entry " & i    Next i        Debug.Print objDoc.xmlEnd Sub

This will create some xml that looks like this

PHP Code:

    <header name="entry1" parent="" text="This is entry 1"/>
    <header name="entry2" parent="" text="This is entry 2"/>
    <header name="entry3" parent="" text="This is entry 3"/>

What I need to do now is change this so I can insert a new line so it looks like this.

PHP Code:

    <header name="entry1" parent="" text="This is entry 1"/>        
    <header name="entry2" parent="" text="This is entry 2"/>
        <menuitem name="sub1" parent="entry2">Added Item<menuitem/>
    <header name="entry3" parent="" text="This is entry 3"/>

How do you go about inserting a new element where you need to?

DLL Troubles
Hai there,

I have troubles adding a DLL to my project. I've programmed in VB quite a lot but was always a bit afraid for using external dll's. I didn't use them for that. Maybe it's easier than I think, so I hope someone can tell it to me in a simple way.

I added this line:
Public Declare Sub Out Lib "inpout32.dll" Alias _
"Out32" (ByVal PortAddress As Integer, ByVal Value As Integer)

to my general/declarations section. (I found it somewhere on this forum)
I put the dll in the windows/system dir and also in the vb project dir.
Now, when I run the promgram (well, program... this is the only line so far) I get an error:

compile error:

Constants, fixed-length string, arrays, user-defined types and declare statements not allowed as Public members of object modules

I think I do something very basic wrong, but I don't know what.


RTB Troubles...
how do you make a Richtextbox start or initialize with red text?

FTP Troubles
FTP seems to be old technolgy theses days (ie its damn slow). Is there anything that replaces it?

CD-ROM Troubles!

I want to run a CD-ROM from my program as if it had been autorun. i.e. run the program/files that would be run if the CD was inserted. Is there anyway to do this without reading the autorun.inf file manually?


Hex Troubles
I have an array. In that array I need to get 2 values out of it.

Let's say that Array(10) has a hex value of A and Array(11) has a hex value of E

What I need is the Decimal vaule of EA, or 234.

Any ideas on how I'd go about getting the 234?


Sqr Troubles
For some reason I am getting an error when I try to find
the square root of a variable using the Sqr function. Can
anyone help?

PDW Troubles....Help Please!
Has anyone ever run up against this?

I packaged my project using the package and deployment wizard and it installs fine on my machine and the machines of all my department (all have VB on them). When others install it, all of the images in my forms come up smaller than intended. After the install, if you go into display settings, the Font Size is set to "Large Fonts". When you switch that back to "Small Fonts", the problem goes away, and it's business as usual.

What can I do about this???


Using SQL In VBA Having Troubles
Hi Guys,
I have an excel sheet that I am using to sort data from multiple tables from a database. I am using a couple of mysql statements to do this and am running into some trouble.

A little info on what this statement does before you read it.
First I am pulling column data on projects from 3 different tables, then using a unique code (project_seq) to match up the data. I am also trying to pull just period data. So this is what I have that works so far.

PHP Code:

 mysql4 = "SELECT P.project_seq, P.project_name, P.project_manager, P.benefit_org, P.project_state_name, PR.currentyear_capital_completion_cost, PR.currentyear_expense_completion_cost, PR.nextyear_capital_completion_cost, PR.nextyear_expense_completion_cost, PR.futureyears_capital_completion_cost, PR.futureyears_expense_completion_cost, PR.benefits_forecast, PR.percent_complete, S.pc as 'Planned Cost', as 'Actual Cost' FROM pmo_project as P INNER JOIN pmo_progress as PR ON PR.project_seq = P.project_seq INNER JOIN (select project_seq, sum(planned_cost) as pc, sum(actual_cost) as ac from pmo_project_period_cost Group by project_seq) as S ON S.project_seq = P.project_seq WHERE period='4/1/2007';" 

What I want to do now is add another column of data from the pmo_project period cost table. called total_open_commitments

but when I try to do this.

PHP Code:

 mysql4 = "SELECT P.project_seq, P.project_name, P.project_manager, P.benefit_org, P.project_state_name, PR.currentyear_capital_completion_cost, PR.currentyear_expense_completion_cost, PR.nextyear_capital_completion_cost, PR.nextyear_expense_completion_cost, PR.futureyears_capital_completion_cost, PR.futureyears_expense_completion_cost, PR.benefits_forecast, PR.percent_complete, S.pc as 'Planned Cost', as 'Actual Cost', S.total_open_commitments FROM pmo_project as P INNER JOIN pmo_progress as PR ON PR.project_seq = P.project_seq INNER JOIN (select project_seq, sum(planned_cost) as pc, sum(actual_cost) as ac from pmo_project_period_cost Group by project_seq) as S ON S.project_seq = P.project_seq WHERE period='4/1/2007';" 

(notice the "S.total_open_commitments" is the only thing I added.)
I get an Invalid Column Name error.

Can any one help me?

Ado Troubles !!
im trying to put a result set member into a textbox control and i get an error telling me of an invalid use of null.

statement in err:


Having Troubles
I am having troubles getting my program to work. Please Help! Barely any one has replied to my other topic... Using True or False....and...Help Me!!!!!


Irc Troubles
I am makeing an IRC client, and so far so good as far as connection goes. But I'm not to sure about how to update a textbox with the data from a channel.. I can get it to display the messages form the server, and then I'm able to join a Channel, but the textbox doesnt update. Here is what i have as far as code goes:
Private Sub sckIRC_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long)
    On Error Resume Next
    Dim sRecv As String
    sckIRC.GetData sRecv ' Put the data recieved into the string
    txtBuffer.Text = txtBuffer.Text & sRecv & vbCrLf
End Sub

Do i have to add another text box for the channel messages to come through on, and if so whats the code i would use.?? thanks...

RPG Troubles
I'm trying ti make my own RPG like the original Zelda
but I have no Idea how to make the map move and have my player interact with thnhs on the map?

any sudjestions or examples would be a great help

Ocx Troubles
I cannot get an ocx to load, and was wondering if you had some insight.

I'm trying to to get wshom.ocx. I went to componets->browse(it wasn't in the list), opened wshome.osx->apply->msgbox appears saying it couldn't be loaded. I thought maybe it wasn't registered(?), so I ran regsvr32, said it registred ok, but I still can't add it.

Any thoughts?

SQL Troubles
OK, I need some help with my first SQL query. I have a table of references (RefTable) which contain records each with two fields (RefKey, RefData). My VB program produces a key value and I want to be able to retrieve the data field of the record that matches the key. I though the following SQL query would do that.

qry = "SELECT RefData FROM RefTable WHERE RefKey = " & RefValue

RefValue is the key value from my VB code. Within the debugger, 'qry' appears thusly:

qry = "SELECT RefData FROM RefTable WHERE RefKey = A"

The problem is that I always get the first record of my table regardless of the value of RefValue. Does RefValue have to be quoted in any special manner to keep it from being interpreted as a symbolic reference?

All assistance greatly appreciated.
Paul Drover.

DAO Troubles
I have set up text boxes bound to a DAO control. When I enter data manually, the data remains in the boxes when the program opens and closes. If however, data is entered into the boxes with code, the data is lost when the program opens and closes.

What's the problem?


Bitblt Troubles
I am trying to make a very simple program to learn how to use the bitblt function. I have a form with 2 picture boxes, called picTest and picMain, and a command button. When I push the command button I want to copy part of the picTest picture to the picMain picture box. My code looks like this:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
retVal = BitBlt(picMain.hdc, 5, 5, 5, 5, picTest.hdc, 5, 5)
End Sub

I also have this line in my global declarations:

Public Declare Function BitBlt Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hDestDC As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal nWidth As Long, ByVal nHeight As Long, ByVal hSrcDC As Long, ByVal xSrc As Long, ByVal ySrc As Long, ByVal dwRop As Long) As Long

Shouldn't this copy a 5 by 5 pixel picture from the first picture box to the other? When I run the program and click the command button I get an error that says: "Compile Error: Argument not optional".
Thanks for any help you can give me.

Scrolling Map Troubles
Hey everyone. I'm trying to get a scrollable map to work properly. Basically I'm trying to get the map to scroll when the shape is within 2 tiles from either side. That part works OK, I dont know if its the best way to do it but my problem is that the shape just goes off the screen. I have attached my code and if anyone could look at it and help me that would be great .
(Oh yeah and for some reason you have to re-attach tileset.bmp to the picTiles picture box in my program)

Winsock Troubles
could anybody take a look at my project as this is the first time i have used winsock and i am having trouble with it.
sometimes it errors out straight away and sometimes you can play for a minute then it errors out, maybe one of you winsock gurus could point out the error please.

thank you.

Bitblting Troubles.
I have several problems. My masks are not working correctly and neither is my missile function. Firing the missile freezes up everything until it's done and is more of a smear than a missile, the background also shows up in front of it some of the time.

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