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Event Driven Programming Languages

i know VB is event driven... can anyone tell me some other examples please...


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Differance Between Event Driven Programming, OOP, Structured Base Programming
1 what is differance between event driven programming, OOP, structured base Programming, visual programming. If possible give example of languages like C++ is OO language and VB is event driven programming.?
2 If somenone says that VB is object based language, what does this mean. ?
3 Does every visual prograaming language is objects based ??

Event Driven
Hi All,

In my app i have a winsock connection to another host.
If i press on a button he send something..that all works fine but i wanted to built some security.. so before i send i check the winsock state.

this is the code
private sub Test
Dim strState As String

strState= pApplication.ConnectionStatus
If UCase(strState) <> "CONNECTED" Then

End If


End Sub
But the problem is that when the connection is closed , i first connect, but the pApplication.Send will be executed before my DataArival of my socket, so nothing will be send, because the dataArrival did not fired, thats fired after pApplication.Send is executed.

I hope sopmeone can help me with this


Event Driven Using RS-232...
Hi. Please see the C code below for a PIC microcontroller:

switch (Current_Proc)
case 1: Calibrate_Vcc();break;
case 2: Start_ADC_Proc();break;
case 3: Reset_DFF();break;

where Current_Proc is a flag updated with each RS-232 received interrupt. The interrupt service routine is then quickly released (very desirable).

I tried the same "process" in VB6 but it locked up all the time:

public sub Check_Status() ' Check_Status() is called in Form_Load()
do while(1)
if Run_Process then call Start_Process
end sub

where Run_Process is a flag set or clear by OnComm() Serial Received interrupt method, and Start_Process is the actual process that must run once Run_Process is set.

How can I achieve the equivalent functionality of the C code above in VB without suffering from a lockup? Thank you.

Event Driven?
Ok question for ya all.
Does VB have to be event driven or can my program be doing something else while the user isnt doing anything? I.E. looking to make sure it is in sync with a DB or whatever. I know normal c++ windows programming is built this way, but am unsure how to do it with VB and if it can be done.

Event Driven Codes In VB6.0
I have designed three dialog forms using VB6.0: frmSearch, frmScan, frmProgress. Would you please help me with codes that could do the following: When I enter a customername in the frmSearch (txtSearch) and click search (cmdSearch), the frmScan should load (show) and start scanning stored or previously registered customernames form SQL Server 2000 database which I developed (should show the customernames and the number of columns is being scanned on the form). If the customername doesnt exist a messagebox (MsgBox) should appear saying 'such a customername doesnt exist. Do you want to add'. If Yes is clicked, a frmCustomers (this is a form I use to enter new customernames)should be loaded. If No is clicked, frmSearch should be loaded. On the other hand if the customername exists, a frmProgress should be loaded showing progress as the customername is shown and selected in TreeView control and his/her retrieved data is populated in ListView and FrexGrid controls from two different tables of MyDatabase (SQL Server database).

email me

DLL And Other Programming Languages
Hi !!!

If I make a dll in VB6, can I use it in another programming languages? In PowerBuilder?


Advantages Of Event Driven Language
I'm looking for some opinions on the advantages of event driven language.

I'm new to this and VBand hoping that some of you guys can lend a hand.

All opions thankfully received...

thanking you in advance...


Conveting To Event Driven Thinking
For all you seasoned VB programmers this is going to be a no brainer.
However, as a C programmer learning VB I'm having trouble getting my
arms around the event-driven nature of VB.

Suppose I have a form with a single command button (cmdPush).
The form's code (including the cmdPush_Click() sub is between the
dashed lines.


Option Explicit
Dim i As Integer

Private Sub Form_Load()
i = 0
End Sub

Private Sub cmdPush_Click()
i = i + 1
End Sub


After cmdPush is pushed 10 times I want the program to end. HOWEVER,
I do not want the cmdPush_Click() to test the value of i or to end the
program. I want that done somewhere else. The way I would do this in
C doesn't work in VB because of the event-driven natue of VB!

How do I do this in VB?

Multiple different answers will be greatly appreciated!


Keyboard Event Driven Programs
I'm still kinda new to VB and i was just wondering if anyone could give me a code example of how you can use the keyboard keys such as the arrows or letter keys to make certain things happen on the form. Thanks again ~Greg~

Slow Programming Languages...
Everyone says that VB is slow. What do they mean by "slow"? Why are all those languages "slow"?

Future Programming Languages

I was wondering what the near future holds for high level and low level programming languages? Will separate languages evolve for advanced game programming and internet software programming, etc.?

How Fast Are Different Programming Languages?
For example, I used the following code in vb and got 7.35 seconds uncompiled (would it be faster if it was compiled?).

A = Timer
X = 0
X = X + 1
If X = 5000000 Then Exit Do
MsgBox Timer - A

I only have access to vb and qb, so if someone with several different languages (c++ in particular) could run some tests like this I would appreciate it. It doesn't really matter how long each one takes, I just wanted to compare the times.

Other Programming Languages(give Your Opinion)...

If you are using other programming language ( C , C++ , Visual C++ , Delphi , Java . . . etc .) except VB , give me your opinions about it . Its power in developing complex and system applications , difficultiy level of learning , is it necessary to learning after VB , match with VB , what is the VBs power in programming languages? . I m curious about your ideas about this topics . Thanks

Linking .obj Files From Different Programming Languages With VB Applications
I was reading a book on Masm32 and it said you can link obj files that masm produced in other programming languages.
I was wondering if I could link an obj file (specifically done by VC) and use a function that I wrote in VC with VB.
How would I link that obj file and how would I call the function (that I would later link from the obj file written in VC) in my VB application ?

Menus In Different Languages...HOWTO Switch Languages?
Hello again,
This is the question:
I am making a simple program that is supposed to work in 2 languages... 1) English 2) Bosnian
English is easy, and bosnian is too since it is writen in english character set, or something similar to it. the problem is to change the menu from one language to another!!!
In menus there is no captions, no text, nothing to change...
I tried all things from
mnufile.caption = "new language text"
mnufile.text = "new language text"
it just doesnt work... maybe i am missing some detail...
Please someone tell me how to do it?

Peace and love,
E/C Timo

Can Event Programming In VB Interrupt A TCP/IP Transfer?
Hello all,
If your program is doing a TCP/IP read from another program and you do an event like say a Button click.. will VC++ handle that event and the data that is being read from the TCP/IP be messed up? Ive seen this problem in a Visual Basic and was wondering if it is a language problem or a programming error.


Why Can't I Treat An Event Like A "SUB Procedule" For Programming Use?
I have set an event like
private Sub Btn_Click()

in form.

Why can't I treat it like a "SUB Procedule" for programming use? When I tried to call Btn_Click() in programming, I will have compile error. If I want to use it, what can I do?
Thank you!

Best Regards,

Kevin Shen

VB Driven Shopping Cart
I have Apache 2, PHP 4.0, MySQL 3 and VB6

TASK: Build Shopping Cart using PHP to interact with a VB6 CGI (thats compatible with Apache 2).

Now I want to make a shopping cart thats driven by VB6 because its the only language I know. I am a newbie in all other areas and low-xpert in VB6.

I have essentially no idea what i should be looking for because most of my VB6 experience was with Databases and Standalone Applications. While I can see using IIS as a built in capability, my environment will not be IIS based it will be Apache 2. So I guess the first question is how do i get a VB6 CGI to work with Apache, PHP and MySQL? Something simple like a "Hello World" Example would be fine and if anyone knows how to get data from peoples browsers/forms and then send info back to browser this would also be helpful.

Thankyou in advance.

(PS if its in the wrong place, dont blame me I have no idea where to put this post )

File Driven Menus
Any suggestions on how to create a 'file-driven' menu, either a .ini file or .txt file or even an access database?
Here's what I'm trying to avoid:
In version 1 of my application, I created one big vb executable that consisted of a menu and about 30 forms. If any one form was changed, the whole project would have to be recompiled and distributed.
In version 2, I would like to separate the menu program from the individual applications (make each form its own exe), so that updates could be less complicated. And I'd like to make the menu file driven so that a new file could be sent to a user, or multiple users could have different menus...

I'm open to suggestions / debate on my philosophy. I've been programming for 20 yrs, but learning vb for the last 4 or 5...


Database Driven Logic?
Ok. Does anyone have any ideas on this?
What I was asked for was
1. A test scoring module -- Sounds simple.
  A list of rules for what should be scored should be stored in the database. -- no biggy. right?
   The rules are going to be basically the source code.

What I am looking for is a way of at run time grab the list of rules and use them as the logic to score the tests.  Everything from select case statements, if statements, loops, any control flow statement.

The hitch being that I was told not to use the database to handle the logic...  So I would be putting vb source code into a database and need to pull it out and use it as tho it was compiled.

Any one know a book to pick up for that?

I could easily do it in asp create a page that does the scoring of the test but do to the size of and the logic required for some of them that page would take way too long.


Welcome to OZ.

Driven Data From Datacombo
hi guys...
had a problem....

this is my table...

class    idteacher
5km1    1
5km2    1
5km3    2
5km4    3
5km5    2
5km6    1

idteacher is the id

using datacombo, how can we list all the needed class with needed idteacher...
eg :
-im choosing idteacher 1 and the combobox only list 5km1,5km2,5km6 only...
right now i only match the class idteacher with the idteacher field from text...
can we do that?...

tq guys for the help...

Me And MySelf->The world are richer than we thought...

Database Driven Ticker
Hello everyone. I just found VBCity, and this is my first post. Thanks for all the useful info that already exists.

I have search high and low for the answers I seek and even though a few posts come close none give me the answers I seek. Also, I am a professional game designer so I have mostly worked with scripting and 3D programming and have virtually no experience with databases or business apps.

I am using VB 6, I have a licenses and have the most programming experience in it. I am working on an interactive 3D solar system, and want to deliver a lot of facts in a news ticker.

I know how to scroll text, but I do not understand how to pull the text from a database.

Actually I am still up in the air on what type of database to use (Excel spreadsheet, Access database, suggestions?)

Another key feature would be that when a specific planet is selected the information delivered will be specific to that planet. I am guessing that I could have a table for each planet and change the reference based on user selection.

I am looking for sample code for pulling data into the ticker in VB 6. Also it would be nice if the facts were sent in random order, but not required.

Thanks again.


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Getting Started With A VB Driven Web Site
I have very little idea about Internet mechanics. However I do know without RUntime files and access to ODBC I am stopped from making a website on a free hosting site like Angelfire, Yahoo or Geocities.

1. So how do I get started investigating this new technology practically via the web. Are there any sites that host with VB, Access, ODBC support?
2. Or Are there technologies to achieve this within the VB and VBA scope?

Device Driven Programs In VB

we have automate manually operated m/c using VB6.
any body know how to do device driven programs in VB or any URLs , help us for the same.


Driven Bonkers With Access Subforms!
I have tried everything but must once again ask help.

I have a form which contains some command buttons and a subform that is linked to an Access Query. On the main form I have a command called Close Query, which is supposed to take a selected record on the subform and update its status to closed.

However I find that when I run the whole program (I have an autoexec module), the Close Query command defaults to the top record on the query and not the one I have selected in the subform!! I even attempted to use the main command button to call a hidden command on the subform which I hoped would default to the selected record, but no, the same thing.

Oddly enough, when I simply run the form rather than loading the whole thing, it seems to work. And yes I have run the code and checked it dozens of times to see if I have put in something or left it out. Nada.

What I need is VBA code for Access which will SPECIFICALLY evoke the SELECTED record on the subform and the SELECTED record ONLY no matter whether I call it from within the subform, within the calling form, or from Timbuktu. Sorry about all the caps but I think I'm going slightly insane here.

Did I mention that Access is the spawn of the devil??

Thanks all

Excel Driven Access Databases

I am trying to create an Excel Application with full CRUD permissions to an Access database in Office 2000. I'm fairly proficient in both individually, but have not integrated the two with VBA code. Can anyone point me to some straightforward disussion of the basics of establishing connections and manipulating recordsets? I feel like I deserve an , but I've looked for it!

Thanks much,

Interrupt Driven Vs Polling Question
I want to send info to some server program, wait for a reply, send again and repeat until a 'stop' is received OR the user hits a button to halt the communication. How can I make this communication interrupt driven rather than polling with do while loops until a certain command is received or more importantly the STOP button is hit? I am doing something of the sort:

VB Code:
Dim stopMove as Boolean  Private Sub executeScan()'Synchronizes the scanning of each node by waiting until all give the command #nextScan    Dim n As Node    Dim cmd As String        Do While cmd <> "#ENDSCAN" And Not stopMove    'Synchronizes nodes until the scan is complete            For Each n In nodeCollection        'Waits for each node to finish moving            Do While cmd <> "#NEXTSCAN" And cmd <> "#ENDSCAN" And Not stopMove                DoEvents                cmd = n.getCmd            Loop        Next n                If cmd = "NEXTSCAN" And Not stopMove And cmd <> "#ENDSCAN" Then            'Nodes are done moving and scan is not finished            'Send command to move to next scan position to all nodes                        Call sendAll("#NEXTMOVE")                    End If    Loop        'If scan was interuptted, reset the stop flag and send cmd notifying all nodes of this stop    If stopMove Then        Call sendAll("#STOP")        stopMove = False    End If    End Sub Private Sub stopMv_Click()    stopMove = TrueEnd Sub

Database Driven Application Licencing
I have made a database driven application that uses SQL Server 2000 and Windows 2000.
I want to make licencing for this application so that only 10 users can use this application concurrently.
The application will run only from one server.
Is there a way to find out how many users are running the application ?

I was thinking of sending the IP of the user to server each time he logs on.
Should i make a service on the server that pings the users
to find out if they are still logged on ?

Also how can i store the information for the maximum allowed users in a secure way ? I thought of using encryption in a database field...

Creating A Database-driven Login With Vb6

i just started using vb6 a month ago and i need to design a database-driven login page, the code i have works but when i try to put in a usename and password nothing happens, can someone tell me what i did wrong and what i need to do.

Option Explicit

Public conn As New ADODB.Connection

Public recset As New ADODB.RecordSet

Public fld As ADODB.Field

Public sqlstr As String

Public Sub InitRecSet(rs As ADODB.RecordSet, cn As ADODB.Connection)
        With rs
            .ActiveConnection = cn
            .CursorType = adOpenKeyset
            .LockType = adLockOptimistic
        End With
End Sub

Public Sub InitConnection(cn As ADODB.Connection)
    With cn
        .ConnectionTimeout = 30
        .CommandTimeout = 30
        .ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
                             "Persist Security Info = False;" & _
                             "Data Source = " & "C:/cs450.mdb"
    End With
End Sub

Dim username As String
        Dim password As String
        password = txtpass.Text
        username = txtuser.Text

End Sub

i am not sure it is complete please help someone, i need it immediately


Database Driven TreeView/FlexGrid
I have a Database driven TreeView and a FlexGrid that is built off of the TreeView. My FlexGrid has 12 columns in it each representing a column in the database. What I'd like to do is query the database for an item when a node on the TreeView is clicked, select the 12 pieces of information needed to fill the FlexGrid columns from the database and write each value to the correct cell. So here is my thought on how this should go:

1) Node gets clicked.
2) Count Child Nodes
3) Create that many rows in the FlexGrid
4) Select * from table where item = 'Node.Text'
5) Assign values from database to FlexGrid cells

Make sense? If not, let me know. Thanks, Jeremy

Knowledge is the most powerful tool a person can obtain.


Database Driven Tree View
I need some help. I have the need for a database driven tree view. The way it works is I'm building a product structure. Here's how it goes:
I have a product that needs 3 products below it to produce it. One of those three items needs 4 items below it to produce it and one of the 4 has 1 peice extra to build it. Here is my tree:
This is all database driven. My database has 2 keys of interest, PS_IMKEY and PS_CPKEY. What I have to do is pull all of those from an Oracle Database for a given assembly and create the tree accordingly. I have it right now where I can loop through and get it to work for one level, Piece1-Piece3, but then to create the child nodes, I have to call a sub() so for each number of levels I drill down, I need a sub(). That's fine, I can do that but I don't want to as there could be only 1 level or there could be 50. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this? I can post code if needed. Thanks, Jeremy

Create A Menu Driven Database Application
Hi, All!

I'm tutoring down at the local college in Advance Access. I didn't have the same instructor as my tutee does.

When I took the class, the professor only mentioned that VBA for Access exist. My tutee is being taught VBA for Access by her instructor.

Her next to last assignment involves:

Special Event Ticker

Create a menu driven database application which will contain the following parts:

1.) Table(s) to hold special event data.
2.) Form(s) to enter special event data
3.) Macro(s) to run menu navigation

The application will use VB to determineif an event is ready to be triggered to the user. Once the event is displayed the user will have the opportunity to print the event, release the event, or "SNOOZE" the event for another time.

I can handle the first two with no problem. I'm unable, at this time, to buy a VBA for Access book.

My wife is off the next 2 days, so the pc won't be turned on.

At somebody's convenience, can you point me in the right direction for the 3rd one?

Thanks in advance,

vbprogwb (Bob)

RE Assistant - A Heavy Database Driven Application (VB6)
Hey, I would just like to post my project and its sources to help show newbies to SQL an actual project that works and to show and thank Xtreme VB Talk for helping me (its members that is =P) out because I dont think I would have been able to do this without this great site! I know this is kinda in the wrong forum but I dont know where to put it so if some mod could maybe put this thread in the knowledge base forum, that would be great!

RE Assistant

Re Assistant is a project I am working on for a Real Estate Company that I am working for.

As of now, RE Assistant can:
*Add/Edit/Remove contacts
*Manage and Organize contacts by name, contact type (Buyer, Buyer/Seller, Seller, or create you own), occupation, address, phone numbers, email, and notes
*Filter through contacts by contact type and by last name
*Can add personal notes to each contact
*Email a contact
*Add/Edit/Remove scheduled events
*All scheduled events are organized by date in a calandar
*Can add personal notes to each event

Soon to come to RE Assistant:
*Ability to Add/Edit/Remove and manage Listings.
*Pops ups reminding you when a scheduled event is coming up soon
*Ability to add a user with a password
*Ability to view other users contacts and scheduled events unless marked confidential
*Reports automatically created for example one report would tell the times and how many times that a property has been shown and the statistics on the average showing turning into a Offer to Purchase
*And much more

So, anyone could try out the project and give me your input on it or maybe any suggestions to make it better, that would be awsome!

Attached Files: ~ Here is the sources for the project (VB6) ~ Here is the stand alone (exe) of the project ~ Here is the sgrid2 controls needed to run the project

The database I am using is for Access so you will probably need Microsoft Access to run the program. You will need sgrid2 (attached) to use the project sources. I dont know if you will need sgrid2 for the stand alone or not..
And one more thing, please don't steal my code, Thanx!

Edit by loquin: removed attachments with executables

Assign Values To Database Driven Combobox
Hi, in my table i have two columns name and id, i want to display name field values in combobox that i already did, my point here is how to assign values to the combobox so that if the user selects "NICK" from combobox and click on submit button i want to send the value of the "NICK" not the name. for example i have

name id
Nick 23
John 28
Sam 30

So when the user click on submit button the program should send 23, not the name itself. what i did is

Do While Not oRS.EOF
.AddItem oRS.fields(name).Value
.ItemData(.NewIndex) = oRS.fields(id).Value

when i'm submitting i'm getting index values like 0,1,2,3 etc...not the actual values what i have in the Database...if anybody knows please help me coz i'm new to VB

TreeView Database Driven Delete Nodes
I have a database driven TreeView that I need to add the functionality of deleting nodes. I know how to delete a node and if the node has no children, I know how to delete the record from the database BUT I need to be able to delete the children nodes, no matter how many levels of children there may be below the node deleted, from the database. Can someone help me out? Thanks, Jeremy

Menu Driven, Multi-form Programs
I understand how to create menus but I don't understand the concept of multi-forms. Can someone explain to me how to create an inherited form using a base form? Also, how do you create an "item" class in order to define a special item?

Measures To Be Taken While Developing Multiuser Database Driven Appl. In VB6
measures to be taken while developing multiuser database driven appl. in VB6

3 Table Access Database Driven By Vb.Net. Problems With UPDATE And IN
I have designed a MS Access Database with three tables:  CUSTOMERS, BOOKINGS & HOLIDAYS.

CUSTOMERS has a Primary Key:  UCI.

BOOKINGS has a Primary key:  Number.  Two Foreign keys:  UCI (link to CUSTOMERS) & Code (link to HOLIDAYS).

HOLIDAYS has a Primary Key:  Code.

The Database has one-to-many Relationships with Referential Integrity and checked cascade UPDATE and DELETE (The many relationship for both links being on the BOOKINGS table).

I have designed a GUI using vb.NET (Visual Studio) The connection to the Database is via Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider and I have got the following Datasets to work on both the CUSTOMERS and HOLIDAYS tables:  SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE records.  On coming to the BOOKINGS table (which appears to be an INNER JOIN) I've got the SELECT and DELETE records to work, but I'm having major problems getting the INSERT and UPDATE to work.  View the coding below:


    Private Sub btnUpdateB_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnUpdateB.Click

        If MessageBox.Show("Do you wish to update the Booking record", "Clear", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation) = DialogResult.Yes Then
        End If

            Dim command As String

            'set up an SQL update

            command = "UPDATE BOOKINGS SET Number = '" & txtNumber.Text _
            & "', " & "UCI = '" & txtUCI.Text _
            & "', " & "Code = '" & txtCode.Text _
            & "', " & "Date = '" & txtDate.Text _
            & "', " & "Adult = '" & txtAdult.Text _
            & "', " & "Child = '" & txtChild.Text _
            & "', " & "Deposit = '" & txtDeposit.Text _
            & "', " & "Balance = '" & txtBalance.Text _
            & "', " & "Cost = '" & txtCost.Text _
            & "' WHERE Number = '" & txtNumber.Text & "'"

            OleDbDataAdapter4.UpdateCommand.CommandText = command
            lblSQL.Text = command

            'do the update
        Catch exceptionObject As Exception
        End Try
    End Sub

    Private Sub btnInsertB_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnInsertB.Click

        If MessageBox.Show("Do you wish to insert a new Booking Record", "Insert", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation) = DialogResult.Yes Then
        End If

            Dim command As String
            'set up an SQL insert
            command = "INSERT INTO BOOKINGS(Number, Date, Adult, Child, Deposit, Balance, Cost )" _
                 & " values('" & txtNumber.Text & "', '" & txtDate.Text & "','" & txtAdult.Text & "','" & txtChild.Text & "','" & txtDeposit.Text & "','" & txtBalance.Text & "','" & txtCost.Text & "')"

            OleDbDataAdapter4.InsertCommand.CommandText = command
            lblSQL.Text = command

            ' do the insert
        Catch exceptionObject As Exception
        End Try
    End Sub

    Private Sub btnDeleteB_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnDeleteB.Click

        If MessageBox.Show("Do you wish to delete Booking Record", "Delete", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation) = DialogResult.Yes Then
        End If

            Dim command As String

            'set up an SQL delete
            command = "DELETE FROM BOOKINGS WHERE Number = '" & txtNumber.Text & "';"

            OleDbDataAdapter4.DeleteCommand.CommandText = command
            lblSQL.Text = command

            'do the delete
        Catch exceptionObject As Exception
        End Try
    End Sub

I think I need either ALTER type commands or CASCADING type commands on each???  

Will any changes need to be made to the OleDbDataAdaptor or the OleDbDataConnection via Visual Studio?

Can anybody help?  I’m in despair (;-((

Help Needed Fast With Database Driven-login Page

i just started using vb6 a month ago and i need to design a database-driven login page, the code i have works but when i try to put in a usename and password nothing happens, can someone tell me what i did wrong and what i need to do.

Option Explicit

Public conn As New ADODB.Connection

Public recset As New ADODB.RecordSet

Public fld As ADODB.Field

Public sqlstr As String

Public Sub InitRecSet(rs As ADODB.RecordSet, cn As ADODB.Connection)
        With rs
            .ActiveConnection = cn
            .CursorType = adOpenKeyset
            .LockType = adLockOptimistic
        End With
End Sub

Public Sub InitConnection(cn As ADODB.Connection)
    With cn
        .ConnectionTimeout = 30
        .CommandTimeout = 30
        .ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
                             "Persist Security Info = False;" & _
                             "Data Source = " & "C:/cs450.mdb"
    End With
End Sub

Dim username As String
        Dim password As String
        password = txtpass.Text
        username = txtuser.Text

End Sub

i am not sure it is complete please help someone, i need it immediately


Database Driven TreeView (Sort Nodes By Column)
I have a TreeView that is built by what rows are in the database. I will attach a zip file containing two pictures, one of my software and one of the software I'm trying to mimic. My software doesn't sort the nodes the way they should be sorted and the other software does. I've come to find out that the nodes are being sorted by their OP_NUM. The only problem is that the nodes in red come from one table and the nodes in blue come from another table. Does anyone know of a way to sort the treeview in my software like the one I'm trying to mimic? Thanks, Jeremy

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Text Driven Query Doesn't Return Records Where Criteria Is First/Last Word In Record.
I am currently converting an old set of Access queries to a VB6.0 application. I am using DAO 3.51. The query is driven by text entered into one or more textbox(es). It works really well in Access, but I am having a hard time converting the SQL syntax in VB.

Here is the query from Access:

SELECT work.ntaID, work.taskdescription, work.taskdefinition
FROM work
WHERE (((work.taskdescription) Like "*" & [] & "*"));

Here is the query, which partially works (it will return records as long as the search criteria isn't the first or the last word in the taskdescription field):

qry = "SELECT * FROM work WHERE ntaID LIKE 'NTA 1*' AND taskdescription LIKE '* " & Text1.Text & " *';"

Sorry, if this is posted elsewhere.

Hi, I'm trying to make a program to help quiz myself on my Korean vocab... i've been trying to search for how to make a textbox use only one language (Not english) but have so far come up empty. I know Asian versions of VB have an ImeMode property for objects.. that much I have found, but how do I take advantage of that on US versions of VB?? Thanks in advance for your help.

P.S. Please help. if you've ever tried learning an Asian language you'd know how badly i need to make this program.


This is not a vb question but i posted this here becous i didnt know if i would post it in the HTML/CGI or Asp/Php3 section.

I am thinking of learning another web programing language (CGI, ASP Php or something like that) but i dont know which so i was woundering which programing language is easyest to use like javascript is just to write and upload then it is done and every server takes it but CGI i need a cgi-bin so which web programing language do i just need to write and upload like javascript (dont need any cgi-bin's or something like that)

More Languages
Can I add some assembly or html in my vb code? How can I do it?


Available Languages
Hello People,

Am wandering if there is a way that i can know if the arabic language is available on my computer or not " programaticly ofcourse"

am building an application that needs arabic language is it possible to figure it out and tell the user that you need to download the arabic language first ..?
thanx in advance

Can someone plz tell me why a RichTextBox doesn't support other languages. When i select a diff language keyboard layout i can type in that language in WordPad but when i enter vb and try to type in a R.TextBox it just shows up as jibirish...any ideas?


VB && Languages
Is it possible to have the text on VB components in another language?

I wanna make my app multilanguage, so the user may be able to select the language file of his choise.
What is the best way of making language files for an application?

Something like:


Any good ideas?

Two Many Languages??? Huh??? Never.
Does anybody here that knows more than two programming languages ever confuse the two? For example, PERL requires a ; at the end of a LOT of lines (altough not all) but VB doesn't. SO, I often put a semicolon after VB lines.

Anyway... just thought it would be a neat thing to ask.

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