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Difference Between Application Interface And System Interface

hi guys,

         What is the diffrence between Application Interface and System Interface?


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Diff.between Application Interface And System Interface In VB
Hi Guys,

 My question is:Diff.between Application Interface and System Interface in VB?


How Can I Add A VB/VBA Interface To My Application?
I am writing a terminal emulator and would like to add a VB/VBA programming interface, similar to the Visual Basic Editor in Excel, so that I can automate tasks to run through the emulator.
Does anyone have any idea how to achieve this or can anyone point me to a resource on the subject?

Many thanks in advance,


Application Interface Framework
Greetings -

I am looking for a framework that has most of the graphics stuff already handled.

My application needs to create child forms at runtime, and load graphics on it from something like a definition file.

Something close to this would be like a network management program, where symbols are created and change states.

I SUCK at graphics. I can handle the DB work, but I'm clueless on where to start for the graphics.

Any ideas?


How To Beautify Vb Application's Interface
I have wrote a vb program long times ago,and now i want to beautify its interface(like xp or vista style),but i don't know how to do? because it have thousands of line codes,rewriting it will cost much time and energy.

is there any solution which can change it's interface but doesn't need to modify existing code ?

thank you all!

Load EXE Application Without Interface
Hi all,
my application dosn't have form for interface means i hide the form couse i don't need it but when i run the application from the Sub main it process the functions in the sub main and then stop the application how can i forbid stopping the application and always run behind the windows.
thank you

How Do I Interface VB6 With Banking Application
   A payroll software was designed with VB6 as the front end and MSSQLServer 7.0 as the back end. Now I'm being asked to interface it with a banking application such that employee/Client bank account will be automatically credited once the software is run.
How do I go about it? Code snippets will be appreciated.

Change Interface Of A Application
Hi all,,

Can I change the interface color, buttons etc with out designing them seperately.

Etc:- Like changing the winodws Theme
I've heard that I can do that using OCX.. If so where can I download them?

Thank you



Application Interface FReezes When Running
Hello Everyone.

I wrote a program that parses out extremely large text files (> 25 MB) and creates SQL statements to insert into tables with. My question is that, when I execute the command to process and insert this entire file, my application looks like it will freeze up. I want to put a progressBar or some sort of progress indicator, but I can't do anything with the screen (no minimize, maximize, etc). Is there something that I can do? Also why is it that it seems like it is freezing?



Creating An Interface For Fortran Application
Hello again everyone,
I've been asked to create an interface for an old Fortran program to make it more user friendly.

I was told that Python would be a good was to go but I know nothing about python and fortran right now so i was wondering if anyone thinks that i could use VB? I don't know if VB can interact with Fortran in anyway ??
Anyone have any ideas for me before I get right into it?
Here's my background: I know zero Fortan and phyton. I've been using VB for all my programming for about 4 years so I'm no guru but it's the best i got. Some Java and some C from first year engineering.


Web Interface To VB&Access POS-Accounting Application
I have developed an application for Point of sale and accounting using VB & MS-Access. I want to add the web interface to this application so that a person sitting in other branch offices should be able to work on the same centrally located database of point of sale and accounting.
I need help to find out which will be the best secure, fastes and stable plateform. Please give a guide line on where to start from.

Detect If Application Is Running Inside VB Interface
how could i detect if my app is running from inside VB or if running as a compiled exe?

How To Visit The Outlook Express Application Programing Interface?
I want to design a program to view caller telephone number and use this number to look up the outlook express address book for showing the name of caller.

how to gain and look up the information of outolook express addreess book

Thank you

Can An Interface Implements Another Interface?
can an interface implements another interface in VB?

Web-like Interface

As the title explains itself i'm planning to make a project, with forms that ought to be compared to a website, meaning simple this,

A form with text,gifs , pics, schemes, tools,... that can be scrolled trough, like u have on a website IE 's scrollbar

I was thinking on a richt text box format, but i am not quite sure you could import all those object.

So advice would be appreciated


Interface Help :(
ok im neva any good when it comes to designing the interface im good when it comes to doing the code and stuff but when it comes to designing how the program looks im the worst could anyone give me any tips about it or where to go to get some help??

3D Interface
Hi peep

wondering if any one can help...

I'm working on a project on creating a 3D Desktop Interface to run windows applications.

I was wondering if i can do this using Visual Basic with OpenGL

If anyone can help, please reply PLEASE

Help With My Interface
Greetings People,

I'm new to this forum and so am i to VB... i need help on a program that i'm currently working on. It is a chat program and i'm at the final stages of work. I need a few questions answered before i can get on with finishing my program.
Does anyone know how to create a File Transfer between 2 users. I have created one... but i doubt it's gonna work... it doesn't sound quite right... and also i need to know how to create an upload and download Form... where i can upload files to a server and some other user can download it... please advice.

How do i create a contact list quite like MSN... the collapsable list... do i use the tree view function? and also... can i put both my online and offline users on the same list without affecting it... actually i don't know how to do it... please help... thank you very much


Does someone know something about how to build super
looking interfaces.You know something cool and unusual!
Any help will be appriciated.

Never Give Up

I Need Help With And Interface...
Thanks guys, I have to design an interface between the computer and... Letís say about 10 relays and 5 solenoids. I would like to use VB. I tried using inpout.dll but I think it doesnít work with WinXp. What I am doing is using a set of relays and solenoids into a junction box and into my computer through the parallel port. The system will be a basic home automation. On and off only. Mostly outlets and lighting... Iím not too worried about temp and dimmers at this point. I have never done any programming with parallel or serial ports before so if you could walk me through the code. I am though familiar with Visual Basic code and syntax. I need to figure the easiest way of doing this. And another problem is that the parallel port has only so many pins and that would be a small limit of modules that could be hooked up. Maybe there is a way of making a compression of the signal and then back to the number modules I have. I have designed the software but I need the code for the interface. What I am trying to do is have a Boolean array called Module_State and have each module is associated to a variable in the array. So the Living room Light 1 is controlled by Module_State[12]. When Changed "Module_State[12] = True" then a single pulse for about 1/10 of a sec will trigger the solenoid on the Living room light. Thanks for your help.

PC To PC Interface

I want to do the pc to pc communication.One for the sending the bytes values and other for receiving the bytes thru the comports . How can i do it. SUggest the Source code.

Best regds

DX And Interface
I don't know where is the correct place for this question.

Can we use DirectDraw to render/filter stretched bitmaps?

I'm new on DX. How to start a DirectX program? anyone can help me? (creating very simple DX program?) Is Program with DX using API?

VB To Interface GPS?
Hey, I haven't asked a question in awhile on here... so here it goes.

Recently I have taken up geocaching. This is a great activity and I am completely addicted. Basically it involves searching for "hidden treasure" with a GPS. It's actually more about the journey and not the destination. It's a great way to get out from behind the box and out into nature.

At any rate, I want to create an app to communicate with the GPS (Magellan Meridian Gold) so as to be able to upload and download points to/from it. All the freeware/shareware stuff does not do what I want. I have scoured the web looking for an API or anything else catching, but have had no luck. I know that there has to be something out there for this because, as I mentioned, there are several pieces of third party software around that are not GPS specific. I am thinking that there is some type of industry wide protocol. Also, it would also be really cool to be able to manage maps, however I am quite sure that this is properiety based since the GPS manufacturers charge an arm and a leg for the in-depth mapping software -- and everything I have seen is GPS manufacturer specific.

If anybody can shed some light on this for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Com Interface
I have a DLL which a friend wants to call using php. Apparently, you can't call a dll from php unless it has a COM interface.

Any idea how I do this? Can I build an activex dll that provides this interface?

The current DLL is a Visual C++ one.

In case you haven't guessed, I'm not sure how a COM interface works - I presumed it was basically the interface that a ActiveX DLL uses, that can be read from VB as a reference.

What Is An Interface
could somebody please explain to me what exactly an interface is in a layman's language ... from my reading, it would appear to be the mere exposure of properties and methods which i would understand to be part of the object ... if so, then how can an interface be registered separately from the object? is there a difference between an object and a component? what role does an interface play in this difference?

PDA Interface
Hi all
Im looking for information on PDA's. I want to write a program with VB to appear in a pda. Can windows CE handle this
Any information appreciated.

How To Interface?

i am trying to send Variables FROM an ActiveX-Dll (wich i am running in an ASP script on a IIS webserver),

TO my VB app wich is running on the same server,
how would i send information to the vbApp?, but mostly
how would i get information FROM the vbApp, that i can send back thru
the ASP script (using oResponse.Write in the ActiveX-DLL)

NOte:for now i found no tutorials about this. I tried SendMessage to
write to a textbox in my VB app, however i couldn't figure out how to,
get information from the VB app..

any help would be verry appreciated,



Web Interface
Hi. Im trying to find a website or any other documentation that enumerates Pros and Cons of using a web interface to interact with an application.


Getting Interface Of DLL

I have a DLL (probably not activex) that comes with an application, and i think there is some nice magic inside of it. There is no documentation and the supplier is not doing customer service.

How do i discover the interface of this DLL. Is there some kind of tool that gives me the information how to declare its functions in VB?

Thanx in advance!

Interface Up?
Anyone know how to check wether a network interface is up?

Web Interface
Does anyone know how to create an web-interface for my visual basic 6 application?
I'm making an parallel-port control. That section runs fine, now a web-interface.
Or do I need visual studio .net 2003 for it?
EDIT: a .net 2003 app won't work on my other pc. END EDIT:
I'm using VB6 instead of VS2005 because it must run on a old win 98 SE computer
Or must I make my program listen to a port and make an (external) .php file to send commands to it?

VB6 Interface To PLC`s S5 Or S7
Hi can anyone help me

can you interface VB6 into PLC`s

if so could you help me with the connection details and program

program will also need to connect to Oracle but i know how to do that

cheers thanks in advance

VB GUI Interface
Hi Guys! Im a newbie here, so I dont know if I have put this thread on the right section. Anyway, I have a school project now and its a database application. I would like to ask for certain ideas as to how my project will look like, GUI-wise. You see I'm not really artistic, so if you can point to some cool vb projects so i can take a look at how they have constructed their gui ( particularly interested in the layout and color scheme ). So ill be able to pick up some ideas. Thanks in advance!

Hi All , Interface The Best Way
i'm trying to decide the best way interface betwen app's
i wont to pass ''string's arry's bitmats, etc
out of process

Ole,dde,send msg,activeX

speed,ease,up to date

any suggestions?

XP Interface Through VB6
Hi Freinds

Can I make my interface look like Xp when using VB6.

Is there any APIs for that

thanks in advance

VB Interface
Hi, just a few things. I got back to my PC today after the weekend and the background is missing. it has everything but its all floating. (i.e i can see the desktop through VB)

Also how do i get the line numbers on the code.

there is no line numbers


Vb Interface
hi! I want to ask how to change the interface of a created program in vb..


Interface In VB6

today we had a chat on and one of my friend asked me abt interface in vb6 is it possible... if so any code or link whch give more info...

MDI Interface
My project involves MDI.I want to disable the controls on MDI when a child form is open.If i use mdifrm.enabled=false then even the child forms are also disabled.Help me!

Mac Interface
How do I add a Mac OS 8/9 like interface to my application?

Interface With Another App
my program needs to be able to read and display information that is in another app's textboxs. how do i do this?

for example:

i need to get the text out of aol instant messenger's screen (the screen that shows the converstation)
i then need to put the text in my own textbox

thanks in advance for any help!!!

GUI HELP (Interface Help)
how do you people make those windows xp type of interfaces. They look hot like the interface for "rbnwares start button" can someone help

Is it possible to raise a generic event(s) from an Interface defined for several base classes?


'Public Event SomeEvent(strData as String) **

' Read Only Property...
Public Property Get Prop1() as String

' Sub Procedure...
Public Sub Some Method()
End Sub

** Why does this code not expose a new event from the base classes events list?

Is this the limition of VB regarding Interfaces.

Is there a way to use COM Interfaces in VB? I want to use VB to make Shell Extensions.

VXD Interface
I have seen a number of threads regarding interfacing to a DLL from VB6 but for what I want to do from windows (call BIOS Int15) it appears that a VXD is required.

Has anyone used VB6 in conjunction with a VXD under Win98 and NT4?

DDE Interface
I have a DDE interface that I use in Excel. Can I use it in normal VB6, and if so how do I go about it?


An Interface Q
hi, I'm taking on a program that is going to require choosing file destinations and selecting files for a few diffrent purposes, and this is the first time that ive ever gotten into something like this because i havent been programing long and i was hoping that somebody would have some suggestions on what i might do...just any kind of general feed back...well thanks to anybody that responds...


Interface Between C And VB

I have a c program i want to call this c program from my Vb program i also want to pass some parameters to the c program. please anybodu tell how to do this.thank u in advance

Web Interface
Does anyone have any experience on creating a web application in vb in that the
backend connects to a database on the server? Some ideas on where to start or
article to read. Thanks

Dan Soltesz, MCP
Software Engineer

SMS-Interface Using VB 6.0
Hi to all, I am making a a project "Computer Interfaced SMS-Based switch controller" the principle is a mobile phone is interface to the computer using an M-bus cable connnected to my serial port and a switch controller to activated and deactivated the load using the parallel port of the PC by SMS and I'm using VB 6.0 as my database program. My problem is How can the VB read if the mobile received a text to activate or deactivate the switch controller and check if the code send is correct on my database and if correct it will send a signal to trigger the load and like wise send a messege to the phone that the load had been activated or wrong code send.
Please is there anyone there that can help me regarding this one.
Thanks a lot.


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