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Detect WireLess Connection?

Does anyone have an idea if you can detect a wireless connection?

I have laptop as well as a pc. So when switching on both the wireless automatically kicks in so i need to pick this up and run a program depending on this...

any ideas?

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Wireless Connection WEP Key
Hello All,

What i'd like to do is configure specific properties associated with a wireless connect: specifically the WEP key.

The wep key can be set by chosing, first the wireless connection, then selecting the "Wireless Networks" tab, then selecting the correct wireless network point and clicking configure. From this point we can set the WEP key.

I'm presuming that there must be a way to navigate the property pages associated with a network connection.

My Questions are:
1. Should i attempt to solve this issue using the property pages?
2. Should i attempt to configure an associated registry entry?

Thank you for your responses!

Calling Up Wireless Network Connection Box
Hey everyone ive been trying to find the filename or some type of may to call up the "wireless network connection" within VB6. Does anyone have or know of a shortcut to get to this without having to go through a few sets in order to get to it?



Auto-config, Wireless Connection
I'm working to build a wireless setup program, which is to read the SSID and WEP key for a new wireless connection from a text file. Then, I need it to add said connection to the computer. The computer(s) that I am trying to auto-connect are both 2000 and XP laptops.

Can this be done? If so, how?
And to the person who says this is a waste of my time, yes, I know it is, and I'm prepared to accept those consequences.

Vista's out! Dancing time!

Access To Windows XP &"Wireless Connection Status&" Screen
Does any know how I could read the signal strength, and anyother information that is displayed by windows when using a wirless card?

I have attached a screen shot of the information I am trying to get at for clarification.

Thanks for any information. It will be helpful.


Detect A VPN Connection
Would anyone have any idea how to detect a VPN connection using VB 6? I have no idea where to begin.

Idealy, I would like to be able to detect the status and type of the connections in Window's Network and Dial-up Connections. Both for Windows 98 and NT.

Thanks. cmn

Detect Connection
I hope to use vb6 code to detect a computer, that the computer have network connection or not?

Cause I want to make a connection to sql server and let the EXE know that can connect to the sql server or not, so that error of connection would not occur when run the EXE and change to connect to the database which stored in that computer.

How? What is the code?


Detect Connection To The Net

How do I know if a user has connected to the internet.


Detect Connection?
Can someone tell me how to detect whether or not a PocketPC device has been placed in it's cradle? I have the app made to transfer files both ways, but I'm not sure how to fire the app whenever the handheld has been placed in the cradle.

I've basically been making sure that it's connecting using ActiveSync, but I need to do more of an automated operation than ActiveSync can handle.

I don't know if there is a way to scan USB ports, or to catch an interrupt or something.

Any ideas appreciated.

Detect Internet Connection
I need code to detect internet connection
and how i can send emil using free smtp
Amr Sedkey

Detect Network Connection...
I hope to use vb6 code to detect a computer, that the computer have network connection or not?

Cause I want to make a connection to sql server and let the EXE know that can connect to the sql server or not, so that error of connection would not occur when run the EXE and change to connect to the database which stored in that computer.

How? What is the code?


Detect Connection Using Directx8
i currently using directx8 to develop a game in VB. Now, by using directPlay, how can i detect wheather the connection is lost or no connection at all?

Detect Internet Connection

does anyone know how to detect if we are connected to the internet without any controls? through API?

Thank you

Detect Connection To Server
I am currently developing a system. Before it saves data into the server, it must SENSE first if it (client machine) has connection to the server. I do it that way so that if the connection is cut as transaction is going on, the client is going to save temporarily the data to the local database. My problem now is how to SENSE if there is a connection between the Server and the client. Please help...

(The DETECTION of the connection must be FAST).

Tnx in advance.

Detect Internet Connection
How would I make my program detect if the user's computer is connected to the internet (in any way, cable, modem). All I need is to know when it gets on. If the computer is on the internet, the program will send an e-mail to, if not, nothing will happen. How would I go about doing this?

Jacob Sheehy

Multitasking - screwing up several things at once

Detect Internet Connection
I wanted to know that how could I find out which computer has an internet connection in a LAN setup and then ask the node to communicate and send data through it.
Thanks for any help...Pratim

Detect Dbase Connection
I have a program. this program use .dbf tables. we want this program to be mutli user. is it possible to detect who is connected on those tables ?

Detect Internet Connection In LAN
Any kind of help will be very much appreciated.
Please let me know that how can I know that which computer in a LAn has internet connection. I want to detect the computer(node) and send some data from the current node to upload some data.

How Can I Detect A Network Connection?
Hi All,

I need to detect whether there are any other computers connected to the PC on which my app is running.

I have no idea what PCs, if any, will be out there so I don't think pinging is an option.

I have already had a good search around here but can't find a solution.
I have tried using WNetEnumResource but that just seems to return the configuration data, not whether there is something physically connected to the LAN card.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Detect Active Connection Name
Is there a way to detect the name of an active inernet (modem)


Internet Connection Detect....
anyone know how to detect if an Internet Connection is still present or has been dropped? Other than seeing if a webpage loads.

i want to be able to insert a code into the Form Load and have it monitor the net connection and pause my app if connection is lost.

Detect Internet Connection
I am looking for a relaible way to check and see if the computer my app is going to be running on is connected to the internet...

I found some examples.. but nothing solid yet.

the one example was using InternetOpen, InternetOpenUrl API calls.. but the API guide says these are NT4+ API calls and this needs to work on win 95 and up...

I found another method for using InternetGetConnectedState but that needs IE 4 or greater installed.

so is there a way to check for a net connection that will work on all windows OSes?

Detect Internet Connection
How to i detect with vb if the user is connected to the net?

How To Detect Whether Have Internet Connection?
hi, there, i know the code to open a browser, but is there any way to detect if user has active internet con? can i change the code to based on hbrowse returns or not?


Public Sub Navigate(ByVal NavTo As String)
Dim hBrowse As Long
hBrowse = ShellExecute(0&, "open", NavTo, "", "", SW_SHOW)

End Sub

How To Detect A Internet Connection ?

I'm new with Vb so be patient plz. Here is my question:

How to detect if a internet connection is active? I need a program
which will sit on the background and if the user starts a connection then it starts to record the time he spends online.

I suspect i need to use some api, but i'm not sure which one.

Thanks in advance !!

Detect Internet Connection
How can I detect Internet connection? I want to do something when the user connects.


Does Anyone Know How I Can Detect A Network Connection.
I need to detect whether or not I currently have a network connection. I am on a LAN not a dialup.

Any solutions...

Detect Internet Connection
How can I detect an Internet Connection?

PLEASE HELP!!!! - Detect A Internet Connection
can VB detect when an internet connection is active?
does ne1 know how to do this?


i have a program running in the system tray, its a simple program which only has a popup list, each of the menu items opens another EXE using the shell command... but when i click to open a program the peogram opens minimized?!?!?!
wat do i need to do to give it focus?


Can One Detect An Internet Connection If ...
Consider i have a computer network , and
there is a dialup connection on one of them (server) , all the others have access to the internet Via Wingate , can one detect this connection on a vb program (note: the program is running on a Client computer)
if so How to enable/disable this connection
on a specific client computer ??

- regards -
- razzaj -

Detect Internet Connection Through LAN
i want to check internet is connected through LAN or not . How can i detect this?

Winsock Detect Connection
I have a vb app which will be used by many users, and i have another app which will be used by me. We'll call this one App1 and App2 respectivily. This should be pretty simple but i keep getting errors. App1 on load should try to connect to my winsock cotrol on App2, but if App2 is not listening, App1 has a timer to check every 5 seconds if it is. So, when I turn on App2 to see who's connected, App1 never connects to App2 unless App2 was on previously, and they should not be a problem, i'm testing the apps on my local machine. Does anybody have a solution. Here's the code I got so far.

App1: client App

Private sub Form_Load()
wSocket.Connect "", "55"
Timer1.Enabled = True
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
Select Case wSocket.State
    Case sckClosed
        wSocket.Connect "", "55"
    Case sckConnecting
        wSocket.Connect "", "55"
    Case sckConnected
        Timer1.Enabled = False
        wSocket.SendData wSocket.LocalHostName
    Case sckClosing
        wSocket.Connect "", "55"
    Case sckError
        wSocket.Connect "", "55"
End Select
End Sub

App2: Server App(my app)
Dim intConnection As Integer

Private Sub Form_Load()
intConnection = 0
wSocket(0).LocalPort = "55"
End Sub
Private Sub wSocket_ConnectionRequest(Index As Integer, ByVal requestID As Long)
If Index = 0 Then
    intConnection = intConnection + 1
    Load wSocket(intConnection)
    wSocket(intConnection).LocalPort = "55"
    wSocket(intConnection).Accept requestID
End If
End Sub

Private Sub wSocket_DataArrival(Index As Integer, ByVal bytesTotal As Long)
Dim sMessage As String
Dim sME
wSocket(Index).GetData sMessage, vbString
sME = sMessage & ":" & wSocket(Index).RemoteHostIP
lstTest.AddItem sME, Index - 1
End Sub

Private Sub wSocket_Close(Index As Integer)
lstTest.RemoveItem Index - 1
Unload wSocket(Index)
intConnection = intConnection - 1
End Sub

Any help would be greatly appriciated

Detect Connection Attempt
Hi there,
   anyone know how can I detect an attempt of internet connection
before it will be established! Thks

How To Detect A Broken Connection?
I have one question simple.

I have a service which checks a database for new entries and scan at 30 secs intervals. If I reboot the SQL Server, this service crashes, even if I have error handling.

My question is, is there a way to detect when the connection is OPENED that the server is not accessible and make it wait? I tought this was the connection timeout thing, but it doesn't seem it works when the connection is already established.

Thank you!

Detect Network Connection
I have written a program that uses file and such from other mapped drives. Is there a way (for error trapping purposes) to see if the user is connected to the network.

Any suggestions would be of great help.

Thanks in advance,


Detect Network Connection
I have written a program that uses file and such from other mapped drives. Is there a way (for error trapping purposes) to see if the user is connected to the network.

Any suggestions would be of great help.

Thanks in advance,


Detect Internet Connection
How can I check to see if the pc is connected to the Internet?
Using VB or VC or both.



How To Detect Connection Between Sql-ado Connection?
I have a program that acesses database from sql server using ado and i want to detect if there's a sucessful connection before my program load.

I just have added Msgbox in the Error event of ado, but seems don't work. How shall i do it. please help

Detect Dsn Connection Upon Opening Of Program
How can I connect to a dsn upon running of my program?

How To See/detect Internet Connection (RESOLVED)
As I know there are distinction between connection to the Games server
and connection to the browser http// Is there any vbcode
that can detect these connection and there are any other connection beside
these? I use Winme(workgroup) and winroute and ADSL connect to internet
Your hightligh and suggestions is greatly appreciated


Detect Network Or Internet Connection?
Ok I have a chat program which will connect to other computers on a network... (and maybe the internet??)

Anyway, if the computer isn't connected, it will go into a loop and connect over and over to itself, after a very long pause.

Any ideas on how I could show a message box or something when the user doesn't have a Internet/Network connection.

Thanks in advance.

How Can I Detect If There Is An Active Internet Connection?
When I dial modem and have internet connection, I want to know
connection state (Connected or Disconnect).

best regards

Detect If Dial Up Connection Is Idle
i have serach the forum all over for that and many other sites found some ways but non working on win2000 has anyone ever made that please help

How To Detect If An Internet Connection Is Alive ??
I have an application in eVb ad I would like to detect if the internet connection is alive
so I can enable or disable some functions
I have tried with the InternetGetConnectedState
I declare the function in this way :
Public Declare Function InternetGetConnectedState Lib "wininet.dll" (ByRef
lpdwFlags As Long, ByVal dwReserved As Long) As Boolean
but when I use the function I have a message "Unable to load function
Why ?
Do you know another way to know if the connection is alive ?
thank you

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How Can I Detect An Active Connection In Windows NT?
How can I detect an active connection in Windows NT?

How Can A HOST/SERVER Detect Internet Connection?
need help. how can a HOST/SERVER detect internet connection, time of connection of client PC? and also how to log-off internet connection of client PC?

How To Detect Internet Connection In A Computer Connected To Net Via Lan
Iam working on a project in visual basic in which the
application check wheather there is an active internet
connection or not in every second.

For this purpose I have tried out several options. But
none of this is working. The software is designed to
work in windows NT environment and this software is
installed in every client machines. The client machine
is connected to internet through LAN that is we get
internet connection in an internet server and from there
it is connected to a hub and from the hub all the machines
are sharing the net.

I have tried out the API InternetGetConnectedState of windows.
It works well with machines connected directly to net via modem.
I tried out this API with each of the parameters that is INTERNET_CONNECTION_MODEM ,INTERNET_CONNECTION_LAN ,INTERNET_CONNECTION_PROXY but it is always returning true.

Another method I found is checking the value in the registry sub key
SystemCurrentControlSetServicesRemoteAccess in the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. It is also returning true every time.

None of these methods are working for machines that is connected
to internet via LAN.

There are some working methods. One method is to use the ping
method to send a signal to a valid address and checking its
returned value. Again the sever (ip address) should be up and
this method takes a alot time nearly 40 seconds. During this
time the system is hanging.
Another method is using the inet control in visual basic.
Connecting this control to server and checking its
state(status) works almost fine. Here again it takes a lot
of resource (time) and is not efficient.

Sir, can you provide me some hint (idea) on how to detect the
internet connection in a computer without minding how it is connected
to the net because when we distribute a software we cannot
predit on
how the user will be connected to the net.
Is there any part of the registry where some modification will take
place. Or is there any other way. Please provide me the information.

Thanking you
Liju John

Urgent! How Can I Detect An Active Internet Connection In WinNT 4.0?
Urgent! How can I detect an active internet connection in WinNT 4.0?

*RESOLVED* Winsock Server Detect When Client Drops Connection
Is there any way for a winsock server to detect when the client drops the connection so that I can put it back to the Listening state.

I have a client connected to the server and all runs OK.
In my testing I am simulating the situation where the client app crashes and is then run again and wants to re-establish the connection with the server.

However, I get error 10061 (connection forcibly rejected).

Any help greatly appreciated.

Detect If There Is An Internet Connection Active Before Winsock.Connect [SOLVED]
How can I detect if there is an internet connection before connecting with Winsock to send an email?

The first time the app tries to connect without an internet connection the winsock_error catches the error, but the second time around (2 minute iterations with a timer) I get an error when winsock tries to connect again, not caught anymore with winsock_error

My connection is DSL (sympatico high speed modem), VB6, W2000


Edit: I tried looking for an answer in other postings but found nothing regarding detecting an internet connection....


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