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Deleting Common Dialog History?

Anyone know where this infomation isstored? (last visited locations and open/save memory)

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Deleting From History
I have my program load a webpage for reading but i wish to keep this webpage location hidden from the user, obviously because VB uses the IE ActiveX it shows up in the history, how can i delete that website from the history index?

Deleting IE History
Does anyone how to delete the IE history kept in "C:Documents and Settings<<Username>>Local SettingsHistory" through code?

I'm interested in how it's done.


Deleting IE History
Hi folks,

How do I delete IE History from a VB application?

I know its a pretty stupid question! But I am stuck!!!


Deleting History And InternetTemp

I know this is relitively easy but for some reason it doesnt let me delete when i use the Kill .... command?

ANy1 know why/ how to deleted History, Internet Temp and Cookies?

Deleting The IE History List From VB
I want to stop sites browsed using the Webbrowser from coming up on the history list. Any ideas?

Deleting Web Browser Temp / History Files
Ok folks I have just tried adding the following code to my Web Browser so that it clears all of the temporay internet files from the IE directory

i = Dir$("c:windowsTemporary Internet Files*.*")
While Not i = ""
Kill i

It doesnt work for some reason, that reason being that i is a bad filename

My other problem is that I would like to delete the history in Internet Explorer and was just wondering if anyone knew how.



Problem With Deleting Internet History Items !!!
This is the situation.

I have a tlb library for managing the Internet History.
When I empty the history everything works great.
But, when I empty it and add some urls to it
the files dont get deleted (when I go through windows explorer) but it lists the history with just the urls I added like it shuld be.

The same is when I selectivelly delete items. All the files remain.

It seems that I need to refresh the history from windows explorer
before adding new items.

Is there a way to fix this??? I have attached the app
for working with this library...


Deleting Interntet History[Kinda Resolved]
if I trie this code:

VB Code:
Dim fsoSet fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")Dim fldrSet fldr = fso.GetFolder("C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal Settingsgeschiedenishistory.IE5")Dim subFldr For Each subFldr In fldr.subfolders    MsgBox subFldr    subFldr.DeleteNext

this error occurs:

Run time Error '70'
permission denied

my folder for my history is "C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal Settingsgeschiedenishistory.IE5". I have a dutch version of Win2000.

how can I solve this?

Location Of Run Dialog History

is there a guide anywhere about where windows stores all its bits and pieces in the registry? in particular, i'm looking for the drop-down list in the run dialog. i know where the typed url's for IE are.


Common Dialog Without Common Dialog Object
*EDIT* Sorry, I meant to post this in faq's section but I pushed the wrong button go here to view this post.

Edited by - msg555 on 5/23/2004 4:55:39 PM

Common Dialog Open Dialog Box, With A Picture Preview?
Hey ya, is there any way i can add the picture preview in the attached image to my Common dialog control's open ?

I guess its a flag? but cant see it etc?

Common Dialog Contol - Font Dialog - *unresolved*
i have a common dialog control.. .names cdFont on my form... and a rich text box... named rtfMain

now... i have a problem and a question


when i call cdFont.ShowFont... (default settings)... i get a strange result

first i get a dialog that says "There Are No Fonts Installed. Open the fonts folder from the control panel to install fonts."

there are fonts, lots of them

then... i click ok... then i get error 24574 - no fonts exsist

anyone care to explain why this is happening?


To change the font name on the rtfMain... its just a matter of rtfMain.Font = cdFont.Fontname isnt it?

thx for your help (if you do decide to help that is )

Browse Dialog For Folders Without Using Common Dialog Control
Is there any way in excel vb script to display an open folder fialog box which returns only folder paths not files. I can get it to work for files using:


However, there doesn't seem to be a command for browsing for a folder. I don't want to use the common dialog control due to current platforms.

Any ideas?

Color Dialog (common Dialog) Problem
I use the commondialog.showColor property to get a value of a color. The problem is that the color is returned in the following format 1254865213 .A very huge number. What I want is to get the #CCCCCC format of the value of a color.How can I do that?

I would appreciate an answer.
Thank you

Common Dialog Control-color Dialog
Hi all,
    I am using Microsoft common dialog control 6.0 for color dialog. When I show the color dialog using .showcolor property it is coming in the top left corner of my form. Can I position that color window where ever I want in my form. I am unable to position the window.

Any idea?

-thanks in advance
Santhakumar B

Print Dialog (common Dialog) Frustration

I've read through quite a number of help topics on different forums trying to find an easy solution:

I'd like to achieve the following:

1) show a print setup dialog
2) When user wants to print, the printer object (default printer) would reflect all the changes that the user made in step 1 (that is, the choice of printer, page orientation, papersize etc.)

For step 1, I know that code

    commondialog1.flags = cdlPDPrintSetup

shows the print setup dialog, but how can you easily make use of the user selections? (through experiment I know that setting printer.trackdefault = true makes the printer object reflect at least on the choice of the printer, but not e.g. paper size, at least not consistently).

Thanks for any help,

Printer Dialog Of Common Dialog Control
I have one query related to common dialog control for printer. printer dialog provids one facility called "scaling" with the help of that you can scale ur printing object 0-1000%. its working with windows 95 and 98 but not with NT. Why???

Common Dialog Print Dialog
How do I check what printer the user selected in the Print Dialog?

Print Dialog Box (Common Dialog Box)

Does anyone know how to make the pages section of a print dialog box enabled. I'm referring to the print range frame. I know you can set the
flags property of the common dialog control, but setting this to &H2 which is what should make it become enabled does not do anything. Am I
overlooking something?


Common Dialog Control: How To Show A &"replace File&" Dialog Before Save
Its saving Ok, but i need it to ask the user if he wants to
replace the file when it has the same name.
It should occur just the first time, and then the following clicks
on save shoudnt ask again.

How can I do it?


Common Dialog Box Not So Common?
I've had this problem before and i forgot how i resolved it, how do i get fonts to show up on the list when i use the Common Dialog Box to display the font dialog? It get an error saying that i don't have any fonts installed. Any help would be appreciated.


Help With Common Dialog
Hey all I am using Visual Basic 6 making a comparision data program but i have tables stored all over the network. I used the Common Dialog Open box, but when i use txttable.text = commondialog1.filename it only returns the filename not the full path so it bottoms out, any suggestions?

Thanks for the help


Common Dialog Ocx And Dll
Good Day,

I am currently using Inno Setup.
One of the file I have to include is comdlg32

There is no problem including comdlg32.ocx, but if i try to include comdlg.dllm the compile program will say that it can't include this dll

Will the common dialogs will work on user's machine only with the ocx ?


Common Dialog Box
hello, i open an excel file with he common dialog box, this works fine. but if i click on open a file and do not chose a file and exit the common dialog box then it throws an error. is there anyway to stop this.

this is my code

'open the common dialog box
cdlFileBox.Filter = "excel (*.xls)|*.xls"

'Open an Excel workbook
Set MyXLApp = New Excel.Application

Set MyXLWorkBook = MyXLApp.Workbooks.Open(FileName:=cdlFileBox.FileName) '"H:sarahWeeklySpent.xls


Common Dialog
hi, i am a beginner in, is anybody know how to solve this problem?

Problem: i wan to create a program that create and save an excel file....but i dunno how to run a "Save As" dialog box.......????

Common Dialog
I am using MS Common Dialog Control to let the user give the location of a MS Access database that will be used in an Excel-project. Trouble is, once I move the excel-sheet to another PC, it errors, telling me that the MS Common dialog control cannot be found on the computer! I thought this was an OCX-file that was distributed with windows, and that all windows-installation have. Obviously I was mistaken. So my questin is: is there som way I can compile the Excel-file so that it brings the OCX with it? Or can I only use the file on a PC with VB installed (that just doesn't seem right to me...).

Common Dialog Box
hi to all,

just want to ask if there is another tool that functions the same as the common dialog box does? im using excel application and its VB editor to automate it and wen i tryd to add the Common Dialog Component and use it, there is a pop-up notice. it says 'the control could not be created because it is not properly licenced.'

thank you very much!

Common Dialog
Private Sub cmdColor_Click()
End Sub

Ok, after they choose a color from the pallete, is there a way that i can get its r,g,b colors after they click the color palletes OK button?

Common Dialog
Hi i am using a common dialog controller and I want the directory listing to only show files with a certain prefix. How can I do this? The filter parameter does not work as I would expected it.

Help With Common Dialog
Been Years Since ive played with vb, now ive started using vb6 and quickly refreshing myself on some of the basics - making a test text editor!

Heres my on click code _________

Private Sub Command1_Click()
If CommonDialog1.FileName <> "" Then Text1.Text = CommonDialog1.FileName
End Sub

Dialog opens, i select my test text file and all it does is display the path of the test text file, instead of the contents! I have checked several different sites and books and this seems to be the same codein all of them! what am i doing wrong?

More Common Dialog Help
I'm using multiselect for this open file common dialog (it's actually a replacement control) and my code to get just the file title is working correctly, but when one file is selected, my code doesn't like it as I'm getting invalid procedure call or argument. Here's the code I've written for getting just the filetitles when multiple files are selected:

Public Function GetFileTitle(FileName As String)
Dim FileTitleStarts As Integer
Dim FolderNameEnds As Integer

FileTitleStarts = InStrRev(FileName, "") + 1

'check if theres a foldername after the last backslash
'if there is add a backslash to the last foldername
If Mid(FileName, FileTitleStarts, 1) <> " " Then
FolderNameEnds = InStr(FileTitleStarts, FileName, " ")
FileName = Mid(FileName, 1, FolderNameEnds - 1) & "" & Mid(FileName, FolderNameEnds)
FileTitleStarts = InStrRev(FileName, "") + 1
End If

GetFileTitle = Mid(FileName, FileTitleStarts)
GetFileTitle = Trim(GetFileTitle)

End Function
It's erroring out on this line:

FileName = Mid(FileName, 1, FolderNameEnds - 1) & "" & Mid(FileName, FolderNameEnds)
The way I'm doing it is actually a work-around for .FileTitle since it doesn't list any files when I've selected multiple files (doesn't seem to be delimited by vbNullChar) but it works fine when I select just one file.

Here's the code that calls GetFileTitle() and the common dialog code as well:

With dlgCommonDialog
.Filter = "All suported (*.wad; *.deh)|*.wad; *.deh|Doom WADs (*.wad)|*.wad|DeHacked patches (*.deh)|*.deh|All files (*.*)|*.*|"
File = .FileName
End With

File = Replace(File, vbNullChar, " ")
File = Trim(File)
File = GetFileTitle(File)

I appreciate your time.

Common Dialog Box
How can I add a filter with 2 extensions... something like .txt and .doc for example... i don't want them separate because I know how to do that.
I want something like Documents (.txt, .doc). Can this be possible or do I have to subclass and do some advance things?

Common Dialog Help
I did this a couple of months back but I don't remember how I did this. I already have an option for ".doc" files and now I need to add another option ".txt" to the Files of Type in the "Open" dialog box. I use the Open dialog box that comes with a common dialog box.

How do you do this?

Common Dialog Box
we are doing an archive system of a museum.
we need to upload a picture of the paintings.
we are using a common dialog box in uploading the picture.
Our problem is when we type a file that doesnt exist in the directory, an error will occur because of the LoadPicture(filename) event.

How can we solve this problem?

our dialog box's flag's value is already set to &H1000 but it still doesnt work..

Common Dialog
can you stop a common dialog from being closed when the user presses Enter or clicks the 'OK'/'Open' button?

Common Dialog
Private Sub Command1_Click()
With CommonDialog1
.DialogTitle = "Open"
.InitDir = "C:"
.Filter = "Text Files (*.txt)|*.txt|All Files (*.*)|*.*"
.Flags = cdlOFNAllowMultiselect Or cdlOFNExplorer Or cdlOFNHideReadOnly
End With 'Close the with statement

RTB1.Text = CommonDialog1.FileName

End Sub

When selecting multiple files, it copies the filename to the rich text box, as wanted, only it comes out jumbled, something like "C: ext1.txt▌C: ext2.txt" etc ... How would I have it output the filenames to DIFFERENT richtext box's or text box's, each filename has a different textbox it's printed to?

Common Dialog
Can some one help please i dont know how to add a commondialog box

Common Dialog...

I was wondering firstly, what COMPONENT you add to get the common dialog control?

(I will ask my second question later...)


Common Dialog!!!
I have been searching this forum and I've found a lot of good stuff, but I guess I am the beginner of all beginners. Do I have to create a new form to open a dialog box like the "browse" box opened in many Windows applications. I don't have an all encompasing control that does this. Is there a function call? What I'm looking for is something like: Msgbox "Hi!" But that opens up a dialog and allows the user to search for a file, then returns the path and filename they chose. Maybe something like: MyFilename = FileBrowseBox( Maybe some arguments in here)
The above code would then return a string like "C:MyDocuments ext.txt"

Please write very beginner like.... :O)

Common Dialog Box
on a common dialog box, say, a save dialog box, how do you know whether the user presses cancel or enter or whatever button? for example, suppose i want to make it so that when the person presses cancel it exits the common dialog box and if he presses save then it saves it as a txt

Common Dialog
Open cdlgFilePic For Input As #1
Input #1, PicVal$
txtGrid.Text = PicVal$

I get an error saying property Read-Only

Common Dialog .. Help
Hallo hi everybody..

I've a problem to make the commonDialog to go to a specified folder. By default it goes to 'My Document Folder'. Is it possible to make commonDialog to go to a specified folder. For example I want commonDialog to go images folder.

Here is my code:

CommonDialog1.Filter = "Graphic files(*.jpg)|*.jpg"

CommonDialog1.FilterIndex = 1
strFilename = CommonDialog1.FileName

Thank you...

Common Dialog Box
Could any one help me in the use of a common dialog box? I try to add one to my form ad it seems to be added ok but when i trty to launch the form it does nothjing. IT seems as tho nothing is on the form

Common Dialog
Hi. Is there a way to read the colormode setting from the commond dialog ?

Common Dialog
i have code for a "notepad" like word processor.

i want to put the file dialog box into another program.

to call up the box it uses: cdb.showopen

i put the common dialog icon on my form, but it will not recognize the cdb.showopen command and there are no icons in the tool bar. i have looked for code in the "notepad" like program but i am not able to find anything that activates the box other than the "cdb.showopen" command.

also, how do i put the icons in the toolbar?

Common Dialog Box
Hi All,

It's me again.

I am having a problem with the common dialog box.
When I use it to open a file and the I click the cancel button I get an error instead of just exiting the popup. I'm trying to trap the error then bypass it but I would like to avoid the error all together.

Any insights?



Common Dialog Box
how do u do an open style dialog box

Common Dialog
I am using this API function to open files

Private Declare Function GetOpenFileName Lib "comdlg32.dll" Alias _
"GetOpenFileNameA" (pOpenfilename As OPENFILENAME) As Long

I can open the dialog form. The problem is the dialog form opens behind the main form where it is activated......the user have to click on the toolbar at the computer screen to see the dialog form. How can I do to make the dialog form appear on top of the form where it is activated?

Common Dialog
Hi..i am using common dilaog for opening up the there any way i can customize i want to display thumbnails of the images instead of the image file names in the open file dialog...any help will be appreciated....

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