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Error 20532 'cannot Find Database DLL'. I Have An Solution.

Hello guys!

My scenario:

Server: Windows 2000 + SQL Server 7.0
Workstation: Windows 98SE
Dev Machine: Windows 98SE + VB 6.0 SP5 (MDAC 2.5) + Crystal Reports 8.0 + SQL Server 7.0 Tools

In the workstation the message "Run-Time Error '20532': Cannot find database dll DONīT occurs more because I found the DLL was is missing in my case.


Just copy this dll from Dev Machine to Workstation machine and its will work fine!!!!


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Using On Error When You Cant Find Another Solution ?
Is this acceptable when you cant find a condtion to work in a section of your code even though other areas of the code need to access this same code.

<Resolved>20532 Cannot Locate Database DLL

I get 20532 Cannot locate Database DLL error when i try to run the reports. I am able to run the reports in development environment. Does the PC's running this application need to have SQL server 7 client loded run the reports?

Thanks in advance,
New2Net !

Edited by - new2Net on 6/28/2006 8:33:49 AM

Error 20532
I know that this has been posted before but I simply can not get the Crystal "fix" to work. Heres the situation.

I have an application with a number of reports using the Crystal OCX version 8.5. The application works great on the development machine and 3 user's machines. When i try to install and run the same executible from a 4th users machine I get the error 20532 Cannot find database DLL.

I have reviewed the Crystal KB (article c2009024) followed the instructions to no avail. The reports use an Access 2000 query or an Access 2000 table as the data source.

I'm at an absolute loss as to what to do.

20532 Runtime Error
Hi! Everyone,
Wonder if anybody can help me out...
I'm developing a VB application which displays reports built using Crystal Reports 8.0.

After making an executable code and packaging for deploying onto another PC operating on Windows 95 platform, I run the installation setup in this PC. Installation is fine. However, when I'm try to run the application to preview the reports, the following error occurs:

"Error number 20532 : Cannot find Database DLL."

By the way, I have no problem previewing the reports while running the program in the VB development debug mode.

Can someone kindly let me know the solution to it?
Thank you.
Azeem Shahzad

Run-Time Error '20532'
When I try run my appliction on a client machine I keep getting the following error:

Run-Time Error '20532
Cannot find database dll

I know I need to install the 'database dll' on the clients machine ... but ... what is the database dll? I am using MS Access 2000 as my database.

Run-Time Error '20532'
When I try run my appliction on a client machine I keep getting the following error:

Run-Time Error '20532
Cannot find database dll

I know I need to install the 'database dll' on the clients machine ... but ... what is the database dll?
I am using MS Access 2000 as my database.
The client machine has Access.
I have installed the latest MDAC drivers from but I'm still getting the same error.

Run-time Error '20532'
I have a VB6 application which call Crystal Reports ver 8.5 reports.

Application is running ok, problem occurs when I try to run a report, run-time error '20532' Cannot find database DLL occurs and the application crashes.

The machine in question is running on Windows 2000 and the application uses Access 2000 as backend.

This situation does not occur on other machines.

Seems like that some crystal report file is missing, but I don't know which one.

Please can any one who has encountered this problem help ?



VB Crystal Report Error 20532
I keep having the error 20532,

Run-time error '20532':
Cannot find database DLL

I am using SetupFactory 5.0 and quite sure that required DLL is installed
(because I can open the mdb and carry out my processing, just cannot use CR)

Can anybody help? Please


Crystal Reports Error 20532
I have a Client/Server type application that I'm trying to integrate Crystal Reports into. The Client gathers the information needed and passes a string to the server app. The server app parses the info, queries the database, and passes a string back to the client with all the information the client requested. The client then stuffs the information into an array and passes the array to Crystal Reports using Crystal Data Objects (CDO).

This process works fine on my machine (since I have VB 6 and Crystal Reports 8.5 installed on my machine), but when I install it on the client machine, I get Runtime error 20532 - Cannot find database dll. The app will never have direct access to the database.

I've searched this forum and the internet for information on this particular error and for info on CDO, but all I found were links back to Crystal Decisions website, which is down at the moment.

Does anyone have any info on this, or any websites aside from Crystal Decisions that I can go to?

Here's a sample of my code:


m_cdoRowset.AddRows m_varRowsArray

Set m_crApplication = New CRPEAuto.Application

Set m_crReport = m_crApplication.OpenReport(m_strCRReportPath & "" & m_strReportName)
Set m_crDatabase = m_crReport.Database
Set m_crTables = m_crDatabase.Tables
Set m_crTable = m_crTables.Item(1)

Call m_crTable.SetPrivateData(3, m_cdoRowset)

If blnPreview = True Then
'This is the line it breaks on
Set m_crView = m_crReport.Preview

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!

Find The Solution
How will create two forms one is Windows Maximised Status and another one is normal and atleast one is MDI child and both forms are visible and resizes the both forms(if we chnge the size of one form 2nd form size will change automatically)

Need Help To Find Better Solution.
Hi everybody,
I have Inventory program where user is going through 'Travel Path' (all Items in special order). One of the feature to allow user insert item into 'Travel Path'. It means item has to be not just added to table, it has to be added to specific place. For instance after Item 1 or before Item 2.
My solution: I am changing record ID (+1) from that position(using loop through rs) and INSERT INTO with expected ID. It works for small 'Travel Path'(before 200 records.) For bigger size is getting too slow.

I will appreciate any other ideas.
Thanks for future help.

Very Serious Problem??not Able To Find Solution

iam developing an email checker.The main aim of the application is to get the emails from the server and display in the list view.depending on the selection and user choice(basically depending on the sender id and size) the user can delete the email permanantly from the server.If the email is selected and if the user wants to view the message text,he can check the message in a dialog box

iam using winsock,pop3 constants,cmessage classes and a listview

the problem is i am not able to get
1)The actual size of the content(it should display the total mail size).In the program i downloaded the size is calculated by len only shows bytes.i want the actual size.
2)it should display the actual message text,not all the mail headers.only the information which is sent by the sender(the actual text)

i have attached the application i have done in zip format.if any body doesn't understand the question i had asked please check the application which i had sent through a zip file.

please run the application,check the size column in the list view and the click the "Show Message" button to view the email.

please give me your valuable ideas.


Still Trying To Find A Solution To DB Connection Problem!!!!!
When connecting to an access database, I have tried 2 methods and received the same results. I used an ADO data connection and a Data Environment. When connecting, with both I used the Jet 4.0 engine to connect to a db that is resident on the end users PC.
I have written and application for the Palm Pilot and I am using VB to pull the databases from the palm using the Hot Sync process. I have one form that shows the status of the Hot Sync and after the table has been downloaded this form calls a second form which contains a 'Data Grid' (using the connections listed above). When the 2nd form is opened it appears to have taken a snapshot of the data prior to the table download from the Palm. The data displayed is not the data that was downloaded. I have tried to refresh, load & unload, open & close, etc. . . to get a fresh version of the data and nothing has worked for me.
I am not new to VB, however I don't get to work with it often. Is there something that I am missing in my connection method or is there a command that I have not tried. I would really appreciate whatever help can be given.

Here are some solutions that I received Previously that did not work:

* did you make sure under project "references" that jet 4.0 is checked?

* The problem is, that time is NOT on your side. The time it takes the palm to communicate with the host is milleseconds longer than the time the commands in code are executed. Your app calls for the data, then hops on to the next command, displaying the data. The data has not been loaded up yet, so you only get the data template.

I pulled this from the Chuck Easttoms VB world website. I don't know if this will solve your problem, but if they are correct about time then this should work.

Public Sub SlowDown(itime As Integer)

'This subroutine will simply wait a number of seconds

' for example you can place the code slowdown 1 in your app

'to make it wait 1 second. It will only recognize integer values

Dim lStartTime&

lStartTime = Timer

Do While Not Timer >= lStartTime + itime



End Sub

Could Not Find Installable ISAM - *SOLUTION*
Just read a very handy tip for this.. "Could not Find Installable ISAM" is usually a connection string problem. Get a nice, correct, guaranteed conenction string like this:

- Right click the desktop, Choose NEW >> TEXT DOCUMENT
- a file called new text document.txt appears.
---IF IT IS CALLED NEW TEXT DOCUMENT (without the extension, read this link NOW)
- rename it to a.udl
- say yes, youre sure to rename the extension
- right click and choose properties
- enter all the relevant information in the tabs across the top of the window


Your database provider is JET!
If your database has a password, you DO NOT enter it in the "password" box.. Instead, click on the ALL tab, and find in the list, the entry Jet OLEDB:Database Password edit that to contain your password. Remove any password from the Password entry in the list

Now, open your udl file in a TEXT EDITOR, and inside is a perfectly formed connection string for the database you selected

edit: &$%!ing smilies! :)

Can Not Find Physical Database Error

I have two VB exes which work on user workstations. My "new" problem is, I have Crystal Report dsn files which give me the error "Can not find Physical Database". When I first created the dsns I realized that I had their datasource mapped incorrectly. So I went back and set the ado connection to the ODBC driver. Well, I re-compiled the exe and I am still getting the same error. I know the exe can find the OBDC driver because the other functions such as searching a recordset and updating a record work fine. Why can't the .dsn files see the ODBC database. It is calling to the same location as the rest of the application. Has anyone had this problem before? Do I have to Package and Deploy the whole thing over again? I made the changes to the dsn and recompiled the exe which didn't seem to help..I'm almost positive the dsn are now calling to the ODBC driver. Any assistance? Thoughts?

Martin Koslof

Database Error (Could Not Find Installable ISAM)
I get this error: Could Not Find Installable ISAM.
When I run this code:

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load()    Me.MousePointer = vbHourglass        Set CN = New ADODB.Connection    CN.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.JET.OLEDB.4.0;" & _        "DataSource=" & DB_PATH    CN.Open        Set RS = New ADODB.Recordset    RS.Open "Files", CN, adOpenKeyset, adLockPessimistic, adCmdTable    RS.MoveFirst        Do Until RS.EOF = True        Combo1.AddItem RS.Fields("Path")        RS.MoveNext    Loop        RS.MoveFirst    Call FillFields        Me.MousePointer = vbDefaultEnd Sub

With this reference: Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Library 2.8
With a database I made using the visual data manager (Microsoft Access 7.0 MDB).

I don't understand databases hardly at all (in VB that is) and I made this code using a tutorial. Can anyone help?

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to mention that this line gets highlighted when the error occurs: CN.Open.

EDIT: I posted the error I got after I had played with some stuff (and messed it up more). I changed the attachment and error description to the error I am getting now.

I Found A Solution To Find Out If The Computer Is Connected To The Internet
Catchy topic uh? Well I wanted to share my solution so people can tell me if there's anything wrong with it.

There is many solutions to know if the current computer is connected to the internet but none does the job 'correctly'. Here is some info I found on the subject:

1. User Registry: This is the easiest way to check connection. Checking registry value of SystemCurrentControlSetServicesRemoteAccess from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Using RegOpenKey function from advapi32.dll. Unfortunately, checking is ONLY for MODEM connection. If you are connecting to Internet via Local Area Network (LAN), this method return False even if you are connected

2. Using InternetGetConnectedStateEx: This method use InternetGetConnectedStateEx function from wininet.dll. It works fine, but there is one problem. If your computer is in Local Area Network but you are connecting to Internet via modem, this method always returns True, in case you are connecting to Internet or not

3. Using direct ping to This method use direct ping to some Internet address (URL) and checking for connection errors. Now it use http:/ It's not so quickly, as previous two, but this method is the most reliable

Unfortunately, the third solution, which seemed to be the best one, takes 40 seconds for pinging when not connected. This is too long.

My solution: I am using the winsock control to connect to an ftp (say and if the winsock STATE is not "connected" within the next 4-5 seconds, the computer is not connected to the internet.

Please feel free to add your comment.

Can't Seem To Find A Solution: Sharing Variable On Form1 With Form2 VB6
This site is really helpful... so helpful in fact, that I have been able to find solutions for problems without having to ask directly, but I can't seem to resolve a problem with sharing variables in my main form (form1) with another.

The setup:

form1 has a menu system containing an "options" option (sounds funny :-P) , and a string array declared under option explicit Dim extType(10) as String

form2 has two multiple selection list boxes: 1) media types and 2) image types, and a button "done". What I do is allow the user the choose any of the items in either or both list boxes, select done, loop through each list, and set chosen values to "1" On form load, all values are set to 0.

Now what I'd like to do is cycle through the lists, and assign form1.exeType(i) = list1.list(lindex) for the list values being equal to 1.

Before posting this message, I came across the declaration Public Shared myVariable As Type so I was wondering if that will work for what I wish to do? If not, then I'd appreciate your thoughts as to how I can accomplish the above.

Particulars: VB6 and four forms without any external modules.


Edited by - pseudocoder on 8/20/2004 7:49:58 PM

Run-time Error When I Try To Find A Record In A Database Using ADO Control
Run-time error '-2147217842 (80040e4e)':

Operation was canceled.

When I hit debug it highlights this line:
dbReservation.Recordset.Find "ResID='" & sailing & customer & "'", , , 0

this the code I'm trying to run, basically, if somebody opens up the window from a different window, that window passes the variables sailing and customer and this function should load that information in the window, else, it should create a new record to be entered.

If Len(sailing) > 0 And Len(customer) > 0 Then
dbReservation.Recordset.Find "ResID='" & sailing & customer & "'", , , 0
cmbReservations.Text = txtReservations(0).Text
cmbCustomer.Text = txtReservations(1).Text
End If

dbReservation is an ADO control using command type adCmdTable connecting to an Access 2000 database, if anybody knows why it is doing this, I desperately need your help.

Could Not Find Installable ISAM? Database&Password Error

Now, everything used to work perfectly, until i added a password to my database. Now i keep on getting a Could not find installable ISAM. error.

What is this and how can i resolve this issue?

My connection string is:

con.Open("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data source ='" & pathTOdb & "';Persist Security Info=False;" & _
"JETOLEDB:Database Password=" & dbPass)

Looking For A Simple Solution - Find Instance Of Word In A1, If True Clear B1
I have multiple columns of data in a sheet containing about 15,000 rows. All I would like to be do is look for each instance of the word 'upgrade' in column1 and if this word is found within the string contained in cell A1 then clear the contents of cell B1. This should continue on till the last row of data.

My code looks something like this and it does not do anything at the moment:

Dim rng As Variant
Dim i As Integer, counter As Integer
Set rng = Range("$A1:$A30000")
i = 1
For counter = 1 To rng.Rows.Count
If rng.Cells(i) = "&upgrade&" Then
i = i + 1
End If


End Sub

When I substitue a number into my condition, i.e.,
If rng.Cells(i) = "1" Then
the code works just fine. I think the problem lies with my declaration.. I'm very new to vb. please help. TIA

Implementing A Database Solution

I'm newish to database technologies, though I have used Access a little. I've been asked to think about implmenting a database solution with very little detail about the final requirements. I've decided that Access will be sufficient for our purposes in this project (we're talking about a piece of software to connect to an Access db, query it, add/remove records - the usual stuff I think). I intend writing the software in VB6 (as this is our prefered tool). But I have one question. What is the best way to access the Access database from my VB app? I mean, can I have the database somewhere on my network, does it have to be 'local', does it have to be 'hardcoded' into my app?

I'm new to all this so please go easy!



Best/Cheapest Database Solution
Just wondering what the best solution for a database package to use for an VB interface that will have multi-user and a light to medium input and searching for data.

I was thinking of Access but heard it was not good when accessed by multiply users.
I have also heard of MySQL as a free open source database but have never used it before.

Any ideas, comments, suggestions would be appreciated.


Database Search Solution
Im currently trying to implement a search function into my program, form is as shown in attachment. I am using a data environment with a command that has a relationship to my car table and an sql statement as shown below

SELECT * FROM Car WHERE car_registration_plate LIKE '" & TxtSearch.Text & "*'

I then have the code below for the command button oviously nothing shows in the datagrid to begin with but when text is entered and the search button clicked it should show the record from the text that is entered, when i change the txtsearch bit in the code above to a record in my table it shows that record in the datagrid upon form load up, so i dont know why it doesnt show it when the text is entered

Search command button

Private Sub cmdsearch_Click()
Dim strSearch As String
Dim SQLString As String


End Sub

Can anyone help, iv been trying to solve it for hours

Best Solution For A Relational Database
Hi! I'm creating a products database software that would enable the user to search for products and view the information and prices. It would also have an Inventory Module. It would also have some sort of login window for security purposes. Thus, it will have a users database. My idea is to separate the module databases and connect to whichever database is needed. I have a Users.mdb, Inventory.mdb, Products.mdb, Employees.mdb. And eventually, there will be other databases to be added for other modules. The Users.mdb is for the Users of the system. It will contain their user name, password, activity log. The Inventory.mdb will be for inventory purposes. The Products.mdb have the Products Data, the cost, the description and specs. The Employees.mdb contains the Employees data.

I have already created the Front end for the Pricelist Module. It's already working. It connects to the Products.mdb. It is able to query the desired product and display the information needed. But my question is this, Am I doing the right solution to this? I mean, by separating the tables into different databases is the right solution? Well, after finishing the Pricelist module, I'll start working on the Inventory module. This module will need the Inventory.mdb and the Products.mdb. The software will need the data of the products. And eventually I'll add a Qty On Hand Column in the Pricelist module. Thus, it will need the Inventory Data.

So, what's the best solution for this? Am I in the right track?

Edited by - kulafoo on 9/3/2006 7:05:19 PM

Database Backup And Restore Solution
Hello every body,

I would like to know the best possible way to backup and restore a database from VB6 and how


What if I can export data into excel or word and import to sql server 2000.
Please suggest the best possible way to do and how.

I have read about copyfile but is it the best solution.

Thanks in advance

How To Connect To Network Solution Database
i want in my program to connect to some database that has inside it all the site in the web (i think it called network solution)
any way this database probebly help every site like
who want to ask whois question to check it the site is availible
for registration.
what should i write to connect to that information and how does i know how to write the query that will use to ask the question
if you saw any code that can help me then i will happy to get it.


Need Help With A Solution - Links Database I Created In Access
Hi guys, I'm new to the forum. Well I maintain my own personal database and I have addded a lot of my albums which I have bought into a database I created using MS Access. Now, my friend suggested that I design something using something simple like Visual Basic to create an interface where I (and my friends, if they want to find out which CDs I own) could search for an artist, or album or etc. The only problem is I have no idea how Visual Basic works so I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out?

What I was also thinking was couldn't I just as easily make something like that in Access?

Anyway, thanks for your help. I hope I posted in the right forum, there's so many on here haha.

Vb Error, Solution?
alot of people that use my program write back to me saying they have an error,, "error 7" OUT OF MEMORY

althought they have 60 gband,

anybody tell me why this is happening and how to solve it soon as poss please

Solution For Error 713 ?
Hi all,
I have wrote an application. when I install my application on other
computers that have no visual basic installed I get this error: run time
error 713 application_defined or object_defined error .
This error occurs when I want to open some forms.
In the form_load event of this form I have set connection of
This error occurs for forms which have dataenvironment connection.
May be this error occurs because of some dll.

Please tell me what is the problem ?

Best regards,

Get Error (simple Solution If You Know How)
Ive got a sub

Private Sub cmdOpen_Click()
Shell ("C:program filessurveyCommunity Survey Database.mdb")
End Sub

I want to produce an msgbox if the file isnt there.


Error Iwant Solution Please HELP ME
My problem happen after Virus came to my computer then i formate my computer .

But the big Problem Happen in My Graduation Program
i use in my program TAPI (API).
When i open my Program Error masage say: "look Pic"
and after that the the Program be OK but i don't want this massage error come so, what i do ????

Is There A Solution When A Database Is Locked In A Multiuser Environment To Prevent Others From Gett
Whenever two or more users are trying to access access 97 db either the database is locked or if access is granted new records are not saved. How do I solve this problem?

Solution For Run-time Error '3021':
Im using a few text boxes to view records from a table in my database. I have a button that allows me to run through each record in the table. But when i get to the end of the records. i keep on getting an error saying:

Run-time Error '3021':
No current record

When what i actually want it to do is show a msg saying "No more records".

Heres the code that i've been trying to get to work:

Private Sub cmdNext_Click()
If UpdateUnits.EOF = False Then
            PopulateTextBox ' this is function that populates the textboxes from the db table.
    MsgBox "No more records"
End Sub

Can anyone help me please?


Need Solution Of Error In Execute Method
error - "Execute method of connection object failed"

This error occured when executing "Select * Into" query with the help of connection object
This query Executung in query Analyzer Properly , but not executed using cn.execute method.

Error 3201 - No Current Record - A Solution?
I'm desperate for a solution as simple as possible.
e.g. If rcset = NULL or something !!!! I'm a beginner

Help!! Run Time Error 20534 Solution Needed.
running in vb 4 16 bit and cristal reports 4.5 with an access 2 backend, when printing a report in the exe program on a machine with out vb, access or cristal reports on the following run time error is displayed. error 20534 error detected by database DLL. Help!! What is the possible solution to stop the above run time error? i used the application wizard i think that some dll's may be missing but which one's ?


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Solution Required To Fix Error In Crystal Reports
error 20545 'Request cancelled by the user.'
I get the above error message when trying to print a report. The rest of the reports in the procedure (about 8) are printed properly.
This is the code. Opstats is a view with a join query in it.

.SQLQuery = "SELECT * From OpStats Where StartDate = '" & strDate & "'' order by Name"
.ReportFileName = "I:NovusReportsopstats.rpt"
.PrintFileName = "I:NovusReportsEOD Reprint Reports opstats.rpt"
.destination = crpttoprinter
.action = 1

Did Anyone Found Solution For Unexpected Error (59999) In Visual Basic 6.0?
I am facing the problem mentioned at

Did anyone found the solution for it?



Database Ocx To Open Database,Addnew,Delete,Change,Find,
Database ocx to open database

Most of my program is database

Did somone make OCX to open database so pepole dont need to program same sourse.

Or if somone can help me to make 1 OCX

Please Send me email to / ,, Subject Database OCX


Error Visual Basic: ! Compile Error. Can't Find Project Or Library
Hi all,

When running a program I made in VB under Windows XP i'm getting the
following error: ! Compile error. Can't find project or library. (see also )

See the code where it stucks:

Ubder Windows 98 this error does not occur. Who knows what I do wrong, I've
tried a lot but the error keeps coming in Win XP. Thanks.


Some Error During &"building The Solution&"
Hi guys....

At the end of building the solution (Build -->Build project name), to perform the project setup (, I find the following error in the output section.

'msado20.tlb' should be excluded because its source file 'pathSystemADOmsado20.tlb' is under Windows System File Protection.

'msadox.dll' should be excluded because its source file 'pathSystemADOmsadox.dll' is under Windows System File Protection.

The referenced component 'MSAdodcLib' could not be found. Could not load the type library. Library not registered.

Then, when the file exe runs, the application is installed and working fine without error or problems.

Do you know how to solve the errors occu during building the solution?

Thank....any help will be very appreciated.......

My App Will Never Find The Database
Hi Again, I'm still having a big problem with the app not finding
the database.
Thought I had it solved with the very good help I've rec'd here.
The problem only happens when a gent (my beta-tester) installs
the program to his "G" drive, all is well on default "C"

Here is my code now that should work:

Private Sub Form_Load()
If App.PrevInstance Then End
Data1 = App.Path & "Rptr.mdb"
End Sub

Obviously the code is on the form_load

I use the "INNO" setup program, I can't imagine that I'm doing
something wrong there. I locate my exe/mdb/hlp(s) and they are
being transfered to his machine during setup...........

If you've any good suggestions, I'd love to hear them..

Cannot Find Database On CD
I am having some problems with locating a database when it is on a CD-Rom

The Install simply copies and registers the necessary files to the hard disk. The exe & the database must stay on the cd-rom.
At this stage I get a 3024 error saying that the database cannot be found.

If I copy the two files to the hard disk it works fine??

The code I am using to open the database is:
Set db = OpenDatabase(App.Path & "db20.mdb", False, True, ";pwd=password")

Any help would be great.


FIND In Database
I ahev a database of book titles and authors and I use adodc1.recordset.find to search for a particlular title.

But this only works if the user enters the EXACT title, with the correct capital letters, punctuation and all.

Is there a simple way to find a CLOSE match.

Eg. if I have a book entitled "Hello, Dolly!"

All of the follwoing queries should return this same book:

Hello Dolly
hello dolly
Hello, Dolly!
hello, dolly!

etc... you know what I mean. I want the search not to be punctuation or caps-sensitive.

But only if there is a simple way to do this. If it's complicated I won't bother. Thanx


Cannot Find Database DLL
Hi all

I have packaged my application which consists of VB6,MSDE,Crystal Reports 8.5.

When I run my package all is working except that, I cannot get the reports which, i am calling from VB. It comes up with this error.

Run-time error'20532' : Cannot find database DLL.

I have reinstalled Crystal Reports as suggested on the web but have the same problem.

I require the solution desperatly. Please help

Thanks In advance

Database Find
hi, when i use the find thingy on a database....
FileList.Find "[filename] = '" & temp & "'", , adSearchForward

how can i find things that arnt an exact match, eg if i have "something" and i enter "some", i want it to find that record, not just find records that are an exact match

Find Next In Database
i using this code to search for records in the database on Lstname
Adodc1.Recordset.find="like Last_Name =& '"lstname.text"' "
it's working fine but when the user clicks find button again it should find next instance of the word you're searching for and if there's no more search for that word it refresh so you can search new again
any hlp on how to implement this

Find In A Database
I have a cmdFind on my Form1. I have one textbox that I will type the text to search for.

Here's what I need:

I need to know how to make it search more than one field in my database table for a match, (not nec. exact).

Please Help,


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